Kittens suddenly limping? Here's how to help kittens with limping calici.

Feb 11, 2020
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    Kitten LadyKitten Lady8 months ago
    • Hey😭 I hope you are near here😭😭😭 there was a stray cat who gave birth in my dresser and I love them since. So I foster and all of them(4) has this kind of virus and IDK what to do or how to get them to the vet. I can't afford😭😭😭 I hope your near here😭😭😭

      Magdalena BagumbuhayMagdalena BagumbuhayDay ago
    • thank you so much for sharing this. my foster baby is currently going through a vaccine reaction and is currently being treated with fluids. you really helped to calm my mind about what is happening to him

      Keila SellersKeila SellersMonth ago
    • Hello KittenLady, love the video! Ty for posting this very informative. I just wanted to ask, my indoor siamese, who is 6 month old, is suddenly limping in the back leg, his temperature is up, lethargic and hasn’t been feeding too. Can he have this virus or is it something else? Thanks so much

      JM VocalesJM Vocales2 months ago
    • I have a question kitten lady can dogs get limping calici? it’s ok if you don’t know

      Tina MarieTina Marie2 months ago
    • @Orange Cat 11111¹¹11110000]]

      Lesha BluntLesha Blunt4 months ago
  • Your videos helped me so much! Now i can sleep again.

    D ZD Z6 days ago
  • Boyfriend kitten limping we don’t know what happened she was doing the most probably hurt herself she’s going to the vet today and she just got vaccinated last week

    mauvemarlysemauvemarlyse12 days ago
  • Oh my gosh thank you so much you have no idea how worried I was about what to do until I can see the vet

    SuperferretcookieSuperferretcookie13 days ago
  • My has been shivering the nwxt day and limping. I cant do anything, im in pakistan and vets suck here, i inly have one kitten (rescuse kitten) i cant really do this but i love my kittens

    Foster kitties xxFoster kitties xx15 days ago
  • As usual another excellent informative video. I appreciate your videos sooooo much!! I believe any vet worth their while has respect for clients parents when they're informed. And if needed, to offer suggestions. Thank you for all you do to make this world a better place ❤

    LuTina BLuTina B21 day ago
  • Hi please help. My boy is 8 and developed horrible ulcers in his mouth from Calicivirus. Any advice. I took him to the vet. But he is miserable!!! I dont know what to do !? Any advice at all please

    Brianne CaswellBrianne Caswell26 days ago
  • Thank you for the video , my kitten was healthy till today morning , she is almost 2 and half month old , I noticed today evening that she is having pain in her left hand , no injuries I found , she is not active and cried when touch her left hand , I think she has pain in her joint bone , please is there any first aid to do ? She is walking slowly .

    Deepy DeepyDeepy Deepy27 days ago
  • Nanichi looks like my cat

    Tina MarieTina Marie28 days ago
  • Your amazing kittens need people like you in this world!❤️🥺

    Fancy RobloxFancy RobloxMonth ago
  • hello can you help me. i have an adult female cat she been limping and dragging her legs behind her one of her legs is tender. i cant afford to take her to animal DR what kind of medicine can i give her she been hanging out the patio to her apartment outside

    DeborahDeborahMonth ago
    • she licked her stomach and tail alot

      DeborahDeborahMonth ago
  • Thank you for this video! My kitten had a vaccination 6 days ago and then woke up limping, trembling and looking very unhappy. I found your video and followed your advice. Kitten had a high temperature so I rushed him to the vet. He's doing better now but he's been a bit miserable for the last 2 days and he's having some daily meds.

    Ula DUla DMonth ago
  • Thankyou for this info. Now after vet appts and nothing I know what's wrong with my kitten. And being a retired caregiver he is now being spoiled without so much sorrow

    toney jonestoney jonesMonth ago
  • This is currently happening with my first kitten I was so scared until I watched your video. I didn't even know that this kind of limping would be for a specific virus. Hopefully everything passes smoothly. Thanks for the video.

    Mithun NathanMithun NathanMonth ago
  • One of our kitties is showing symptoms. Shaking tremors and weak hind legs that she favors. No vomiting or diarrhea. Not sure if this is a reaction to too much Revolution or this Virus. She is 8 weeks old and also just got her FVRCP shot and dewormer 6 days ago. The Revolution I gave 1 dose 11 days ago and again 2nd on SAt.(treating mites) Her symptoms appeared overnight. What do you think this could be? TIA

    A. MehnertA. MehnertMonth ago
  • My new kitten came down with this Sunday...Monday I thought she was dying, she got sub Q, anti inflammatory, anti biotics at an emergency clinic (of course, Monday was a holiday). Her temp was 106. She had a hard night with trembling and more fever. She saw my regular vet (I only had this kitten for 3 days when this happened) and she got some more fluids. So scary...she is eating but still sleeping so a distended belly part of this? Her tummy is so round but she eats a lot though not as much in the past 24 hours. She is 1.4 lbs today. So tiny for such a round belly.

    Keira RobalinoKeira RobalinoMonth ago
  • Hey I know you might not see this but I am desperate!!! I pretty sure my kitten has this but she is very shaky... is that normal? There is virtually NO information on the internet about This. She looks like a cat with CH but it started just like this. Limping then bam couldn’t walk and shaking, fever... the vet didn’t seem to know what limping Calici is, she doesn’t have any mouth ulcers.shes walking but in a very funny way.

    savanah hoodsavanah hoodMonth ago
  • I have to thank you a hundred, thousand times for this video! My kitten developed fever and then limping just days after her first vaccination, and I took her to two emergency vets on a Saturday and none of them knew what was wrong. I felt soooo so relieved after seeing this video! I'm in the UK and they said they have never witnessed this happening. A huge kudos to you and Bless You!

    Newsha ShNewsha Sh2 months ago
  • Yes, that happened to my cat. He came back from the vet, limping and smelling like hand sanitizer. My other cat was not pleased to find him smelling like that, so he would just hiss at my other cat all day. Finally we took them both to the vet and it saved the day!

    Dapplestorm_cats_rule MeowDapplestorm_cats_rule Meow2 months ago
  • Hey this video helps me a lot last thursday my new 3month old kitten(nova) limping his hind leg then suddenly she got fever. By next morning i bring her to a vet she got her medicine and antibiotics im so worried 4 days of hell like restless and cant eat my meals due to her conditon but now she is now pouncing and playing but still cant play with her bigger buddy tnx so much for sharing

    Alvin ArcalaAlvin Arcala2 months ago
  • how do i know if her arm is broken or it’s calici? she has no other symptoms but it’s weird bc i have no idea how she’d break it. she is kind of warm but not fever type warm.

    goshgolllygeegoshgolllygee2 months ago
  • Omg Im so glad I saw this. My little Conchita was just down with this recently. It started yesterday (Wednesday) she started limping and she has a fever. I just try to give her more food and water , literally giving them food using a spoon, because I thought she just got hurt. I also gave her some vitamins and kept her beside me the whole time. I knew something was wrong.

    Mary Joy TaneoMary Joy Taneo2 months ago
  • Can humans get it?

    Carrie GeorgesCarrie Georges2 months ago
  • My kitten is a month old and she’s showing these symptoms, she’s very skinny and I have a lot of problems with feeding, it started with an infection on her left eye and a running nose also couldn’t fall asleep, the day after she was struggling with walking and today she can’t even sit by herself 😢 she’s my first kitten ever and I’m so worried

    Meltem AvcıMeltem Avcı2 months ago
  • What a great video. Lots of info here. Thank you so much. :)

    bejz Johnsonbejz Johnson2 months ago
  • I'm pretty sure my Familiar has calici last week, I had to syringe him water every half an hour all week(couldn't afford to have him hostilitalised 😔) and he only eat off of himself. He got a limp and a temperature and then was incredibly lethargic! Was very scary but now he's back to his trilling running around like a mad thing self.

    Andrew HAndrew H2 months ago
  • I just found my kitten one morning shaking and limping and almost zombie-like in the sense that she cannot walk straight and falling to the floor, walking backward. I am concerned with my other kittens getting it as well.

    Cheapanggang DivaCheapanggang Diva2 months ago
  • Can this spread to dogs from cats?

    Santha LakshmanSantha Lakshman2 months ago
  • Thank you for sharing 🙂. Praise God for all your work. Continued health for you, your family and for babies

    Tie OeiTie Oei2 months ago
  • What would you say about the advice to try with L-lysine? And also a try with raw goats milk; cant hurt, may help?

    Barney Den stadBarney Den stad2 months ago
  • You are so knowledgeable about small kittens. Great teacher for the rest of us, thanks for your info and your love and kindness towards kittens 😸

    Sue MooreSue Moore2 months ago
  • Oh Kitten Lady! My kitten is having these exact symptoms. I thought he hurt his foot because he was lifting his left front paw. I took him to the vet. He got a shot of antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory pain pill. I did get him to eat, but I can't get him to drink water. He will not get up and walk right now. The vet never mentioned limping calici! She said bring him back if he's not better in 24-48 hours. I love this kitten so much! Should I try a medicine dropper to get him water?

    tcshy1903tcshy19032 months ago
    • He is now drinking water thank goodness!! He is eating well, too. But, he is still limping

      tcshy1903tcshy19032 months ago
  • I recently bought a Persian kitten from Russia, I isolated him but I guess not log enough. 3 of my 4 month old kittens started limping/not eating/sleeping a lot. This video helped a lot thank you. I’m gonna nurse my kittens back to health. I have a cat tent similar to yours. I’m currently giving them pedialite(unflavored), and soft cat food to eat. I have antibiotics(clavamox/amoxicillin) for secondary symptoms. One of my cats seems to be having a respiratory infection from this virus as well, that who I originally bought the antibiotics for. She wasn’t eating at 1st, now she’s starting to. Thank you for the video and information. I never heard about this virus, but now I know and I’m gonna do my best possible to get my 3 kittens and cat back to feeling healthy again. Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts. I love my cats so much, it breaks my heart when they are sick.

    Æ N I Ǝ M AÆ N I Ǝ M A2 months ago
  • Month ago I found a stray kitten on the street. I immediately noticed teary eyes and took her to the vet. She had no fever and they decided to first get anti-parasite treatment before vaccination. After like 15 days or so she started feeling worse so I took her again and they started antibiotics. Soon after mouth and nose bleeding started, she refused to eat or drink so we started with everyday infusion and she somehow managed to survive the bleeding. Somewhere in the middle of illiness she also developed limping and I am still fighting with it. I am somehow hopeful she will survive since her appetite had improven a lot and she is drinking water (with Royal Canin redehidration i put in). I have fostered dozen of stray kittens and never had to deal with any kind of Calici virus since it is very uncommon in our area but the dissease is horrible.

    Feđa FajićFeđa Fajić2 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady . So let me get this right you risk your kittens health by getting the vaccine which causes them limping dehydration unable to eat or not wanting to eat. Falling over and if it gets worse then you say they must be on pain killers for life ? Wow . By the way vaccinating a developing kitten is just as cruel as vaccinating a developing child/ teen. No wonder kittens and children die unexplained. I have been to many vets and they have said that vaccines can cause kidney damage and liver damage . Happen to all the cats I vaccinated and had chipped. The ones that were not vaccinated or chipped never became ill. It’s a dirty game they give you drugs to make you or pet sick and they give u more drugs to treat the symptoms . There are always cures but do not want u to know

    yam yamyam yam2 months ago
  • I can’t thank you enough for posting this video. You literally saved my kitten’s life because our vet has never heard of this and was coming up with other bizarre explanations as to why my 12-week-old healthy kitten suddenly could not walk, and spiked a 105-fever this past week. I found your video by Googling her symptoms. By following your advice and being my 3-lb kitten’s advocate - thanks to the info you provided - she is now recovering! :)

    Tamara BickleyTamara Bickley3 months ago
  • Its beautiful to see how much they trust you. Your an awesome mom

    ForestTreForestTre3 months ago

    my cat V.P. and SOLO ASMRmy cat V.P. and SOLO ASMR3 months ago
  • 3 of my fosters that are from the same litter all ended getting this severe reaction from their FVRCP Vaccination; so scary as I didn't know what it was and thought he had just hurt his leg until the next day the others were the same way.

    Ashley MatossianAshley Matossian3 months ago
  • My kitten began limping two days ago, we though she'd hit her paw. But the next day she could put the leg down, and she's also playing with my older cat.

    Sophia InsanitySophia Insanity3 months ago
  • *We have a lot of informative videos about cats. Please have a look*

    Kitten LifeKitten Life3 months ago
  • I’ve been doing research on cats before getting one I’m getting one tomorrow I’m extremely exited

    WhatWhat3 months ago
  • I recently got a 2,5 months old kitten from the streets, looks absolutely healthy except for a flea infestation, got her vaccines and now (about 9 days later) she suddenly started limping, shaking and running a high fever. She could have also potentially contracted it from another cat. I immediately took her to the vet and they said it doesn't look like calicivirus (because she doesn't have a runny nose and eyes, although she got a bit of black snot (I think?) around her 'cheecks', mouth and chin), but it could likely to be a reaction to or an artritis caused by the vaccines and / or flea disease symptoms. We are in a remote area of Spain and I doubt they know about limping calicivi... they gave her anti inflammatory to help with the joint pain and fever, and I'm giving her antibiotics for 10 days. My question is - if cured, does this simply go away and the kitten just goes back to normal? Does she just get rid of the virus and that's it?

    Martina RussoMartina Russo3 months ago
  • Thank you for sharing this information! Our kitten suddenly started to limp since yesterday (it is still now) and I'm scared if she has this virus

    TaesaurusTaesaurus3 months ago
  • Oh oops when she said limping calici i thought she said limping khaleesi

    Vanilla HolmVanilla Holm3 months ago
  • My rescue coordinator says he would be guessing 1/4-1/2 pill of onsior as a dosage, since it's not approved under 4 months. I'm not asking you to prescribe obviously, but I am wondering if you would share what you an your vets have tried on 1-1.5 lb kittens, and what you observed at each dosage. One of my kittens just isn't going to make it, even with subQ and other help. Thank you for the great videos and congratulations on the book.

    porchcricketporchcricket4 months ago
  • I think my Birman cat has the same symptoms, her other leg is not moving at all and she is in pain. Please help me guys is there other alternative medication for this? I cant bring her to the vet because of lockdown

    Jaycel MJaycel M4 months ago
  • I'm certain my kitten has contracted this virus, we only collected him yesterday with his sister and he started shaking last night and limping and servere shaking today. I rushed him to the vet who said he think he has injured his leg which has given him a temperature and shakes from the pain. We have antibiotics and pain relief. I have been spoon feeding kitten food pureed with a teaspoon of tuna and lots of water.... What should I do if he hasn't used the toilet in a while, he is 7 weeks so entirely litter trained x

    Emma HattonEmma Hatton4 months ago
    • how is your cat doing?

      M BM B4 months ago
  • Can 1 year old cats get this? I had taken my kitty to the vet, where he was given a booster shot. Later that day, I noticed he was limping. Now, he's a rescue animal, and was rescued by an abuser that broke that leg, and I thought the reaction was inflaming his rods in his arm or something. I took him back to the vet the next day, they gave him some treatment and it went away in about a day, but I spent the rest of the day holding him, because he was shivering, and hiding his head in my lap. I never bothered asking what the problem was, but looking back, maybe should have.

    Mr. EMr. E4 months ago
  • Question for those with viral experience. Is this strain specific, so that it would ONLY present with the limping symptoms, or could a calicivirus affect two kittens differently -- could one present with upper respiratory symptoms and one present with limping/fever/trembling symptoms? I feel like I might have one of each going on right now, but I don't know if that's a scientifically valid theory.

    FLY & LOVE Yoga Lounge, Tyler TXFLY & LOVE Yoga Lounge, Tyler TX4 months ago
  • I can hear their purring while you hold them, thank you

    Dorothy MalloyDorothy Malloy4 months ago
  • Thank you so much for this vital information!

    J SowdersJ Sowders4 months ago
  • I just adopted 2 kittens from the same litter was told a few of there litter mates died ..... now I know why one kitten was limping on arrival the second started limping a few hours later then they couldn't walk (I had already phone the vet when they arrived) they were seriously thin and FULL OF FLEAS. next day the one who was limping first was fine fleas gone good food and he was fine! But his sister couldn't move and looked very poorly ..... went the vets and was told it was this she's on her second day of fluids but still not 100% were going back to the vets tomorrow.

    Faye Batwoman PriceFaye Batwoman Price4 months ago
  • Antivaxxer alert... 😐😐

    Swathika VenkatesanSwathika Venkatesan4 months ago
  • How is this related to Game of Thrones? My cat was also limping one day, but she had torn her cruciate ligament (at age 15y) (rare in cats, common in dogs), got surgery and she's still 100% fine (18y old now). Noting is as sad as a limping cat/kitten.

    goguhugoguhu4 months ago
  • I know this is a vid about cats but when we were adopting our puppy they told us she was fine and healthy but a month in she was really limping and turn out she was hit by a CAR and shelter somehow didn’t notice HER LEG BROKE!! Her leg healed wrong and somehow no one noticed the dog with a broken leg

    Bridget Eastman - Class of 2025Bridget Eastman - Class of 20254 months ago
  • Does there breath smell ?

    bob rossbob ross4 months ago
  • Three of my foster kittens last year (2019) got limping calici. They were all vaccinated and nearly 12 weeks old. My runt girl took longer to get well, but her brothers got rid of it within 24-48 hours. I had to monitor their temps, weight, and fluid intake. I carried the runt in a basket for several days as she couldn’t walk. It was so scary! Thank you for bringing awareness to this nasty condition because so many people have never heard of it.

    Act4911Act49115 months ago
  • THE Vaccine KILLS THEM. How come in other countries in Europe there are no such diseases and symptoms? Think about it kitten lady. None of the kittens ever came down with any of the stuff you show as a disease

    Svetla NikolovaSvetla Nikolova5 months ago

    Laura N.Laura N.5 months ago
  • Hello! My kitten developed these exact symptoms, and her fever was up to 105. As soon as I realized she had such a high fever I ran her to the emergency vet and she has been hospitalized for over 24 hours now. My vet thinks it's viral but he does not think it is limping calici because I dont think he's familiar with this iteration of the virus. I am very worried for my baby girl and this video is helping me right now. Her fever isn't coming down consistently, but the vet is monitoring her!

    Alex ViragoAlex Virago5 months ago
    • I am going thru the same! did you kitty get better?

      M BM B4 months ago
  • What about bottle feeding?

    Theresa BakerTheresa Baker5 months ago
  • If human children got paralyzed or crippled for a few days after a vax, it would be withdrawn by the FDA. Standards are obliviously lower for animals. A good vet will inform the cat owner what adjuvants are in a vax and the chances of your cat having a reaction.

    Su SampsonSu Sampson5 months ago
  • Thank you so much for this informative video!! We were quite worried that our Scottish Fold Kitten started showing symptoms of FIV but when she started limping, I thought back at this video for calicivirus... she is typically really energetic but she was lethargic that whole day. Luckily, the next day, she came back to normal and played for hours! Since then, I've also been told it could be due to a genetic disease but I'm hoping to get her checked once the vet clinics are open (since they're closed due to covid in my area).

    개냥이 미미개냥이 미미5 months ago
  • Hi.. can you please help me. :( i think my kitten is suffering from this virus, any home remedy that you can suggest? Vets are not available this quarantine time. Need help please. He's almost 3 months old persian.

    Ric ConcepcionRic Concepcion5 months ago
  • Can full grown cats get it??

    Kayla The AnnoyingKayla The Annoying5 months ago
  • Please look into what's in these vaccines...this is poison. I've not vaccinated my babies in 30 years (ALL INDOOR) and all have lived into their late teens/early 20s. Look at insert and investigate the ingredients. Many vets discourage over-vaccination.

    amooseskidamooseskid5 months ago
  • Twins? Cute!:3 but i love food toi:3

    XXX moon_gachaXXXXXX moon_gachaXXX5 months ago
  • my little foster got through panleuk thanks to you!

    Grace GottliebGrace Gottlieb5 months ago
  • Oh HELL nO

    Qonita BadegesTMQonita BadegesTM5 months ago
  • God bless and hello! A few days ago I found a kitten in my back yard. I am slowly gaining his(?) trust by feeding him and stuff but I haven't been able to pick him up yet. He has what appear to be 2 lame back legs (he drags them behind him)and it breaks my heart. I want to help him so bad but every time I have tried to pick him up he scurries away. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    gata tazgata taz5 months ago
  • It’s kitty corona!! D:

    :-:Budgie :-::-:Budgie :-:6 months ago
  • We have barn cats... Smokey our thick grey cat had this and he loved us when we took him inside

    Sabrina MaennchenSabrina Maennchen6 months ago
  • like six seconds in i saw the exact same pink unicorn blanket i have on my bed lol

    Trina KounsTrina Kouns6 months ago
  • I have my first group of foster kittens. Three five-week-old sisters. To prepare for their arrival I watched as many videos of yours as I could, including this one. We got the kittens five days ago and they haven't been putting on weight consistently. They have been acting okay until today when they got lethargic and I thought they might have a fever (although it's impossible to get a thermometer these days!). But when my husband saw one of them, and then two of them, limping slightly, I ran right back here to rewatch this. We're giving fluids and hand feeding and started clavamox at the direction of the rescue but our kittens seem (so far) to have a less severe case than the ones in your videos. We're doing our best and hoping desperately for a positive outcome! This information is invaluable and literally might save their lives since I knew to take the symptoms very seriously right away. Thank you!

    Loryn ALoryn A6 months ago
  • My cat has limping calici. He did not get vaccinated. 😢😢

    Rhey RheyRhey Rhey6 months ago
  • Thank you so much for these videos my cat just had kittens so watching these kind of videos really helps

    Hurricane StarHurricane Star6 months ago
  • Could there be any link between Limping Calici & complications or weird reactions to anesthesia? I suspect my kitty had this at around 4 months old ... sudden limping that I assumed was an injury but seemed to recover on his own after a few days so I didn't worry ... I did ask the vet but they didn't mention LC ... however when I took him in for sterilization/neutering about a month or so later, his system couldn't process the medication from the simple procedure & the next day he passed away at the vet office :( they did a necropsy to try find out what happened and couldn't find anything ... they suspected it was some kind of underlying condition ... I can't help but wonder if there was a connection ... it is a bit tricky to tell as I live in Mexico & he basically showed up on my doorstep one night off of the street so who really knows if there might have been other things going on but it just really surprised me because he was such a super healthy & strong kitty! thanks for all the videos & info! xoxo Jenn

    Jenn PlotnikoffJenn Plotnikoff6 months ago
  • I learned so much about your videos

    Amanda JohnAmanda John6 months ago
  • We are going through this right now :( in Brazil.... no vets seem to have heard of this here! I’m doing my best to keep giving him fluids and anti inflammatory meds but I’m scared. His mother was not vaccinated and he is only 3 weeks old.... going to be some sleepless nights. If anyone has any tips or advice please get in touch we’re desperate. This is supposed to be his forever home💜😢😞

    Emma JonesEmma Jones6 months ago
  • That sounds like Daenerys tripped and fell

    edwardelric10001edwardelric100016 months ago
  • Oh, I also do TNR. It's a good thing, believe me.

    Iba NezzaIba Nezza7 months ago
  • I am a cat caregiver, and your vids are so helpful. My 2 month olds developed calici, and I watched your help twice just to make sure I'm doing this right. I also plan on getting your book as soon as I can

    Iba NezzaIba Nezza7 months ago
  • god bless you//i want to tell you that you are the best//you travel all over to help everyone//you are blessed//what a calling//i was on you subscribed channel but got off it because you never answered any questions//now i know why//you are busy,,lol,,i never realized how busy you really are//now i do..

    florence cavallaroflorence cavallaro7 months ago
  • Wow! I worked in a vet clinic and I never heard of this! Thank you!!

    Jessica GoodwinJessica Goodwin7 months ago
  • Can it happen to dogs

    Ariana GnatyukAriana Gnatyuk7 months ago
  • 3:27 *where is the thermometer going...?*

    葉leafybon葉leafybon7 months ago
  • Eric

    Eric12 TidalogEric12 Tidalog7 months ago
  • Omg, the footage is so scary to me. Thank you for educating me on the subject! Much love to you Hannah.

    CamilleCamille7 months ago
  • It's like cat polio

    RedactedRedacted7 months ago
  • I could’ve saved myself $950 if I had just watched this video

    sumusettasumusetta7 months ago
  • idk what it was, but i had such a reaction to these two. i saw them and instantly started crying. they seem so sweet and lovely.

    Gwendolyn FaeGwendolyn Fae7 months ago
  • I recently got my kittens a playpen. You were talking about sanitizing so got me curious what you use to sanitize the playpens

    jadenandkayleesmomjadenandkayleesmom7 months ago
  • This happened to my 14 year old cat. She became paralyzed, all of the sudden. She was perfectly fine the evening before. Then she relied on us for bathroom, and feeding. We kept her in that state for 2 weeks hoping she’d get better. The day before we put her down she was extremely friendly, and then attacked our arms at random times, which was totally unlike her. It was sad, and I’m still unsure if this is what she had, or if it was stroke. I’d really like to find out though:(.

    Eilyssa MacleanEilyssa Maclean7 months ago
  • you’re a total professional

    Alfa75V6Alfa75V68 months ago
  • I love that you’re able to take care of kittens/cats this well in wherever you live (USA?). Not many people, even in Canada, can take care of their cats or animals in general this well.

    Celestia ForbesCelestia Forbes8 months ago
  • I always see a little kitten outside its about 4 months i think plz tell me in the next video what to do i am so confused should i take her or he to a animal shelter or leave them their

    TheProudMuslimahTheProudMuslimah8 months ago
  • R u vet? Becuz u giv really good advice and seem to know a lot ur channels amazing

    Ayesha XxAyesha Xx8 months ago
  • I love your channel and advice. As a scientist it’s so sound the information you give. Straight forward, compassionate and informative. Any kitten with you is in good hands and one day when I’m not so busy I hope to be a more hands on kitten rescuer like you.

    loz6702loz67028 months ago
  • "Empowered" is such an overused term that it has become meaningless.

    EndlesspathEndlesspath8 months ago