I'm Fostering a Baby Duckling, Billie!

Aug 9, 2020
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Here are a few things you should know about ducklings! Just like kittens and puppies, ducklings need an external heat source to stay warm--Billie uses a heat lamp and a heat pad. Ducklings are social animals who really need friends (don't worry, I am actively looking for another rescue duckling to join Billie!) While ducklings are very cute, you should know that they grow quickly and require outdoor space, a protective coop, a swimming area, and most importantly lifelong care. Ducks can live for up to 12 years or more, so never bring home ducklings if you are not prepared for a long term commitment, and please--consider rescuing, not purchasing! Finally, remember to choose compassion by leaving ducks off of your dinner plate. Watch my video about extending compassion to all animals: usworlds.info/slow/video/f3eobZ--j5d3dmY

  • Billie is a duck!!!!!😮😮😮

    Luca Anna SzabolcsLuca Anna Szabolcs3 days ago
  • Can we talk about how cute billie is Adorbs ❤️

    Leela Moorthy RajanLeela Moorthy Rajan7 days ago
  • Ducklings can swim from the moment they have hatched and dried, and seeing how he was found with wild ducklings he was very likely one of them. Not sure why you think he isn't wild,, unless it's his colouring? White ducklings can be born to wild coloured parents on occasion, genetics are a funny thing. Kinda a shame he was seperated from his wild siblings tbh. A lone duckling isn't a happy duckling. He'd much rather be with his siblings, chatting together, swimming and catching bugs (the grass is pointless)

    LaraLara10 days ago
  • Awww so cute ☺😘

    Tyeisha WickensTyeisha Wickens17 days ago
  • this is a female

    Shanza MirShanza Mir24 days ago
    • @57 Year Old James Bond ok

      Shanza MirShanza Mir16 days ago
    • No, he’s a male.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond16 days ago
  • I fostered 2 ducks and they followed me around all the time! I gave them to a farm when they were fully grown yesterday I visited and then don't remember me at all lol

    afeefa rahmanafeefa rahman25 days ago
  • My family has a few ducks and they follow my little brother around in a little line through my neighborhood

    KaraDawn RuzicKaraDawn Ruzic28 days ago
  • The stuffed sheep with a bow and a skirt is a toy from Doc McStuffins I forget her name and I actually have that same toy and it talks

    Tina MarieTina Marie29 days ago
  • WOW

    Duru Ataay Mavi Pamuk Şeker Duru AtaayDuru Ataay Mavi Pamuk Şeker Duru Ataay29 days ago
  • He needs a baby pool! Baby ducks like to swim!!

    samiam2088samiam2088Month ago
    • Bit late there, buddy.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • Please I just rescue one and I don’t know what to give him/her for food, I am about to cry please I need help

    Wescela DennisWescela DennisMonth ago
    • Wescela Dennis I’ve cared for ducks before! Ducks eat a lot of things. If you don’t have access to commercial duck food, which you should probably order, you can go outside and get them things like small slugs and/or greens, like dandelions. Commercial duck food is the best though. You can also give them fruits and veggies! Cutting up some veggies like green beans and grapes are things that ducklings love!

      ・ Quetzalii ・・ Quetzalii ・Month ago
  • quack. quack. billie. BILLIE. BILLIE EYELASH.

    Mariz GarrovilloMariz GarrovilloMonth ago
  • What kind of grass clippings are those? From your own yard? Be careful that they're not sprayed with insecticide.

    Allat GoddessAllat GoddessMonth ago
  • Foster another duckling make its name eilish

    • Aurxra •シ• Aurxra •シMonth ago
    • A terrible idea to name another duckling Billie Eilish when she fostered a duckling named Billie before.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago

    Silly duck girlSilly duck girlMonth ago
  • Awwwww

    Justin MartinezJustin MartinezMonth ago
  • I use to have 6 ducklings but a lot of them got eaten by rats, when there was 4 ducklings left I decided to train them (what I mean is making them run 1 lap every day). And 6 days later I came home from school and saw that the rats was chasing them but but got tired xD after that I knew it was a good idea to train them.

    PotatoPotatoMonth ago
  • You will be able to tell the ducks' gender at around 4-6 weeks of age. If the duck starts quacking at all, you know it is a female. Males do not quack like females do, they just sound as if they have bronchitis. Source: I own ducks😊

    Colleen HelminenColleen HelminenMonth ago
  • Pov: you thought of Billie Ellish

    FoxiGaming5FoxiGaming5Month ago
  • Wow sow cité🐥🐥🐤🐤duck a

    Abrar HouriyaAbrar HouriyaMonth ago
  • It's so cute!!!!

    Noor Fadzilah AhmadNoor Fadzilah AhmadMonth ago
  • I need a new video on Billie!

    Heather OwensHeather OwensMonth ago

    PumpkinsForeverPumpkinsForeverMonth ago
  • What's the difference between a wild duckling and a domestic duck? How could they tell that Billie is domestic?

    Kayla AllenKayla AllenMonth ago

    little lavender :3little lavender :3Month ago
  • Im the cute duck, duh.

    D_DannyD_DannyMonth ago
  • How’s Billie doing with all of those kitties? I hope they’re all doing well 💕

    Nova LovaNova LovaMonth ago
  • Hm I didn’t know kittens looked Like baby ducks! Lol

    GavgavthecatGavgavthecatMonth ago
  • If you ever need baby bird help, I would recommend trying to reach “A chick named Albert”. he has a youtube and eases birds from the egg.

    VixengamingVixengamingMonth ago
  • *Everyone liked that.*

    FoxxeraFoxxeraMonth ago
  • That baby will be a white duck, like Donald. As to gender, once the feathers grow in, in a male a few top tail feathers will curl upwards toward the body. In a female, there's just a little curl on the end of the tail.

    Sylvia BalesSylvia BalesMonth ago
  • She'll be fostering a flamingo next! Then an elephant!

    Melanie SmithMelanie SmithMonth ago
  • So cute :3

    ARISH Haq 2ARISH Haq 2Month ago
  • Awwwwwwww so cute i love the duck can i have the duck?

    Sadie HernandezSadie HernandezMonth ago
    • It doesn’t work like that.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • After a duck eats it has to poop if you didn't now😞

    Sadie HernandezSadie HernandezMonth ago
  • i want a baby ducky now 🥺

    Ur MomUr MomMonth ago
  • I watch your videos sometimes and I love cats kittens I want a little black and white kitten but I want to get one but I rent the apartment I live in and never know when I will need to move so I thought maybe it's not a good idea becouse if I move the landlord may not except pets kittens cats but I want one badly

    Denise MooreDenise MooreMonth ago
  • Aww!🦄🐈😻🙈😂😍😍😍😍

    Kevin FlynnKevin FlynnMonth ago
  • Ima duck guy.... DUH

    B u b b l e b e a rB u b b l e b e a rMonth ago
  • The amount of “awwwww” in this video | | | |

    steve lynchsteve lynchMonth ago
  • they need to be able to submerge their head, that's how you know it's enough. I raise ducklings FYI.

    Múne_ PlayzMúne_ PlayzMonth ago
  • I hope you are feeding them grit, because they need it or they will become bow-legged over time.

    Múne_ PlayzMúne_ PlayzMonth ago
  • fun fact; The back tail feathers often tell you their gender, if they are pointed in a curved like position they are often a boy. If they are a tiny curve but not dramatic, probably a girl. :)

    Múne_ PlayzMúne_ PlayzMonth ago
  • “Non-binary duckling friend” my heart can’t take it❤️🏳️‍🌈

    Huda YounusHuda YounusMonth ago

    Michiru ChanMichiru ChanMonth ago
  • This is actually way more cute than I expected

    Sabrina & Olivia GottsSabrina & Olivia GottsMonth ago
  • OMG he soooo cuteeeee

    Cookie LeahCookie LeahMonth ago
    • He?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • Must protect the peep

    Kazumi ChisholmKazumi ChisholmMonth ago
  • im getting a kitten in april so i watch her vids so i know how to take care off kittens she saves lifes

    BermyKidsBermyKidsMonth ago
  • Its so smol 😍

    CxlieeCxlieeMonth ago
  • what a strange kitten

    Genny S.Genny S.Month ago
  • If that duck was a goat I guess they'd be a.... You:OH GOD PLEASE NO! Billie goat. You:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    BLOBISH 2BLOBISH 2Month ago
  • Any chance for a Billie update? 😊

    vf2005vf2005Month ago
  • Ic sou cute.❤️

    Natalija BošnjovićNatalija BošnjovićMonth ago
  • So a small bird in a house full of cats? I'm not gonna say it's a bad idea but....

    sappiesappieMonth ago
    • @Kelsey yeah.... I know? It's a joke

      sappiesappieMonth ago
    • They keep them in separate rooms. They wouldn't bring them into their home if they weren't going to be safe.

      KelseyKelseyMonth ago
  • 5:39 i have something like a flock of 18 ducklings and i have them a similar drinker, when i cleaned it of mud they all came to the fresh water and they were all drinking And also i have a baby chicken

    AxzyrePLAxzyrePLMonth ago
  • Where can you get one

    ry Freery FreeMonth ago
  • So what happened to Billie after this? Is there any follow up?

    1928jazz1928jazzMonth ago
    • She's still fostering them. You can get updates on her Instagram if you have one as well.

      KelseyKelseyMonth ago
  • This video is just so delightful and my non binary heart can't handle this. Such a precious baby.

    AquaticFlareonAquaticFlareonMonth ago
  • I have two ducks about 4 month old and there hard to take care of they poop every where

    Gamer kids PsGamer kids PsMonth ago
  • Awww 🥰

    Gamer kids PsGamer kids PsMonth ago
  • That's a strange looking kitten

    I ForgotI ForgotMonth ago
  • I don't know what's cuter, the duckling or Hanna's incredible maternal instincts the moments she sees anything small and fuzzy

    SochikkiSochikkiMonth ago
  • I have a duckling

    Xanthe WilsonXanthe WilsonMonth ago
  • My family has ducks and something you should know is ducks are MESSY every time our ducks ate the would put the food in dirty mud water and then they would eat it so always make sure there is a little bit a water it definitely doesn’t have to be dirty but at least something , and we also mad a small little pool for them so they could have a little dunk with their mama

    Drawing4 FunDrawing4 FunMonth ago
  • You can feed Billie lettuce and bean sprouts. They also love watermelon. Make sure you cut them up into small pieces so Billie won’t choke. Also, when they’re older, you can get them some crickets and mealworms. Also, never feed them green tomatoes, eggplant, dried or raw beans, iceberg lettuce, and avocado. All of these are toxic for ducklings, and iceberg lettuce gives them diarrhea. You also should get four more ducklings, but beware, as they are REALLY, REALLY, STINKY!

    Thai AnabelleThai AnabelleMonth ago
  • Ооооо какая лапочка.!!!!!!😇😇😉

  • Why would people dislike this it's so cuteee! ♡♡♡

    LowBattery 1%LowBattery 1%Month ago
  • The cats are playing in 1:36

    Crystal Hernandez PaezCrystal Hernandez PaezMonth ago
  • awww baby billie is so ADORABLE why cant i have a duck :(

    Crystal Hernandez PaezCrystal Hernandez PaezMonth ago
  • And one day cats attack billie and he became dinner of cats

    Zaid KhanZaid KhanMonth ago
  • I have 5 baby dukes

    Maya EddieMaya EddieMonth ago
  • I’m the bad duck Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack

    MapleMotionMapleMotionMonth ago
  • We raised alot of ducklings... I hope you can get some small smooth gravel/sand to help them digest food... yes, like chickens they need the stones to grind their food up in the gut...and they need water so it helps go down easier... Also before introducing them to swimming water, they need some oils gently added to their fluff or they will be thrilled, then get cold and then sink... trust me... mouth to beak resuscitation on over 100 ducklings is hard... but we did not loose a single one. As for the colourings... Mammas can be...um.... friendly with lots of boys and mixed families are completely possible Hugs from Halifax

    Canadian Navy WifeCanadian Navy WifeMonth ago
  • 😍

    Ashlee RichardsAshlee Richards2 months ago
  • I have nine ducks and two geese, and they learned to swim right away. Ducks have a natural instinct to swim. About 32 to 48 hours after the ducklings hatch, the mama takes them out and most of the time The mama takes them to a pond and swims with them. He will be fine in water, as long as there is supervision around.

    Dummy DrqgonDummy Drqgon2 months ago
  • Ducks are love

    VR VRVR VR2 months ago
  • Peace was always an option

    Hai WasupHai Wasup2 months ago

    Sinner jkSinner jk2 months ago
  • You are so good with babies, even if they’re not kittens. I’d probably trust you with my own babies haha

    Aimee TioAimee Tio2 months ago
  • When it gets older,you will know if it is a Bill or a Wilma just by the color and its head markings. Birds that are males have brighter colors and more markings on their heads while females are duller and don’t have those markings on their heads.

    Dimitri BoroznyDimitri Borozny2 months ago
  • How do you know it is a boy?

    Dimitri BoroznyDimitri Borozny2 months ago
  • Must have been a feral domestic duck with the wild ones. It happens sometimes

    M V WexfordM V Wexford2 months ago
  • Co cute duck

    xxCookieCatxx BellexxCookieCatxx Belle2 months ago
  • how can they be so ridiculously cute? i love animals

    Amanda BentesAmanda Bentes2 months ago
  • That’s one funny looking kitten...

    Teagan 13Teagan 132 months ago
  • little ducklings are able to swim just so u know

    xPencilLinkxPencilLink2 months ago
  • "non-binary duckling friend" we stan an enby icon

    Star the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fan 2003Star the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fan 20032 months ago
  • "you're not a kitten" we don't care it's your content so it's g o o d

    Boboh the Rice FarmerBoboh the Rice Farmer2 months ago
  • Plot twist: Billie is Billie eilish substitute

    Helena uwu González MenéndezHelena uwu González Menéndez2 months ago
  • I thought only female are yellow ducklings, but i might be wrong.

    Ured.Noobjuz /Ured.Noobjuz /2 months ago
  • BILLIE 𝓮𝔂𝓮𝓵𝓪𝓼𝓱 𓁹

    Starry EilishStarry Eilish2 months ago
  • OMG my name is Billie

    Cat QueenCat Queen2 months ago
  • im a b-bad guy

    Kyla_MimiKyla_Mimi2 months ago
  • If I have a duck I will name him Dickie

    Abrkadara78Abrkadara782 months ago

    lizbethlizbeth2 months ago
  • They're so cute when they eat. Gobble gobble. 😍

    it meit me2 months ago
  • Ohhhhhhh omagoddddddddddddsd soooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🐤🐥🐤🐥🐤🐥🐤🐥🐤🐥🐤🐥🐤🐥🐤🐥🐥🐤🐥🐤🐥🐤

    Arturo SabueroArturo Sabuero2 months ago
  • How is Billie doing now???

    Sam BartleySam Bartley2 months ago
  • What's the difference between a wild duckling and this one?

    Ragmatical RachelRagmatical Rachel2 months ago