How to Foster a FERAL Mama and Kittens (10 Things You Should Know!)

Sep 3, 2020
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In this video, I discuss ten things you need to know about how to foster a feral mama and her kittens, including how to set up a proper space for them, how to safely handle the kittens, how to transfer the mama in and out of the enclosure, when to spay the mama, and more!
Watch my video about Mama Tumtum reuniting with her babies HERE:
Learn about why cats like Mama Tumtum are feral HERE:

  • Thank you for all you do for feral cats and for educating us on what to do and not do. 😻

    Cairo FredCairo Fred4 hours ago

    Allahu AkhbarAllahu AkhbarDay ago
  • Did you really make a thinly veiled comparison between feral cats and the caricature of black women ("strong, sassy, independent who don't need no man") at 14:06 ? I don't think that was necessary, at all.

    dgriitedgriiteDay ago
  • Your amazing and I’m following in your footprints 👣 😍

  • I have a feral mom and 2 kittens living in my back yard. I want to trap the mom and get her spayed. Will the kittens be okay for 2 nights without her or should I try to trap them too? They were born around August 8th I think. Not sure they will be heavy enough to trigger the trap plate. I am feeding all 3 of them. My back yard is fenced. I live on an acre and unless a coyote can get over my 6 foot wall, I think they are fairly safe.

    Angel GarciaAngel GarciaDay ago
  • Great job! The lords work

    Mike' Go GiantsMike' Go GiantsDay ago
  • A stray cat gave birth at my house. I am now fostering mama cat and her 5 kittens.. they were born on the 28th july 2020. I am planning to spay/neuter all of them. They are still occassionally nursing but have moved on to solod kitten food. My question is when i can spay mama cat. The vet has said that after spaying, i will need to keep mama cat away from her kittens for a couple of days at least ubtil stitch removal... i am worried that mama cat will not recognise her kittens after the couple of days of separation.. is this a valid concern? Shd i jus proceed with the spay... separation and deprivation of the occasional nursing? Please help

    Vivian KVivian K2 days ago
  • A month ago I found what I thought was a 6 month old cat living in my backyard. She was really friendly so I decided to see if she wanted to come inside. Took her to the vet for shots. Turns out shes a year old just really small. Before I could get her in to be spayed I noticed her belly getting big. She's got another appointment next week but Im pretty sure she's pregnant. She's so small I don't think she'll have very many kittens. But idk. Hopefully the vet can do an ultrasound. Wish me luck

    Ipickedaname alreadyIpickedaname already2 days ago
  • I bring home a feral cat Oct 2019 mean 1 year this month, age 5 months at that time. But until today she does not socialy friendly behaviour with the others senior cat in the house, they fight and some time badly deep scars injured so I have to keep her in a cage all the time and release her in separate room from time to time. I thought this thing will cure within a month but it is prolong until today ( a year) , she is very kind with me and one other junior deaf cat... but not with others 15, is she will keep this behaviour? she will be forever hissing to others senior cat? should i release her back she already stay with me for a year and spayed... i really love her but im scared she will be in stress all the times

    benben3 days ago
  • Were do you live like in Michigan or New York or were still God bless you

    AK 47AK 473 days ago
  • you do SUCH an amazing job!

    mallowhawk294mallowhawk2943 days ago
  • Marvelous! This is by far the most detailed and knowledgeable video I have ever seen on the psychology of cats. Even though I was repeatedly repulsed by her tattoos, I would greatly recommend this video for cat lovers. It is obvious she has a great deal of practical experience with cats.

    JCAH1JCAH13 days ago
  • “Humans are awesome” not all of them

    Rachel BrightRachel Bright3 days ago
  • try to catch the dad to

    Faith GastonFaith Gaston4 days ago
  • Kitten lady is amazing.

    Cheryl MossCheryl Moss4 days ago
  • I commented on your last feral kitty video about this, I'm listening.

    pam feltspam felts5 days ago
  • The kittens are so so cute

    SIBIYA RSIBIYA R5 days ago
  • The mama cat she look like my cat Victor my cat gender a boy

    Ehra CatEhra Cat5 days ago
  • I've never had indoor cats, only outdoor, partly feral, cats. But that was when I lived in a rural area. Now I don't, so no cats at all. I think the most important thing you do is neutering those cats. Finding homes for them is nice, but it is a much better life for female cats if they are not being chased, attacked, etc by males every time they go into heat. As you note in the video, they have at least 2 litters of kittens a year with half a dozen born in many cases. It is too much. Thank you for what you do.

    Laura BrownLaura Brown6 days ago
  • Anyone with kitten experience...? I just recused a teeny little baby kitten from near a dumpster 2days ago. We searched the kittens no mama. Question: its like she wants to eat every hour. Should I let her, or limit her food? 👀 shes very skinny. I've been feeding her about 8 times a day [wet food] and she STILL goes licking her dish for more 😕

    pretty moneypretty money7 days ago
  • Love this lady. You're doing Gods work 🙏

    pretty moneypretty money7 days ago
  • We have a whole TNR program going here in NW Ohio. We have a lot of trains and various trainyards up here, and the colonies naturally gravitated nearby because they get easy prey coming in with those trains. During the winter months, they become crucial to the neighborhood, otherwise we end up with mice and other random prey in the homes near these trainyards. Anyway, my mom has been taking care of this colony we have for quite some time now, and we have forever been wondering why this one cat hasn't been spayed or anything yet. For whatever reason, this cat decided to finally come inside this summer. This cat "chose" my mom's neighbor. Her neighbor had been feeding the cat, then he had a stroke, so he was gone for a month, and when he got home, suddenly this cat wanted to be his BFF and they've been together ever since. Well, my mom and her neighbor didn't know this, but this cat is calica, and this cat... is a male. For my birthday, we had just a small cookout, and when her neighbor joined us with his cat, that was the first thing I noticed. I had to tell him just how rare his new BFF really is and that the reason he hasn't been neutered or spayed is because he's sterile! Well, he has made himself perfectly at home with the neighbor, but his new cat will wake him up every day at the same time, and won't accept his food unless it's given to him outside, right out on the porch. And if he has to go to the restroom, he won't accept a litter box, instead he smacks at the front door to go outside and comes back in when he's done. And he tells him when it's time for bed, too. This cat has completely cowed him over. Her neighbor has been "officially trained" by his cat, which I find hilarious because I lived through 16 years of that with my own cat (in my icon). As you probably know, calicos and Siamese cats has this way with people lolol. I thought you might like this story. This male calico completely adopted my mom's elderly neighbor. He's never had a cat before, ever, and his boy has him completely wrapped around his paw now. I completely agree with returning ferals back to colonies but at the same time, I think it's beautiful when one changes it's mind and finds it's person, too. At this point, this cat has been a part of the feral colony since it was born, and it's been 4 years now, and suddenly he just wants to be with his old man inside or outside, as long as he's' close by.

    Chelsea OlderChelsea Older7 days ago
  • The mom is like noooo! I didn’t want these kittens!

    Emmy BoettcherEmmy Boettcher7 days ago
  • lol kitty transport =^•×•^=

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  • new born babies are hard to keep cats are really easy to keep

    Sarah KhawajaSarah Khawaja8 days ago
  • kittenlady, you are very helpfull to us and the cats. you help cats and teach us to take care of them

    Sarah KhawajaSarah Khawaja8 days ago
  • May I know which catfood do you use?

    BleakLightBleakLight9 days ago
  • this video is awesome

    Saya TrivediSaya Trivedi10 days ago
  • Thank you so much for this information! My girlfriend and I found ourselves with three abandoned feral kittens and 7 kittens from a feral young mom who was less than a year. Re-homed them all except for two that have found their forever home with us. Now we have the itch to foster and help in any way that we can. Which wouldn’t have been possible without your videos and inspiration. It was overwhelming until we found you! 🐱🐱 - Love, from Angus, Ares, and their Moms!

    Sarah RSarah R10 days ago
  • Thank you for making these videos. I learned alot, and saved two feral kittens. Unfortunately we could not found the mama. The kittens was taking into my house and to days later They found a New mama. Now They are on the way to be with their forover home 🥰

    Pipaluks VerdenPipaluks Verden10 days ago
  • I had a feral cat as a teen. For the first 2 months, I wore several different sized insulated winter gloves over eachother & just let her chew & claw at it. As for fleas.. All you have to do is throw a few cups of diatomaceous earth on the back porch & then toss some catnip in it. The cats roll in it willingly & it wont poison them if they lick it off, but the fleas, their eggs, & their larva will dye of dehydration.

    Lieutenant BaconWafflesLieutenant BaconWaffles10 days ago
  • Wonderland naming theme for the win.

    Lieutenant BaconWafflesLieutenant BaconWaffles10 days ago
  • Feral cats are WILD ANIMALS and should be treated as such.

    Christena WalkerChristena Walker10 days ago
  • what is that long thing under the kitten tummy

    Cat GirlCat Girl10 days ago
  • My kitty sleeps well in her cat carrier and I keep her there through the night to keep her safe.

    J VIPWTPNN EdensCrystalStreamsJ VIPWTPNN EdensCrystalStreams10 days ago
  • Sounds like my kitty. She’s very quiet and clam. And can really get hyped up. She is awesome loving and very curious. I found if I let her explore with me there to keep her safe etc... it helps A lot.

    J VIPWTPNN EdensCrystalStreamsJ VIPWTPNN EdensCrystalStreams10 days ago
  • spatula LoL but it works

    R DavisR Davis11 days ago
  • Love the Jabberwocky reference!

    The Geek, The Nerd, and The TangentThe Geek, The Nerd, and The Tangent11 days ago
  • She looks like a cat I lost, Oreo. I have a cat named Juniper that's white with black spots. I think the cat gene pool is getting smaller with all the TNR efforts. There are west coast cat coat patterns now!

    Ghost of my SoulGhost of my Soul11 days ago
  • Be prepared to be scratched and bit would be my tip. I wasn't the most experienced rescuer when I found Joey and his brothers. I caught him in my hands when he was a kitten and he bit me GOOD. The smell of gloves scares them, so I opted to handle him without gloves. His bites never became infected ... recently I had a cat bite that got infected and it happened while I was volunteering for a rescue in WA state. I'm not a full-time rescuer. If I was I'd probably use gloves because getting multiple cat bites from various cats isn't exactly practical.

    Ghost of my SoulGhost of my Soul11 days ago
  • I'm just trilled that I found your channel...I been feeding a feral female cat who has had kittens and just two days ago she brought them up to the house. I believe that the kittens are about six weeks old. I lived on 21 acers of land and have other cats that I feed. I HAVE A COUPLE OF BOXES ON MY PORCH and she has adopted one of them for her and her 3 kittens. I live in ND and it is now gotten very cold here. HELP what can I do for them now ?

    Sally RamakerSally Ramaker11 days ago
  • 😍😍😹🥰

    Barno GulyamovaBarno Gulyamova11 days ago
  • "stop trying to force socialization on adult feral cats." this is so important.

    PrickleyPrickley11 days ago
  • loving the ninja claws

    chad moorechad moore12 days ago
  • Based on the naming scheme and how feral that mother cat is acting I would have expected you to name her Mama Jabberwocky. Lovingly, of course.

    4amlibra4amlibra12 days ago
  • I have this one feral cat , I wanna get her spayed but it seems impossible to catch her. She would run away as soon as I get near her. I managed to keep one of her kittens ,now his not as feral as his mom anymore. I’m worried that she would get pregnant again.

    Sierra FannySierra Fanny13 days ago
    • Try contacting any local rescue groups in your area, they might do TNR or know someone who does. They can help you trap her and maybe guide you to a vet that does reduced cost spay/neuter for ferals.

      A SA S13 days ago
  • We own own seven Young kittens and three older cats so we have 10 cats all together one looks like our cat one looks like patches one looks like sketch are cats big head I don't know why but happy Halloween.

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  • MY KIND COMe TO MeEEEEeeEeeEE :P sry

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  • All I think of when I see the kittens on the spatula is @zefrank1’s “kitty get an airplane ride.”

    Nicole MiyamotoNicole Miyamoto13 days ago
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Amy RussellAmy Russell12 days ago
  • So how would you try to tame the babies if they are about 8 weeks??or we think they are about 8 weeks but they still nurse so we don’t know

    Ride with JazzRide with Jazz13 days ago
  • Could someone tell me how you would know if they have rabies??

    Ride with JazzRide with Jazz13 days ago
  • My Dad has quite a cat colony that sprung up on him from only 2 female kittens that were just left to fend for themselves by a previous neighbor who up and left conveniently leaving his cats behind. RUDE. We are finally getting it under control. We have one yellow female that insists on hissing at us even though her Momma is super friendly. She always come for food though. The only time she isn't hissing at us is when she's in heat. But, we still haven't been able to catch her or the original Mom. The original Mom, lives at the neighbors house outside, then she comes to us for food. She gets pregnant, and then has the babies at the neighbors property, and then she brings them to us when she feels they are ready (Usually when they are about a hand tall). Total, we feed 31 cats every day. The only one that hisses as us is the yellow female. And all I have to do is walk outside and say, "How many kitties are hungry?" and they all come running (even the hissy one, although she's usually last.). Only 5 cats and 3 kittens left to spay/neuter. Thank God! And Thank God for mobile neuter/spay units that only charge 30$ no matter whether the cats are male or female. With all of the coyotes, Javelinas, wild dogs, venomous snakes, scorpions and tarantulas, not to mention the scorching weather here in Southern AZ, you would think that there is enough dangers to keep the cat population down, but NOPE!

    Anna KAnna K14 days ago
  • Thank you Hannah (Kitten Lady)

    Liz GreenspanLiz Greenspan14 days ago
  • Kitten Lady: "Kittens don't just fall out of the sky" Me: surprised Pikachu face.

    Cristian ConsonniCristian Consonni14 days ago
  • My cat wasn’t born feral but she has a story. She was found hiding near a bush at 8 weeks. We assumed she had a mom and babies, and we think she most likely lost track of her family in a storm, since she cries (meows sadly) and tries to hide. We believe that the mom and kittens aren’t stray or feral, but had a family of her own. Maybe she is hiding from the tragic memories of family loss the rain gave her, but we will never know unless we can find the mom and babies.

    Facepalmer ChaosFacepalmer Chaos14 days ago
    • Facepalmer Chaos keep us up to date

      Liz GreenspanLiz Greenspan14 days ago
  • A way of saying where people want to force the ferals to be socialized is like someone kidnaps you and locks you in a cage and forces you to become friends with the kidnapper...

    Naughty PrincessNaughty Princess14 days ago
  • You are amazing kitten lady! Love the names of your kittens! Love all you videos! They are so enjoyable to watch and I learn so much! Thank you for all you do 😁!

    Pup AdventuresPup Adventures14 days ago
  • You would be such a great mom

    Jackie RobinsonJackie Robinson14 days ago
  • Mama Tum Tum has the best name ever xd if you ever see Tum Tum again then just be greatful you helped her. Also why Mama Tum Tum? I guess you just liked the name :)

    Snowy KittenSnowy Kitten15 days ago
  • MamaTumTum is so beautiful !

    Gayle LauGayle Lau15 days ago

    Zar’a Ya’aqobZar’a Ya’aqob15 days ago
  • I'm a huge cat lover. I had 5 until a few months ago when my eldest (Spike) was put to sleep at age 18. 4 now but I'll still spoil them just as well.I love you so much for teaching this stuff.

    Diedre BarlowDiedre Barlow15 days ago

    Polly gPolly g16 days ago
  • My cat just had babies 5 weeks ago and she likes to run outside to lick the concrete in my garage. What do I do?

    Daddy MadiDaddy Madi16 days ago
  • Thank you for your love of cats. I too have a heart full of love for them . I enjoyed this video and posted it to my Facebook.

    Tamera EnglandTamera England16 days ago
  • Such a wonderful person to help these muffins into the world. Just lost a brother and sister I adopted (to Felv) and this video has helped immensely - subscribed. Thanks for sharing this.

    Dawn valarieDawn valarie16 days ago
  • I discovered a way to get access to the kittens for an reasons; For example: Mom and kittens were in a wooden enclosure that can reach temperatures as 105 degrees and the door sometimes gets stuck and won’t open very easily, they had to be taken out cause no one the next day can open the door to let any cats out. Didn’t want to find out some kittens got trapped and for 20 hours trapped in 105 degree enclosure. Now the secret .... what you do is get close as you can to the mother and kittens.. as soon as she hisses, you give the mother the googly eyes!!!! don’t stop googly eyein until the mother runs away and leaves the kittens. there has never been a case where an animal can googly eye. The mother dies not understand your eye movement, the mother understands slow blinks, fast blink, one eye winks BUT NOT GOOGLY EYES. Her default reaction is confusion then does not know how to respond, and then survival instinct will kick in, fight or flight mode. Googly eyeing a cat puts them flight mode!!!! Googly eyes only work for ferals. i’ve tried many times on domesticated indoor cats and they just blink back at you.

    ashzoleashzole16 days ago
  • Hannah, you're amazing. Thank you for your wonderful experience and education in this area of momma cat care❣❣❣🐱🐈

    Persephone0110Persephone011017 days ago
  • Speaking about feral cats my cat used to live in the outdoors but she never became Farrell and she's a tamed cat that likes to be around people????? Kittin lady pls answer why she is not feral btw we bought her from a place that has stary cats only, so shes a stary???? Love cats 4 ever

    monkey ladymonkey lady18 days ago
  • there is a distinct lack of kitten licking from the mom. Guess she's still not completely into it yet

    Ming MingMing Ming18 days ago
  • man i hear you about sometimes they want to be feral used to catch and cats around my old place (trailer park) some of us would catch them and get them fixed the adults would get fixed some shots flea treatments let them heal at our house then let them back out the kittens we would foster and find homes for. i had one she was still a kitten but refused to be a tame cat her sibs love bugs her humans are the devil. she returned to the outdoors when she grew up fixed with all her shots

    Grace CookieGrace Cookie20 days ago
  • I have caught up on you and your videos very late but after watching loads of other cat videos from other caretakers and foster mommy I must say I ve hardly come across anyone so dedicated, knowledgeable and an expert in handling everything related to cats. A Big Thank you for being there and guiding with cat & kitten care in every step of the way for half baked people like us. Your videos are my first reference to check out anything I want to know related to cats and kitten care. I have learned lot many things watching your videos and using it on taking care of my kittens and lactating mom. Love you kitten lady, stay blessed.

  • 👍👍👍

    Кадырбек АманжолКадырбек Аманжол20 days ago
  • 😍😀🙂

    Кадырбек АманжолКадырбек Аманжол20 days ago
  • I have an unrelated question: would it be okay to take in a friendly and affectionate stray/neglected cat that ACTIVELY tries to get into one's home?

    cum slinger ,cum slinger ,20 days ago
  • Ohh wow mom and baby. Beautiful kittens family

    SIBIYA RSIBIYA R22 days ago
  • I just moved a feral momma into my garage today. The dog I walk sniffed out the babies near my back yard about a week ago. I could only hear them, but never saw them until a couple of days ago. I was pretty proud of myself that I got momma to willingly come in the house and sit on my lap and let me feed her after only 2 days of getting her used to me. The neighbors had been trying to get her to accept them for months with no luck prior to her having babies. But we have a strict no touching policy that we both understand, and that's what makes our relationship work. She can touch me to sit on my lap to eat only if she wants to, and she knows that I will never attempt to pet her, so we're cool. When I didn't let her leave the house after she came inside today, she was understandably upset, but she calmed down when I brought her her kittens and put on some relaxing kitty music. Her kittens around 3-4 weeks, and were amazingly friendly immediately. In fact, they came to me when I called them the very first time I saw them, and actually seemed like me better than momma right from the first time I met them. I was kind of shocked at how quickly they took to me. Even if they're nursing, if I walk in the kittens will stop eating and come to me. I was considering letting her leave them outside, but then she tried to move them. Luckily I saw her moving one and went outside, and as soon as she dropped her baby in the new location, it came running back to me as quick as it could, and that's when I decided we needed to move her inside. She should only need to be inside for a couple of weeks, and we've given her the whole garage, and made sure there are plenty of places where she can hide, while having a fenced in area that she can get in and out of, but the babies can't. Now if only I weren't allergic...

    imnotmikeimnotmike22 days ago
  • Amazing video. You are wonderful and a joy to watch.

    Desiree MirallesDesiree Miralles22 days ago
  • This is great information and you are doing wonderful work helping these animals. Blessings to you.

    Sean OrwinSean Orwin24 days ago
  • Kitten Lady is one of the most gorgeous women on Earth 😻😻😻

    Cory CantuCory Cantu24 days ago
  • Liquid meds. My feral momma cat was sneezing. I got liquid antibiotics and mixed it in her food. Worked great!

    Karmen Miles-MeschKarmen Miles-Mesch24 days ago
  • I have a feral Momma cat. Her first litter, she had her kittens on my front porch in a converted dog house (now a cat house) around a month before Covid SIP happened. I had put a warming pad in there for my other feral kitties. She made use of it! She did her best to keep me away from them. But she was a little trusting but it was difficult to get her to keep them on the porch at times. The only "saving grace" was that she started catting around when they were about 3 weeks old. I started touching the kittens and they knew me but still had that skittishness about them Not until she was ready to have litter #2 did she leave them (it was so sad) but I stepped in and they all will come to me when I call them. She had litter #2 in the bushes on the edge of my yard. She moved them to an old dog house under my bedroom window behind our house. I woke up one night to a baby outside the dog house. I put it back in with Momma and the other 5 kittens (that makes 12). The next day she moved them to the woods (like the first litter) The next day it poured down rain, I prayed hard! She brought them back to the front porch and they are now about 7 weeks old. I have tried to find homes for them, but everyone has had kittens to give away. I am going to try to see if a TNR group is in my area. I want to keep them here (I have a huge property) after they are spayed. Yes, there are a lot, but the good news is that Momma cat has started to let me touch her!!! She trusts me a little bit (baby steps). Wish me luck!! I do have a Momma cat who won't let me touch her at all. Yes... it does take a while for the ones who I have worked with. However, I can't bring them inside and they do well... and I will feed them and provide warm shelter for them. And love on the ones that will let me :D They have lots of land and barns to call home.

    Karmen Miles-MeschKarmen Miles-Mesch24 days ago
  • i had no idea they could still lactate after being spayed! very informative, as your videos always are :). just finished the video i didnt know any of that, and you made it amazingly informative while being so sweet! "we love feral cats! they are strong, sassy, independent ladies!' :P

    Britty BearBritty Bear25 days ago
  • Its taken years but my cats can finally pat my head =)

    william householderwilliam householder25 days ago
  • I love feral cats. they're about 12 in my neighborhood. and we have very little rodent problems here. feral cats keep the neighborhood rodent free

    Chris McDanielChris McDaniel25 days ago
    • we need feral cats help keep the environment safe. more cats men less pests and less pests means less pest control which means less poison in the area which means a safer environment for the other animals and birds and also reduces health risks to children.

      Chris McDanielChris McDaniel25 days ago
  • You give every one beutifull name my all of cat's mom's are kittens stry cat's freal but now after some are 8 years some are 10 year finly now i can thouch them

    Anusha LiyanageAnusha Liyanage26 days ago
  • She's looking to you with big what you talking about me

    Anusha LiyanageAnusha Liyanage26 days ago
  • Good job young lady I do same Las Vegas teaping feeding God bless you

    Anusha LiyanageAnusha Liyanage26 days ago
  • Thanks for this, Hannah! This video is what I exactly need right now. I was taking care of a two-week old kitten and her mom -- Tiny was born in the garage by the feral cat I regularly feed -- when the mom moved Tiny somewhere this morning. Luckily, when I followed her after feeding her, she led me to the kitten. I was forced therefore to move her to the smallest room in the house. It was a back and forth negotiation between me and the mom -- moving the nest here and there as she insisted in taking refuge with her young one in a box filled with dusty clothes -- and we at last reached a satisfying compromise. I was able to lure her out, and remove the said box, and settled on the boxes and mats I made for them under the bed, where her preferred box was. There's a litter box nearby, and I make sure that her food bowls are always filled to the brim. Planning to follow the timeline you suggested for taking the kitten to the vet, and for spaying the mom -- already had plans, and your video just validated it, including the best time to let her go. :) I'm from the Philippines, btw, and I love your videos. I've been taking care of the feral mom's young ones for more than a year now. It's a long story, but I am now a semi-expert about cats and kittens because of my experience, and your videos. So thank you very much! You are such an inspiration! :)

    Dino ManriqueDino Manrique27 days ago
  • kittens of feral cats - nature vs. nurture ?

    ron smithron smith27 days ago
    • Nurture. Seeing mom's feral behavior does not effect them as along as they are handled by people at a young age.

      KelseyKelsey22 days ago
  • I dunno why I giggled so much at the use of a spatula to pick up the babies. 😄

    kwpp7kwpp727 days ago
  • my cat was a stray, she was around 4-5 months old, shes now around 4 years old, I love her so much

    Kwhite WinterKwhite Winter27 days ago
  • Bless you, Hanna! This is an excellent video. Very informative. Thank you!

    Lynda HammondLynda Hammond28 days ago
  • I'm surprised the mom did not have flees also. Vets must have deflee d her before surgery

    Caroline JurcakCaroline Jurcak28 days ago
  • You need to make a book. You are so so good 😊

    Magical PatternsMagical Patterns29 days ago
    • She does have a book called Tiny But Mighty.

      KelseyKelsey28 days ago
  • Strong, Sassy and Independent! I will remember this when I dress my hand wound.

    Sandi O'TooleSandi O'TooleMonth ago
  • yasssssss

    Liya DennisLiya DennisMonth ago
  • Stop trying to socialize feral cats if they don't want to be with people. I totally agree,

    Blake BattlefordBlake BattlefordMonth ago
  • You are the Goddess!!!

    Arkady ZaytsevArkady ZaytsevMonth ago
  • This is just what I needed we have a mama with two kittens in our backyard! We really want to help

    Stambie and KristalStambie and KristalMonth ago