How to STOP Kittens From Biting You (6 Tips!)

May 11, 2019
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Kittens are budding micro-panthers with a strong instinct to practice their hunting skills...and that includes BITING! But just because these fierce little felines have an instinct to bite does not mean that have to be biting YOU. In this video, I share 6 effective and easy tips for getting kittens not to bite you and your hands.
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • Can you do give away on a cat

      Matipa NyashaMatipa Nyasha21 hour ago
    • Alisha Bham happy birthday:3

      It’z JussieIt’z JussieMonth ago
    • Hi Kitten Lady! Thank you so much for publishing this video on my 14th birthday!!!!🤗🐱

      Alisha BhamAlisha BhamMonth ago
    • Kitten Lady can I let a cat in the house and not let it get it out?

      It’z JussieIt’z JussieMonth ago
    • Oh my GOD you’re a Godess which hair dyer do you use, sis??

      Lane LimaLane LimaMonth ago
  • *can I get an update on the kitten with the orange patch.* *It is soooo adorable.*

    k.o Rockyk.o Rocky4 hours ago
  • Best way for cat not to biting cut of you finger give it to them to play with it hehehe

    Matipa NyashaMatipa Nyasha21 hour ago
  • my kitten isnt biting me anymore but she is holding an rpg searching for me right now, any tips on how do SURVIVE?

    MythicqlMythicqlDay ago
  • It works

    maybels pantsmaybels pants2 days ago
  • I work in a cat hotel. And when cats who are aggressive and not obeying orders makes mu job harder. To get them to stop being aggressive and misbehaving is getting in its head make them scared to their soul. Make a loud bang when they sleep. When its a sleep kick it hard in the nose. My trick that works everytime is kicking it in its nose. They are sensitive there .After you beat it enuf they will listen and obey you coz they know they will get kicked. To know if you have gotten in its head is, when you walk to them they will act scared and their tail will be between their legs. Thats makes your work much easier. The cat that were with me dont even dare to move a muscle when i give it baths. The downside is they will look scared at you so when the owners come dont go near the cat coz they will cowwer and run from you. So dont be surprised after days in the cat hotel they act weird.

    fuqroar ziibfuqroar ziib2 days ago
  • i can only picture a lion singing hakuna matata

    CrikkyCrikky2 days ago

    Jay ScottJay Scott3 days ago
  • Exactly how many cats do you have??

    The Dutch BikerThe Dutch Biker3 days ago
    • Three. Why?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondDay ago
  • Thank you so much my kitten is well trained now he does not bite he is like a new kitten, kitten lady you are awesome, and keep it up with 1.3m subs love your channel cyaaa be safe and these times

    Synthetic GamerSynthetic Gamer3 days ago
  • Is it too late for my 6 months cat?

    takoyaki nimtakoyaki nim3 days ago
  • “If you never let them actually catch the toy” Lol I try to not let him catch it he is way faster than me 🙄

    EliesElies3 days ago
  • Tapping very gently on their nose (very sensitive region) while saying a strong "no" worked for me even with full grown cats. Of course I needed to do my homework and not provoke them with my hands as well. Having a toy around to reinforce the "yes" afterwards also helped.

    Estevão BKEstevão BK3 days ago
  • Thank you so muchas my kitty bites till i fall

    Zainab IssaZainab Issa3 days ago
  • Me: *Just sees this channel* Also Me: O.O DAT IS MY FUTURE SELF!

    Gacha sisters GamesGacha sisters Games4 days ago
  • Do cats play with abacuses #>\# are used for math? I need a cat expert to help me with this question.

    Linda H.Linda H.4 days ago
  • a "cat knowledge" video, that actually has some 🧐

    lx Video Stufflx Video Stuff5 days ago
  • Thank u I just got a kitten

    Suha FreijSuha Freij5 days ago
  • I know you made this a year ago but dang girl this was super informative. I have a 6 week old and he bites our hands and feet but I totally get it now. Thanks so much - Kim

    Kimberly WesleyKimberly Wesley6 days ago
  • Where did you get your wands? I loved the first that seemed like elastic/balls attached to the wand (blue and multi colored) & the other that was more pastel/string like?

    Micah JoyMicah Joy6 days ago
  • 4:38 bro you stole my cat wtf

    Silver978Silver9787 days ago
  • I was faking a panic attack to see what my cat would do...HE JUST ATTACKED ME! Seriously he jumped at me and bit me pretty hard on my forehead! Thanks Wally, that TOTALLY calmed me down....

    DeliaBesgorlDeliaBesgorl7 days ago

    a face you can trusta face you can trust7 days ago
  • Wow! It sounds! How insightful! Love all these practical tips! 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

    Eppie ChanEppie Chan7 days ago
  • During a play session i instinctively scream if my cat accidentally scratches me or tries to bite me in a playful way (happens seldom anyway). So he knows i get scared and stops. Otherwise i just ignore the cat for a minute to let him know that i didnt like the behaviour then i start showing the toy again and check if he still wants to play.

    zhab ozhab o7 days ago
  • How long does it take to learn not to bite for a kitten?

    Manuel BorenszteinManuel Borensztein7 days ago
  • im literally bleeding rn cuz meh kitten bit me i will hide FAST BEFORE MEH KITTEN KILLS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELPPPPPPPPPP

    XxpeachpopsxX loveXxpeachpopsxX love8 days ago
  • I had to watch dis vid bc im going to look at kittens soon and adopt 2 of them also my current cat acts like a kitten even though he's like 13

    AHcatwings Plays RobloxAHcatwings Plays Roblox8 days ago
  • I want my kitten to bite on command

    sharief mitchellsharief mitchell8 days ago
  • Lol as I’m watching this he’s biting me lol

    MakoScalesMakoScales8 days ago
  • My kitty I gave him a toy right now so we won’t bite me and I’ll just play with that toy!

    o O o Samie Gacha Bubbles o O oo O o Samie Gacha Bubbles o O o9 days ago
  • My kitten is very food aggressive he’s only 7 weeks old and he was like that with the other owners too. I’m not sure what to do. I’m trying to get him to stop attacking my hands and feet but it’s so hard.

    Sabrina raeSabrina rae9 days ago
  • bite it back....give it a taste of its own medicine!

    EdinEdin9 days ago
  • Very good material. Worth every minute. You must have been a kitten in another life!

    Sam ThackerSam Thacker9 days ago
  • Thanks so much for this. So many great tips!

    Philipp MarcPhilipp Marc9 days ago
  • This video helped me a lot. I’ve been trying to get my kitten out the habit of going for my hands and feet. I brought him a scratching post because I just got tired of being his human one 😂. I’m going to watch more of your videos to help me more with him. Thank you!

    Akila GraceAkila Grace10 days ago
  • i play with my kitten thrice a day and follow the rythm but he still bite me lol

    mini13KMmini13KM10 days ago
  • Get to the damn point

    Steve JobbsSteve Jobbs10 days ago
  • My kitten can't bite me cause I'm on a table now she's biting the carpet

    aylinnaylinn11 days ago
  • can you make a video show to make a cat toys with paper

    Paige SilvaPaige Silva12 days ago
  • You're amazing 😍 I'm so glad I found your channel ❤️

    Ermal TahiriErmal Tahiri12 days ago
  • Except that i spoil mine and raise a brat at the moment so i let her get away with her vampire-y ways, 10/10 bad parenting, but tell me it is okay tho

    NazlıcanNazlıcan12 days ago
  • me gustan mucho estos videos

    Rosa Herlinda Alvarado MelendezRosa Herlinda Alvarado Melendez13 days ago
  • The best cat teacher , honestly u have my respect for all these suggestions but I already got a lot of scratches n bites . Hope this ends

    Mubasshir MubinMubasshir Mubin14 days ago
  • My five-weeks-old kittens are still scared of toys xD

    A way-too-good SlytherinA way-too-good Slytherin14 days ago
  • Newbie here. My kitten always bite me.

    Princess AdaroPrincess Adaro14 days ago
  • Just slap or kick or like take his eyes out or something work everytime.

    kuivahkokuivahko15 days ago
  • 1 pounder put Me in The Hospital for 6 Days.

    Tony PalughiTony Palughi16 days ago
  • thank you,thank you,thank you god bless you

    Benhamim CBenhamim C17 days ago
  • I'm so excited!! Bringing home a rescue kitten tomorrow!! :D I'm also nervous bcz this is my first cat ever!!

    WeaveOfWordsWeaveOfWords17 days ago
  • Thanks for sharing these tips! My kitten is two months old and I need to show her how not to bite me 😩 only her toys! 🧸

    Karina SkyyKarina Skyy18 days ago
    • Same 😭😭😭 It's his 3rd day with me and only today he started biting and scratching me painfully IDK WHAT HE WANTS OMG

      Queen ChickensQueen Chickens8 days ago
  • I’m getting 2 kittens tomorrow❤️

    Diana MendezDiana Mendez19 days ago
  • Thank you for the advice we recently got a kitten and I've been making sure to play with it plenty with bell balls and a wand toy but i didn't think of a meal afterwards. we have had it for 3 days now and the feet attack have already reduced alot so long as i play with her for 1 hour twice a day

    Josh HowardJosh Howard19 days ago
  • So much has been confirmed! Thank you💕

    Maryanne BeareMaryanne Beare19 days ago
  • Thank you so much!

    Nelly AlexisNelly Alexis20 days ago
  • 2:41 ATTACK!!!! Made my day =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Dj RaulioDj Raulio20 days ago
  • I love this channel kittens are best With ur channel i hav made my kittens stop biting

    jaseela shereefjaseela shereef20 days ago
  • Thanks for the advice! I tickle my kitten on the belly and didn’t know that was a bad thing to do. He’s a rescue so not sure how old he is and we have a fully grown cat, she’s 5 years old and finally getting used to him, they play a little bit but he mostly plays with me and even bites my face and ears

    Jen4evrJen4evr21 day ago
  • What are those kat treats? 🧐

    hnyflvrhnyflvr22 days ago
  • My cat in the morning just reaks havoc biting during my classes jumps on curtains and jumps on you

    LazyyLazyy23 days ago
  • My adult cat sometimes playfully bites my newly adopted kitten. I've tried to stop her and redirect her but she doesn't listen. I feel like she knows that I don't want her to bite the fragile kitten but she does it anyway. Please help.

    Inez HosannaInez Hosanna23 days ago
  • but my kitten does not allow any other kitten in my house i have brought 2 to 3 kittens same age but she just not let anyone stay in my house she just stop eating food drinking water or playing so what should i do now i have tried all the things u told but it is not working with my kitten so what should i do

    Noorins kitchenNoorins kitchen23 days ago
  • Ooo that black kitten was beautiful

    MɨҡɛʏքօօɦɮɛaʀJaċҡsօռMɨҡɛʏքօօɦɮɛaʀJaċҡsօռ24 days ago
  • d-d-does it work on a one-year-old kitty.....?

    Jenna BaconJenna Bacon25 days ago
  • I have a Persian cat... 60 days kitten... It bites My feet when I sleep...

    Raja RockerRaja Rocker26 days ago
  • ur right

    Kanchar RohanKanchar Rohan28 days ago
  • Playing with your kitten, i have no kitten or any pet :-(

    BSNL ChuutiyaapaBSNL Chuutiyaapa28 days ago
  • what are the treats you're feeding them?

    Blackwaltz 313Blackwaltz 31329 days ago
  • I don't need this vid, but I'm glad I clicked it, beacuse holy crap, _there's so many kittens!_ *squees*

    DaggeiraDaggeira29 days ago
  • yell at them, it works for me

    adj789adj789Month ago
  • 🥰😸😻

    Sophia TeelSophia TeelMonth ago
  • My cat always bites softly if i stop rubbing him. Does not Hurt and hes not trying to be angry

    Joyce DropoogJoyce DropoogMonth ago
  • Thank you so much for the tips.. I’m a new mommy of Persian kitten he’s Juz 50days old and started to bite these days.. I saw ur video at d rite time I guess❤️ much love ❤️

    Varu JayVaru JayMonth ago
  • Does anybody else’s cat like fidget spinners 😂

    Karoline PaclibareKaroline PaclibareMonth ago
  • Thankyou for the tips. 😊

    Mark Jade ContrerasMark Jade ContrerasMonth ago
  • So how do i play with my kittens with my hands, appropriately? I cuddle/swaddle my 8 week olds like holding a baby which they seem to like. If they're super relaxed they let my stroke their paw pads. Super satisfaction

    Anna MillerAnna MillerMonth ago
  • i have 7 kittens =D

    Hun RozsdaHun RozsdaMonth ago
  • Ooooooo that's why my cousins kitten would always scratch my legs and jump on them-

    Glen MejiaGlen MejiaMonth ago
  • Put just a liiiiitle bit of spicy sauce on it lol

    Ancient SithAncient SithMonth ago
  • I have tried theses steps but she keeps on biting me

    Alexis CreekAlexis CreekMonth ago
  • thanks for the video it really works

    Debbie MauroDebbie MauroMonth ago
  • Ok, thank you

    mannie Budsmannie BudsMonth ago
  • My cat bites me but I don't care

    Kenroy RichardsKenroy RichardsMonth ago
  • I'm trying to adopt kittens here in Bangladesh but they are so freaking expensive !!! And I can't even find strays ( I'm not going to steal kittens from mothers ).

    DAR3D3ViLDAR3D3ViLMonth ago
  • I have a question, what if I have a month and a half year old kitten, and a three month old kitten playing together? Is that dangerous or perfectly safe?

    qrustnyyqrustnyyMonth ago
  • I need some help I am getting 2nnew kittens in 2 weeks!

    Austin PellazariAustin PellazariMonth ago
  • I'm having a lot of trouble with my kitten. Sometimes when I wake up, I have bite, and scratch marks on me. Sometimes I think I'll get slaughtered in my sleep one day..

    Famous DeadweedFamous DeadweedMonth ago
    • the last part really made me giggle. But I get you! the look in my kitten's eyes sometimes is concerning. and my legs are all scratched up. thanks for making me laugh through the pain xD

      shaysorakimshaysorakim26 days ago
  • I really do not care is my kitten bites me. I just say, “It’s normal behavior, don’t stop it!”

    Hinata ShōyōHinata ShōyōMonth ago
  • Wish I saw this sooner. Kitten is now about 7 weeks so ... starting now. Found it in the middle of a busy road about 2 weeks ago. Hey, what about when they climb up your leg? How do you stop that?

    Straight Up Design LLC.Straight Up Design LLC.Month ago
    • Oh also I have an older male cat. How do I know when he plays too rough with the kitten?

      Straight Up Design LLC.Straight Up Design LLC.Month ago
  • I think I'm perfectly fine with my cat biting me. BUT NOT MY FACE!!!

    Mercy JMercy JMonth ago
  • cat: *bites* me : *BITES CAT BACK*

    jiappangjiappangMonth ago
  • Hi! Where do you get your kitten toys?

    Ashley TaylorAshley TaylorMonth ago
  • My cat still mad lol

    Alone GAMINGAlone GAMINGMonth ago
  • This should be how to prevent, not how to stop

    خولة Khawlaخولة KhawlaMonth ago
  • "Human chew toy" I'm a mf scratch and bite post. I lost my saved data I'm never going to beat "/assassins creed odyssey" before Valhalla comes out.

    Marcus WareMarcus WareMonth ago
  • Thank you so much this was soooo helpful 😁

    Luz SLuz SMonth ago
  • What treats are you feeding the kittens??

    Lynn O'BrienLynn O'BrienMonth ago
  • Osgood dose ekeoeoeoeoee. Mobb oihhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    ari felizari felizMonth ago
  • My cat keeps attacking me. It hurts so much.

    This is a YouTube account.This is a YouTube account.Month ago
  • Thank you! I appreciate this. I just got a kitten and I know the basics but I am still trying to learn and get others knowledge to make me a better owner for her. This helps me a lot! Cause I was doing something that was a mistake so I am for sure gonna correct that and hopefully prevent her from biting in the future. I am not sure if you'll see this but I was just curious.. what treats do you give the kittens? I notice its in a plastic wrapper i am just wondering cause I am trying to get her started on treats but I want something that someone has used with other kittens before and I know its safe for her.

    Kaitlynn ReeceKaitlynn ReeceMonth ago