Can Cats and Kittens Eat Whipped Cream?

May 26, 2020
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Want to know if cats and kittens can eat whipped cream? The short answer is: most of the time, NO! But during a potentially stressful situation like during an injection, whipped cream is used in small quantities by veterinarians and rescuers as a safe and high-value treat that helps to soothe the kitten and decrease fear and anxiety. Always talk to a vet if you have questions about your cat's diet and health, and to stay on the safe side, avoid feeding cats foods made for humans!
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  • My cat loves milk and he digests it pretty well . I give him only a small amount once or twice a month

    J. ZJ. ZDay ago
  • The first one is really not giving a f... as long as he has cream. Lol

    My NameMy Name6 days ago
  • this woman once told me her cat “loves chocolate cake/all chocolate”......she’s convinced shes doing good for her cat. CHOCOLATE CAKE......

    natalie sancheznatalie sanchez6 days ago
  • Coco: But I wanna eat Ice Cream! Me: *NO*

    Shreya GhoshShreya Ghosh15 days ago
  • I thought that this video was about a 🐱. This girl has a lot of knowledge about cats. But the talk was too long. God Bless you both. Xxxxxxxxxxx🎗🎐💝💝💝💝💝💝💖💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺xxxxxxxxxx

    Linda HaynesLinda Haynes26 days ago
  • "And humans like you and me are mammals!" My pet snake watching this: you're kidding me...

    Emmy YangEmmy Yang29 days ago
  • so should we or shouldn't even give milk to our cats??

    Abhidnya MalaniAbhidnya MalaniMonth ago
  • Ahen my cat was going to be put down i let him have a bit of milk before he left because i thought it'd be special for him. I didnt give him a whole bown just a tiny bit

    B011kB011kMonth ago
  • I buy my cats a treat that's basically a tube of pureed tuna. They love it so much that it makes clipping nails completely painless! Sometimes I can clip all their nails without it now since they've been desensitized to it through the tuna treats.

    Bobbye ABobbye AMonth ago
  • I was diagnosis being lactose intolerant I was 2 months old but I like almond milk And my brother does not milk

    LMG GamingLMG GamingMonth ago
  • I didn't know this for so long because of the idea/theory that cats love cream (which I'm sure they do even if it doesn't love them xD) I love learning things I didn't used to know about animals

    Appa TayAppa TayMonth ago
  • Watch Lucky paws

    Evita AlpheausEvita AlpheausMonth ago
  • my cat LOVES whipped cream

    kit katkit katMonth ago
  • The whole video is so cute 😍😍😍 The cats the way kitten lady talks and kitten lady 💗💗

    sohua Anwarsohua AnwarMonth ago
  • Can kittens eat whipped cream? Yes Do kittens eat whipped cream? Also Yes Do kittens like eating whipped cream? Totally Yes Would kittens eat a lot of whipped cream if they have the chance? Definitly ..... Should you let your kittens eat whipped cream? Nooe, nopydinopenope (exept for the reasons mention in the video)

    XxBlueEyedxXXxBlueEyedxXMonth ago
  • I was like “Oh I could do this to my cat when I give him is insulin shot- oh wait no he’s diabetic 😹.”

    Tiffany MinerTiffany MinerMonth ago
  • Why has "cats enjoying milk" become such a trope? Where does that come from?

    SuperJezzaraSuperJezzaraMonth ago
  • My kitten sneaks my milk as I eat my cereal not a whole lot but a little bit

    Jackie RobinsonJackie RobinsonMonth ago
  • I thought cats Can't taste sweetness?

    Alice TitlerAlice TitlerMonth ago
  • My grandparents give their cat whipped cream every day. I've told them several times that cats are lactose intolerant. But they completely ignore it. "We've been doing this for years!" But that doesn't mean it's right. I have no idea why they don't want to understand that it's bad for the cat.

    Only4NerdsOnly4NerdsMonth ago
  • Isn't lactose free cowsmilk/dairy products common in other countries? I'm from Finland and you can easily find that in every grocery store, but that might have something to do with the fact that it's more common to be lactose intolerant here than in other northern countries(because of genetics).

    Puuda The MeowPuuda The MeowMonth ago
  • I have an idiot dog that I think never got the memo that he's supposed to be lactose intolerant, because he will happily eat milk or cheese (he once jumped up and licked a mouthfull of whipped cream right out of my brother's mouth) with nary a digestive issue

    Samantha WillowsSamantha WillowsMonth ago
  • Why are you giving the cats a lot of injections?

    NourNourMonth ago
  • i have ton of cat living outside and they alway take the milk first and they seem to like it more then anything. when they got their kids, they come for the milk way more.

    marc roymarc royMonth ago
  • Maybe my doctor should try this with me.

    shannonshannonMonth ago
  • Is it ok if i call my cat something other than her name? My cats official name is 'Penny'. She's a cute little cat and I do like her name. But I find myself calling her other things. For example, if she's being extra cute I call her "Shnookum Bookums" or "Bubby Wubby". Sometimes even the combination of the two. She sometimes meows and rubs her head against me. Then I'd say something like "Aw you're such a Shnookum Bookum bubby wubby" is this alright??? I dont want to confuse her. Thanks,

    kjenriquez16kjenriquez16Month ago
  • We're not the only species that consumes the breast milk of another species. Barn cats love to "clean up" after the milking of goats or cows.

    Carrie VCarrie VMonth ago
  • Brilliant idea

    GemmelGemmelMonth ago
  • My stupid brother gave cream to our two cats 20 years ago and both got diarrhea. They didn't even drink that much either.

    Rebecca SpratlingRebecca SpratlingMonth ago
  • Smart people use common sense.

    Mari DonisMari DonisMonth ago
  • „sweet treat“ made me laugh, since cats have no receptors for sweet. They don’t give a shit about sweet food... they would not enjoy a dessert like we do.

    Lias WildlifeLias WildlifeMonth ago
  • Also, almost all cats (not kittens, they need milk) shouldn’t have milk.

    ZodiacMoonZodiacMoonMonth ago
  • My cat is old but when it was schools she drink the milk but not worry we know because she did it in front of us and it was my cerarl!😠

    Jailine MartinezJailine MartinezMonth ago
  • Wake up Kitten Lady. It's obvious that one of the cats added the whipped cream to your grocery order :)

    Safe TexSafe TexMonth ago
  • when i was getting the cream my cat tried to get it before me

    Emily LinEmily LinMonth ago
  • Can you explain then my siblings' cat's weird obsession with ranch? Their cat will lick it right off their plate, she loves ranch and will get grumpy if you say no, we still stop her, but as soon as you loom away she's watching!

    Dylan FoolerDylan FoolerMonth ago
  • "Cats cant have dairy" Vegan whipped cream: Am i a joke to you?

    -Clarafy --Clarafy -Month ago
  • Humans who are not lactose persistent can still drink about 5 ounces a day without having intolerance symptoms. Odd but true. After 5 ounces, it's not looking so good. I agree with mostly not giving them any.

    Liz HLiz HMonth ago
  • What about dairy free ice cream? *earthbound sanctuary guardian music starts playing*

    Star the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fan 2003Star the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fan 20032 months ago
  • My cat’s favorite food is gravy 😂

    Jasper&Clyde inSDJasper&Clyde inSD2 months ago
  • I sometimes give a treat to my adult cat. I literally give him a nail size bit of whipped cream. Its not harming him right? I would say i give him with a month interval and hes two years old, ive probably given him that nail sized whipped cream like 5 times, so its not frequent. Is it an issue?

    Blitz-o-ByteBlitz-o-Byte2 months ago
  • But if kittens continued to drink milk for the rest of their.lives like humans do, woould they not be lactose intolerant?

    Jackie DirsaJackie Dirsa2 months ago
  • Humans really will eat anything we can get our hands on huh

    ScotteiScottei2 months ago
  • Yes yes they can my gran has a cat and she feeds her cat creem

    Nell McCheyneNell McCheyne2 months ago
    • Let’s hope they don’t get sick.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • What about sugar and lactose free whipped creams?

    Destiny SciarappaDestiny Sciarappa2 months ago
  • So, if I'm understanding this correctly, you can feed your cat a lactose free dairy product such as Cat-Sip or Lactate and you should be fine. Did I get that right?

    floydefisherfloydefisher2 months ago
  • I wasn't lactose intolerant until recently shortly before I turned 19 😂 literally became it a year after I became an adult haha I'll still have a treat of a bowl of icecream or a glass of milk once in awhile but not all the time

    Leia NickersonLeia Nickerson2 months ago
  • So i made diary free vanilla ice cream will something hapend

    czarek książykczarek książyk2 months ago
  • When you can’t have dairy but a cat can 😔😔

    Dollar dollar Bill Came get herDollar dollar Bill Came get her2 months ago
  • i remember when i was little i fell down the stairs bc i was being stupid and my knee split open and i needed stitches and i was hardly even bleeding but i was crying like a baby but mom got me a double orange popsicle to make me feel better and i stopped crying it actually works

    romanroman2 months ago
  • Thank you for the advice you are my kitten hero❤️😻😺

    Pawel SzpakowskiPawel Szpakowski2 months ago
  • What about lactose free whipped craem for adult cats?

    ArthrunArthrun2 months ago
  • So my cat hated treats. Literally ignored them all. Then one day, she broke her hip and her vet prescribed lactulose to help her go (possibly the most hated feline medication of all time)... and my baby girl LOVED it. 😻 But I can’t rlly treat her with it for the exact reason in this video. And it’s literally the only food she’s ever loved. 😿

    Ashley KateAshley Kate2 months ago
  • The vet clinic my mom works at does canned cheese as their fear-free treat and it’s pretty popular amongst the pets.

    Operation FUBAROperation FUBAR2 months ago
  • A small amount of dairy is a nice treat for an adult cat. A small amount of grated cheese, or cream cheese, or even a little drop of milk. I know some cats are lactose intolerant, but for those who aren't, a small amount of dairy as a treat won't harm.

    Rita GilmoreRita Gilmore2 months ago
  • (>33

    Việt Thắng TừViệt Thắng Từ2 months ago
  • Cats and humans intolerance are the same. Some are lactose intolerant and some arent. But if they grew up with it chances are they will be fine. But obv its a treat.

    Tyler PistachioTyler Pistachio2 months ago
  • Things I got out of this video: 1) Whipped cream for kittens but only for scary procedures 2) No whipped cream for cats 3) Eloise is winding down and getting ready for sleep.

    Timothy ChenTimothy Chen3 months ago
  • is coco a girl or boy and if she is a girl when and did she have baby

    Kathryn RushKathryn Rush3 months ago
    • Coco is a girl but more than likely not having babies as she is probably spayed by now.

      Timothy ChenTimothy Chen3 months ago
  • I have given my 14 year old cat a small tablespoon shot of Reddi Whip since she was 2 once a week. Wow she looks forward to it. I won't deny her that. Last checkup and blood work she is in great shape. And a couple licks of vanilla ice cream. Oh well. LOL :)

    Josh MendleJosh Mendle3 months ago
  • Basically I gave my kitten a smear of whipped cream for a special treat she needed and now she's addicted and licks my mouth , plate, utensils the sink after I've eaten it for breakfast and I don't know what to do -__-

    Joanne FreddiefriedchickenJoanne Freddiefriedchicken3 months ago
  • Try blueberries!

    Kenna AnimatezKenna Animatez3 months ago
  • this isn't related to this video but can a kitten at 1-2 months old walk freely in the house

    Andy LeungAndy Leung3 months ago
  • What about lactose free dairy? Thank you.

    delia daineanudelia daineanu3 months ago
  • My cat loves milk if its cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese you name it, of course she doesn't get dairy products but if she gets a whiff of milk she goes nuts. Maybe it's because she was born and raised the first 8 weeks on a dairy farm.

    Neea DevilNeea Devil3 months ago
  • But my cat vaco love's it. I only give him a small amount, maybe once a month.

    Pablo SantiagoPablo Santiago3 months ago
  • Is it normal for a cat to eat takis, dynamites, or any spicy chips? Because my cat does like nothing

    Nixxy The foxNixxy The fox3 months ago
  • If I ever give my cats human food (usually my cereal or yogurt) I always give them the empty bowl after I’ve eaten it. They get a TINY taste but don’t get enough to really get sick. I am careful what kids of foods I give them tho. Also my cereal has almond milk anyway so it’s non dairy :)

    Normal'sWayOverratedNormal'sWayOverrated3 months ago
  • books: IMMA GIVE MY CAT SOME MILK INSTEAD OF WATER SHE'LL LOVE IT me: animal cruelty check for this book

    Michelle Frandsen SmithMichelle Frandsen Smith3 months ago
  • Cow's milk is made for cows. Cats should never consume dairy, nor humans neither. I had a little girl cat who went nuts when I used to consume whipped cream and I'd get the mixer out. She'd come yowling at me. I also used to spray it on her nose from the ready can. I believe its what contributed to her tennis ball tumour on her spleen she eventually developed that spread throughout her body unbeknownst to me until it was far too late. Its loaded with IGF-1s that accelerate cancer growth.

    gdcat777gdcat7773 months ago
  • Whip cream eating life at its finest:)

    Marie FireMarie Fire3 months ago
  • Cats cannot digest milk they get diarrhea however I give my cat lactose free milk since I am lactose intolerant and they enjoy it and have no problems.

    Elna Bjelland-HughesElna Bjelland-Hughes3 months ago
  • My three-year-old Calico loves yogurt. But I only give her a little bit.

    Janet JudwinJanet Judwin3 months ago
  • can cats have Lactaid milk or no milk for my soon-to-be-kitten?

    PuppyLovin'Zada17PuppyLovin'Zada173 months ago
  • I was always told the following. 1) Humans = Omnivores. We can eat and survive on any foods. 2) Dogs = Omnivores, so giving vegetables etc to your dog in a balanced diet is ok. Some no-goes like Chocolate etc. 3) Cats = Obligate Carnivore, which means that not only should they eat meats, they actually HAVE to have meats. Giving cats vegetables is really not a good idea. My neighbour, a vegan, thought it was ok to force her cats to eat the same as she did. Needless to say, the cats health was not good. I had to explain to her that reasons why what she was doing was bad, and thus causing her pets health issues. (Took some convincing let me tell you.) Anyway, got the cats onto a meat diet, their health improved drastically and she learned a thing or two.

    Peter TPeter T3 months ago
  • I give my cat lactose free yogurt sometimes, and extra fluids in the summer. For some reason he really likes strawberry flavored yogurt. 😌

    mumrikmumrik3 months ago
  • Thing NOT in my story: Adult Cat: Lizzy | Baby Cat: Dolly Thing in my story: i would feed my cat lizzy milk and she would be fine the only thing is that she dosent like the baby dolly so she attacks it and stops drinking the milk for the hole day

    kota waterhosekota waterhose3 months ago
  • *We have a lot of cool videos about cats. Please have a look*

    Kitten LifeKitten Life3 months ago
  • We sometimes treat our cats to a dollop of whipped cream, like maybe the size of a thumb nail. We only have whipped cream maybe once or twice a year in the house, so its pretty rare anyway. I hope this won't hurt them!

    M O O NM O O N3 months ago
  • That's really good to know, I only give a "taste" of whipped cream to my fur baby kitty girl which is a little bit on the tip of my finger and no more, it's just a little treat. I realize it's not good so I just do it occasionally, sometimes I hide so she won't see that I'm eating my dessert. I will definitely not give her any more, I love her so much so I'll just give her her kitty treats only. Thank you Miss Hannah for all you do, I am learning so much about kittens and cats by watching your videos. ❤🐱🐱😊

    Estella SerranoEstella Serrano3 months ago
  • I have to put butter in the cupboard because my cat will do ANYTHING to get to it. Same with bread. If I’m eating cereal I have to keep the bowl in my hands at all times. Dont even get me started on cheese. My cat loves dairy, even tho it gives him diarrhea, so I have to lock it up like he’s a raccoon.

    AwkwardtunityAwkwardtunity3 months ago
  • My cat Ribosome, is madly in love with.... *Drum roll * COCONUT MILK! 🥥🥛 I know, it's weird. But we asked our vet and he told us we can give him a tiny plate a day (like a water gallon lid) Isn't my cat weird?

    SofíaSofía3 months ago
  • what about dairy free whipped cream

    moths and fliesmoths and flies3 months ago
  • Surely if there's lactose free milk, there must be lactose free whipped cream...

    FedeFede3 months ago
  • What adut non dairy wip cream? can cats eat that?

    Melanie GarciaMelanie Garcia3 months ago
  • My boy really likes sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurt. Can't eat any of those without him harassing me. I usually leave him a teaspoon full in the dish to clean up.

    Patty MacleodPatty Macleod4 months ago
  • how old is considered an adult? I have a 3 months old kitten and sometimes i give her a small slice of cheese and i was wandering if that was ok

    ניסנה סנדלרניסנה סנדלר4 months ago
  • I didn't realise that was why cats can't eat dairy - I knew they couldn't, but knowing it's lactose intolerance makes so much sense. As a lactose intolerant human, I make silly choices sometimes to eat stuff anyway sometimes, but cats can't make those decisions. They don't specifically know 'oh this nice tasting thing is bad and will hurt my stomach a lot and possibly make me throw up.' Cat owners have the responsibility -once the cat is an adult seeing as of course they'd still need to digest lactose as a kitten- to not give them food that's harmful. This makes me understand it a lot more - it's always been phrased as 'cats are allergic to milk' but actually saying lactose intolerant makes more sense to me. Thank you for making such an informative video! Really useful to know.

    christinesangel100christinesangel1004 months ago
  • When I'm eating a cheese-stick, my kitten will attack me unless I let her have a bite

    Midnight WolfMidnight Wolf4 months ago
  • I give my cats lactose free milk. They can digest that and really love it. They prefer cream, but that's or compromise.

    Ladria 537Ladria 5374 months ago
  • What about lactose-free milk?

    Emily BaxendaleEmily Baxendale4 months ago
  • thank you for being so thorough. ADULT CATS ARE LACTOSE INTOLERANT! all those cartoons lied to us! just because your cat likes milk and did explode last time he/she got it doesn't mean it wasn't bad. listen to the kitten lady. she knows what she's talking about.

    three legged cat Dog with two sacksthree legged cat Dog with two sacks4 months ago
  • I want to know if I can feed my cat tortillas, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of feeding my cat mini tacos.

    Grecia BarrazaGrecia Barraza4 months ago
    • Cats are obligate carnivores. Carbohydrates are not good for them.

      Paola GrandoPaola Grando3 months ago
  • I never new that good video.

    Sis and BroSis and Bro4 months ago
  • Ok. No more left over sugar cereal milk.! Oh the cat’s gonna be confused.

    L8 2 the partyL8 2 the party4 months ago
  • our cats will do their darndest to retrieve yogurt containers from the trash/sink if they need to be rinsed for recycling. Sometimes we're naughty and just let them lick out the last few licks but thankfully the process that turns milk into yogurt consumes most of the lactose (which is why a lot of people who are lactose intolerant can still enjoy the occasional yogurt or hard cheese). And there is nothing cuter than seeing a barn cat get a squirt of milk directly from the goat being milked. Again, goat's milk is much, much lower in lactose and was used as an alternative to human breast milk for lactose intolerant infants before formulas were widespread/in countries where formulas were unreliable or unavailable. Again though, just an occasional treat. I'll never understand people who give saucers of milk to their cats...

    Amanda BauleAmanda Baule4 months ago
  • They are so lucky... God bless you girl

    Piki CatPiki Cat4 months ago
  • I love your channel you have given me so much advice thankyou kindly🙏💕

    Tee SpencerTee Spencer4 months ago
  • As a fellow lactose intolerant mammal I also view whipped cream as a high value treat

    AnakinTalksAnakinTalks4 months ago
  • They for sure can. I've had more than 10 cats and they all absolutely LOVE whipped cream and they all eat/lick it (except one, who's a bad eater anyway) off course it might not be healthy, but they for sure love it. And in fact... all my cats seem healthy regardless so apparently it isn't as bad as humans make it seem like. I think it's their favorite food as well. It's the one thing they NEVER refuse!

    Good RiddanceGood Riddance4 months ago