Helping a 3-Legged Kitten After Amputation Surgery

Mar 2, 2020
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*CW: non-graphic post-surgical scar on a kitten, may be upsetting to some viewers* Jez needed amputation surgery after breaking his leg badly as a baby kitten. In this video, I share my experience fostering a three-legged kitten in the days after surgery, and show you that tripod cats can get around BEAUTIFULLY! Jez is doing GREAT and you can see him in his new home at @wolfgang_and_puck
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  • There was a kitty near our home and it was three legged too now is an adult and she gave birth to 3 healthy and playful kittens

    MT YMT Y2 days ago
  • My cat's hind leg was amputated two days ago. He can already run and jump again and I hope there won't be any complications. Your video gives me hope that he will soon be fine with 3 legs too

    Christine PChristine P11 days ago
  • this helped me so much, i have to get my kittens leg amputated and i was very scared for her well-being 😞

    Jay SmithJay Smith14 days ago
  • What really broke my heart was that we got the two boys as a set. They were so awesome (and awful) rippin and running around the place top to bottom. The Dominant one lost his rear leg and looked much the same as yours, only with short hair. It appears that he is still dominant, as he is still always in front. I hope you got to see your kitty "spooked" once while his/her hair was shaved.

    Iam ThemanIam Theman15 days ago
  • I have a cat just like yours. Shorter hair though

    Iam ThemanIam Theman16 days ago
  • I had my son watch this to help him prepare for our kitten’s amputation. Have to admit it was helpful for me too. Thank you for sharing.

    Mama RexMama Rex16 days ago
  • this is the cutest thing ever! I want to be like the lady and take care of animals

    Ekaterina AfanasievEkaterina Afanasiev17 days ago
  • I am currently taking care of a kitten whose leg hung so lose that it had to be disconnected from its body and the vet did so. The exposed muscles considered to have infection were bandaged using betadine and loraxane oral applications. Since the kitten is a stray it is anaemic(born to a young mother) and so the doctor couldn't perform the surgery as it could be dangerous. I have been asked to administer 0.2mL augmentin twice a day, 0.4mL of haemoglobin syrup(dexorange) twice a day and 5-10mL electral thrice a day. I feed the kitten boiled chicken but it is off mom's milk for now. If I give it to mama cat(which I won't), it will most probably perish in the wild with that exposed wound. Though its really really hard to bandage its wound, even a bigger challenge is to stop it from licking the area. One has secured the wound site with white medical tapes after applying necessary medicine. Weight of the kitten is 800g and it first has to overcome anaemia to get the wound closed. Till then each day is a challenge. Kindly suggest how to cope up...

    Swati BhandariSwati Bhandari18 days ago
  • Such a handsome boy 💙

    RAE RAERAE RAE23 days ago
  • Dr. Pol from Animal Planet has a 3 legged Cat at his office, and he moves as fast as a regular Cat would.

    JonathanJonathan25 days ago
  • His floor makes up for his missing leg. What a cutie!

    Aurora TherrienAurora Therrien29 days ago
  • Our kitty had a front leg amputation today, this videos makes me feel so much better.

    Brittany RoelofsBrittany RoelofsMonth ago
  • We have a young cat (not quite a year yet) who likes to nurse on blankets.

    Nat G.F.Nat G.F.Month ago
  • Jess looks a lot like my cat, Luna!

    AlphaCatAlphaCatMonth ago
  • I just adopted a tripod boy that looks just like Jez! He’s about 5 months old and they think he had a birth defect that damaged his left rear leg. The shelter got him as a stray. He’s starting to warm up and purr and seek affection already and he just arrived last nite. Taking it slowly and following Jackson Galaxies recommendations about integrating a new cat into our home and the 3 rescued boys that already live here. Anyone have any experience introducing a tripod to non tripod cats? Do they treat the tripod differently or is that a human construct?

    hottnmgirlhottnmgirlMonth ago
  • Just found out today from the vet that My kitten Charlie will have to get Their Leg Amputated in 3-4 weeks when he turns Old enough at first I was really worried and afraid that because of the Amputation my cats life would Be very different and Difficult you’re video has reassured me though thank you ❤️

    Trinity SmithTrinity SmithMonth ago
  • She is very fluffy

    Yudani EatonYudani EatonMonth ago
  • you are the best youtuber. helping kittens i. love you

    Shelberty BoothertShelberty BoothertMonth ago
  • Her name is cara

    Yudani EatonYudani EatonMonth ago
  • One of my cats is a tripod

    Yudani EatonYudani EatonMonth ago
  • I had a three legged cat until I was five she lived for 21years my mom adopted her before I was born

    Little GhostLittle GhostMonth ago
  • Jez doesnt think "I lost a leg", Jez thinks "I have three perfectly working legs, I will be the fastest kitten on eaaaaarth!!!!"

    XxBlueEyedxXXxBlueEyedxXMonth ago
  • Yep. A cat I knew as Tripod (until I learned he was Felix, he used to visit me) was the happiest, most mobile, cheerful little thing. I used to scratch the side he couldn't itch and his stump twitched in the most adorable way. He was faster than other cats, no joke.

    Lothar SoranLothar SoranMonth ago
  • he is so freaken cute

    Butter CupButter CupMonth ago
  • What are these cats called?

    Solo_ AlphaSolo_ AlphaMonth ago
  • I have a 3legged cat

    Thompson’s Makeup studioThompson’s Makeup studioMonth ago
  • I want him so bad!!!!

    Keri WalkerKeri WalkerMonth ago
  • Aw, 1:25.

    BigrignohioBigrignohioMonth ago
  • my cat was looking at the screen and looking at you kitten lady

    April RoseApril RoseMonth ago
  • My cat is also a tripod. Vet couldn't explain why she would run backwards and in circles. Scared us a few times. She's almost 4 years old now.

    Caro CatCaro CatMonth ago
  • aww he is so strong and cute

    JellyJellyMonth ago
  • Precious

    K TanK TanMonth ago
  • 4:53

    Liz FontanezLiz FontanezMonth ago
  • My cat Perry really wants to meet this tripod cat. Also I will kidnap a wizard to force him to give him the 4th leg or the wizard will have 1 leg.

    Liz FontanezLiz FontanezMonth ago
  • 0:48

    Liz FontanezLiz FontanezMonth ago
  • Poor kitty

    RKrew Family EntertainmentRKrew Family EntertainmentMonth ago
  • My kitten is getting the Same surgery Tomorrow thank you for the good out lookout

    Brian WilliamsBrian WilliamsMonth ago
  • Seeing Jez trying to nurse melts my heart.

    Midnight S2Midnight S2Month ago
  • A kitty hero❤️💪 I was wondering if you guys have your own cats, or you are just a foster home

    Kai LeenKai LeenMonth ago
  • This reminds me of a very sad story about how my aunt got her third and latest cat, Sweetie [Going to put a few enters so it goes to read more as its rather sad] . . . . . . . . So, my aunt is a vet, and her cats are all rescue, she has 3 currently, her first two were Crusty and Stumpy, Crusty was called that because when he first came in he had milk stuck on his muzzle from where his rescuer had fed him, Stumpy was named that because he didn't have a tail when he came in, it was docked. Sadly Stumpy passed away a few years ago losing his battle to cancer, and my aunt rescued another cat, Rue, with 3 legs, I don't really know her story. But she hops around so they named her Rue as in Kangaroo, since she hops around. Finally, we come to Sweetie. Now Sweetie's story is really sad.. Infact her previous owner is now in prison for what he did, they believed him to have a bit of an illness, and sadly he eventually resorted to "listening to the voices" and put poor Sweetie in the oven! They were afraid they weren't going to save all her legs but I believe they saved 3. The previous owner is now in jail for a long time, and I've yet to meet her myself but from what I learned she's an absolute sweetheart, hence being named Sweetie.

    NightRaiderTiaNightRaiderTia2 months ago
  • AW! I also have a tripod kitty! He is a year old now~

    Mamma LlamaMamma Llama2 months ago
  • 2:26 cats with 3 legs can live a perfectly healthy normal lives. Me:Ee!!..hehe.. purrfectly.

    Garroth OkhasisGarroth Okhasis2 months ago
  • I have a cat who was born with three legs she’s such a sweet girl she very tiny tho she 4 years old but looks like she younger than a year

    Random cat PicRandom cat Pic2 months ago
  • The kitten: I can make a grown man cry🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

    Lola HennrichLola Hennrich2 months ago
  • Hey.... How do I help a 12 yr old cat after leg amputation? She's in pain and I dont know how to help her....

    Dream_DeckDream_Deck2 months ago
    • Cat pain meds, if you have any, or ask your vet.

      Gabby BGabby B2 months ago
  • Poor thing😱😥🙁😢😭😭😭

    lala playslala plays2 months ago
  • I don't care if he only has 3 legs he's sooooooo cute

    RAMON SOTORAMON SOTO2 months ago
  • Short Story with a happy ending... About 6 weeks ago we "adopted" a 3 legged kitten. We have two feral cat who lives in the area and come around almost daily to be fed. Ones been here for a few years and is missing his eye, we call him Fred, like in the movie. The other was a kitten in the fall who we called Fred junior. In early july, after not seeing Fred Jr. for several weeks "He" and Fred showed up with 5 kittens. One was missing its rear left leg. There was no visible trauma . So I am guessing she was born like this? At the time, they appeared to be at least 4 weeks old. As they were running all over the place. Eating regular dry food. Climbing etc We fed them and they all stayed in the yard for the next few days. We decided to Catch the mom to get her neutered before we end up with a colony of feral cats. This is the third litter of Feral kittens over the past 8 years that ended up in our yard. But the others were both much younger. She was so accustomed to us and friendly she basically walked into the cage. We took her to get neutered. The night she was away we caught 3 of the 5 kittens, One of which was the tripod, we now call Maggie. All we had was a tiny cat carrier and a large dog crate training type wire cage. Which the cats were able to squeeze through. But the garage was closed and empty. So, i figured they were fine The next day we brought the mom back and she stayed close to the house. Climbing up on the garage window sill, which is 4 feet off the ground. meowing at the kittens in the garage. The weather got very hot over those few days so we opened the screened window a few inches to get some circulation. catch Were getting her ready for her first Vet visit. We have been apprehensive about taking her thus far due to all she's been through and her slowness to let us hold her. She doesn't hiss or bite like other older feral kittens we've fostered. But shes dancing to her own drum and we just love her! .

    GDTRFBBB -YTGDTRFBBB -YT2 months ago
  • Poor baby

    guestguest2 months ago
  • So, so reassuring. Our foster is scheduled for an amputation next week. Thank you!

    Catherine VerrilliCatherine Verrilli2 months ago
  • such a gorgeous kitty!

    Prism_DrawsPrism_Draws2 months ago
  • I just got an older (7) cat who recently had his back leg amputated. He is pretty traumatized from whatever his life was before me and the intense physical pain he went through (he was found by rescuers hiding under a car with multiple lacerations and the bone of his leg exposed). This video is everything I hope for him in the future.

    Ariel HeiningAriel Heining2 months ago
  • My cats leg broke yesterday. He is getting his leg amputated tomorrow or Monday

    Emily BrownEmily Brown2 months ago
  • If I had to choose, 2 million dollars or fostering kittens and knowing how to do everything, you know dang well what I would choose.

    Scrap ScenesScrap Scenes2 months ago
  • How is jez doing?

    Scrap ScenesScrap Scenes2 months ago
  • This makes me feel so much better about my baby about to go into surgery, thank you so much!

    Natalie LlamasNatalie Llamas2 months ago
  • même avec trois pattes il est trop choupinou

    Kurt MeyerKurt Meyer2 months ago
  • Can’t believe that the amputation required removing the fur🤨

    Maclover2000Maclover20002 months ago
  • Don't know if you mentioned using non clay litter was important post surgery. those first clumsy litter box visits were worrisome. My Milo had his left rear leg amputated too. He is a busy boy and my love bug.

    K KerK Ker2 months ago
  • why did they remove the whole leg why not remove a part of the leg

    Solid CoalSolid Coal3 months ago
  • How old was the kitten when he had this surgery? Maybe you said it, but I missed it. Thank yo. He's adorable.

    Ken CaruthersKen Caruthers3 months ago
  • Thank you, Kitten Lady. You make my day.

    Gareth LeitnerGareth Leitner3 months ago
  • We recently adopted a kitten who was found at 2 weeks with a traumatic amputation of the entire foot, and we don't know what caused it. She healed pretty quickly, but was underweight and didn't have the physical strength to lift her stump and it would drag on the floor causing a wound to appear and got infected. We have been told by the vet that it may be necessary to do surgery to remove the leg at the hip joint as it would be much easier for her to move. She is almost 3 months old and super healthy, has learned to lift her stump and is super agile, loves to climb and does it super well! We still keep an eye on it but if we could avoid surgery it would be much better for her.

    imakenoises89imakenoises893 months ago
  • One of my cats had to have his right back leg amputated when he was around a year old, he was up and running within a week. If you're on the fence about needing to amputate your cat's leg, trust me when I say your cat will do OK.

    NDM_509NDM_5093 months ago
  • I trust and believe you made the right decision now he'll have a very fulfilling life with no issues later! 🤗👏🏿🤜🏿👍🏿

    Lakeisha BakerLakeisha Baker3 months ago

    my cat V.P. and SOLO ASMRmy cat V.P. and SOLO ASMR3 months ago
  • FLIPPIN adorable ending.

    FanGirl-ishFanGirl-ish3 months ago
  • Our cat Clyde has four legs but had surgury on one leg.

    LuLaRoe Jenny LaraiaLuLaRoe Jenny Laraia3 months ago
  • I’m an amputee with 1 leg I wish I had him it’s hard at first but I’m used to it I can’t imagine how hard it would be for this poor kitten

    Pusheen ObsessedPusheen Obsessed3 months ago
  • I know that this is an old video--I just wanted to say that watching this as a vet tech, it helps me to take a step back and realize that not everyone knows everything that I know. The part about how shocking it was post-surgery really hit me and made me think about it. Surgery like that seems so normal for me at this point that it's hard to remember little details like that. I'm glad Jez had you to help him adjust!

    Christina BeanChristina Bean3 months ago
  • *We have a lot of useful videos about kittens. Come have a look*

    Kitten LifeKitten Life3 months ago
  • My cat (who sadly passed away in january) used to nurse on t-shirts his whole life, it was so nasty having your armpit soaked in cat spit but now I really, really miss my slobbery old boy

    Sabrina HansenSabrina Hansen3 months ago
  • Poor cat can't scratch his ear

    Erica WalshErica Walsh3 months ago
  • Cute 😍 kitten

    Keith DunhamKeith Dunham3 months ago
  • My cats coming home tomorrow from getting her leg amputated :( haven't been able to see her for a few days

    rosy catrosy cat3 months ago
  • His cuteness is unbearable!!!!!!

    Janet GaurieJanet Gaurie3 months ago
  • Oh meu Deus que fofa essa gatinho da o likes

    cherry chancherry chan3 months ago
  • He👏is👏beautiful

    Beautiful BrookeBeautiful Brooke3 months ago
  • Omg He's such a gorgeous kitty. I swear cats are just so much tougher than we think they are. They bounce back so hard.

    Matt BMatt B3 months ago
  • So adorable!

    Jennie GreeningJennie Greening3 months ago
  • Dammit Jezz is so cute.

    NikkiNikki3 months ago
  • He is purrfect.

    Eve MckayEve Mckay3 months ago
  • I wish there was a way to stop all of this suffering 😭 My Mom fosters cats and dogs, and we had a pregnant dog named Daliah. She was sick and gave birth just before she was better. There were 9 different pups... they all lived about 2 weeks until the first one died... then, one after one, they all passed. I wish there were more people like you to help these poor innocent creatures. You are awesome 😁

    Maisel the One and OnlyMaisel the One and Only4 months ago
  • my cat came home yesterday after being missing for 3 days with his hind leg stripped to the bone. We originally planned on getting a skin graft but it turns out there is no blood flow to his ankle so it needs to be amputated. Seeing that this kitty coped so well with the amputation makes me feel so much better. My cat is my best friend.

    Phoebe WalshPhoebe Walsh4 months ago
  • Melodie here any way I can take one of them so I can save you more resource for the kittens more in need

    Melodie SutkaMelodie Sutka4 months ago
  • We adopted an 8 month old kitty that had his left rear leg amputated. It was removed a couple of months ago. He’s amazing and fun but we’ve had challenges in the litter box where he will sometimes fall on his poop. Will this get any better? Any tips?

    TCTC4 months ago
  • My cat, who is not normally a fan of kittens, really enjoyed watching this with me

    Elizabeth SchuonElizabeth Schuon4 months ago
  • I wanna adopt it but it's to cute and unique

    goldenpro18 tailsgoldenpro18 tails4 months ago
  • Our kitten is about to go through this tomorrow after a broken leg unfortunately cut off the blood supply. This is our only option. We are super nervous but seeing this video has helped. Good to see you guys are doing well

    Matthew OwensMatthew Owens4 months ago
  • My cat fell and broke it leg and we were faced with two options. The first was a surgery but it was extremely expensive, and the second was amputation that fit better in our budget. Our family didn’t want it amputated but it was all we could do to stop the pain and bring our cat to it’s happy state. I’m so sad but I know she will do just fine.

    akorakor4 months ago
  • My cat also has 3 legs

    kristian wolterskristian wolters4 months ago
  • He’s the cutest thing! I feel like he’s not even bothered by the amputation lol

    Ashanti ThearaAshanti Theara4 months ago
  • Yes, going through this right now. Our cat got outside and a vine was wrapped around his hind paw. Two days ago he had his leg amputated because the foot was “dead”. 💔 He is a year old, so hopefully he heals well and lives a long life.

    Maura NoonanMaura Noonan4 months ago
  • Thank you. Our young cat is having amputation surgery today. This will help us to be more prepared for what's to come.

    Julie HiattJulie Hiatt4 months ago
  • My 14 year old cat milo has 3 legs

    libby allenlibby allen4 months ago
  • He is soooooo cute his lil face and tummy :,0

    Ruthie SawyersRuthie Sawyers4 months ago
  • Who else misses chloe

    Allison TiegsAllison Tiegs4 months ago
  • My cat, lynx, which is the one on the photo(VERY OLD PHOTO) had to get her leg amputated too. We still don’t know how she broke her leg, but she was a rescue, had 2 litters of kittens(one while her leg had a splint on it!), and a very good kitty!

    Lynxy booLynxy boo4 months ago
  • Okay so this is kind of a sad story but has a good ending so my catthistle he's a gray cat he's really cute he's really nice we went to get him neutered and we went to our local vet but after the surgery are conducted a really bad fever and his incision got really infected so he stayed at the vet for the next 3 weeks and when he got back home he seemed a lot better a lot happier and she wasn't having a fever anymore he got really better and now he is really good

    Emma SpeerEmma Speer4 months ago
    • Okay so here's a little backstory so he he only had one ball so the doctor looked inside of him for the other one and he got an infection from the cut that he was searching through and they think that'll probably fused together with one another or just didn't grow

      Emma SpeerEmma Speer4 months ago
  • I'm glad that the rest of his body is ok and he can live a long and happy life without having that much trouble walking with 3 legs😟. But that is still sad and he is such a sweet cat s well😭. I'm trying to see the positive

    João ChanocaJoão Chanoca4 months ago