If You See Cats Outside...WATCH THIS!

Dec 15, 2018
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Kittens like Flapjack and Butter are suffering on the streets, but it doesn't have to be that way. In this video, I'll tell you their story, and show you how to help kittens just like them by trapping the cats in your neighborhood and getting active in TNR!
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  • Ready to learn how to trap the cats in your neighborhood? Watch my instructional TNR video here: usworlds.info/slow/video/rHuTpqKqfmd5qJU

    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • @Kamilah Kl

      Isabella UntersteinIsabella Unterstein7 days ago
    • Kitten Lady hi the second kitten looks like the kitten that my neighbors that are trying to catch

      Janesha RaiJanesha RaiMonth ago
    • Kitten Lady thank you my neighbor is trying to catch a kitten in there yard

      Janesha RaiJanesha RaiMonth ago
    • i luv u! by the way u helped me with my cat in a different video! Thank u!

      Kitty_Cat_Senya [Cats4Evr] ;3Kitty_Cat_Senya [Cats4Evr] ;33 months ago
    • 💛🖤💙💚🥰😍🤩❤️♥️🖤💜💙💚💛🧡💗💖👌👍

      Vani ChVani Ch3 months ago
  • Sent this video to my sister as her diabetic cat is missing & hopefully all the tip's here will help to bring him home as he's in desperate need of food & insulin as he the last time he ate & had insulin was Saturday night.

    DianaDiana2 days ago
  • i have a kitten

    Caiden SchuckersCaiden Schuckers4 days ago
  • I got a question how many cats do you have??

    Lpswolfycat12 BbLpswolfycat12 Bb6 days ago
  • What if tnr happens everywhere and eventually cats will become exinct

    Amani Al HajjarAmani Al Hajjar6 days ago
  • I have two TNR cats that showed up. A female about 6 years ago and an orange male last year. They are inside/outside cats, they are in at night and get to go out in the morning. Once I feed them in the evening they stay in, no free feeding, a little breakfast and nothing until their main meal in the early evening. I have another little tuxedo TNR kitten that started hanging around, maybe 6 months old. I'm worming him and then will try to introduce him to the others and see if he can fit in. Winter is coming on and he will not survive out there. Keep up the good work, keep up the education and show people why and how to help. Best, Roy

    Roy KinderRoy Kinder7 days ago
  • Ffffffffffcfffffrcffg

    Isabella UntersteinIsabella Unterstein7 days ago
  • Im trying catch a kitten in my yard, its mom hurt itself so we were gonna swoop her up and taoe her to a vet,but we cant take the mommy cat away from her baby. Thank you for this video

    大捏Danie大捏Danie10 days ago
  • Thank you! I've been working to catch a moma that had babies in my backyard. I think she was pretty young when she got pregnant because she's warmed up pretty quickly to me and comes when I call. Three kittens and mom have been caught, one kitten to go who is almost eating from my hand. I'll get him :) Then everyone gets fixed and homed. If moma can't be socialized, she goes to a nice farm to work. These videos were soooo helpful!

    Lady AtaralasseLady Ataralasse11 days ago
  • I find it funny, the tricolor white cat chilling in the background casually eating her tuna while her family members are being trapped and kidnapped.

    Lea DLea D12 days ago
  • I have a kitten named Milo and I don’t know how old he is maybe like a few months

    Ta OsTa Os13 days ago
    • Ya so ya he is cute

      Ta OsTa Os13 days ago
  • I have a cat in my neighborhood who just had kittens and she will not let me get close to her two kittens and the next day she moved them. I'm trying to gain her trust by leaving her food in my yard in hopes that she will lead me to her kittens. If anyone has any advice please let me know! the kittens are so tiny and shouldn't be out there.

    Sinnia RomeroSinnia Romero13 days ago
  • I want to boop all of the cats and all of the kittens.

    BelleBelle14 days ago
  • three baby kittens in my backyard and the parents, i dont know what to do, i fed them some water to try to get them to trust us, but that didnt work what should i do?

    gibby boigibby boi15 days ago
    • If the parents are feral, you probably won't earn their trust. You'll need to get a trap and catch them. Then take them to a human society,vet, or rescue society. If you don't feel like you can catch them, see if local animal control can help....just ask what they do with feral animals ... Obviously you want them to go to a rescue and not be euthanized

      summerwillowssummerwillows8 days ago
  • Papa can't dip his wick no more!

    FacheChanteDeuxFacheChanteDeux16 days ago
  • Such an important message. Amazing work! Thank you for sharing. We need more people like you in this world.

    OliviaOlivia16 days ago
  • Awww❤

    Belen TorrezBelen Torrez17 days ago
  • Did someone see the black cat on the roof

    T CakesT Cakes20 days ago
  • We have a cat that we feed every day and she loves us and we love her I think she is a. Siberian

    Denae SwitzerDenae Switzer22 days ago
  • Hi Kitten lady, I’m caught in a dilemma and would like to ask ur opinion for it. I have rescued a stray cat recently and he has been treated in the vet for scabies, malnutrition and other health problems for a month now. He is also diagnosed positive for FIV. My husband and I want to keep him with us at home, but we have a healthy cat at home already. I’m afraid this new guy would transmit the virus to the healthy cat, although we really really love them both. Do you have any suggestions on how to prevent the transmission while keeping them both safe and healthy at home? Thank u in advance!!! 💕🙏🏻

    Dannie Marceau DayDannie Marceau Day22 days ago
  • I literally cried at the begging with the first kitten 😭😭😭 poor butter! Who else literally got sad so fast, I’m a lover for kittend, soooo...

    ABAB22 days ago

    ABAB22 days ago
  • Ehats your number there is a cat in our neighborhood and we don’t have traps

    Brooklyn FischerBrooklyn Fischer24 days ago
  • can I have your coca cola machine?

    Adisyn LyonsAdisyn Lyons27 days ago
  • My neighborhood is a popular dumping spot...i msy need to invest in some traps

    Absolute BuffoonAbsolute Buffoon27 days ago
  • I read enough warrior cats to know how scarey this is for the cats, but I know its for a good cause

    Newscapepro fan!!Newscapepro fan!!29 days ago
  • So many rouges! I wonder if there are any clans around? I hope this twoleg isnt taking any cats away thinking thy were helping, lime they did with Bridwing and Fidgetpaw. Yes im a warrior cats fan

    Newscapepro fan!!Newscapepro fan!!29 days ago
  • Fantastic video, thank you very much for the extraordinary and loving work that you do. There is a litter of 4 new cats in my neighborhood. How long should I keep them indoors after the procedure? How soon can we release them?

    Gina PGina PMonth ago
  • Thanks for clearing that matter.. I thought kittens did fall from the sky... It's raining cats. Lol

    aLaa aLiaLaa aLiMonth ago
  • I live in apartment on of the pet rules are pets be fixed and vaccinated before they are brought in so if a tenant finds a stray and wants to adopt it it's to vet first

    Donna ParksDonna ParksMonth ago
  • I see a lot of feral cats in my area, but I'm to broke (and still in high school) to do anything about them yet! Any suggestions for what I could do to help?

    Ivy KlobsIvy KlobsMonth ago
  • I LOVE your hat!!!!

    QuillQuillMonth ago
  • r.i.p butter and the best of luck to flapjack and luna and all the cats in the colony of cats (and the caregivers too lol) also one day i wanna be a youtuber like you who makes videos of cats and rescueing cats but also makes other content too

    Cotton Candy PegasisterCotton Candy PegasisterMonth ago
  • my cats are a mixture of feral and community cats because they are comfortable with humans,but not around many that i know of

    Cotton Candy PegasisterCotton Candy PegasisterMonth ago
  • The one very disappointing thing is that clinics are so far behind because of Covid and we're paying for the surgeries. How do you financially do it?

    Barbara AdkinsBarbara AdkinsMonth ago
  • no more babies no more balls 😆

    Carl Maru Serna GranadaCarl Maru Serna GranadaMonth ago
  • Everyone in the world should save cats and other animals to.

    Shaileen CuevasShaileen CuevasMonth ago
  • 😢😢😭😭😿😿🐈🐈🐱🐱😢😢😭😭😿😿🐈🐈🐱🐱

    Boitshoko Promise GrootboomBoitshoko Promise GrootboomMonth ago
  • We took in this stray cat but when we feed him groups of cats attack him and take his food ☹️😔

    Cookiefox_ ytCookiefox_ ytMonth ago
  • Where do you find that yellow bed(hideout) that you find at 4.56 I would love to buy it for my kitten!

    Scarlett HackingScarlett HackingMonth ago
  • I have a 6 stray cats and I feed them and I want to nutter them but I don’t have a cage sadly 😢

    Fun stuff CreatorFun stuff CreatorMonth ago
  • Is it only cat rescuers that can tnr? Me and my family are thinking about doing it.

    Mini Mochas!Mini Mochas!Month ago
  • I have a rescue of my own and I am only 9 years old

    Rikki OttoRikki OttoMonth ago
  • Just so you know meow mix is like the McDonald’s of cat food

    I’m not RubyI’m not RubyMonth ago
  • I know that this is a year old but Butter would be very proud, no more kittens suffering like he sadly had to in that neighborhood

    Soggy BrownieSoggy BrownieMonth ago
  • Wtf he looks like leo what is his name?!!!!

    Arabella HudsonArabella HudsonMonth ago
  • if you catch a family of cats do you get the dad

    Linda LopesariasLinda LopesariasMonth ago
  • Toda mi familia le gustan los gatitos vamos a ASER lo mismo salvar gatitos

    Mary BorgesMary BorgesMonth ago
  • poor babies my sister: INTERESTING

    Mabry_PlayzMabry_PlayzMonth ago
  • Is it me or did i just see a Bengal cat!!

    Angeline KerseyAngeline KerseyMonth ago
  • But I haven’t seen then since

    Amanda UshlerAmanda UshlerMonth ago
  • I see cats outside my backyard you should come soon

    Amanda UshlerAmanda UshlerMonth ago
  • Fly high little kittens that passed 😭

    Moe FerratMoe FerratMonth ago
  • My neighbour has a cat but she doesn't let him in the house

    Kristina BorovskaKristina BorovskaMonth ago
  • There is a group of VERY shy feral cats near my house, by a creek with LOTS of hiding places. I don't think they will come out while I'm there, so how do I count and trap them? There are also a lot of kittens that I cannot get to because they hide so well. (also next to a sewer culvert, so that's another hiding spot)

    Willa BeaWilla BeaMonth ago
  • A few months ago a cat gave birth to six kittens, She took care of them like a mother cat would but she left when the kittens were about 8 Weeks old. I try my best to give all the kittens enough food to be healthy, I usually give them milk and sometimes pieces of bread or chicken. Can you please give me any ideas of what else to give the kittens, I don't have any type of cat food. My parents aren't really interested in cats but I try my best to take care of animals and make sure they are healthy. I love what you do and I wish to become a cat rescuer just like you!

    • Rosella •• Rosella •Month ago
  • Don’t release the cats I don’t know for adoption because outside of words could be dangerous for the little cats I’m going to adopt a cat

    hsekafihsekafiMonth ago
  • Thank you!!! I’m learning a lot trying to help this family of cats 🙏

    Carolina AdlerCarolina AdlerMonth ago
  • Your videos help me so much. We have so many stray cats in my area. The rescue doesn't have much space either.

    Katy RayKaty RayMonth ago
  • I got 5 kittens and a mum I am going to save them

    Jodie LankstonJodie LankstonMonth ago
  • Hi i was wondering if you can come over here sometimes i see a cat two or three

    cookiegurl kpopcookiegurl kpopMonth ago
  • Poor butter he deserved better

    •ScarletLight••ScarletLight•Month ago
  • dude you are amazing

    Zoe BarberaZoe BarberaMonth ago
  • This makes me realize that our cat Bu was actually a TNR cat. He was found by my aunt's sister-in-law wandering a fairly large park. He was a friendly stray with a notched ear. I knew it meant he'd been neutered but I didn't realize that it meant THIS. Like, maybe he'd been party of a community. Still think it may have been OK to keep him. He had a crooked jaw when we got him so he has a much easier life with us, whatever his history was. He is an indoor cat 99.9% of the time now.

    SageSageMonth ago
  • Awwwww❤️❤️❤️❤️ kitty

    ꧁Bat_bean꧂꧁Bat_bean꧂Month ago
  • She is gorgeous

    PoppinsPoppinsMonth ago
  • can you pls teach me how to take care of cats

    Hung DuongHung DuongMonth ago
  • No the kit die noo poor giri

    mīdñight wølfê Jeff the killer fánmīdñight wølfê Jeff the killer fánMonth ago
  • I see a cat outside i don't know if its somebody's cat tho.

    Lillian MagashLillian MagashMonth ago
  • The story of that kitten who went to the hospital, reminds me of my dog. My dog went through the same thing. :(

    Rose KemenyRose KemenyMonth ago
  • I have a male cat that’s always walking around my backyard around 7:00 pm through like 4 5:00 am.. my mom bought a little house with soft hay straws with a bowl with food and water on the side.. we named him Midnight bc he’s all black with white spots. also I have 2 kittens and one 4 year old cat🤪🤪 (domesticated)

    Snu̸ggle_Do̸nutシSnu̸ggle_Do̸nutシMonth ago
  • I love when you been saving kittens life I want to save their life to

    cheyenneforstercheyenneforster2 months ago
  • I have stray cats in my neighborhood, i dont know if there the neighbors cats or strays, i feel bad for them and they have to go in our tarsh for food :(, its really sad that my mom cares about her trash more than the cats that maybe has diseases, ringworms, fleas and so much more, i wish i can get them to a shelter or a vet, but that will be a dream knowing that my mom will freak out knowing she HATES cats, Its unfair that these cats never asked to live like this, thank your for rescuing cats thats living on streets and eating out of trash cans... :)

    XAhmoniX YepXAhmoniX Yep2 months ago
  • One time I saw a kitten with a broken leg

    María ÁlvarezMaría Álvarez2 months ago
  • Poor Butter :c

    chestypants78chestypants782 months ago
  • Kitten lady your videos are the best

    yara يا راyara يا را2 months ago
  • I wish i have just one kitten i dont even have a cat 🐱

    • ItzBluebxrry •• ItzBluebxrry •2 months ago
  • Me : sees my car on the street Also me : watches this video Nuuuuu not ma BOOTIFUL kitty

    Aura_tedbearAura_tedbear2 months ago
  • I get that your concerned however how do you know for sure

    Just _TeaJust _Tea2 months ago
  • You are amazing OMG all those cats you helped turned in to a bran new cats your a great person

    Jessica CollinsJessica Collins2 months ago
  • after the coronavirus I am planning to go to San Diego too

    Kat BreerKat Breer2 months ago
  • I love your videos💖😺😸

    Kat BreerKat Breer2 months ago
  • I like your hair I am thinking about getting a cat I have been seeing 2 orange and one black with white paws in my backyard

    Kat BreerKat Breer2 months ago
  • I would like to help you. oh this was in 2018

    Kat BreerKat Breer2 months ago
  • my grams and graps 4 cats outside they were faral how they are not

    Mea BergMea Berg2 months ago
    • *have

      Mea BergMea Berg2 months ago
  • You can come to save the cat even though I'm in Corona season in Texas:3

    Alicia AlemanAlicia Aleman2 months ago
  • I have a cat in my backyard he is a calico cat I'll never try to pet her she runs away

    Alicia AlemanAlicia Aleman2 months ago
  • Do you ever help dogs and no hair cats

    demongirl _gachlife mitchelldemongirl _gachlife mitchell2 months ago
  • Lets take a moment of silence for Butters. May they rest in piece

    Wolfie's GachaWolfie's Gacha2 months ago
  • When I was a baby we found a lost kiton

    Emily ShogrenEmily Shogren2 months ago
  • You say she has 3 my nanny cat had 10 liters a year

    Molly Mae O’NeillMolly Mae O’Neill2 months ago
  • Me and my mom rescued a pregnant cat named Cloe from our street a few years ago, and she had four kittens.

    Blair TuftsBlair Tufts2 months ago
  • Hannah:* explains things* feral cat:*walks by calmly*

    Zareen AlbanZareen Alban2 months ago
  • I keep seeing about two-three cats outside my house

    Gacha vlogs gamingGacha vlogs gaming2 months ago
  • we love you butter!❤❤❤

    Ainhoa DiazAinhoa Diaz2 months ago
  • Unfortunately in many areas like in Mexico there are little to no shelters or vets and no TNR so kittens and dogs are being cared for but no one knows that they’re contributing to the problem and more and more animals are breeding each day on the streets

    TeaxXTeaxX2 months ago
  • Me a my family saved 25 cat

    Jennifer mJennifer m2 months ago
  • i rescued a 8 week old kitten and he had 2 siblings. 3 years before that, i rescued a 4 week old kitten that was also in deaths door. i saved him when i was 10. now he is 3 years old, the 8 week old was from the same place. i messaged several places to help the others but no one was willing to. i moved 1200 miles away 2 weeks ago and finally found someone to help. (also my 2 cats are best friends now(

    Jordan EmersonJordan Emerson2 months ago
  • We had 8 that are all spayed and neutered and thought we were done, but a new mother cat just showed up with SIX kittens. We found one kitten a home and we're trying to find homes or get a foster for the other five. We plan on getting the mother spayed as well, but it's just so much to do on our own. Even trying to reach out to rescue groups and everything, every place is always full. It's almost impossible, even when you're trying to do the right thing.

    Eisah VakohlerEisah Vakohler2 months ago
  • Hey, you guys got any Florida organizations? I think we got a colony forming in my neighborhood cause we do have kittens popping up. We only managed to save a kitten and could use the help.

    AratherdrunkmedicAratherdrunkmedic2 months ago