A Government Lab is Killing Cats. Let's SHUT IT DOWN!

Sep 10, 2020
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US. RESIDENTS: TAKE ACTION right now at www.catstipation.org - fill out the form to tell Congress to SHUT DOWN the cruel taxypayer-funded experiments on cats.
If you are not a U.S. resident, please sign the petition here: bit.ly/wcwxkl-vakittens

  • what the hell could POSSIBLY be the justification for an 'experiment' like this?

    Bridget FowlieBridget Fowlie5 hours ago
  • I don't understand what the point of this "research" is? Signed the petition. 😭

    Mana ElizabethMana Elizabeth12 hours ago
  • I am so blessed by the report of white coat cat lab closure. Thank you for contact info and giving me the opportunity to speak out for the innocent victims. You are quite a gal. It’s not been a social routine for kitties to be guests at our capital, but I believe it could be a new trend 🇺🇸🐾😻

    Delores TaylorDelores Taylor2 days ago
  • that is so horubl

    Annan AmaraAnnan Amara2 days ago
  • These scientists are disgusting and they will all burn in hell for tourturing these poor beautiful creatures

    Kayla GrimmKayla Grimm2 days ago
  • But if they discovered a treatment from this and a love one needed that treatment you would change your tune...

    Edward GoreckiEdward Gorecki2 days ago
  • Poor kittens. Shut it down.

    Lord GrimLord Grim2 days ago
  • i mean would you rather them do it on humans

    DisgustingDisgusting3 days ago
  • This is all fuuuuuucked up

    Caleb GovindCaleb Govind3 days ago
  • I used to care but I care about veterans more. And after seeing the way vegoterrorist treat people who eat meat I care even less.

    Roxanne SharbonoRoxanne Sharbono4 days ago
    • @Ria Rio you are thinking of medications where animals react differently not surgery where the reactions are the same. For example people react different to eating aspirin but broken bones are healed the same way This will save the lives of people with spinal and organ damage.

      Roxanne SharbonoRoxanne Sharbono3 days ago
    • Unless you've cat veterans as soldiers, this experiment isn't going to help them. Anyway, this case has moved so far and these people are going to the court. There are so many people, who care enough about animals to fight for them. ❤

      Ria RioRia Rio3 days ago
  • we need to shut this down on the dodo a kid lost his dog to the government now the government is doing this!?!?!? this is cruel and unethical it NEEDS to be shut down now!!!

    Takdeer GrewalTakdeer Grewal4 days ago
  • Yes good job!!!!

  • I’m not old enough to sign 😭 so plz someone out there sign for me... I watched this and cried my eyes out! THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPED!!

    AlphaGirlBladeAlphaGirlBlade5 days ago
  • Even though I am not even American I will just say that this is disgusting. How can they do this to those poor babies? Cats and kitties also have lives, so why torture these babies to death? This is horrible and disgusting. How can this be legal?

    Joyce WongJoyce Wong6 days ago
  • Is this still an issue? Just found this out, need to know if I have to gear up.

    Nolan RossNolan Ross6 days ago
    • @Ria Rio Thanks for letting me know.

      Nolan RossNolan Ross3 days ago
    • I got an email about the update- that this case has progressed a lot. They're going to the court.

      Ria RioRia Rio3 days ago
  • Let's raid this lab like it's area 51

    Vxra.Mp4Vxra.Mp46 days ago
  • Here's a fact dog hqve been used by the army since ww1 and cats can't be in the army

    Maritza VillatoroMaritza Villatoro7 days ago
  • This should be illegal across the US. This makes me so angry and sad that people would do this to innocent animals. I've signed the petition.

    Sam HSam H7 days ago
  • Bro stfu

    borjancsborjancs8 days ago
    • Who are you talking to?

      Ria RioRia Rio3 days ago
  • I cant believe its not against the law

    Animal lover Cat ladyAnimal lover Cat lady8 days ago
  • This is not fair!! I love cats more than any animal ever,and they do NOT deserve this pain,and treatment.Cats are PETS NOT TOYS OR OBJECTS!! Cats need to be treated nicely and fairly just the way humans wanted to be treated,and seeing innocent little cats and kittens having machines stuck to their heads is one of the most CRUEL things to ever do to a cat,So please remember when you are buying or adopting a cat,please remember they aren't toys,that you can use and do what you want with them,they have feelings to like all living creatures on earth cats,kittens,puppies,dogs,birds,chickens,chicks,ducks,rabbits,horses,pony,snakes,turtles,dolphins,cows,pigs all animals need to be treated with respect,kindness the same way we want to be treated Love all animals Big and small

    ARMY CatARMY Cat8 days ago
  • Why cats

    Diego olivaresDiego olivares8 days ago
  • Why they dont do that on people huh?!

    Petra HermanowiczováPetra Hermanowiczová9 days ago
  • ...Monsters. Freaking monsters. Shut it down! Those people need to be in PRISON FOR LIFE.

    Chanel HartChanel Hart9 days ago
  • Can I get a job at this lab?

    morgs456morgs45610 days ago
    • No. Because it's going to be shut down very soon.

      Ria RioRia Rio3 days ago
  • I will do enething to shut this down Im now houlding onto my cat thankful it's not mine

    sparkle spuadsparkle spuad12 days ago
  • Absolutely disgusting.

    Silver VenomSilver Venom12 days ago
  • Save the god damn cats and kittens because the virus. If you keep making meat of cats or dogs your going to get the virus

    Alex PinedaAlex Pineda13 days ago
    • Alex Pineda cats are better dogs don't love us as much as cats do,dogs love us as less as cats cats teach us to love them the way they want to,but dogs dont

      ARMY CatARMY Cat8 days ago

      Alex PinedaAlex Pineda13 days ago
    • So that justifies conducting cruel experiments on cats? Grow up, son.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond13 days ago
    • Dogs are better

      Alex PinedaAlex Pineda13 days ago
    • This is my acc kid

      Alex PinedaAlex Pineda13 days ago
  • I think our biggest problem is feral cats are people being irresponsible and leaving their cat outside

    John SaxtonJohn Saxton16 days ago
    • These aren't only feral cats. They're mostly taken from the shelters.

      Ria RioRia Rio3 days ago
  • guess what it's not your option

    Iron legendsIron legends16 days ago
    • This is a serious matter, and this horrible lab needs to be shut down. The government isn’t always right, you know.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond14 days ago
  • its not for you to no

    Iron legendsIron legends16 days ago
  • stop it

    Iron legendsIron legends16 days ago
    • Why ? It's up to her.

      Ria RioRia Rio3 days ago
  • thay are the goverment

    Iron legendsIron legends16 days ago
  • what the crap, there kittens not expirments

    Beth MayerBeth Mayer16 days ago
  • This is so horrible I could say a million bad words right now we need to stop this I’m crying this is just wrong

    Lemons XoxLemons Xox17 days ago
  • This is absolutely disgusting. I can't believe people do this kind of crap.

    Coyote HelenCoyote Helen19 days ago
  • If the roles were reversed, these f**king felines would not help humans. I find felines to be top of the gold digger chain. Maybe that's why so many females like these things...😒

    ManFromMars 53ManFromMars 5320 days ago
    • @ManFromMars 53 But opinions have to make sense. Your opinion is similar to that of those people who identify as *dogs* . Ofc you got a mouth and rights to *freedom of speech* , but so did everyone else. If you act like an idiot, nobody has to deal with it or nod with an approval.

      Ria RioRia Rio3 days ago
    • I think cats are more useful than you are. Cats make lovely companion to many people. What do you have to contribute? Nothing. Also how tf are cats gold diggers? You've lost it.

      Ria RioRia Rio3 days ago
    • @ARMY Cat That's sooo true!!!

      Prakash PrakashPrakash Prakash7 days ago
    • Cats are help humans with depression anxiety and loneliness,they are amazing pets that love to bee with you

      ARMY CatARMY Cat8 days ago
    • Sounds like an incel speaking

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond17 days ago
  • This is awful.

    Jayheart the CrystalWingJayheart the CrystalWing23 days ago
  • O my god that is horrible 😢

    Queen Nelly1 BlazQueen Nelly1 Blaz23 days ago
  • if these experiments dont get shut down so help me i'm destroying the VA myself

    Dorian DewittDorian Dewitt23 days ago
  • How can I do it if i am not from USA?

    Pine ApplePine Apple24 days ago
    • @Ria Rio I can't put the address. There is only for united states.

      Pine ApplePine Apple3 days ago
    • Petition link in the description.

      Ria RioRia Rio3 days ago

    Xanthe DelvesXanthe Delves24 days ago
  • Who ever disliked will die in my cat army. That is a threat

    riana the rainwingriana the rainwing24 days ago
  • Seriously, how is this legal?! Those poor souls... Even if we would manage to shut down these labors, (which would be naturally fantastic), this wouldn't be enough, the government will open new labs elsewhere. I hope there will be some kind of law, which will say that this cruelty is illegal. And very unethical.

    Draco19970125Draco1997012525 days ago
  • Im not even half way through the video and im already crying😪😪😪😥😥😥Such Devils!!!😡😡😡

    Belle KereopaBelle Kereopa25 days ago
  • Signed! Let’s shut it down! 🙌

    Calico LegendsCalico Legends26 days ago
  • I’m not old enough so pls whoever reads this try to sign it. Please

    Venkat RamaswamyVenkat Ramaswamy27 days ago
  • Ok and so sad

    FUN cousinFUN cousin28 days ago
  • That is so sad and wrong😪😭😢

    Susie LovittSusie Lovitt28 days ago
  • This is horrible! I am not joking IT IS SO NOT FAIR!

    Home PhoneHome Phone29 days ago
  • this is so so sad. ILLEGAL. LETS SHUT IT DOWNNNN!!

    Ava CraigAva Craig29 days ago
  • I love cats😭😭😭

    Sab SaudSab Saud29 days ago
  • Whoever does this is just a useless piece of dirt. This is disgusting, who could even do such a thing??

    That Leech That Has That Chemical LookThat Leech That Has That Chemical Look29 days ago
  • I signed then sent this video to my family and they signed too. We're going to fight for our children.

    Satan's ButtholeSatan's Butthole29 days ago
  • I wish I could sign the petition... anyhow, hell yeah.

    Emmy YangEmmy Yang29 days ago
  • The people who disliked work for the lab.

    Gigi GlassGigi GlassMonth ago
  • Why that is so rude I have kitten he’s like two months he keeps biting me and scratch any advice so he can stop

  • So sad

    faheem shaikhfaheem shaikhMonth ago
  • I can't believe they're doing this terrible stuff to those sweeties! I'll have to tell my parents about this. I'll try to help!

    Now Or NicoleNow Or NicoleMonth ago
  • This breaks my heart

    Lillian BurnsLillian BurnsMonth ago
  • This is so cruel... I honestly cant handle this if I worked there I'd try to help the kittens... The people should think about this like just imagine if you were a cat and this was happening to you... Terrible

    rycxliacrycxliacMonth ago
  • My cat licking my floor tell me why

  • I emailed three people I hope they repond cuz now I can finnaly use my age as a weapon!

    AmazonDrawzAmazonDrawzMonth ago
  • This is a horrible thing

    Sammy L'EcuyerSammy L'EcuyerMonth ago
  • But why would someone do this what’s the point

    Raheemah GhaniRaheemah GhaniMonth ago
  • These monsters deserve to be treated the same. Ugh.

    s l i m e zs l i m e zMonth ago
  • This broke my heart into tiny pieces. Sent my letter to Congress and shared this video. Now I’m going to go hug my cats and foster kittens. I can really use their snuggles.

    Rebel Lucy CatRebel Lucy CatMonth ago
  • I am with you 100%

    Beth BirdwellBeth BirdwellMonth ago
  • is it shut down yet?? its so mind-blowing that people have that level of cruelty to do that..

    Hilary LundyHilary LundyMonth ago
  • how could the do such a cushal thing to the poor kittins and grown up cats hope the are questioned one day

    khadija Qureshikhadija QureshiMonth ago
  • 😿😿😿

    VivLaV07VivLaV07Month ago
  • This make me want to cry

    cac4000cac4000Month ago
  • That is so sad let’s shut it down!!

    Yorke JohnsonYorke JohnsonMonth ago
  • This is sad I didn't know the government did this. I hope they shut down I cried my eyes out 😭

    Anjel OrtizAnjel OrtizMonth ago
  • The covid-19 vaccin are tested on monkeys. Where are the outcry 😷?

    Apocalypse Is hereApocalypse Is hereMonth ago
  • 💔😢

    cesss spinecesss spineMonth ago
  • I am watching this as my cat is sleeping on my hand and I am thinking about what it would be like if we did not get him for us and him he has already been token back 3 times be for us now he has a forever home his name is Gizmo and he was found on the streets he also needed to be bottle fed as a kitten we know this from is description

  • Lets get these kittens out of there

    Sabaria sarwarSabaria sarwarMonth ago
  • I saved 3 kittens and fixed 2 cats in my aria that has had kittens before

    Gingerana 104Gingerana 104Month ago
  • Who is disgusting enough to do such a thing? Am disgusted 😤😤😤😤 God will avenge FOR THOSE LITTLE ANGELS poor things !!!!!!!!!!

    Isa JaloIsa JaloMonth ago
  • Omg 😲 I'm so sad I'm so upset please let it shut down I am not allowed though cause I am to young oh and I share this account with my so

    layla hearts catslayla hearts catsMonth ago
  • I just made up an email for this purpuse

    Miranda SällstedtMiranda SällstedtMonth ago
  • Oh my God. This is sick. There has got to be a place in hell for these monsters.

    oliverthecat666oliverthecat666Month ago
  • No one listens to me since I’m a kid.I have NO FREEDOM to be able to help save these innocent animals..when I get older I’m starting my very own buisness to help stop this mess

    Lil_Nugget_fry 10Lil_Nugget_fry 10Month ago
  • We have to save cat and kitten because one time will be that there were no cat or kitten Save cat and kitten

    Agrima KhattriAgrima KhattriMonth ago
  • I wish we could sew them

    Tariro MwangaTariro MwangaMonth ago
  • Im so srry i cant sign it, bcz i need to tell my Address srry

    _•*Millia*Lia*•__•*Millia*Lia*•_Month ago
  • imma help as best i can though

    Daphne PaigeDaphne PaigeMonth ago

    Daphne PaigeDaphne PaigeMonth ago

    Daphne PaigeDaphne PaigeMonth ago
  • Can I sign as a non american? It only shows american zipcodes/states and I guess Im not one of the taxpayers but I would love to help :(

    Penny TPenny TMonth ago
  • this is why we see dislike button its them, they should will be straight in HELL!v

    Lisa DeeLisa DeeMonth ago
  • What is wrong with people 🙁.

    Rachael CotgraveRachael CotgraveMonth ago
  • this is so sad

    Kiela PeetKiela PeetMonth ago
  • The monsters that perform these sadistic experiments need to be exposed. How can you go to work every day and torture innocent kitties? Scary how the evil walk amongst us every day.

    CherylCherylMonth ago
  • I don’t get why anyone would do that to kittens

    Cara LowryCara LowryMonth ago
  • What about all the rats, pigs, and literal guinea pigs? I guess only cute aminal's lives matter. I think your parents forgot to teach you something about pets. But don't worry, I'll just take your cat behind the shed...

    LovecraftLovecraftMonth ago
    • What, afraid you might like one?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
    • @57 Year Old James Bond don't get into an insult contest with me, fool

      LovecraftLovecraftMonth ago
    • I think your parents forgot to give you a brain.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • We need to do something about this

    Amy's world queenAmyAmy's world queenAmyMonth ago
  • I’m talking to the most people that I can, I did a post on Instagram and I hope I can help some way. People that follow me are already signing the petition. 🐱🐱

    Victória de Queiróz AntonioVictória de Queiróz AntonioMonth ago
  • This is so disgusting, heartless and deplorable!!! Im so offended at the humans conducting these experiments..sounds like another time in history where experiments were done on twins!! All life has a purpose!!! Thank you for the info, I had no idea this was going on!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Cher CooperCher CooperMonth ago