How to Safely Give Oral Medication to Kittens

Mar 14, 2020
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If you've been prescribed medicine for a kitten and you're not sure how to safely give it to them, check this video out! Learn how to safely give medicine by mouth via a syringe, how to correctly measure the dose you've been prescribed, and more.
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  • I'm giving 1ml of metronidazole to my kitten. She spits out some of it. Should i increase the dose a little taking into account the amount she spits out?

    Carl HsiehCarl HsiehMonth ago
  • Hiya! Any advice on properly sanitizing syringes and/or not having enough to make them single use? I've got 6 kiddos on a kitten quad of 4 meds, 2 of em twice daily and the other two once, so that's a whopping 36 new syringes I'd need every day to use a new one every time with every medication. The shelter I'm working with gave me a little over a dozen syringes and just doesn't have the resources to give me a ton more, so I'm doing my best with getting them sanitized as best I can to reuse them, but I've noticed that when you wash these more than once, the numbers and lines can start rubbing off *really* badly even at just water, so I marked out each .1 ml up to 1.0 with a little dot of nail polish as that's all I could think of that wouldn't wash off, but I'd love more tips on how to work with limited resources safely and effectively! :)

    Joy ReneeJoy Renee2 months ago
  • 言葉がわからないけど説明を翻訳して動画見させていただいてます✨ いつも勉強させていただきありがとうございます😊👍👍🔔🔔💖

    アオちゃん/おうちでアオちゃんアオちゃん/おうちでアオちゃん3 months ago
  • Question to Kitten Lady. My kitten has a sneeze attack and spray mucous everyday. What I can do? Medicine?

    Crankestein LoskonCrankestein Loskon3 months ago
  • My fosters keep moving their heads and sometimes the medicine doesn’t make it into their mouths. What should we do when that happens?

    Shannon AlbersShannon Albers3 months ago
  • Thank you for making this so easy to follow! 😁

    Natsuki LutickNatsuki Lutick4 months ago
  • I need to give meds to my fully grown cat. Is it the same method as with kittens?

    Cong LiCong Li4 months ago
  • Kittens: we've been tricked, backstabbed, and quite possibly bamboozled

    Evan HusseyEvan Hussey4 months ago
  • Any tips to help a kitten on antibiotics avoid GI problems?

    jz delonajz delona4 months ago
  • I’m fostering for the first time and you’re such a great resource!

    Katie JohnsonKatie Johnson4 months ago
  • I use the same technique on my older cats when they need to have extra hydration

    Gamer_Shrimp 88Gamer_Shrimp 884 months ago
  • will u adopt a cat plzz me bangladesh

    Wakib ChowdhuryWakib Chowdhury4 months ago
  • Last but not least. Actually the smallest

    NeighborCatNeighborCat4 months ago
  • Hanna makes it look so easy. My babies are spitting the meds back out in foamy saliva. Am I doing it wrong? I would love to see information on how to handle difficult kittens who won't open their mouths and resist swallowing the meds. I'm gently pushing the foamy meds above their mouth so they lap it with their tongue eventually. I have three babies needing three meds a day!.

    Jill OrrJill Orr5 months ago
    • I have the hardest time as well! My kitten keeps lapping her tongue and starts foaming her saliva.

      Samie KattSamie Katt4 months ago
  • Thank you so much I saved a 3 weeks kitten from the street in a moment of struggle your videos came up as miracle all my love and respect to your video quality and work.

    Hend HaniHend Hani5 months ago
  • i have two kittens i’m taking care of and their mother is a street cat so i guess i’m taking care of all of them and i took them to the vet and he gave me oral medication and it’s so hard for me to feed it to them bc they never sit still and whenever i finally get the syringe to their mouths they flinch and lose their shit so any advice would be really helpful.

    Duna -Duna -5 months ago
  • Can I water down dewormer (as long as I still give them the correct dose) so it's not as nasty my cat spits some out and I want to make it so he doesn't spit it out

    Emmekins The SquirrelEmmekins The Squirrel6 months ago
  • and what to do if the medication tasted horrible to the kitten to the point that she made the whole cover towel drowned with medication mixed with my well as when I mix the dose with her food she just end up not eating it at all🙃

    TSS DRXTSS DRX6 months ago
  • Gosh I never thought about how kittens gain weight so quickly that they would need and increasing dose 🤭 good point

    Symphony SonicSymphony Sonic6 months ago
  • Chris and his tinymouf

    Kelly PeeplesKelly Peeples7 months ago
  • my vet gave us the medication in the syringe so all we had to do was put it in our kitten mouth!

    AsmaaS YTAsmaaS YT7 months ago
  • plzz answer what is oral medication?

    Mubashar BhattiMubashar Bhatti7 months ago
    • Medication that goes in through the mouth.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond7 months ago
  • can u like do a vid if u know abt this can u like do a vid how to make cats and dogs friendly plz?

    Mubashar BhattiMubashar Bhatti7 months ago
  • I fell in love with jimmy. Is there any chance to get this little guy to Germany?

    b_awesome someb_awesome some7 months ago
  • love your educational videos! thank you for posting this.

    AngelAngel7 months ago
  • And don't worry if some of the meds seep out of kittens mouth, it will instinctively lap it up as if it were it's mom's milk. Giving adult cats a pill entirely different & may involve the use of a pill splitter that Kitten Lady may address in a different video.

    Howard1939Howard19397 months ago
  • hello!!! can u *help me* i have two 1 week *orphans kittens* and they *didn't* *poo* for about 4 days now i try to stimulate them but with no resulte they pee well and they drink well too *p.s*: i give them milk lactose free since its imposible to find kitten formula im my city

    Brahimi HadjerBrahimi Hadjer7 months ago
  • It might look like small doses to us, but depending on their size, it might feel like drinking a whole bottle of medication ((especially if you accidentally overdose them))

    Michael BookerMichael Booker7 months ago
  • How old are the kittens

    Riley WilliamsRiley Williams7 months ago
  • Chris is ADORABLEEE

    Elvira NukicicElvira Nukicic7 months ago
  • It’s 4:30am and I can’t stop watching her videos

    Katelyn GodinezKatelyn Godinez7 months ago
  • What you gonna do when they get old?!

    Curio SusieCurio Susie7 months ago
    • She adopts the kittens out; aka find them forever homes

      A Random PersonA Random Person7 months ago
  • Ginger cat is so Good

    Curio SusieCurio Susie7 months ago
  • so smol❤🥺

    17 Kathi17 Kathi7 months ago
  • hello Hannah, I wanna ask, if a stray cat gives birth at my house and leave it like it doesn't want to take care of it, what should I do??

    Qina CiaQina Cia7 months ago
    • Please ask your local vet or a shelter for help.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • What about eye cream medicine?

    MJ KesslerMJ Kessler7 months ago
    • @MJ Kessler I dunno

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
    • How should you apply it? My cat is feisty af

      MJ KesslerMJ Kessler7 months ago
    • What about it?

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • my kitten did not get enough mama milk so she died 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Wolfie Williams 女将 OFFLINEWolfie Williams 女将 OFFLINE7 months ago
  • Now i want a cat-

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  • I don't have a kitten, but I am obsessed with watching this videos

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  • How is Chloe doing the paralyzed cat

    Charmaine RobertsCharmaine Roberts7 months ago
    • @Shaneyah G. Thanks ! She one of my favourite kitten story

      Charmaine RobertsCharmaine Roberts7 months ago
    • Very happy in her forever home like she has been for like... a few years now?

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • I like the advance to the kittens

    Angelito MallariAngelito Mallari7 months ago
  • Pretty similar to giving medication to a baby

    Azaarias PlayhouseAzaarias Playhouse7 months ago
  • Aw sweet babies! God bless you for all you do!

    margarita perezmargarita perez7 months ago
  • Hi Hannah love your videos ❤️. I was just wondering if you would make a video about what is happening to Cole and Marmalade Channel, Chris Poole, I know a lot of fans of Chris also watch your channel. They are going through so much right now with the lawsuit. Any help is grateful. ❤️❤️🤗🤗 keep up the great content 🙌

    Sam MariaSam Maria7 months ago
    • Shaneyah G. Thanks. Didn’t know about it 👍

      Sam MariaSam Maria7 months ago
    • She posted on her Facebook page about it a while ago.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • Hi, There’s a lot of cats in this world but this is important, Saudi Arabia is a if country full of cats, like everywhere I go I see one, people are throwing them out of they’re houses a lot, lots of my friends have told me how they threw out they’re cats and I became distant to them, please try go there.

    Mixie GachaMixie Gacha7 months ago
  • they're cute

    Rajesh RamaswamyRajesh Ramaswamy7 months ago
  • excuse me how many kittens you have i mean im new to your channel and you can say im very confused

    sıla altı parmaksıla altı parmak7 months ago
    • She fosters kittens for a living, the number changes all the time.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • Hey what happened to mama pine and twinkle, can we see how they are doing? BTW love ur vids been a fan since you started

    Laura DEMECERLaura DEMECER7 months ago
    • Sadly, Twinkle passed away. Pine was adopted and renamed Ellie. You can follow her on Instagram at currys_house_of_kittens.

      Jennifer LauriaJennifer Lauria7 months ago
  • Hi Hannah I'm the girl who gave you fanart at the conference at th Kenton county library. I did an assignment using you for a real life superhero because in my opinion, you're doing so much for the world and it's amazing

    Bella the gaming creeperBella the gaming creeper7 months ago
  • Am just here cause kittens r cute

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  • I wanted to ask why the litter box has to be without cover..? Haha i know it has nothing to do with this video

    BabyAngel Gacha StudiosBabyAngel Gacha Studios7 months ago
  • Drug?

    Sozbin KalashSozbin Kalash7 months ago
    • Bts army 4 Lifu no medicine

      Ryleigh SponslerRyleigh Sponsler7 months ago
  • I found one kitty , stamk bleeding , one leg not working , big cat harm her , she not eat food , I give milk , chicken , water she not , she vibrate , what can I do , please advise save her life

    priyavart swamipriyavart swami7 months ago
  • Hi! I have a question about the kittens, why do they live in an incubator? I don’t really know anything about kittens

    UrWingUrWing7 months ago
    • Shaneyah G. Okay I understand tysm!

      UrWingUrWing7 months ago
    • Kittens at this age should be with their mama! As these kittens are orphans, they need extra help for healthy development. An incubator keeps their temperature stable :)

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • In your next vid can you answer something? My cats are really scared of everything, people, toys, sometimes food. And the boy, Oliver is 4 years old. And the girl, chocolate is 3 years old. And because in your socialization video you said that the 5-12 first weeks of there life is the best time to socialize. We’re way past that. So how do we get them less afraid of everything?

    The Weird CatThe Weird Cat7 months ago
    • You should check out the resources on Jackson Galaxy's channel! He's the go-to person for adult cat behaviour issues :)

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • Omg. So cute👼

    라나앤캣즈라나앤캣즈7 months ago
  • My cat has to have 1 unit of insulin injected every night because he is diabetic, and my dad interpreted the 10 as 1 unit on the syringe. So for the first year and a half my cat was getting 10 times the amount of insulin he was supposed to get, but it was fine because my dad was also giving him a truck load of food every time he fed him. It's all good now the doctor gave my dad a stern talking to and we decreased the insulin and food amounts

    MadisonMadison7 months ago
    • @Shaneyah G. Thank you!

      MadisonMadison7 months ago
    • Oh my gosh, what an unfortunate mix-up! I'm glad your kitty is okay!

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • hey kitten lady, i've got an indoor/outdoor cat thats about 10 years old and we haven't had major issues with other neighborhood cats in the past, and he's always loved the outdoors, we found him as a kitten alone and needing help and we've just always let him go out whenever he needs to go to the bathroom (never liked a litter box) or just wants to be outside, but in recent months we've noticed he'll come back home with a bloody paw or scratched up neck and we've seen multiple other strays on our property, front and back yard. Do you have any tips on how to keep those other cats away but still allow ours to go outside? he would not thrive just being an indoor cat and im getting pretty fed up with the other cats coming onto our property and attacking him.

    Bernadette PrentissBernadette Prentiss7 months ago
    • Definitely watch some of the resources from Jackson Galaxy, he's the person to go to for cat behaviour and environment stuff!

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • Are you a cat lover?

    lola 1470 Loganlola 1470 Logan7 months ago
    • What makes you think she isn't?

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • Toxoplasmagondii

    Charles GCharles G7 months ago
  • Guys my cat gave birth 5 days ago. And 4 kittens sneezes Alooot. Theyre noses are very wet, and im scared for their health, but also for mine. Is it normal or theyre Cold or smth? And what should i do

    ProDoes GamesProDoes Games7 months ago
    • @Shaneyah G. is there any way i can do something at home. I Swear i live in a Poor country where vets only care about Cows . They aint specials about cats.

      ProDoes GamesProDoes Games7 months ago
    • Take them to a vet ASAP please

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • Hi! I'm a new subscriber! I love your videos and tutorials!

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  • OMG this is future me when i grow up I subed and liked and hit the bellllll

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  • Pouring the medication into the kittens mouths looks like somthing you would see on brazzers

    lil speedylil speedy7 months ago
  • Hello, please don't feel bad I am asking you a question that do you get allergies from cats ? Because of cat hair do you feel difficulty in breathing ?

    vaishali gothankarvaishali gothankar7 months ago
    • @Shaneyah G. Ok . Thank you .

      vaishali gothankarvaishali gothankar7 months ago
    • She doesn't have allergies.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • I saw in your video about kittens week 0-8 that you suggested keep 1 week old kittens at an ambient temp of 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit. I was wondering, how do you keep the room that warm without blowing $1500 on an incubator? I can't really set my thermostat to 90 degrees. I have fostered in the past and am going to try little guys this time. Thanks!

    Emerson WindramEmerson Windram7 months ago
    • A snuggle safe or heating pad like the one used in this video!

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • I found a kitten and he is 6 weeks old in the forest

    Moonlight SunlightMoonlight Sunlight7 months ago
  • omg so adorbs!!!!!!

    April SoutherlandApril Southerland7 months ago
  • The shelter that I volunteer for has the hardest time getting medicine from vets. One of my fosters has a sniffle and I'm so worried it will get worse. :/

    IsangelousIsangelous7 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady I know you won’t see this but, On Sunday I went to my grandmas house and I heard little meows coming from across the street,I then saw a clear box and something black that was moving. My dad went to go get the box, I then saw tiny newborn kittens, the box was dirty and it had glitter and it was also very very cold outside. My family and I thought they weren’t going to make it they were new baby kittens. My mom and I went to a shelter and as soon as we got there they took them which is very good.

    Hwang HyunjinHwang Hyunjin7 months ago

    carbqueencarbqueen7 months ago
  • KITTIES!!!

    rocknroller 77rocknroller 777 months ago
  • Sos un angelito Kitten Lady me emociona 😭por aquí también intento ayudar a estos angelitos un abrazo 🙅

    MaruMaru7 months ago
  • 0.01 ml . . . really?? If you're mixing a powder form of medication with water, why not dilute it enough that something like 0.05 could be given.

    mycatsinthegardenmycatsinthegarden7 months ago
    • @A Random Person . . . Well, that's true if you do the math wrong. But it seems like it would be easy to mis-measure milliliters no matter what the dose is. Being off a tiny bit would be less important if the solution is more dilute.

      mycatsinthegardenmycatsinthegarden6 months ago
    • You could mess up and easily overdose the kitten

      A Random PersonA Random Person7 months ago
  • That caramel colored one at 1:46 looks like me 😭😭😭😭😭

    Gabriel AnthonyGabriel Anthony7 months ago
  • Chris is really cute 🥰

    Sydney PageSydney Page7 months ago
  • My foster kittens (that just went back to the shelter) had to get 0.3ml of clavamox 2x a day. They were SO sick, we thought one of them wasn’t going to make it. They were also on eye ointment, pills, lotrimin, nutrical, etc. It was a rough 3 months.

    JoannaJoanna7 months ago
  • i have an ideea,can you adopt a sphynx cat,is very fun to take care of this type of cat

    Liviu DumitrescuLiviu Dumitrescu7 months ago
    • Hannah is a foster carer, she does not adopt cats in her care as she already has 3 at home :)

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • Is there a way you can save the free kittens from craigslist?

    Office catOffice cat7 months ago
  • Today my kitten died she was only one month old .. I don't know why .. 😣😔

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  • I wish when I grow up I'll get lots of cats and care them but what's the requirements 😅

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  • I think that this is very close to what I’m learning in math so this is just like basically teaching me so I’m gonna be a head a thing

    TinyMichaela ToolenTinyMichaela Toolen7 months ago
  • so this is not kitten related but so you realize why dosage is important, my mother in lay once had a bday party for my brother in law, and she had to give one of the kids in the party medication, and she gave the kid 5ml instead of 0.5ml, the kids mom texted her ".5" and she didnt see the "." in there. the kid ended in the hospital and wouldnt wake up for DAYS so... be very careful of how much you have to give a kitten and if someone else has to give them the medication be careful of the way you tell them how much is needed.

    Carolina AriasCarolina Arias7 months ago
  • Thank you for all meaningful and kind and lovely videos.

    Linh NguyenLinh Nguyen7 months ago
  • I have a question.. .how many cats/kittens do you have?

    LiLNugget_Wolfs :3LiLNugget_Wolfs :37 months ago
    • @Shaneyah G. thanks for telling me :)

      LiLNugget_Wolfs :3LiLNugget_Wolfs :37 months ago
    • She has 3 cats at home. The number of fosters they have is constantly changing!

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • ❤🐈 Thank you, Hannah!

    HeidiHeidi7 months ago
  • how many cats do you have huh ? 😭

    Tanty MellissaTanty Mellissa7 months ago
    • She has 3.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.7 months ago
  • I'm thinking with just how small those doses are, a chemistry pipette might be easier

    RachelORachelO7 months ago
  • This would have been perfect a year ago when my mom rescued a young kitten with a URI 🤣 Oh well! Maybe next time!

    Sarah ValentineSarah Valentine7 months ago
  • I’ve never had to give oral meds to a cat but I once had to give some to my rabbit after she was spayed. The first few days I was able to give it to her just fine but after those few days she started getting smarter and we had to trick her into taking it. But she figured that out too, so we just stopped giving her the medicine because at that point it had been a while since the surgery and it was nigh impossible to administer the medicine.

    wubywuby7 months ago
  • How could I give my adult cat worm meditation? without biting me

    Dani IarussiDani Iarussi7 months ago
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  • My cat has been farting about 3 times in 30 minutes is that normal???

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