Kitten Lady-ASPCA Cat Advocate of the Year

Nov 30, 2019
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Thank you, ASPCA!
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  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Princess potatoPrincess potatoMonth ago
  • Good job! You are AMAZING and deserve this🤗

    Adira KelathAdira KelathMonth ago
  • Good job Hannah

    Fun FelinesFun Felines3 months ago
  • 🐈

    Sensual ASMRSensual ASMR3 months ago
  • You are such an inspiration. I’ve been watching your videos for a few weeks now and I’ve seen all the amount of work and care you do to give these kittens a future ❤️ we love you Kitten Lady ❤️

    CraftsycatCraftsycat3 months ago
  • Thank you for your mission and congratulations on your award. We have been adopted by an abandoned young queen who is very pregnant. Seeking advice and guidance, I’ve watched several USworlds presenters. We really like your easy delivery of important tidbits of experience. We’ve prepared a proper suite for her highness but I am anxious about the delivery. I’ll peruse your library for the perfect “kittens101”

    LA MarinLA Marin4 months ago
  • I wish I could foster. But I live in Germany and we don't have a kitten problem.

    Feed my soul - With loveFeed my soul - With love4 months ago
  • My newest cat came from the ASPCA. He was an abused animal with a broken foreleg, flea anemia, dehydration and emaciation. He was 3 months old when he was recovered. Stubborn and determined people like the Kitten Lady are why Boots is with me at all. And after all the work that was put into him, and all the suffering he endured, he was nearly not adopted until my mom found him. He was a PTSD case, and it took a lot of time, patience and heart to get him to become an animal that understood he was safe, wanted and loved. So, Hannah Shaw is one of the biggest, most known kitten advocates I know of. Most people familiar with her work knows she very much deserves this recognition, and it is my hope that her work can expand to greater influences, and people learn about the needs of kittens and cats, stand up and take these furry little companions in, and not give up on them when they have been through hell. Spay and neuter your animals, and keep them safe.

    Mr. EMr. E4 months ago
  • Bravissimi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    itorny ghiitorny ghi5 months ago
  • Im the 65k viewer!

    sheelohsheeloh5 months ago
  • This is so dang awesome.

    J BaldwinJ Baldwin6 months ago
  • I have donated to ASPCA for years 💖

    AGglittersparkleAGglittersparkle6 months ago
  • YAY! You deserve that, Madam Ambassador.

    Gaius 1968Gaius 19687 months ago
  • you are my actual inspiration. i have been obsessed with cats and planned on adopting/fostering cats or kittens. i thought i knew everything; feed and play. after discovering your channel 2 years ago, i am so much more educated and you pushed me to learn more. i aspire to be like you in the future and rescue these adorable creatures who needs all put help and support. i don't look up to a celebrity or music artist, i look up to you, someone with such a kind heart and massive kindness and patience towards these well deserved animals. i'm still young, but i try to make a difference every day. don't stop what you're doing. keep loving and caring for kittens and inspiring little kids to full grown adults and even older citizens to make a change to these adorable lives. thank you so much.

    Neko CatNeko Cat7 months ago
  • Hi! Both me and my mom are big fans of your channel. We’ve never gotten the chance to foster a kitten, but we’ve seen several on say our trips to Cabo Mexico during the summer. Actually, one of our cats is from a foster and she’s my bestie! Hope for the best for you!

    Dr. HemlockDr. Hemlock8 months ago

    Shiny Prisma !Shiny Prisma !8 months ago
  • Good to see more of Sonja!!

    Gamer_Shrimp 88Gamer_Shrimp 888 months ago
  • Cat: scratching themselves with their foot Me:its so cute Also me: boy have u lost your mind cause I'll help u find it

    Marcy GarciaMarcy Garcia9 months ago
  • Stubborn hope, is the best way to explain love 💓 you are amazing!

    JoyCassiJoyCassi9 months ago
  • cat Mimi

    Jesi PateJesi Pate9 months ago
  • This was the perfect opportunity to say Cat-vocate and they didn’t use it

    Fifteen_is_the_worst_multiple_of_threeFifteen_is_the_worst_multiple_of_three9 months ago
  • 🙏🏽

    J56J569 months ago
  • PETA should reward you

    hee hehhee heh9 months ago
  • Congrats! You totally deserve it! 🐈🤗👍

    Tisha HTisha H9 months ago
  • I would love to foster but my cats are all FeLV positive so I don't think that's safe.

    NightigalNightigal9 months ago
  • Thank you so much for all your wonderful hard work❤️

    Benny BeesBenny Bees9 months ago
  • Congratulations, Kitten Lady! Keep helping precious fur babies!

    Jennifer LovingJennifer Loving9 months ago
  • I wish I could but I’m to young I’m only 10 and once I get it to 14 I will help

    Zuri NabaZuri Naba9 months ago
  • Oh Congratulations!

    Purrfectly Juicy CatProductReviews with ELVISPurrfectly Juicy CatProductReviews with ELVIS9 months ago
  • Thank you and God Bless you and people like you. 🌻🌻🌻 Like a sunflower my head follows where you go. My dream is to open a small sanctuary back in asia because that is where my husband wants to retire. I love your videos and learned a lot from you, Jackson, and other vets.

    Purrfectly Juicy CatProductReviews with ELVISPurrfectly Juicy CatProductReviews with ELVIS9 months ago
  • So well deserved! We just adopted two feral kittens and we followed your advice in socializing feral kittens, and the difference in such a short time period is amazing!

    Amie LawsonAmie Lawson9 months ago
  • You are unbelievably deserving of this award, congrats!!!

    stop08itstop08it10 months ago
  • I have 14 cats I raised them from when they were little kittens because There mother didn’t take good care of them so I helped her she keep breeding so we a Eventually got all the cats fixed in and no more kittens

    Nichole KorthNichole Korth10 months ago
  • Missed opportunity to call it "Catvocate". But congratulations!

    Moth the maniacMoth the maniac10 months ago
  • What about human babies..aka abortion

    Dima KDima K10 months ago
  • You are such a special and incredible lady💛

    Daisy BeaDaisy Bea10 months ago
  • I get so inspired but I don't know if my cat likes other animals. We rescued him just a year ago when the previous owner couldn't keep him and she said he doesn't like other animals. Is there ANY way to test this? I don't want to ask a friend with a dog because that feels like a bad place to start.

    Johanna HolmJohanna Holm10 months ago
  • I have 3 cats in my apartment and my mother has 6 in hers while feeding a ton of strays in our neighborhood. Needless to say, I know a whole lot about them. I love cats, feel for them BUT the reality is that they are plenty more where they come from and I'm getting super tired of taking care of them and paying for food and litter then spays and neuters for the ones outside. I guess since you managed to monetize them it's ok but I want to point out that cat caring can be quite unhealthy. Even on a psychological level, I get extremely upset for days when I see dead cats on the street. Sometimes I wish I never got that first stray that I adopted. Edit - I guess my comment isn't particularly helpful for the point that this video is trying to make, I wanna point out that just caring for one or two cats is healthy and reasonable but you need to keep it that way and not undermine your life because it's a slippery slope, especially for softies like me.

    StainStain10 months ago
  • I've always had a dream to breed cats when I grow up because then I'd have endless kittens, but thanks to you now I know that there already are so many kittens out there without homes. Why should I make more? I think I will foster kittens instead.

    Alexis NigroAlexis Nigro10 months ago
  • Hi I have a dog but I really want a kitten to but my mum does not want to get one Can someone give some advice dunkin.x10 months ago
  • I'll probably rescue kittens when I grow up! These are my two cats Luna and Spice.

    Alexis NigroAlexis Nigro10 months ago
  • Dear Hanna I don't know if you are going to read this but I'm just putting it out there I have to thank you so much because it is cause of you I was able to save a 2 day old kittens life it was because of your videos me and my sister were able to help her grown thank you very much keep doing what you are doing may God bless you.

    Clemanda TixeiraClemanda Tixeira10 months ago
  • I wish the age for adoption would be at the earliest 12 weeks

    Maggie KettlewellMaggie Kettlewell10 months ago
  • Thank you Hannah!

    BFFpuspinBFFpuspin10 months ago
  • I'm really sad because Hannah has inspired me so much and I can't do anything I'm not in a position to foster and tnr doesn't really exist here and my parents won't let me volunteer at my local shelter 😢

    Dana A-NDana A-N10 months ago
  • Congrats Hannah you are amazing!!!!!!!

    Dana A-NDana A-N10 months ago
  • Amazing beautiful work that you do so happy to know there are such caring and sweet people in the world who help amazing animals ☺️. Keep up the great work

    AdrianAdrian10 months ago
  • This young lady have soooo much love for these animals..She needs to set up donation foundation.

    musterseedsmusterseeds10 months ago
  • I wanna know how many cats you have i have 7😂

    TamTamTamTam10 months ago
  • i just go a kitten from the cat cafe and i named it hank my cat is just like hank

    baby alivebaby alive10 months ago

    واحد من السكان المحليينواحد من السكان المحليين10 months ago
  • I’m watching this w/ my cat

    Geffen HasGeffen Has10 months ago
  • Hey, i really need help. I just got a Kitten, and we put her in one room, my bedroom, where she is adjusting well. What we forgot was that my bedroom is also my older cats area. he sleeps and eats there. at night, we put our kitten in a large soft crate thing. but whenever my older cat passes by her, he hisses and growls. he refused to come out from under the couch for hours. my brother decided to put them both in my room. this resulted in my older cat constantly growling and my kitten occasionally hissing back. kitten is in her crate and older cat is under my bed where he will not move or stop growling. the door is wide open and he has a fresh bowl of food ready. i really have no clue what to do. we just got her today and it’s already off to a bad start. please help!

    AlexTheCatAlexTheCat10 months ago
    • They need to be in separate rooms, for at least 10 days. And introduced slowly. In the mean time, there's a lot of info. on the internet.

      E & S MannhardtE & S Mannhardt10 months ago
  • Please put ADS so we can help you.

    Genius Min CUTEngimeow meowGenius Min CUTEngimeow meow10 months ago
  • I am sooo happy for u, ur the best. Can u make the next video about when to bathe a cat/kitten, and maybe how. Thank you soooo much♥️❤️💖

    voss_ water_2.0voss_ water_2.010 months ago
  • This makes me cry because the number of kitty lives you have saved, ripples out exponentially from your direct efforts. Thank you Hannah for teaching us, and anyone who is willing, to learn how to take care of orphan kittens!

    Happy Jack Cats, Inc.Happy Jack Cats, Inc.10 months ago
  • My cat gave birth yesterday to a weak and thin kitten. We've tried feeding it from the mother but then the kitten wouldn't suck at all! So, we tried feeding it with a syringe which was pretty hard since the tip of it was really hard so it would be difficult for the kitten to suck... I tried feeding it with really tiny quantities of kitten milk replacer on a teaspoon but I don't really know if that really worked because I'm afraid that she might drown or choke on it. I bought a bottle today for the kitten, but then again. She wouldn't suck.... I really need help with feeding her or atleast keeping her alive since her mother really doesn't know how to be one :,// *Please help...*

    blank.blank.10 months ago
  • hello,i wanna ask you,my kitten doesn't want to eat,they usually want to eat but then they stopped,do you know how to make my kittens want to eat again...?

    Qina CiaQina Cia10 months ago
  • Kitten Lady I always wonder why you say your not interested in human babys what's wrong with them?

    Darkthorn RoseheartDarkthorn Roseheart10 months ago
  • How do you make a cat docile?

    Oh look No oneOh look No one10 months ago
  • Hi Hannah I am your biggest fan in the world and I am actually watching your website to learn as much as possible about fostering kittens and helping neonatal kittens and then I will start saving kittens just like you.

    Balance Mia 9Balance Mia 910 months ago
  • Hello! First of all i wanted to thank you for your big knowledge. It was very helpful for me. I'm trying to rescue and help every cats and kittens i see. I adopted one of the kittens. I did that after he broke his leg so i could take care of him. I already have one cat in my house. She is 13 years old now. First i thought that little guy was trying to play with her and she was refusing it. But now i noticed that he is actually attacking her. And it looks pretty aggressive. It's like he is trying to dominate her. What can i do to fix that situation? He is 5 months old

    Nothing PersonalNothing Personal10 months ago
  • I love cats I wish all the cats and kittens had a happy healthy life. I would do any thing to save a cat or kitten and I really want to meet up with you and learn every thing there is about cats.

    Anya PottersAnya Potters10 months ago
  • Dear Hannah, can u please make a video on trimming a cats claws (if there isnt one already). Id like to hear an opinion from a pro, because I see a lot of mixed opinions online and at forums. If anyone else has info they can also comment. Thank u for educating us, love u ❤

    DessieDessie10 months ago
  • Wait, year? Not Decade? Maybe I'm new to this game but who has done more than you? Legiimate question.

    Gregg MajikasGregg Majikas10 months ago
  • Why are no videos comming 😰

    nelya tzalisnelya tzalis10 months ago
  • In indonesia people have pet cata only last for 2-3 years because they only take care of them when theyare cute and healthy meanwhile i'm giving people awareness to stop buying cats because there tons of kitten in the animal shelter i got my 1 cat from shelter i took care of her when she was 2 weeks old i had a hard time taking care of her everyday and i need to go to school now her age is 1 years old and she had a baby i name him baby because he was cute

    Holly officialHolly official10 months ago
    • Bit still people in indonesia seems doesn't care at all

      Holly officialHolly official10 months ago
  • Hello! I took in a male kitten yesterday to avoid it being sent to the shelter. I have another neutered male cat(Icarus)about 10 months old. Icarus has been very attentive to the kitten. He hissed one time, but he is constantly watching and following baby kitten around. I'm kinda worried because he wants to roll around and bite him but I'm worried he'll hurt the kitten. He does lick him, but he tries to carry him like a momma cat would, but doesn't know how to. I guess what I'm asking is this considered aggressive? He wants to roll around and bite him while kicking him. I guess I'm asking is this being playful or aggressive? I thought aggressive was hissing, scratching/biting. should I allow him to do it or should I try to deter him? He doesnt seem bothered in a way where he doesnt want kitten around. He follows him around and seems like hes engaging in a playful way, but I'm afraid he may be too rough. If you have any advice, I would definitely appreciate it! Thank you!!

    1sweetmess1sweetmess10 months ago
    • @1sweetmess Thanks for the update! Glad things have worked out! Hello from the USA.

      E & S MannhardtE & S Mannhardt10 months ago
    • @E & S Mannhardt thank you! I was a bit worried those first couple days, but now they are like two peas in a pod 😍 I was afraid my older cat was playing too rough with the kitten at first. When I would leave the house those first few days, I did separate them just in case and separating them for a few hours while I was gone seemed to help. They both eat, sleep, and play together now. It has been a long time since I've had more than one cat. I had cats growing up, but it was either just one cat or 2 siblings. I am thankful they are getting along so well now!

      1sweetmess1sweetmess10 months ago
    • Can tell that you care! I hope that you are having better success, by now! If not . . . Well, these 2 need to be separated for at least 10 days. In the meantime, there are a lot of videos on her channel. Watch!

      E & S MannhardtE & S Mannhardt10 months ago
  • Hello I'm new to your channel and ever since I watch you videos non stop ✋💖💖and not only you make adorable and pawsome qwq videos they are really inspirational because you are also a hero of many animals we love what your doing keep up the good work 💞💞💞💞

    Jin HaiJin Hai10 months ago
  • Congratulations Hannah! I just want to remind you how big of an inspiration you are! In 2019, because of your content, I personally fostered 2 nursing momma cats and their kittens: one a litter of 3, and one a litter of 5. Two orphan litters: one a litter of 2, and one a litter of 4. And then two single abandoned kittens. Bringing my grand total to 16 kittens and 2 momma cats. All vetted, altered, and rehomed. Thank you for your mission and showing the world how doable kitten care can be!

    Maquel WilsonMaquel Wilson10 months ago
  • 😻yaya fantastic

    Brendas AndersonBrendas Anderson10 months ago
  • In my opinion what your doing for these kittens it just amazing. We need more people like you on the planet that are willing to take these beautiful and special babies into their homes. People like you give me hope that one day most kittens and puppies will have homes, loving and caring homes. It just makes me smile at the thought that your willing to take all of the babies into you home. I thank everyone who read this and who takes in little babies line these ones. 📖

    Hailey KnappHailey Knapp10 months ago
  • It would be cool if you had an animal communicator talk to Chloe or other of your cats.

    Dave FenzelDave Fenzel10 months ago
  • Very well-deserved.

    dk blackdk black10 months ago
  • Can you come to oregon because there is a street cat that is left out go to oregon sunset please when you have time

    wolf packwolf pack10 months ago
  • I want to foster, but not sure how to go about it. Can you help me please.

    Lori HunsakerLori Hunsaker10 months ago
  • Hey Kitten Lady, I hope you read my message. I found a stray cat few days and he was meowing at me asking for food. The place I found him at had no shops to be able to get him some sort of food so I drove him home, gave him food and water then returned him. To be honest, I wanted to keep but I am terribly allergic to cats. I feel guilty for letting the kitty go so how do I get rid of the guilt feelings? Love, Nadia

    Nadia GaciNadia Gaci10 months ago
  • Please help me. My cat is dying😢 i dont know what to do😭 she my family . My sister. My bestfriend😭

    revani putrirevani putri10 months ago
    • @revani putri Thank you for the update. Your English is fine. Hello from USA.

      E & S MannhardtE & S Mannhardt10 months ago
    • @E & S Mannhardt she's fine now. I give her vitamin and amoxicilin. And she cured in 3 days.😊 the vet clinic not help that much. My advice is give the cat drink every hour. Sory iam indonesian i dont know english that much, so if you cant understand what iam say iam so sory

      revani putrirevani putri10 months ago
    • Were you able to get your cat to a vet? Do you still have your best friend? You have a lot of love to give to animals. Keep giving love!

      E & S MannhardtE & S Mannhardt10 months ago
  • Hi Hannah you have a lot pf kittens and i dont know were you got them but keep it up and i love your vids

    Moonie's life!!Moonie's life!!10 months ago
  • why do you like more kittens and why wont you sell them you have a lottttttt

    Moonie's life!!Moonie's life!!10 months ago
  • How do you adopt a cat? Where can you adopt them is there a specific place to go for adoption?

    little Honey 0w0little Honey 0w010 months ago
  • were do you get the cat!?!?!??!??! bc i NEED a cat

    ツArk_YTツArk_YT10 months ago
  • I wish I could do this but I’m still to young! But don’t worry I will do this when I’m older!

    Angie’s AdventuresAngie’s Adventures10 months ago
  • Hi Kitten Lady I love the the hardworking you do by saving so many cats. I live far away and have many stray cats in my country including kittens. I want to help them but my mother says its very hard and they have so many wounds on them and it just makes me sad. Can you make a video about ways of rescuing a kitten. It would be very helpful.

    RandomaccountRandomaccount10 months ago
  • I’m getting my first litter this weekend!! After months of reaearch on your channel!!

    CoolEggCoolEgg10 months ago
    • Great! All the best! PS hello from USA!

      E & S MannhardtE & S Mannhardt10 months ago
  • Outstanding, Hannah!

    Phalanx443Phalanx44310 months ago
  • I found my 4- week old kitten on train tracks a few weeks ago and he has been the sweetest ( if not playful ) boy we took him to the vet and we were lucky he had no medical conditions. He is now 8 weeks old and my son it’s kinda sad that he thinks I’m his mom and tries to suckle on my blanket or jacket.

    •Jaybird ••Jaybird •10 months ago
  • Hey kitty lady I just wanted to ask please anyone answer back my kitten takes diarrhea all the time and I don't know what to do the first time she did it she vomited and the she diarheaed please anyone give me advice

    Mariyam Al-memmarMariyam Al-memmar10 months ago
    • @。。。ザっちゃん ok thanks btw!

      Mariyam Al-memmarMariyam Al-memmar10 months ago
    • Take her to the vet

      。。。ザっちゃん。。。ザっちゃん10 months ago
  • Please make a video about URI in kittens!!!! I adopted a 3 legged cat that has URI from shelter taking her to the vet today but really want ur take on it!!

    Mb HelmsMb Helms10 months ago
  • Hallo nice channel im living alone im half blind person and i dont see very well from the not blind one i see one salter give away obe black girl cat 4 5 months and i like to ask how taff it is a disabillity person like me leaving with me and how match the cost they have every month ub euro please give me your widsdom

    Half Blind GamerHalf Blind Gamer10 months ago
  • HI! so there is this female cat on my block, and she used toi have owners but then they moved away and the currrent owners of the house that she used to live in feeds her but i can't tell if she is spayed or not how would i be able to tell?

    Danger CatDanger Cat10 months ago
  • Good job 😀😆😀😆😊😊😊😊🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    JaMaya DawkinsJaMaya Dawkins10 months ago
  • Hi Hannah! I love ur videos please please post more i love the way that u take care of kittens i would also want to do this. Congratulations u deserve this

    senthil sokkanathansenthil sokkanathan10 months ago
  • You are such a beautiful soul ♥️ Thank you for doing what you do

    Vanessa LennoxVanessa Lennox10 months ago
  • Thank You for being strong for those on this planet who need your strength! I believe no matter the species, human or animal, you should always help in anyway you can. I LOVE kitties and I love seeing great compassion and care going towards those who need it. From the tiniest ant to giants, we all need love. Wish there were more people like you in the world! Thank you so much!

    Kerry SueKerry Sue10 months ago
  • TOP 1 in everythingTOP 1 in everything10 months ago
  • I found a kitty behind my house I take care of her I name haruki....but she more active than other kitty I save.... she super active and thin even I feed her more than my other cats ... It comen or rare to this active and kitty love claw and bait human happen to you...

    Cool Dark KittyCool Dark Kitty10 months ago
  • Hannah I just watched your videos, and i live a story like you my family and I raised 5 kittens because her mother died and we did exactly what you do in your videos now they are adult cats and we have a property in the countryside where there is a house specifally for them, I love cats they are amazing animals and your job is amazing, greetings from Spain❤🐱🇪🇸

    labird 162labird 16210 months ago
  • Hallo nice channel im living alone im half blind person and i dont see very well from the not blind one i see one salter give away obe black girl cat 4 5 months and i like to ask how taff it is a disabillity person like me leaving with me and how match the cost they have every month ub euro please give me your widsdom

    Half Blind GamerHalf Blind Gamer10 months ago
  • your are so kind to kittens.They are lucky to met you.

    Cutie Maple CatCutie Maple Cat10 months ago