Kitten Lady speaking at TINY BUT MIGHTY book tour

Sep 16, 2019
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • Our cat had an extra nipple as well

      RetrogirlRetrogirlYear ago
    • 🐾🐾🐾🎀🐾🐾🐾📚🐈

      Silva peffiSilva peffiYear ago
    • Congratulations!!

      Gina MoranGina MoranYear ago
  • Thanks for all you do Kitten Lady! You have inspired and gave me more courage than anything else! There aren't many shelters where I live, but I have been able to trap a few cats and send them off to a shelter to get neutered/spayed. I want to release them back, but we can only drop them off at shelters. Luckily, some of our shelters aren't really crowded with cats. By the way, I love your hair!

    I like catsI like cats3 months ago
  • OMG ok so😱One day I went to dollar general and bought a magazine and I read it and it showed me( btw the book was about cats/kittens ) small but mighty book and I said no I am not going to read this page but I didn’t know that she wrote it and I did not know she existed because I just found her out today and now just watching all of her videos in quarantine I saw this now I am going to read it.

    Craftyzooa EvergardenCraftyzooa Evergarden5 months ago
  • Who’s here who has the book but didn’t go to this cus I know I am

    Wonder wolfyzWonder wolfyz6 months ago

    Janeen TrujilloJaneen Trujillo6 months ago
  • You are doing unbelievable work! Most importantly I see on here how many others find this inspiring and I know you have given said people the know how and courage to do as you do!

    JossuJossu8 months ago
  • 3:14 🙌

    Dana A-NDana A-N9 months ago
  • I'm donating to 2 cat charities that you have done videos about I'm not in a place to foster but I'm doing my best to make a difference

    Dana A-NDana A-N9 months ago
  • I foster kittens weaned onto wet food during the school year and neonatal‘s over the summer

    Olivia MichaelsOlivia Michaels10 months ago
  • I went to one in Oregon and saw you, the ones to actually meet you where sold out sadly

    ashe XDashe XDYear ago
  • Crying some more because I'm so proud of how far you have come!

    Katrina P.Katrina P.Year ago
  • Your knowledge has been so helpful! We fostered our first kitten after she was thrown out of a car in a box and was the only one who survived! We made it thru the first couple of weeks with your help and knowledge only to have her try to jump on a box and break her leg at 6 weeks old! She is now our 3 legged kitten and thriving. We named her after our vet Ash who helped us and she will now be our forever car ! My first foster experience has inspired to do more and I will definitely be buying this book!! Your passion is aspiring ♥️

    tish longtish longYear ago
  • Omg bruh she’s literally coming to my bookstore tomorrow and ima go see bruh

    Chuckleson GamingChuckleson GamingYear ago
  • Do you let the babies eat at their leisure or take the food away after a certain amount of time?

    Dallas StormDallas StormYear ago
  • Our school has the book

    Soft Star!Soft Star!Year ago
  • Ilysm😻 and I want to get your book to convince my mom to let me get a kitten. We already have three cats, but a family friends cat had kittens a month ago, two black kittens with a tiny bit of white, one grey kitten with one white paw, one white kitten with grey patches, and one chocolate rag doll. The first three are boys, and the other two are girls. There was another stillborn rag doll that I hope is in kitten heaven now. I am definitely a cat person now thanks to you and those kittens.

    Lps Coco and RoxyLps Coco and RoxyYear ago
  • HI Hannah I volunteer for a cat rescue in England , I've followed you for a while now and brought your book really as a coffee table book, however just over a week ago , we were called to a home where a mum cat had had 4 kittens outside, unfortunately mum had moved 2 of the kittens and hadn't been back for over 12 hours 1 of the kittens left behind was sadly dead the other on its last leg, we made the decision its best chance was to get it in the warm, I had a nursing mum and thought I could put the kitten (Lucky ) with her. Mum did take to Lucky but after one day he was losing weight . I made the decision to start bottle feeding him. Very frightened and overwhelmed by the prospect of what I was undertaking your book has become my bible full of paractle advice put across in a simple to understand way , from what a kittens development is week to week, to your wheel chart of kitten poo. This book is literally a life saver. We arent out of the woods yet but Lucky is gaining weight and achieving his first milestones, thanks Hannah 💕

    Patricia DrydenPatricia DrydenYear ago
  • So inspired 😍😍

    Jack DavisJack DavisYear ago
  • Cats make fucking useless parents

    Noam ChomskyNoam ChomskyYear ago
  • Hello I was just wondering if we should bathe our indoor cats n how often I read that you can bathe 4-6weeks so hair won’t get matted but then other says only 4 times a year I’m so confused

    Elizabeth SilvaElizabeth SilvaYear ago
    • Healthy adult cats shouldn't need to be bathed. If you have a long-haired cat brushing them regularly will help them maintain their coat. If your cat isn't grooming themselves, I'd suggest talking to your veterinarian.

      TracyTracyYear ago
  • Hi I have a question about my cat. She’s about 6 months almost and she’s developed this habit of sucking on my blanket. It’s a fluffy blanket, I’m not sure what the material is. But my cat usually kneads the blanket with her paw as she sucks on it. The material is very durable as it doesn’t fray away so I’m not scared of her swallowing any fabric. I just want to know if this is good or bad for her. She does it daily when she goes down for her nap and falls asleep right after she’s done. Is it okay to let her keep doing this?

    Fatima CordovaFatima CordovaYear ago
  • hi kitten lady! my cat gave birth to 3 kittens last year and she unfortunately got hit by a car just 2 weeks after they were born and i had to bottle feed them and look after them. Honestly couldn’t have done it without your videos. i would have been totally lost and i just really appreciate how you helped me even if you were unaware. To this day they are all still alive and doing great and are over a year old now. thank you so much for the help you gave me could not have done it without your videos!

    Serena GreaneySerena GreaneyYear ago
  • I got the book! Ahhhhhh I was so excited I’ve already read through it twice!! I wish I could come to the book tour to meet you 😭 but I’ll settle for having the awesome book!

    LivLivYear ago
  • My friend just got a box of kittens left with her, thanks to your videos we know they were about 3-4 weeks old when she got them and we learned how to get them to use the bathroom at that age.

    Ken45Ken45Year ago
  • Wait, you didn't come by south florida without me knowing it did you? :-(

    Ken45Ken45Year ago
  • I love the work that everyone is doing here, it's awesome! Also, I really hope that Hannah has a TED Talk eventually

    lucy sherwoodlucy sherwoodYear ago
  • Hannah your so amazing I love your videos and I try to watch them everyday your so inspiring and your work is heartbreaking I am in 6th grade and my teacher asked me to do a biography about a peacemaker and I asked her if I could do it on you she did not know who you are so I showed her your video on chloe and she started crying and said bless this amazing women and hugged me know she watches your vids everyday

    Amber DukeAmber DukeYear ago
  • You rock Hannah! God bless what you and your husband do for these babies. Thank you for writing "Tiny but Mighty" . I will definitely be getting my copy.

    margarita perezmargarita perezYear ago
  • Can u post the actual catchloret now I’ve been waiting

    Kimm CorKimm CorYear ago
  • Got my book a few days ago :D! Wish my wife and I were there! we had a couple of foster fails lol. Thank you so much for all you do

    WoWSheldorOfAzerothWoWSheldorOfAzerothYear ago
  • Hannah, I just want to thank you for all you do and for making this make a difference in so many large and small ways, and I guess one small way is that you have *inspired* me to want to foster kittens and *empowered* me to feel like I can do it with all the wonderful information you provide on your channel...thanks in no small part to you, I just did the foster orientation at my local animal shelter last night. They are excited to train me to take bottle babies!

    Jennifer FrickerJennifer FrickerYear ago
  • ♥️🙏✌️🦋

    Patti HawksPatti HawksYear ago
  • Are you going to have more book signings in southern california? I'm 2 hours north of you in Chino Hills. Wish you'd come here. We are a HUUGE animal loving community with lots of cat lovers, and our community does a lot of rescue :-)

    Vet Tech MomVet Tech MomYear ago
  • Love this video ! ! 😊 💋 🐾 🐾

    Patricia TaggartPatricia TaggartYear ago
  • Tbh I think kittens would be a better president than Donald Trump 🐱

    Kále MSPKále MSPYear ago
  • Kitten Lady, more of these please

    Kay KayKay KayYear ago
  • This was an amazing video. Well worth my having to watch in several sessions! I want to get the book for every cat lover I know.

    Sherrelyn NSherrelyn NYear ago
  • When I saw the title I was like "yes my time to take my screenshots"

    MayaBeVloging618MayaBeVloging618Year ago
  • I just wanted to say that I rescued a one week old kitten a couple of months ago and your videos were like a BIBLE to me. I’ve never even had a cat that was indoors before this kitten. He’s currently doing parkour around the house right now 😂 thank you for all you do and the great advice and Rios’s 💕🙌🏻

    vanessa maganavanessa maganaYear ago
    • Advice and tips*

      vanessa maganavanessa maganaYear ago
  • this video has the honors of being the first video i watched with my airpods to test 😌✌️

    beebeeYear ago
  • Great Book Tour presentation, Hannah! I am thinking about Fostering Kittens, so this book will be immensely valuable. I now feed TNR Ferals and love it and our three Family cats at home. ❤🐱🐱😺

    Erintube360Erintube360Year ago
  • I have a question for you my kitten had a blood clot and we had to put him down it was from the waist down I think, I’m just wondering was he able to survive that or would he have had no chance he was willing to live he really wanted to live by the sound of his meows I miss him and I’m wondering was he able to survive

    AnimluxAnimluxYear ago
  • I say it all over the internet, seeing as I am a BIG Kitten Lady fan - you are such a wonderful person, author, public speaker, kitten Mumma. The list is endless Hannah and thank you again from the bottom of my heart 💗 PS - I just ordered Tiny But Mighty, coming all the way to Australia. Yay 😍

    Pedro147Pedro147Year ago
  • ❤❤👍👍

    Johnson AveJohnson AveYear ago
  • hey I lost my five month kitten on Saturday and its been four days and still no sign of her. she's an indoor kitten of course and has never left the house and I've been so worried, any chance I get I break down:( I really don't know what to do I look for her everyday and I've asked around and even set up a missing page for her on PawBoost please pray she comes home safe

    Raya XxRaya XxYear ago
  • And they said "kittens wont go anywhere" Thank you kitten lady.

    brokenredflagbrokenredflagYear ago
  • We need more people like you in this world miss. You are indeed a special lady and you make our world a better place!!

    Elani AniyvwiaElani AniyvwiaYear ago
  • Can you do a video on introducing a kitten to a dog or dogs...ty🙏🏿💚

    Amber CristeAmber CristeYear ago
  • Hannah, I have been at hospice every day this month with my spouse of 30 years who is dying of cancer. The diagnosis was just a month ago. Your videos have been a comfort to me and I want to thank you.

    Hugo BoppHugo BoppYear ago
    • ❤❤❤

      Myriam JeriaMyriam JeriaYear ago
    • @Hugo Bopp -I feel for you going through this very difficult time...sending loving thoughts to you and your Spouse. Cats heal. 🐱❤

      Erintube360Erintube360Year ago
  • Love you from France Annah... god blessed you and all kitty's in the world ..🥰🌞😘😘😘 A très bientôt dans vos vidéos. Ori..

    Ori leonieOri leonieYear ago
  • Is there a list of cities you will be visiting on your book tour? Please come to Boise Idaho.

    90'sBaby 70'sLady90'sBaby 70'sLadyYear ago
  • Well, I’m sobbing. I recently lost 3 abandoned day old premies- one lasted almost 2 weeks. I fought to the very end. 😭😭😭

    Sarah ElmoreSarah ElmoreYear ago
    • Thank you for trying...God bless..

      Ozman ComethOzman ComethYear ago
  • My book finally arrived today!! I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to finish it. I am currently at chapter three. ❤️

    Sophie NSophie NYear ago
    • I hope you love it!

      Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
  • Love the Kitten Lady She is a kitten hero

    Kayson RhodesKayson RhodesYear ago
  • Watched the whole session through and felt so joyful and inspired!

    Ray Hugo TangRay Hugo TangYear ago
  • Dahlink ... woo hoo on the book tour💣💥 Signed a landlord of 3 kitties❤❤❤🤗🤗🤗

    suzy klitgaardsuzy klitgaardYear ago
  • Can this be a tshirt? "Dogs have the dog park and cats have the internet"

    Brie Go!Brie Go!Year ago
    • Brie Go! She was saying that as I read this lol 😂

      Alyssa FaithAlyssa FaithYear ago
    • OMG 😍 I just thought how GREAT 😭 of a *idea that was*

      :Dont Touch My Hair::Dont Touch My Hair:Year ago
  • I've got a question for foster cats parents : do you have a special protocol when your foster cat goes to their forever home ? I'm new to fostering cats, and I'm afraid that my foster cat would feel like he's abandoned again.. Do you have tips ?

    Basil WyrthBasil WyrthYear ago
    • @Basil Wyrth I think it's easier for people who can hand their fosters straight to the new family where they will be immediately loved and cared for. I stressed a lot about my kitten once I dropped her at the shelter but I felt much better about it once I saw her there playing with the toys in her kennel. I lucked out that I was onsite when she was adopted so I got to meet the family, and that helped with the closure too.

      TracyTracyYear ago
    • @Tracy oh, okay °^° I guess I'll just give to my foster cat his comfort pillow and be good with it. I'm sure I'll miss him more than he'll miss me :')

      Basil WyrthBasil WyrthYear ago
    • I was worried about that too. I just started fostering as well and my first kitten seemed to handle the transition back to the shelter well. I think my fear was more of me projecting. Cats are resilient and especially at a young age they will adjust quickly.

      TracyTracyYear ago
  • Did you ever think your life would be like this? Like so cool and so many people knowing your name! Being the cat Lady living this amazing life. 💖💖💖🔥🔥🔥

    Hannah & Paige xxxHannah & Paige xxxYear ago
  • My grandma has 12 cats well actually 11 one went missing 😔

    Aphmau ink wolfAphmau ink wolfYear ago
  • Why did u upload at 1 in the moirning

    2VerySnowy2VerySnowyYear ago
  • You are the hero to those who wish to help and just need a light to follow YOU ARE THE LIGHT TO ALL❤💓💗💛

    Timothy RugglesTimothy RugglesYear ago
  • You are such an inspiring person with such a huge heart When I first started watching you(which was only a few weeks ago) I was looking for treating kittens because there are so many on the streets here And I love the color of your hair 🤩

    DJ HyperDJ HyperYear ago
  • You need or we need your help kitten lady i live in Billings Montana please come here with a TNR event or something ggggrrrrrr not one place here dose it not one help.

    Angela SizemoreAngela SizemoreYear ago
    • @Angela Sizemore -YOU are in Billings, Montana to start a TNR program! You can do this! 👍

      Erintube360Erintube360Year ago
  • People disliked this?! No hope for the human race.

    Stephanie PhouotridesStephanie PhouotridesYear ago
  • You really became a reference, you can be proud of yourself Hannah ! ♥

    Avery PiwiAvery PiwiYear ago
  • Good luck with your new book Hannah😻

    Rab WrightRab WrightYear ago
  • You are saving so many lives!! Masha’Allah!!! 😊🤗😁

    Hodon YassinHodon YassinYear ago
  • Hello! If any of you were wondering how Walker (my kitten) was doing, he's doing great! In fact, he's getting adopted today! I'm so proud of him 😄

    Crispy BananaCrispy BananaYear ago
  • Jhinyl 😻🐈🐱

    Eric12 TidalogEric12 TidalogYear ago
  • Whoever disliked this is truly evil

    Charlotte RileyCharlotte RileyYear ago
  • ( this is out of topic but)her hair looks soo pink 😂😂👀or is it only me

    myself shooqmyself shooqYear ago
  • Love following you on social media. I have your book on audio and will probably start listening to it soon. If I can, I might have to get the ebook as well. BTW the thumbs down are probably cat haters. Only someone who would give this video a thumbs down hates cats.

    Nanny NineraNanny NineraYear ago
  • Adore her!

    Mike LMike LYear ago
  • You were never in a dress in all of your previous videos. You look pretty here. But what's more important is you have a beautiful heart. Keep up your good work.

    yit kim leeyit kim leeYear ago
  • Thank you for being you, Hannah!

    Lunar'sMaLunar'sMaYear ago
  • Do you have a german Version of the book? I think about buying it and i might translate a chapter or more

    Git gutGit gutYear ago
  • I can't wait to get this book ☺️

    Jayne SixxJayne SixxYear ago
  • I wish I could come but I live all the way in Singapore 🇸🇬 do you ever do international tours?

    Mia BohraMia BohraYear ago
    • I would be sooooo happy if she did.

      I am a cat and so are you.I am a cat and so are you.Year ago
  • I have the book and it is honestly the best book I have ever read!!!

    Mia BohraMia BohraYear ago
    • Mia Bohra I have it to! Just started reading it since yesterday

      Ida AwtuchIda AwtuchYear ago
  • You...Are...Amazing...& TRULY BLESSED (Not Used to Seeing You Wearing Shoes...Kitten Lady Usually B'foot! ;-) )Badger Such a Sweetheart!

    Doug AuzeneDoug AuzeneYear ago
  • Don’t forget TNR!!!🐈🐈🐈🥰🥰🎀🐈🐈

    Theresa BakerTheresa BakerYear ago
  • Omg I never knew you were a Doozer from Fraggle Rock - can we do this? YES WE CAN!

    Joanne HunterJoanne HunterYear ago
  • My father pre-ordered this book for me, I cannot get my eyes off the amazing book of glory and kittens , thank you ! I love your passion for cats and when I'm older I'd love to foster kittens aswell!✨🐯🐱🐈

    Sofija LossSofija LossYear ago
  • I am so happy that you are out there making such a difference, Raising awareness, and inspiring people to foster and save kittens. I have four cats myself, recently fostered a litter of four that have all been adopted and hope to do it again soon.

    Soling106Soling106Year ago
    • Soling106 That’s awesome!

      Kayson RhodesKayson RhodesYear ago
  • I have two cats a kitten with a bob tail and a teenage cat i love them so much your videos helped me take care of them so thank you💝

    kemalachite azuritekemalachite azuriteYear ago
  • Your a great and beautiful person helping animals and finding homes for them I hope we get more people like you

    The RoleplayerThe RoleplayerYear ago
  • I love cat 🐱 🐱❤️

    nehirnehirYear ago
  • We are couple that helps and feeds stray cats.

    PawMeowPawMeowYear ago
    • Ozman Cometh You are a good person keep up the great work your doing thank you

      Kayson RhodesKayson RhodesYear ago
    • @Noam Chomsky get bent, me some small hairy trolls like you..

      Ozman ComethOzman ComethYear ago
    • PawMeow what do you want, a medal?

      Noam ChomskyNoam ChomskyYear ago
    • @Kayson RhodesI feed colonies & TNR them..& Rescue some..

      Ozman ComethOzman ComethYear ago
    • Ozman Cometh You rescue kitties in AZ? You are a very good human

      Kayson RhodesKayson RhodesYear ago
  • Kitten Lady I love you... ❤️

    Annet RoseAnnet RoseYear ago
  • Where's the funeral at lady ?

    vapor manvapor manYear ago
    • vapor man Yes she lives in San Diego she has gotten awards for the work she does for kittens around LA and San Diego. She is a beautiful person

      Kayson RhodesKayson RhodesYear ago
    • @Kayson Rhodes hay dude do you actually know if the kitten lady does live in san diego? I know she came from back east somewhere

      vapor manvapor manYear ago
    • vapor man It was an exciting trip for me visiting from hot and sunny Arizona. I immediately loved San Diego, was awesome there

      Kayson RhodesKayson RhodesYear ago
    • @Kayson Rhodes right on i bet it was loads of fun. I grew up on the beach in port hueneme . Where did you visit cali from?

      vapor manvapor manYear ago
    • vapor man We took our kids there and it was a blast plus I love dolphins and we spent time at the beach so so much fun the waves and water was like heaven

      Kayson RhodesKayson RhodesYear ago
  • I have a question for you my kitten had a blood clot and we had to put him down it was from the waist down I think, I’m just wondering was he able to survive that or would he have had no chance he was willing to live he really wanted to live by the sound of his meows I miss him and I’m wondering was he able to survive

    AnimluxAnimluxYear ago
    • Madz 59 d Cats are the best

      Kayson RhodesKayson RhodesYear ago
    • Kymberli Rhodes oh that’s sad rip our little kitties ❤️

      AnimluxAnimluxYear ago
    • Madz 59 I’m not a vet but there’s maybe only a very small percentage chance of surviving Maybe 15% but the kitten could of got another blood clot 6-12 months later also. I’m sorry about your kitty I had to put my cat to sleep a while back and it was horrible and I missed him too very bad

      Kayson RhodesKayson RhodesYear ago
    • Kymberli Rhodes thanks but do you know if he could’ve survived?

      AnimluxAnimluxYear ago
    • Madz 59 I’m sorry

      Kayson RhodesKayson RhodesYear ago
  • I have a question for you my kitten had a blood clot and we had to put him down it was from the waist down I think, I’m just wondering was he able to survive that or would he have had no chance he was willing to live he really wanted to live by the sound of his meows I miss him and I’m wondering was he able to survive

    AnimluxAnimluxYear ago
  • My dad recently ordered the book for me and I'm so excited about it! I also got it from the library but haven't finished reading it haha, honestly its really good so far and I can't wait to learn!! Thanks for being such an incredible human being, Hannah, can't wait to see more of your content in the future!! (and thank you for inspiring me to get into fostering / volunteer work and shelters!! I plan to do such when I'm a bit older, because I'm still a minor and can't drive to the only shelter that allows minors to volunteer there. You're awesome!!!)

    FeebzFeebzYear ago
    • Feebz I'm kind of in the same situation. I'm still doing school so I can only wait until I'm older. I couldn't convince my mom to get into fostering, I still live with my parents, but I'm trying to convince her to let me get a kitten, probably after we move.

      Lps Coco and RoxyLps Coco and RoxyYear ago
    • @Feebz hell yeah

      shinshashinshaYear ago
    • @Nella Joensalo Ahhhh!! thank you!! :")

      FeebzFeebzYear ago
    • @shinsha Ah, a fellow man of culture I see.

      FeebzFeebzYear ago
    • @cutie poopie I got off Amazon!

      FeebzFeebzYear ago

    pastel rainbowpastel rainbowYear ago
  • Tiny but mighty such a Great frase

    Oversneeze the chosen oneOversneeze the chosen oneYear ago
  • Woah! Pink hair!!! You look so cute!!!

    Amy GuerreroAmy GuerreroYear ago
  • How can I get one of those books? I would love to buy one!

    Penny MartinPenny MartinYear ago
    • Amazon!

      Distilled VinegarDistilled VinegarYear ago
  • Your dress is so pretty Love you Hannah

    Pickle the dinosaurPickle the dinosaurYear ago
    • @Rose Vay same

      Pickle the dinosaurPickle the dinosaurYear ago
    • I love the pink hair with the dress

      Rose VayRose VayYear ago
  • First viewww

    Sadiq SaminSadiq SaminYear ago