Kittens Love Trash! (Enrichment Ideas!)

Nov 16, 2019
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It's important to provide enrichment activities for your foster kittens--but you don't have to break the bank to give them something exciting to do. Here's a short compilation video of kittens playing with boxes and paper to make you smile and show you how our trash can be their treasure!
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  • Spy box trot kitten edition

    Jackson GamingJackson Gaming3 months ago
  • 🐈

    Sensual ASMRSensual ASMR3 months ago
  • XD WHUT 0:33

    inkmagic wolfyinkmagic wolfy5 months ago
  • Приємні кошенята. / Nice kittens. I also like to watch them play. And in general, I love all feline animals

    VBK Channel from UkraineVBK Channel from Ukraine5 months ago
  • I need help. Almost three days ago I started fostering two four week old kittens. They were both very skinny when I got them, but one couldn’t drink the bottle or suckle at all. His name was Cheeto and he sadly died in our arms yesterday. I’m now really worried for the other one, French Fry. He is doing much better than Cheeto did but he hasn’t pooped in over twenty four hours. He might be constipated because the people who found him fed him cows milk. What do I do?

    Nevaehs PetsNevaehs Pets6 months ago
  • I used to give my cats old soda can boxes to play in and they would have a field day in them lol

    Bloodfun2585Bloodfun25856 months ago
  • Oh man. I wish my box of Kleenex had a free kitty in it. It would make my day.

    Ky 4785Ky 47856 months ago
  • I love how the video is exactly 1:00

    MrPhumiwanichkijMrPhumiwanichkij7 months ago
  • So suite

    Mary ArtsMary Arts7 months ago
  • my 10 month old kitten plays fetch with gatorade bottle rings. i've tried to throw toys and she just goes over and sniffs them.

    mscaptmarvmscaptmarv8 months ago
  • My cat has some odd couple dozen bottle caps hiding around. Sometimes she won't keep playing with it when it stops moving, but other times she'll entertain herself for quite a while by batting it around and flinging it in the air. Regular toys? Cat wands? Catnip-filled chew toys? Nah, bottle caps and shoelaces.

    HauntedShadowsLegacyHauntedShadowsLegacy8 months ago
  • Louise silently judging the kittens in the background is the best part 😂

    Pamela RotterPamela Rotter8 months ago
  • I buy things for our cats all the time - generally they are more interested in the packaging than the items themselves.

    My NamenameMy Namename8 months ago
  • Yay! Such cute babies! Can watch all day long. My senior cats still love tissue paper so I leave out a few sheets for their amusement when they're bored and for some exercise. Funny, though, they're terrified of plastic bags or when I'm tearing off a piece of aluminium foil. Thanks for the video!

    DinkydooDinkydoo8 months ago
  • Oh does that mean that they will like me?

    Marcy GarciaMarcy Garcia9 months ago
  • Boxes are the ultimate cat hangout

  • Can confirm, my 10 month old was having the time of his life yesterday with a quarter sized piece of plastic wrapper.

    Sarp-DSarp-D9 months ago
  • I have a cat that loves to play with my hair ties more than the actual cat toys that I buy her.

    Sarah HermansonSarah Hermanson9 months ago
  • This is adorable!!!!!!!z,!!

    Christina RiceChristina Rice9 months ago
  • So cutee

    Lps SimbaLps Simba9 months ago
  • 0:33 Solid Snake style

    Azri FirdausAzri Firdaus10 months ago
  • My kitten won’t stop jumping into the trash 😩 i don’t know what to do or how to get him to stop

    Genesis NgGenesis Ng10 months ago
  • I have heard some "cats and boxes" stories years ago but I only witnessed one myself when I brought a large amount of cardboard (from some furniture) in order to resize it and put it into the garbage. While I was working on the first cardboard, the "house cat" came around and took a seat in it. It barely was a box at all ... but no matter. He stayed there till I asked him to get off. If he could have talked he might have protested.

    Frl. AnniFrl. Anni10 months ago
  • True fact, they love boxes and papers

    Akainu Sakazuki94Akainu Sakazuki9410 months ago
  • "human bags! love that stuff!" when the present was in fact a wood plus rope toy

    AmbipieAmbipie10 months ago
  • My Kitten like wrapping paper

    Tilly n TillianaTilly n Tilliana10 months ago
  • Unfortunately my cat got ran over yesterday. She is typically not an indoor cat, but the cat sitter let her out without knowing while we were on vacation. I am trying to find videos that will make me less upset about her passing and happened to stumble upon this one! This video made me laugh and smile. I know now that my beloved cat is in a better place now and I hope to see her later on. ❤️

    Web_cWeb_c10 months ago
  • My 6 year old cat's current favourite toys... tissue paper, acorn nuts from outside tree, and a shoelace tied in knots with a furry pipe cleaner twisted on the end. I'm going to stop buying cat toys at the pet store. :)

    Deanne BironDeanne Biron10 months ago
  • My boys love bottle caps. They chase them around the floor like hockey pucks. And they obsess about Emory boards. If they hear me cutting my nails they’ll come watch from wherever they’re napping and wait till I’m done shaping just to beg for the Emory board. They pick them up and throw them in the air and play with them until they lose them under the furniture 😂 Sometimes their “toy box” looks more like a recycling bin 🤦🏼‍♀️

    RevolutionFromMahBedRevolutionFromMahBed10 months ago
  • I could watch kittens play with trash all day long :-)

    Annamarie SiebernsAnnamarie Sieberns10 months ago
    • Check my latest videos please (stray cats) ❤️

      CATTOZCATTOZ10 months ago
  • I just gotten a kitten and all he does is play in boxes, paper, zip ties, and more boxes lol

    TheNDexTheNDex10 months ago
  • Same, it’s my bedroom

    Pandora princess Gacha!Pandora princess Gacha!10 months ago
  • Yes that's true.👍👍🐈🐈😺😺😻

    Unique Pets WorldUnique Pets World10 months ago
  • that explains why they love me :/

    nct's jarknct's jark10 months ago
  • Amazing little angles

    Motivation with CatsMotivation with Cats10 months ago
  • Lol, boxes. Yes, yes, and yes again! I know how common and cliché that is but I bought a somewhat (30$) expensive toy for my cat... She preferred the box 😅

    Google is an unprecedented MonopolyGoogle is an unprecedented Monopoly10 months ago
  • I need a video of cute kittens playing with trash thats at least ten hours long!! LOVE THIS!! I was litterally sooo dissapointed when the video ended. :(:(:(

    Djamila LahianiDjamila Lahiani11 months ago
  • So cute! I just raised two orphaned kittens! Your video on bottle feeding taught me how to do it. Thank you so much for all you do. They are thriving now. Eating canned and dry kitten food..... and they love trash!

    FINGERSKFINGERSK11 months ago
  • Watching this makes me miss my cat I wanna cuddle her so bad >~

    Your FatherYour Father11 months ago
    • Check my latest videos please (stray cats) ❤️

      CATTOZCATTOZ10 months ago
  • This is so fricking cute I love kittens and cats so much *_*

    Your FatherYour Father11 months ago
  • 0:50 MawOo in the window

    KuuJii Channel NadiyKuuJii Channel Nadiy11 months ago
  • Soooo cute

    Bill ReinhardBill Reinhard11 months ago
  • Lmao

    Marli FermorMarli Fermor11 months ago
  • I know why they like trash because they life in the trash poor kitten I don't know if I'm right

    SkylerhoSkylerho11 months ago
  • I used to foster cats, until my family member developed a bad allergy to them. Thank you for the work you do for our tiny pals!

    MuchTooShortMuchTooShort11 months ago
  • Just adopted two little 8 week old bottle babies and they absolutely love just playing with empty amazon boxes and not the stuff inside we bought for them lol

    MelliiisssaMelliiisssa11 months ago
  • 0:30 made my day ALOT better

    The MapThe Map11 months ago
  • Pink nose so cute

    Motivation with CatsMotivation with Cats11 months ago
  • so does that mean they like me ????? Ok I'm switching to cat person

    Sadia AhadSadia Ahad11 months ago
  • When the cat i grown up is it okay to move the litter box to the bathroom? Even though the bathroom is a bit far from the bedroom where she stays.

    Jurgen PervanaJurgen Pervana11 months ago
  • 😺😺😺😺😺😺

    FurFuzzleFurFuzzle11 months ago
  • Hi my cat has had kittens and wont feed them there 2 weeks and 4 days old can you please tell me what to do its like 45° aswell and im getting worried

    Belinda smithBelinda smith11 months ago
  • Thank you. A month ago I rescued a 4 week old kitten who’s mother got crashed in a car. We didn’t know how to feed him correctly or anything else really. Until we found your channel. The first video was your how to feed a kitten from a bottle. Your video showed us everything so easily and perfect. He didn’t want to eat at first but then he was a hungry kitten knowing how to be fed. I’ve watched a lot of your videos and it has helped my kitten so much. Right now he’s a healthy 8 week old kitten . He could barely walk when we first got him. Now he runs and jumps and pounces. All thanks to you he’s awesome . Thank you again - Katie and Socks

    HoneyxCatsHoneyxCats11 months ago
    • He also knows how to use his litter box and just started to hide it! Thank you again!

      HoneyxCatsHoneyxCats11 months ago

    franketa76franketa7611 months ago
  • I propose you post more kittens playing videos. Better than any pill to help depression.

    Space CatSpace Cat11 months ago
  • trueeee hahha i have a kitten and she likes to play the trash more than her toys hehe

    Kayla Mae AldeaKayla Mae Aldea11 months ago
  • He’s a box turtle! 😂

    Allison JohnsonAllison Johnson11 months ago
  • Is it normal for a cat to lick a bathtub???

    Tabby ClemensTabby Clemens11 months ago
  • you are the best

    Zarema AmaevaZarema Amaeva11 months ago

    Zarema AmaevaZarema Amaeva11 months ago
  • Our foster kittens loved this!!!!

    Orange CatOrange Cat11 months ago
  • I have so many questions. I don't know the first thing about cats. I'm allergic actually. There were some kittens abandoned on my property. They were underneath my fence, in the dark. They were cold, wet and starving. I watched your age video. They're about two weeks old. I cannot afford the vet. What do I do?

    Angelica GarciaAngelica Garcia11 months ago
  • Wow is so true beautyfull!!! I same wos mine

    stefano bubbastefano bubba11 months ago
  • You should name one of you kittens Thanksgiving that will be cute

    Jessy RJessy R11 months ago
  • cute

    Isis AnzaloneIsis Anzalone11 months ago
  • Love you!

    Isis AnzaloneIsis Anzalone11 months ago
  • Watch me buy my kitten a cool toy then he ignores it and plays with the paper... cats love trash so much

    Jay Vlogs, Gaming and More!Jay Vlogs, Gaming and More!11 months ago
  • The dislikes are from the people who think "dis I like"

    Jay Vlogs, Gaming and More!Jay Vlogs, Gaming and More!11 months ago
  • I love cats so so much but im allergic... its like a curse

    Yaël ZoutendijkYaël Zoutendijk11 months ago
  • Kitten Lady what's a good enrichment for adult cats?

    Alireana VaelstromAlireana Vaelstrom11 months ago
    • Food or play? Often grown cats still love play. Mine does. We play chase.

      Space CatSpace Cat11 months ago
  • It's a Party!

    Cordel AdamsCordel Adams11 months ago
  • My cat's current favorite toy is this little felt puff ball (I say small, but it's about the size of a golf ball) that fell of a Christmas pillow we got last year. He loves to chase it, toss it into the air to himself and smack it. My mother-in-law (who doesn't like cats) doesn't know she inadvertently bought him a present last year when she bought that pillow on clearance lol

    Heather DanielsHeather Daniels11 months ago
  • Make a Video about vietnam

    andreea bejenaruandreea bejenaru11 months ago
  • I live in Pinellas county on the west coast of Florida, a rescue organization in neighboring Hillsborough county is now releasing kittens that are three pounds and have been vaccinated and neutered. Could you come and explain why it's a terrible idea?

    aidan Stensonaidan Stenson11 months ago
  • IM GETTING FOSTER KITTENS IN DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (wish me luck :)

    kid tabletskid tablets11 months ago
    • thanks:3

      kid tabletskid tablets11 months ago
    • Good luck. :-)

      Space CatSpace Cat11 months ago
  • I bought my cat catnip paper bags. She never goes in them but goes in any paper bag I bring home from a store 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Nicole CarmineNicole Carmine11 months ago
  • I just rescued a 3 week old kitten by a McDonald's drive through on the street 😢

    Emily UcanEmily Ucan11 months ago
  • Naughtiest creature is always kitten

    Raja ManoharRaja Manohar11 months ago
  • Are a few of them Ragdoll kittens? Is it normal for Ragdoll kittens to be in foster homes? 'Luxury breed cats usually find a home quite easily, no? Just wondering...btw: I love ALL cats!

    Lotte LambrechtsLotte Lambrechts11 months ago
  • I adopted a kitten who is a orphan, should i take her little brother too? Because sometimes she just sits in her box and stares around and i feel sad for her cause she is not asleep nor playing just caged and also we can't let her roam freely cause of our kitchen sink has broke so she can fall into it so we play feed and make her sleep, she is 5 weeks approx and doesn't eat from her own and does eat very less and she has less hairs and has worms in her stomach, the vet has given medicine but as you see i want the best for her so can you give me suggestions for all the questions i asked you?

    durvesh kadamdurvesh kadam11 months ago
  • OMG! So adorable! My cat loves plastic bags and tissue boxes.

    Yumi's English Boot CampYumi's English Boot Camp11 months ago
  • THIS 👏🏿 SHOULD 👏🏿 BE 👏🏿 LONGER 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Don’t talk to me I’m triggered.

    rejoice misirejoice misi11 months ago
  • The 25 dislikes are the 25 dollars you have to spend to give 1000 kittens a lifetime supply of toys.

    Relago BRelago B11 months ago
  • By far the best video on USworlds

    Reem NatourReem Natour11 months ago
  • We got a kitten from outside and we dont know how old she is. Her eyes was open.

    Jessica RiceJessica Rice11 months ago
    • Well did you take her to the vet? First priority is to get a check up and find out her age.

      Space CatSpace Cat11 months ago
  • My kittens too! Love this!

    Rose EmilyRose Emily11 months ago
  • My cat loves trash. And boxes. Every box that comes in the house MUST be thoroughly inspected. We just keep his Chewy boxes now. By the time it’s dead or he’s bored with it, we get a new shipment.

    Just LisaJust Lisa11 months ago
  • I want a cardboard kitten 🐢!!!

    Iria NietoIria Nieto11 months ago
  • One woman's trash is another kitten's comfy empty box

    Scott RobbScott Robb11 months ago
  • I feel like cats like anything that isn't marketed for cats. Boxes, shoes, paper, paper bags, rings from milk jugs or other containers, foil balls, pull tabs/strips from cardboard boxes, ribbon, etc. I have a cardboard boxes that my Ulta order was shipped in months ago but I can't get rid of it unless I have another to replace it because my cat has taken it over and claimed it as hers. She also loves laying in an UNUSED kitty litter pan. But her favorite thing in the world are the tiny gift bows you can pick up from Walmart for $0.97... and she's 5 years old. The youngest loves to play with the bows too, he's 1.5 years. We can no longer use bows of presents... even the bigger ones they will steal, but they prefer the small ones because they're easier to carry around.

    Mermaid CelticMermaid Celtic11 months ago
  • 0:37 "Gotcha!!"

    Julieta OrliacqJulieta Orliacq11 months ago
  • That was hilarious!!!! The kitten was under the box moving along and the other kitten pushed down on the box was absolutely adorable!!!! This is a fun video!!!! 💕🐾🐈❣😊👍

    Kathryn JohnsonKathryn Johnson11 months ago
  • Omg soooo cuteee

    FraIa88 IaFraIa88 Ia11 months ago
  • I wannna a cat

    Moezy EidMoezy Eid11 months ago
  • My cat’s favourite toy is a scrunched up receipt

    Erin BikoErin Biko11 months ago
  • Cute😍👏

    Jack DavisJack Davis11 months ago
  • *This video series shows that for every horrible person out there, there are many, many more people who act with love* *KediMia Subscribe To my Channel*

    LinaMiaLinaMia11 months ago
  • My cat loves paper straws not metal straws or plastic only paper

    2VerySnowy2VerySnowy11 months ago
  • Do you sale the little kitten that is white

    Gianna LopezGianna Lopez11 months ago
  • my cat still sticks her head into empty kleenex boxes thinking she's still a kitten. and then she gets stuck, she's so precious.

    Taya YoungTaya Young11 months ago