Helping a Feral Kitten Become Friendly (Step by Step How-To!)

Oct 26, 2019
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In this video, I give you 11 tips for working with hissy feral kittens. Watch as I socialize my feral foster kitten Crabapple, and help him go from WILD to MILD!
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • i have: 6, 6 week old can you give me some advice anyone im new but not clueless just looking for some tips to help socialize :D

      Sophia Play’zSophia Play’z22 days ago
    • @ItzBrxken_Error she is under my house

      Mazie ColeMazie ColeMonth ago
    • What happen..?

      ItzBrxken_ErrorItzBrxken_ErrorMonth ago
    • Oh no.

      ItzBrxken_ErrorItzBrxken_ErrorMonth ago
    • She won't come home we know where she is now

      Mazie ColeMazie ColeMonth ago
  • I really hope this helps as I am getting a kitten that need a home and it just learnt to walk and doesn't want to be touched by humans at all. I am so nervous.

    Tara De vosTara De vos55 minutes ago
  • (8:37) - LMAO he looks like he's zonked out of his mind!!!

    DJ DopplerDJ Doppler3 hours ago
  • How to tame a feral dog : Give a biscuit.. and he'll trust you with life for rest of his life lol

    Aby TamangAby Tamang2 days ago
  • HIs face in the hoodie is just everything XD

    Oof girlOof girl2 days ago
  • your videos are sooooooo cute!

    Drakyo CarolüssDrakyo Carolüss3 days ago
  • Once again slamming on the info thanks so much -Kim

    Kimberly WesleyKimberly Wesley3 days ago
  • As someone that has raised many a feral spicy meatball over his lifetime: Keep up the good work. Also, FYI socializing an adult cat is SO much harder. Multiplied by the fact they are both faster and much meaner in the "I will claw your shit" department. not impossible mind you, more liek going from Normal to very hard difficulty and skipping hard.

    Diceman82Diceman824 days ago
  • my parents wont even let me get near one :c

    도쿄 :•도쿄 :•4 days ago
  • 6:41 the blanket is chapati🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • The blanket is chapati🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  • Thank you so much for these videos. I'm in the process of trapping and fixing a kitten I've spotted in my neighborhood. He's already about 4 months old, I've been feeding him twice a day for a week now. I'm hopeful I'll be able to keep him

    Maria Fernanda QuezadaMaria Fernanda Quezada4 days ago
  • I just kiss my feral kitten on the head because he’s been finally sitting in my lap. He looked up at me and hissed LOL.

    Truth Seeker JenTruth Seeker Jen4 days ago
  • I just rescued two kittens. They weren’t related and from different parts of town. One was completely wild feral. He sitting in my lap right now finally. This has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I took them home so I could rehabilitate them and have them adopted out. But my heart doesn’t want to.

    Truth Seeker JenTruth Seeker Jen4 days ago
  • The exact same thing has happened to us, how do you socialize the siblings who are different levels of feral (we've had one for a month and the other has arrived yesterday after being finally caught)

    Kate ChampionKate Champion5 days ago
  • Ok so I need some help we found this stray cat and she is the freandlyist thing ever she loves ppl and just wants to be pet but she is so skinny and I realy want to find her a home what should I do? We can’t take it in bk we already have 3 cats I just want it to have a home soo bad

    slime&fishslime&fish5 days ago
  • Great video. Great that you put this information out as so many find cats and want to take them home. This will be a big help so they are a real part of the family not just being fed and still remaining alone with no love.

    Barbara guestBarbara guest6 days ago
  • If this is feral, then I wonder what I’ve adopted 😅 Thank you for the very informative video!

    Philipp MarcPhilipp Marc6 days ago
  • This is a great video! I was making the free feeding mistake!

    kimberly millerkimberly miller6 days ago

    Kovenant LibyKovenant Liby6 days ago
  • I was cracking up seeing him lay on his back. That was so cute.

    Ryan HanksRyan Hanks6 days ago
  • Did you introduce apple to crabapple

    Jamaal belleJamaal belle6 days ago
  • What if the cat wants to live outside then what your taking away his freedom

    Ammara WaseemAmmara Waseem6 days ago
  • When she babies the cat, she sounds like Moria Brown from Fallout 3

    Brandon GonzalesBrandon Gonzales7 days ago
  • Why was I reminded of Severus snape ?? 😂

    Mehrak JokarMehrak Jokar8 days ago
  • On tip #7 be very careful I have been accidently bitten by a kitten that mistook my finger for a morsel.

    Harmonious HomesteadHarmonious Homestead8 days ago
  • Is that a tortilla blanket?! 6:45

    Killer bunnyKiller bunny8 days ago
  • My mom will now

    Natalia PerezNatalia Perez8 days ago
  • I have a question pertaining to feral kittens; the feral mother cat gave birth to 4 healthy kittens they appeared to be doing o.k. I went to check on them and there is,t 1 kitten to be found:?? there are no indications of predatory foul play; do 1-month-old feral kittens just disappear?? the mother is still here?? hope you can help THANK,S PATRICK.P

    Patrick PetermanPatrick Peterman8 days ago
  • 0:37 spool adorable😍😍😍

    Hina AhmedHina Ahmed8 days ago
  • Smokey approves this video.

    cast390cast3908 days ago
  • Hey Hannah. Hope you are doing well. How cute are Crabapple and Apple. I hope they're both well too and that you found both a good Forever Home. Thanks for being such an awesome foster Mom. All the best :-)

    Nuno SoaresNuno Soares9 days ago
  • My kitten is like that

    J VIPWTPNN EdensCrystalStreamsJ VIPWTPNN EdensCrystalStreams9 days ago
  • I'm over here giggling at the name "Crabapple"

    Tuli DomineauxTuli Domineaux9 days ago
  • I like the kitten laddy i`m cat girl

    Cat GirlCat Girl10 days ago
  • Omg 😱 wow 😳

    Barno GulyamovaBarno Gulyamova11 days ago
  • new fan !, dear lady, i have this 3-4 week kitten, how do I teach her to poop in litter box?

    Naufal FarrasNaufal Farras11 days ago
  • Kitten lady: **pets carbapple** Carbapple: I don’t like this I think idk it’s kinda nice. Kitten lady: **hugs carbapple** Carbapple: okay lady I am the one who makes the moves you just listen even though this is kind of nice you’re allowed to do anything I am in charge! Kitten lady: your so cute! ** gives affection to carbapple** Carbapple: stop it! ☺️ do it again! Call me Cute again!

    o O o Samie Gacha Bubbles o O oo O o Samie Gacha Bubbles o O o11 days ago
  • I sense a Cute pie!

    o O o Samie Gacha Bubbles o O oo O o Samie Gacha Bubbles o O o11 days ago
  • God loves you so much! i love you too!! ^^

    mihnii dinhmihnii dinh12 days ago
  • I used to have one feral Male kitten. He would hissed and growled at me. But now his my baby , he loves to have his belly rubs no more hissing but he still afraid of my mom. He would hide whenever she’s around.

    Sierra FannySierra Fanny13 days ago
  • The good thing about kittens is that they can always listen to you 😊🐱🐈🐾🐱🐯🙀

    Julean MillerJulean Miller13 days ago
  • ok,kitten lady! i'll check it out and i love it!!!!

    Saya TrivediSaya Trivedi14 days ago
  • i'll follow you! i love your videos

    Saya TrivediSaya Trivedi14 days ago
  • wow! i'm in!

    Saya TrivediSaya Trivedi14 days ago
  • Would you do a video of how you introduce the feral kittens to your cat?

    Siren Of ScarletSiren Of Scarlet14 days ago
  • I know they kan even when they aren't ferral and they climb so there are always littel scratch mark on my back or my sisters

    Bram SebelBram Sebel15 days ago
  • Beautiful looking kitty

    Indeliblystamped SupertrampIndeliblystamped Supertramp16 days ago
  • Hi kittin lady iam very small so my hoddies are small my cat does not fit in a KID sozed hoddy she is about 11 pounds and is an adult cat does this mean she is fat or my hoddies really are just small?

    monkey ladymonkey lady16 days ago
  • He is so funny and adorable

    Barbara WeekleyBarbara Weekley17 days ago
  • He is so cute

    Barbara WeekleyBarbara Weekley17 days ago
  • This is so super helpful! I just trapped a super spicy kitten who I am estimating to be 8-9weeks old. I am already taking these steps so it's good to know my intuition on it has been pretty on point. :) hoping to go from spicy to sweet ❤

    Ami SAmi S18 days ago
  • This video was so helpful! I’m getting a feral kitten Tuesday and this video helped me os much!

    Farah NasrawiFarah Nasrawi18 days ago
  • I've been trying to trap these 3 kittens in my backyard for 2 days now. I started feeding the mother over a month ago when I saw she gave birth in the yard. But I think they're on to me. I have a manual trap set up, I triggered it once, caught one but underestimated how small they are and it squeeze out. :(4 weeks ago, I rescued one of the siblings that was abandoned by the mom in a bush because it was sick. I found her crying, took her in and treated her, fed her etc. She is TWICE their size now. There is actually another litter, with 2 kittens and one is VERY sick. I tried to catch her today but she had no interest in tuna. I researched how to trap, but its not really working. IF ANYONE KNOWS BETTER WAYS to trap please help. lol.

    Lisa MarieLisa Marie18 days ago
  • 8:30 Me on Monday mornings

    Patrick KeownPatrick Keown19 days ago
  • because of this video i turned the two feral kittens my dad rescued from the road in to two lovely and hyper babies who are my forever cats

  • I love you and all you do! As a sister 🥰😻

    B ManB Man19 days ago
  • I have an older kitten that I am trying to make friendly.. I have been feeding her for a month and took her to the vet for a tail infection and neutering. I feel she is lonely bc she doesn't interact much with other cats and I have to put her food in a hiding place. I haven't made any progress bc she still is fearful of my touch and I am now losing hope. Any advice?

    aLaa aLiaLaa aLi20 days ago
  • I don’t know if I’m still allergic to kittens or cats but there’s this adorable ginger color kitten that comes around my in laws house and Ive been wanting to pet it or see it if comes more around the house. I don’t know how to let him know we’re friendly people or eventually break him in where I could catch it.

    Angel BuelnaAngel Buelna20 days ago
  • This is very helpful Thanks! This Kitten snuck into our house and i finally caught him Tysm!

    Silk MilkSilk Milk21 day ago
  • I got two new ferals they are some mean onea

    Tiffany RobertsonTiffany Robertson21 day ago
  • i have: 6, 6 week old can you give me some advice anyone im new but not clueless just looking for some tips to help socialize :D

    Sophia Play’zSophia Play’z22 days ago
  • i have: 6, 6 week old can you give me some advice anyone im new but not clueless just looking for some tips to help socialize :D

    Sophia Play’zSophia Play’z22 days ago
  • OMG so Adorable and Love the name Crabapple lol So Pawsome 🐱😻❤🐾

    Italiangirl27Italiangirl2722 days ago
  • Thanks for the video. Very helpful. Where to place the litter tray? What should be the distance from the bed/food&water?

    Rajkumar SahooRajkumar Sahoo23 days ago
  • thaks a lot me and my familly resqeud a lil kitten and he was wild

    Ιωάννης ΛογαρίδηςΙωάννης Λογαρίδης23 days ago
  • From nuclear noodles to mayonnaise

    kittykitty24 days ago
  • Can you do that with a senior feral cat?

    jasmine morenojasmine moreno24 days ago
  • The hoodie technique is 👍👍

    RAE RAERAE RAE27 days ago
  • I also had a kitten how does I get that is now I am going to tell you that one day I saw a cat and I give her some milk and next day she came back with two kittens I name my cat Mano and Grey white kitten Duddu and brown white kitten Bubbu 😄👑🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐈🐱🐱🏠

    anzalna Aamiranzalna Aamir27 days ago
  • Yeah, this is the opposite of what my family did. My mom had two feral kittens fixed, approx 8 weeks old and just released them into the house with out warning. We already had 5 other cats. The story ends with me literally fighting for my life to get them out of the house.

    Waste NinjaWaste Ninja28 days ago
  • 2:24 make it drop that's a CAT sorry i had to-

    ItsEpyItsEpy28 days ago
  • I am not comfortable with the idea of locking a cat up somewhere for days. It just sounds cruel to me 😬. I am sure you would have achieved the same result just by feeding the cat.

    Humberto AlencarHumberto Alencar29 days ago
    • Not really?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond29 days ago
  • I had a farel bite through my fingernail ouch

    BlairBlairMonth ago
  • What kind of gloves are you using in the video. I'm going to have some spicy kittens in the next few days that I would like to attempt to cool down.

    Robyn Goldman-GrunseichRobyn Goldman-GrunseichMonth ago
  • You're absolutely BRILLIANT

    Amruta MahajanAmruta MahajanMonth ago
  • This video is so helpful. I have a small kitten who has been coming into my yard for a month now/. I finally have my appointment to rent a trap at spca to take the little kitten to get spayed/shots. I ordered my closed playpen! Need to wait a little bit longer they wont give me the trap till oct. 16th!

    Krystal CushereKrystal CushereMonth ago
  • I hope these tips work nwn💞

    Kitty bandsKitty bandsMonth ago
  • She will purr loudly but bite us and scratch but she’s sweet I love cuddles

    Adaleigh BarnesAdaleigh BarnesMonth ago
  • Do u live in Oklahoma? My dad says he went to high school or middle school with u also I got a feral 6 week old kitten and she was not really feral her name Dottie after an animal crossing character

    Adaleigh BarnesAdaleigh BarnesMonth ago
  • Very apt name for him in the beginning.

    Tory KnottsTory KnottsMonth ago
  • I have a 4 month old Feral Kitten. She and her sisters and one brother were rescued from the outdoors. Mother cat also was rescued let nurse the babies then spayed and let back into the wild again. The brother cat did not tame in the foster home so he was neutered and let back into the wild. She is a sweet and loving Tabby kitten and you would never know she was Feral. Her sisters have been adopted.

    Donna BrownDonna BrownMonth ago
  • Kitten lady: A lot of people think that just because a kitten is small, they can't hurt you. That's not true. Me: Can confirm. I still have the scar from my brothers kitten from 5 weeks before August ended. 😑

    Ariana LussierAriana LussierMonth ago
  • What were you feeding him? The meal looked bigger than the kitten.

    Matthew GoodmanMatthew GoodmanMonth ago
  • this video helped me tame a feral cat, he was 2 months old and he will make 1 year in october! (sorry for my bad english)

    Barbara SilvaBarbara SilvaMonth ago
  • Hey; we have the same carrier! Mine is one of the old tan & green ones.

    DaggeiraDaggeiraMonth ago
  • Thank you for educating. :D

    Helen PetersenHelen PetersenMonth ago
  • Can this be done if the kitten is 6 months

    Safi LaSafi LaMonth ago
  • Lol, something I do with my already-friendly kitten is give her strokes and talk to her like she is a baby because she is one! :)

    indygirlieindygirlieMonth ago
  • Paused at 10:37 while I fell off my chair,,,,,,,,,

    Travis MckinnonTravis MckinnonMonth ago
  • I lost 3 of my ferrel newborns today. This video really lifted my spirits. Thanks for being such a good kitty mama, and for being so charming. You turned my sadness into a smile. Thank you.

    David PierceDavid PierceMonth ago
  • have you tried to s q u i s h t h a t c a t

    Benjamin Kiss-MartosBenjamin Kiss-MartosMonth ago
  • thatsa spicy fee-line!

    Tracy JonesTracy JonesMonth ago
  • I watched this when I brought home 3 kitten and one female was very difficult. The tip about the food and make them see you as a source was a game changer! Thank you so much, I can’t believe how my kitten is developing and becoming calmer and more confident.

    Fernanda CampestriniFernanda CampestriniMonth ago
  • Cats are nice to you but when they want to be they copd be the worst assholes in existence I'm going to get a domesticated cat in a month maybe not domesticated but still getting a cat

    xgamer xxgamer xMonth ago
  • Hi Kitten Lady, do you think we could use these tips with adult cats? I know it will be harder, but could it be useful?

    PashminoShillaPashminoShillaMonth ago
  • What if I hear a bark in my house but there is no dog in my house but my cat? I’m sus about Cheeto (My cat)

    Joshua TrujilloJoshua TrujilloMonth ago
  • cat hair hoodieee

    cutiepotato uwucutiepotato uwuMonth ago
  • Oh my God! Best video ever! This spicy little baby is SO cute! I love black and white cats with markings like his. I had one once, a long time ago. Best cat ever!! It was so nice to see him grow mild and happy!! Kitten Lady is the best. Thank GOODNESS for people like her!!

    Mike SMike SMonth ago
  • 0:07 was freaking adorable

    Mini Mochas!Mini Mochas!Month ago