Full Circle: Finding a Kitten's Family!

Aug 4, 2020
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Judging by the mustaches, I'd say that's DEFINITELY Chickpea's family! 80% of kittens in the US are born outdoors...and Chickpea is one of them! Follow me as I visit the place where Chickpea was born, find her family of mustached cats, and trap them all for sterilization. I call this program FULL CIRCLE and it is the best way to decrease the volume of at-risk kittens entering our nation's animal shelters. Learn more about the Full Circle program at www.orphankittenclub.org/fullcircle
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  • GREAT video. The more I watch your vids, the more I want to get involved..

    NJHeart2HeartNJHeart2Heart3 hours ago
  • I love cats!

    Luca Anna SzabolcsLuca Anna Szabolcs3 days ago
  • a herd of cow cats

    Heather LynnHeather Lynn7 days ago
  • haha my cat bore in my room baby die so sad

    dace stoundace stoun10 days ago
  • I'm so grateful for you guys and the work you do. Thank you

    musical game adventuresmusical game adventures11 days ago
  • I love your shows so much, thank you for loving these beautiful little fur babies, keep up the great work you are doing, we need more people like you! I fall in love over and over again watching your shows, sending you love from Tacoma, Washington❤🐾 CYRENA

    Cyrena IwuohaCyrena Iwuoha12 days ago
  • I wish I could get a tnr for the wild cats I feed .I upload a video.The one cat I thought I was feeding is alot more ! They all are going to look like these kittens

  • Love this!

    rousse61rousse6113 days ago
  • The ear tips this vet does are aggressive, the cats around my area only have little tips taken off. I love what this girl and her coworkers do though! That was a lot of black and white cats

    Laura KLaura K13 days ago

    Ayla FrostAyla Frost13 days ago
  • You are amazing 😘

    Elisabeth HedlundElisabeth Hedlund15 days ago

    Jennysusan JosephJennysusan Joseph17 days ago
  • Why do you have a mask on if your outside ? Does not make sence .Its like the people that drive by themselves an have a mask an gloves on .Are you sick ?

    PaulaPaula18 days ago
  • 🐈 looks like the town is over run by the cat mob.🤵🏼

    Cattanea LawrenceCattanea Lawrence18 days ago
  • Great job rescuing all these cats glad you are doing your part to control the stray population glad they will all be safe now. God bless you and your work.

    Erika WelchErika Welch19 days ago

    Jada JukesJada Jukes23 days ago
  • I call these hitlerpeas

    Ciby CindyCiby Cindy26 days ago
  • Kitten lady I look up to you I got a five week old kitten that you see to live in a garage and winter was coming soon so I remembered everything I learned from you and told my self would Hannah do this or would Kitten lady do this thank you so much for everything

    Layla GramLayla Gram27 days ago
  • I found a kitten behind a trash can I’ve been bottle feeding him for about a month. His eyes were closed, now they’re open. He’s got teeth now , and he’s has even eaten canned food. We think he was about three days old now he’s about a month old. He’s very tiny 😢

    Lexx GugLexx GugMonth ago
  • I worry about the inbreeding coefficient colonies shrink from coyote and the that kittens are being born with horrible genetic defects, cats don't go far to find. Unrelated mates they breed with parents without unrelated DNA they will extinct eventually.

    virginia vaethvirginia vaethMonth ago
  • im taking in a half feral half community savannah-like cat (but we are still not sure what her breed is)

    Cotton Candy PegasisterCotton Candy PegasisterMonth ago
  • Of course they're going to be born mostly outdoor since that's their home they're like tigers and lions they aren't supposed to live with humans but instead live on their own

    Ash BomjanAsh BomjanMonth ago
  • We got a but

    Alina Abbe’s WorldAlina Abbe’s WorldMonth ago
  • Chicharito

    Alina Abbe’s WorldAlina Abbe’s WorldMonth ago
  • Sa te bukura

    Gentian ShabaniGentian ShabaniMonth ago
  • I just got 6 4week old babies from the shelter, they told me that they The kittens were way too tame to be feral. I asked them why did they not try and find the mom and TNR.. but they just told me the people who found the kittens told them they found the kittens were “found “ while they were mowing the lawn.

    Laura PalmeriLaura PalmeriMonth ago
  • Done subscribe👍

    Video Tam & YenVideo Tam & YenMonth ago
  • I am cat lovers too. Come to my channel

    Video Tam & YenVideo Tam & YenMonth ago
  • Chicpeas super cute. 😘😘

    Video Tam & YenVideo Tam & YenMonth ago
  • ♥️😻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇧🇷

    lizineuma Camposlizineuma CamposMonth ago
  • So cute

    M Gerrard MaulanaM Gerrard MaulanaMonth ago
  • mustache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Liv ALLISONLiv ALLISONMonth ago
  • you should team up with hope for paws sometime they rescue animals too

    bbMonth ago
  • But....where on earth is this magical place!! Jk, I really, really, realllyyy love tuxies.

    Samantha QuinlanSamantha QuinlanMonth ago
  • They all have the same white moustache as Chickpea ☺ they're definitely all her fam!

    Z. DeutchZ. DeutchMonth ago
  • Tuxedo City!

    Ranger SmithRanger SmithMonth ago
  • FINALLY addressing the ROOT CAUSE!! If we can't Spay and Neuter Mom & Dad Cat we cant EVER Stop the Cycle. Thanks so much for getting this kind of information out there cause this is truly the ONLY way to stop the cycle and hopefully someday only kittens that will have homes and can be born indoors=the shelters never have "Kitten Season" just imagine how awesome that will be!

    RubberbandsheeRubberbandsheeMonth ago
  • We currently have 6 neighborhood rescues... They wandered into our yard & our lives.... Wouldn't have it any other way.

    J. HelvieJ. HelvieMonth ago
  • There's a cat me and my family have been taking care of since winter, and we haven't yet been able to get him vaccinated or neutered. Luckily I just got a new job (my parents say that the cat is my responsibility now), so the first thing I'm going to do with my first paycheque will be bringing him to the vet to get him neutered and vaccinated. He's an outside cat and picks up worms often, and I'm worried about him getting sick.

    Red ScriptRed ScriptMonth ago
  • Is there any video on an update on chickpea the kitten?

    weirdgirl 74!weirdgirl 74!Month ago
  • So was Chickpea actually ever sued for being that cute right off the bat? I distinctly remember it being against the rules.

    May ConcernMay ConcernMonth ago
  • Oh I'm so glad you found the rest of the Chickpea family. Awesome follow up, really, above and beyond. She's so cute and I was worried about her not being able to latch because of her over bite.

    Lothar SoranLothar SoranMonth ago
  • So I don't know what to do

    amber delfinamber delfinMonth ago
  • In my house there's like 6 or 5 kittens I think there like a teenager I guess because the mom is there with them there all black

    amber delfinamber delfinMonth ago
  • Thanks you for all you do for these precious creatures. I constantly catch, sterilize (through a local vet that gives me a great discount), and release them. One thing people should never forget that they need to follow up (e.g., feeding, helping with health issues, etc.). Keep up the great work.

    Galahad GarzaGalahad GarzaMonth ago
  • What!? And deprive the world of more little chickpeas?! Selfish. (kidding)

    KatieandTylerKatieandTylerMonth ago
  • Who thinks cats and kittens and dogs are cute!? I love animals ;3

    Crystal The Rose WolfCrystal The Rose WolfMonth ago
  • Good Stuff

    chris murphychris murphyMonth ago
  • Moustache UwU

    Anna Della RoccaAnna Della RoccaMonth ago
    • Oop- spelling

      Anna Della RoccaAnna Della RoccaMonth ago
  • I love that you do this for the feral cats. I have over a two year period trapped 15 cats in my back yard and had them spayed and neutered. My husband found 2 kittens in a motor in a work truck on a Friday morning the following Monday morning he found 4 newborn kittens in the saddle bag of a motorcycle. We bottle fed them and now they are thriving little kittens. We did trap the cats at his job and have them fixed. I watched many of your videos to make sure I was doing everything right with the babies. The plan was to find a place to adopt them out when they were old enough but my husband and I fell in love with them so he said we were going to be their forever home.❤ Thank you so much for all that you do for these babies.

    Nancy ShadowensNancy ShadowensMonth ago
  • “Kittens don’t just fall from the sky.” *Pictures kittens with little parachutes floating down to waiting baskets*

    Nicole MiyamotoNicole MiyamotoMonth ago
  • Great job thanks

    Sid MaySid MayMonth ago

    Pigeon ProductionsPigeon ProductionsMonth ago
  • The cat like “bish let me out nowwww” I ain’t no Cuzzo for nobody

    -•Hyat Mohamed•--•Hyat Mohamed•-Month ago
  • Where can I report there's a place here in Garden Grove California and there's tons of cats and kittens and I go once a week to take them food and water

    Veronica Chairez GonzalezVeronica Chairez GonzalezMonth ago
  • All these chickpeas together makes hummus😸

    Deanna LewisDeanna LewisMonth ago
  • I need you to come out to Sacramento and do this. My mom has so many cats around her house.

    Elzibeth JuarezElzibeth JuarezMonth ago
  • My kitten is missing you are the only one who makes me better!

    Magix FløwxerMagix FløwxerMonth ago
  • Undeniable logic we must sterilise homeless humans too this way

    Anshuman ShuklaAnshuman ShuklaMonth ago
  • chickpea's mom: cat 2 (I think)

    Grace GottliebGrace GottliebMonth ago
  • Ugh those people that just let this happen - they're are free resources everywhere. People so apathetic they cant even do a google search.

    StregaKytoStregaKytoMonth ago
  • Just calling them a colony of tux cats makes me feel like they’re the cat mafia or something.

    Sanna San 101Sanna San 101Month ago
  • My deepest respect for you and the people who work with you 💖💖💖💖💖

    Alexandra juistingaAlexandra juistingaMonth ago
  • A neighborhood full of internet sensations waiting to happen.

    Stormcloud ChinsStormcloud ChinsMonth ago
  • WONDERFUL. WORK YOURE DOING !!! So needed. I naïvely started to feed some stray cats that came to the backyard. I am getting older and I have developed health problems. I do not have the energy to trap and neuter these cats by myself. There are now lots of cats in my backyard.I was informed by the Columbus (Ohio) Humane shelter I could stop feeding them and they would move on. That is not a solution.

    C RoweC Rowe2 months ago
  • I am wondering if the cat with the pink collar on was someone's pet cat at one time.

    daisy beedaisy bee2 months ago
  • I love youre work but for all that hard work you will lethe them run away free again

    eriko martinezeriko martinez2 months ago
    • The word lethe is suppose to say let

      eriko martinezeriko martinez2 months ago
  • What a lovely organisation sensible dealing with the root of the problem

    Fat CatFat Cat2 months ago
  • Here’s a thought; Maybe cats have the right to live outside even if the conditions are not as desirable as indoors...wild animals have a right to live on this Earth like humans so why do we have the right to bring them out of their “wild” homes and sterilize them? Its just something that just crossed my mind...

    S M.S M.2 months ago
    • 57 Year Old James Bond Thats actually a good point.

      S M.S M.2 months ago
    • It’s cruel to allow new kittens to be born in bad conditions when you have the power to stop it. Cats don’t have the same moral reasoning for wanting to have children, they lose interest as soon as they’re sterilized.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • Brilliant! 😘🤗🐈🐾💞

    LBC4211LBC42112 months ago
  • My cat is a tuxedo~i call her Tuxi~

    Afini AAfini A2 months ago
  • You are so pretty, how the heck do you have time to be so put together with all you do?

    Elliej11 JElliej11 J2 months ago
  • U about go to turkey there are so many cats in the streets

    Have mercy on my SoulHave mercy on my Soul2 months ago
  • You are a hero.

    Gabriel MolineGabriel Moline2 months ago
  • I would love more socializing vids too. Like for these two kittens 🥰

    hunting alienshunting aliens2 months ago
  • Incredibly important video! 💕

    Chrissy PolansChrissy Polans2 months ago
  • I found my kitty out in my front yard he was only a few weeks old ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    ꧁HunnyBee꧁HunnyBee2 months ago
  • i think one of these is my cat o:

    Staci CampbellStaci Campbell2 months ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️ u Kitty woman but take off the damn mask. Live free.

    Dumb FreddyDumb Freddy2 months ago
    • The hell? She can wear a mask how she damn pleases, so stop with this shit.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • Bs propaganda commercial.

    Dumb FreddyDumb Freddy2 months ago
  • Masks = satanic Ritual. Zero to do with a virus.

    Dumb FreddyDumb Freddy2 months ago
  • Why r u wearing a mask ? And of all things OUTSIDE ?

    Dumb FreddyDumb Freddy2 months ago
  • Got 3 farm cats that is spayed, marked and vaccinated, because I've seen the hell that can come from someone abandoning their female cat on the farm. We had to euthanize 20 cats, because sickness spread through them and it all started with one cat and a few years.

    DragominThePainterDragominThePainter2 months ago
  • Bless you for doing what you do to help these little sweet babies...😊

    matthew edwardsmatthew edwards2 months ago
  • Just recently my state opened up a program that fixes outside cats for only $25

    ŦħE 十NE L十SŦ IN SħAÐ十WSŦħE 十NE L十SŦ IN SħAÐ十WS2 months ago
  • Singapore 🇸🇬 did the TNR so well!! 👏👏👏

    Ling DaSweetPieLing DaSweetPie2 months ago
  • your doing so much great work thank you my friend from france

    toki Popuptoki Popup2 months ago
    • @Aysha Jannath you write french? jhabite dans le nord

      toki Popuptoki Popup2 months ago
    • Yes me too I'm from France and the city is souillac. and what is your name of city? I think you are from Paris correct

      Aysha JannathAysha Jannath2 months ago
  • Is there like a channel that is for foster puppies and other animals too? I wanna see more that is just has equal balance of adorable and educational just like yours 🥺

    theNealCuttertheNealCutter2 months ago
  • Here's the mom Here's the- ... Other cat...

    Ayi AyyomiAyi Ayyomi2 months ago
  • Wow that’s a lot of tuxedos! *This neighborhood dresses extra*

    • L u m i n o u s •• L u m i n o u s •2 months ago

    Ella KwokElla Kwok2 months ago
  • I just realized that TNR must be cats' version of "I've been taken by aliens".

    Tirza Ben-ariTirza Ben-ari2 months ago
  • Two chickpeas in a pod

    Alyssa CasanovaAlyssa Casanova2 months ago
  • Tuxedo mamas have the prettiest eyes 😍

    BelleBelle2 months ago
  • You should really open your own cat shelter :>

    e m m ae m m a2 months ago
  • How is Chickpea, btw?

    Megan WaltersMegan Walters2 months ago
  • Awww I love you

    Ruthie DawsonRuthie Dawson2 months ago
  • 1:27 they look mad ٩(╬ఠ༬ఠ)و AF 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jacinta JoeglalJacinta Joeglal2 months ago
  • GREAT JOB ❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Luana CostaLuana Costa2 months ago
  • isnt TNR kinda a risk as it can result in the extinction of these cats..?

    Maham RehmanMaham Rehman2 months ago