Kitten Nursery Care Routine for Neonates!

Mar 29, 2019
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This video shows the care routine for feeding, weighing, pottying, and cleaning orphaned neonatal kittens. Check out my other instructional videos here:
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • I want to but I’m broookkkeeee. 😩

      Kitty_queen_eeveeKitty_queen_eeveeMonth ago
    • do you need an incubator for neonates, if so which age of kitten would only need the snuggle safe heating pad for a heat source?

      Secilia D'AngeloSecilia D'Angelo4 months ago
    • @Sas Queen Come to my house. I got 14 kittens. My hearth is about to explode with love and house is cuteness overloaded. Pure heaven

      Svetla NikolovaSvetla Nikolova5 months ago
    • @Alicia Seecharan No. Adults eat when they please as they need

      Svetla NikolovaSvetla Nikolova5 months ago
    • Kitten lady, Thank you. I got 3 litters to care for( all different weeks and your vids saved my butt

      Svetla NikolovaSvetla Nikolova5 months ago
  • Well work sister❤️❤️

  • I have also a baby kittwn. Her mother left her in front of my door and now she never want to accept her.all the people is telling me that she will not live for long time. But I don't want to loose her.please help me to how I take care of my little kitten. She is just about 2 days.

    Nidhi YogirajNidhi Yogiraj19 days ago
  • I have s friend that has a kitten & she feeds it 3 times a day & I told her that is wrong that the furbaby should be fed every 2 to 3 hours, but she is feeding the kitten like a human being I keep telling her that's not right to feed her like a human. The problem is that she doesn't think that the kitten should eat that much because it will get fat, but told her she has to gain wait & so what she do puts the kitten on a scale that she uses to weigh herself, I told her that she has to take her to a Vet to get weigh She keeps the kitten in the bathroom to sleep & closes the door & doesn't feed her & doesn't leave any good or water for her & I told her she has to put water in her bowl & also leave food for the kitten I don't know what else I can do. Do you have any suggestions or do you have a kitten book

    Dorothy MalloyDorothy MalloyMonth ago
  • Where did you buy that

    Xylia Charm MaalaXylia Charm MaalaMonth ago
  • Can i have some 😳

    Xylia Charm MaalaXylia Charm MaalaMonth ago
  • Is it normal if the kitten is 125 g and is eating almost 11ml? Im worried is gonna cause indigestion

    Sofia AlvarezSofia AlvarezMonth ago
  • Which scale are you using? Does anyone know??

    Amy GuerreroAmy Guerrero2 months ago
  • We have fostered over 4 sets of bottle feeders and this really helped! Thank you!

    Izzie ArguelloIzzie Arguello3 months ago
  • I have found kitten thrown away so I am looking how to care them thnx to your video I know all now

    Metung GyadiMetung Gyadi3 months ago
  • This is very helpful. I became an instant momma cat of 3 kittens and I have zero ideas on how to take care of them. Thanks much 🐈🐈🐈

    Heva AlapaHeva Alapa3 months ago
  • Thank you

    SUJALsaffire اSUJALsaffire ا4 months ago
  • I love that you’re caring for kittens who need a momma. You may want to watch how a real momma kitty cleans her baby’s bottoms though. She GENTLY STROKES with her tongue to stimulate them to poo and pee, she DOESN’T rapidly jiggle and then stop. She licks until they stop doing their business and carefully cleans them so predators can’t smell them. Watching you quickly jiggle them with a tissue but not making sure they poo and then putting them down seemed like acting and not serious for a how-to video.

    jeimmortaljeimmortal4 months ago
  • I found 3 baby kittens in my barn and their mother got ran over I don't know what to do.

    Kollin SeatonKollin Seaton4 months ago
  • Do you burp kitties?

    Cami PetersonCami Peterson4 months ago
  • 🥰

    Chloe RChloe R4 months ago
  • cool I am getting tiny but mighty and i am a foster for austin humane society and i am currently binging all of kitten ladys instructional videos

    Charlotte Olander-WatersCharlotte Olander-Waters4 months ago
  • thank you so much for this. our young cats had kittens and one had 6 and the other had 7. it’s been rough, but we’re getting through it. :)

    Nunya beeswaxNunya beeswax4 months ago
  • Can we use any wipes, like baby wipes or flushable wipes or should I use something specifically for kittens?

    Meryem KocakMeryem Kocak5 months ago
  • How often do you have to change the kitten's bedding? Also when you change the bedding do you have to wash the blankets and bedding and stuff? By the way I love the work you do and your kittens are so cute!

    Meryem KocakMeryem Kocak5 months ago
    • ????

      Meryem KocakMeryem Kocak5 months ago
  • We took in a homeless cat about a month ago with the hopes of rehoming once quarantine was over. Turns out she was pregnant and we didn't even realize it until a few hours until she gave birth. Unfortunately 2 of the 3 have leg problems, one has normal front legs and the other has no normal legs. This one can't feed itself so we have had to bottle feed it, they're 4 days old. Getting into the routine of feeding it has been exhausting but were not going to give up. Do you have any tips for caring for cats with twisted and bent legs? And do you have any tips for getting enough sleep while feeding him every 2 hours?

    Brady HargettBrady Hargett6 months ago
  • Aw your legs😘

    Sayan RjSayan Rj6 months ago
  • Is there a reason you use the petag blue formula can instead of the petag pink to feed your babies? We just took in a 4 week week old baby and have the knowledge because of your videos 💕

    Angel MccuneAngel Mccune6 months ago
  • I just recieved my first litter of two kittens and I feel so happy

    Brandon RomeroBrandon Romero6 months ago
  • Help please. Momma cat was run over and I can’t tell when this baby is hungry and she isn’t interested in feeding. Vets are closed right now.

    Brittany WhiteBrittany White7 months ago
  • My cat is currently having premie kittens, and isn't taking care of them yet. Fingers crossed she's going to take care of them after calming down, but this will be useful if she doesn't.

    The Queen of AngstThe Queen of Angst7 months ago
  • sooooooooo cute

    Bernardo PhuaBernardo Phua7 months ago
  • I found two kittens I think they might be 2weeks old? The ears are unfolded. They still have blue eye. And they have incisors. These cats used to live in our Muncipal next to the Police Station, I know them because I always visit them. But one day mama cat disappeared and the police officers said that mama cat got ran over by a car. And she was dead. Idk what to do. I'm feeding them milk. I bought milk from the vet. And got my sisters old feeding bottle with a smallest nipple I can find(for human). But they keep meowingggg at my face! Even after feeding. Whats with them mm??

    Celestine DelmoCelestine Delmo8 months ago
  • I'm so glad I found your channel! I had 3 beautiful babies born yesterday, momma completely abandoned them after she cleaned them off. I have learned so much from your videos!

    J. InglesbyJ. Inglesby8 months ago
  • Where do you get the incubator?

    Shannon AlbersShannon Albers8 months ago
  • Did you now that 2 to 5 kittens

    Itz_me_the _weirdoItz_me_the _weirdo8 months ago
  • if they have their mom, do you have to help them pee or the mom will do?

    EmanEman9 months ago
  • No she is tatoo lady

    Nazia KhatoonNazia Khatoon10 months ago
  • Do you need an incubator

    Olivia MichaelsOlivia Michaels10 months ago
    • you don't. In fact, Hannah didn't have one for most of the time that she fostered kittens!

      。。。ザっちゃん。。。ザっちゃん10 months ago
  • I know im super late, but what heat or temperature for the incubator do you put it on

    Deena LutaliDeena Lutali10 months ago
  • Thanks for this. A few times we found some abandon kittens and would of helped a lot if we had videos and information like this. The most we really knew how to do at the time was bottle feed them and helped them the best we could until they were old enough to find a new home.

    ForeverDreamWithinADreamForeverDreamWithinADream10 months ago
    • You are 32 werst

      Marsha McintoshMarsha Mcintosh10 months ago
  • Dem ears dam cute

    Ruby JamesRuby James10 months ago
  • I 💖 Kittens soooo much. I have asked my dad if I can foster, but he said maybe when I'm older. I just want to help them, I may only be 11 but I just looooooooooove animals. Especially cats😍😍

    Ruby JamesRuby James10 months ago
  • He is like my kitten but he died it hurts me a lot

    muthu kumarmuthu kumar10 months ago
  • Ih the thumbnail has my heart melt

    Novandy AmcalsNovandy Amcals11 months ago
  • Where did you get those little nipple like for the kittens?? I need an imediate answer please :( got 3 kittens the mother left, and it's been 3 days since they last eat or drink, need help please 😍😭😭

    Ka Astro JeeyCeeKa Astro JeeyCee11 months ago
  • I know it's just kittens but this video made me insanely broody. You do a great job. Thanks for sharing!

    Space CatSpace Cat11 months ago
  • What kind of milk should i use because the mother of the kitten died 🥺

    123 Benj123 Benj11 months ago
  • Today I found 4 small kittens in my school I take two of them to my home But they are too small and are not drinking milk😿😿 So they are making much noise and my all family is disturbed But my dad is keep supporting me

    Queen Roses imanbekQueen Roses imanbek11 months ago
  • jess u look awesome sorry but im a dude and ur so pretty with them tats daaam I wish u was my kitty lol ;-0 thank u for the tutorial lovely kitten lady , my friends beautiful cat has just had a litter of 4 kittens now he need a little help in the next stages of the lives ;-) so im doing my good deed of the day by streaming uploads on this dilema ;-) wish me and my friend luck KITTEN lady x

    Sakhib Hussain SyedSakhib Hussain SyedYear ago
  • Ahhh so cute!!

    Keira deSousaKeira deSousaYear ago
  • Who else loves kitten like me 👇🏻

    Xx sushi _panxXXx sushi _panxXYear ago
  • Man I wish my kitten was that calm when I feed her 😫

    Tena LovelaceTena LovelaceYear ago
  • I have a kitten on the same milk you are giving. My Sassy has really loose stools. What do I do to make them less watery?

    Jeanette FoyJeanette FoyYear ago
  • the kittens are sooooooo cute

    Gnanaprakash RamasamiGnanaprakash RamasamiYear ago
  • We just received a 14-21 day (I think) old kitten from our neighbors that found it on the side of a fence. They couldn’t care for it so we took it in. I haven’t had a cat since I was a little boy so your videos have helped me care for this fragile little tabby cat the last two days. Thanks! It’s been hard trying to feed it but I’m sure it’s just getting use to the syringe and nipples. Is it normal for them to try and walk and shake a lot when they do? It’s like its stabilizers are getting an exercise.

    YouTubeDatBoiYouTubeDatBoiYear ago
  • Wich kind of milk you are using. Can we use the same as the baby human first age ?

    Nassima BERRAYAHNassima BERRAYAHYear ago
  • i have a baby kitten that was abandoned at a bar. i’m guessing he’s 3-4 weeks old. thanks for the help !

    Raelynn LaneyiaRaelynn LaneyiaYear ago
  • I would like ALL THE KITTEN ROUTINE VIDEOS! Thank you.

    BeppyCatBeppyCatYear ago
  • I had just found baby kittens and i want to know what do i need to do

    Mrs RiveraMrs RiveraYear ago
  • I just found a kitten

    Princess MacoyPrincess MacoyYear ago
  • I want to be a comedian when I’m older but i also want to save kittens I think I will do both :)

    Kále MSPKále MSPYear ago
  • I'm so glad I found your USworlds channel. Now I know the proper way to stimulate baby to go potty, when to weigh, feed baby, reweigh the baby kitten and then clean up the kitten.

    Crocheting Is a artCrocheting Is a artYear ago
  • Hey kitten lady thank you so much for. Everything u have taught me I am fostering a little black kitten named beans, I has wondering how. Can you please tell me why she won’t use a bottle

    Sutton Obree Angelozzi BattleSutton Obree Angelozzi BattleYear ago
  • They're so sweet! I love how their little ears go when they eat!

    cj222100cj222100Year ago
  • i love the names

    My lifeMy lifeYear ago
  • Great Pussy

    Stanley HudsonStanley HudsonYear ago
  • So, I pre-ordered your book on Amazon I’m really looking forward to it, but I am dealing with two brand new neonates. I know sometimes you’re not able to answer your comments and questions due to the nature of your work and your busy schedule, so if someone else sees it, and can’t answer it for me, please do! The kittens refuse to eat with their belly down in their head up. They want to stand on their hind legs with their front paws supported by my hand. Today, the little boy out of the two has gotten a little aggressive and is nursing on everything in sight. Thankfully it hasn’t been his sister that’s gotten nursed on. The problem is, he seems super frustrated and I really don’t know what to do about it. I have a little stuffed animal with a beating heart in the box with him and try to comfort him as much as possible, but he just keeps trying to nurse on my hands, neck, collar, and getting really frustrated with the bottle since it’s not mama. He definitely eats, I just think he’s super frustrated any suggestions as to how I can comfort him? Also, do you record how much they eat at each meal or just their weight Before and after? I’ve been checking their weight two times a day and recording how much they eat at each meal.

    Jamie BarnhartJamie BarnhartYear ago
  • I rescued a kitten less than two days ago. He was only hours old. He is eating, peeing and he pooped only once so far (it was hard and yellowish-brownish) and he meows a lot, but what I'm concered about is that after that meow he produce "mmmm"-like sound. It's hard to get him to vet because all vets around are only for big animals and I'm concered if maybe something pains him.

    Kat KimKat KimYear ago
  • My Nana's dogs keep eating her kittens they are barn cats and we foster when we can but my papa doesn't like cats what should I do

    Kennedy CummingsKennedy CummingsYear ago
  • What is qualified as a neonate?

    Nowylover!Nowylover!Year ago
  • Mr midgens would be the best at asmrs 3:09

    Val and LilyVal and LilyYear ago
  • Please please please mute your video when you timelapse. Sped up voices help no one and its such a cute video.

    Manga GirlManga GirlYear ago
  • Look at those ear wiggles!!!🥰

    Teja DejaTeja DejaYear ago
  • You make it look so easy.

    A JA JYear ago
  • Omg i can't handle the cuteness ❤️

    Johanna SvarvaJohanna SvarvaYear ago
  • Currently watching this at 4am as my mama cat cant produce milk for her kitten. Very helpful

    faith Petersonfaith PetersonYear ago
  • Can someone send a link of what incubator you are using? I can only find ones for eggs! I want one for KITTENS!! :D

    Sugar KittySugar KittyYear ago
  • Hi kitten lady, I've been watching your channel for a long time. I just want to say how amazing it is to see people helping pets like these and you are an inspiration AL around the world. I really wanna do this when I'm older. In 2017 my cat hade baby's and one of them wasn't eating, so I bottle fed her in till she could start to eat, I fell in love with her so I kept her and named her layla, unfortunately she died last year. Thanks to you I helped her survived and have a good live, so I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me. I also found a puppy in n box out on the street and took care of her. So thanks kitten lady 💕💕💜

    Nicole PretoriusNicole PretoriusYear ago
  • I just adopted a kitten from the shalter they didn't say he was sick but when we came home I did notice that he was sneezing a lot but he was still with energy to run around jump on thing and wouldn't sleep as much but now he mostly sleeps and eat he dose still sneezes and one of his eye gets booger's. Should I be worried

    Esther GonzalezEsther GonzalezYear ago
  • Can someone pls answer my question, so she said that the kittens should be in an incubator for 0-3 weeks old, but sometimes she put them in a heat pad, so when they are 1-2 weeks old are we allowed to put them in a heat pad or are we supposed to wait until they are 3 weeks old

    DestinyDestinyYear ago
  • Watching all your videos to educate and prepare myself when I get a kitten or cat from the shelter. Can't wait just one more year!🐱

    Ashley AmazedAshley AmazedYear ago
  • Do they poop on their own or do you stimulate for that too?

    Ana rubbishAna rubbishYear ago
  • I thought they have to go potty after the feeding, would that be okay?

    Zuzana KrejčováZuzana KrejčováYear ago
  • Ugh that's alot for my heart to handle

    Rowan I.H.Rowan I.H.Year ago
  • 3:36 i thought you had said "eat him up!"

    MamaHawksMamaHawksYear ago
  • Hello, please let me know if you see this comment. 2 months ago, my cat gave birth to one kitten in a night. Next morning I’ve found her baby, and his mom didn’t have milk. The kitten’s body was cold, so I tried ti feed him (with cow milk). I knew it won’t survive, cose it isn’t matern milk. Then, at the last try..I saw the milk getting out of his nose. I knew he’ll die, and this happened. Now, my cat is going to give birth again. I know she won’t have milk. So how can I help her? What tipe of milk should I give to the babies?

    Rază CenușieRază CenușieYear ago
  • That sound when they are feeding... it's so great!

    JudithJudithYear ago
  • I just recently rescued some kittens that were left alone in my travel trailer 2 out of the 3 didn't make it. But now I'm concerned we can't pinpoint an age which makes feedig hard and the little guys smells not sure if it's his urine or him. Help!!

    chasity renteriachasity renteriaYear ago
  • You got another inqubator

    lilly burbinelilly burbineYear ago
  • You should just have a mini series of feeding the kittens ☺ Just the sound ASMR :3

    NamyziNamyziYear ago
  • Do I need a incubator? I really want to foster kittens.

    Sugar KittySugar KittyYear ago

    karen murphykaren murphyYear ago
  • Your videos helped me so much my cat died during a Labor and ive raised her litter of 5 strictly off your videos. THANKYOU! ❤TRYING TO ADOPT THEM OUT NOW THEY ARE 5 WEEKS

    Markeisha SmithMarkeisha SmithYear ago
  • Aww!! 😍

    Maggie OMaggie OYear ago
  • Can you please make a video of how to raise a 8 week old kitten

    Najat SNajat SYear ago
  • I really need some help with this little boy I've been raising/nursing. He is about 3 weeks old and I believe he was found when he was about a week old. I've had him about 2 weeks and no matter what I do I cannot get him to poop. I have had to take him to the vet twice (about once a week) because he is so constipated but for some reason the vet and vet techs can get him to poop in a few minutes. I can't afford to keep taking him to the vet every week at $50 a pop. His poop is very solid and usually comes in large chunks. He is eating a kitten power formula from Petco.

    Madison BliceMadison BliceYear ago
  • What is that thing that you attach to your syringe to feed kittens? I can't seem to find them in my area or in any pet stores that I know of so I decided to find one online. It's really common here for kittens to be left or thrown away by people who doesn't want them around so I'm really inspired by you saving them that I want to do the same 😊 Hoping to get a reply by anyone who can help 😅

    ElykennaElykennaYear ago
  • I have a job at a local animal shelter and I go out and rescue kittens(cats too) and take care of them until they get adopted, I love my job.

    TrixxTrixxYear ago
  • What brand of formula do you use? And where do you find your bottles & nipples?

    Teal_lavcat64Teal_lavcat64Year ago
  • I love cats they are they best

    Animal LoversAnimal LoversYear ago
  • I found out a on the 11of this month that my cat has a Tumor and I feel really upset about it because he might have a chest infection and he can’t breath well and some days he’s worse than others

    Animal LoversAnimal LoversYear ago
  • Can I just get Dollop feeding and wiggling her ears on a loop? Lol! That would be my moment of Zen.

    Foo S.Foo S.Year ago
  • So cute kitten

    MeMeYear ago
  • Thank you so much for doing what you do and sharing your knowledge. I'm unexpectantly the new mom to a newborn orphaned kitty. Your videos have helped me gain the confidence I desperately needed to start this journey with our newest member of our family the right way. Thanks!!

    MrsButterKup38MrsButterKup38Year ago