Feeding Seven HUNGRY Foster Kittens

Jun 28, 2020
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These babies love to eat! Little Lucy, Cooper, Harry, Garland, Andy, Laura, and especially silly Hawk are all voracious bottle babies. Check out my instructional videos here: bit.ly/2qwudwX

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  • hawk was ready for real food......adorable

  • I hope little lucy still out there just doin her

    Kasey YeagleyKasey Yeagley7 days ago
  • hawks name should be hog

    ibuki's toenailibuki's toenail8 days ago
  • You need 10 hands!

    Christena WalkerChristena Walker9 days ago
  • COOPER GROWING BOI, WANT MOAR THOSE FAT TUMMIES. This takes me back to litter my ex and I adopted. I can still see them jumping up at the wall of their pen squeaking at feeding time. ;o;

    Erik BrockErik Brock9 days ago
  • And the cat that keeps eating with the big belly was so cute funny had three goes that’s not fair❤️🍩🍬🍿👗💍🥤👯‍♀️🎂🍉🐈💋💄🍒🍫

    anski1001anski100111 days ago
    • It’s good

      anski1001anski100111 days ago
  • I love little Lucy even my mum does xxxxx❤️🍿👯‍♀️🍫🍩💋🍉🥤🍒🍬💄🍭🐈

    anski1001anski100111 days ago
  • I always try to ignore whenever my newborn kittens meow for food

    Divyansh BaggaDivyansh Bagga12 days ago
  • I want hawk😍😍

    Sofia And her lifeSofia And her life14 days ago
  • My kitten also very hungry I gone to the kitchen no have milk and he's very hungry I don't have anything to give for my kitten he's very mersy. In my family others don't like kittens he's gonna to the bed and my sis beat him he's very very mersy.....😣😣😭😭 it is my kitten life

    SIBIYA RSIBIYA R18 days ago
  • This baby's are very hungry

    SIBIYA RSIBIYA R21 day ago
  • Someone should invent a bootle that could feed several kittens at a time

    angel catangel cat27 days ago
  • Whittle wucy is sooooo cute

    Venkat RamaswamyVenkat Ramaswamy27 days ago
  • "Who's hungry" *"Meeeeeeeee"*

    Steph HoovlerSteph Hoovler29 days ago
  • But I wonder why don’t you give them one mother cat to feeding them.....only one cat instead of bottle....ha ha ha ! Yes, you’re right! They looks seem whole life never feeding milk by you! So don’t put away the bottle once they are still hungry 😋....Ridiculous....for you!

    wai Mingwai Ming29 days ago
  • The aggressive kitty 😭😭 he reminds me.of my son lol. I love them all so much. 😭 your videos are dangerous for an emotional pregnant lady lol

    Elizabeth StanleyElizabeth StanleyMonth ago
  • I think the kittens who already nursed thought they could get back in line for another turn without being noticed!!

    Jill ArthurJill ArthurMonth ago
  • Love l that's how my adult cat acts. Like he's never eaten the WHOLE DAY

    Latifah GordeevaLatifah GordeevaMonth ago
  • That blue Russian is too cute

    Latifah GordeevaLatifah GordeevaMonth ago
  • Awwwww unlike a cat mom you can only feed the one at a time

    Latifah GordeevaLatifah GordeevaMonth ago
  • Lucy looks like she’s trembling. I hope she’s okay.

    Crystal JonesCrystal JonesMonth ago
  • Hawk is my spirit animal

    Eric REric RMonth ago
  • Garland:Finnaly some food Hawk:*loses it*MIIIIIIIIIIIINE

    katsuichi soudakatsuichi soudaMonth ago
    • Hawk is such a loud baby

      Lady BlackmonarchLady BlackmonarchMonth ago
  • Hawk is me XD

    The monkeyPRINCESSThe monkeyPRINCESSMonth ago
  • Did u say Lucy thats my name to

    Itz_ Lucy_Itz_ Lucy_Month ago
  • omg this was to funy.:D

    Trond BøeTrond BøeMonth ago
  • Also, the tiniest meow coming from the big tuxie... Aaaaah!!! ❤❤❤❤😄

    MajorMajorMonth ago
  • I thought Hawk was named "Hog" and thought it very fitting. 😹 I also thought Lucy was named "Nosey", and I think that's actually a very cute name for a cat.

    MajorMajorMonth ago
  • Hock is screaming his head off! XD

    Princess Breanne FriesPrincess Breanne FriesMonth ago
  • Hawk is me, hungry af

    Joshua TrujilloJoshua TrujilloMonth ago
  • How beautiful you are and your kitties

    Carol TownsendCarol TownsendMonth ago
  • Lovely 🐱 lady...love it

    Carol TownsendCarol TownsendMonth ago
  • You are the kindest person to animals I have ever seen

    Bara A.Bara A.Month ago
  • You need one of those stands that holds several bottles in place. Or a lamb bucket with the ring of nipples on the bottom LOL

    1tiptip 11tiptip 1Month ago
    • Feeding station

      Lady BlackmonarchLady BlackmonarchMonth ago
  • They are all hungry.

    1tiptip 11tiptip 1Month ago
  • those were some adorable hangry kitties

    jackie Belljackie BellMonth ago
  • Hawk is big boi Hawk is hungry boi Hawk is the biggest hungriest boi around

    Evelyn is not my real name lolEvelyn is not my real name lolMonth ago
  • nice to watch

    Birsen BasarBirsen BasarMonth ago
  • Hawk is really a Hobbit

    Leah and Harley's Great AdventuresLeah and Harley's Great AdventuresMonth ago
  • Woulda expected it to be better to feed them one at a time outside the kitten pen, looks like they're stressin' a bit.

    J SkatJ SkatMonth ago
  • You need more hands or the help of a friend !

    Christophe GodfirnonChristophe GodfirnonMonth ago
  • Why didnt you have the kittens separate and take each one in turns to feed so everyone gets fed. The greedy one keeps getting chance

    Nalini MarajNalini MarajMonth ago
  • I love the small one, so sweet.

    Janine LafonJanine LafonMonth ago
  • I also have a Hawk - he's a tuxedo and is the most vocal of the bunch. he will meow and scream at every need he has

    Mary Joy TaneoMary Joy TaneoMonth ago
  • Hallo dear kitten mama, guess you need a feeding bottle with 5 nipples on it😀

    CC. SCC. SMonth ago
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Sisilea ChanSisilea ChanMonth ago
  • Kitten lady where do you get all of these kittens I want to do this when I’m older

    Pink FlamingoPink FlamingoMonth ago
  • Greyboy wants fourths! 3 times was not enough.

    D AD AMonth ago
  • See 3:42 - 4:03.... wonderful 😻

    J. K. RectorJ. K. RectorMonth ago
  • I went and visited my cuzzo and then there was this kitten it was energetic small and ran all the time and it always came to me a my cuz and cuddle with us and then the next time it did not show up-

    -•Hyat Mohamed•--•Hyat Mohamed•-Month ago
  • They are so hungry 😋

    Sophia LinSophia LinMonth ago
  • I just love this! It makes me so happy!!

    BrittneyBrittney2 months ago
  • These poor little kittens

    Londyn ChaneyLondyn Chaney2 months ago
    • Why?

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.Month ago
  • They are soooooo cute💓💓💓💓💓

    Vero RoulletVero Roullet2 months ago
  • It’s wonderful how much love she gives all these Not Siameses.

    Bill KellyBill Kelly2 months ago
  • Take them 1 at a time. Put others in another room. It is stressful for them. You are THE KITTEN LADY, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER😼😽 😻

    Dina AhdootDina Ahdoot2 months ago
    • How is it stressful? They’re all getting their share.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • 💯👏💯👏💯👏💯👏💯

    kelevetta nwajagukelevetta nwajagu2 months ago
  • Lovely kittens 😘😗😙😚

    Creshenta JayamanneCreshenta Jayamanne2 months ago
  • Wow, you need a specialized feeding system. Like 7 bottles connected together so they can all eat at once -- like they would with Mom cat.

    A PA P2 months ago
  • Little Lucy is so cute

    misskunimisskuni2 months ago
  • so many kittens!

    archisaurusarchisaurus2 months ago
  • Those kittens are so fucking cute.😍

    Shriya snowkitty sprinkles.Shriya snowkitty sprinkles.2 months ago
  • Kitten lady:Hawk is the craziest baby when he eats. Hawk:Mew(You think so?)

    Shriya snowkitty sprinkles.Shriya snowkitty sprinkles.2 months ago
  • I love Lucy

    HieiTheFoxHieiTheFox2 months ago
  • They are all so gosh darned cute. Little bitty Lucy triply so. And Hawk is basically my Louise: “You’re acting like I’ve never fed you a day in you life” is something I’ve actually said to her. Also immediately after she just ate.

    4amlibra4amlibra2 months ago
  • 3:46 I can't 😂

    z z z . w a vz z z . w a v2 months ago
  • 3 QUESTIONS! I see them coming for you, so they know it’s feeding Time? Do they smell the milk? Or just know you as the feeding person? So sweet everyone ran after you trying to win the race... Also why did you have a blanket over your legs? And how much time do you give those kittens a day? Do you go out enjoy life? I feel like you’re constantly in newborn stages, don’t you get overwhelmed? But I feel like this is kinda therapeutic as well in a sense. GOOD ON YOU ! You’re amazing! How much do you feed each and how long does it take? Can you pick up one by one of the play pen or there was a reason for letting them all out waiting? Just curious. You’re doing a spectacular job!! It’s insane how smart they’re! They know what food is and how to ask and go for it. WOW😍

    TimaTima2 months ago
  • 0:10 not fair the black and white dude came firs, you brought her up🙃😒🤩🤣 jokessss! they’re SO ADORABLE I CAAANT! I wanna SQUEEEEEZE THOSE CHEEKS, CUDDLE AND HAVE SO MANY KISSES!😢❤️❤️❤️ I have a question, I see them coming for you, so they know it’s feeding Time? Do they smell the milk? Or just know you as the feeding person? So sweet everyone ran after you trying to win the race... I can’t tell you how many times I rewind each 10 seconds. The second dude is a trooper and a determined dude!!! He will scream and look up the whole room for a feed! He is like my daughter when she cries you would think she was brutally beaten and never saw food before she wouldn’t even wait until it’s fully cooked😂 I want your job kitten lady! Must be so rewarding and sweet!

    TimaTima2 months ago
  • You’re cats are so funny

    Mido HeshamMido Hesham2 months ago
  • Hhahahahahahhahahhahaha

    Mido HeshamMido Hesham2 months ago
  • Aww ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Lily IchirauliLily Ichirauli2 months ago
  • O MY GAWD.. WHAT AM I SEEING ??!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Someone please tell me there's a big, long Little Lucy special coming up. How can one kitten be *that* cute?!

    Teresa StolarskyjTeresa Stolarskyj2 months ago
  • I actually got a kitten with the eyes all messed up so I cleaned him off and now he's as big as a dog God bless u for taking care of these poor little kitten 🐈

    Rey ReynaRey Reyna2 months ago

    Kayy_ QilulKayy_ Qilul2 months ago
  • All at once: "FEEDZ ME HOOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bottomless bellies are what they have. LOL

    Lonewolf 1970Lonewolf 19702 months ago
  • Why is nobody talking about Lucy she so cute did you see how she walked up to that camera!?

    Why do u need to know my name? IdkWhy do u need to know my name? Idk2 months ago
  • Now I'm imagining a mama cat and when she meaows she's saying stuff like "You already ate! Let Lucy have a turn!" XD

    Ayi AyyomiAyi Ayyomi2 months ago
  • Lucy in the thumbnail is hilarious. 😂

    Sha[Na]LeaaaSha[Na]Leaaa2 months ago
  • Oh my goodness, how can you do this by yourself! Just love your post!😸

    Madelaine SeguinMadelaine Seguin2 months ago
  • Your channel is an addiction.. I am already thinking of having a kitten but due to the pandemic m not willing to take the risk

    Shivanshu JainShivanshu Jain2 months ago

    Merry MaryMerry Mary2 months ago
  • is there any update on Little Lucy?

    CelestiaFan ForeverCelestiaFan Forever2 months ago
    • Yes, where she posts daily updates.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • hock is just like my cat

    amber saundersamber saunders2 months ago
    • You mean Hawk.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • Hawk is a hog haha

    robin connorrobin connor2 months ago
  • Doesn't seem like their even eating much, no wonder hawk wants multiple servings he wasn't done the first couple times lol.

    cassandra lcassandra l2 months ago
  • Hawk is a whole mood.

    Wendy BaxterWendy Baxter2 months ago
    • Absolutely

      Lady BlackmonarchLady BlackmonarchMonth ago
  • Andy was a gentleman

    2332 Muntaha2332 Muntaha2 months ago
  • '' ... xD Food!!!!!''

    woooudowoooudo2 months ago
  • Hawk: sis u think I'm done? Nah I've only just started. Cut the cameras, we fidna be here a sec-

    Alexis NworaAlexis Nwora2 months ago
  • Can you give me one

    Little EvieLittle Evie2 months ago
    • You seriously think Kitten Lady’s gonna respond to you? Spoiler alert, she isn’t so be grateful I answered on behalf of her to not get your hopes up.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
    • 57 Year Old James Bond I wasn’t asking you

      Little EvieLittle EvieMonth ago
    • No. Why are you asking?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • Lucy is a little star. Acting for the camera 😍😍😍

    Sevil SahinSevil Sahin2 months ago
  • Bless you for the work you do!

    JCICJCIC2 months ago
  • Omg this was so funny but also so INTENSE i"m exhausted for just watching 😂😂😂😂

    laura veronikalaura veronika2 months ago
  • All of them are so cute when they hold the bottle it's so adorable I want one🥺😍

    ArielleArielle2 months ago
  • The 82 dislikes: In terms of brain, we have no brain.

    Tina Moyer MoyerTina Moyer Moyer2 months ago
  • No cat has ever been fed in the existence of the Earth. Not once, ever. :P

    KazuraGangrelKazuraGangrel2 months ago
  • OMG- cuteness overload! Those kittens sure are hungry!

    goldendoodle girlgoldendoodle girl2 months ago
  • *kitten meowing* this is the best asmr

    CheeryCheery2 months ago
  • We definitly need more clips of lucy!!!

    Katie bugKatie bug2 months ago
    • Nah, we have enough pictures.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago