Kids Ask the BEST Questions (Kitten Book Tour!)

Nov 2, 2019
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Here are a few of my favorite moments from my book tour for Kitten Lady's BIG BOOK of Little Kittens! Buy the book here:
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • @Golden Star08 the mother did come back and she took care of the babys and I saw her feeding them. But unfortunately in the next day at 6am they got attacked by a pack of dogs .as soon as I know what happened I run outside ...but I was one lucky enough to save only one of the kittens

      Fatemma HusseinFatemma Hussein10 months ago
    • @Fatemma Hussein Oh no! Are they ok now???

      Golden Star08Golden Star0810 months ago
    • @Kitten Lady Yay! Now i know what to put on my christmas list!!!

      Golden Star08Golden Star0810 months ago
    • Hi I know that you get a lots of emails and messages every day but I really don't know what to do There is a cat she gave birth to 5 cats we took care of them we cap them inside the house gave them food and water but an fortunately the little cats got sick and the mother left them am scared that they will not survive for long and I really want to help them but my mam and dad are not being Supportive I feel so guilty for not doing any thing Please I really don't know what to do or who to reach out to This email is the last hope for the little ones

      Fatemma HusseinFatemma Hussein11 months ago
    • Kitten Lady it is at our local Target

      Kathy MAcomberKathy MAcomberYear ago
  • All of those fat and out of shape girls in the crowd most loathe her 🤣

    BillyBilly7 months ago
    • @Billy get laid loser

      lemon waterlemon water4 months ago
    • @lemon water oink oink 🐖

      BillyBilly4 months ago
    • @Billy 120 5'4 but alright you pile of trash human being

      lemon waterlemon water4 months ago
    • @lemon water looks like we found the fatty. Go on a diet Mrs. Piggy 🐖 oink oink

      BillyBilly4 months ago
    • Piss off

      lemon waterlemon water4 months ago
  • I'm not a kitten, but I would love you too, Hannah. Thank you!

    Gennady MarchenkoGennady Marchenko8 months ago
  • The Kitten lady for sure

    Marcus BinghamMarcus Bingham9 months ago
  • I honestly wish i could meet you. You are such an inspiration.

    XiaCrossingXiaCrossing9 months ago
  • So precious!

    Jennifer LovingJennifer Loving9 months ago
  • Saw the caption and subscribed! What a wonderfull video. Big Salute to you all the way from Kuching, Sarawak.

    Kanzie AjekKanzie Ajek10 months ago
  • She’s so good with human babies too!!

    Olivia SmithOlivia Smith10 months ago
  • You are so sweet😍😍

    Deepthi VachanDeepthi Vachan10 months ago
  • You're a saint!!!

    Shyla RoseShyla Rose11 months ago
  • I totally didnt get this book and im totally not an adult

    Noemei HarrisonNoemei Harrison11 months ago
  • too cute! I love how approachable you are even for kids.

    AngelAngel11 months ago
  • Thank you, Kitten Lady, for being so dedicated to the education on how to care for kittens and cats. Also it's good to see that you made a children's book on kittens so they can learn the essentials from an early age : )

    MidnightkittyMidnightkitty11 months ago
  • This is so amazing Hannah! Love that you get to teach kids about kittens at a young age! ❤️

    Alyssa FaithAlyssa Faith11 months ago
  • I have four cats named tiger ,whiskers, marshmallow and JJ

    anneliesea sanchezanneliesea sanchez11 months ago
  • Hi I know that you get a lots of emails and messages every day but I really don't know what to do There is a cat she gave birth to 5 cats we took care of them we cap them inside the house gave them food and water but an fortunately the little cats got sick and the mother left them am scared that they will not survive for long and I really want to help them but my mam and dad are not being Supportive I feel so guilty for not doing any thing Please I really don't know what to do or who to reach out to This email is the last hope for the little ones

    Fatemma HusseinFatemma Hussein11 months ago
    • Am sorry for bothering you with this problem but I it heart my hurt to see them struggle like this 😭😢

      Fatemma HusseinFatemma Hussein11 months ago
  • Dear kitten lady need your help !! ,my sister a couple months ago brought a kitten and the owner of the kitten lied to her said she was in a house fire with her mother and some other kittens and she claimed she was 8 weeks old but when my sister got she was so tiny she could fit in the Palm of your hand but now she is gunna bigger she had became feistier kinda like a feral cat and she doesn’t like being picked up or anything what shall I do to help her

    Mattayha KhanMattayha Khan11 months ago
  • “How many kittens love you” One of many questions science will never answer

    gato_felizgato_feliz11 months ago
  • If you see this,I am depressed,but my cats are what make me smile in the mornings and night.i feel like their father.I love them, I’m 13 and in a few years I will adopt and keep them.thank you for helping these beautiful creatures

    Happygizzmo 25Happygizzmo 2511 months ago
  • I absolutely love you and your other half! New subbie always! Hugs and kisses to you and yours! Thank you so very much for all of your compassion and love to these beautiful furbabies! ♥️

    Lisa GibsonLisa Gibson11 months ago
  • Hey Kitten Lady, I know cats are more of your thing but you also stand up for animal welfare, so if you could, would you please make a video about the abuse that obviously goes on in the videos of the channel Health Animal Life? They put dogs and other animals in TERRIBLE situations and then pretend they are saving them, and since you have a large platform, I was hoping you could cover it to help get these creeps off of youtube once and for all. Thanks if you see this.

    Hazel RitchieHazel Ritchie11 months ago
  • Hi I'm getting a black kitten does anyone have any suggestions on what I should call it?

    CGMiXCGMiX11 months ago
  • Hi I have a grandma that has been talking to you on social media about some lady that is breeding cats by feeding them I was wondering if you could do something about it

    Foreign PatrickForeign Patrick11 months ago
  • That's so cool that you are teaching. Maybe that will lead to the next generation doing better to insure that less animals are homeless

    Maribeth SpenceMaribeth Spence11 months ago
  • Quick question but if I can't afford the KMR kitten formula (powder form) can I get the liquid kind or is that dangerous for kittens?

    Star CloudsStar Clouds11 months ago
  • I'm a kitten foster and I LOVE your book, it's so helpful with literally anything I need help with

    Tessa JohnsonTessa Johnson11 months ago
  • When I'm older I wanna be just like you, rescuing kittens off the side of the road(:

    Alannah MariaAlannah Maria11 months ago
  • Hey kitten lady! I've been watching for 3 years and i'm so happy for you. You've come a long way and you even have your own book already. I wish there was more wonderful people like you in the world. There's a USworldsr called robin seplut. He feeds stray cats and helps them, rescues, all that stuff. (He doesnt foster kittens) most of the cats in his videos are sick strays with eye infections, colds, etc. Lol, how do I say this. I think hes from Bulgaria. Lmao, do your books sell their. I wish I can do somethinf about the sick kitten thing but I cant do much.

    シNeptuneシNeptune11 months ago
  • This is so adorable 🥰

    Katie RandallKatie Randall11 months ago
  • HI i am from india and i appreciate your work

    Ambrish jagtapAmbrish jagtapYear ago
  • Even my kittens love her. She has done so much for them and they have never met.

    John Di CrastoJohn Di CrastoYear ago
  • How cute!

    unicorn loverunicorn loverYear ago
  • Thank you for everything that you do for all these kittens ! Whenever things aren’t great, your videos save my day because I know there’s some good out there

    Larissa Guerra DornelasLarissa Guerra DornelasYear ago
  • Happy birthday... :)

    KiKiKiKiYear ago
  • Ok so why isn’t Kitten Lady on the news and more visible? Her messages and call to action is way more inspiring, hopeful, and full of compassion and teachings the world needs now.

    AmyAmyYear ago
  • Honestly it makes me so happy to see your channel grow. It is helping raise awareness of how important it is to take T.N.R seriously. The outside is not always safe for kittens. Just last week we had a very severe storm and the next morning I found 2 newborn kittens that had drowned because they were born at an inopportune time. It is important to spay and neuter cats because most urban environments are not a good place to live for kittens. There isn't much food and it is extremely easy for a cat to get hit by a passing car. Please spread awareness of T.N.R so that no more kittens have to pass because they were born in a bad environment.

    Rocky117Rocky117Year ago
  • Fun!

    Susan CreightonSusan CreightonYear ago
  • Oh how wonderful! Such a beautiful audience and the questions from the children were adorable!😍😘🐱🐾💝💖🎊🥳🎉

    mjchenevertfulmjchenevertfulYear ago
  • Kids are funny¡¡! I'm :-)

    EJ SchillEJ SchillYear ago
  • My dog Bella just had puppies and we think one might be paralyzed in a certain part of his leg because he doesn’t walk right we’re just hoping because that’s the best thing we can help at this point for him we’re just hoping that that’s it

    Luna&RoseLuna&RoseYear ago
  • All the kittens love you Hannah! How can they not? You are one of a kind... Just like Jackson Galaxy and @kitten_foster_mommy

    Stephanie OlsenStephanie OlsenYear ago
  • "How many kittens love you" 😫😭 I believe even the ones that haven't met Hannah love her 😁🥰

    Gabriela SavovaGabriela SavovaYear ago
  • "How do cat box don't stinks?" hahaha

    Laura MillsLaura MillsYear ago
  • I'm a cop, and I also foster newborn kittens for an animal rescue organization. The two are not mutually exclusive of each other. My work as a Detective gives me the discipline being a foster requires. Being a foster is a constant reminder of how important it is to hold onto your compassion and humanity. Nothing puts everything into focus like coming home after a long night and sitting down to feed a tiny, helpless little being. The moment when that tiny paw wraps around your finger is nothing less than magical. Keep spreading the word, Kitten Lady. There are so many tiny souls that need what you do. The book is on my Christmas list for several of my cop friends.

    Michael MoranMichael MoranYear ago
  • Absolutely lovely book.

    Michelle WerriesMichelle WerriesYear ago
  • Purring isn’t just being happy it can also be pain

    Stephanie FroeseStephanie FroeseYear ago
  • Love this video so much. Having seen how you interacted with the kids at the signing in San Diego, it warms my heart.

    Johnny Pappas [Planet Johnny]Johnny Pappas [Planet Johnny]Year ago
  • Kids: "How many kittens love you? Kitten Lady: "Yes."

    skyounkinskyounkinYear ago
  • Mahoosive grin on my face from the moment you got a roomful of people purring!

    Hannah ReynoldsHannah ReynoldsYear ago
  • This is SO sweet! So happy for you. ❤️ I'd love to see the kids be able to gather right in front of you instead of the chairs, cuz really its for them, right? 🙂 You'd think bookstores would have something for the kids to sit on the floor on. Either way -- Blessings to you. 🌟

    Lisa MarieLisa MarieYear ago
  • _how do catbox don't stinks?_

    communistcommunistYear ago
  • I love your videos .I wish I could meet you but I live in Toronto

    Carm RCarm RYear ago
  • Six ways of cute and seven ways of sweet.

    Trixie CatTrixie CatYear ago
  • So, my cat who was born wild in my yard and adopted me jumped on my lap to watch this video and purred the entire time. Thank you for all you do to help kittens and educate people about kittens, cats, and the joy of fostering and adoption!

    Victoria NadelVictoria NadelYear ago
  • Aw

    Kenzie SchraffKenzie SchraffYear ago
  • You are just a lovely sweet charming lady and amazing lady!

    A. MartinezA. MartinezYear ago
  • This was so heart melting! Getting the younger generation into fostering!

    Bianca TaylorBianca TaylorYear ago
  • Meow

    Amy GamezAmy GamezYear ago
  • The level of estrogen in that room must have been off the charts.....I think there was only one dude in there.

    Remlat ZargonixRemlat ZargonixYear ago
    • There was definitely more than one guy in there. There were boys and men there.

      agresticumbraagresticumbraYear ago
  • I can't foster for now (because my place doesn't allow animals yet -i am slowly chipping away at my landlord's will) but I go to my city's cat café every week. It's a lovely place in Valencia with a different method than other most cat cafés I've been to (in Madrid's they give you one drink and an hour with the cats for €6.50, for example.) In this one they allow you to stay and bond with the cats any time you'd like as long as your stay is respectful to them and you consume something while being there so I go, bond and give love to the cats (Im in love with one of them in particular and plan to adopt him as soon as possible) while studying (one of them absolutely loves my backpack and sleeps on it every time I go) and having delicious drinks and snacks (being very careful to avoid one of them -Sammy- from snatching food away) ❤️

    Darcia G. LaucericaDarcia G. LaucericaYear ago
  • I want that dress!!!!

    Soling106Soling106Year ago
  • will your book be available to buy in Australia?

    2010aussiebub2010aussiebubYear ago
  • Heartwarming. 💗💗💗

    Tiffany GreyTiffany GreyYear ago
  • How many kittens loves you? Idk mine tries to eat my face

    Chaotic EvilChaotic EvilYear ago
  • Today is my birthday and I just got your book Tiny But Mighty. I am currently fostering two 5-week old kittens. Thanks for everything you do ... and for teaching so many of us so many things !! I am a veterinary technician, but they don't teach you kitten care in school and I have learned SOO MUCH from you. I'm currently on my 7th and 8th foster kittens. They are 5 weeks old and just starting canned food (in a slurry -- they refuse to eat it out of a dish LOL).

    Vet Tech MomVet Tech MomYear ago
  • I became a foster because of Hannah, but now found out she doesn't like Bell Peppers?!?!? It's all a lie! How can I trust someone that doesn't like Bell Peppers?!?!?

    LynzillaLynzillaYear ago
  • Love your videos can’t wait to get your book !!

    ariana kelloggariana kelloggYear ago
  • I'm fostering human babies but I love watching your work too.

    JustKateJustKateYear ago
  • Thousands love you!

    Julie SchnorenbergJulie SchnorenbergYear ago
  • I was here.

    Kále MSPKále MSPYear ago
  • i love this but whoever filmed it didnt know what they were doing

    risha arisha aYear ago
  • You Go, Kitten Lady!

    Constance MullerConstance MullerYear ago
  • Very cool event! put a big smile on our faces

    SuperVeganWhatSuperVeganWhatYear ago
  • Very cool event! put a big smile on our faces

    SuperVeganWhatSuperVeganWhatYear ago
  • 📙💯

    Ace HardyAce HardyYear ago
  • I love your shoes!

    Thirty BooksThirty BooksYear ago
  • Maybe not all the kittens in the world love you (just because they don’t know you!!), but all the ones you took care of absolutely do.

    Giulia NicoGiulia NicoYear ago
  • How to you make kitten box no stinks 😂 😂

    нαηηαн :ρнαηηαн :ρYear ago
  • wish i was there

    Holly FormanHolly FormanYear ago
  • So proud of you!!!

    Maggie HeaMaggie HeaYear ago
  • So sweet!! 💗💗💗 I love my book 😄

    Natasha DankovichNatasha DankovichYear ago
  • So sweet!!!

    Twisted kittyTwisted kittyYear ago
  • I never knew I loved cats but two years ago I rescued my first kitty and a few weeks ago I found a tiny kitten in a park. So now I have two rescues. I wish I could rescue them all. ❤️❤️

    Cinda CaughmanCinda CaughmanYear ago
  • Great education for the little children

    Jodi YoungJodi YoungYear ago
  • Correct Hannah: ALL the kittens everywhere and everywhen love you. xo

    elizzievbelizzievbYear ago
  • My 7 month old kitten loves watching your vids with me so your approved lucky you

    Jehane KhaledJehane KhaledYear ago
  • Because of you videos I could help my workmate to take care of an orphaned kitten that is 12 weeks old, you are the best

    nonsens0815nonsens0815Year ago
  • This is the kind of content that makes the internet worth while.

    Kailey ButtrickKailey ButtrickYear ago
  • Aww kids asking questions. At least they were showing an interest, and learning early too. It will give them something to think about, if they foster.

    Jackie Green's cats & thingsJackie Green's cats & thingsYear ago
  • Awww cute

    Lisa FayeLisa FayeYear ago
  • OK that made me cry. So so sweet b

    Linda KlannLinda KlannYear ago
  • I have been fostering for the past week. She was brought to me since the ladies in the park think I know what to do cause I have 2 other cats, and one has neuro damage. Luckily I have been following you for ages, and learned so much from your videos. While I don't have all the neat things to make fostering easier, little Polly (the kitten) is doing great, and loves to scream for her milk. At maybe 3 weeks old she is a lively girl. Thank you so much for Polly and all the fostered kittens you have helped by imparting the knowledge you gained and shared!

    Lisa FogleLisa FogleYear ago
  • My mom dont even let me touch a cat or a kitten :( im the lover of kitten and cats PLS HELP!!!!

    Madiha EnamMadiha EnamYear ago
  • Hannah you are a real natural and work that room like a champ :) I always rush to watch any of your YT videos or IG posts first. They and you are the best. We all thank you

    Pedro147Pedro147Year ago
  • Hannah, this is a wonderful video and this is a wonderful idea you have: going out and speaking to children and putting into their minds (at the age when they are impressionable) about caring for animals. Thank you ever so much. I congratulate you! 😸👍

    SchnertblattSchnertblattYear ago
  • So nice to see a story hour not lead by a Drag Queen.

    tinfoil magnoliatinfoil magnoliaYear ago
    • @SCE Genius I love children and I don't think Drag Queens should be reading to them while in drag. Drag is an over the top sexualized cartoonist portrayal of women and a form of theater , and quite fun. It belongs in clubs and the stage. Now lighten up and have fun!

      tinfoil magnoliatinfoil magnoliaYear ago
    • tinfoil magnolia Leave it to you to take a sweet video and turn it into something sexist. Try to be a lover❤️ of all things. Not a hater😡.

      SCE GeniusSCE GeniusYear ago
  • I love that I'm reading "Tiny but Mighty" while also reading "Will my Cat Eat my Eyeballs" by Caitlin Doughty. I swear they actually kinda go together 😂

    J.V. IJ.V. IYear ago
    • OMG me too! Literally brought both home from the library today.

      Amelia H.Amelia H.Year ago
    • I mean my cat does try to eat my face so uh.. mood

      Chaotic EvilChaotic EvilYear ago
  • Uhuuuu maravilhosa, que seu trabalho e carinho com os animais se multiplique Bjusss💋💋💋💋

    edileine teodoroedileine teodoroYear ago
  • Hannah, you're an absolute angel, and I am 1000000000000% certain that every orphan kitten loves you from the tips of their ears to the tips of their wittle tails :3

    Avery YoungAvery YoungYear ago
  • Hello! Cand anyone else tell me if Royal Canin is a good kitten milk replacer for kittens? I’d love if someone/you, hannah, could tell me Amazon doesn’t ship kmr to my country anymore:(((

    Rază CenușieRază CenușieYear ago
    • Copper Hopper Picks i saw loooooots of videos with shelters/foster parents for kittens that feed kittens with this kind of milk and it kinda helpled them grow, i mean i think is a good milk, as i think

      Rază CenușieRază CenușieYear ago
    • not sure about the royal canin (didnt know they made milk replacer), but i would try to compare the ingredient/nutritional values list of it with the kmr brand to see if it's similar in what it provides. the royal canin brand makes a pretty good adult food though (imo)

      Copper Hopper PicksCopper Hopper PicksYear ago