Basil Gets a Butt Bath!

Jun 20, 2019
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Whoops! Basil had an oopsie-poopsie! Time for a butt bath!
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • Kitten lady thanks to u I ended up wanting one now my mom is gonna get a 2 kittens for me YAY

      Val and LilyVal and LilyYear ago
    • I recently got a about an 8 weeks old kitten and I was wondering what would be the best wet food for her. We already have dry food we feed her every day... But I was just wondering if you had any suggestions on what brand to get.

      A Kids ViewA Kids ViewYear ago
    • What kind of soap should I put on my kitten this is my first kitten and I found him beside the road, he is a loving little thing, the vet says he is about eight weeks and had a snake beside him and i feel so blessed to take him home in his condition. :)

      Scifi CowboyScifi CowboyYear ago
    • I was not trying to be rude I was being nice saying that I will order the books when I can

      Doggolife16Doggolife16Year ago
    • @Doggolife16 That is rude, If you wanted to come to just be rude to others, then you should go take out your negativity somewhere else. Its not just kitten lady who does this stuff, she inspires others to do the same.

      Janey MJaney MYear ago
  • the cats is so cute UwU

    yan yanyan yanMonth ago
  • Why is this woman obsessed with touching, wiping, washing, and showing the world via USworlds cats asses

    Shelly BlaneyShelly BlaneyMonth ago
    • For informational purposes.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • 😂😂

    Ana CastAna Cast4 months ago
  • I love this channel I was actually fostering kittens! And this channel helped Thank you!

    ꧁Peach Juice꧂꧁Peach Juice꧂5 months ago
  • Yaaaaasss give me some more

    mubaraz syedmubaraz syed6 months ago
  • Rip a bathroom accident Cat Version

    Facepalmer ChaosFacepalmer Chaos9 months ago
  • God, I'm gonna have to get used to touching cats poopy butts... can't wait lmao

    Monochrome BunniMonochrome Bunni9 months ago
  • DOnT mInD ME iM jUSt a VideO oF A CaT BEIng wAsheD! Also, I think that cat is yelling at you

    Oh Hell NoOh Hell No10 months ago
  • Kitten lady: *washes the kitten* Kitten: Mom! Mom stop!

    Lu~!Lu~!10 months ago
  • I rescued my little calico, Arya, around 4 weeks and OMGoodness I've been here hahaha. Butt baths were a thing for a minute hahaha

    Carrie E.Carrie E.10 months ago
  • My cats name is Basil to

    TaraTaraYear ago
  • Squeaky little pooper ❤️

    Deenie ZoeDeenie ZoeYear ago
  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💕

    SuperrozaSuperrozaYear ago
  • That music is the kind of music that should be played at every bath time!

    John HasdovicJohn HasdovicYear ago
  • Love the elevator music accompaniment!

    Laura PalkaLaura PalkaYear ago
  • So NO to kitty po!!!!

    John SmithJohn SmithYear ago
  • Lol

    EverythingFun 101EverythingFun 101Year ago
  • Oh I love what you do for these fur babies. God bless you I'm new and glad I found you.

    susan leesusan leeYear ago
  • Basil's toe beans are beautiful!

    Stephanie OlsenStephanie OlsenYear ago
  • Wow this is cute!! But if I were u id wear gloves just saying but you are the expert sooo....

    Djamila LahianiDjamila LahianiYear ago
  • Aww

    Mischievous MadnessMischievous MadnessYear ago
  • Eric 🐈

    Eric12 TidalogEric12 TidalogYear ago
  • I wanna get your book but I can’t 😔

    Kylie RucinskiKylie RucinskiYear ago
  • Actual butt bath video or showing off that ring??? I've never noticed it before....

    AlexisAlexisYear ago
  • Cool tattoos Cute kitty

    Dr. Mohan AkolaDr. Mohan AkolaYear ago
  • I see you like cute baby bats? 😆

    Billie's FavoritesBillie's FavoritesYear ago
  • Only cat haters would give your videos a thumbs down.

    Nanny NineraNanny NineraYear ago
  • So adorable 😘😘😘😘

    Farah NasrFarah NasrYear ago
  • is it bad that most foster kittens we find die in less then a month unless it's healthy and we are keeping it. i is so sad 17-20 animals have died total in my entire life. and i wish are kitten wratchit was still that small

    LilyAnn MullinsLilyAnn MullinsYear ago
  • aww he is too cute! I love cats

    Campbell KnudsonCampbell KnudsonYear ago
  • is it a girl or a boy ?😽🎀 😽🎾

    Get Stretched OutGet Stretched OutYear ago
  • Do u know how to keep kittens warm without s heat pad? I have a 3 week old without s mom

    Angry BiAngry BiYear ago
  • Dayum Hannah's body is wssup;)

    Stu PidazzoStu PidazzoYear ago
  • You are truly a role model to me I recently found a kitten outside (not very little it could walk, eat, and it's eyes were open) I'm taking her to the vet tommorow wish me luck 🙏💙

    Monarch GachaMonarch GachaYear ago
  • Any guess how many tattoos she have??😅😅😊

    pranav shahpranav shahYear ago
  • Raising a Persian Cat after seeing your videos in Iran. They were always around and i didn't notice 😁

    E. AE. AYear ago
  • The kitten is so cute

    Win Sein NaptukWin Sein NaptukYear ago
  • Is Basil male or female?

    YoshiKing / Pigbarf ProductionsYoshiKing / Pigbarf ProductionsYear ago
  • That's funny... I'm hoping I never have to give my cat Savannah Rain a bath again... She's 11 and, showing no signs of advanced age yet...

    William Van ParysWilliam Van ParysYear ago
  • Aww his cute little meows

    Val and LilyVal and LilyYear ago

    MN IrwinMN IrwinYear ago
  • the black and yellow kitten is black again

    stalk pawstalk pawYear ago
  • that is tooooooooooooooo much much water...for just one potty wash.

    Truth n LogicTruth n LogicYear ago
  • Please help my cat might be dying she is not eating so she's skinny can't meow has swallowing problems and dose this thing with her mouth she opens and closes it but dose not make a sound she also won't drink

    LuLuDaCrAzYLuLuDaCrAzYYear ago
  • O MY GOODNESS!!!! I need to tell you that i have like maybe 4 kitties who have "respatory infections" their eyes have green goo in them and their eyes are gooed shut

    Katie NorthKatie NorthYear ago
  • Jennifer LovingJennifer LovingYear ago
  • I have a 2 week kiddin that have really sharp nail .when is the right time to trim his nail????

    rewas starrewas starYear ago
  • Middle of the year now and just wanted to let You know I’ve TNR’d 130 cats since January all because of YOU and these videos. You’re a hero, Hannah!!

    Amanda WhiteAmanda WhiteYear ago
  • I’m trying to get some stray kittens that are a moth old I’m trying to save them

    Affan KhanAffan KhanYear ago
  • Hi

    Affan KhanAffan KhanYear ago
  • Aww she is so cute

    Itz Gacha AriesItz Gacha AriesYear ago
  • Omg, dying from cuteness!! 😍😍😍

    Pahla B FitnessPahla B FitnessYear ago
  • This morning (7/3/19) my bby Mimi passed away.. I tried my best to be the best owner to her.. last night she kept meowing which made me kind of annoyed cause I couldn’t sleep but she was trying to tell me the whole time that was in pain..

    ꧁ nomi ꧂꧁ nomi ꧂Year ago
  • new subscriber here! 😊 you have a good a heart and you are so pretty too. 🙂 More power!! Godbless!!

    Satomi IsonoSatomi IsonoYear ago
  • My cat has a big bump on his left eye I don't know what to do when I'm only 10 and my mom doesn't really know

    Yvonne CrisostoYvonne CrisostoYear ago
  • Hi! Kitten Lady! I have a questions. We rescued a cat in the neighborhood and she was pregnant, she had five healthy babies. They are almost 5 weeks Thursday. They are nursing and I’ve tried weening but they want nothing to do with food. lol. Is it a bit early or is there a method to help them ween off? Thank you!

    Unicorn QueenUnicorn QueenYear ago
  • Watching your wonderful work and your videos breaks my heart that they’re not more people like you! I feel totally helpless to help. Thank you so very much 😻❤️ Sorry I know that sounds self absorbed. I’ve just had to put down my little girl X much love 💖

    Janice RabyJanice RabyYear ago
  • I have a question! I’ve just had to put one of my cats down, so I’m grieving atm but I also love plants. Obviously all safe for the cats but I am getting house flies. What is safe to use? I live in the UK? Tried google but not coming up with much information. Much love and support to you 😻😻😻

    Janice RabyJanice RabyYear ago
  • Hi Kitten Lady, I am subscribed on your channel and I also have kittens, but I also have one problem. That problem is a tick. Can I do something to remove that tick without going to the vet? I heard that pepermint oil can help. I am not really sure to use something on my kittens without the advice of expert, so I will be really happy if you will help me. Can you do a video what to do when a tick attack your cat and what to do without going to the vet, or just answer me. I know that you will do everything and you are doing everything to help them so I really think that you will help me and my kitten to be better. To you that is just advice but for me that is something big. I am sorry if I have some mistakes because I am learning English but I have tried my best.

    Vildana ImamovicVildana ImamovicYear ago
  • Hi kitten lady! A few months ago I was walking and found a needy, tired, dying kitten on the sidewalk. It’s head was shaking and it was covered in fleas. He was only a few weeks old. The veterinarian though he had some sort of brain trauma since his head was shaking, but, instead his shaking was caused by the serious respiratory system infection and the dreadful heat (it was May and almost 95 degrees!). Two months later and He is now back to full heath and one of the craziest most playful kittens!

    Web_cWeb_cYear ago
  • Question: what if I want to foster kittens in Australia (in Australia your only aloud 2 cats per block and they aren't aloud to leave the block) Do you know any info about that because I for life of me cant find the right website, I really want to be a foster care for kittens when I grow up

    Boomwoochi TMBoomwoochi TMYear ago
  • Who else is binge watching kitten lady’s videos because they are adopting a kitten soon? Me!!! 🙋🏼‍♀️

    Kaitlyn GackelerKaitlyn GackelerYear ago
  • Correct USworlds name vladimir kitten project. Please watch and reach out to her

    Cindy BecerraCindy BecerraYear ago
  • Hi Please reach out to the woman at Vlaimire kitten project on USworlds. She is forcing a 4 week old black kitten canned food, not holding him correct, and the way she's bathing him is scary.

    Cindy BecerraCindy BecerraYear ago
  • Can you do a video on what to do when your cat goes trough heat

    Jack-0- KasaroJack-0- KasaroYear ago
    • Get your cat spayed and it won't be a problem.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.Year ago
  • Awe❤ Basil had the poopsies

    Sally ChamnessSally ChamnessYear ago
  • You’re my favourite USworldsr, and I was surprised to find all my other siblings watching your videos as well. I guess you have three more subscribers! :)

    KaiyuuKaiyuuYear ago
  • Kitten lady I was given a kitten days old with ambilical still attacked and if it wasn't for your channel I dont know what I would have done God bless and thanks soooo much Rita from Philly.

    peabody215peabody215Year ago
  • Just wanted to Thank You for all of the *genuinely* intelligent and helpful information you provide and all the great work you do! There's SO much misinformation about feral cats and kittens... you're providing a *great* service to them and to humans who are willing to watch and learn. 🐯

    nobody nowherenobody nowhereYear ago
  • Where’s Joshua

    Rebecca Summerstone ssoRebecca Summerstone ssoYear ago
    • At his new forever home, which is featured in the video about him.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.Year ago
  • I just wanted to leave a thank you comment, we had two kittens under our house with umbilical cords still attached. Although I work at a vet clinic I’ve never had neonatal kittens of my own. I started watching your videos about 5 weeks ago, not sure what the outcome of my kittens was going to be, your videos have helped in so many ways and now they are about to be 6 weeks old so thank you for posting these videos they are extremely helpful

    Ashlynd BadgettAshlynd BadgettYear ago
  • Cat: wait when I get older I wont let you bathe me EVER !!!

    PolitischTourettePolitischTouretteYear ago
  • Dont you love it when they are still at that kind of age where you can bathe them without getting totally "whaked" by the cat involved LOL

    PolitischTourettePolitischTouretteYear ago
  • I'll bet you have to do that a lot...happy butt, happy kitty

    Gregg MoldovanGregg MoldovanYear ago
  • I think he loves it!!! He little sweet face says it.💖🐱🐈😹💖

    Georgiana PuneaGeorgiana PuneaYear ago
  • Sooo cute

    Kitty CubicleKitty CubicleYear ago
  • Hey guys I've had my kitten for almost three months and he still doesn't come to me:( he runs away when I go near him... am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with him? I approach him gently and I am around his hang out room a lot. It's really bringing me down as I have a good routine, I clean his litter everyday, feed him, give him strokes when he's sleepy. But nothing in return. :(

    RosydreamsRosydreamsYear ago
    • Shaneyah G. Shut up you idiot

      RosydreamsRosydreamsYear ago
    • Cats aren't machines that will enact certain behaviours if you do certain things. They are sentient beings with their own thoughts, feelings and desires. If you wanted an animal specifically to give you affection, you should have gotten a dog.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.Year ago
  • You are Amazing. Thank you for all your videos. Kitten Angle.

    joe joebusjoe joebusYear ago
  • Aww i want a kitten so bad but i cant buy one dad said onely if they are free 😯 i want a kitten 😣i sm in milan thou

    gacha foxgacha foxYear ago
  • You know what's sad is that watching this and seeing my momma cat try a and take a babie that isn't there my momma cat gave birth a couple days ago and lost both kittens

    Blue nekoBlue nekoYear ago
  • Fostering 3 kittens for the first time! Your videos have been super helpful, thank you!!

    KateKateYear ago
  • I am sad i can not fined my cat

    max lucy citlalimax lucy citlaliYear ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣This butt bath music 🤣🤣🤣is going to be stuck in my head with the cute baby kitty squeaks 😍🤣🤣🤣 Too cute

    London ThompsonLondon ThompsonYear ago
  • Hi kitren lady! Today me and my family save a little Siamese and calico cat breed kitten from a bad storm, we gave it to my uncle and her name is Emico! She has bright blue eyes!

    Ray BooRay BooYear ago
  • When You whil make a new video?

    Nela KolarićNela KolarićYear ago

    caroline kcaroline kYear ago
  • I saved a kitten around 8 10 months old It was a he it black with white under the chin and Grey stripes on the legs and hurt on the ear.🐱

    Richard HixonRichard HixonYear ago
  • We might start fostering when we buy a house

    SophiaSophiaYear ago
  • Hey I don't know if you're going to read this but I just rescued a kitten. It's a newborn and he/she is a week and 3 days old. He/she has a rash on their bottom from where the afterbirth settled and dried and its bright red so I have watched and read anything I can get my hands on about caring for this infant kitten (That's how I found you) and have been treating it with hydrocortisone spray and using aloe wipes for wiping her/him down but my problem is she/he keeps screaming when I massage her/him but its but isn't bright red or spotted with blood it's a nice soft pink. She/seems to he doing well but I'm worried about its bottom and i want to bathe him/her because she/he stinks. Can you please help me. Thanks. Oh and yes I've been to the shelters and hospitals they won't treat or guess really what's wrong with the kitten becau6its too young they offered to put her/him down and i flipped out and left so yeah I could use a little assistance. If you need me too I can upload some updates on USworlds so you can see what I mean.

    Christina MarrowChristina MarrowYear ago
  • We adopted a 3-4 week old feral kitten boy two weeks ago. He cried all day somewhere in neighbor´s garden. No mom, no siblings. We finally found him in the evening before a big thunderstorm, not in great shape. Thanks to your vids we could do all the right things and the vet was pleased the next day. He´s a sweet, happy, healthy, loving little boy now and will stay with us. We named him Mowgli. Thank you so much for your great work and your educational videos, Hannah! Love from Germany!

    MidlifeByKirstinMidlifeByKirstinYear ago
  • Hiii kitten lady please help "maxluvsmya" youtube channel..see her you tube channel..she need some donation for her kitten..i hope u help her for kitten..plz help her.plz plz🙏🙇‍♀️

    rupam kurhaderupam kurhadeYear ago
  • The little babies from the herb patch!

    Janey MJaney MYear ago
  • Hey! I need a little help with my cats. They all have ear mites, and no matter what we do, even if we use medicine, the ear mites won't go away. You know more than I do, any suggestions? (This has been going on for months)

    Writers_BlockWriters_BlockYear ago
    • This is an issue for a vet.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.Year ago
  • So we found a kitten on the side of the road and he was looking pretty sick so me and my friend took him and fed him hes about 4-5 weeks old and watching your videos has help him stay alive

    Glittch ArtsGlittch ArtsYear ago
  • So so sweet ! ! Love ya ! 😊 💋 🐾

    Patricia TaggartPatricia TaggartYear ago
  • Adorable so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Brody AllmanBrody AllmanYear ago
  • I guess I have time to watch a minute of you rubbing this kittens butt🤷‍♀️

    Wink The Black catWink The Black catYear ago
  • Uh oh ! He had a lil acident ! Kkkkkkk

    ღMariana 360ღღMariana 360ღYear ago
  • Hi! I need your help with something. My 4 week old kittens all have little teeth except one. Is this bad?

    Alison LehighAlison LehighYear ago
    • This is a question for your vet.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.Year ago