Kitten Lady's Big Book of Little Kittens: SNEAK PEEK!

Sep 14, 2019
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Kitten Lady's Big Book of Little Kittens comes out October 8! Please support the project by preordering it here:
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • Kitten Lady please help

      lt4abelt4abeYear ago
    • Hey.. kitten lady.. I dont know if your going to get this or even ready this.. but.. my names elise.. I'm 13.. and... I'm homless rigjt now.. and I live with my friend.. and see my mom on the weekend.. I have a cat named Hades.. that's living in storage.. had my friends mom is watching him.. Hades use to pee on all my stuff.. and my mom saying we should just put him in the pound.. and I really dont want to loss him but.. he might get killed or never be a adopted.. because hes like 6 years old.. I live in Nevada.. hes also a little aggressive.. because hes scared.. hes gotten alot better now.. but.. should I do this.. so he can have maybe a better home..?

      Elise MillerElise MillerYear ago
    • I need this for my b-day

      HarmlessAkita _GachaHarmlessAkita _GachaYear ago
    • Ordering on Monday!! Your little kittens are sooo adorable...all.of them.laying on your book, camera, etc.😂👍😘🥰💝💙

      mjchenevertfulmjchenevertfulYear ago
    • Kitten Lady I'm going to order this book on Monday! I love this video and I love the book.

      Emma BemmaEmma BemmaYear ago
  • Ummm Y HAVE 27 PEOPLE DISLIKED THIS?????? kitten lady is amazing and i see no reason for people to dislike her or this video.

    billy bobbilly bob4 months ago
  • I have that book

    lps Rae Kunchanlps Rae Kunchan8 months ago
  • Ill probably get this to read to my nephew's, and because I need to work on talking to people.

    HopepandaHopepanda9 months ago
  • I got ur book

    Jennifer hobaughJennifer hobaugh9 months ago
  • I wish this book was available in Spanish.

    Kathrin Anna HausermannKathrin Anna Hausermann9 months ago
  • I got this book for my 8 year old sister and she's been making toys for our foster kittens because of it. Thank you!

    Blossomness StudiosBlossomness Studios9 months ago
  • I don't know if you have human kids too, but you are a DOLL. Wish I had seen this when i was rescuing cats...i had no idea!!!!

    Lana CotterLana Cotter9 months ago
  • I love kitten lady and her videos and would like to meet her one day ! # kitten lady is the best !

    afsa6370 afsa6370afsa6370 afsa637010 months ago
  • I just got the book for Christmas

    U-SquadU-Squad10 months ago
  • I bought this for my nephew and daughter this Christmas.

    Katrina MillKatrina Mill10 months ago
  • Me: *not a kid* Also me: *wants book*

    PianoDisneygal10PianoDisneygal1010 months ago
  • I want to get this book for my little sister! She LOVES cats and since I foster kittens I would love for her to know more about kittens so it's easier for me to care for my kittens.

    Blossomness StudiosBlossomness Studios11 months ago
  • Please release a free CD along for people who want the book but can’t afford it

    GachaYadi335GachaYadi33511 months ago
  • Your cats were gnawing on your book

    Jay JacobsJay Jacobs11 months ago
  • I’m a grown man but I enjoyed the heck out of this 😆

    Symphony SonicSymphony Sonic11 months ago
  • I’ve been wanting for my mom to buy that so that way she could read it to me I did but I didn’t know it was educational or just learn

    Owl WorldOwl World11 months ago
  • Do you have Siamese kittens how cute I have a Siamese is carrot home but I’m more excited for the video

    Owl WorldOwl World11 months ago
  • Hannah shaw u inspired me so Im 10 and fostering a kitten

    Tara MalicTara Malic11 months ago
  • Book looks wonderfull. Can I ask you: what kind of cat is that you have the last minutes on your arms? Is that a tonkanees cat? Greetings from Holland😍

    Els GunninkEls GunninkYear ago
  • I want the book so bad it's so cute I would buy two copies one for me and the other for my little nephew

    angel the artistangel the artistYear ago
  • my cat losing hair 😕 first time he travel after few days he’s losing hair. stress disorder?

    Resty Moreno LisingResty Moreno LisingYear ago
  • Oh my this is cute

    VapyVapyYear ago
  • I got your book now

    Misty SwanaginMisty SwanaginYear ago
  • I LOVE THIS 💕 getting this for my son !

    Shenanesse CruzShenanesse CruzYear ago
  • Beautiful 😍😍

    Jack DavisJack DavisYear ago
  • Congratulations on your new book, Kitten Lady!

    Jennifer LovingJennifer LovingYear ago
  • Kittens are insane 🤣

    kristyluvsytkristyluvsytYear ago
  • That little tortie has her markings at the exact same spots as mine! And their shape is also so similar!

    Marit KokMarit KokYear ago
  • I agree with Tiffanyrose Angeles, as an adult I would have it on my living room coffee table for anybody to pick up and enjoy...who doesn't love kittens, thanks Kitten Lady for all you do for the kittens....Sandy (Dan Lee's wife)

    Dan LeeDan LeeYear ago
  • What *you* have to put up with? What about the kitties having to put up with you not realizing that this is what books are for? Every kitty knows books make the best cat chairs.

    WitchchyldeWitchchyldeYear ago
  • I can’t wait to buy your book and yes I saw that big leap, they are so cute 😻😻😻😻

    Shelby SnellShelby SnellYear ago
  • Are You Selling It In Malaysia? Thats Where I Live! If Not... I Cannot Buy It, But, If It Is, I Will Probably Buy It!

  • Kitten lady I need your help with the kittens

    lt4abelt4abeYear ago

    - CatLoverUwO -- CatLoverUwO -Year ago
  • I want my mom to get me this book even though I'm 15 😅

    Seasons DieSeasons DieYear ago
  • Your vids are so helpful I rescudes a kitten and it really helped me

    BTS__ARMYBTS__ARMYYear ago
  • How is apple doing

    CorasManCorasManYear ago
  • HI!!! I NEED help. I found 2 new born kittens ABANDONED in my grandmas backyard. I left them alone to see if the mother would come. she didn’t. It rained and I didn’t want to leave them outside in the rain so I brought them in. WHAT SHOULD I DOOOO!!!???!!!

    Fluffymic 26Fluffymic 26Year ago
  • kittens are so cute can you plessssssssss say me in a vido

    Jayne RoseJayne RoseYear ago
  • Order your Christmas Gift now lol

    Samantha VSamantha VYear ago
  • Macaroni with glasses is everything.

    RikFTKRikFTKYear ago
  • I have ordered two copies. One for me and one for my cousin who has grandchildren!

    Elizabeth WoodElizabeth WoodYear ago
  • Hey for you next tour could you come to Ireland please?

    Raymond GoheryRaymond GoheryYear ago
  • Pre-ordered it for my daughter for Christmas! She will be nine, and we have been fostering for two years - she absolutely adores you and your kittens Hannah and will be thrilled to have this book!

    Kayly NymanKayly NymanYear ago
  • I don’t need it I already know a lot from your channel. LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!!!!!!

    Pandy BunsPandy BunsYear ago
  • God bless your kittens 🙏🏻❤️

    MeganØØF 2005MeganØØF 2005Year ago
  • I have 2 eight week old kittens they’re sooo cute

    MeganØØF 2005MeganØØF 2005Year ago
  • I pre-ordered! Yay! Can’t wait!

    LizElle IshimotoLizElle IshimotoYear ago
  • any plans for a Canada release? Amazon will ship here but can likely save alot on exchange if its already in stores (like indigo!)

    pawprints1986pawprints1986Year ago
  • 😻

    Jenn GlowJenn GlowYear ago
  • I think this is really adorable.

    Chad SchmaltzChad SchmaltzYear ago
  • I love to buy your book. I want to do neonatal care after I retire. My passion work soon.Thank you.

    Agnes WoloszczukAgnes WoloszczukYear ago
  • I will buy your book.I want to do neonatal care after I retire. My dream.Few more years.

    Agnes WoloszczukAgnes WoloszczukYear ago
  • Hi

    Dana BananaDana BananaYear ago
  • Can't wait to get my book. I'm not a child, just can't resist the book. And Tidbit is on the cover! Yay. ❤

    ML GigglemanML GigglemanYear ago
  • I'm going to be ordering a copy for my cousin for Christmas. She loves cats, and she's heard me talk about fostering kittens and your channel in general. She knows you help kittens (The video of Small Fry continues to be her favorite, Apple's videos falling in a very close second) but she's not sure HOW it works. She's going to love reading the book and looking at all the pictures.

    Emma WileyEmma WileyYear ago
  • I teach 3rd grade and think this would make a great addition to my classroom library! 🐱

    MidnightCowboy95MidnightCowboy95Year ago
  • Love the kitten reactions: don’t turn the page, I’m still reading!

    Kimmy is GreenKimmy is GreenYear ago
  • Preordered...and looking forward to seeing you in Tennessee in a few weeks!

    Occult KittyOccult KittyYear ago
  • I have 4 kittens in my neighborhood I need help

    lt4abelt4abeYear ago
  • Recommended by kittens, 'very comfy for napping' and 'delicious' 2:45. 5/5 stars

    Rachel RecyclesRachel RecyclesYear ago
  • Two copies on pre-order; one for me & one gift for two kindergarten kitten rescuers ~ Can't wait! =^:^=

    Sheri CollierSheri CollierYear ago
  • So cute, congratulations!

    Rosehaven FarmRosehaven FarmYear ago
  • SOLD!

    Dylan A. KentDylan A. KentYear ago
  • Congratulations for the Book! looks awesome! God Bless, Sherry :)

    sherry1674wsherry1674wYear ago
  • I'm getting this for my nephew for Christmas! He loves cats and I know he'll love all the cute pictures.

    koopaloopkoopaloopYear ago
  • I see buying this for Christmas presents 🎁!! This is awesome!!! ❤️

    Kristin MontgomeryKristin MontgomeryYear ago
  • I already have your first book. And I have pre-ordered the new one.

    debbie boringdebbie boringYear ago
  • The best book

    Nitty GrittyNitty GrittyYear ago
  • I'd love to get this for my daughter (and myself a bit). But I guess in Austria it'll be more of a challenge 😥 Great work! Kitten Lady!

    Luise PSLuise PSYear ago
  • Ordered one for library on South Dakota Indian reservation 😊

    Kathryn Kay HongKathryn Kay HongYear ago
  • I pre-ordered this book! I teach first grade and we are going to spend an entire week reading, writing, and talking about it!

    Candace MansellCandace MansellYear ago
  • Kitten lady you are a kitten hero.

    skycat 1skycat 1Year ago
  • Can't wait to physically see this one Hannah. It looks like a book full of fun and interesting tidbits!!!

    coryoplayercoryoplayerYear ago
  • Hey this is kinds awkward but I finally adopted a cat after many many years of trying to convince my parents but turns out the cat has fleas . I would really appreciate some advance .

    shams doesshams doesYear ago
  • I want it but my mom says I'm to old for it and that I need to grow up 😭

    Milly the omega WolfMilly the omega WolfYear ago
    • My parents also say no fostering kittens cuz we don't have the room or time ;-;

      Milly the omega WolfMilly the omega WolfYear ago
  • I no I got my book what about alll of yous!!!! Because of you i was able to save 3 kittens there were about 1 week old and now about 12 weeks old I love them so much thank you you being there to show us how to do it

    Samantha WallaceSamantha WallaceYear ago
  • I love little kitties I'm 8 almost 9

    HarmlessAkita _GachaHarmlessAkita _GachaYear ago
  • This is sooo cuttteee

    Ava SmithAva SmithYear ago
  • I like kittens and I'm a child! Also great job on the tiny but mighty book it was so cute!!!!

  • Preordered. But will you sign them?

    The Age of FabulousThe Age of FabulousYear ago
  • I pre-ordered the minute I saw it was available. A copy for my nieces, and a copy for myself. 💕🐱🐱🐱💕

    Sheri MedinaSheri MedinaYear ago
  • I have a 4 year old stepson that would love this book and I read him every night, but we live in Argentina, so he needs the spanish version! 😂

    Florencia SueiroFlorencia SueiroYear ago
  • Aww I love how the cats laid on the book and them bat at it, and bite the book

    Rose VayRose VayYear ago
  • So cool! Looks great for learning

    Leia YLeia YYear ago
  • For kids? Well, I mean, I am someone’s kid, so I think that qualifies ☺️

    Kerry BerryKerry BerryYear ago
  • Well, I'm going to have to order that book for my niece. We can read it together.

    Marilyn RussellMarilyn RussellYear ago
  • Omg.. i know someone who would love this for xmas! ❤😺

    Ashley JoAshley JoYear ago
  • I'm 13 and I want this Btw I foster kittens

    Space CatSpace CatYear ago
  • 😂

    Stephanie PhouotridesStephanie PhouotridesYear ago
  • What an amazing book you have written. I can't tell you how impressed I am. You have captured a superb way to introduce young animal lovers to the world of rescue. It's impossible to guess how many kittens will be rescued as a result of it! Kudos. I've had an idea for years to write a story from the vantage point of the kitten being rescued as a children's book... but I never have! Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I bet it was a labor of love! Jojo

    Jo-Anne Denyse MinerJo-Anne Denyse MinerYear ago
    • I'm not in a position to buy the book myself, but I'm going to post it on my facebook page as a recommendation.

      Jo-Anne Denyse MinerJo-Anne Denyse MinerYear ago
  • Yay! I love Kitten Lady, my kids love Kitten Lady but they get bored of reading novels (like your new book Tiny but Mighty) and now they have their own! We, as a family, were too busy to watch USworlds today but I just found this new video at 12:33 am and I got so excited. My kids will be delighted to see this video and that there's a new book from Hannah Shaw aka the Kitten Lady! Congratulations again!

    MorningStar KematchMorningStar KematchYear ago
  • I love your books

    Jeanne DimonJeanne DimonYear ago
  • Congratulations!

    BergletteMomBergletteMomYear ago
  • Congratulations!

    BergletteMomBergletteMomYear ago
  • Congratulations!

    BergletteMomBergletteMomYear ago
  • Yay! Congratulations!

    Melissa Daniel SelvarajMelissa Daniel SelvarajYear ago
  • Gotta get my copy, too!💯 So glad for you!❤ Congratulations!😀👏🏽

    Amy A. GentryAmy A. GentryYear ago
  • if i had kids id get this for them

    ----Year ago