All Your Cat Food Questions: Answered!

Sep 5, 2020
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Welcome to episode six of Catology: Kitten Lady & Friends, my interview series all about staying curious about cats! This week I'm talking with the amazing Brianne Morrow, an expert in feline nutrition and my personal go-to resource for all things related to cat and kitten food. We talk about everything from how cats' taste buds work, to how to read a pet food label--and I even ask her a ton of questions about all the biggest debates regarding cat food! Should they eat wet or dry? Are grains a big deal? We cover it all! Many thanks to Royal Canin for their continued partnership on this educational series!
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  • I'm so glad you brought up the awkward vegan question. As a vegan myself having to see people in the community say "my cat does well on a vegan diet you should be better!" is sooooooo upsetting!!

    Meliya RamirezMeliya Ramirez19 days ago
  • On the vegan topic, I'm vegan, but I'm also a zookeeper. And people are always perplexed that I'll happily butcher meat and prepare meat for my animals. Like you, my reason stems from respect for animals. The animals I have the pleasure of working with are under my care, and it's my responsibility to nurture every part of their lives. So if I've got to learn to butcher to do my job, then I'll jump right in! I love my animals with my whole heart and do whatever I need to to give them the best lives possible while their in my care 😊

    Madelynne HerbertsonMadelynne HerbertsonMonth ago
  • Cat food in general is too expensive!!! And if you’re looking for species appropriate food, it will break your bank!!!

    David S.David S.Month ago
  • I'm confused, I've heard bad things and good things about Royal Can in ..what am I supposed to believe?

    cindyloucindylouMonth ago
    • Ok, thanks 😊

      cindyloucindylouMonth ago
    • Simply keep in mind that cats are 100% carnivores unlike dogs. Try to find cat food that its first 3 or 4 ingredients are meat sources. There is some negative to “meat by-product” or “meat meal.” The problem is, the species appropriate cat food brands are VERY expensive!

      David S.David S.Month ago
  • Omg That all black kitty Coco looks like my prince Coolboy!!!

    LorenaquariusLorenaquariusMonth ago
  • Help! A community cat had her kitten under my house in July. At 8 weeks I was able to trap her kitten and bring the little one inside. In the five days I have been caring for “Lucy” her socialization is going well. I am using a large play pen for sleeping and eating and being around people and our old resident Ragdoll Cat. I use my bathroom as a playroom. Lucy loves me already, wants to see and be with me. And she adores the old Ragdoll. I will be looking to find a good home or foster home for Lucy as I cannot keep her. Also have arranged to get the Momma Cat spayed. My problem is that this is the first cat or kitten that I have rescued that wants nothing to do with a litter tray. I have tried everything I know. She has however discovered the bathtub and has been both peeing and pooping there. (We only have one bathroom and are not keen on that situation.) I have a small litter box in her playpen and have placed two different sized trays in the bathtub hoping to persuade her to try them. Being litter trained is a plus when looking for adoptive cat parents. What can I do?

    Carol GarrettCarol GarrettMonth ago
  • I am a bit surprised of the colab from a kitten focused perspective, cats are obligate carnivores, feeding the a carbohydrate heavy food to an animal who requires no carbs is not really in line with what I feel is the best nutrition for cats. I raise all my kittens on a rotation of raw foods, meat based kibble and canned kitten foods. I will say this though; royal canin does make foods for very, very specific health needs, like James. Many cats need a hyper-specific diet to help with pinpoint conditions, and having those diets available saves a lot of cats. For a healthy adult cat who has no health conditions, I wouldn't recommend standard royal canin food, instead a meat based diet that honors a cats entire body

    14Raine1414Raine14Month ago
  • Haha, it’s funny how it’s normal for a cat not to be fed cow’s milk, but it’s normal for humans to drink other species’ milk😅

    oprea cocorinooprea cocorinoMonth ago
  • Can you please give me advice..we are lockdown for 14 days and my black cat is sneezing and i am worried right now she is not even eating anything and i really need your advice..Im worried if my cat will die..

    imafungirllike omgimafungirllike omgMonth ago
  • I tried to find the blucare anywhere online/in stores but it does not appear to be available. Is there something I missed from the video that says where it can be obtained?

    angela blackburnangela blackburnMonth ago
  • You've helped me save my kitten 😸 ♥ I'm so thankful

    JackieJackieMonth ago
  • Have u ever encountered.. mother cat eating kitten??

    Devanshi PandyaDevanshi PandyaMonth ago
    • David S. it is a thing

      Pusheen ObsessedPusheen ObsessedMonth ago
    • @David S. unfortunately it actually IS a thing

      。。。ザっちゃん。。。ザっちゃんMonth ago
    • No such thing. This is not CNN

      David S.David S.Month ago
  • My cat is a SLOOOWWW transition cat. Getting him from kitten food to adult food- its taking weeks and he's getting farts with the tiniest change!

    Emily BlakleyEmily BlakleyMonth ago
  • partnering with a really awful low quality pet food brand with filler and by products . this is so disappointing

    Amanda MasucciAmanda MasucciMonth ago
  • did she say cats are omnivores ??

    Amanda MasucciAmanda MasucciMonth ago
  • Your book (tiny but mighty) just arrived, and I was so excited still am!

    Liz ZinkieLiz ZinkieMonth ago
  • Thanks

    Debbra LehrmanDebbra LehrmanMonth ago
  • when I can get a job I'm going to do what you do😺😺😺😸😸😸 kitten love😻

    MakaylaMakaylaMonth ago
  • Our neighbours' cat it seems is being fed crap food and they're not keeping her litter tray acceptable because she comes to our garden to relieve herself of her diarrhoea... Lovely! 😡😫

    Gillian WillsGillian WillsMonth ago
  • Can you help me my aunts newborn kitten that’s atleast half a week old opens her eyes do you know whats happening

    Zaida perezZaida perezMonth ago
  • Luna is my Coco! 🖤🌙

    Rofina Theirin née CouslandRofina Theirin née CouslandMonth ago
  • there is a kitten something is rong with there eyes how do i take care of them

    Arianna L PinedaArianna L PinedaMonth ago
  • I have found two kittens in the garbage and brought them home so thank you for your videos they helped a lot ❤️

    Star dust NovaStar dust NovaMonth ago
  • Please write a book, I'd so friggen buy it

    Rachel MoredockRachel MoredockMonth ago
    • @Astrid Sercu thank you for this information ❤😂

      Rachel MoredockRachel MoredockMonth ago
    • She did, it's called Tiny but Mighty :)

      Astrid SercuAstrid SercuMonth ago
  • I love watching your videos even though I don’t have cats. I hope to foster or adopt some day

    Michaela WolfeMichaela WolfeMonth ago
  • Is Rachel rays and iams good cat food brands?

    LPS FallingmoonLPS FallingmoonMonth ago
    • @Aliciaokay I thought iams was bad anyways

      LPS FallingmoonLPS FallingmoonMonth ago
    • I don't know much about the Rachel ray brand but Iams isn't good

      AliciaAliciaMonth ago
  • Passive aggressive levels spike at 47:16

    Oceana PearlOceana PearlMonth ago
  • In my house

    amber delfinamber delfinMonth ago
  • Kitten lady there's been teenager cats I think and there like about 6 or 5 cats there black like the one in the video

    amber delfinamber delfinMonth ago
  • Just a commercial for Royal Canin.

    Joni McClellanJoni McClellanMonth ago
    • Okay.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago

    Carolyn FosterCarolyn FosterMonth ago
  • Hey Kitten Lady I have a question I have 5-6 month old kittens and they seem small. They eat out of their free will they are always full and happy...but they don’t seem to be growing. They eat kitten food, so should I consider feeding the cat food ? I’m just a lil concerned because they both suddenly stopped growing 🙃😅

    Winter1546Winter1546Month ago
    • Adult cat food isn't likely to support growth better than kitten food. The growth rate of older kittens should naturally slow down compared to when they were little babies, but kitten food will still be better for them - they are still growing and developing. If they really have stopped growing at that age that could be cause for concern. A vet will be able to examine your kittens and give you much better advice than someone on the internet, even an extremely knowledgeable someone. Kitten Lady can't examine your kittens.

      Carrie SeymourCarrie SeymourMonth ago
  • :)

    KaREn FrOM THe PTAKaREn FrOM THe PTAMonth ago
  • ほら、可愛らしさがいっぱいあって、甘くて可愛い、目がカリスマ性満点です。大好きです。この可愛さに心が折れています。 この超キュートさに心が溶けました。

    BB HomieBB HomieMonth ago
  • AAA, this cuteness I love, who can let go of this cute super, a beauty so seductive and cute, I was attracted, at first sight, sweet and burning Burn, I love cats passionately !!!

    Paw PawPaw PawMonth ago
  • An absolute contradictions to talk cat health endorsed by royal canin. Please people do your own research, but its common sense that carnivores need to eat (raw) meat protein not highly processed food full of non meat fillers.

    Jo TownsendJo TownsendMonth ago
  • I'm vegan but I feed my cat meat. Why? Because humans are herbivores and cats are carnivores. I give myself what I need and my cat what he needs for optimal health. ❤️

    Not just another guyNot just another guyMonth ago
    • @Gillian Wills we're opportunistic omnivores, we have far less health issues on a plant based diet.

      lemon waterlemon water28 days ago
    • Gillian Wills Do some research. Your argument for humans having “canines” is laughable, and frankly, weak 😂

      Sydra MarsSydra MarsMonth ago
    • Humans are omnivores. We have canines for tearing meat and molars.for grinding vegetation. We are not herbivores.

      Gillian WillsGillian WillsMonth ago
    • research BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding)

      Fay ReidFay ReidMonth ago
  • Did she really just say ruminants are omnivores? She went to what vet school?

    elines acevedoelines acevedoMonth ago
    • research BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding)

      Fay ReidFay ReidMonth ago
  • What matters most in pet food is that they have an actual vet nutritionist on staff, and preform lifetime trials so that you actually know the long time effects. Grain free or not idc

    Twisty SunshineTwisty SunshineMonth ago
  • Gostaria tanto que seus videos tivessem legenda em português 😭😭😭

    Brenda DuarteBrenda DuarteMonth ago
  • Hey can anyone help me , i found 2 kittens and now they are dying 😭😭😭😭 . Pls reply fast🙏🙏

    Vivek SinghVivek SinghMonth ago
    • Take them to a vet or shelter

      AliciaAliciaMonth ago
  • Got 2 little rascals a few days ago. The shelter mainly feed them dry food, we are trying to weed them on weet kitten food (the kittens are almost 10 weeks old) how do I try to seen them easily?

    Just a Lesbian walking down the streetJust a Lesbian walking down the streetMonth ago
  • Oh, it's good to know someone whose cats want different type of food every time. I always get worried when everyone say "Oh, cats are a creature of habit and swapping food is bad" and my cat will literally not eat the same food twice in a row (We have 5 or so types that we rotate)

    SpegarSpegarMonth ago
    • Spegar I find my four cats are the same.

      Sydra MarsSydra MarsMonth ago
  • I have 6 kittens. Look on my video

    EkipaKotosiEkipaKotosiMonth ago
  • Do you know what to do if you find a kitten with fleas

    john hazzardjohn hazzardMonth ago
    • She has videos on how to safely get rid of fleas on kittens! :)

      bluerose1323bluerose1323Month ago
  • I'm sorry that this is coming from out of No where but I need help in stopping a youtuber. He tortures and kills cats and kittens for ASMR and I can't bring myself to look for them. How I learned about it was another USworldsr's video got pulled bc it insights violence and commenters had mentioned the cat killer. They said his videos are still up despite all of the complaints. I dont know what to do. Thank you miss Hannah.

    luvmytortiesluvmytortiesMonth ago
    • Contact the Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, and Animal Legal Defense Fund.

      Laurie HammerLaurie HammerMonth ago
    • What’s their channel’s name we can report it

      Pusheen ObsessedPusheen ObsessedMonth ago
  • Can i give the kitten which it was two days a goat milk. Goat milk which is human also can drink it

    Zaliha MusaZaliha MusaMonth ago
    • Humans are actually pretty weird for being able to drink other species milk! And a high percentage of humans are actually lactose intolerant bc they fit the more standard mammal model. Cats will get sick on any milk that isn't cats. And when they get older they actually won't be able to process even that (like a lactose intolerant human)

      Twisty SunshineTwisty SunshineMonth ago
    • If it's the only thing you can find, otherwise it's recommended to use kitten formula

      elines acevedoelines acevedoMonth ago
    • No

      rabbitquartet ,rabbitquartet ,Month ago
  • You have a kitten same as my name NIGEL

    Nigel PlayzNigel PlayzMonth ago
  • I just wanted to ask, do you have any tips on getting cats to trust you? Me and my cousin are thinking about starting a cat saving campaign and we try to get the cats to trust us, but they end up getting scared and hide in the bushes. 😅

    - Candi -- Candi -Month ago
    • the cat could be feral and does not want to be socialize

      Just MeJust MeMonth ago
    • If the cat does not trust you.dont force it to trust you.let them be.

      Just MeJust MeMonth ago
  • My kitten throws up the spay n neutered royal cainin kibble.. any other ideas? I ended up getting a different kind of easier to dissolve in the gi tract so I assumed it would help but he threw up again yesterday and today.. not sure what to do..any options?

    Tawnya ParentTawnya ParentMonth ago
    • not everyone has the time or ability to cook meals for their cats cat food is just fine as long as you know what you are buying

      Alissa MusgroveAlissa MusgroveMonth ago
    • research BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding)

      Fay ReidFay ReidMonth ago
    • did you switch them over gradually by mixing it with their old food? cats (especially kittens) have sensitive stomachs and it can get upset if their diet is suddenly changed

      Sam SuttonSam SuttonMonth ago
    • Contact a vet could be something wrong

      rabbitquartet ,rabbitquartet ,Month ago
  • I saved a cute little white and black kitten! She was about five weeks old and is a female. I named her Mini Oreo because she is so tiny and the colour of her fur represents the colour of Oreos! Thanks to your videos she is super healthy and playful, And now she is 9 weeks old! I've been wanting to rescue a cat for so long and now I finally got the chance! Thank you so much for everything, Stay safe!

    • Rosella •• Rosella •Month ago
  • Hi there Kitten Lady, my cousin just found a mother cat and 2 kittens in my grandmother's backyard. What advice should I give him?

    Willow 木Willow 木Month ago
    • @Alicia oh ok thanks ^^

      Willow 木Willow 木Month ago
    • They need to be taken to a vet and vaccinated and mamma spayed and babies spayed/neutered when age appropriate firstly. A vet will give you care advice if you plan to keep/care for them. Or they can be turned over to a shelter where everything will be taken care of there and they will be found good homes.

      AliciaAliciaMonth ago
  • Royal Canin??? What's about cats are obligate carnivor?

    Daniela GiolitoDaniela GiolitoMonth ago
    • I know it😅 sorry, I wasn't clear.... My meaning was that Royal Canin seems not taking to much care of the carnivor nature of cats

      Daniela GiolitoDaniela GiolitoMonth ago
    • anyone reading - research BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding)

      Fay ReidFay ReidMonth ago
  • The main thing is that Royal Canin supports the girl on her passion and mission to help cats, even though their food is not species appropriate by adding fillers/additives in their ingredients and dry kibble feeding promotion.

    David S.David S.Month ago
    • That is referred to as a conflict of interest. Hannah has a business, and she monities everything she does. You notice she is not doing the rescues as she did two years ago.

      Phillip ResslerPhillip ResslerMonth ago
  • Kitten milk replacer contains cow’s milk or whey. Read the ingredients.

    Lioness AyanaLioness AyanaMonth ago
    • Not all.

      Gillian WillsGillian WillsMonth ago
  • Why do they say Royal canin is a really bad food ?

    Judy BJudy BMonth ago
    • research BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding)

      Fay ReidFay ReidMonth ago
    • Because their food is mostly fillers such as gluten wheat, corn, potato, and rice. The meat portion is classified as “meat by product.” And most of their food selection is dry kibble.

      David S.David S.Month ago
  • I need help!! Please anyone that knows where I can take/call 4 kittens I found. They look in bad conditions and I don't have the resources. I want to help and I don't know how. S.O.S I have no cat experience.

    Mousiieeh SanchezMousiieeh SanchezMonth ago
    • google shelters in your area and give them a call

      qrowleyqrowleyMonth ago
    • If you have a local shelter / humane society you should be able to surrender them there for low or no cost.

      AliciaAliciaMonth ago
    • Take them to a veterinary clinic or try see if you have any rescues around

      rabbitquartet ,rabbitquartet ,Month ago
  • When I grow up I want to do this kitten foster thing. I love cats (tho I am slightly allergic), and I will be doing the exact opposite of a bad thing.

    ZodiacMoonZodiacMoonMonth ago
    • ZodiacMoon If you can’t foster due to allergies, you can consider TNR. Also, rescues always need fund raisers.

      Kathy GauseKathy GauseMonth ago
    • You know how some people get allergy shots? Well, for many people, having a cat is like getting a cat-allergy shot every day! It's no guarantee, but fingers crossed your allergies get better over time after you rescue one!

      rinearineaMonth ago
  • Shout out to LVTs! Or RVT depending on your state. I love being an LVT, but I had no idea of the plight of neonates until your videos. Now my goal is to be a neonate foster where ever I end up working.

    maarakailet1maarakailet1Month ago
    • What's LVT?

      Ramya MaddaliRamya MaddaliMonth ago
  • LIVE: Nevada & the Gamblers - Feral Rescue kittens

    Agop ChatalianAgop ChatalianMonth ago
    • Ok

      Pusheen ObsessedPusheen ObsessedMonth ago
    • Heer is the site whee the feral kitty Naya gave birth to six healthy kittens yesterday. The kittens are so adorable and healthy.

      Agop ChatalianAgop ChatalianMonth ago
  • Dammmmmm I love ya soooo much!!!!! The questions you asked are EXACTLY what i am CURIOUS ABOUT!!!! I'm a cat owner since 6 months ago and I tried tons of food just like what you did 11 years ago, THIS VIDEO IS DAMN AMAZING!!!!!

    Yu雨雨点点Yu雨雨点点Month ago
  • Royal Canin foods are mostly made with fillers (corn, potato, rice, wheat), gluten, meat by-products, and dry kibble. Not a quality food for 100% carnivore feline. I’m quite surprised by the endorsement here. The protein needs to come from meat not protein from plants.

    David S.David S.Month ago
    • @Adelaide an egg yeah it's heartbreaking but once we know better we can do better :)

      Fay ReidFay ReidMonth ago
    • @Fay Reid Thanks :) There is a whole lot of options, it's nice to know a place to start. Until I start, I can at least know my current cat is being fed better than my last cat. He got supermarket food :( and I was too young to research myself.

      Adelaide an eggAdelaide an eggMonth ago
    • @Adelaide an egg research BARF, 'Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding' - I have 4 raw fed cats who have never been sick or had diet related issues, anyone trying to scare you off raw feeding will scare you with parasites, diseases etc, it's simply not true. Just make sure you feed balanced, and there are plenty of helpful facebook groups, resources, holistic vets AND premade raw food brands!

      Fay ReidFay ReidMonth ago
    • You want to look at the first 3-4 ingredients they should be meat based, meat byproducts are not a bad thing in fastfood as cats are more sensitive to what might be in the meat during slaughter of the animal, so what you find in dog food meat byproducts is not the same byproduct as in cat food

      FiredhelFiredhelMonth ago
    • @J W Any advice on good cat food, then?

      Adelaide an eggAdelaide an eggMonth ago
  • Royal Canin?¿?¿ REALLY!!!!!!!!??????? How to feed your animals with shit, without dying. You must study some nutrition of strict carnivores. Most of veterinarians are not actualized in this kind of nutrition...

    Jéssica MVJéssica MVMonth ago
  • Can u post normal plz it’s getting really annoying

    Cutie AlwaysCutie AlwaysMonth ago
  • how well you treat them, God forbid, every pet has such a mistress❤️❤️❤️

    Angelina ShkolenkoAngelina ShkolenkoMonth ago
  • I absolutely love how informative this channel is, but I can't stress enough how disappointing it is to see your partnership with Royal Canin. Makes me think twice about everything else you've been teaching us... :/

    Sophie AverySophie AveryMonth ago
    • I thought Royal Canine puts sugar in cat food. I'm surprised they didn't talk about sugar in cat food, which is common. They often don't write sugar in the ingredients, but some sort of sugar that is not well known, so people don't realise that it's in fact sugar.

      Solar WindSolar WindMonth ago
    • I am proud of her and excited for her to have this partnership. It is supporting the work that she does so she can actually make these videos, share her knowledge, and save more cats and kittens. She has worked hard to get to this point.

      Abby C.Abby C.Month ago
    • Listen. I have fed my 3 now-geriatric cats a variety of grain-free high quality foods their whole lives and I have long felt very strongly about it, so I get it. But now that they are old enough to have failing kidneys and chicken-sensitivities and etc etc etc, my very progressive and holistic vet has put us on a mixture of... you guessed it: Royal Canin and Purina prescription diets because of the wide variety of highly specific nutritional formulations. It kills me to buy Purina, but they have a line of kidney function diets that are chicken-free and it is *literally* the only one on the market. I have done everything right their whole lives with nutrition, but cats age and sometimes get chronic illnesses no matter what you do. And I am grateful that there are foods that can prolong my cats' lives and preserve their remaining health, no matter how icky sounding the ingredients. Because sometimes it's not about what makes *us* feel good (like an ingredient list that is recognizable and seems like it's made from whole foods) but rather about what will make our cats feel good (like a food created by a huge food laboratory like what the big prescription diets like RC and Purina can offer). Please also remember that Kittenxlady cares for very ill kittens and cats often!

      rinearineaMonth ago
    • Yes, some of the homemade recipes are very good and provided by veterinarians. Just have to make sure to include all of the things cats need.

      Cathy WrightCathy WrightMonth ago
    • I automatically turned my nose up at RC because of the (quite frankly, laughable) cost. Also I'd have to go out of my way to buy it in my country and buy online from abroad. Not worth it. I'm lucky though that we don't have a lot of the same crap in our cat food that seems to be in the food available in the USA.

      Gillian WillsGillian WillsMonth ago
  • I started fostering because of you

    Creative CraftersCreative CraftersMonth ago
  • I am fostering a 9 week old kitten, Sandy, from an animal rescue organization. Sandy is incontinent and cannot walk unless I help him lift his bottom. The vet at the animal rescue examined him and said most likely he has a neurological issue. The animal rescue doesn't have the resources for a wheelchair or for further examination from a neurologist. They are going to euthanize Sandy. Do you know of any cat or animal rescues that accepts special needs kittens? I am located in Florida.

    Rosalba MonterrosasRosalba MonterrosasMonth ago
  • Or... just feed your cats raw. They are carnivores.

    b ab aMonth ago
    • 🙌🙌🙌🙌

      Yusake HanzoYusake HanzoMonth ago
  • is that kind of food under kitten food or is it under all age?my kitten was put on meds but is still having liquid poop crys when she has to poop and her belly rumbles .

    Nong shimNong shimMonth ago
  • Lost two cats 6 months apart. Rest in peace babies.

    Michelle ezellMichelle ezellMonth ago
    • Lost my two boys 4 weeks apart...adopted 2 black brother and sister 8 week better way to mend a broken heart....

      Barry AckermanBarry AckermanMonth ago
    • @Ramya Maddali Pookie and meme

      Michelle ezellMichelle ezellMonth ago
    • What were they called? 🥺💓

      Ramya MaddaliRamya MaddaliMonth ago
  • Hey I’m new to your channel and I love what u do!but i see this stray cat that comes by and chills near our house a lot and it does not come as much anymore do u think she/he is ok?

    Ginny SavageGinny SavageMonth ago
  • Watching this as I anxiously search the Internet for what could be wrong with my 3yo tuxedo. She has gone off her food and is acting not herself. My vet won’t be open until Tuesday so I’ve left an email for them so they hopefully get back to me first thing in the morning. I’m just hoping this is nothing and she’s lazy this week but my anxiety tells me the worst.

    Jenna DrakeJenna DrakeMonth ago
    • Jenna Drake that’s good to hear. i hope she gets better!

      Sam SuttonSam SuttonMonth ago
    • Sam Sutton she is thankfully still eating some and drinking water. Her behavior is just what concerns me the most. I’ve sent an email to our vet and I’m hoping to hear from them ASAP tomorrow.

      Jenna DrakeJenna DrakeMonth ago
    • if she doesn’t eat for 24-36 hours take her to an emergency vet immediately. serious health problems can arise if they do not eat for 3 or 4 days

      Sam SuttonSam SuttonMonth ago
  • Pretty cats. I have 20 I've adopted

    Missi_ SlaughterMissi_ SlaughterMonth ago
  • I’d like to see you do a good video on allergies and treatments (not the human side of it).

    AirRatchetJockeyAirRatchetJockeyMonth ago
    • research BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding) - most intolerance and allergies are due to poor diet.

      Fay ReidFay ReidMonth ago
  • I stopped the video just a few mintues in because I was so excited to find something that might be additional help for my 3 spicy kittens and their ongoing diarrhea. I did a quick search for the Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Kitten wet and dry. It's tough to find. Petco requires a prescription, but Chewy does not. $100 just to start on a single case of small cans + a 4 lb bag of dry. I'm a little in sticker shock but am going to go ahead and try it. Combined with their veterinary care, I'm looking forward to the positive results. Thanks so much for sharing and all that you do.

    StrwbrryFldsFureverStrwbrryFldsFureverMonth ago
  • Thanks

    Michael Djungu-SunguMichael Djungu-SunguMonth ago
  • I have a 7 month old she was eating fine and she wont eat much of her wet food what can I try, iv tried switching the food and now thinking of adult food

    Charlotte HarlowCharlotte HarlowMonth ago
  • I believe Hannah's average fans age is about 12 years of age.

    Agop ChatalianAgop ChatalianMonth ago
  • Ughh I missed it again 😭😔 Hii kitten lady. I just want to thank you for helping me rescue two lucky kittens! Ur videos are really important and I'm looking forward to more. THANKS!

    Omar AbueljebainOmar AbueljebainMonth ago
  • Thank you!!!!

    Emma Why can’t my user just be EmmaEmma Why can’t my user just be EmmaMonth ago
  • There are a lot of additives in Royal Canin.. I boil chicken for my cat & use Thrive biscuits 80% meat for during night snacks, occasional raw egg with tuna if she needs variety x

    Sher NorthSher NorthMonth ago
    • Cats in the wild would eat their prey whole, and get vitamins and minerals from e.g. organ meat, and just muscle meat may not cut it. Unless you're replicating that or supplementing, which would require plenty of research, you probably are better off using a good quality cat food. I use Thrive as well, I think they're great; they also do a wet food which basically is boiled chicken (or other meat depending on the flavour) with stock and the required supplements. No joke, I feel like if I had no food in the house I could happily tuck into a tin myself with a little salt and pepper. It is expensive though.

      Carrie SeymourCarrie SeymourMonth ago
    • You do know cats require taurine and other vitamins in their diet? Don’t just feed them chicken & eggs. They will end up lacking nutrients. I’m all for making their food. Just make sure to include all other necessary nutrients that cats require.

      Sydra MarsSydra MarsMonth ago
    • I know you said you only give raw egg to her occasionally so I'm sure it wouldn't be enough to be a problem, but I'd be careful with feeding a cat raw egg whites! :)

      J AnniinaJ AnniinaMonth ago
    • additives and highly processed meat by product. Don’t u also need to supplement with taurine and vitamins?

      David S.David S.Month ago
  • Does anyone know if Hills is a good brand? My kitten is 4 and 1/2 months old. I've been giving him one can of < 1-year-old wet food and some dry food for indoor kittens. Is this okay?

    Adelaide an eggAdelaide an eggMonth ago
    • @Sam Sutton Thanks for letting me know, I need to find another food brand. Any advice on where to start with research?

      Adelaide an eggAdelaide an eggMonth ago
    • Adelaide an egg it means there were dangerous levels of certain vitamins and minerals or contamination in a Lot of food made. food from recalled Lots are unsafe to feed animals. their 2019 recall on dog food was due to dangerously high levels of vitamin D and caused kidney problems and death in hundreds of pets. unless your pet has health problems there are better brands to feed. most vets have little to no training in nutrition for pets. many are bought out to advertise for big companies. it’s better to do your own research than ask your vet for recommendations

      Sam SuttonSam SuttonMonth ago
    • @Eshita Shah Could you explain what that means? Thanks :D

      Adelaide an eggAdelaide an eggMonth ago
    • It’s not. They’ve had lots of recalls

      Eshita ShahEshita ShahMonth ago
    • Actually, Hills is the best quality. They even have a prescription diet cat food. Vets recommend it Kanin has gotten into and use USworlds vloggers. I believe, Kanin gives the users free cat food as a promotional tool. It is so corrupt..

      Agop ChatalianAgop ChatalianMonth ago
  • I have never fostered because of time issue, but i adopted street cat last month and this video is very useful.

    robertrobertMonth ago
  • Hi, Hannah. I'm wondering what you think of Blue Buffalo food for kittens & cats. They advertise that their ingredients are so much better than other brands, but is that really true? Are they really better and/or healthier for my fur-baby? Additional question: I have a senior cat who has been on Indoor Formula for most of her life. Are there foods that combine the hairball control of the indoor formula and the senior health benefits of the senior formula? Can I get it without a prescription? Thanks for your time.

    MsMikkiCMsMikkiCMonth ago
    • HANNAH is not an expert on cat food. Ask your vet.

      Agop ChatalianAgop ChatalianMonth ago
    • They’ve had tons of recalls. The ingredients are very poor too

      Eshita ShahEshita ShahMonth ago
  • I have been thinking about the....Raw Cat Diet! I would love to know if this is a good decision! There so much conflicting info on 5his i dont want to jump in unless i get the real scoop kn this diet!!! I foster cats and have for many yrs i want them to be there optimal selves plz plz help me

    Kaitlyn GassKaitlyn GassMonth ago
    • Almost every advocate of raw food, when asked why it's better, will explain in detail why fresh whole quality ingredients, and an appropriate composition (i.e. for cats, as high a meat content as possible) is better than highly processed by-products and fillers. I have never yet come across one who explains why it's better for it not to be cooked. There are risks from uncooked meat and there are quality cooked foods out there.

      Carrie SeymourCarrie SeymourMonth ago
    • Twisty Sunshine It’s good then that cats are adapted to eating raw meat. Their stomach fluid is so sour that it kills bacteria. And I find it funny how cats have survived for hundreds and thousands of years by eating raw meat but now all of a sudden it’s dangerous? You can’t compare humans to cats since they are strict carnivores, their whole bowel system is built to handle it. What they aren’t built to digest is carbohydrates, which is a main ingredient in almost all dry food.

      Mia LindströmMia LindströmMonth ago
    • Feeding raw can open your cat up to bacteria, viruses, and parasites that live in meat before they've been properly cooked. I know there are a lot of people who swear by it, but cats can die from food-bourne illness just like humans can

      Twisty SunshineTwisty SunshineMonth ago
    • Very good decision!

      Mia LindströmMia LindströmMonth ago
    • Make sure to join groups and do research.

      Eshita ShahEshita ShahMonth ago
  • 3 cats? When did you get a 3rd one Hannah?

    Jayne SixxJayne SixxMonth ago
    • @San1984 Oh cool, I haven't seen Andrews cat, Haroun is a cool name for a cat 😸

      Jayne SixxJayne SixxMonth ago
    • She has Coco and Eloise and Andrew has Haroun.

      San1984San1984Month ago
  • Just became a first time cat owner so this video is so helpful! I found an 8 week old kitten at an empty gas station. He just had to have his back leg amputated and is doing so well. Just was referred to ur USworlds page and I’m so glad I was! Your videos are so helpful!

    lovhrsgirllovhrsgirlMonth ago
  • How do you gain a Mom with three kittens trust? Because there a Mommy cat in my back yard with 3 kittens they don’t look like they nurse from mom tho we fed them and ate but i really want them to stay for a while so i can help them.

    SweetSugar and MidnightWolfieSweetSugar and MidnightWolfieMonth ago
  • My 11 year old cat eats the Fibre response by our vet's recommendation and it has made such a difference for him. I started noticing him having difficulty going to the litter box. He spent so much time trying to poop and he struggled a lot. So our vet recommended that food and now he's OK. My parents cat is a big one. I mean he's really big but after his neuter he started gaining too much weight so the vet recommended the saciety management a year ago and he already lost a little more than 1kg. So we are super happy with the brand and the results we're having! But can you maybe touch on the raw feeding trend? I see so many people saying that it is better for them and it's confusing because vets here in Portugal do not speak about it and I'm curious about it

    Catarina AlvesCatarina AlvesMonth ago
    • most vets are not comfortable recommending a raw food diet yet. it has high possibilities for contamination which can result in both pets and owners getting sick. many raw food companies have not existed very long so there is not a recall history so it’s hard to tell how much you can trust a brand. raw food has the potential to be a healthy option for some cats but only if made and stored properly

      Sam SuttonSam SuttonMonth ago
    • This is a discussion you should have with your vet, after you have researched the subject.

      Shawna WeesnerShawna WeesnerMonth ago
  • you are very kind hearted Kitten Lady I want a world where cats can live happily. I love cats. Every day I feed and give love to stray cats. Let there be no hungry cats. I will spread this all over the world 🥰🥰💖💖

    Istanbul CatsIstanbul CatsMonth ago
  • I once took temporary care of two kittens from a litter a friend was taking care of, when I returned them the little guys were twice the size of their litter mates. I gave them kitten food I think the rest of the kittens were given adult cat food. what a huge difference it made.

    Rev RaptorRev RaptorMonth ago
  • Royal Canin foods are mostly made with fillers (corn, potato, rice, wheat), gluten, meat by-products, and dry kibble. Not a quality food for 100% carnivore feline. I’m quite surprised by the endorsement here.

    David S.David S.Month ago
    • ​@Erica Roldan Thrive - but I only get the poultry flavours as the fish only 70%. I use their wet food and treats as well, though there's not a lot to choose between them and plenty of other high-end brands. But I haven't come across any other dry food to match their meat content. As you might expect, they're not cheap compared to your average supermarket cat food, but shop around before you buy direct - I've been able to find their products a little cheaper in some places than on their own website, especially if you buy in bulk.

      Carrie SeymourCarrie SeymourMonth ago
    • Carrie Seymour Which dry food do you use?

      Erica RoldanErica RoldanMonth ago
    • @San1984 they address that grain free isn't necessarily any better, because it often contains just as much filler. Unless I missed it they seemed to gloss over whether high filler/carb, low meat/protein food, regardless of whether the filler is grain or potato, is any good. All dry foods need some filler to make them into kibble but some are mostly filler, others are nearly all meat. I use a dry food that's 90% meat. It is grain free, but that's not why I chose it.

      Carrie SeymourCarrie SeymourMonth ago
    • Stephanie Blosser or what about Friskies ?

      David S.David S.Month ago
    • What about Fancy Feast?

      Stephanie BlosserStephanie BlosserMonth ago
  • What can I do with my 3 year old kitten Oreo, She has some health issues, Her throat where she swallows is very thin, She eats soft food better then hard food, She will not drink water she prefers Skim Milk. The vet said to give her Kat Sip but she won't drink it. I don't know what to do. I am also on a fixed income, Our cat is My PTSD Pet.

    • @Vijaya Lakshmi, Plus the wet food I make sure it is Grain Free & Gluten Free. She doesn't like Fish, Tuna, Beef, Chicken. But she loves Salmon Strips. She also doesn't like her food cold or warm, She perfer's her food at room Temperature, Very Picky eater.

    • @Vijaya Lakshmi, Thank You.

    • .

      Vijaya LakshmiVijaya LakshmiMonth ago
    • Give her skim milk no problem if she does not have any issues. Also you give a spoon of cocunut milk(take some pieces of coconut, blend it in a blender, seive and give the milk. Keep rest in fridge for 3, 4 days. Before giving should warm it. Mix with her food. This produces new cells Love and thanks from INDIA

      Vijaya LakshmiVijaya LakshmiMonth ago
  • I just got a new kitten, her name is Jordi and she is quite Awesome 😻

    KandisKandisMonth ago
  • I fell asleep in the middle of the live stream

    Ferryn ToursFerryn ToursMonth ago
  • It’s amazing to me that people still don’t get the importance of mommas milk. Humans are the only species who think it’s cool to jump to using another species milk to feed a baby. Dolphins nurse their babies, horses nurse their babies, cows, dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters nurse their babies. All mammals nurse and each bit of colostrum is essential to the growth and immune system of that particular infant. Mommas milk is always best, liquid gold for that baby. Formula is better than nothing, but nothing is better than momma.

    Beth SlaughterBeth SlaughterMonth ago
    • Much of that comes from the same idea that formula is better than breast milk for human babies. While there has certainly been a reckoning with that falsehood for human children over the last several years, unfortunately, the idea has not quite caught on in the pet world. Part of the stereotype about cats loving milk comes from old illustrations and cartoons like Tom and Jerry. An entire generation of kids grew up watching cartoons that showed cats loving/drinking milk. Importantly, that same generation was also raised drinking formula rather than breast milk. Much of the latter misinformation came out of the 1950s when pediatric science encouraged women to feed formulas because there was a belief that formulas had better nutritional value in the form of vitamins and minerals. (E.G. Dr. Spock's The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care) The early Cold War era in the US marked an era where science was thought to trump nature. We have now come full circle in our understanding and scientific revisionism that nature actually had it right all along. Unfortunately, it takes time to change attitudes and culture - so while Americans are coming back around to embracing breast feeding, it will take a bit longer to dispel the myth about cats and milk, and even that grains, fruits, and vegetables are okay for our obligate carnivore friends. Cheers feline advocates!

      Kellyn GreyKellyn GreyMonth ago
    • Mm I wow pepperonis I sspswMlllde

      Future5321Future5321Month ago
    • Beth Slaughter t.::3211

      Future5321Future5321Month ago
    • research BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding)

      Fay ReidFay ReidMonth ago
  • My dogs prefer canned cat food and my foster kitten prefers the canned dog food. Is this ok?

    Kim CatKim CatMonth ago
    • No please feed them separately and don't allow them to eat each others food

      rabbitquartet ,rabbitquartet ,Month ago
    • Stop letting them eat each other’s food immediately! I think in the case of the cat, the dog food does not have Taurine in it, and if it does, it doesn’t have enough. And the cat food has too much protein in it for the dog. This is an absolute no, no!

      Shawna WeesnerShawna WeesnerMonth ago
  • Is powder milk from petco can a big cat eat tuna in a can

    Timothy RugglesTimothy RugglesMonth ago
  • Before I got a kitten in November last year not long after my old cat passed away and he is love's to watch movies and play with catnip rat his name is Mr grey

    Emily Latta/clarkEmily Latta/clarkMonth ago