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Apr 12, 2020
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REGISTER FOR THE WEBINARS HERE: --- Now is the perfect time to #StayHomeAndFoster! Whether you're a first-time foster parent, a seasoned rescuer, or simply kitten-curious, you're invited to attend my FREE Kitten Care Webinar Series. I'm teaming up with Royal Canin to bring you 4 training courses that will provide you with the skills you need to care for kittens, and I'll be offering a long Q&A opportunity at the end of each!

  • Register for the webinars here:

    Kitten LadyKitten Lady6 months ago
    • @Kaitlyn Simpkins Seminars on the web.

      SEJ3333SEJ33334 months ago
    • Do you have any shampoo recommendations for cats with dandruff? I've tried a few generic shampoos but none work ):

      JenJen6 months ago
    • Kitten Lady, I clicked register but it wouldn't work. Is it broken?

      i like catsi like cats6 months ago
    • @Miranda Kay just one little boy

      Cherilynn SorensenCherilynn Sorensen6 months ago
    • How many kittens do you look after at a time?

      Miranda KayMiranda Kay6 months ago
  • WOW! by the way do u like my profile pic?

    Kitty_Cat_Senya [Cats4Evr] ;3Kitty_Cat_Senya [Cats4Evr] ;32 months ago
  • You're telling me! I volunteer at the Humane Society, and they are overrun with kittens. They won't let me go in and volunteer. That's animal neglect! Not their fault, stupid government rules.

    Mark PoitrasMark Poitras2 months ago
  • It's so amazing of you to want to spread awareness about how to do what you do with all of us (whether we're educated on animal or not at all). You wanting the world to have education on this is so great to me. The world can never have too many caretakers and helpers when it comes to animals. Animals could never have enough humans to help them. Thank you so much ❤️ whether you feel able or not, you can learn to do what you are able to do and make a difference for these babies ❤️

    Rttn MlkRttn Mlk3 months ago
  • I'm moving do you have tips on haw to travel with 9 month old kittens

    kittycat kidkittycat kid3 months ago
  • I’m showing this to my mom and dad!!

    Ghostpaws The Dutch Angel dragonGhostpaws The Dutch Angel dragon4 months ago
  • Hannah!/Readers! I really need your help, I've recently adopted a kitten, he's about 65 days old and he has worms. I'm not sure if he does but his stomach is getting bigger and he keeps licking his poop area, has diarrhea and he's vomited 3 times today. I'm not sure what to do since he's my first kitten. PLEASE HELP! I'm desperate for help I really want to save him. His name is Milo. Please help me save Milo by giving me advice, I'll be commenting the same thing in a few other videos too.! I AM NOT DOING THIS FOR LIKES !

    StrawBerryStrawBerry4 months ago
  • I just rescued a cat yester day pinecone tabby mix named lizzy

    Naia BittnerNaia Bittner5 months ago
  • I am so sorry..I can't foster kittens or cats cuz my mom hates them and won't let me, but when I am older I promise I will help

    •Rose••Rose•5 months ago
  • I need help with a kitten I can’t afford to take him to the vet and he needs help idk what to do I love him so much he’s like 3 weeks and still fits in the palm of my hand and I don’t think he knows how to eat

    Sarah CrockerSarah Crocker5 months ago
  • Kitten Lady has inspired me to rescue and foster kittens and cats when I'm older! I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life until I started watching her videos, and now I know I want to dedicate my life doing what she's doing. The world needs more people like Kitten Lady :D

    AnneliseAnnelise5 months ago
  • I told my mom about getting/fostering kittens/cats, But my mom said no. That was five years ago, and now my mom is slowly moving to the point of adopting:fostering a kitten! I sent this to her and your stay home and foster video and I’ll update y’all when she responds edit:my mom is fine with it, yet our landlord wont let us have one because we have carpeting. I found out that cats don't always scratch up carpets and im trying to convince my mom to text him (landlord) so we have a chance. ill update again soon!

    RosieRosie5 months ago
  • K a t

    Kále MSPKále MSP5 months ago
  • I adopt a cat

    amy videosamy videos5 months ago
  • My cat has two week old kittens (5 kitties) so my hands are full but idc cuz they are so cute

    leonardo dicaprio is my babyleonardo dicaprio is my baby5 months ago
  • My mom NEEDS to let me foster now!

    Apollo The WolfApollo The Wolf6 months ago
  • We wouldn't be able to help the cats that we do without the wonderful support of fosterers. Thank you for this informative series.

    YorkshireCatRescueYorkshireCatRescue6 months ago
  • My cat has been killed by predetor. I need a kitten..😭

    Subham NegiSubham Negi6 months ago
  • Perhaps since you are working with them you can ask them why in the world they threatened legal action to a cat rescue for repurposing their cat food bags into carriers.

    Rachel RecyclesRachel Recycles6 months ago
  • hey, kitten lady, I am a foster and want to find a way to help other people to know about the importance of foster what do you think we could do ?

    Emma DoubEmma Doub6 months ago
  • I have 11 cats and kittens when I go to have one spaded ones already pregnant I'm loosing my mind how do I keep up with this ??

    Rhonda MitchellRhonda Mitchell6 months ago
  • I'd love to but we already have way to many cats

    John KinneyJohn Kinney6 months ago
  • I want to, but my patents wont let me.. Instead, we brought in a wild pregnant cat and will spay her after they are born. I will be helping her take care of the kittens

    Parrot Misc.Parrot Misc.6 months ago
  • My husband and I started talking about trying to foster kittens and how it would be a good experience for our kids and help kitties in need.

    M SodaM Soda6 months ago
  • I showed this to my mom and begged her a couple times and she said yes to fostering!

    GlacierPumpkin 24GlacierPumpkin 246 months ago
  • Please consider a collab with Jackson Galaxy!! You guys are such inspirations!

    XmenMagnetoAcolytesXmenMagnetoAcolytes6 months ago
  • I really want to but I'm allergic. TwT

    •It’s Mercury••It’s Mercury•6 months ago
  • Im going to foster a kitty soon!!!! In about....1 week or so

    Rozalia DiczigRozalia Diczig6 months ago
  • Would love to hear your view of Tiger King. Especially your take on Bug Cat Rescue: I've seen their youtube videos for years and always thought they were a great organization... Would live your insight!

    Kate PerryKate Perry6 months ago
  • My cat is pregnant ani tips

    Jessie PrangerJessie Pranger6 months ago
  • So GLAD people like you exist!

    XmenMagnetoAcolytesXmenMagnetoAcolytes6 months ago
  • Are your cats neutered? What do you think about neutering and vaccines? I m getting a cat and Idk what to do

    lisandru roxanalisandru roxana6 months ago
  • I reallyyy want to know where i should foster kittens in the uk! is there any shelters?

    Charlie and HaliCharlie and Hali6 months ago
  • Please help Joey Graceffa before he hurts his cats kittens ...

    Andraa McCarthyAndraa McCarthy6 months ago
  • Kitten Lady is hawt.

    Trump’s ToupeeTrump’s Toupee6 months ago
  • Hi Hannah so I live in Arizona my aunt has 9 kitten she like for someone to take some kittens can you please help me

    Monic Oaxaca VegaMonic Oaxaca Vega6 months ago
  • sounds like a wonderful webinar

    Pople BackyardFarmPople BackyardFarm6 months ago
  • Pls make more vids you really help me with 5 kittens 🐱

    Erika Mcneal Erika McnealErika Mcneal Erika Mcneal6 months ago
  • If anyone knows a USworldsr who can rescue some hamsters in Ohio pls let me know

    Tiaunna DeleoTiaunna Deleo6 months ago
  • Love your videos and I love kittens ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Maryke MoutonMaryke Mouton6 months ago
  • Kitten Lady, I clicked register here and It will not work, can you help?

    i like catsi like cats6 months ago
  • My neighbor's cat died so they just adopted a 7 week old kitten it is so adorable I love it

    Fantasy ForeverFantasy Forever6 months ago
  • We foster to but my kittens litter had ringworm so we had to wit 6 months to foster again

    Laura NorgartLaura Norgart6 months ago
  • If i could foster kittens instead of being at school allday i would but i cant leave those kittens 6 hours alone!

    Girl GroupGirl Group6 months ago
  • Congratulations on 1m subs golden play button 🥳🥳

    andrewszombieandrewszombie6 months ago
  • Where do you get your kitten formula

    Doljinsuren EnhbatDoljinsuren Enhbat6 months ago
  • We have a lot of cats in the Philippines 🇵🇭 but I live at the Netherlands 🇳🇱 now but my aunt is taking care of them and there a lot. Like a lot lot there 20 or 19 cats

    GoldenKathyGoldenKathy6 months ago
  • I would LOVE to foster animals but I work in health care so unfortunately I'm gone for 12 hour shifts. The stress right now is immense. I do have to thank you for your videos however, as I got a kitten off Kijiji for free in late September, and he was wayyyy to young to be just passed out the door like something with no soul. I reported the lady, and your videos helped me raise him and better understand his age, and what he needed. After numerous vet visits, and flea baths he has become quite the feisty kitty, and we could not imagine our life without him. We have now been waiting for his snip snip appointment as this quarantine has delayed it... Lucky him lol. At least he's happy indoors and has his trusty stuffed squirrel to carry around and hump if the mood strikes 😂

    Palomino ___Palomino ___6 months ago
  • omg I'm totally going to do this I love kitties and cats I have 2 but I would love to do this!!

    Cali ZahnCali Zahn6 months ago
  • yesterday my brothers friend called my brother and said he found 7 abandoned bottle baby kittens and since we foster kittens we decided to foster them

    MylaMyla6 months ago
  • Kitten Asmr???? Btw you are such a good person!

    Carrie PCarrie P6 months ago
  • I want to foster but in my city they only open the shelters to feed the animals

    Potterheads united 4lifePotterheads united 4life6 months ago
  • I wish my dog didn’t want to torment every cat she sees do you have any way I can foster wishout my dog trying to attack the kittens? I was thinking about just keeping them in the room but my dog will just smell them and sit outside of the door and whenever it opens she will try to come it (I do have a cat and when he was a kitten we did that and my dog got it once and I had to save him)

    Millie WalshMillie Walsh6 months ago
  • Question! Can you react to Joey Graceffa helping his cat give birth? Personally, it seemed like he could have made the cat stressed and uncomfortable! Watch it to see for yourself!

    Danganronpa V4Danganronpa V46 months ago

    Georgia SkittlesGeorgia Skittles6 months ago
  • Hi Hannah, will these webinars be available after their "live" time? I live in New Zealand, so time difference makes it hard to watch!

    Katie JonesKatie Jones6 months ago
  • yay that sounds great

    Pastel PurrrPastel Purrr6 months ago
  • I love that you are doing this. I have fostered neonatal kittens before but unfortunately i lost the litter from something hereditary (we think) i feel im emotionally finally ready to start again knowing losing them is a very real, sad part of caring for neonatals. But like you said, their little lives are worth fighting for.

    BrittneyBrittney6 months ago
  • I wish I could but my parents won’t let me (I have three cats already my best friends)😺 you do so much for kittens already

    Thefluffcat LucyThefluffcat Lucy6 months ago
  • I have a problem with my 4 half month old cat Luna she still drinks milk but it’s not from her mum it’s whiskers cat milk and she won’t drink water ( please reply) And I live in Australia 🇦🇺

    Rainbow_queen52Rainbow_queen526 months ago
  • Hey I was contacted by my papa and the mom of 4 kittens got killed and I don’t want to take them to a shelter do you have any video to recommend me to take care of them

    Kaydence LugenbeelKaydence Lugenbeel6 months ago
    • Plz get back soon as possible

      Kaydence LugenbeelKaydence Lugenbeel6 months ago
  • I would love to foster but my mum said i cant I’m so sad

    anita boltonanita bolton6 months ago
  • I Love Ketten

    TikiTiki6 months ago
  • For some reason when I go to register it says the Eventbrite can not be found. Is anyone else having this issue?

    Kim ChaffinKim Chaffin6 months ago
    • yeah when i looked at it yesterday it was fine but it wont work anymore

      Rachel HassonRachel Hasson6 months ago
  • I would adopt but my parents say it might have CORONAVIRUS

    Soma RoySoma Roy6 months ago
  • @kittenlady the page isn't available 😟

    Mahima yadavMahima yadav6 months ago
  • Hi Kitten Lady! I have a question. My friends found a SUPER sweet feral cat that is going to have kittens any day now. We're taking them on since their dogs are not agreeable to cats, so I want to make sure I'm prepared. I have experience with pregnant cats, but I do have one question. If they are with their mother will they need a heating source or will the mama provide that?

    Isis VortigernIsis Vortigern6 months ago
  • I want to foster but my mom said no any suggestions as to how I can persuade them HELP!!!!!!😬

    Afsana AhmedAfsana Ahmed6 months ago
  • Just adopted a three legged kitten! Got her some much needed surgery and tlc, happy to be able to spend tons of time with her during quarantine

    Paige AndersonPaige Anderson6 months ago
  • Hannah is just the best at what she does. Blessings for her and every kitten that comes into her life.

    Jaynene EwingJaynene Ewing6 months ago
  • But how do i download 'webinar"

    Hariom VaishnavHariom Vaishnav6 months ago
  • I just found a wild black kitten, which I'm taming. I find it hard to get homes for black kittens. What are some tips to get a black kitten adopted or any kitten for that matter. MY local SPCA is not interested to help. I had four last year and only got homes for them through family members, they all have their limit now.

    Glenda MunceGlenda Munce6 months ago
  • I would love to but im in Australia and thats at 4am for me. Is it something i can watch later?

    MamaKay IgnitesMamaKay Ignites6 months ago
  • thank you so much for taching us, my family and I foster kittens

    Bribul Classical LullabyBribul Classical Lullaby6 months ago
  • Hey Hannah, will this webinar be recorded and available? I'd love to be a part of this but am UK based and the time difference would be difficult.

    Laura Fowler-NicholsLaura Fowler-Nichols6 months ago
  • Thanks!You are amazing!!

    Amanda MillerAmanda Miller6 months ago
  • i would truly love to foster right now but i live in germany and here every local shelter is closed and when i called and said that i would like to foster a few of their feline kittens they say that they do not have any sooooo i guess thats pretty good? Im not so sure

    One Direction FanOne Direction Fan6 months ago
  • I hear you and love everything that you do for cat's and kitten's, it's more than I could probably manage in three lifetimes! But Royal Canin, really?! I understand that for someone who rescues lots of animals this is a decent enough option to keep them fed but it's not actually healthy for them and they use animal derivatives too.

    Nic GNic G6 months ago
  • Love you Hannah! You’re the best! I want to foster SSOO bad! My mom probably doesn’t want more animals though...😢 Keep being the awesome person you are!!!❤️❤️❤️

    jntblegerjntbleger6 months ago
  • what happens if they is a 3 year old dog??🐕🐶🤱

    edwardo garayedwardo garay6 months ago
  • I’m 12 years old and really want to foster I already have two cats but I was never trained. With these webinars will my animal schelter allow me to foster without their training program?

    Isabella RoseIsabella Rose6 months ago
  • This is fanastic! Registered!

    Maheen ShaiqMaheen Shaiq6 months ago
  • Dear miss SHAW if you ever get puppys free//im in ct.i can foster and i sure would love a teacup pup.////my name is florence/i love dogs so very much and if its small thats even better//i do not have a big place for a big pet//you can message me back if ever you have a small pup..//

    florence cavallaroflorence cavallaro6 months ago
  • Thank You Hannah

    Emma Why can’t my user just be EmmaEmma Why can’t my user just be Emma6 months ago
  • Happy Monday Hannah. Might have already been asked and answered. But, will the actual videos be here to watch on YT after the seminars are done with? Or will they only be available if we register?

    coryoplayercoryoplayer6 months ago
  • Bless your good heart. I'm going to do this, and it will make my little Tabby happy as well.

    VoidVoid6 months ago
  • I found a kitten yesterday and I’m not sure what’s wrong with it it’s neck only leans to the right I need HELP!

    Snnipper FoxxxSnnipper Foxxx6 months ago
  • I already have a kitten of my own (5 mo) and I’m too scared to foster! I’m not sure he’ll accept anyone right now.

    layallayal6 months ago
  • Exciting!

    Unbridled MediaUnbridled Media6 months ago
  • God bless you 🙏🏼❤️

    angieserdarangieserdar6 months ago
  • People stop disliking this. For those 12 people who disliked this u have no heart

    Gerardo GonzalezGerardo Gonzalez6 months ago
  • I've been thinking about this for weeks. As soon as I'm not overwhelmed with my classes in a few weeks I will most definitely help where I can. While I couldn't foster a kitten that needs a lot of space to roam around(really small apartment) , I could foster any newborn types since they don't need tons of space at that age.This will be my first year doing this! Wish me luck! I hope you all will join me!

    MariaMaria6 months ago
  • does anyone think it's a coincidence that the video is exactly 2:22 ?

    Not so secret How-To sNot so secret How-To s6 months ago
  • Hiiiiiiiii I am a biiighgg fan I love kittens

    • Samantha•• Samantha•6 months ago
  • Usubscribed After the hand vacuum cleaner commercial now this?! Hell no! She sounds like a ROBOT.

    oh2b16againoh2b16again6 months ago
  • Hi my cat just gave birth to 3 kittens

    Jissel MartinezJissel Martinez6 months ago
  • My parents finally allowed me to foster but all of the rescues near me aren’t taking new fosters at the moment due to the pandemic! I have done so much research and feel ready to take on this challenge but they won’t take me!! I’m so sad.

    Annelise LeszekAnnelise Leszek6 months ago
  • I just registered for all four - I’ve wanted to do this for so long and now that I’m working from home, I can! I’m definitely going to be rewatching a lot of your videos haha

    Laura BlinnLaura Blinn6 months ago
  • m a r s h m e l l o w s a l a d

    iiGachaFailureiiiiGachaFailureii6 months ago
  • My cat is pregnant now and ive decided to goster 6 kittens

    justSonny 2008justSonny 20086 months ago
    • And look after my cats kittens my lifes going to be easy

      justSonny 2008justSonny 20086 months ago