Building KITTEN KITS for Foster Parents!

Aug 10, 2019
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In this video, you'll see a quick summary of my KITTEN KITS workshop at Silicat Valley Cat Convention! Together, we built dozens and dozens of robust supply kits for use in local foster programs. You can find the supplies I mention in the video at: -- and maybe you can donate a kit to YOUR local shelter!
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • Thank you Hannah list some ways of loving care of these kittens. I love watching how you work with these guys and girls. I really I'm Mario a lot thank you so much for being so loving and caring please little guys and girls

      Samantha HolleySamantha HolleyYear ago
    • I love you πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— so much

      Samantha HolleySamantha HolleyYear ago
    • I like the video but I want to meet you like the other people in the video

      GachaYadi335 SecondGachaYadi335 SecondYear ago
    • We just got 2 kittens (vet said 2 days old) last Saturday. We've been using everything you suggested except we've been using a huge hot/cold water boolttle and refill with very hot tap water every 2 hours when we feed them. Where can we buy a warming disc? Is it battery operated? It would really be convenient right now!! If anyone can answer, I'd be grateful and thank you in advance. We're in Wisconsin.

      happy 2dayhappy 2dayYear ago
    • God Bless you, you are a role model to all cat lovers, and i wanted to be like you in the future

      Kathleen RivasKathleen RivasYear ago
  • you are an awesome cat person !! I live very far in Argentina and I m your fan. I Learn so much about kittens and cats. I have kitten since a litlle girl, with you and Jackson galaxy I have a lot of info for my next adoptions. Thank yaaaa

    Cynthia PoggettoCynthia Poggetto19 days ago
  • I want to go to your workshop sooo badly

    Pink FlamingoPink FlamingoMonth ago
  • Ive always wanted a cat. Its been my dream since childhood, My mom is very stubborn at will not let me adopt any pet by any means. I love cats and i always will. When im older and have a life of my own, i will definitely foster little kitties! Guess i have to binge watch cat videos for now ❀️

    -Clarafy --Clarafy -2 months ago
  • I love you're kittens and cats🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

    cute pudding kittne'scute pudding kittne's2 months ago
  • I am adopting a Persian kitty!!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†β€πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ŒπŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©

    jimins lost jams ;-;jimins lost jams ;-;2 months ago
  • Love the vid! Ur my role model!

    Galaxy Gacha UnicornGalaxy Gacha Unicorn2 months ago
  • I found a cat who was a stray, people ignored him and two people almost hit him with their CAR! 😾 (YES they SAW him) I took him in my home to foster him. I found him a good furever home, but a few days later, I found out that he passed away. I felt the loss more than anybody because I had a connection with him. R.I.P Ginger

    FallenfeathersFallenfeathers2 months ago
  • I'm gonna try to convince my dad to let my family foster some kittens! I learned alot from you.

    Scrap ScenesScrap Scenes2 months ago
  • Its not just abt cat.. U can see.. What she is doing is something so good and great..she needs to be blessed more... U know 😘

    Yir BYir B3 months ago
  • I Was thinkingabout fostering kittens but I don’t think I actually could

    Lisa LawrenceLisa Lawrence3 months ago
  • I sure wish you could come to East Feliciana Louisiana! We so need help! Not any support here or programs in the Area to help

    Flower SongFlower Song3 months ago
  • I hope to be able to foster kitties one day and to be able to help cats in other ways too =)

    Nerdy_Math_Mum2Nerdy_Math_Mum23 months ago
  • You are so outstanding !!!! Thank you for helping all the fur babies & teaching us !!!! Thank you 😻

    Lisa Scar berryLisa Scar berry3 months ago
  • I'm not a foster parent but my mom recently found an abandoned baby kitten who was only 1 weeks old my mom took her to petsmart and she asked for supplies and they gave it to her so she bought her home and we've been feeding her ever sense she's 2 weeks now we keep her warm by using a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel we've decided to keep her and i wish i could get one of those kits but i don't live thereπŸ˜₯ but it's ok🀣🀣

    emΓΈ shadΓΈwemΓΈ shadΓΈw3 months ago
  • Pls do another one of these! This is very helpful for people trying to save kittens lives! Thank you for what you are doing with these kittens!

    Anni CooperAnni Cooper3 months ago
  • Please do a work shop in western kansas I promise I will come

    Rachel BusseRachel Busse4 months ago
  • Girl your amazing!

    Melodie SutkaMelodie Sutka4 months ago
  • I would love to help out

    Larissa roseLarissa rose4 months ago
  • Amazing!

    Excuse my Glamm CosmeticsExcuse my Glamm Cosmetics4 months ago
  • I’m about to get a bunch of kittens!! I’m so excited to foster them!!!

    Freya KleinFreya Klein5 months ago
  • This is so amazing!!! These kits will be so helpful! I foster in LA and can honestly say I wish I would've received something like this! Of course I purchased all these items after watching your videos. We currently have a group of 4 babies that we picked up last week. I just purchased your book, Big book of little kittens for my 5, 7, and 10 year old kids to read. During this quarentine fostering these babies and teaching my kids how to properly care for the little ones has really gotten us through some scary times. I can't thank you enough for your videos, they have taught me so much and really inspired me to begin fostering in the first place. Especially when I had my first round of fosters who were special needs, one of which never left our house 😘

    ChelsayyxoChelsayyxo5 months ago
  • This made me so happy. How can I donate to this

    Cheryl RobinsonCheryl Robinson5 months ago
  • Can u come to orlando florida i love rescuing im in the process right now 4 vary bad sickish kitten and cat take them home i meed like donations

    everything tessa everything tessaeverything tessa everything tessa5 months ago
  • Wow !! I wished I would have had that when I started. Amazing !

    DaphnΓ©e M-RicherDaphnΓ©e M-Richer5 months ago
  • Um, are you able to do something about the subtitles? It actually said "you need to warm them up before you beat them". I'm sure people will realize you don't suggest hitting the kittens, but at the same time, it's important to get the real point correct so they understand what you are saying!

    Annie CarbonneauAnnie Carbonneau5 months ago
  • I wish I could be there but I live in Louisiana.

    Margaret ByronMargaret Byron6 months ago
  • I thought it said building kittens; and I know kitten lady means business so I got excited. I was NOT disappointed!

    Tanvi KhareTanvi Khare6 months ago
  • I really want to foster but I live in Indonesia and it is really hard to get the supplies u recommend in Indonesia there are so many cats in the streets... and in Indonesia tokopedia is like amazon but I cant find any snuggle safe, etc... the only thing u found is bottles, 3cc syringe, miracle nipple, blankets, I have a scale at home but it's very expensive.. if anyone know any organizations in jakarta, Indonesia people can foster through that actually provide the supplies Thankyou πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

    DestinyDestiny6 months ago

    Janeen TrujilloJaneen Trujillo7 months ago
  • A couple of years ago I got a 2 kittens for my barn to take care of the mice out there. I got 2 from my grandma she found the mom dead after they were 5 weeks old so she took care of them for 1 week so I ended up taking care of them for to week we started to introduce the kitten to the mom cat outside. Luck for use she thought they were her kittens so we moved them out there at 8 weeks. The mom cat outside just had baby’s. They are wonderful cats now so sweet and cute. I’m thank full my grandma found them. Sorry if late this video reminds me of them

    Viktoria ClarkViktoria Clark7 months ago
  • Awesome job! These guys can become potential foster parents as wellπŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    Gamer_Shrimp 88Gamer_Shrimp 888 months ago
  • I'd like to have this kit girl I want to so this

    Renee UnratedRenee Unrated9 months ago
  • Do you know , any other pet adoption centres for kittens ? I am 10 years old ,I really want to adopt a kitten as I am really interested in cats . I have found a small kitten I had I have adopted mother so her mother allows me to go to play with her I have named the kitten Scarlet ,I liv I was in India my parents my parents dont allow me to adopt a cat so when I adopted Fiona the kittens mother now I don't know what to do with her my 3 weeks old I really want to I can keep the kitten with me .πŸ¦„πŸ¦„

    Bilquis BanuBilquis Banu9 months ago
  • This answered one of my main questions about kitten ladys fostering, whether she pays for vet care or not. My biggest fear as a pet owner is not being able to pay for the care they need.

    SwedishBadgerGirlSwedishBadgerGirl9 months ago
  • That comment I added on a different post about my sisters cat yafaa she-didnt make it

    person of the unknownperson of the unknown10 months ago
  • Ahhhhhh! Wish I was thereπŸ’œ

    Marli FermorMarli Fermor10 months ago
  • aw wish i could of gone since i live in san josΓ© 😭

    lizbethlizbeth10 months ago
  • I found 4 abandoned kittens in my garage . After 2 days of putting out food for the mother with no response, I started caring for the little ones. I had taken care of puppies when I was a kid but that was 45 years ago and I had the mom. I was scared but I was their only hope. You were very helpful and I followed your instructions. It was such a joyous journey. They went on vacation and to church with us. I love them so much, I decided to keep all 4. Thank you.

    Lori BonoLori Bono10 months ago
  • That thank you note brought a tear to my eye, it’s really a wonderful touch 😒☺️

    Symphony SonicSymphony Sonic11 months ago
  • Hey we live by ur sister she helps us out with our kitten 😁

    aleezah khanaleezah khanYear ago
  • I'm in San Jose, wish I was there! 😿

    dianadianaYear ago
  • back in april after losing my February rescues (passed away at 2 weeks from deformities throughout the litter) i took in a 5 day old kitten, shes a polydactyl tortie, and her sister, she is a calico, took them in with the intention of letting them be adopted once they are old enough.. now its october 22nd and the tortie is now a permanent part of the family, she is named truffles, and works as my therapy cat. her big sister is rosie and she got adopted by a lovely gal that treats her like a princess

    Enoya AbroxasEnoya AbroxasYear ago
  • Currently have 5 animals under my care all of which are my babies. And I absolutely cannot want to foster kittens of my ownπŸ’“ thank you Kitten Lady love love love

    Nirvana DelevNirvana DelevYear ago
  • You know, your videos actually did helped me. We had 2 females cat that gave birth to 8 kittens each, the BF (now a ex) of my mother wanted to drown them We slapped him on the face and decided to foster those kittens. We took care of the babies, keep them safe, warm and they really did great! Now they all have their forever homes! :3 We failed on the last kitten that we decided to keep, she was named Kara (Galactica reference).

    ArachlyneArachlyneYear ago
  • Do you have tips for skittish cats? How to behave around them, how to tell that they're happy, or that they're comfortable around you, etc.

    Sophia E. AndersonSophia E. AndersonYear ago
  • I need a kit lol I love my cat so much

    Anila FazliuAnila FazliuYear ago
  • Thank you so much! This was soo helpful. My family and I are really trying to be able to foster and educate ourselves

    Aveda KnightAveda KnightYear ago
  • I love it's this πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

    Samantha HolleySamantha HolleyYear ago
  • Your going to hit 1M soon LOVE YOU KITTEN LADY

    Little Azzy ALittle Azzy AYear ago
  • I honestly wish I was able to have a pet so I could do this.

    Marionette K.Marionette K.Year ago
  • Dear Kitten Lady, Thank you for saving so many kittens 🐱 πŸ˜„πŸ€—

    Pandy BunsPandy BunsYear ago
  • This is amazeballs! I just started fostering and my first litter was one of three feral 6 week old boys! in the beginning it was hard but patience and love builds the best support for these tiny animals! The three boys got castrated and two of them already found forever homes together! I still have the three month old that i am looking to get him adopted now! He is three months since he only became social since his brothers left! it feels so rewarding to give quality of life and to be a part of a solution to a HUGE problem! Don't, shop => ADOPT! and please snip those balls /neuter!

    SaskiaSaskiaYear ago
  • I love cats but this "meeting" is dum. why are all these tards on the floor like 5 year olds [thot]

    Eddie RiceEddie RiceYear ago
  • im proud of her bc her confidence is growing in each video p.s., She save lives.

    mikamikaYear ago
  • so um me and my family kinda catidentaly (he he sorry) separated a kitten from his sibling but hes doing fine right now his name is Wratchit and yes that is how you spell it but he is about 4 months and a few weeks old but MOM AND DAD NEVER LISTEN TO ME ARE CAT IS AS MEAN AS SNOT AND DAD WOULD'T LET US GET ANOTHER KITTEN TO TEACH HIM BOUNDARIES LIKE YOU SAID.

    LilyAnn MullinsLilyAnn MullinsYear ago
  • Hi I'm April dela Cruz i have new born kitten i don't what to do he has no mom

    Jayrill CuevasJayrill CuevasYear ago
  • If not for you and your awesome videos, we wouldn't have been able to do such a great job with the abandoned kittens. Thank you because you're saving kittens with your videos. Very helpful, the best videos we could find on you tube!!! I cannot express how grateful we are!!! Awesome woman you are!! 😻😼😸😺

    happy 2dayhappy 2dayYear ago
  • I wish I could’ve came!

    Leah AndersenLeah AndersenYear ago
  • I am inspired to be the next kitten lady

    Colette NutbeamColette NutbeamYear ago
  • why does every single one of your videos make me cry?

  • Why did this sound like a lecture at school

    Gabby MaryGabby MaryYear ago
  • This is amazing!!

    S TS TYear ago
  • I am a first time kitten mom to two youngsters. Their Mom is a outside Farrell cat that lives in our back yard This is Her Second litter. The first litter She had 4 babies, When they were bout 3 months old We took them to a shelter. So now this is Her second litter That we decided to keep here. I broke them out of their Farrell state And they r just the nicest sweetest cats. After The Mom gave Me Her two babies She went and gave birth AGAIN to two more babies. I'm gonna take them all to get fixed I can't have too many cats living here. Anyways I have a question, Why is it that The Mother cat acts like She hates the two young cats She gave me? They r now 3&1/2 months old And they can't walk by the Mom or even look at Her cuz She will go up to them and hit them not to mention hiss and growl at them. The Mom is nice to My partner and I She just abuses Her older babies! Why is that???

    Jenell JuradoJenell JuradoYear ago
  • Hey! I need some help, I am trying to foster some kittens but I can't have it in my house because my parents don't like cats. Any help? It's hard taking care of it only when it's outside

    Velicu Cristiana StefaniaVelicu Cristiana StefaniaYear ago
  • When I got my kitten it kept meowing and I loved it she is so cute

    taechuutaechuuYear ago
  • This would have been wonderful to have when we were fostering for a shelter in the 90's! We have rescued and fostered on our own since. Currently have 3 fosters although they're not tiny kittens anymore.

    B Ann SolisB Ann SolisYear ago
  • This is so very important, in trying to help baby kittens....I remember about ten years ago, I bottle fed and fostered four kittens I found in the parking lot and I had to pull together info from my vet and a couple of other ladies, and it took a lot for me to understand what to do and how to do it. I also learned how important weighing them every few hours and recording it, too, to make sure they are gaining and not losing, which can happen very fast. They can go down hill scary fast if you aren't on top of it. These kits and the book will help so much....

    diamondgirl33diamondgirl33Year ago
  • Heard Kitten lady featured on NPR Fresh Air . Awesome~!!

    Dude...Are you sure??Dude...Are you sure??Year ago
  • I wonder if kitten lady here knows Beth Stern (Howard Stern's wife)?

    JeffTheWinnerJeffTheWinnerYear ago
  • hey, please could you accommodate the subtitles in Spanish is that your videos help me a lot and I have a kitten but I don't understand your videos because I'm from Venezuela and I speak Spanish, please

    Branphord MafifaBranphord MafifaYear ago
  • Hi guys! New USworldsr here. Please subscribe and like my videos for more updates. 1 like = 1 subscriber P. S. I admire Ms. Kitten Lady. She has a compassionate hearts for cats, that's why I adopted 2 kittens, arcris and Amber. Awesome job Kitten Lady!

    Chris EgneChris EgneYear ago
  • It’s catterday and I am waiting soooo exciting for this weeks video πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ€©β€οΈπŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»β€οΈ

    Gitte Enjoy foodGitte Enjoy foodYear ago
  • My kittens is going to die, please all of you pray for him. Please

    sreyan pattanayaksreyan pattanayakYear ago
  • I am getting a kitten

    BumpyCoocoo 101BumpyCoocoo 101Year ago
  • So i found a kitty about 5days opd and for 3 days i fed it cow milk because no stores where open..and now she refuses to eat the kitty milk ...what do i do?

    George GiagozoglouGeorge GiagozoglouYear ago
    • Try to get to a vets- I don’t know how old your kitten is, if it can eat solids that’s an option, I think goats’ milk is easier on the stomach than cows’ but kitten formula is better by far

      Gi GiGi GiYear ago
  • I want to make a cat cafe when I’m older

    TT JagwingTT JagwingYear ago
  • I want a kitten kit! I've wanted to foster for years but can't afford the supplies.

    TaraLynn GrayTaraLynn GrayYear ago
  • How do you introduce a kitten to two adult cats plz help

    Adele SwanAdele SwanYear ago
  • Kitten lady,or anyone reading this,iI NEED HELP! I have three cats,they were from a stray cat I used to feed,1yr6moths old,grey tabby and 2 torties,grey tabby and one other tortie live with me,the other tortie live with in another room in my college dorm,grey tabby was pregnant twice and both had miscarriage,then my tortie was also pregnant too but also had miscarriage BUT the tortie that lived in the other dorm room gave birth just fine,what could be the reason!??

    Cecilia JongteCecilia JongteYear ago
    • Get your cats spayed.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.Year ago
  • I'm so excited! I'm adopting a pure black kitten named jack. I want to rename it Jersey. We had a connection when we first met. I love this kitten unconditionally and I am so proud of it because they found it on the side of the rode. I love animals sooo much! 😻

    MilkTeaMilkTeaYear ago
  • I want to save kittens life but my mom will not Let meπŸ˜”πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

    Jennifer DavisJennifer DavisYear ago
  • Great video and thank you so much! I foster through my local shelter and we're looking into possibly doing something like this for new fosters next kitten season. I'm especially pushing for the thank you cards. Fostering can be so hard some days and I think having that little appreciation would be so amazing. One question though, where did you get the little mini packs of disinfectant wipes? Are they Rescue or a different brand? I'd love to use something like that in our kits but I can only find Rescue in the normal containers.

    Felicia DavisFelicia DavisYear ago
  • Can you help me! My kitten is 4 -5 weeks old and she can't go to the bathroom by herself but she is eating meet. I think she's constipated and idk if I'm over feeding her. plz help me, I'm new to this stuff

    StreakCrasher -StreakCrasher -Year ago
    • Please take your kitten to a vet ASAP.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.Year ago
  • Just heard you on NPR today and discovered your USworlds channel. You are a hero. Thanks for all you do for cats.

    steveM01901steveM01901Year ago
  • Hi, my name is Friendly and I want to know if 4 week old kittens still drink milk?? Please try to reply because I am getting a kitten for first time in 2 days!!

    Friendly RoseFriendly RoseYear ago
    • 4 weeks old should still stay with the mother, that’s still quite young

      Gi GiGi GiYear ago
  • I just started Fostering 3 Feral kittens. poor things have URI. Im glad i found this yotube because i want to continue doing this and im glad i know what supplies i will need for the long run of fostering kittens.

    TheFlyingSwan TVTheFlyingSwan TVYear ago
  • I recently found a stray kitten, and trap & spayed her, got her vet care etc. I had no plans on keeping her because I only felt the need to save her. She was living at a speedway gas station waiting for food. And when I saw her I knew she wasn't feral and had the potential to be someone's pet. But now I'm in the predicament that I should keep her. My bf is attached since we've had her for 3 weeks, but I just haven't gotten that attached. It would be unfair for me to keep her when someone else might fall in love with her more. But I still feel like I'm abandoning her by giving her away. I've been super depressed about the whole ordeal and now fostering seems like it's just not for me. It doesn't help that I've been begging my bf for a kitten for weeks, and now that I have one, I feel super shallow and awful about not loving her like I should. Any advice?

    BlushingEeveeBlushingEeveeYear ago
    • There’s no shame in rehoming a cat if you can find an owner who will care for them properly for life. But if your bf is in love with the cat, the choice might have been taken away from you!

      Gi GiGi GiYear ago
  • πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜»

    Jenn GlowJenn GlowYear ago
  • I am currently reading your book. It’s wonderful.

    Ann Lindsay WrightAnn Lindsay WrightYear ago
  • Awesome!

    Jennifer LovingJennifer LovingYear ago
  • This whole thing is giving me so much motivation and inspiration to possibly foster kittens and save their lives !

    Crow BakaCrow BakaYear ago
  • This is how many people want to be there: I love kittens 🐈 ❀️

    McKenna EdensMcKenna EdensYear ago
  • I’m not sure why I just thought of this but I’m in SanDiego and we went to the Zoo and I found a bag that said β€œSave the chubby unicorns!” And I think it was really funny and you could say Save the tiny but mighty panthers! Hehe

    Zoe EdwardsZoe EdwardsYear ago
  • I’m not sure why I just thought of this but I’m in SanDiego and we went to the Zoo and I found a bag that said β€œSave the chubby unicorns!” And I think it was really funny and you could say Save the tiny but mighty panthers! Hehe

    Zoe EdwardsZoe EdwardsYear ago
  • I am so grateful I came across your channel 🐱❀️

    K BK BYear ago
  • Dear Kitten lady I watched your video about the kittens abandoned under the oil painting I am only 12 years old but I would like to know how I could help

    my pride .my pride .Year ago
  • Hi

    Nic BamburyNic BamburyYear ago
  • Kitten Lady, I believe your a gift from God. Every time I watch you on USworlds I get choked up. As I get closer to retiring, I plan on stepping into your footsteps here in North Georgia. I'm already getting ready for my next adventure in life. God Bless you and keep it up.

    Gregg MoldovanGregg MoldovanYear ago
  • This is do amazing I am lucky and got 6 foster kittens so they can be social they love to play... and I needed this stuff when they were younger!

    Nyah JonesNyah JonesYear ago