Ick! These Kittens Need a Flea Bath! (How to tell if a kitten has fleas--and what to do.)

Mar 7, 2020
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Fleas might be small, but they're a BIG deal. Fleas can lead to flea anemia, and should be eradicated immediately, especially in young kittens who are especially vulnerable. In this video, you can learn how to tell if a kitten has fleas, and watch as Clem, Jimmy, Chris, Debbie, and Nigel get their flea bath.
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  • You are a cat lover same I am too

    Briseida NajarBriseida Najar4 hours ago
  • how can you make the kitten's keep calm when they meet water?

    Bagos BSBagos BS20 hours ago
  • I’m getting more interested in wanting to become a vet specifically for cats and you’re videos are really educating.

    MultifandomStrugglesMultifandomStruggles23 hours ago
  • “Move them onto there heat pad” Instructions unclear, kitten was cooked. Sorry if this gave anyone a mini heart attack that didn’t actually happen!

    •Simply Grace••Simply Grace•23 hours ago
  • Put your hair up it’s touching the flea coverd kitten

    Carrie ElbeCarrie ElbeDay ago
  • Jimmy really looks like the stray kitty my brother brought lol

    Mia EMia EDay ago
  • I LOVE your dress!!!! And of course all the babies!!! ♡♡

    Jessi OldhamJessi OldhamDay ago
  • Her hair is all in the kittens fur. Can’t they jump from kitten to human and infest her?

    Lindsey BreljeLindsey BreljeDay ago
  • poor baby kitties when they bathe

    zxrotxo wxxkzxrotxo wxxkDay ago
  • That flea "dirt" is the eggs

    DarrienDarrien2 days ago
  • To go wash them up if they have fleas next video please with all the cats all the kitten

    Chanel WilliamsChanel Williams2 days ago
  • when she put the heat pad in the microwave i thought she was gonna put the kitten and heat the kitten to LMAO

    Lavertris ThomasLavertris Thomas3 days ago
  • cuteeeeeeeeeee

    Sirena DucharmeSirena Ducharme3 days ago
  • But if they're allergic to the stuff that you use what will you do

    Sar PlaSar Pla3 days ago
    • 🤔

      Sar PlaSar Pla3 days ago
  • Poor Kitty he doesn't know what's going on

    Sar PlaSar Pla3 days ago
  • Poor Kitty

    Sar PlaSar Pla3 days ago
  • That is a lot of cats

    Sar PlaSar Pla3 days ago
  • THE at was about to poop😂

    Kirstie SlimmonKirstie Slimmon3 days ago
  • brush through his face w the comb i love

    Rachael RevelsRachael Revels3 days ago
  • Bless you and your heart you are so nice

    Kitty poofKitty poof3 days ago
  • I don't even have a cat but I don't care they are ADORABLE🐱🐱🐱

    RavenclawOwlRavenclawOwl3 days ago
  • LOL mexicans use those combs for head lice on their kids 😂

    Alisia NavarroAlisia Navarro3 days ago
  • I just watched nerve and I swear- she looks like the main girl in there-

    _Goth Kitty__Goth Kitty_3 days ago
  • Meow😡mew😡moew😡

    Mersnacks animationsMersnacks animations4 days ago
  • Does it go after a fleas bath

    Manar AlharbiManar Alharbi4 days ago
  • Do cats play with abacuses #>\# are used for math? I need a cat expert to help me with this question.

    Linda H.Linda H.4 days ago
  • Too cute😍and wierd🙃

    Roshelle OneRoshelle One4 days ago
  • were did you get kettin i ALOWES whant a baby cat

    Jeffy LpJeffy Lp4 days ago
  • Awww so cute cat but EWWWW FLEAS 🤮

    Maria QuinterosMaria Quinteros5 days ago
  • me: The dislikes are all the fleas that got on the kittens my friend watching this with me: wha- me: oh don't worry they wont hop onto you! my friend: uhmm- O-O

    Takdeer GrewalTakdeer Grewal5 days ago
  • I like it when she talks to the cats it sooooooooo cute

    manny gomezmanny gomez5 days ago
  • Please don’t waste water

    Sally 5Sally 55 days ago
  • The kittens are so cute

    Chris DixonChris Dixon5 days ago
  • Water in Africa: 💎 Water in America: 💩

    bihter ziyagil.bihter ziyagil.5 days ago
  • They’re so cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Genessis AspeitiaGenessis Aspeitia5 days ago
  • those thing can jump at u too, i never dare touch that thing again, last month i have fleas problem all over my house, strange thing i dont even have any pets the only thing i know my neighbour have a dog and cat in their house.its over now because i call expert to deal with them but i get so many bit mark on my legs so beware of those thing. they are dengerous.

    Adhityo Prathama AdjiAdhityo Prathama Adji5 days ago
    • @star and fox yeah that's why now, i always scared when cat or dog come near me.and the wrse thing is they bite mark not fade easylly on skin my legs full of black mark now it's worse than get bite by mosquito

      Adhityo Prathama AdjiAdhityo Prathama Adji4 days ago
    • You can bring them in on your clothing.

      star and foxstar and fox4 days ago
  • i love kittens i love this vido

    Noor TahaNoor Taha5 days ago
  • Kittens: suffering Me: “aaaaaw!!”

    Sour BearSour Bear5 days ago
  • They are cute ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

    ding dongding dong5 days ago
  • Care is important for kittens too 🤗 Thank you 🥰🥰🐱

    Stay home goroso [Cat] [gato]Stay home goroso [Cat] [gato]5 days ago
  • This is too cute. It’s the bath for me 😍😍😍

    Erica GreenErica Green5 days ago
  • I was so afraid that the fleas would get into her hair.

    Erica GreenErica Green5 days ago
  • Awww Those Poor Lil Kittens =[

    KITKAT123KITKAT1235 days ago
  • Spot-cleaning a tiny kitten’s head. 🥺

    Erica LelleErica Lelle5 days ago
  • Kitten: meows Subtitle: music

    Nani KoraeelNani Koraeel6 days ago
  • only kittens have fleas or do cats too have fleas ?

    Dear AyshaDear Aysha6 days ago
  • Read more

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    Alice CheshireAlice Cheshire7 days ago
  • All those kittens are adorable

    jazmine Van Dunkjazmine Van Dunk7 days ago
  • My heart jumped when she said “Here’s Debbie” because my names Debbie 😅

    Strawberry_ PlaysStrawberry_ Plays7 days ago
  • Meeeeeeew

    GenjiGenji7 days ago
  • They are so cute am melting 🥰

    Alexa CojrifnsAlexa Cojrifns7 days ago
  • The kittens live in an.. incubator?

    Stacey RangelStacey Rangel7 days ago
  • Jimmy was a trooper he didn’t wine

    Mike HanceMike Hance8 days ago
  • 1 of my kittens have fleas i have 5 kittens

    XxpeachpopsxX loveXxpeachpopsxX love8 days ago
  • Ya sabemos,que Los Gatos ,perros y todo animal tienen plugas y parasitos, por eso es susio tenerlos en casa.

    elvira asi se hacen los videos Garza completodelvira asi se hacen los videos Garza completod8 days ago
  • im crying there sooo cute uwu

    Cheyanna CarterCheyanna Carter8 days ago
  • Hello, I did all this and still there are flees :(

    Omnia ismailOmnia ismail8 days ago
  • 5:10 Some demon eyes

    Hi! How are you?Hi! How are you?8 days ago

    Ava McNeillAva McNeill8 days ago
  • Clem looks almost identical to my little orange baby girl Clementine! We call her Clem for short! 😍

    Kayla TitusKayla Titus9 days ago
  • You need to comb THE OTHER WAY, which is UPWARD from tail to head lifting up the fur . All you were doing was combing the further into the fur.

    Valerie O'BrienValerie O'Brien9 days ago
  • Because you can be clean💟🧡💛💚💜

    Giselle GarcíaGiselle García9 days ago
  • It's okay to take a bath

    Giselle GarcíaGiselle García9 days ago
  • What do you think about waterless flea bath?

    Rachel FeldmannRachel Feldmann10 days ago
  • Can you look for stray tuxedo cats cause mine is missing

    kiki the kitty Gibsonkiki the kitty Gibson10 days ago
  • We're gonna be dealing with fleas here for a while. We have an adult dog and cat, and two kittens around 10 weeks old. Gonna be getting a furniture and home spray and a pet spray for our dog and adult cat, but I realized the kittens weren't quite old enough for a flea treatment, unfortunately, after giving them a bath with flea shampoo. They seem to be okay, but I won't be using it or any other chemicals again on them now that i know. I thought we had some nit combs because our family had lice in the last few months, but I'm not sure what happened to them so I'll probably be buying a flea comb as well. Thanks for the tips!

    scooby25611scooby2561110 days ago
  • Is she a perisan kitten?

    Hafsa Sultana 17Hafsa Sultana 1710 days ago
  • I want to be like you

    penny barlowpenny barlow10 days ago
  • U r amazing, thank you 🌹❤️

    saab414saab41411 days ago
  • Do we wash their parts?

    MylifeamovieMylifeamovie11 days ago
  • This works for my cats whenever they have fleas nice

    [Sherbert•Gacha] :ノ[Sherbert•Gacha] :ノ11 days ago
  • Water: hi Clem Clem:MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW Water:fine bye >:( Clem: :)

    Ghost •bun•Ghost •bun•11 days ago
  • 7 months ago was about 5 months before I got to two month old kittens, one is my older sister’s, so I kept seeing little things moving on her and her sister. So I searched up a video and I diagnosed them with fleas then a vet confirmed they have fleas. They don’t anymore but yeah. ( and if I saw this vid(can’t remember what the vid was called or was by but could’ve been yours not sure) I would’ve surely tapped on it)

    JustWolfie 08JustWolfie 0811 days ago
  • ❤❤👍👍

    Alessandra JiménezAlessandra Jiménez12 days ago

  • "God bless you for taking care of those precious kittens." 🙂

    Jason Lee RoyaltyJason Lee Royalty12 days ago
  • “Everybody’s got fleas.” *rubs the kittens head*😂😂😂

    Maiki SawamuraMaiki Sawamura12 days ago
  • Poor babies! Cast the skin biting parasites into the sink of death!

    God of the DogsGod of the Dogs13 days ago
  • I sooo wanna know what these little cuties look like now !

    Matt ThomasMatt Thomas13 days ago
  • So cute 😍🥰

  • How old are they?🥺

    Liza HerdenLiza Herden13 days ago
  • Lets save the kitties

    chillflamechillflame13 days ago
  • Thank you for all the advice. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

    G oishiiG oishii13 days ago
  • I love watching you taking care of these little guys.

    Todd HowardTodd Howard14 days ago
  • Me : awwww you are so cute little kitten

    aisya Zulkifliaisya Zulkifli14 days ago
  • Kitten : meow meow

    aisya Zulkifliaisya Zulkifli14 days ago
  • ☆ those kittens look like angels★

    GFgfGFgf14 days ago
  • Hi! I have kittens who were born in my backyard just last week and they have fleas. Is it okay to bath them now or wait cause they’re still so young and idk what to do. Also, would a live comb work the same as a flea comb?

    kristy vangkristy vang14 days ago
  • Tysm my cat has fles and my mom say tm we r gonna bye a fles brush tomorrow

    Maria paulinMaria paulin14 days ago

    Bianca RomineBianca Romine14 days ago

    Bianca RomineBianca Romine14 days ago

    Bianca RomineBianca Romine14 days ago
    • What? What does this mean?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond7 days ago
  • You ain't

    Bianca RomineBianca Romine14 days ago
  • i'll shop for kitten lady gear!

    Saya TrivediSaya Trivedi15 days ago
  • kitten lady, just call me saya

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    Saya TrivediSaya Trivedi15 days ago
  • Sooo cute that little happy-blink after the kiss at the end x)

    No NameNo Name16 days ago
  • USworlds:are you sure you wanna do this to your self? Me:yes *12 min later* Me:I’ll never see kittens the Same way I did before

    Rosa PuenteRosa Puente17 days ago
  • can cat flea transfer to human hair?

    Frichzy Nicole AnitoFrichzy Nicole Anito17 days ago