Animal Rescuers Need to Hear This

Oct 12, 2019
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Animal rescue isn't just about taking care of's also about knowing how to take care of yourself. Always remember: SELF-CARE IS ANIMAL CARE!
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  • Thank you Kitten Lady for this video!

    Chastity Griffith-GavalekChastity Griffith-Gavalek3 months ago
  • Thank you for this. I was crying as i was watching this because I’m currently fostering 4 2 week old kittens and its draining and I’m so tired but I refuse to give them up because then i feel like I’ve failed them and myself. I watch a lot of your videos and i always see you smiling and happy and I was comparing myself to you because i felt like I wasn’t doing enough, but i realize I am. I just care about them so much, I really want to do right by them.

    Krystal HugginsKrystal Huggins3 months ago
  • Best advice!!!!

    Carla NorrisCarla Norris5 months ago
  • This is what I need to hear as I’m in a support profession as well. I worked with adults with disabilities and I always thought I’m not doing enough and would take on more shifts, longer shifts and overnight shifts. They need this care as often it I didn’t work they would not receive care but wasn’t taking care myself. Thanks for letting me listen to your Ted Talk!

    Emily BannonEmily Bannon5 months ago
  • This is very well said. Burning out is hard habit to change and thinking we got this we can do it solo really will drain us in the end. This was excellent! I hope you got to garden!💜

    MontsergirlMontsergirl5 months ago
  • I’m fostering 2 kittens , and cry but I thought that I wasn’t doing enough to take care of the and I was crying , a praying to God to be available to save this kittens life . Now 2 days lates they’re eating well , they’re better. I have watched all videos I can from @kittenLady . I’m learning so much thank you

    Iza HerreraIza Herrera6 months ago
  • Accidental Kitten Rescuer Here... I recently found two kittens in my garage one week apart. The vet says they were 3 weeks old. The first was very friendly and walked right up to me. The second hid and I probably would have missed him had I not heard him call out to his mother; I refer to him as "The Runner". Took me an hour to catch him. Turns out the second one is the most affectionate. My question is whether or not cats bond to someone permanently. Would it be a problem if I adopted them out after being with me for the first weeks of their lives? I only had to bottle feed them for two weeks, but the bonding stuff I just saw in the video already happened. Thoughts?!?

    DK BullockDK Bullock6 months ago
  • Thank you Hanna, I’m not a foster parent (yet) but now I know that that feeling will be okay

    Yasmine AhmedYasmine Ahmed7 months ago
  • We love you so much, Kitten Lady ! You are an enduring, inspiring light in a very dark world.....

    diamondgirl33diamondgirl337 months ago
  • I know that I was born to rescue animals (for I’ve been doing it all my life) when I was 6 1/2 we got a call from one of my moms Facebook friends and they said that they had just rescued a cat from a accidental breeding and he was only 3 weeks old so I promised my mom to help take care of him until he got a new family so I helped by bottle feeding him and he already knew how to use a litter box so I didn’t worry about that. Then when he was about 2 months old I was alone with a babysitter and I looked at him and his eye was green and swollen shut it happened almost immediately, I told my babysitter to call my parents and tell them to get home as soon as possible because there was something wrong with Olaf’s eye so she called and they came him ASAP and brought him to the vet before closing, turns out he had a really bad eye infection and it had just started to swell and I caught it just in time so they could save his eye... I of course helped with his medicine because I was the only human who could keep him calm..Now 4 years later we still have him and we will have him until the day he passes. Then when I was 8 our neighbor found a 2 week old kitten in her garage and didn’t know how to care for her so me and my mom immediately went and got her and she was so tiny, we bottle fed her for 2 weeks(not that long) so we took her to the vet when she was old enough (8 weeks) and she got her last round of shots and she was ready to go to a new home! Almost immediately someone wanted her, we knew the people and she now is now happy in her new home! Her name is mittens!

    Splendor The snakeSplendor The snake7 months ago
  • Good job expressing the need for self care! You folks are whole, wonderful, and brave.

    Lisa CLisa C8 months ago
  • This is true. Boundaries are key.

    Angela ReyesAngela Reyes8 months ago
  • I rescue cats and small pets(hamsters,bunnies etc..) And I really needed this. If anyone wants to check my Insta out it's @Yeyas_small_rescue56

    Yeyas PetsYeyas Pets8 months ago
  • Great advice for anyone in any kind of care field, whether you are helping humans or animals. Using yourself up without taking care of yourself and "refilling your tank" can actually cause you to neglect or harm those you intended to help in some cases.

    ShroomyKShroomyK9 months ago
  • I feel the same way and relate to everything she said. I been volunteering at my local animal shelter for about 6 months and it is overwhelming and there are times where I feel I am not doing enough. I try my best and that's all I can do. I love cats and got all my cats from the shelter. If you are reading this volunteer or get involved with a rescue group.

    Ana PinaAna Pina9 months ago
  • I love and need this talk. It hits home. Thank you sister! I get so tired, overwhelmed, misunderstood, confused on if and what I am doing is the correct path for myself, despite external community negative views. But I couldn't stop caring for my communities forgotten and ignored kittens and cats here in Holdenville Oklahoma even if I tried. I feel like it is out of my hands... Lol I lately have become so devistatingly frustrated with the progress I make myself daily, that I have begun to let myself digested the toxic unimportant and misconstrued opinions of others self-righteous and narcissistic non-empathic views of what, how, and why,. I am trying to accomplish here how others perceive me on being a rescuer of cats, that it has altamitly been poisoning my ability and thought process, of caring for even my personal animals. I wish you would do more videos like this one. And maybe start a support group to join. That would really help alot of people around the world, if nothing more than help people recharge so they can fight another day for the sake of the cat cause. I would help with it. No pressure just an idea. Thank you very much for being you. Sending good vibes your way, and giving hope for you to walk in sunshine and sprinkles,, throughout every day and everyway! Sarah Hurst in Holdenville Oklahoma

    Tinsley HarlowTinsley Harlow9 months ago
  • you are amazing !!!!!

    大石金曜日大石金曜日9 months ago
  • I felt like that about a week and a half ago when I had to take my rescue to the ER. And I was getting bad news. I felt like I had failed her and didn't do enough. Luckily shes fine and on the road to recovery.

    barrire83barrire839 months ago
  • As a health care professional, I really feel like this sometimes. Recently, I learned to prioritise my health above everything else. If I'm not healthy, I can't help my patients.

    Sonia MéndezSonia Méndez10 months ago
  • During a night of august, this summer, my boyfriend heard a very little noise in the street when he was going to take his car after a party. It was a very small kitten, just born, alone on the road, my boyfriend tooked him to his house at 5am, and literally saved the life of the kitten. Some week later we discovered that it was a little female and named her Crispy ! She's a very lucky cat to be find by my boyfriend and his family, they loves cats and takes so much care of them :) So Crispy became the 6th cat of the family, and 4th who be rescued by my boyfriend's family ! Now she's a super healthy and funny kitten, I'm so grateful to see that... (Sorry for my English, I'm French! Hope you understand)

    Pauline LievinPauline Lievin10 months ago
  • Thank you! I needed to hear this. I have six kids and I homeschool and I'm trying to do it all and feel badly when I fall short. I know I don't have the funds to do it all either.

    Lynn StaffieriLynn Staffieri11 months ago
  • This could be applied to all kinds of activism!

    JessJess11 months ago
  • I’m actually a part time animal control officer. With another full time job. And truthfully I’ve allowed animal control and the animal caring/rescuing aspect of it to take over my entire life. And because my boss and the town I work for expect so much from me, I expect so much more from myself and I feel absolutely horrible when I can’t do it all. I blame myself so much. If I’m rushing an animal to the emergency vet and they either die on the way or the vet tells me it’s too late and there’s nothing they can do, I fully blame myself. Even though I JUST picked the animal up. What if I had gotten the animal sooner? What if I drove faster? What if what if what if. It’s not a healthy way to live but I truthfully feel like if I’m not giving 1000%, I’m not doing enough and I’m not enough. But anyways, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really needed to hear this because things have just gotten so much harder lately. Thank you so much for this video 💕

    Rachel TufanoRachel Tufano11 months ago
  • I can vouch for this being 100 percent relevant in many causes of activism. I think we all need to hear this. Thank you

    Elsa LabouretElsa Labouret11 months ago
  • Well said. Thank you

    qtrolazygqtrolazyg11 months ago
  • Hannah, I have given a significant part of my property to our local TNR agency. I want to do what I can to give resources to an organization that needs housing and shelter for cats that would have otherwise been rounded up and euthanized. I know that it's not necessarily the best option for feral cats, but they have a living arrangement where they have a safe place to live, adequate food, water and space. Essentially, it's an aviary for cats with space for them to get out of the elements, to have a place to live out their lives without negatively impacting the local bird population.

    David WilsonDavid Wilson11 months ago
  • This helps after finding poo all over the bathroom floor. Thank you

    Yasmine AliceYasmine Alice11 months ago
  • Thank you Kitten Lady!

    Jennifer LovingJennifer LovingYear ago
  • I was involved for 4.5 years and got burn out. I’ve taken a year off and looking to get involved again soon. Enjoy being outside gardening and feed your soul.

    Amy BrownAmy BrownYear ago
  • when you are 100% "in" rescue mode compassion fatigues comes to all on occasion. That's the time to do as the Kitten Lady says and set a boundary, even if it's a temporary one. Some days I don't answer the phone because I know i'm too burned out to hear another story or take another cat or even talk rescue. the next day i'm back on board and usually call the people back to see if I can help in some way. a lot of people are willing to do a lot of their own they are just at a loss as to WHAT to do. you gotta keep on keeping on but back off when you are at the breaking point.

    Mike GwinnMike GwinnYear ago
  • Save and care for every animal and the environment, go vegan. ❤️

    Springfairy92Springfairy92Year ago
  • Thank you so much for sharing this. I rescue underprivileged horses and this has been one of the toughest weeks for me. I've faced things that I knew I would but can't prepare for. I don't feel isolated and detached anymore after I saw and listened to your video. The TIMING of this... It's uncanny.

    Sarah JadeSarah JadeYear ago
  • I really needed this. I’ve fostered kittens before, but a momma cat and her kitten came to me and I’ve been overwhelmed. I needed more help and tried contacting ever shelter or organization around me or outside my city and everyone is full. They cannot take them in and they cannot put them in their foster system. I feel like a failure not being able to give them everything they should have and I have very limited resources to find them homes. They’ve been on my local news channel, but I’ve had no inquiries. The lady I took them off of was going to bring them to animal control here, but I knew they were full so I didn’t want her to dump them. As much of a failure as I feel like, everyone tells me that I did a good thing, that I saved them. It’s been hard to feel that, but this helps.

    BoredomStikesBackBoredomStikesBackYear ago
  • Remember, Save yourself before you save the world.

    ThePlumScrubThePlumScrubYear ago
  • I relate a lot; Not just because i beat myself up for not being able to do more but also because i live in a world that doesn't change where it matters because it doesn't bring them any profit. Meanwhile there's thousands and yeah i do mean thousands of animals in need of help, most people don't like and avoid the sad side of things. The "I did everything i could but it wasn't enough to save them" guilt. But that's part of fostering, you face both sides. Just remember: That one kitten came to this world not knowing what comfort is and it left it knowing that someone loved it and gave it exactly that.

    Operator 020Operator 020Year ago
  • very appreciated message. The shelter I was helping with for the last year collapsed last month, leaving me with a bunch of kittens who were a) safe from being seized by animal control, but b) all of a sudden all my responsibility to finish getting fixed and adopted. The kittens will be getting fixed next week, so things are looking good on that front, but all of us who had been volunteering at that shelter feel pressured to somehow do as much for needy cats now on our own as we did when we were part of the shelter's team. It's an insane expectation, but so many people know us from the shelter and call us when they find kittens, as if we still had a shelter full of kennels to put all their needy kittens in. It's been hard to say no, but until I get my current kittens adopted out, I have to say I have no space for new ones, period. Even if they are ringwormy and goopy-eyed and 5-6wks (my typical&favorite rescue kids so far).

    Jamie BJamie BYear ago
  • Thank You so much for this post. Similar to those who maybe the primary carer of another person. You are an inspiration to others and if we don’t look after ourselves it effects our capacity to care and look after others. Cate from Australia.

    cfjackie46cfjackie46Year ago
  • Oh yes! So true and I feel this many times and at a cross road right now. This is a terrible feeling and the reason why many rescuers either become hoarders or stop.

    Rayne ChantelRayne ChantelYear ago
  • Those tats look nasty

    T.M.H.T.M.H.Year ago
  • Hannah Shaw should never feel guilty. She has saved countless lives and inspired SO MANY PEOPLE, myself included. I would never consider fostering kittens if it weren't for her, and now I have two beautiful girls from my first foster litter who I love SO MUCH and have fostered three litters of kittens altogether. Saving lives and being a total animal superhero while also taking time for yourself is a balancing act for sure, but it's very important and it's something that needs to be recognized. I love Hannah for talking about this!

    Robin B.Robin B.Year ago
  • 💓

    Nayab KhalidNayab KhalidYear ago
  • Hannah, thank you for this. You are an inspiration to a whole army of rescuers. I can’t wait to see you’re garden. 😉🌿🌱

    A. MartinezA. MartinezYear ago
  • ❤❤

    passionate Belieberpassionate BelieberYear ago
  • Eric 🐈🐀🐁😻😺😸😹😿🙀😽😼😾

    Eric12 TidalogEric12 TidalogYear ago
  • This is the best message I heard lately! And it can be applied to anything, not just animal rescue. Thank you!!

    Lara M. MuzioLara M. MuzioYear ago
  • This is such a nice video thank you for making it

    Frøst FeatherFrøst FeatherYear ago
  • Literally crying in my college cafeteria because over the years, you keep inspiring me more and more to work hard for these animals and to kick but in my Vet Tech program!!!!!!

    Katrina P.Katrina P.Year ago
  • Don't feel guilty. Omg, you need some, "me time". God bless.

    tch 55tch 55Year ago
  • Right now, I have a Mama and 4 kittens, we have a runt, he is tiny at 4 weeks old and only 5.4 ozs, the cats got upper respiratory, he got it pretty bad so we feed him with a syringe, he gets between 4-6MLs KMR per feeding at 4 hour intervals. He is skinny, we can feel his ribs, what more can we do? He is strong and doing well, but I would like to see him gain more weight and not be so skinny! Thanks for any help!

    S GemS GemYear ago
  • You are the most important part of the equation, without your ability, keen sense of direction and knowledge the ones you choose to rescue would not survive . Its much like being a front line first responder. You cant save them all ,but you put your life blood into those you can. Look after no.1, if you don' t there will be no one to help . thanks for all you do .

    Steve DevineSteve DevineYear ago
  • Thank you! ❤️ I REALLY needed to hear this! ❣️

    Ella’s Health ’n HappinessElla’s Health ’n HappinessYear ago
  • That is so true of every field of caregiving whether you're doing it for a family member or members or are you taking care of kittens or dogs or whatever if you run out of steam you won't be able to go on your end up breaking yourself you must give yourself the time to recharge I am an old grandma now but I've been there

    Sassy frassSassy frassYear ago
  • Hey Hannah so I don’t have a way to contact you because I don’t have instagram but I have two kittens that are about two weeks old and we don’t really have the time to take care of them so I’m looking for a place for them to stay

    Long live The killjoysLong live The killjoysYear ago
  • Thank you so much for this. I am forwarding it to a friend who has been/is involved in animal rescue for many years. She needs to know this. And all honor to you for all the great work you ar doing.

    Joann MicikJoann MicikYear ago
  • Thanks, Hannah. I'm not a rescuer, but I needed to hear this today. Your pep talk works in many ways ;)

    Ad'm MartinAd'm MartinYear ago
  • I needed this... so overwhelming.... I am a cat trapper in New Orleans trapping about 30 per week. So much work, so much ignorance and people calling constantly wanting me to do everything, which I can't trap every cat in this town! Sometimes we all need to "air out".

    nhemeternhemeterYear ago
  • Thanks for this video. It's very important. I am an animal rescuer in Guatemala. The need is over-fucking-whelming. It never ends. We have to focus on what we CAN do and how we ARE helping every day and every hour. We can't save them all but we can make a difference.

    SpiralCeeSpiralCeeYear ago
  • Thank you for putting this out is much needed.

    Wolfmaus13Wolfmaus13Year ago
  • On that note, would you be willing to share how you cope with an unexpected loss (we recently lost a kitten at the clinic I work at part time that had been there for several weeks as a "foundling" in need of medical treatment)? I always feel like I could have or should have done more in those instances, and it's difficult to get past it when you blame yourself or regret not doing more to save them.

    Jenny RoothJenny RoothYear ago
  • I just love you Hannah! 😊❤️ You are not just a huge inspiration but you are also a wonderful guide to balance, gratitude and blessings when it comes to animal rescue! Thank you for the reminder that we can’t do this alone but together we can do it all. 🥰😻

    Cathy P in AZCathy P in AZYear ago
  • My foster kitten penut just got adopted yesterday I miss him but etlest he has a good home

    Aaron MckeownAaron MckeownYear ago
  • hi just wondering if you could do a video on the feeding amounts for different ages of kitties

    Steve The KittySteve The KittyYear ago
  • Very very important and awesome advice! Thank you!! I Actually have some questions for you about two new baby kittens that I am currently taken care of and I have no idea how to get in touch with you if you could possibly message me here that would be so awesome I would so appreciate it

    Arwen SchulerArwen SchulerYear ago
  • Always care for kittens ,even many human babies are sleeping on empty stomach What a world

    Dayanand RathiDayanand RathiYear ago
  • I’m criticized by my friends and neighbors for feeding a feral cat...I’m trying to trap neuter and release her but she is so smart. in the interim I will continue tofeedher

    Kathy MAcomberKathy MAcomberYear ago
  • I like you video all time

    SxftpinkSxftpinkYear ago
  • Sadly, the people most likely to be involved in caring (for animals, the planet, other humans) tend to be idealistic, good people, the kind who will beat themselves up about "not doing enough". You are doing SOMETHING, which is way more than some of the arseholes that we share the planet with, so give yourself a "well done, me" pat on the back.

    prokkleprokkleYear ago
  • Thanks so much Hannah...just rescued three 5 week old kittens while struggling with my own mental health and this gave me so much inspiration and hope❤️❤️❤️love you!

    klarrrinaklarrrinaYear ago
  • To all y’all animal rescuers out there: anything is better than nothing. Every life you’ve already saved has made an immense difference-my cat is 13 years old, the most affectionate and loving cat I’ve ever known, and I have him because one of you saved his mom. He was born in the safety of an animal hospital rather than on the burning-hot summer streets, any further contribution to the kitten population by his mom was prevented, and one day when my family and I walked by, he charmed us with his playfulness and went to a home with three people who love him more than anything. You have touched multiple people’s lives in exactly the same way, and for that you are all heroes. Multiple cats that would have died are now snoozing happily on people’s laps because YOU SAVED THEM. If you need a break, take it. If you need a hug, I will provide it. If you need to love yourself, stop whatever you’re doing and make it happen, because you deserve it for the amazing work you do 💜

    some randosome randoYear ago
  • This takes me to Sophia Yin and how she took her life from compassion fatigue. She’s one of the top behaviorists with animals and her loss was massive. More people need to hear this so thank you Hannah! ♥️

    Nori FoxNori FoxYear ago
  • Good for you ! ! ! LOVE 💋 🐾 🐾

    Patricia TaggartPatricia TaggartYear ago
  • The real animal rescue must be vegan!!!

    Adriana PopescuAdriana PopescuYear ago
  • Well said! If anyone should be blamed or pressured to do more it absolutely shouldn’t be the rescuers! It should be all of the trashy, low-income people who don’t spay or neuter their pets! Ever notice how the poor cities with high crime and the most section 8 housing have the worst animal overpopulation problems? Even with county supported low cost spay and neuter programs in place they still don’t make any effort. Rescuers and TRN people are absolute angels in disguise.

    Laura G.Laura G.Year ago
  • You can't save them all but I can sure try. I get told I should worry about myself and my future, but this is my future. I want to help because nobody else around me will.

    Plain JanePlain JaneYear ago
  • This video is . . . really inspirational. Thank you.

    kaylajane157kaylajane157Year ago
  • This video is so cool! I absolutely love your channel because of theses video's I've started to foster kitten's and they help me just as much as I help them so far I've had two littles one was of a brother and sister a tiny black kitten I name Neo because she was a neonatal she lived to 3 weeks old but was blind and had seizures so sadly she didn't make it but she had a good life while I had her and her brother who I named Tams after Tim Tam's grew up so well and now has a loving home where he is so spoiled ! A couple months after them I got a litter of 4 all ginger girl's Lion who annoyed my mum to keep bottle feeding her after I started weening her and now lives with a dude and he's dog and she's the queen of them her little sister Butter was a flame color point and was so playfull so many people loved her and people where fighting over to adopt her but she found a loving home with another cat and another sister Toffee was a elagent cat and now has a nice home she always posed for photo's XD and Kenzo who was the runt of the litter and was thought to be a dwarf for the first 5 weeks I had her but she grew up well and she was so cuddle I would carry her around with me where ever I go but where I live you can only have 2 cat's and I already have 2 cats so I couldn't keep her but the person who finds the homes for the kitten's and desexs them is gonna keep baby cat because everybody falls in love with her when they see her my only problem right now is there's no more kitten's around and I can't work with same places because I'm not 18 yet I still have 4 year's before I am .... Anyway thank you so much for introduceing me to fostering

    ASD Mouse 0ASD Mouse 0Year ago
  • Exactly, you're no good to anyone (especially those you're helping) if you're in the hospital (or worse) because of how ragged you've run yourself. You're best asset is your ability to do whatever it is you do. You can't do it as well if you're not taking care of you.

    Tonya ThompsonTonya ThompsonYear ago
  • So true, we all have to make more of a priority to take care of our mental and physical wellness. Take time to replenish, practice self love and forgiveness. Rescuing is draining and you deserve me time to recharge.

    Sara RSara RYear ago
  • watching these videos and knowing all i know about animal rescue and fostering but also knowing that until i move into my own place that i cannot do all i want to to for animals takes such a toll on me and i feel that young people everywhere can understand this. even with my journey to zero waste it really is all in the small steps at the beginning. so even if you cant commit 100% yet just know the small steps and spreading the word are worth a lot bc your words and message might push the people who can help right now to help.

    madds noellemadds noelleYear ago
  • You are so sweet and wholesome.

    Aliya WarthAliya WarthYear ago
  • I totally understand this. I have been fostering for the last 7 years and this year I have felt the burn out. A couple of my own cats have become serious medical cats so I told myself I needed to focus on them. Then the rescue I've been working with asked me if I could take in 4 kittens while another foster home was taking the other 5 kittens. The other foster home fell through so my contact begged me if I could temporarily take in the other 5 til she could find another foster home. Well I ended up with 10 kittens at one time! I got so frustrated and angry with myself for taking this on, I got angry at my rescue contact for failing to get them other foster homes and providing supplies. I finally told my contact that the last 3 kittens (who will be 6 months by the end of Oct) need to be put into an adoption window before the end of the month I just couldn't handle it anymore I was breaking down and crying over little things. Plus I took on a second job just to be able to cover financially my cats needs and the fosters, I'm totally burned out. So I've written my cats and myself a promise to not foster another kitten for at least the next 2 years I need a serious recheck/refocus and a serious break. Sorry for babbling on.

    Krazy KatKrazy KatYear ago
  • Thank you Hannah. I just began fostering a new kitten today. With what I have, I can only take one to two kittens at a time. It's important to stick to our own boundaries.

    Caitlin HouseCaitlin HouseYear ago
  • this is a new slogan, guys.

    BittersweetBittersweetYear ago
  • Great point!!! Best not to burn yourself out. Hard to follow a variety of things you like to do if you are putting all your eggs in one basket. 😻💕

    Sally BentleySally BentleyYear ago
  • I needed that, thank you

    OmegaNouilleOmegaNouilleYear ago
  • Such great advice. Thank you for all you do and all the wisdom you share.

    Kristin HeimanKristin HeimanYear ago
  • I know all about this syndrome. Well done for discussing this topic. Saying no, boundaries and self care is the hardest ever.

    Sherry GouldSherry GouldYear ago
  • I took on three kittens at 5month and another 4 weeks at a time I should have said no. But I felt guilty and was told that the three 5 months were just going to get left behind so I took them in on top of my small kitten. It was a lot of work and i am proud of the work I did, they are all in good homes now. But I’m very sick and should have know my limits. It’s is important to set healthy boundaries.

    Julie SmithJulie SmithYear ago
  • Amazing how I needed this and this appears in my USworlds home page. Maktub! Thank you Hannah♥️

    Henna DoloHenna DoloYear ago
  • Omg preach! So true!

    Kristie EKristie EYear ago
  • Could you do a video specifically on giardia and coccidia? I ask because my newly adopted kitten has giardia and it has freaked me out. I'm trying to keep her isolated and keep things disinfecting, but going through this has made me more reluctant to get her a companion kitten. I've even considered fostering, but the fear of having a kitty with these types of diseases makes me feel like it isn't something for me, even though I love cats and used to care for the strays in my neighborhood as a kid. If I knew what to do, how to prevent it spreading--is it as worrisome as ringworm? Knowing the steps would encourage me to at least adopt another kitten, if not foster.

    Rien JenRien JenYear ago
  • You do your hardest! Yesterday sweet little Cider got adopted off into an amazing home! Juice did, to! Apple will today!

    LucyAndHerCatLucyAndHerCatYear ago
  • Thankyou i needed to hear this today

    Cori WatersCori WatersYear ago
  • We have three females and two boys at home and only our eldest is operated. The second oldest, Golom, has escaped many times and has had many litters but our youngest girl, Salem was also pregnant. We didn't know that Salem was pregnant, we thought she was just fat. We were shown otherwise last night. She had a little baby. Which may seem easy to deal with but Golom also has some babies of her own. But when the newborn cries she ignores her babies and wants in my room. I don't know what to do if Golom gets in my room and starts taking care of Salem's baby. Do we just let her?

    CoryHjonkCoryHjonkYear ago
  • This sounds like the dutch version of. Draaglast en draagkracht Literally translated. Carriyng burden and carriyng power. You have to find a balance between both. Because if you pull to much on the carriyng side whe burden gets on top. Like a scale with 2 sides. You need them balanced and not put to much weight on your ability to carry stuff.

    kathrynvanwaartkathrynvanwaartYear ago
  • Cute thumbnail... Love from Simba and Pumba

    Ruta KambleRuta KambleYear ago
  • ❤️

    Elizabeth BoyleElizabeth BoyleYear ago
  • Thank you for saying this. Hugs! 😺💜💕🐾

    painsaver3000painsaver3000Year ago
  • God did I need to hear that... I signed up to volunteer at a local cat shelter after adopting my kitten, but I just could never catch a break to just spend some time there. I've lost my job recently and am really feeling guilty about not committing more of myself at the shelter now that I "have the time". I know I'll get there someday, but thanks for reminding me that I am doing what I can in the mean time.

    Emhen456Emhen456Year ago
  • Thank you Hannah! I really needed to hear this! ❤️

    Lizzie AmickLizzie AmickYear ago