Deworming My Foster Kittens!

Aug 19, 2019
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Deworming kittens is an essential part of fostering! In this video, I show you what my deworming routine looks like. *Always talk with your foster coordinator or veterinarian before giving medication to a kitten!*
Learn more about GI parasites and deworming in my book, TINY BUT MIGHTY!
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • Just ordered your book 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

      Nora DalyNora Daly6 months ago
    • Over 300 pages. You could have done a quarter of the work and put out a vanity project, but instead you made an actual resource. Impressive.

      FuglyStickFuglyStick6 months ago
    • I got the book!

      J u s t N i k k iJ u s t N i k k i6 months ago
    • Kitten Lady how is flower??? I really want to know ): I can’t find an update..

      Lovely DarknessLovely Darkness10 months ago
    • Yay!!!

      Dana M. CalananDana M. CalananYear ago
  • The safe guard said “dewormer for goats” and I was like ARE YOUR FOSTERS GOATS IN DISGUISE?

    Rossa GRossa G19 minutes ago
  • I just took in foster kittens, wouldn’t have done it if I would’ve known that they were sick. I was told that they had been cleared. Turns out they have Coccidia. My healthy adult cats have been exposed and I know nothing about it. Could you please tell me if my cats are going to need treatment now, could we get it?

    Scarlett WintersScarlett Winters2 days ago
  • Nice cats are cool I like cats

    Fabio SusantoFabio Susanto5 days ago
  • Enough about vets! Not everyone can afford the high prices of vets!

    Rachel QuinteroRachel Quintero6 days ago
  • Are you sure it's safe to give them all of those different ones at the same times? Shouldn't you give a day or two in between?

    VictoriaVictoria8 days ago
  • What is your opinion on deworming a 3 week old kitten with “HomeoPet WRM CLEAR”? Instructions says kittens weighting less than 1 pound is 2 drops per dose of 8 ounces of water, administer 3 times a day for 7 days to prevent worms. I don’t understand

    Rigo G.Rigo G.10 days ago
  • So i think my kitten has tapeworms but i didn’t see nor know about them until i saw the sesame seed like worms laying around in his bed, took him to the vet one week ago today and prescribed STRONGID and i’m supposed to give him his 2nd does next saturday. But the thing is, i still keep seeing the tapeworms lying around from where ever he this normal or no?

    Cassie O'BrienCassie O'Brien13 days ago
  • I found 2 strays I want to keep, would it be best to assume they have GI parasites and treat or best to take to the vet? At the moment vet appointments are booked up to a month bc of Covid :(

    Vania GamezVania Gamez17 days ago
  • do you have to use a different syringe for each kitten and medication?

    Sarah EvelynSarah Evelyn19 days ago
  • Do you automatically assume they need all 3 medications or do you just start with the pyrantel pamoate? I have 3 week olds we rescued and this is all new

    Allison WilkesAllison Wilkes24 days ago
  • Yea this help a lot because my mom is taking care of a worm kitten and thank you so much

    Gamer KittyGamer Kitty25 days ago
  • Hi, I found an abandoned kitten a few days ago. His stomach is bloated and he hasn’t pooped in 2 days, I try to stimulate him, he pees but no poop. Sometimes he even screams when I try to stimulate pooping. What’s wrong?

    Vanessa Merary GutierrezVanessa Merary Gutierrez26 days ago
  • I just found a worm on my cats tail 😳🥺🥺🥺

    Flowergurl 05Flowergurl 05Month ago
  • Kitten Lady, I have the hots for you!!!!!

    MegaOzzy28MegaOzzy28Month ago
  • I have trouble worming my kitten , she’s 1.9kg and the dose says 4ml per kg of body weight.

    Calm DownCalm DownMonth ago
  • Hi my kitten started her first day in deworming and she threw up some of her food is that normal I noticed they don’t like the taste at all so I was hoping the o my reason was it wasn’t good so that’s why she threw up a little bit ?

    Amanda MolinaAmanda MolinaMonth ago
  • I need to give my farm cats deformer. They are very well fed but they still eat mice, and I worry about that.

    Mary DevonshireMary DevonshireMonth ago
  • My sis had to deworm her cats. She ended up having to put their medication in their food.

    Young BountyYoung BountyMonth ago
  • i have a question. My kittens are 4 months old (they're strays) and haven't been vaccinated or dewormed. I'm trying to deworm them right now so how often do i deworm them? since you said at 2, 4 and 6 weeks ..but mine are 12 -14 weeks now.

    babyblue skies94babyblue skies94Month ago
  • Kitten Lady, both you and your kittens are adorable! Thank you for making these videos! They're helping me and my foster kittens!

    TheSheriTheSheriMonth ago
  • I have a kitten that is 3 months old that has worms originally thought it was infected with round worm so I treated it 3 days ago with piperazine citrate with more research I found out that it is tapeworm when can I safely treat kitten for tapeworm since I just used other medicine?

    Ariel GoodwinAriel GoodwinMonth ago
  • I have to do the same thing with my kittens right now but they look a little bit tinyier than your kittens in this video. I loved this video it helped me my kittens actually have worms😓.

    L SL S2 months ago
  • The thumbnail is hilarious 😂 thank you for being such an important part of the cat community, I look up to you. My family and I have fostered 15 different kittens over the last two years, and we aren’t stopping. 😄

    Sophia CannonSophia Cannon2 months ago
  • I really need your guidance on what to do. I got a kitten from a farm 3 weeks ago. She is 2.5 months old now. Stupid me waited so long to deworm her. She puked today and I found 2-3 long roundworms in her vomit. I drove to the vet immediately and got her deworming medicine. I have a 20 month old toddler. I am so scared that she may have ingested some of the eggs over the last 3 weeks. What are the chances of her getting roundworm from being around the kitten for 3 weeks? Will my house be infected with roundworm eggs now?? I am SOO freaking out right now 😭😥

    L.P MoonstoneL.P Moonstone2 months ago
  • I'm not sure if anyone will see this or not but it's worth a shot. Is it normal for kittens to be lethargic after getting dewormed? My 3 week old got dewormed today and he's been very sleepy.

    Nicole MachadoNicole Machado2 months ago
  • Dewormer for goats it has that on the label

    OSR MoviesOSR Movies3 months ago
  • These kittens are absolutely cuties.

    Sophy SamSophy Sam3 months ago
  • I'm looking to deworm my kittens in a week, but I'm kinda in a pickle financially, any home alternative?

    CzarAice01 (CIGMA)CzarAice01 (CIGMA)3 months ago
    • hi! did you end up consulting a vet about it? i ordered a dewormer but can’t really consult a vet about it. if you didn’t consult a vet, how did it go for you?

      Yaretzi UlloaYaretzi UlloaMonth ago
  • It's looks like when the kitten shakes its head, most of the dewormer comes right back out and goes all over the table top

    etyrnaletyrnal3 months ago
  • How many of your foster kittens go back to the shelter to wait for a forever home?

    Katherine LydonKatherine Lydon3 months ago
  • You have a beautiful body too sorry lol

    elena barkerelena barker3 months ago
  • You’re amazing! I thought that right when you opened up your book in the beginning.

    elena barkerelena barker3 months ago
  • Did anyone else notice the the safe gauerd medicine said dewormer for goats?!?😂😸🤔🤨🧐🐐🐈

    Lisa ScottLisa Scott3 months ago
    • *The safe guard medicine*

      Lisa ScottLisa Scott3 months ago
  • My kitten has wormies, I am so happy that there is a video so informative and great in youtube!

    Pigeon ProductionsPigeon Productions3 months ago
  • I just watched your video before administrating the de-worming medicine that my vet gave me. This was super helpful! I think the key is slipping the syringe in the sides of their mouths. That and not hesitating: no need to rush, but don't dilly-dally either. Gave the medicine to both of my kittens, and everything went great! Thank you.

    Christopher HoadleyChristopher Hoadley3 months ago
  • How many cc of pyrantel pamoate 50mg/ml would u give a 2lb2.5oz kitten?

    Adriana ContrerasAdriana Contreras3 months ago
  • What scale are you using? I can not seem to find a scale that fits my needs at all.

    Kristleena CampbellKristleena Campbell3 months ago
  • I have a question, my 4 weeks old kitty has a swollen belly and his breath smells like something rotten. I got him from the shelter here in florida, they told me he got dewarmed but im staring to worry. He eats too much. Had fiarrea for 2 days but now pop is normal. Pls help

    Joel SabonJoel Sabon3 months ago
  • This is one of my favourite channels on YT. I'm only sorry that I didn't have access to such extensive knowledge about saving kittens earlier, it would make things much easier. Fortune bless you, Kitten Lady, you're an amazing woman.

    Bea BeaBea Bea3 months ago
  • just become a veterinarian already

    Michelle BexarMichelle Bexar3 months ago
  • is there any small tips i can do? i don't have any medicine to feed my kitten because my mom wont take me to the vet to get medicine. the cat has blood in her stool and i am 14 trying to take care of this sick cat with no help. i cant give her to anyone to help and I'm bawling my eyes out. what if she dies because of me? please help me I'm so scared.

    Hailey StricklandHailey Strickland3 months ago
  • Thank you Kitten Lady, I discovered today your videos and instructionals, I am so glad I did. I adopted 2 cats last year. And a month ago I found a kitten in my backyard, I am taking care of him but last week he started vomiting worms and also in his poop. I took him to the vet and prescribed deworm medicine, the thing is I am really worried because everytime I give Minu (that's my baby cat name) his medicine, he spits it out :( what can I do? Thank you in advance, you are wonderful explaining all details you are so dedicated, blessings.

    adriana alamosadriana alamos3 months ago
  • We have a foster kitten and he has been sick for one week- I don’t know if he was dewormed- we are going to adopted him, should we deworm him- the place we foster him from is the animal shelter- and don’t think they did? We done officially own him? He finally ate a tea spoon of boiled chicken and rice with a tiny bit of mushy cat food- but the entire week he would be good one day and vomiting the next then good the not- we are on a super budget so I have been watching vid after vid and I’m my dream last night I saw worms in him, so now I wanted to ask and I’m hoping to get him feel good ASAP. Pls lmk. I don’t know how much the vet will cost- is this something I could do in my own with out causing harm to little kitten? We are planning on adopting him from the shelter once he is healthy enough to get his next set of shots and neutered, I don’t know if they deworm there?

    The Divine-DaughterThe Divine-Daughter3 months ago
  • I lost many himalayan kittens last year due to coccydia. It was a nightmare . i found 2 very tiny abandoned kittens outside and brought them indoors and took care of them . they were sick with upper respiratory infection and diarrhea. Kept them separately from my himis- very soon discovered my Himalayan kittens started looking very sick And vomiting- diarhhea then mothers abandoned them .took to my vet - diagnosed coccydia . gave albon and amoxicillan- lost all kittens but 1. many many stray cats and kittens where i live . I feed them bec i can't stand to see hungry animals . and i take my shoes off at the door . am afraid to get it again . I still cry to this day over my kittens dying .

    michelle parduemichelle pardue4 months ago
  • WARNING do NOT snort dewormer

    Rachel BusseRachel Busse4 months ago
  • What if you dont have a veterinarian

    WhiteboyangelWhiteboyangel4 months ago
    • You probably shouldn’t be fostering then.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond3 months ago
  • Would like to see a video on your tattoos.

    Jake LandsharkJake Landshark4 months ago
  • I been having my kitten for about two weeks he’s nine weeks old and he was a stray and we rescued him but today we took him to the vet for the first time and they gave him shots and medication for his ear mites but right now he pooped out a long worm 😭and I’m so scared I don’t know what to do

    Nadia ANadia A4 months ago
  • What kind of kittens are they? They are so adorable...

    Kyrsten PourchelleKyrsten Pourchelle4 months ago
  • Nice thumb nail haha kittens like NASTY

    AnimePabuAnimePabu4 months ago
  • Where if you don’t mind telling me did you get the tiny syringes to dose them ?

    Mama Bleeker LifeMama Bleeker Life4 months ago
  • these are some of the cutest kittens ever

    lujainlujain4 months ago
  • Ok today I brought home a kitten from my son’s house that was living under his shed. Kitten very thin. This is first night here & I imagine it has worms. Now, I have 3 dogs, will my dogs get the worms the kitten expells in the yard? OR, will the worms come out dead? I don’t know how old kitten is, could be 3-6 months? 🤷🏼‍♀️

    10TOES10TOES4 months ago
  • What cat breed is that

    931unknown931unknown4 months ago
  • I have the exact same car

    931unknown931unknown4 months ago
  • ummm..... kitten lady do you like cats or dogs more

    JudA 54JudA 544 months ago
  • Your the best 😘

    Pradeep GopalanPradeep Gopalan4 months ago
  • You are my hero!!

    Daniella DipolDaniella Dipol4 months ago
  • I Love how you say Good Job to the kittens. Sweetest thing ever!

    Buffstr67Buffstr674 months ago
  • My kitten is 2 and half month old.. yesterday i saw roundworm in her poo what medicine u suggest i should give for deworming. I am from India

    • And her activity is restless in these days. She is not eating properly

      NEEL VISIONNEEL VISION4 months ago
  • Now about five weeks ago, I was given a dumped kitten. He, and therefore also my very senior cat, just got a vet visit and dewormed, and will have a follow-up in two weeks for their 2nd dose. The kitten had a different dewormer when I first got him. Poor little guy. He's now thriving, but needs to learn not to bite/nip. My senior cat is very non-assertive, so not much help in teaching this. At least the kitten is growing, catching up. His first half a month with me, he was emaciated and tiny and catching up from lack of food and treatment and separation from his mom. He's a handful, but I'm keeping him, and just wish he and my senior cat would make friends instead of the avoidance and pursuit going on. (Kitten pursues, senior avoids. The kitten doesn't quite know how to make friends, really wants to, and the senior has only once delivered any well-deserved smackdown.) I think, hope, they will make friends.

    Ben WBen W4 months ago
  • I love their names too cute.

    LMJCreationsLMJCreations4 months ago
  • Thank you for great information.

    thejaxthejax4 months ago
  • I have that same bra! Tomboyx is the best!

    I_Love_Jacksepticeye2I_Love_Jacksepticeye25 months ago
  • Um I have a question, can we mix the medicine with food so the cat doesn't really taste it?

    Awesome PotatoAwesome Potato5 months ago
  • My kitten is 5-6 weeks. She was dewormed at 3-4 weeks with a once dose of Fenbenazole 1ml of the 10% soln by an emergency vet visit due to a littermate being sick. Would I deworm now at 5-6 weeks of age using all three meds or just continue the Fenbenazole as instructed by the emergency Vet. Back story- three kittens were found in a hole under a neighbor’s shed. Kittens were crying and distressed. Mom never came over a few hours. I had no idea how to do kitten care but I couldn’t let them get euthanized.

    Pamela McCounPamela McCoun5 months ago
  • My kitten is 10 weeks old. I dewormed him last thursday (May 28 2020) when will be his next deworm? Pls reply thankyou so much.

    Alexie GeraldoAlexie Geraldo5 months ago
  • Have you ever had kittens have side effects form the dewormer?? I dewormed my 7 week old kitten with pyrantel pamoate from my vet a day and a half ago and now he's vomited a few times and is very lethargic. The vet said he is probably having a reaction. I just want to know if this is common or not.

    Megan HenselMegan Hensel5 months ago
  • thank you for the slow mos lol

    Jenna GadilleJenna Gadille5 months ago
  • So my kitten took only half of what he was supposed to have will it be OK?

    Madina KhanMadina Khan5 months ago
  • Can I deworm my cat after deworming her 4 days ago? I dewormed her with a wrong medicine. I used pyrantel but she has tapeworms so the dewomer I used was wrong. Can i deworm her again?

    Paula MaePaula Mae5 months ago
  • 2 kittens born outside in our yard survived a litter of 4, they are both females , have had zero done to them , are 1 year old and both seem fairly healthy . Is it ok to just leave them to nature - not bother with any kinds of treatments ? Various neighbors and i feed them , they seem fine.

    Human 101Human 1015 months ago
  • Maintain jem be like:don't fat shame me women 😂😂🤣🤣

    Pareeshays Fun VlogsPareeshays Fun Vlogs6 months ago
  • Purple Crown Fairy is the best cat name ever, I’m stealing that name if I ever get a cat.

    Kelley HawleyKelley Hawley6 months ago
  • 5:27 his face!! 😆 😂

    Kiiten GiirlKiiten Giirl6 months ago
  • Im fostering 3 kitties from my first TNR. I'm having no luck with them taking Drontol for round worm. This pill must have an awful taste 😣

    Irene F.Irene F.6 months ago
  • Is it normal to see worms coming out of your cat's butt not just in poop after deworming

    Emmekins The SquirrelEmmekins The Squirrel6 months ago
  • 1000% (not a typo) necessary but their faces when they get the yucky medicine, classicly cute. Your heart just goes "Aaaawww baaabyyy"

    Diana EllulDiana Ellul6 months ago
  • I noticed a dangerous typo on your website: 50mg\ml should be 4.54mg\ml. the link routes to the right concentration, but lest someone take down the info to purchase elsewhere, hope you're able to catch it soon. Thank you for all you do. I'm fostering week old orphaned raccoon kits and watching so many of your kitten videos has been a huge help ❤️🐈🐾🐨 Hmm. Nvm? Looks like you're using the 50mg one in the video. Is that because they're older? Do you ever use the 4.54, or was that a glitch that I thought I'd was linked to it

    Fai GeFai Ge6 months ago
  • The kittens be like: *tHaTs* *D I S G U S T A N'*

    _-Foggy Forest-__-Foggy Forest-_6 months ago
  • i have a newborn kitten who has worms .. what would be the best medicine for me to use ?

    curly Freshcurly Fresh7 months ago
  • 1:32 It says "For GOATS" On the packet

    WifozxWifozx7 months ago
  • And after yucky medicine, a yummy treat, to get that taste out of their little mouths 🙂

    Gaius 1968Gaius 19687 months ago
  • 6:15 lol, the dewormer (bottle on the left) actually says "for Goats", that's funny.

    Gaius 1968Gaius 19687 months ago
  • It's funny we did my kittens last week and the one shook his head like they did, but it got all over him. Then he ran up the walll to clean himself and every time he licked himself he'd react the same way. Hilarious and it went on for awhile, but i felt bad for him.

    husher5142husher51427 months ago
  • excuse me, this is urgent if anyone can help me let me know.. i have a kitten, abandoned so i rescued her, she is around 3 weeks old no more than that.. i give her lactose free milk formula in boiled water.. yesterday afternoon she had extreme diarrhea, like a lotttt.. so i asked my vet he said give her lower then 0.5ml FLAGYL syrup.. i did, it worked.. she didn't have diarrhea again n she seemed fine.. but as the night went n morning came, around after 8am she is unable to sleep properly, she is uncomfortable n irritated n waking up again n again n she seem little weak too as she is crying alot.. when i stimulated her in the evening, she pooped fine.. but again she is so uncomfortable n irritated idont know why.. she also vomit her milk out after the evening feeding.. and she is wanting milk again n again before her dose time is up.. there is a lockdown in here where i live, so no vet available, he is not even picking up my call now.. medical stores are shut down n i dont think they have kitten supplies available here.. can you please tell me what to do.. i think she have worms as she was all fine n good n sleeping n wanting n pooping well.. its just i am so worried.. lemme know if someone can help me with any advice.

    Wania ArshadWania Arshad7 months ago
    • @Wania Arshad maybe you could keep a heating pad on them while they sleep not too hot but warm...

      * a girl who likes anime* a girl who likes anime7 months ago
    • @* a girl who likes anime yea u do make her a warm purrito.. she do sleep.. but wakes up soon again.. like one hour later..

      Wania ArshadWania Arshad7 months ago
    • When I had a kitten every time they would have issues stomach related I would make sure my hands are warm and massage their stomach for like 5-10 min or until they fell asleep im not a vet but u could try it.....

      * a girl who likes anime* a girl who likes anime7 months ago
  • I would adopt a little kitty but I can’t.. my mom is allergic

    Suk uiiSuk uii7 months ago
  • I love how she knows how it feels and hypes them up and tells them it is ok

    Erica BoconzacaErica Boconzaca7 months ago
  • I had a cat just like that a grey pointed siamese

    Brilliant AliasBrilliant Alias7 months ago
  • Those little kittens look like my baby boy! So precious

    I like MusicI like Music7 months ago
  • Hey kitten lady if you can or want too can you make a video about heartworm in cats?

    Reagan StanleyReagan Stanley7 months ago
  • Hanna you are just AWESOME. I wish I could devote all anytime to fostering. I will when I retire. But thankyou for helping these beautiful innocent abandoned help less sweethearts. Just to let you know some of the kittens had the medicine running out of their mouths. They are just so adorable. Jesus Christ bless you always...

    Janeen TrujilloJaneen Trujillo7 months ago
  • What can I use & buy for an adult cat?

    Betsaida MeynardBetsaida Meynard7 months ago
  • I love your figure and stomach.

    5858dr Roth5858dr Roth8 months ago
  • Is it safe to deworm if they don't have worms or to treat with pinworm medication if they have tapeworms?

    Dutch GirlDutch Girl8 months ago
  • Thankyou for this video! When I originally watched this video the first time I wasn't a foster carer, now that I am and have to deworm two kittens tonight I have a new found appreciation for this video!

    Blue_Rosa _artBlue_Rosa _art8 months ago
  • is it okay to deworm cats after they eat? or they need to do fasting?

    May DukaMay Duka8 months ago
  • not even a single spill as the kitten shakes its head. HOW DID YOU DO IT?

    brahmoonebrahmoone8 months ago
  • So if each individual kitten gets a different dose, do you mark the syringes? She seemed to just know which one for which kitten but I assume there’s a method.

    Pamela RotterPamela Rotter8 months ago
    • Talking to your vet is a sure way for that, she even said so in this video

      Machi GicebMachi Giceb8 months ago