Feral Kitten Becomes a Needy Sweetie!

Apr 18, 2019
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Douglas was found living outside on the street, but after a few days of gentle love, encouragement, and association of food with humans...he became a clingy, chatty boy! Learn about feral kitten socialization here: usworlds.info/slow/video/aZx4a66dcpt2qmI
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  • Want to learn more about Douglas and the feral kitten socialization process? I tell Douglas' story and offer in-depth tips for working with feral kittens in my new book, Tiny But Mighty! Order it here: kittenlady.org/books

    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • Thanks God they defend themselves until they know they can trust. And he knows that he can trust now....

      Rita DionisiRita Dionisi2 months ago
    • He is identical to my princessou kenny ^_^ only that my kitten has a white nose :P

      Bill KillernicBill Killernic2 months ago
    • You're awesome !

      F econF econ3 months ago
    • Kitten Lady - how long exactly did it take to tame this kitty? Ive had 5 foster kittens for 6 days now. My 1st fosters! 2 are still hissing and growling. Any tips to tame? ☮️♥️😻

      Stacy TStacy T6 months ago
    • You do such great work! 💙

      Banzai PineappleBanzai Pineapple6 months ago
  • Man, you look like a warehouse in Detroit.

    Central Intelligence AgencyCentral Intelligence Agency19 hours ago
  • My cats were skiddish at first then they were the cuddliest kitties after they warmed up to my fam

    Ellianna BirdsallEllianna Birdsall2 days ago
  • my cat doesn’t even like when i touch her 😅

    047xk047xk4 days ago
  • I have one word.....WOW

  • i think this cat was with a family or seomeone..this is too fast and it seemed not completely freaked out what probably happened , they kicked him out for being too clingny.. like he doesn;t let you sleep or gets in your legs while you're in the stairs.. someothng like that

    klepetarklepetar5 days ago
  • Adorable

    J VIPWTPNN EdensCrystalStreamsJ VIPWTPNN EdensCrystalStreams8 days ago
  • I always think about if I was abducted by scary 40-foot tall aliens, was put in a cage, was fed food I have never seen before, how long would it take for me to want to rub my face on their legs? Yeah.

    ScottScott10 days ago
  • I ended up picking up a stray kitten many years ago, she wasnt even on solid food yet when i found her. Thing is she was always super affectionate with me but acted like she was feral with other people. I never could figure out if she was feral or what.

    Zephlos Kal'ShanorZephlos Kal'Shanor10 days ago
  • Sweeeeet !!! Cute . I cant imagine there is one cat that dont loves you. You are the Great Cat Mother On Earth ❤️😺❤️😺❤️😺❤️😺❤️😺❤️😺❤️

    Kimberley PexKimberley Pex17 days ago
  • I LOVE YOUR TATS !!! So cool

    Bobby CazaurangBobby Cazaurang18 days ago
  • douglass: *hiss* kitten lady: *chin scratches* douglass: *discusting do it again*

    Ur MomUr Mom19 days ago
  • Dougie looks like my boy! My boy Ramsey is unmatched in the sweetness department.

    Gerrit PeacockGerrit Peacock24 days ago
  • the kitten lady is pretty hot

    Fragrance placeFragrance place29 days ago
  • So cuuuute

    Anyi GuAnyi GuMonth ago
  • there are 3 types of people: the dog person, the cat and dog person, and the disgrace to humanity (the person that doesn't like any of them)

    Ayah AwadAyah AwadMonth ago
  • Douglas has a built in eyeliner

    Office GirlOffice GirlMonth ago
  • yay kitties!

    wildermidnightwildermidnightMonth ago
  • I could just eat him up!! Precious tiny angel❤️❤️❤️

    Just seeking TruthJust seeking TruthMonth ago
  • Douglas: Hey, this domesticated stuff ain't so bad. Warm place to sleep. Food every day. Lots and lots of chin scratches and belly rubs. All the necessities of life.

    crucisnhcrucisnhMonth ago
  • That's so sweet! My previous partner and I rescued a kitten we later named Musashi who was a feral and he was just the best thing on planet earth! 🥰

    Brian LawsonBrian LawsonMonth ago
  • Ten days! It's unbelieveble. We brought in a wild cat, a little older though, but it took three months before the cat became friendly.

    addictionaddictionMonth ago
  • Douglas is like my Finnigan. I found him in a park and now all he wants is cuddles! It took 3 days to get him fully tamed but one of the days was leaving him to set. The first day of taming i could pick him up and everything and the second day of taming he started coming up to me and choosing to be cuddled

    Sara FongemieSara FongemieMonth ago
  • Off topic, sweet ink!

    Mitchell WMitchell WMonth ago
  • Douglas: LOVE ME!!!! Me, who loves any animals: OKAY I WILL

    Star BoyStar BoyMonth ago
  • He's so adorable oh my goodness 😻😻😍

    Shawna GrubbShawna GrubbMonth ago
  • Oooohhh, he's gorgeous!

    Jean ProctorJean ProctorMonth ago
  • i don't think he was feral.. i think maybe the people who had this cat got rid of it because he was too much of a cligny cat.. waking them up at night all the time.. meowing all the time.. gligny a bit too much..

    klepetarklepetarMonth ago
  • Both of my kittens we’re feral. Took time they warm up to us. One of my kittens took longer to learn how to purr. He was hissing to us, but not anymore. They are still scared of noise.

    Kaitlin TropperKaitlin TropperMonth ago
  • the kitten has a mustache

    Elkanah DixsonElkanah DixsonMonth ago
  • 😊 so adorable and needy but adorable

    Aubrey Kennebeck-HomeAubrey Kennebeck-HomeMonth ago
  • 1:40 it's lil bub😢😭 R.I.P😟💔

    Sisilea ChanSisilea ChanMonth ago
  • He’s marked exactly like my first cat was 💜

    Cat ShepherdCat ShepherdMonth ago
  • I thought it’s a kitten you said it’s a dougie

  • Awww he's an adorable little thing ❤

    lyshalyshaMonth ago
  • Hes a good bean

    NyaPlays80NyaPlays802 months ago
  • My father's name is Douglas

    Rafael PaiolaRafael Paiola2 months ago
  • He is soooooooo cute

    KennyWayneKennyWayne2 months ago
  • u fucked your body with your tatoos. you dont need to wear cloths. the tatoos will cover your skin :D

    Egzozcu KamilEgzozcu Kamil2 months ago
    • What on Earth

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • Feral to needy , very funny

    GemmelGemmel2 months ago
  • Douglas is mostly ears and meow,

    JrochestJrochest2 months ago
  • Omg that little hiss was the cutest

    Michaela LittleMichaela Little2 months ago
  • Wow,ur kitten has natural eyelinered eye

    Healthy Food Recipe,Kitchen TipsHealthy Food Recipe,Kitchen Tips2 months ago
  • Holly crapola, we need to get you some paper to color on so you don't have to do it on your body.

    RonRon2 months ago
    • What a dick you are.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • I can't get over how insanely GORGEOUS and sexy kitten lady is omfg 😻😻

    Cory CantuCory Cantu2 months ago
  • 1:02 looks like he is climbing it and if he fails he will fall down

    Dio BrandoDio Brando2 months ago
  • I adopted a wild boy that turned into a total cuddle bug. Ferals are pretty sweet.

    Zach FournierZach Fournier2 months ago
  • Great job with kitty. It's not easy turning them from mean to sweety. I've done it a couple of times, but not without battle scars! lol

    Mark PoitrasMark Poitras2 months ago
  • Is that the picture of Lil Bub on the pillow?

    Anindya DewiAnindya Dewi2 months ago
  • Yes Stroke them while they eat. Takes them right back to being a baby.

    Mr JebadiaMr Jebadia2 months ago
  • What a sweetie........

    Chris SadlerChris Sadler2 months ago
  • I want to foster so bad, but I fall in love too easily and I wouldn’t be able to let them leave me.

    Mari RandallMari Randall2 months ago
    • Your heart breaks a little so theirs won’t have to forever. It’s worth it.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • WOW! This one was kinda sad for me to watch, Douglas looks identical to my beloved Mechsha who I had to put down several years ago but I still miss so much even today. I really wish I could adopt him. 😭

    Kari PerrickKari Perrick2 months ago
  • What a cutie!

    Rob BabcockRob Babcock2 months ago
  • So I have a somewhat feral kitten he is taking down a lot but the only issue right now is he is peeing on our bed right now and I do not know how to make him stop we try to cleaning of the litter box almost daily it's not working

    fall starterfall starter2 months ago
  • I hope this cat like tattoos! 😝😂

    Jurjen B.Jurjen B.2 months ago
  • LOL so cute

    Ray SimonRay Simon2 months ago
  • What a good kitty

    BastieneitsabBastieneitsab2 months ago
  • If your a clingy boy say something. Meeeeoooooooooooooooooowww! Now that’s a way to get a point across XD. Just say it longer

    Garroth OkhasisGarroth Okhasis2 months ago
  • I have a feeling this chick has been run through and used by multiple Chad"s with all that ink and a cat.

    AngryVetAngryVet2 months ago
    • Wow, you’re so funny. Not like a woman would choose to have the tattoos herself.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • I find interesting how he adopted meowing. He was completely quiet before but then soon learned that people are always talking to communicate and so he started doing it as well.

    The OthenticThe Othentic2 months ago
  • Making bread

    Strven O'connellyStrven O'connelly2 months ago
  • I have a 9 week old ginger farm feral who we keep in a cage with his bed, toys, bowls of food & water ( as cats are lactose intolerant & having cows milk causes their stools to be lose) cat milk or goats milk is fine, we have cats milk for him too! He is my fifth feral over my life time. They can be hard work but with love, care & patience they soon relax & are just average cats! I love them. 💜

    Jo lvz Black catsJo lvz Black cats2 months ago
  • I'd be pissed too at first if I'd been born with a Hitler tash.

    Shaggy AlonsoShaggy Alonso2 months ago
  • Needy- *gets slapped* "doNt cAlL mE nEeDY!!1!!1!!"

    gray still kills peoplegray still kills people2 months ago
  • Hard to believe kittens are related to lions and tigers.

    Franklin FalcoFranklin Falco2 months ago
  • Aweee he looks like my baby love bug

    LILO QuinnLILO Quinn2 months ago
  • From hissy to sissy in ten days.

    iconoclasticonoclast2 months ago
  • That kitten had low spice level when he entered lol.

    Hailen AceHailen Ace2 months ago
  • *slap* don't call me needy! Like if you get it

    Taran BergmanTaran Bergman2 months ago
  • Humanity: taming wild animals through skritches since 13,000 BC.

    MrJonesMrJones2 months ago
  • He looks like my cat beans he is feral but now super sweet even doe I got him a couple months ago

    Dragon Lizard2009Dragon Lizard20093 months ago
  • Can I not tame kittens while she is still with their mom ?

    Sahanaa ElangovanSahanaa Elangovan3 months ago
  • Kitten Lady: Meow if you're needy! Douglas: ᵐᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒʷʷʷʷʷʷ

    Thesaddest CoolkidThesaddest Coolkid3 months ago
  • What did Douglas do with the feral kitten? HE ATE HIM! - maniacal laughter - I'm so sorry, I just couldn't resist that.

    AnnBearForFreedomAnnBearForFreedom3 months ago
  • One of my favorite videos from Kitten Lady. So cute!

    Tuvela TTuvela T3 months ago
  • he went from spicy to a love bug real fast

    janice Wolskijanice Wolski3 months ago
  • That cat looks like mine lol and acts the same

    Shriya KShriya K3 months ago
  • "Douglas! What happened? You know, I could have sworn I put a feral kitten in this room." :D

    Fireheart 1945Fireheart 19453 months ago
  • That hiss was about as half hearted as they get. He was half way to trusting you already. My dad tamed feral barn cats as a summer job when he was a kid, so he knows all the tricks to get a cat to like you. You very obviously know what you're doing and I really enjoy a lot of your videos. On this guy, is it just me or does he seem a bit more muscled than normal? Maybe he's got some wild blood in him.

    Stephan GintherStephan Ginther3 months ago
  • I’m trying to do this to my kitty stitch

    Michael RauchMichael Rauch3 months ago

    harish peethambaranharish peethambaran3 months ago
  • I love his nose - funny and cute !!! 😻

    Doris DaumannDoris Daumann3 months ago
  • Cats will always be a little wild.

    Franklin FalcoFranklin Falco3 months ago
  • The most important quality I look for in a girl is whether she likes cats.

    Franklin FalcoFranklin Falco3 months ago
  • It gave lovey eyes to the camera and I melted 😵

    Juan Pablo Gonzalez S. V.Juan Pablo Gonzalez S. V.3 months ago
  • Douglass what happened Lol.

    Christy HernandezChristy Hernandez3 months ago
  • Hes protesting and expressing himself lol

    Marie FireMarie Fire3 months ago
  • Pretty lil dougie

    KIRK Tha GOONERKIRK Tha GOONER3 months ago
  • That kitten was like.....Oh my gosh...it's kitten lady!!! 😻. Quick I must be tough....not let her know I'm a fan....2 days later...curled up on her lap ..... Yep I was sooo tough 😘

    Veronica TVeronica T3 months ago
  • Looks exactly like my feral kitten who was 7 weeks old when he found me outside.

    Rhazel AnadisRhazel Anadis3 months ago
  • Cutie pie just like you.

    Vina NguyenVina Nguyen3 months ago
  • Kitten: *HISSS GET AWAY FROM MEEEE-* She: *pets him* Kitten: i can deal with this

    A TreeA Tree3 months ago
  • I'm a h@ker Ok

    Jisha BinoyJisha Binoy3 months ago
  • cute little guy is it he

    Nick MyersNick Myers3 months ago
  • I love your love tattoo.

    jws1948jajws1948ja3 months ago
  • Is this a kitten or a cat?

    jws1948jajws1948ja3 months ago
  • That cat ran nose first into a permanent marker (it's adorable)

    free spirit 1free spirit 13 months ago
  • This feral kitten bites less then my kitten

    Pesty MenacePesty Menace3 months ago
  • I caught a feral girl two days ago and she’s already letting me pick her up and pet her! I’m super happy. I took your advice from another video to hand feed her and talk to her, and shes very receptive. I’ve also been playing videos of mama cats purring and grooming their kittens, the sounds make her melt, that’s how I was able to get her to approach me outside!!

    Erin Maiden SFXErin Maiden SFX3 months ago