Justin Bieber's New Savannah Kittens Are a Bummer

Oct 4, 2019
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Justin Bieber just purchased two savannah kittens from a breeder, setting a horrible example for his fans. Here's why his decision to purchase hybrid kittens is a big, big bummer.
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • @Brooke Taylor is he netured

      Ashley DanielAshley DanielMonth ago
    • El Desgraciado You can be shamed because you’re directly contributing to a business that results in a bunch of perfectly healthy shelter cats being euthanized just because you wanted to spend thousands on a living being that looks good on the mantle.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
    • Is it hard to make a book?cuz when I grow up,I wanna be a writer.

      Fėrîa The Fėrrėt x Cråbby The CråbFėrîa The Fėrrėt x Cråbby The CråbMonth ago
    • @El Desgraciado You're just repeating yourself.

      This Too Shall PassThis Too Shall Pass3 months ago
    • @This Too Shall Pass And Morality is also subjective. "Morals" doesn't mean "to be good". In certain countries homosexuality is "immoral" and their laws dictate a very harsh penalty. If you don't want to buy from breeders and prefer to adopt only (out of the goodness of your heart, or because your own morals and ethics dictate you to do so) that's your business and your personal preference. If other people want to buy, that's their option and they can do as they like. Conclusion: Ethics are subjective and morality too.

      El DesgraciadoEl Desgraciado3 months ago
  • Hi, Kitten Lady! My friends and I have recently found eight two-week-old abandoned kittens in a box by the side of the road, far away from any human settlements. (We are cyclists, and we were out on a training ride). Everyone in the group took a few babies to foster, and I ended up caring for two kittens. I never cared for animals before, so it was all new and scary. We've been through the whole package: sleepless nights, inflamed eyes, fading kitten syndrome, refusal to eat, giardiasis, fleas... It's been 4 weeks since it all started and all of them are alive and healthy. 7/8 found permanent homes, the remaining one lives with me for now. Thank you so much for what you do, I cannot express how much you helped me! I am a transformed person now, now I'm a kitten lady too! Much love from Kyiv, Ukraine

    Odminey PijuOdminey Piju11 days ago
  • Hey we buy wat we wanna buy

    Caterina Jean MartínezCaterina Jean Martínez16 days ago
    • Okay, contribute to animal overpopulation all you want. Don’t save lives, buy genetically engineered accessories.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond15 days ago
  • Well some people don’t know and aren’t as educated as you are

    Tanireah BatesTanireah Bates19 days ago
    • Which is why she makes sure to educate people on this.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond15 days ago
  • 👏👏👏👏

    BeyzaBeyza20 days ago
  • It should be illegal to have a WILD animal in your home. WILD animals should be only in the WILD! Not in a cage and not inside a house. That's why they're called WILD animals

    YakonGRYakonGRMonth ago
  • I wish empathy was something you could teach. It usually feels like people either do or don't care about another creature's experience and intrinsic value.

    DeepSeaValkyrieDeepSeaValkyrieMonth ago
  • I love the idea of adopting kittens from shelters, but what about someone with allergies? If they want a cat then they have to buy a purebred, hyper allergenic one from a breeder.

    Riley GallagherRiley GallagherMonth ago
  • how do you still have hair because the cats are using it as a rope

    Salford LaineySalford LaineyMonth ago
  • We don't have many cat shelters around here so we need to purchase them, but it’s quite cheap

    nusrat sultananusrat sultanaMonth ago
  • Celebs should donate or adopt from pet shelters

    Sammy L'EcuyerSammy L'EcuyerMonth ago
  • I saved a cat see is a black cat I saw her in the weed behind my house she was limping and I knew something was wrong so I took her in

    Stephanie KellyStephanie KellyMonth ago
  • There adorable! But can be so dangerous! :(

    indygirlieindygirlieMonth ago
  • hi i vollenteer at a animal welfare but i just bought a sphynx so am i wrong or not as i love animals and i love forstering but i do love sphynxes so im i wrong?

    CatShake 808CatShake 808Month ago
    • I suggest refraining from buying another cat from a breeder.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • I feel that the only way purchasing a pet is acceptable is if you need a hypoallergenic cat/dog

    WOSome GirlWOSome GirlMonth ago
  • I adopted a 5 year old husky from the shelter yesterday. We were going to go with a reputable breeder husky if we didn't find one in the shelters, but we managed to find (and snag) our baby girl Ice

    Hanna FardewHanna FardewMonth ago
  • JB should be banned from owning anything that breathes. I feel bad for those cats and that poor monkey. Get him a tamakatchy instead.

    E.K.A 98E.K.A 98Month ago
  • You are soooooo right!! Thank you for speaking out about this issue. People really need to understand that a pet is a commitment for life, not a fashion accessory!

    MBaracatMBaracatMonth ago
  • All my cats are rescues

    vani the unicorn 8976vani the unicorn 8976Month ago
  • No girl, you got it all wrong. Your premise is that he bought kittens. What he did instead is buying accessoires. For him they are nothing else than a fancy whatch or something. Dude has zero brain. The problem here is not to be considered an animal protection one: It's s neurological one. A miracle of science, a man without brains can function and even sing

    My NameMy NameMonth ago
  • I'm not planning on getting a cat or anything but can you get different cat breeds from shelters? Like what if someone wanted a sphynx or american short-hair or ragdoll ..... cat? I really want to get more info about this😩

    parnia abediparnia abediMonth ago
  • Thank you.:) you are right on!

    Trond BøeTrond BøeMonth ago
  • Well said!!

    Tera CourseyTera CourseyMonth ago
  • I swear that cat really likes you he keeps playing with your hair he just loves you girl I'm a cat lover myself cats are the best thing that ever happen for I was always around cats sine I was 3 and know im 21 and I'm still around cats and my cat is the best she is lazy most of the time but she loves to be loved lol and she will tell you she wants something and she is smart cat she is a great day and I love your video's bc you do alot for the cats and you have save there life there is alot of people out there don't care about animals they just leave there pets out on the street and that's sad fr no animal deserves that they got feels I feel bad for pets that get beat on and get treated like shit I can keep going on about this but I'm not I just want to say you should be very proud of yourself and I just love the way you take care of thr cats your the best and thank you for saving there life's 😍🤗😁☺😇😎

    Kayla HollandKayla HollandMonth ago
  • Always Adopt instead of buying

    PowerZapper_YTPowerZapper_YTMonth ago
  • What type of kitten is cider- she's gorgeous-

    łight haløłight haløMonth ago
  • AMEN! I'm gonna send emails to EVERYONE I KNOW, to start a petition to SLOW DOWN CAT BREEDING! LETS DO THIS! CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE! Okay, that was dramatic. But seriously, let's start a petition.

    BelleBelleMonth ago
  • The tool has never set a good example for his fans. Not in any way.

    Fitzy HoldenFitzy HoldenMonth ago
  • Love you and you are of so right!!

    Janet FoxJanet FoxMonth ago
  • I agree

    Carolyn NigroCarolyn NigroMonth ago
  • What are your thoughts on purchasing hypoallergenic cats? For people who are allergic to cats, adopting from a shelter may be the ideal but they would have no way of knowing the cat they adopted would play nice with their allergies, even if it seems to be a breed that's hypoallergenic. What a huge bummer that would be, to adopt a cat, have the whole family bond with it, and then have to return it to the shelter.

    Bobbye ABobbye AMonth ago
    • @Adelaide an egg I don't need one anymore - this was because my ex was allergic. But you don't really know if cats coming into a shelter are hypoallergenic or just look like they are. You kind of have to spend time with them in your home and they may turn out to trigger allergies anyway.

      Bobbye ABobbye AMonth ago
    • Maybe you should ask the shelter to let you know if one comes in, otherwise, there are cats that don't need to be bred being bred. I dunno.

      Adelaide an eggAdelaide an eggMonth ago
  • Every so often feels like he pops out to remind people he exists

    SerenityM16SerenityM16Month ago
  • When celebrities are rich, they buy expensive things. Humble celebrities adopt. Justin Bieber wants rare and expensive things because he is rich.

    nobodyherenobodyhereMonth ago
  • None of our current nine cats, neither the cats who owned us before them, were ever bought. No purebreds. All rescued from something. Bieber could have done so much better with the broad platform he has.

    Donna DieterDonna DieterMonth ago
  • great info!!!!!!

    Marcela TovarMarcela TovarMonth ago
  • Bravo!

    Teri kTeri kMonth ago
  • I’m sorry I really didn’t hear what you said I was watching the cute kittens play with your hair and look in the camera

    SabrinaMelissaSabrinaMelissaMonth ago
  • I can’t tell you how furious it makes me when people buy pets! I’m with you 1000% sister!!!! Preach!!!! 😃😃😃😃

    B BB BMonth ago
  • I got a far down generation Savanah for Christmas, I do have some normal cats but Savanah cats are amazing!

    Euphoria's WingsEuphoria's WingsMonth ago
  • I’m a big fan of spaying, neutering and adoption.

    Black Siberian cat KittyBlack Siberian cat KittyMonth ago
  • Devon Rex cats are amaze. So thats what I buy.

    Ewa FredrikssonEwa FredrikssonMonth ago
    • Why?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • Is a Bengal cats part wild

    Cat’s WorldCat’s WorldMonth ago
  • You tell 'em, Hannah! GREAT job! Maybe you will shame him into making a donation of a couple million dollars to support animal welfare agencies. His serval cross kittens will grow bobcat sized and will eat Justin's human babies. Naturally the cats will end up caged on their property or surrendered to an animal sanctuary. Keep on speaking out Hannah! You rock!

    Virginia SoskinVirginia SoskinMonth ago
  • Beautiful creatures but why not go to shelters or groups that save cats. These cats 🐈 deserve forever homes. I agree why buy a cat from a breeder.

    Lynnette EdmondsonLynnette EdmondsonMonth ago

    Fatima MukhtarFatima MukhtarMonth ago
  • When I’m old enough I wanna do what you do cause I love cats and animals

    Crazy bad CuberCrazy bad CuberMonth ago
  • VERY IRRESPONSIBLE!!! ALL BREEDING SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!! I'm sorry, I kno some breeders are EXCELLENT and breed AMAZING dogs for police & service, I won't ever take away from that!! But... aside from that I STRONGLY BELIEVE that there should be ATLEAST A 5 YEAR BAN ON BREEDING!!! Give shelters n rescues a chance to empty out n find AMAZING N WONDERFUL HOMES for some TRULY AMAZING ANIMALS that would otherwise be over looked!! Idc of y'all come at me cuz I KNOW IM CORRECT!

    Feral FanFeral FanMonth ago
  • I had no idea 😳 this is bad 😞

    sohua Anwarsohua AnwarMonth ago
  • I so agree with you about hybrid cats! An ordinary domestic kitty is the best pet!

    Sylvia BalesSylvia BalesMonth ago
  • hes just gonna abandon them once they get older

    Crayz CatSCrayz CatSMonth ago
  • Had to watch twice since I was distracted by the tux kitten who wouldn’t stop attacking her hair 😂😂😂

    Tamara CoxTamara CoxMonth ago
  • You are such an incredible person! Thank you for devoting your life to not only rescuing kittens AND cats but also informing people about the epidemic of the unwanted that are thrown away! ❤

    mccjoymccjoyMonth ago
  • People should never do that I agree with kitten lady

    amber delfinamber delfinMonth ago
  • "Bummer", so Maynard. LOL

    Jeanie ReichJeanie ReichMonth ago
  • You got it going on. Thanks, Miss Cat Lady.

    JR RamosJR RamosMonth ago
  • What's ur problem he is free

    ayachi zouhourayachi zouhourMonth ago
    • He’s a public figure and he should be criticized for doing something idiotic like this.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • How?! I cant even imagine a serval pairing with a domestic cat

    RaenaeceRaenaeceMonth ago
  • Useless arguement that will never change....just like circumcision....it is your moral code....but don't demand others do your way

    hunsbergermatthunsbergermattMonth ago
    • Again...shut up

      hunsbergermatthunsbergermattMonth ago
    • @hunsbergermatt Okay, I think all beliefs are welcome, but not when someone's belief takes away the lives of animals.

      Adelaide an eggAdelaide an eggMonth ago
    • Instead of finding ways to disagree...try listening...you totally missed the point with your own fervour

      hunsbergermatthunsbergermattMonth ago
    • How is this a useless argument? This is important and something a lot of Bieber’s followers and others need to know.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • Mama- I respect you to the utmost respect I can give anyone You are in my heart sweetie and I thank you for being you 💯🧡 I sleep watching your ASMR 😘

    Murjani22 Pretty SunMurjani22 Pretty SunMonth ago
  • The incompatibility of a wild cat introduced into a domestic setting, i am against 100%. If we stop buying animals from breeders...and we get the cats and dogs from rescues and shelters...at some point there won't be any more animals to rescue. Where would we get a new puppy or a new kitten, we all know that an animal adjusts better to its new environment if introduced to it early in their lives. I have a, now 2 yr old rescue cat and because he lived in a rescue situation with far to many other cats he wasn't socialized well and he's distant. He's a wonderful guy he's funny and lively but not warm at all..!! The two before him came to me very early and were super sweet.

    Heather lHeather lMonth ago
  • I just got a kitten from my friends friend new cat there cat was found pregnant on the street and they rescued her and I am against and for adopting and getting one from a breeder

    Alice KilgoreAlice KilgoreMonth ago
  • I agree save a life. Adopt a pet at a shelter or rescue

    Kathleen Givant-taylorKathleen Givant-taylorMonth ago
  • Honestly with cats i don't get the point of buying from a breeder compared to adopting. With dogs i can understand getting them from breeders only if they're working dogs ment to do A specific job

    Woodland_cobblesWoodland_cobblesMonth ago
  • Savannahs are domesticated, kitten lady is wrong on this issue. I would never get one because I don't support breeders, but they are a legitimate breed.

    Peoples HernandezPeoples HernandezMonth ago
  • That’s your opinion if someone wants to buy a cat of his choice that’s his prerogative and your shamming doesn’t work

    Ed RobinsonEd RobinsonMonth ago
    • Okay, I think all beliefs are welcome, but not when someone's belief takes away the cats life.

      Adelaide an eggAdelaide an eggMonth ago
    • I could say the same for your point. She’s trying to make a point, yet y’all feel the need to complain that she’s “shamming” a rich douchebag.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
    • Like I said before it’s his choice if you don’t like it that’s too bad

      Ed RobinsonEd RobinsonMonth ago
    • It needs to be said. Bieber is a hack, and it’s important to educate people on why it’s wrong.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
    • ☆ Itz Lucii ☆ I don’t know if she’s a hypocrite her passion is to adopt out kittens but shamming people for their choices isn’t the way to make them appreciate her passion

      Ed RobinsonEd RobinsonMonth ago
  • Never support animal breeders or the exotic pet trade. You can find many different types of pets up for adoption. Cats, dogs, rabbits... And imo there are no WILD animals OR hybrids that belong in our homes. I don't even like the idea of a bird or reptile as a pet. It's cruel to the animal any way you look at it. I will never own one. Cats are barely domesticated as it is and they aren't capable of containing their wild instincts

    I survived veganism barelyI survived veganism barelyMonth ago
  • Adoption 2 kittens is expensive too😖😖😔😔 It's so sad

    Laura N.Laura N.Month ago
  • Celebs suck! It’s all about wealth and status!

    Ronin KittenRonin KittenMonth ago
  • Love you so much

    Sunn StonezSunn StonezMonth ago
  • i just like that the kittens are playing with ur hair

    Evelyn victoriaEvelyn victoriaMonth ago
  • Growing up I had a wolf dog which is a wolf/dog hybrid and now I have a pixibob bobcat/cat hybrid , as someone with experience with hybrids I don’t recommend it unless you actually know what you are doing. Remember these are mixed with WILD ANIMALS with the instincts of a wild animal, they aren’t for the casual pet owner. Ironically both the hybrids I have had were shelter rescues and that’s lucky most shelters don’t want to deal with hybrids. Remember adopt don’t shop

    Dynasty GirlDynasty GirlMonth ago
  • "There really is no excuse for purchasing a kitten from a breeder" I agree with this statement except in cases where the guardian has allergies and cannot have a pet unless they choose a specific breed. I would rescue if I could. I looked for breeds that were less allergenic all over. They don't exist in rescues in my area.

    jdl7325jdl7325Month ago
    • @Kitty Kat Does that mean you like the idea of having a cat? Getting an animal purely because you want it, not because you want to give it a good life. Wow.

      Adelaide an eggAdelaide an eggMonth ago
    • Are we not allowed to have preferences anymore? Almost all shelter cats are DSH. I have never found a DLH before and the shelters near my area don't have enough pets to keep up with the demand. And people complain about shelters being overfilled. Bullshit lie

      Kitty KatKitty KatMonth ago
    • @Adriana Bröderman Sphynx cats are just as allergenic as regular cats. No person is allergic to fur, it is the dander.

      Malchik BlueMalchik BlueMonth ago
    • Sorry to say but there are no hypoallergenic breeds. Unless you buy the naked breeds like the Sphynx cat.

      Adriana BrödermanAdriana BrödermanMonth ago
  • He can choose to do what he wants to do it's not like he's hurting anyone what matters is the cat has a home mind your own business 🖕🤬.

    Christina SmithChristina SmithMonth ago
    • The cat had a home. It was happy in the wild, until it was forced into a millionaire’s home. And for God’s sake, learn to spell before saying _I’m_ the one who’s acting like a child.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
    • @57 Year Old James Bond your the one who's action like a child don't like the truth huh like I said what matters is the cat has a home now why don't you crawl back to your safe space.

      Christina SmithChristina SmithMonth ago
    • You are an ignorant and foolish child, don’t you dare speak to her like that. She is educating people on an important issue and you’d rather stay uninformed your whole life.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • Lady is talking about serious issue, but I am distracted by kitten attacking hair.

    1tiptip 11tiptip 1Month ago
  • Would it be smart to buy Savannah kittens and get them chipped and released them to one of the two state parks near my house and interact with them in the wild? I believe wild animals don't get the respect they deserve. I honestly its ok to interact with wild animals at a distance. I wanna watch them grow. I don't want to do this for recognition or status. I think it would be a beautiful experience. They are wild so I will give them respect what do you think?

    Joseph CacciolaJoseph CacciolaMonth ago
    • There's nothing beautiful about releasing a captive animal into a random place. Cuase that is how ecosystem destorying diseases and inviasive speices get intorduced into ecosystems.that also how many animals end up dying agonizing deaths.

      Brianna HarterBrianna HarterMonth ago
    • Savannah cats are domesticated. Please don't. Savannah cats are very expensive and even a bit rare

      Kitty KatKitty KatMonth ago
  • My family has a lot of pets, my mom promised that every pet she got would be a rescue. And they are. I have a cat who is a rescue.

    TortoiseshellTortoiseshellMonth ago
  • You should get a dog that very good with cats

    Tonia TurnerTonia TurnerMonth ago
  • People are just stupid, treat animals like an accesorry to their fancy life...

    Kai LeenKai LeenMonth ago
  • 2:39 the cat is so cute playing with her hair

    Liucija SadauskieneLiucija SadauskieneMonth ago
  • I have a 'thinned out' savannah hybrid, I adopted her, since someone forgot to spay their hybrid 😒 and ended up with a bunch of kittens they couldn't keep , no breeding involved just a street tomcat, and not everybody loves to have such a high energy cat. She's lovely and I luckily live in a place where she can go out and is allowed to go out. She's out and about most of the day, she's a snugglebun at night but she's also still pretty wild, she steals eggs from chickencoops and loves hunting spiders and rats, she loves sleeping in trees. I wouldn't trade her for the world. But the thing is that she shouldn't have been a thing, hence she's spayed, no extra kittens here. She has a sweet caracter but they aren't cats to keep indoors even the 'thinned out' versions. Don't do it peeps, and if you really really think you can give a high energy cat good open place to live, adopt one from a shelter.

    zientjezinazientjezinaMonth ago
  • I wanted specific breed that was already full grown. I did not want a kitten and I searched for months and was put on a waiting list at a shelter when I finally found one only to be left heart broken after I did not get him. A friend of mine found an ethical breeder who was moving back to Russia and could not take all of her cars and I was lucky enough to get one. My cat was extremely sweet and well socialized . It was obvious to me that breeder loved her and took very good car. I love my precious so much and feed her an organic raw diet as her former owner recommended. I will do all it takes to make sure she lives long and healthy. I respect all of your cat knowledge but if someone wants a specific breed and does it responsibly, they should not be condemned for it. However in this case with Justin, I do not think that these sort of hybrid cats should be owned or even exist. But as for me, I searched for what I wanted and got exactly that. I am so thankful to have her. She is the best cat ever

    82ebeb82ebebMonth ago
  • Lol the cat is just playing with her hair the mostly hole time

  • 😂😂😂 I like how the 3 kittens at the beginning code apple juice . Go together . Here are apple cider juice

    Tarek kannanTarek kannan2 months ago
  • I mean. I got my cat from a hoarder’s garage

    Gaygiraffes567Gaygiraffes5672 months ago
  • I think savannah cats are beautiful but I'd take a rescue over them any day. I'm definitely going to foster some kittens when I'm older because the thought of innocent animals being put down just because there's no room in shelters for them is heartbreaking. Also your kittens are so cute and one kind of looks like my cat Skippy.

    BambiBambi2 months ago
    • The shelters where I live are underfilled and cannot keep up with the constant demand. But Savannah cats are too expensive and high-maintence

      Kitty KatKitty KatMonth ago
  • Yeah! That's so annoying, because instead of purchasing a normal kitten, whos not wild, you chose to purchase a hybrid wild cat!

    Dapplestorm_cats_rule MeowDapplestorm_cats_rule Meow2 months ago
  • Paris Hilton (remember that loser?) used dogs to accessorize... Shame!

    old fanold fan2 months ago
  • Imagine how she reacted to tiger king 😬

    cottoncandy kittycottoncandy kitty2 months ago
  • I agree, I purchased kittens with an excuse that I found valid but I don't today. I'm allergic to all cat breeds but one, the cornish rex and after looking for one in shelters for months I just decided to give up and went and got the love of my life Freja. Now my argument that I had for myself was that it was her or no cat, and that she was not replacing a shelter cat. But the issue is not me, that have no choice in the matter, the issue is the people who purchased her siblings with no excuse other than the fact that they look cool. So me choosing to have a cat means that I have to support breeding, and that's something I will never do again. And because of this, my two girls will probably be first and only cats.

    Nadja ViolineNadja Violine2 months ago
    • @Kitty Kat There is nothing wrong with ethical breeding. The problem is when cats are not adopted, and euthanised.

      Adelaide an eggAdelaide an eggMonth ago
    • Breeding is a good thing if done right. Backyard breeders suck. Reputable breeders genuinely care about their cats

      Kitty KatKitty KatMonth ago
  • remember the time when Bieber left his pet monkey in Germany and didn't care to bail the little dude out because of the hassle? This guy shouldn't have any animals at all.

    Sarah JuliaSarah Julia2 months ago
  • aye wantvplis aye and bali

    I Putu Arya Bayu DyatmikaI Putu Arya Bayu Dyatmika2 months ago
  • This is another case of Adopt, DON'T SHOP!!!

    ryoohkiryoohki2 months ago
  • Our world's bunch of idiots should definitely watch this including Justin Beiber!! ...👍👏👏

    Geetika b nairGeetika b nair2 months ago
  • All the kittens she had on screen with her all had food related names XD

    • L u m i n o u s •• L u m i n o u s •2 months ago
  • While I understand being upset by the abundance of homeless animals, and I do realize the necessity to adopt and spay or neuter your animals and feral cats. I also understand that if people don't breed them and we spay and neuter every single dog and cat we'd have no more dogs and cats which our society depend on for emotional support and even special needs. Instead of saying "I don't understand why you would" want to bring more puppies/kittens into the world, we should say "I don't understand how people could get a cat or a dog and then abandon them to potentially breed on the streets. Maybe that's just me though.

    Kaitlyn BellKaitlyn Bell2 months ago
    • @Kaitlyn Bell Also when you adopt you save a life.

      Adelaide an eggAdelaide an eggMonth ago
    • @57 Year Old James Bond that's true, but that wasn't the point of my rant. The point is that anger is misplaced. We shouldn't be mad at responçible breeders we should be mad at the people who abandon their pets and allow them and future generations to become feral. Because domestic cat breeds didn't just start off on the street someone put them there and allow that to happen. That's what I was trying to say.

      Kaitlyn BellKaitlyn Bell2 months ago
    • There’s such an abundance of cats in the world that sterilizing all of them is basically impossible.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • I get angry every time i hear someone buying kitten or even worse breeding their cat because they want her to have offspring?! People are heartless and brainless to do so. I adopted two non breed cats and they are so beautiful and sweet that i wouldn't trade them for most expensive purebred cat

    Hic et nuncHic et nunc2 months ago
  • Ikr... They are so adorable for no reason. If i get rich.. I wanna build houses for them

    Yir BYir B2 months ago
  • why would you purchase an animal.. there are so many homeless kittens in my town my heart breaks I even set a funding but no one helps .. jeez I wish I could save them all there are like over 20 cats living on my street and some guy is purchasing wild cats ..

    Petar KPetar K2 months ago
  • Fact: He once campaigned for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' "Adopt, Not Shop" advocacy campaign. Clearly ironic.

    Mark ArcaMark Arca2 months ago
  • We tried to adopting a cat but the cat we got my mom since he was fully trained and so he would pee on our bed really often so then we switched to breeder

    The random ChannelThe random Channel2 months ago
    • @The random Channel Did you get a cat because you wanted one, not ton give him a better home?

      Adelaide an eggAdelaide an eggMonth ago
    • 57 Year Old James Bond I made a typo cause I forgot to mention that he was basically stray so he would pee every where

      The random ChannelThe random Channel2 months ago
    • Why would you do that? Why not just set boundaries for your cat instead of supporting an unethical business?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago