Donating a HUGE Amount of Cat Litter to Rescues through Cat's Pride Litter for Good!

Jul 10, 2020
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Visit to nominate a shelter or rescue to receive free litter! If you want to help your local shelters & rescues access free cat litter, you've got to know about the Cat's Pride Litter for Good Program™. For every Green Jug™ of Cat's Pride litter purchased, they donate a pound of litter to a cat rescue organization--and over 8 million pounds of litter have been donated so far! I worked with them to send 2,000 pounds of litter to some of my favorite rescues in New York City! #kittenlady #catspride #sponsored #litterforgood

  • One day I want to own a cattery with lots of cats and kittens!

    Fancy RobloxFancy RobloxMonth ago
  • Because of you it became 10M ....use the youtube power to do good

    PowerZapper_YTPowerZapper_YTMonth ago
  • We buy sand instead of car litter and we get 5 MB for 50 rupees

    Aaliya YounusAaliya YounusMonth ago
  • Brilliant idea 👍

    Shirley ThompsonShirley ThompsonMonth ago
  • Wait I have that cat bed

    Magix FløwxerMagix FløwxerMonth ago

    PowerZapper_YTPowerZapper_YTMonth ago
  • Is it just in America??

    Eden RoseEden RoseMonth ago
  • Would buy it but my cats are farm cats and don't use litter boxes :c

    smillaaggersmillaagger2 months ago
  • Small gesture making a big difference. During this time of crisis, many shelters depend on it. Throw in a financial donation as well so they can purchase what is needed, as every shelter is unique foe the care of their animals.

    Mark PoitrasMark Poitras2 months ago
  • Thank you for taking care of all those poor kittens out there❤️😻

    Pawel SzpakowskiPawel Szpakowski2 months ago
  • @Kittenlady Like your video - pray tell me the background music of this video clip. Thanks!

    Timothy FooTimothy Foo2 months ago
  • I got inspired from her and saved a beautiful orphaned tabby kitten from the street. God bless you

    Omar AbueljebainOmar Abueljebain3 months ago
  • Dont worry The people that disliked this are people from Australia that thought it was thumbs up

    danyaslavindanyaslavin3 months ago
  • sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo im thankfulll

    Lily AchtorLily Achtor3 months ago
  • You do such a good thing 😇 keep up the amazing work!

    Kristin PereiraKristin Pereira3 months ago
  • please exist forever

    victoriavictoria3 months ago
  • I love that, it's amazing from them and from you :) But I can't help thinking about the tons of plastic going out with this program... It will be, on the long term, no good for any of the living creature on the planet. :/

    Avery PiwiAvery Piwi3 months ago
  • The only reason my family doesn't like to have cats is because of the stench of their poo. I am like when did poo smell good?

    Nightcore BunnyNightcore Bunny3 months ago
  • You got me interested in kittens

    The Adventures of Cristina and JJThe Adventures of Cristina and JJ3 months ago
  • I love your videos I have to kittns

    The Adventures of Cristina and JJThe Adventures of Cristina and JJ3 months ago
  • I just started watching this video and i already. Liked

    Laura GranthamLaura Grantham3 months ago
  • DEar Hannah; While you adopt kittens, can you give a shout out encouraging people to adopt a senior cat at a shelter. They are the most discarded population of cats. So many people do not want a senior. It is a fact. You have two seniors of your own Coco and Elouise..Look at Tiny kittens page regarding the senior cat Mason, who passed away last year. He was from a Feral Colony, who had terminal kidney disease. Shelly kept him alive for two more years.Mason became grandpa Mason to all of her kittens in her rescue. I say all senior cats have value and they need support during thefr golden years.

    Rubi ChatalianRubi Chatalian3 months ago
  • Hey! I rescued a cat 4 months ago, he is up to date on shots aswell. today I saw the sweetest cat and he was also up to date on shots. hes very friendly to humans but not our first cat. is the anything we can do to make them like eachother?

    Nini JohnsonNini Johnson3 months ago
    • Check out Jackson Galaxy's guides on introducing a new cat to the house.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.3 months ago
  • Btw what cat food you feed your cats ..?

    cat corncat corn3 months ago
  • I didn’t know if this video was sponcered

    Sabrina VisconteSabrina Visconte3 months ago
  • Wait, isn't litter cat poop?! 😲

    Brigitte The Roblox AddictBrigitte The Roblox Addict3 months ago
    • No, it's not

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.3 months ago
  • I get the 3k likes, but I don't understand the 19 dislikes

    Charlotte StringerCharlotte Stringer3 months ago
  • Nice work 😀

    Fun with CatsFun with Cats3 months ago
  • wish i got that brand here

    Man LilMan Lil3 months ago
  • can you do a video on nail clipping

    Kaytlynn YoungKaytlynn Young3 months ago
  • I wus happy becus my cat had baby,s and to day gon don to de 2 wees old but the runit died today and now I am sad :(

    Alaysiah BumpassAlaysiah Bumpass3 months ago
  • I used to buy arm and hammer cat litter. But if I ever buy another cat I'm going to start using Cat's Pride

    J56J563 months ago
  • Could you make a video about good cat toilets and placement? Would be interesting how you do it!

    LalifaliLalifali3 months ago
  • What things should I take for a road trip for my kitten

    Babu BabluBabu Bablu3 months ago
  • Hey so my family is working on finding a kitten, can you make a video showing some kittens/cats for adoption, we want to help a kitten and we want one 2-5 months if you cant make a video on this thats totally fine thought its just a suggestion

    Noor alaswadNoor alaswad3 months ago
    • You want her to make a video catalogue or something? Just call your local shelter and talk to them.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.3 months ago
    • @Shaneyah G. im looking for cat

      Noor alaswadNoor alaswad3 months ago
    • What?

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.3 months ago
  • I wish I could join it

    SKY ANGELSKY ANGEL3 months ago
  • How common is clay litter in rescue orgs? The shelter I adopted my kitty from uses pine pellets, and that’s what we’ve continued to use. It’s super cheap! I’m surprised more households don’t use it.

    Jess WestJess West3 months ago
  • Where did you get that huge cat tree that you have

    The_True_boaThe_True_boa3 months ago
  • Kitten Lady, I just sent something to your PO box, hope you get it before James is adopted. 😁

    Spiffy KittySpiffy Kitty3 months ago
  • Your a gaver not a taker

    Zairy ArguetaZairy Argueta3 months ago
  • People who disliked this is more dog person than cat! Love you!

    Lydia OsborneLydia Osborne3 months ago
  • This is wonderful. I also wonder if you could do a video about how to help kittens to stop treading in poop. The kitten poo paw is now a nearly daily experience 🙄

    Velveteen CatVelveteen Cat3 months ago
  • You are such an amazing women! You help all of those in need. I would be proud to be just like you when I grow up!

    Emma WalterEmma Walter3 months ago
  • Hannah, I'm moving to a new house soon, and when I'm there (if the coronavirus is over) I'll volunteer at animal shelters. Until then, I'm discussing fostering with my parents. But your channel is my inspiration, knowing that I can search up videos on how to help my future foster kittens. Love what you do ❤️😍 Xxx, ❤️Maria❤️

    Maria MirabelaMaria Mirabela3 months ago
  • im so mad. Just figured out USworlds had unsubscribed me from your channel!!!

    Amanda BlytheAmanda Blythe3 months ago
  • My cat is 6mos old & allof a sudden her eye is running.. Just one though. Any ideas?

    Veronica Lester-MorrisVeronica Lester-Morris3 months ago
    • See a vet.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.3 months ago
  • TINY MOUF!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MissRedheadRapunzelMissRedheadRapunzel3 months ago
  • oh by the way how do u put a kitten to sleep

    Brittani ClemensBrittani Clemens3 months ago
  • thats soo cool i want to be kitten rescuer u know what i will be ill help in the cumunity even if im not with i am

    Brittani ClemensBrittani Clemens3 months ago
  • how have u been

    Brittani ClemensBrittani Clemens3 months ago
  • hey kitten lady

    Brittani ClemensBrittani Clemens3 months ago
  • hey ktten lady

    Brittani ClemensBrittani Clemens3 months ago
  • Love the shot of her black clothes covered in cat fur at the end XD that's just such a cat mom thing! XD

    Sheillagh O'BrienSheillagh O'Brien3 months ago
  • Hey kitten lady I have kittens that live in my back yard and I want to take care of one of them so how do i do that

    Alex chianAlex chian3 months ago
    • Kitten lady has numerous videos on USworlds discussing how to care for kittens of all ages especially neonates. Don’t worry if they are feral either she has plenty of information on how to comfort kittens and get them to warm up to you. If they are pretty old kittens and are weaned, You could start by providing them with nutritionally balanced wet food twice a day and trapping them to get them spayed and neutered at a vet if they are old enough. Also consider doing a tnr on the whole neighbourhood of cats and the mum of these kittens to prevent more births and unnecessary suffering. I know this can seem expensive to spay/neuter and vaccinate all the cats but many vets are willing to negotiate on prices. Finally if the mum if feral, leave her outdoors and don’t try to get her to warm up to you because it is VERY hard. The kittens however can warm up to you with time and patience. Consider taking them in and fostering them then adopting them out at around 9 weeks old. If they are very young, keep them with the mother, trap them together and take them in!!

      yasmin hussainyasmin hussain3 months ago
  • Slow zoom in on an expert snuggle bean @ 3:06 I had no idea about this so I guess I will have to see how my cat and my fosters do on Cat's Pride now. :)

    Emi ExcelsiorEmi Excelsior3 months ago
  • When I grow up I wanna be what you do

    RocketRocket3 months ago
  • This is absolutely amazing! Though I wish there were more litter options. I have to use pine pellets and atm those aren't an option. But I'll keep these in mind when I'm shopping for shelter donations!

    Megan PinkertonMegan Pinkerton3 months ago
  • Hey hannah how do I give cat food to the rescue in ohio?

    Samantha HolleySamantha Holley3 months ago
    • Ask the rescue in Ohio?

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.3 months ago
  • i love how when you get up your just covered in cat hair!!(: it happens to all animal people(:

    Sarah ZalonisSarah Zalonis3 months ago
  • I have 5 cats with 2 liters at home need to change it every day and i cant Offord all that budget.. cat litter on my country cost a lot.

    TITIMA worldTITIMA world3 months ago
  • Is this litter even economical choice? I always buy 40 litre bags.

    SandraSandra3 months ago
  • THIS VIDEO MUST HAVE MORE THAN 24K VIEWS. I rlly want this video to go viral so everyone around the world will help, i also help some of my close shelters and they really appreciate it.😊🐱💖💖💖💖🐶

    berlian diazberlian diaz3 months ago
  • I Love Kittens ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Md AnwerMd Anwer3 months ago
  • I do not believe in clumping cat litter.. dear lord the health problems that crap was causing for my cats was unbelievable. Switched to the breeze litter box system and low and behold everyone is healthy now lol.

    MomoMomo3 months ago
  • One of the kittens in my cats litter has a fading kitten syndrome..i can't afford to take it to vet, i cried so much

    Tamara PopovićTamara Popović3 months ago
  • Thank you for helping our meow friends. Specially with the current situation we're facing. Kudos to you and to all cats in the world.

    Operator 020Operator 0203 months ago
  • Hannah you have inspired a 14 year old to grow up, and create a "cafe x vet" center, and you have also helped them decide to volenteer at the local cat shelter when they turn 16. Ive been watching your vidoes for a few years. And I've never regretted it. I hope i can attend some of your workshops, even though i can't travel to the USA from the UK. Thank you

    A human beaningA human beaning3 months ago
  • Kitten lady my little kitten named Daisy just passed away..............

    Patrick SpelmanPatrick Spelman3 months ago
    • She was purring until she died for some reason although she had diarrhoea and she was vomiting

      Patrick SpelmanPatrick Spelman3 months ago
    • She was a cute little tabby kitten.

      Patrick SpelmanPatrick Spelman3 months ago
  • When I see the litter in these Plastic canisters, I don't get it. Why can't they use paper bags? So much waste....

    Ca RinaCa Rina3 months ago
  • Hey my cat is about to give birth and we can't take care of them can you foster them when they are born please

    im pixylim pixyl3 months ago
  • Ur kitty sticking her furry booty in the air and almost face first in her bed lol

    Marie FireMarie Fire3 months ago
  • You are a super-star, I treasure every moment, 🐈 Lots of love from London .. the UK one :-P

    Nayomi TaylorNayomi Taylor3 months ago
  • Oh Hannah, how I would love to donate cat litter!, how do I find out the names of the cat shelters in New York? Hugs from South 🇦🇺

    Judith PhillipsJudith Phillips3 months ago
  • I love all your videos

    Emma plays RobloxEmma plays Roblox3 months ago
  • I don't use litter anymore....I trained Francesca to let me know when she needs to go outside to do her business 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Gloria SolGloria Sol3 months ago
  • This is great!! I just nominated the rescue I foster for!

    Elijah HElijah H3 months ago
  • Just curious, how does their clumping unscented varieties compare to Dr. Elsey’s Ultra? I love Dr. Elsey’s but my cat still tracks a small amount on the floor. Dr. Elsey’s does donations too but not on this scale.

    Tardis DanceTardis Dance3 months ago
  • This is unrelated but the shelter nearest to me is at a falcon hospital a hospital for falcons that really trips me off sometimes because I didn’t even know till I went there to adopt unfortunately when I arrived it was closed

    WhatWhat3 months ago
  • Why am I crying!?!? I’m not a pet person but this is so heartwarming.

    raventellesallraventellesall3 months ago
  • What a wonderful thing! You are always so thoughtful. I've been trying to foster for months and have been turned down due to covid (understandable ), I speak the wrong language or because I have two cats of my own. I'm heart broken. Looks like this is the only way I'll be able to help.

    Michelle NMichelle N3 months ago
  • I'll tell my dad whenever he goes to the store if he needs cat litter, that he should buy the "Cats Pride" one!

    Mary's Trash GachaMary's Trash Gacha3 months ago
  • Oh for heavens sake you ..... downers why on earth you down fingers for ‘cat litter’ GET A LIFE PEOPLE. XXX kitten lady.

    Ann Lindsay WrightAnn Lindsay Wright3 months ago
  • I wish I could message Kitten Lady directly. I hope she sees this. I have a question. My sister adopted 2 sibling kittens about 16 weeks old now and she's had them about 2 months. They were born in a junk yard and somebody fostered them when they were days old. The kittens are still wild and hiss and are scared and hide. Do you have any suggestions that I can pass on to her that may get them to come around? Thank you!

    Cara SmithCara Smith3 months ago
    • CHECK OUT Flatbush Cats on USworlds. They show how to tame spicy kittens. t is an excellent tutorial al on how to tame spicy kittens. Also, keep them in a small space so they do not run around your home.

      Arpi ChatalianArpi Chatalian3 months ago
  • This is great! Too bad they didn't sell Cats Pride in Canada!!! All over Canada!!! Best litter we've got is Tidy Cats! Which is Pumpkin,my Calico females adult cats clumping style. Is it just the Humane society or Groceries Shops too??

    TIffanyrose AngelesTIffanyrose Angeles3 months ago
  • Litter everywhere!!!😃👏👏

    Gamer_Shrimp 88Gamer_Shrimp 883 months ago
  • Idk if anyone will see this, but I wanted to put this out there for those needing a good cheap litter. At tractor supply they have something called "Equine Pellitized Litter" It's pine pellet litter that turns to dust when liquid gets on it. It's really cheap too, only $5 USD for 40 lbs. I've been using it for my cats and they love it. Also, if you have a sifting litter box, you can sift out the dust and use the left over clean litter for longer.

    tommytommy3 months ago
  • The dislikes are the cats that pressed the dislike button accidentally by walking on the keyboard

    DragonDragon3 months ago
  • 3:38 when you are dressed in black and your cat is white... all my black clothes have that little furry detail too xD

    Piki CatPiki Cat3 months ago
  • I would do this if I was in the USA Uum is there any news on James ?

    vez hopkinsvez hopkins3 months ago
  • 🐈

    Sensual ASMRSensual ASMR3 months ago
  • wowowowwowow!!!!!!! this is sooo amazing!!!! helping cats !!!!!!

    Hadiya KhanHadiya Khan3 months ago
  • I just adopted a cat he is sooo cute

    Layoonah LimelightLayoonah Limelight3 months ago
  • I have had 6 cats from the age of 3 to 10 most of them were stray cats and now I have 2 house cats and help our local animal shelter! I didn't know about the program but I have been buying there litter for 3 mouths!

    Belle KereopaBelle Kereopa3 months ago
  • The world is burning around us, the pandemic is still in full swing, but the Matron Saint of all Cats and Kittens still takes care of kittens and cats by the thousands. Looks like the Kitten Lady is the only one these days whose priorities are good.

    Mr. EMr. E3 months ago
    • @Arpi Chatalian Ok, I admit, I poorly worded that one, and you're right. There are others out there, and I was being a bit single minded, here, but that said, Hannah is the Matron Saint of kittens. I'm on the road right now, I can point you to some later...

      Mr. EMr. E3 months ago
    • Now, there are other rescuers that have good priorities for both dogs and cats. Hannah is one of good rescuers that populate YOUTube. Please, check the others out. They are doing good works.

      Arpi ChatalianArpi Chatalian3 months ago
  • Hannah, you are wonderful!

    Jianyue BAIJianyue BAI3 months ago
  • Scoop Away is the best.

    Noni NoniNoni Noni3 months ago
  • So much for watching kittens since you've now decided to sell yourself out for the big corporations.

    Noni NoniNoni Noni3 months ago
  • 😻

    Jenn GlowJenn Glow3 months ago
  • Nominated my local shelter. Thanks for information.

    BenandJerryBenandJerry3 months ago
  • Great cause. Because of allergies there is no way I can use scented litter, no matter the brand. I prefer unscented and I'm sure my cat appreciates it as well.

    Nanny NineraNanny Ninera3 months ago