How to Find a Home for a Foster Kitten

Jul 25, 2019
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In this video, learn all about how to generate interest in your foster kittens so that they can find wonderful adopters! Learn how to make a kitten bio, how to take a fantastic photo, and how to get the whole community talking about your kittens!
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  • I love this video but as a cat lover, it bothered me to hear her called a "queen" because she isn't a pregnant momma cat lol.

    The Chaos CrewThe Chaos CrewMonth ago
  • I really wish I could foster. My apartment complex has strict rules about how many pets are allowed and I'm already at the max with my 2 cats.

    Bobbye ABobbye AMonth ago
  • What’s the adoption age?

    Adriana FloresAdriana FloresMonth ago
  • It is a lost kitten in right now

    Heaven AbernathyHeaven Abernathy2 months ago
  • Is there a second video on questions to ask potential adopters? Thanks :)

    AesiaAesia2 months ago
  • can you make a video of your cat going to addoption i know you already mad some but make more pleaaaase!!!!!!!!!! meow

    Emily LinEmily Lin2 months ago
  • I’m gonna use this for my dating profile “this princess wants to snuggle on your couch and play with your dog” Jk, I don’t have a dating profile, I have a cat, I don’t need no man.

    Grecia BarrazaGrecia Barraza2 months ago
  • Thank you great ideas. I will be use it to find home feral kittens and mom in arizona and california ...

    Juana StanbridgeJuana Stanbridge2 months ago
  • I want Pepperment

    annette Aubree Nicole Eggerdannette Aubree Nicole Eggerd2 months ago
  • Great information. I just bought your book but I haven't had a chance to see if this info is in it, I hope so! Thanks bunches!

    Judy LeeJudy Lee3 months ago
  • Epic!! Glad I found your videos

    Janek FyffeJanek Fyffe3 months ago
  • My foster kittens were on my chest while I was watching another one of your videos and he decided that he wanted me to watch this one instead

    Bittersweet OptimismBittersweet Optimism4 months ago
  • "Spayed at 8 weeks" makes my head go "uh oh" pre pubescent neutering has much costs to wellbeing of said pet, maybe just "vet" your adoptee's a bit better so they can do a post pubescent neuter (but with still absent pregnancies) resulting is a much more well formed and healthier animal!

    London AssessorLondon Assessor5 months ago
  • my kitten is also named sage! love him!

    i am a cati am a cat5 months ago
  • I want to find part two with how to vet the people adopting the kittens cant find it...

    J NoJ No5 months ago
  • Haha the noise that Flower makes is the same that my former foster did. It's so funny

    Marli FermorMarli Fermor5 months ago
  • Help!!! I have 2 feral mothers with 10 kittens. I think I'm doing ok so far. Moms are settling down and letting me handle kittens that are 2 weeks. 2nd mother's kittens are only 2 days old. So not doing much except feeding mom. Need any advice out there. Thanks!

    Julie RoweJulie Rowe5 months ago
  • Where is the video for part 2, vetting potential adopters?

    EsmeraldaEsmeralda5 months ago
  • Cute Scragglemuffins that want to be the Queen of your Heart in your Area!

    CallieBestGirlCallieBestGirl5 months ago
  • I adopted a stay cat (by adopted I mean she decided my house was her house and I went with it) and it turns out shes pregnant (~45d). I've been watching your videos and they've been super helpful (thank you!!) but I was wondering if you have any tips on how to prepare kittens for adoption? outside of making sure they're healthy that is, I can't seem to find much on anything other than meeting their needs.

    Leihla WilsonLeihla Wilson5 months ago
  • Could someone read over my adoption profile for my foster cat?

    Rachel RidgwayRachel Ridgway5 months ago
  • When I foster I’m gonna keep my first kitten 😊

    Hogwarts Is homeHogwarts Is home5 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady i have three cats my male cat is poxy and the other two female are Lili and Lulu your videos are life changing thanks you for your videos

    Gulam HGulam H6 months ago
  • Yeah I could never foster kittens. Instead of you being the kitten lady I would become the cat lady because they're staying with me FOREVER 😭

    Jessica AtkinsJessica Atkins6 months ago
  • Can you do a Easter video with the kittens

    sis vs bro fansis vs bro fan7 months ago
  • When will you keep a kitten til it gets old

    sis vs bro fansis vs bro fan7 months ago
  • Lol this is like my ela class but a billion times better

    Sajida MalikSajida Malik7 months ago
  • Do you have any tips for finding homes for older kittens like 10 months or older. Is because a momma cat has their litter and since then I’ve been helping them. The thing is I couldn’t bring them inside since I still live with parents and they don’t like animals inside the house (I’ve made them a shelter outside). They are so tame and I can pet them as well as my family. The thing is that when strangers come sometimes they hide and sometimes they let themselves be petted. Should I still try to find them homes? Is because I can’t keep them all and I feel my family is getting annoyed with them. Can they still be adoptable? I’ve been trying to find them homes since they were small but no luck. 😞. And some people have shown interest but they don’t call after I tell them about the adoption fee and their history.

    Lorena CastilloLorena Castillo7 months ago
  • so damn useful, I have adult stray cats who are spayed and really ready for a home, they are much harder to place than small babies, so your video is my bible.

    Helena SáezHelena Sáez8 months ago
  • But what happens if you find a person to adopt the kitten but they never get back to you about picking the kitten up?

    Mark SmithMark Smith8 months ago
  • How do you know if someone is right to adopt? I can't find that video

    SashimiSashimi8 months ago
  • I have a scraggle muffin on my chest...

    Trin MurrayTrin Murray8 months ago
  • I always feel the kitties that YOU are holding. They are so cute. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    Rich-ArD-StyleRich-ArD-Style8 months ago
  • I am so impressed by what you do! Just excellent jobs you do and your in depth explanations how to handle everything about kittens.

    Rich-ArD-StyleRich-ArD-Style8 months ago
  • I would have done "A Peppermint Treat to Make Your Home Sweet"... but it's not a contest...

    LizLoxe LoveLizLoxe Love9 months ago
  • I read one a kitten bio that said: This little princess loves salami almost as much as she will love you.

    KatakuKataku9 months ago
  • I have a demonic little cat who’s 7 years old and is just pure evil 😂

    Yashi Yashi •0•Yashi Yashi •0•9 months ago
  • I was fostering through an agency and we had to give them back to be fixed and adopted out.😢hardest thing I’ve ever done.

    juliet curlsjuliet curls9 months ago
  • I can’t seem to find the next video about this topic.. does anyone know how it’s called?

    Neela DelphineNeela Delphine10 months ago
  • Saw your book featured in a magazine at my vet! 💕

    Symphony SonicSymphony Sonic10 months ago
  • So cute~!

    MidnightkittyMidnightkitty11 months ago
  • Hi Hannah I live in Ireland do things are a bit different. I have rescuscued kittens. But I had to keep most of them. What age would you recommend cats being spayed. Thanks love you I usually watch your videos through a haze of tears. Xxx

    annette gowerannette gower11 months ago
  • Can you make a video about vetting adopters soon please and thank you

    Ashley ChristmanAshley Christman11 months ago
  • Amazing!

    Angelina PineiroAngelina PineiroYear ago
  • OMG there's a picture of Badgie boy on the wall!

    Marta SzalinskaMarta SzalinskaYear ago

    Kále MSPKále MSPYear ago
  • 7:59 ok why did I hear “she’s a big pervert” Wtf😂

    HumanHumanYear ago
  • Sage's voice literally makes me cry. How can anything be that precious??

    Kennis the MenaceKennis the MenaceYear ago
  • 😍😍

    Jack DavisJack DavisYear ago
  • I'm fostering two kittens that were abandoned outside my work, and I have a feeling I'm gonna be a foster fail. 😂 I'm in love with them.

    EllieEllieYear ago
    • That's a wonderful kind of failure, very happy to hear it!

      polyscientpolyscient11 months ago
    • @polyscient failed! Haha, I officially adopted them last Friday and couldn't be happier. 💜

      EllieEllie11 months ago
    • How is it going now?

      polyscientpolyscient11 months ago
  • DAT is eyebrow goals gurl!

    MagelaMagelaYear ago
  • If someone was working with or at a cat cafe you could make a food and drinks menu as usual, as well as a kitten menu with their photos and profiles.

    Lps Coco and RoxyLps Coco and RoxyYear ago
  • Do they really spay/neuter kittens at 8 weeks??? I thought that is not beneficial to their bodies. In the UK, the recommended age is around 6-7 months.

    Lps SweetsLps SweetsYear ago
  • Jhinyl

    Eric12 TidalogEric12 TidalogYear ago
  • Can someone please write on my comment please I need it 😥

    Stormy AinsworthStormy AinsworthYear ago

    Autumn SiglockAutumn SiglockYear ago
  • I want to foster sooo bad but I’m underage and my parents don’t want to

    JadeJadeYear ago
  • ”Wait a minute... I have lap, and my lap needs to be warmed!” Solution: Hot water bottle Better solution: Adoption ❤️🐈

    Nella JoensaloNella JoensaloYear ago
  • The kittens adore you xx 🥺🥰

    Animal SlomosAnimal SlomosYear ago
  • Very helpful! Thank you!

    Maggie HeaMaggie HeaYear ago
  • Is that Flower waving at us?! Oh my, I love her personality!

    MorningStar KematchMorningStar KematchYear ago
  • What if you have a kitten who won't sit still for a toy?

    Katie MaddalenaKatie MaddalenaYear ago
  • I’m really looking forward to that future video you mentioned about vetting adopters! I’ve always wanted to open a cat sanctuary (or a cat cafe) that caters to senior cats, but your work with neonatal kittens has inspired me-perhaps I would cater to the very old and the very young 😉 (basically I want to take on the populations that would have the most trouble getting out of shelters alive-if neonates are most likely to be killed, and seniors are least likely to be adopted, it makes sense!)

    some randosome randoYear ago
  • Hello kitten lady, how do I find a foster home for kittens in my area I can really trust to have taken good care of my babie/babies. I trust you as I've watched your videos and can see how loving and dedicated to them you are, I'm not sure my local animal shelter does what you do so do you have any suggestions for me as I really need someone to love and hangout, cuddle and be best friends for each other. Thanks Good job 😊💖⚘🤗👀

    Susan MascarenasSusan MascarenasYear ago
  • What's the difference between Spade and Nuturing? Thanks

    Kay KayKay KayYear ago
    • Spay = female (remove uterus). Neuter = male (remove testicles). Although sometimes you'll hear people use neuter to mean sterilization of male and female cats.

      TracyTracyYear ago
  • I’ve been fostering two cats for about a year now with no luck in finding a home. Any other tips? Anyone in the LA area looking to adopt? contact me lilinemzer on instagram.

    lili nemzerlili nemzerYear ago
  • I'm trying to find a home for a mama cat I fostered. All her babies have been adopted and it's her turn! It's so much harder with adult cats, but she's so sweet.

    Alicia FoxAlicia FoxYear ago
  • What’s Microchipped ?

    K BK BYear ago
    • A microchip is a small device implanted under the animal's skin. Each chip has a unique number that is registered with the owner's contact information. If the cat is lost and ends up in a shelter, the chip will be scanned and the owner notified.

      TracyTracyYear ago
  • watching this video with my kitten daughter and a soon to be mama cat that we recently found. will definitely use this when her babies are born n.n

  • When do we get the next video?!?!? Loving this!! ❤️❤️

    Carly WeggelandCarly WeggelandYear ago
  • I'm so angry that in the UK vets refuse to spay/neuter kittens before they are 6 months old :(

    SevCaswellSevCaswellYear ago
  • *gasp* I have a lap 🙀

    TT JagwingTT JagwingYear ago
  • Can you please make more videos I watch you to help me get through my depression and I'm starting to rewatch your vidoes. I really enjoy watching.

    Sydney ShawSydney ShawYear ago
  • My book, TINY BUT MIGHTY, is in stores now! Get it here:

    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
  • This was a great video, except for the whole "don't be afraid to post in places that have nothing to do with kittens". It's super annoying when people do that, please don't

    Limi VLimi VYear ago
  • Soo cute

    C'est La Vie 0070C'est La Vie 0070Year ago
  • I love how peppermint is like listening to everything she is saying 😂

    Coconut ScienceGirl92Coconut ScienceGirl92Year ago
  • Kitten lady have you ever had a Balinese cat?

    Kaylee SerenityKaylee SerenityYear ago
  • Can u read the book?

  • I really need the video on how to vet potential adopters. Turning notifications on in the hope that video comes soon. ❤ Thanks for all you do!

    BelleFlower15BelleFlower15Year ago
  • I just got a kitten today and she’s very scared. When I get close and pet her she doesn’t seem to have a problem. But she just won’t leave her hiding spot. She won’t eat or drink. If anybody has had this problem please help. SHe also starts meowing

    Fire IceFire IceYear ago
  • Ok So when I'm old enough I plan on fostering animals if I'm aloud. What would be the easiest way to start.

    AlphaNightRunner _07AlphaNightRunner _07Year ago
    • Probably volunteering at a local animal shelter

      ThePinappleKidThePinappleKidYear ago
  • 0:51

    Fox WaffleFox WaffleYear ago
  • I have a kitten in my society and she gave birth to kittens i want one help m

    Dhananjay S BambardekarDhananjay S BambardekarYear ago
  • The person wanting the kitten in fostering: hello! I’m here for the kitten! Me: hides kitten. UHHHHHH WANT KITTENNNN? Person wanting the kitten: Uh the white one? me:UhHhHhHhHhHhHhH I don’t have a kitten the cats uhhhhh my sister yeah my sister Person wanting the kitten:oh okay I guess this was the wrong house?... Me: YEAH IT WAS TOTALLY NOT ME JUST WANTING THE KITTEN.....OH FRIK

    Galaxy GachaGalaxy GachaYear ago
  • Thank you, I needed this video. We're been fostering a lot of cats, we currently have 14 but soon 3 or 4 will be taken by some family members thats moving and we're only wanting to keep 5. One kitten though Im worried about her chances of being adopted due to her weirdness. She is smaller than her siblings and she doesnt play much and seems shy and had a delay, when all her siblings, including the late runt, were exposed to kitten food they all ate but her and it took her a while to understand that its food and she seems sorta slow.

    Shire L.AShire L.AYear ago
  • The 22 people who disliked this video have no heart 💔

    Jennifer AJennifer AYear ago
  • Thanks Hannah! I've written a lot of bios but the set I wrote after watching this video are much better. My Fluff Muffin is on hold after 1 hour. 4 others adopted after 2 hours! Beverly the Clumsy Kitten Gymnast is still waiting.

    Leila SinkLeila SinkYear ago
  • You can run video and pause when you like the frame and then screenshot.

    Shannon AlbersShannon AlbersYear ago
  • Yah, none of that really works if people think cats bring bad luck.

    Medha DebMedha DebYear ago
  • I really hope she never grows into those eyebrow whiskers

    FiredhelFiredhelYear ago
  • Wish I saw this video 3 weeks ago

    CinnamonsanimationsCinnamonsanimationsYear ago
  • 7:40 - Flower's funny sounds... THE BADGER SNAP!! I love these little noises kittens make! The first time I saw a kitten do this was with your Foster baby, Badger! March 22nd you posted a video of that adorable fierce baby on IG and said, "Badger's signature move: the BADGER SNAP" - ever since, if I see a kitten do this I call it the Badger Snap (with credit to you & Badger, of course!)!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE BADGER SNAP ❣️

    Kendra RobinsonKendra RobinsonYear ago
  • Sos I need sage! Where are you located!?

    Melinda SueMelinda SueYear ago
  • Peppermint is perfect, I'd absolutely adopt her if I could. 😊 ❤️

    GainaGainaYear ago
  • Kitten Lady I just want to say thank you for all of your helpful videos because now thanks to you my parents have finally agreed to let me foster kittens!!!! Yayyyyy

    Miranda GraceMiranda GraceYear ago
  • Today I rescued a kitten that was being abused in the street, he is two months old and I love him. However I'm scared, what do I do to give him the propper care? Please help, I'm new. He is eating and playing.

    ThatTypeOfBlueThatTypeOfBlueYear ago
  • Seriously though, even if you're not trying to take care of kittens or get kitten advice, Kitten Lady is always so nice to watch. Her background music, the constant presence of adorable little babies, all of it, it's just so peaceful and calming. Even when she's talking about serious topics, you don't feel uncomfortable or want to click away. I love your videos, Kitten Lady! They always brighten my day. :)

    Catisy EllenCatisy EllenYear ago
  • I ordered in your Tiny but Might book at my local Chapters this past weekend when I went to see The Lion King w/my niece!! I can't wait to have the book and share all your tips and tricks and advice with all our clients at the Pet Food Bank I volunteer at in my City- the only Pet Food Bank in Edmonton, Alberta!

    Feral_SinsFeral_SinsYear ago
  • So I live up in the mountains and my cats just had baby’s we had 9 kittens and over the day we have lost 6 kittens and we don’t know were they went. We think hawks ate them which brakes my heart.

    karis delgadokaris delgadoYear ago
    • Is there a reason the cats are not kept inside and safe?

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.Year ago