Keeping Kittens Warm with Incubators

Apr 2, 2020
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  • Is a lamp can be a heater for kittens?

    con certcon certDay ago
  • What do you think of the anion option do you ever use it?

    Claudia HClaudia H14 days ago
  • Have you looked into the low wattage usb heat pads that are out there?

    TeddyBearismsTeddyBearismsMonth ago
  • i got one for my kitties mista, jo, and ellie!!

    rkgkrkgk2 months ago
  • cute baby kittens

    Mandrick TuscanoMandrick Tuscano2 months ago
  • BOIL THE CAT! 🤣🤣

    Nomoredrama2000Nomoredrama20003 months ago
  • Is there any danger of kittens becoming overheated if they are outside in a very hot place in the summer for instance? And do you need to do anything to cool them if so, if will that happen quickly enough in an incubator setting to not be a problem?

    Emily NiedbalaEmily Niedbala3 months ago
  • In my next birth I want to be one of the kittens of her .

    Tejas PratapTejas Pratap3 months ago
  • I think it's a good time to ask Can you keep a kitten warm by putting it in your bra?

    Erica WalshErica Walsh3 months ago
  • Hi! I was wondering is a snuggle safe or heating pad ok to use for 0-3 week olds? Or is an incubator essential? Thanks!

    Tessa MTessa M3 months ago
  • I don’t even foster kittens yet. I just like to binge this channel lol

    Random SingerRandom Singer4 months ago
  • Um question what kanda cleaning supplies do you use to clean the inubaitors? I need the brand please! Thank you.

    Selena CristallySelena Cristally4 months ago
  • When she was talking about what she was gonna explain, I thought of the 5 Ws for detectives. I've been reading too many mysteries!

    Charlotte StringerCharlotte Stringer4 months ago
  • Oh to be a kitten chillin in a warm incubator

    jay jayjay jay4 months ago
  • I love Hannah bc everytime I need to know some thing I know I can find a informational video that will be able to help me ! Ty so much these video help so much ❤

    Carla NorrisCarla Norris4 months ago
  • 0-3weeks kittens are just wriggling cute masses of fur.

    Space CatSpace Cat5 months ago
  • Caring for baby kitty cats is a full-time job! The kitten lady can never go on vacation as long as she has kittens in need of her loving assistance.

    CandisCandis5 months ago
  • How to you keep them cool in a heat wave? I had a newborn in around 45 degree Celsius heat. I didn't know what to do.

    Madelynne SewellMadelynne Sewell5 months ago
  • What’s the max temperature on this thing?

    Wuhan MasterWuhan Master5 months ago
  • Ugh I love em slow cooked🤤🤤🤤🤤

    Wuhan MasterWuhan Master5 months ago
  • Microwave noises in the background... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ding ding ding! Your meal is ready!

    Normie weebNormie weeb6 months ago
  • i used the microwave idk if it works the same

    lee :plee :p6 months ago
  • Hey I need help,I have two 2 week old kittens and they are dehidrated they have diarrhea too and I don’t know what to do

    Jovana AjkovicJovana Ajkovic6 months ago
  • There are some DIY incubators. I'm sure they are not as good, but under $50. Otherwise I wont be getting one. It is probably better than just a heating pad or snuggle safe.

    KatalewKatalew6 months ago
  • I wish I could adopt Apple and Crabapple

    sis vs bro fansis vs bro fan6 months ago
  • Incutebator more like it.

    DiangaraDiangara6 months ago
  • I've been binging your videos all day because i'm going to foster soon :)

    K TalksK Talks6 months ago
  • Hannah is so awesome because she helps animals ❤️❤️

    Maryke MoutonMaryke Mouton6 months ago
  • Outdoor newborn kittens can thrive outside in 50 degree weather. They huddle together but are fine even for extended periods without the mom.

    123abc123abc6 months ago
  • Possibly could you help me find a foster home for a momma feral and her kittens?

    JessicaJessica6 months ago
  • Are there failsafes in case of malfunction? Like does an alarm go off, and can air still get in?

    Pastel-SunrisePastel-Sunrise6 months ago
  • Those little bellies!❤️

    Axell MontoyaAxell Montoya6 months ago
  • i recently found a five week old kitten in my backyard who had been abandoned by her mom during a thunderstorm. your videos have helped me so much taking care of her. it hadn't been my first time with a cat but it was my first time really caring for one that small. she's getting more and more healthy and strong each day and has even started using the litter box by herself after only 2 days of training. i love her so much and I couldn't have done this without your help through your videos.

    emma millsemma mills6 months ago
  • I have to say, thank you so much for inspiring me to foster kittens. Currently I don’t have access to the materials I need but not a day goes by when I don’t think about fostering kittens someday. Thank you so much! 🐱

    Madeleine KoelbelMadeleine Koelbel6 months ago
  • Awwe look at their little bellies 😭😭

    JaiJai6 months ago
  • I brought in 3 new orphaned kitties almost a week ago and they were probably just under a week old. I had never taken care of kittens this young before so i started looking for information and i found your channel. You pretty much have a video for every question i had and i love it! I only have one question left that im hoping you can help me with. I already have a cat over a year old. Is there an age i should wait for the babies to be before i introduce them, and how should i go about it?

    Summer BoltonSummer Bolton6 months ago
    • 2 week quarantine at the absolute minimum. Your cat may not ever take to the kittens.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.6 months ago
  • ой какие милашки 😘

    Cat Chloe & kittensCat Chloe & kittens6 months ago
  • You are so awesome! God bless you for everything you do. The kittens are so sweet!

    margarita perezmargarita perez6 months ago
  • 2:57 gave me a short heart attack (Europe, we use C°)

    LaNoirLaNoir6 months ago
  • My cat is sleeping near me and when she heard the kittens her head shot up and she gave me a huge death stare 😳

    iiGachaFailureiiiiGachaFailureii6 months ago
  • My mama cat had 6 kittens and 4 died she’s not cleaning their bottoms and not releasing milk I formula fed them and they pee but won’t poop idk what to do. I think they died from not pooping but I can’t get to a vet they’re closed due to corona virus

    Aj JohnsonAj Johnson6 months ago
  • Hi Hannah I’m going to be starting to foster kittens I have a question can you have a ruff dog while taking care of them but they will have there own room

    Lorraine StratfordLorraine Stratford6 months ago
  • Extremely informative and helpful. Thank you!!

    Sailor Dreams Author Tracy MillosovichSailor Dreams Author Tracy Millosovich6 months ago
  • this is the best informative video i have ever seen, the way you organized the whole video is perfect

    Ablinio PazAblinio Paz6 months ago
  • You see them in infrared?

    Radu MinecanRadu Minecan6 months ago
  • I wish I could also have such job. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Seher ShiraziSeher Shirazi6 months ago
  • Please make the kitten lessons for kids

    rose petalrose petal6 months ago
    • You know that live stream a few weeks ago

      rose petalrose petal6 months ago
    • what

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.6 months ago
  • is incubator important

    Mohamed AliMohamed Ali6 months ago
    • Not so long as you have another heat source, like an electric heating pad or SnuggleSafe microwaveable heating pad.

      Stanly GirlStanly GirlMonth ago
    • no

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.6 months ago
  • OMG! The one laying on his back. Too cute. Hope all is well with you Kitten Lady! Be safe! Take care!

    Carla CostaCarla Costa6 months ago
  • Wait you can adjust the quality of air?! *Turns up quality to 100%* :D I love your videos so much and I have your book! Thank you for everything!

    Wisteria WavesWisteria Waves6 months ago
  • 0:10 Slender kitten 😁😂

    Ellen KarlssonEllen Karlsson6 months ago
  • Absolutely love you! You are amazing for doing what you do :) x

    Erica PerrozziErica Perrozzi6 months ago
  • I don’t need an incubator but I do like to take care of kittens and I have had some kittens die because earthier premacher or not warm enough so I might need a heat pad. This vid helped alot

    GamerKittyGamerKitty6 months ago
  • kitten lady u are the best and i wanna be just like u i remeber asking and asking my mom like 10 times a day if i could have a kitten and i got one but he died and i cried for too days i was very sad but then i got over it but now i want another one and im waiting for next easter

    jayh is gay loljayh is gay lol6 months ago
  • ***HELP!!!** I have tried what you showed. It worked for 2-3 days and now it's not working. It's been 2 days since they have pooped (I have 2 kittens) . Please tell me what to do. No vet as it's quarantine period. They are around 4 weeks old , they do drink a lot of water and pee on their own. They don't poop. I checked.

    Geethika AshokGeethika Ashok6 months ago
    • I'm not an expert but when kittens are very young, their mums lick their butts to make them poop because they don't know how to poop otherwise. So if you try to wipe their little butts with a wet wipe, it might help stimulate them to poop. But, you should call a vet to make sure! There might be some vet offices on call even though it's quarantine.

      you have a god complexyou have a god complex6 months ago
  • they are so cute

    Sama AboodSama Abood6 months ago
  • I believe I've watched all of your videos. You often mention the kitten's temperature. Could you do a video on how to safely check a kitten's temperature? I've bought a thermometer that I think would work best but I would love a tutorial. Thanks!

    Michelle NMichelle N6 months ago
  • 0:09 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 완전 졸귀탱♥

    고양이하자고양이하자6 months ago
  • Is that Cats the Musical t-shirt? 👀

    jinjutha bumpenvattanajinjutha bumpenvattana6 months ago
  • 0:08 My dude is at the Copacabana 🌴🌴🌴⛱⛱⛱

    Black Pearl of BraavosBlack Pearl of Braavos6 months ago
  • Where do you purchase your cat toys and accessories?

    seoul sistahhhseoul sistahhh6 months ago
  • ✋🏽 I’m here to learn about kittens and incubators even though I have no cat/kitten. I apparently need this info... I’m guided to it so I’ll watch 😳

    Tsunade HimeTsunade Hime6 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady Can you please make a video about why dairy milk is not good for kittens🐈🐱 Well love what you are doing and also love your kitty

  • Is there a place where you list "animal safe disinfectant"? My big old cat likes to drink water from the tub and the sink (instead of the water fountain we bought), I was thinking maybe he doesn't like what I use to clean the fountain. Thanks!

    R.L. StroudR.L. Stroud6 months ago
  • Shouldn't tap water be fine? Since if it turns into water vapour then it is literally just h20 after it turns into a gas? Idk I could be wrong. I thought that was the main reason why some people boil salt water(if needed) and use the water accumulated from the water vapour for drinking.

    MsAevariMsAevari6 months ago
    • You need distilled water so the minerals don't clog up the water vaporizer in the incubator. It's better (easier to clean) not to generate the minerals in the first place than to have to de-mineralize the incubator.

      Stanly GirlStanly GirlMonth ago
  • Tap water has minerals and such in it that can cause nasty gunk to build up on the inside of the humidifier, which can then attract mold. So yeah distilled water is a good idea.

    StormsparkStormspark6 months ago
  • Cat microwave: for when they aren't quite done yet

    Amy LeighAmy Leigh6 months ago
  • Have you ever done a video on FIP?

    Jxc1989Jxc19896 months ago
  • purrrrrrfect

    ZeUsZeUs6 months ago
  • They are so cute

    Dalila KsiksiDalila Ksiksi6 months ago
  • I’m sad and I know kittens will cheer me up so thank you

    Emily GraingerEmily Grainger6 months ago
  • I love this cat verry math😘

    malak Salahmalak Salah6 months ago
  • My baby kittens is 1 month old.1 of my kittens hiss at me. What can I do to prevent my kittens not hiss at me?

    gacha chickengacha chicken6 months ago
  • CUTE kittens

    forever Apatheticforever Apathetic6 months ago
  • This brings me joy 😀🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    ldyluv6988ldyluv69886 months ago
  • ThAt KiTtEn iS sO CuTe😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

    dorian cohoondorian cohoon6 months ago
  • Hi I love ur videos!!!!! They are so helpful! Can you do a kitten tour with all the kittens you have currently?

    Josephine DesmaraisJosephine Desmarais6 months ago
  • good information, very annoying elevator music.

    CaptainDuckmanCaptainDuckman6 months ago
  • Too much cuteness. ❤ Thanks to your video about swimmers syndrome, I recognized it very fast in one kitten who wasn't able to put his feet under his belly as his littermates and was able to fix it fast. Being very young, he wasn't that much bothered by the tape. Your videos make a difference.

    Mihaela MMihaela M6 months ago
  • Super cute those babies

    Cats Need UsCats Need Us6 months ago
  • I see incubators are good for fur babies AND birbs...

    LazurkriLazurkri6 months ago
  • Please help me I have 8 week old kittens their mother is sick and doesn't feed kittens and she pees blood what should I do

    memes forevermemes forever6 months ago
  • 83K views and out of those views only 3.9K likes! USworlds isn’t drunk, but people are! You better like this video if you see this!! 😠 (I’m just kidding btw, I’m not actually mad😅)

    MoreOrtMoreOrt6 months ago
  • These kittens are adorable!!!!!!!!! I love kittens 🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈.

    Haley GoodwinHaley Goodwin6 months ago
  • Dont put kitties in a mircowave

    Kim ZastrowKim Zastrow6 months ago
  • You should collab with Jackson galaxy

    † V E I R E N †† V E I R E N †6 months ago
  • I love cats I have two of them

    Quinn WQuinn W6 months ago
  • Do you know any DIY recipe for an animal safe disinfectant?

    Lou McLou Mc6 months ago
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    Flashy FireworksFlashy Fireworks6 months ago
  • Loved this. It was factual and informative without being mushy. Great kitten lady

    Katywu SteKatywu Ste6 months ago
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    Lisa marie BassettLisa marie Bassett6 months ago
  • Normal Women: Heyyy dear, I'm out to get some Gucci wanna come sweetie?? This Woman: Sorry can't come I need to restock my kittens they grow up so fast. ;(

    wholesome fox imagewholesome fox image6 months ago
  • For those 7 people that have disliked the video: I’m coming for you.

    River the catRiver the cat6 months ago
  • Mama Mia cameo was the best!

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  • They are so cute

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  • Keep a kitten til it gets old

    sis vs bro fansis vs bro fan6 months ago
  • How many kittens have you looked after

    sis vs bro fansis vs bro fan6 months ago
  • 9:06 kitten peep!

    RealisticallyCandidRealisticallyCandid6 months ago
  • Thank you for inspiring me to foster kittens😸

    Zerelda RiversZerelda Rivers6 months ago
  • Kitten Lady, can you do a Live Stream one of these days with the babies' every day life like A Day in the Life of Baby Kittens. Like when they wake up, take a bath, eat, sleep and play. 😊 Thank you in Advance!

    JustCallMeElleJustCallMeElle6 months ago