Learn How Baby Kittens Grow: 0-8 Weeks!

Jan 27, 2019
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In this adorable and information-packed video, I'll teach you everything you need to know about how to determine a kitten's age, what developmental milestones to expect, and how to care for kittens week-by-week from birth to adoption age!
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  • Hi friends! Sorry it's been a while since I've posted a video--but it's for a very exciting reason: I've been working hard on getting ready for my book release! My book, Tiny But Mighty, is now available for pre-order at: www.KittenLady.org/tinybutmighty Thanks everyone for your patience and support, and I hope you love the new video!

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    • Thank you for this video! My cat, Nara, gave birth to 3 gorgeous girls. Your videos are extremely educational, yet your personality, charisma and passion for protecting and fostering animals, propels it to a new standard. 🌸🌼🐾

      Avalon FogelAvalon Fogel5 days ago
    • @J.M. Snyder yttftt⅝ffffffffffffffffp0

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  • Somebody needs to help me 😳. My kitten is 16 days old and it still looks newborn, it hasn’t even grown up a little. The mother cat is feeding her kitten but the kitten isn’t growing.

    Asif KhawariAsif Khawari55 minutes ago
  • My cat is going to have her first litter, i don’t want them to die :(

    unknownbeingunknownbeing7 hours ago
  • So cute ❤️ We have newborn kittens too

    sweet newborn kittenssweet newborn kittens19 hours ago
  • I wonder why people say "baby kitten". Kitten are always babies. Do you also say "hot water heater"? If the water is already hot, there is no reason to heat it. Just an observation. lol...Your babies are adorable. I volunteered for a cat rescue group for a long time and still do TNR's.

    Tammy HansenTammy Hansen23 hours ago
    • To distinguish between newborns and those older than several weeks.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond11 hours ago
  • Is she a calico?

    Bobby LeeBobby LeeDay ago
  • one of our 7 kittens opend his eyes fully when he was 8 days old'!!

    TheGunnar2012TheGunnar2012Day ago
  • 10:03 KITTY SMILES 🥺😭🥰

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  • How to differentiate a female nd Male cat at birth

    Khadija AbdallahKhadija AbdallahDay ago
  • You mentioned wet food. No dry food? When can I start cooking for my kitty? I learned that cats are carnivores

    El IndigenoEl IndigenoDay ago
  • I have a 4 week old cat

    Rahmane LailaRahmane LailaDay ago
  • My 1 week old kitten is looking much bigger than this 2 week old kitten. I think he/she is part wild cat lol. She looks like a 4 week old cat. Barely open the eyes now. Geee I have a part wild cat. My neighbors cat is a big cat the mated with my cat.

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  • so cute my cat is 8 months old lol

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  • I love kittens

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  • I love the kitty's smile at the end :p

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  • i just got a 8week old kitten! im so happy

    Danni ParkerDanni Parker2 days ago
  • 19:37, now I see the green, it was hard to tell earlier in the video.

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  • 17:08 Rosa's like - shit, I'm live🤣🤣

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  • This is a fabulous video...on spot 👌 👏

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  • Nice inkwork.

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  • Can I have a kitten too I'm at Singapore

    Eden LimEden Lim3 days ago
    • Yes, adopt a kitten. No use asking here, though.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 days ago
  • 6 months ago, I was in a situation where I had rescued some kittens that needed help, then I lured their feral mum, Midnight, in. After they were weaned, mum did a GREAT job! Mum is still here. She's become quite happy. Now, her daughter has kittens. Her daughter, Spots, who is less feral than her mum, Midnight. Spots kittens are about 4 weeks old now, named "Scraps" and "Pieces". They, like Spots, are multi-coloured. Their colouring looks like they are made of pieces of scrap material, that was how they got their names.

    [FCClan]The Stranger[FCClan]The Stranger4 days ago
  • 16:05 what's the name of that kind of cats? The way they look? How are they called?

    Hikari WitterfordHikari Witterford4 days ago
  • I can’t find any kitten wet food where i live Im feeding her dry food but of course for kittens Is it ok.?

    Rita ShamounRita Shamoun4 days ago
    • @Rita Shamoun no problem

      SpringBonnie boi Might do vidsSpringBonnie boi Might do vids2 days ago
    • @SpringBonnie boi Might do vids she is around 5-6 weeks she’s eating it and she has teeth but I wanted to make sure Thank u

      Rita ShamounRita Shamoun2 days ago
    • Yeah, if the kitten can chew it how old is the kitten cause if they have teeth they can eat dry food my kittens could eat dry foo at 3 weeks and WOW they are the size of a adult cat and they are 8 weeks old.

      SpringBonnie boi Might do vidsSpringBonnie boi Might do vids3 days ago
  • All vets here refuse to give a kitten vaccine at 750g weight or 6 weeks age Why?

    Rita ShamounRita Shamoun4 days ago
  • Do cats play with abacuses #>\# are used for math? I need a cat expert to help me with this question.

    Linda H.Linda H.4 days ago
  • my cat just gave birth yesterday then left her kitten she came back 3 hrs ago and left without the baby dunno y

    Mohamed AbdihakimMohamed Abdihakim4 days ago
  • Cute😻😻😻😻

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  • Thank for Bangla subtitle 😍

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  • what time is the fiding time for a kitten

    Bea WatanabeBea Watanabe4 days ago
  • I'm going to see my little today, she is 1 week and 2 days. I get to visit her until adoption :)

    Nicole SwartNicole Swart5 days ago
  • my heart melted during the video

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  • Youve helped me so much

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  • By 2 weeks she looks really happy

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  • Can't wait to get one! I need a boy cat name pls Is a baby

    StrangeツStrangeツ6 days ago
    • @Strange - We adopted a male kitten way back when my son was 3. He named him Kit-Kat and he lived to be almost 21.

      JUST MEJUST ME3 days ago
  • Is it normal that my newborn kitten of 5days old has opened her eyes ?

    Sara MeddourSara Meddour6 days ago
  • i love how passionate and informed you are in your videos. thank you so much for all the information and help!❤️

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  • You got a new subscriber

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  • omg ur voice is exactly like Mikoto Misaka's dub VA, Brittney xddd

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  • Why would people dislike this video?

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  • 1:11 It is very jarring for me to see you shake the kitten as you speak. humans speak with their hand movements.

    James LaurenJames Lauren6 days ago
  • my new-borns opened their eyes at eight and at nine days they were fully open

    aaryan agarwalaaryan agarwal6 days ago

    Pogo exePogo exe6 days ago
  • I wonder why kittens get adopted at as early as 8 weeks in the US, because in Sweden that's illegal. They can not be adopted until they're at least 12 weeks old.

    poofballoon TMpoofballoon TM7 days ago
  • I love cats and kittens thank you

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  • You’re awesome

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  • 10:25 best moment

    Sam SSam S7 days ago
  • Thanks alot @Kitten lady with your help Oys is 3 weeks old now healthy and playful .

    Abdullah JadaniAbdullah Jadani7 days ago
  • Yeah I’m not microchipping my kittens

    James SawyerJames Sawyer7 days ago
    • Why

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    • noone asked

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  • Thanks for your care explain ❤❤❤❤❤💟💟💟👌👌👌👍👍

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  • I’m being serious my cats nine months old and she still nurses

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  • A Calico!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  • I’m very concerned of one of my 4 kittens the give birth today he doesn’t want to eat (milk) from the mom and he’s small 😖 idk what to do plz help

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  • She’s so cute 🥰

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  • How do you make it throw a hole 8 weeks i guess i had to be fun looking after kittens btw do you have any other pets?

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  • Stop 🛑 retorf

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  • What an entertaining and informative video! Adorable too... obviously ;)

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  • Great video to show whats goin on.Much love for that

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  • What is a kitten I think is 2-3 weeks old sleeps through the 2 hour window....should I wake him?

    christy kaiserchristy kaiser9 days ago
  • I appreciate your video's so much we thought we couldnt do it after finding a new born we toughed it out and hes getting bigger and stronger and we can tell he loves us he just curls up and purrs tears😍 thank you. Im gonna keep coming back

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  • Seek Christ Jesus YHVH God Almighty !

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    • you want likes now?

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  • Ty for all the info

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  • Your cats are so cute! Thank you for saving them! 🐱

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  • O, this video is so cute!. So nice to see. I had our kitten too young. ( he is now 2 years of age ) The mother had no interest in them. I had him round 6 a 7 weeks. I learned a lot from watching this video. Thanks.

    Heleen ZuidhofHeleen Zuidhof10 days ago
  • She is a cat lover!look at her tattoo at her hand is also a cat😆

    Veronica BernadusVeronica Bernadus10 days ago
  • My kitty is approaching 3 weeks and he's biting me as an experiment.

    Tonilia EliTonilia Eli10 days ago
  • My(4 days) kitten is not passed stool what can i do

    Rohit ShaRohit Sha10 days ago
  • The street cat goes to our house with the kittens. A few weeks later she never come back and leave the kittens. Were out of milk and i cant feed them. What do i do

    sulit jc • 5 years agosulit jc • 5 years ago10 days ago
    • But i taught them hiw to eat food

      sulit jc • 5 years agosulit jc • 5 years ago8 days ago
    • 1 month old

      sulit jc • 5 years agosulit jc • 5 years ago8 days ago
    • How old are the kittens. Go get some milk or soft food for them I guess if you want to take care of them(depending on their age)

      Mobslayer 211Mobslayer 2119 days ago
  • This is the most helpful video online for taking care of kittens! Has helped me so many times already with the street kittens I have found and helped. Unfortunately many Greeks don't step up to help street cats or even throw away little kittens when their outdoor cat giving birth.. This video helped me get through the first few hours before getting each one to the vet for treatment and nursing ❤️🙏 thanx for posting it! 😻

    choroznikichorozniki10 days ago
  • My cousins cat just had 2 kittens yesterday morning

    Aisha SabriAisha Sabri10 days ago
  • What’s the best age to adopt? I’m getting kittens who are currently 5 weeks but I heard it’s best to wait 12 weeks

    N YN Y10 days ago

    gloxxicgloxxic10 days ago
  • Great idea ,using a plastic veggie tray to feed multiple kittens.

    D SD S11 days ago
  • I have a question. I was curious to know why there seems to be very different rules about kittens where I live, I live in Sweden and here you can't adopt a kitten under 12 weeks (maybe you could get them at 10 if you go to some shady person out in the countryside, but nowadays it's pretty well known that 12 weeks is the appropriate age) And that's maybe not the biggest difference, but you say that you also spay/neuter kittens at 8 weeks but in Sweden vets insist that the kittens reproductive organs haven't matured until they're around 6 moths so therefore they can't be neutered (although my kitten is five months and he just started peeing all over the house so we're getting him neutered early). I thought this was a very interesting difference and wanted to know if you, or anyone for that matter, knew anything about this. I mean if vets inte the US are neutering cats at 8 weeks that must mean they're able to do it somehow, or do cat's actually mature differently in different parts of the world???

    Vocaloid CosplayVocaloid Cosplay11 days ago
  • So baby kittens look like nasty little baby rats

    Jordy 229Jordy 22911 days ago
  • bum bak bum bum...bum bum bum...bak bum bum....bum bum bum

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  • What a cutie pie. That's for the info!

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  • Omg seeing this makes me want my kitten Sooner

    Obsidian shadowmoonObsidian shadowmoon11 days ago
  • What over the counter liquid dewormer can be used if 8 weeks but under 2.5 pounds? Must be liquid...

    Diane O'DellDiane O'Dell12 days ago
  • My kitten is 3 weeks old 9:08

    Caren SalazarCaren Salazar12 days ago

    AtlanticOceanAtlanticOcean12 days ago
  • You AND these babies are just presh!

    Tuli DomineauxTuli Domineaux12 days ago
  • New subscriber, I'ma be a mom to a beautiful baby boy kitten Friday here to learn how to bottle feed perfectly 💛

    Imani DanielsImani Daniels12 days ago
  • Also the vet is far from where i am curently , and i manage to make an apointment to check the kitten in 2 days from today ! But im scared if there is something wrong with my kitten , and if anything happen to him until the apointemnt with vet for check !! My main concern is that he is veryy tiny for a 3 week old kitten , and that he is not hyper active like the other 3 kittens that his foster moma have !! Thanks for any help in advance !! Great videos instant subscribe

    metalaras999metalaras99912 days ago
  • Pls help me my kitten looks like 3 to 4 weeks but it doesnt , want to eat milk nor from bottle or plate ! But , it does eat can food , little amount thow , also it cant sleep for over 3 hours cosnecutively , especialy in the early evening to late eveing! I know i must guide its sleeping and eating scedulle but i cant force it or hear it cry in the box ! One other problem is that the mother's cat (that brought it home) other 3 kittens is 4 - weeks older than the little guy and they are wayyyy more active than him , and when he wakes up he is not active anough and he doesnt play just walking around and running ocasionaly in a state between wake and sleepy ,his eye ls are one time open and the next sec he closes them ! Im afraid is there something wrong with him or is it from his young age 3-4 weeks ? Also is it too bad he only eat can food and rise with watter , instead of milk?? And lastly i have trouble making him urinate after launch , even with my stimulation and his foster's mom , he taking too long to go to pee , he fall asleep and he wakes up after 2 hours then again and then he urinates , what can i do? Pls help me with some advises

    metalaras999metalaras99912 days ago
  • 13:56 Actual audio: "OMG, you're so sassy!" Subtitles: "OMG, you're so fat!"

    Denisa Forţescu-JediDenisa Forţescu-Jedi12 days ago
  • So my cat give birth to 3 kittens, one of them lost there umbilical cord, but the other two has its umbilical cord , it's that normal or do I have to see a doctor?

    Xxstrawberry__ bearxXXxstrawberry__ bearxX12 days ago
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  • If I put that much work into an animal of any sorts, you best be damned I'm keeping it.

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  • i adopted an orphan kitten a few days ago, thanks for the vids, now i know what to do with her, i've learned to your vids that she's already 2weeks

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