LIVE: Caturday AMA...Piglet Edition?!

Apr 6, 2019
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Hi friends! Today I'm going LIVE with my new neonatal foster baby...Joshua the piglet! I'll be taking questions about rescue, fostering, kittens, piglets, and more. See you there!

  • i love !!!!&i love BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

    Lena ChristensenLena Christensen8 months ago
  • Aww

    Sarah Patran GSarah Patran G10 months ago
  • the piglet wants hoomans luv

    •Rose gutz••Rose gutz•Year ago
  • Plz adopt more piglets. Joshua is so cute

    A JA JYear ago
  • Joshua the mystery pig 🐷

    hayley ortegahayley ortegaYear ago
  • I would cook it

    XY4321XY4321Year ago
  • Do you keep the cats

    Luna and StarlaLuna and StarlaYear ago
    • Isla’s World no she adopts them out she fosters. She has two permanent cats

      thatoneperson noonelikesthatoneperson noonelikesYear ago
  • How can i recure a adult cat with it kittens, please help, oh and this is not the first time that she had kittens, the last time she did a animal ate them we know that becaues we saw that one of the kittens were dead an half eaten.

    Denisse FigueroaDenisse FigueroaYear ago
  • he is so cute

    ASH CraftASH CraftYear ago
  • In a couple years, i plan to get a mini pot belly pig. My friend had one for 17 years and he was so much fun....when he didnt want to be, he would go to his room (dog cage ) and cover himself with blankets and grunt when you tried to speak to him lolol. Of course his name was Wilber. Hahaha I have way to many resucues right now that are getting older that i dont want to rock the boat, unless i have too

    Justmiss jameyJustmiss jameyYear ago
    • Justmiss jamey a mini pot belly, or any mini may be a result of inbreeding to get the small body, a normal pot belly would be small but grow to be very big. Minis also have a shorter life span than a normal pig

      thatoneperson noonelikesthatoneperson noonelikesYear ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Vegan For the animalsVegan For the animalsYear ago
  • Thankyou so much for your videos! I love your Instagram as well! Joshua is so tiny but fierce! He is sooo cute. :) I had volunteered for Michelson Found Animals, and worked at a place called Meowski Hotel before I found your channel; I wish I could take in foster kittens, because Michelson Found Animals has a program for them, but I found I was unable to have animals at our apartment, as it is against the rules, so I get my kitten fix from seeing the cats at Meowski Hotel, & looking at your online media. Thank you, I really love Chloe's story, and I really loved Oopsie Poopsie Butt Bats because it was the first tutorial I saw...but seeing little piglet Joshua makes me want to become a vegan in a very serious sense...So kudos!

    Katrina VillanuevaKatrina VillanuevaYear ago
  • Puttin' lipstick on a pig!

    John BastilleJohn BastilleYear ago
  • I’m commenting on this Bc it’s the first video I saw me and my family need help so I found a kitten that’s not even a week old yet and she was alone and we have her in our house and trying to bottle feed her but she won’t eat all she wants to do is sleep and we wanna keep her but we don’t want her to die she needs help and we need to know how to make her eat

    Dakota DaiseyDakota DaiseyYear ago
    • Dakota Daisey I'm hoping she is doing better.

      thatoneperson noonelikesthatoneperson noonelikesYear ago
    • Dakota Daisey google

      thatoneperson noonelikesthatoneperson noonelikesYear ago
  • what was your first kitten that you foster

    Layla Maryjane PulidoLayla Maryjane PulidoYear ago
  • Urgent need help!! Tomorrow I'm getting some kittens that are about 3 or 4 weeks old. What temp do they need to be at this time, what size bottle, how many cc's of kitten milk replacer, and how many feedings a day? It's been so long since me and my mom have bottle fed kittens we can't remember anything!

    Carly NoneYaCarly NoneYaYear ago
    • Carly Lizards but seriously, you want it to be a high temperature, heating dishes are important

      thatoneperson noonelikesthatoneperson noonelikesYear ago
    • Carly Lizards google

      thatoneperson noonelikesthatoneperson noonelikesYear ago
  • Please i need your help i don't know what to do with my kitten she refuses to eat kibble please help.

    Khadija AMRANIKhadija AMRANIYear ago
    • Khadija AMRANI the vet

      thatoneperson noonelikesthatoneperson noonelikesYear ago
    • You should take your kitten to a vet.

      Lori V.Lori V.Year ago
  • aye can u make a kitten nail cutting video because yo videos really help me with my kitten and i wanna cut her nails and your the only person i trust to tell me wat to do

    ChulakamiChulakamiYear ago
  • Have you ever heard of Adri Rachelle’s channel? She is an EXCELLENT source for pig info and care. She has a ton of experience with rescue pigs and how to care for them properly! Hope that helps! Love you and little Joshy!! ❤️❤️😄

    Emily EnglishEmily EnglishYear ago
  • I hope you (or anyone that can help) reads this! In 2 days i'm getting a 4-5 week old kitten who has been with mom so far, but the owners are getting rid of the little one whether i take it or not. So he's at the age where he should be weaning.. but since he's never been bottle-fed I figured i'd get a bottle and formula and see if he can get used to it for a day or 2, before I try weaning him. Is this right or should I go straight to the slurry??

    LastChance21LastChance21Year ago
  • Dear Kitten Lady you probably won’t see this comment but I just wanted to say thank you. Your videos not only make me smile and giggle at the kittens but also teach me how to handle a kitten. In fact as of April 15 2019 I will be fostering my first kitten to date. I plan on doing it full time like you when I grow up and was inspired by you to do so if you do see this please respond I would love to talk to you!

    Golden Apple140Golden Apple140Year ago
  • I love how you rescue cats

    Ebany JonesEbany JonesYear ago
  • I have a 5 week old kitten that I saved it just about froze to death all of its siblings died in the process I was lucky to find this one still gasping for air now 2 days have past but now I'm having a hard time getting it to eat any suggestions

    Samantha HolcombSamantha HolcombYear ago
  • What is that little stupid things name

    Meggan PendryMeggan PendryYear ago
  • I’ve successfully raise some kittens that were most likely 4 days old to their current 3 weeks. I’m having a time weaning them. Is there anything to help them not walk through their food.?

    Sharon TreeSharon TreeYear ago
  • Baby Joshua is adorable

    Cecelia HillCecelia HillYear ago
  • I have four kittens...... How would i go about getting them adopted ? I,ll appreciate any help thanks !

    #Pakistani mom in US New orleans#Pakistani mom in US New orleansYear ago
  • My cat just had kittens

    Xx_cookies_xX UwUXx_cookies_xX UwUYear ago
  • What should I name my kitten please answer girl and boy names

    calendarnixenbff Rasmussencalendarnixenbff RasmussenYear ago
  • Excuse me but my moms friend found 7 kittens under her house and there not healthy there feet aren’t faced right and they need medical care so can you help them some how please??

    KittycatcowKittycatcowYear ago
  • I will send you a picture of them there's they all have twins so there's three groups of twins here's the picture

    Ry GreenRy GreenYear ago
  • so we found the cat few years ago she was pregnant so we have her and she had baby Shasta cats we don't know how old they are but we're planning on adopting five of them do you know anybody who would like a kitten what and where do you live like what state so cuz I like in Dothan Alabama so I just don't know how far we don't have to drive to get them to you

    Ry GreenRy GreenYear ago
  • So I could be on the Canon I found the cat few years ago and she was

    Ry GreenRy GreenYear ago
  • You need to fire your I.T. guy😋

    Leon EstelloLeon EstelloYear ago
    • That's considered assault and arson

      The Party's Here!!The Party's Here!!Year ago
  • You are so annoyin!!!!!

    Tracy monyelleTracy monyelleYear ago
  • Weigh

    DANNE GeorgeDANNE GeorgeYear ago
  • They way between 60 to 200 kg

    DANNE GeorgeDANNE GeorgeYear ago
  • Who will care for the babies while you are gone?

    DANNE GeorgeDANNE GeorgeYear ago
  • I have raised neonate pigs. I worked at the Pig unit at Cal Poly. The sows with hugh litters often had runts that needed help.

    DANNE GeorgeDANNE GeorgeYear ago
  • Are you keeping him

    DANNE GeorgeDANNE GeorgeYear ago

      Cecelia HillCecelia HillYear ago
  • Yep

    DANNE GeorgeDANNE GeorgeYear ago
  • Love love love him!! And you! 💗💗

    Natasha DankovichNatasha DankovichYear ago
  • OMG he is so sweetie pie

    Jennifer HigginbothamJennifer HigginbothamYear ago
  • I really really need your help I have a kitten that is one day old and her mother left her at birth there is no mother replacement milk in Qatar what can I do I really need your help

    Noora AlqahtaniNoora AlqahtaniYear ago
  • I got the cutest kitten ever

    Michelle Buchanan-LaingMichelle Buchanan-LaingYear ago
  • the pig look sooooo super cute

    Darcy :bDarcy :bYear ago
  • Why don't you keep him separated from your cats, like you would do with neonates? Is it because he is unstoppable anyway, or is it not dangerous for cats to be with a piglet with unknown health history, or what is the reason? 😘 😽 🐖

    Miss Behave's classMiss Behave's classYear ago
  • Hey kitty lady... I'm getting really scared about my cat gibbs... We've had him for awhile like he's probably older than six years but he's started getting scabs all over him. That and his neck doesn't look like it fits his body... on it theres as if he's wearing bracelets from ig hair falling out but if you look closer at those areas its just wounds... He's an inside cat... always has been. He's my baby. He used to never really like anyone besides me... my dad hated it, mom thought it was funny. He would just stay in my room and lay at a window sill... now he doesnt want in my room he doesnt want me holding him. I'm scared.

    KatieReiKatieReiYear ago
    • take him to the vet! nobody's gonna be able to tell you what his problem is without seeing him.

      KKYear ago
  • I need ur help please! I have a community of cats and a woman feeds the cats but when they have kittens she loves it! And one of the cats keeps having kittens and I found her kittens! Should I get the kittens and trap the mom and take them to a shelter?

    eelmobechillinneelmobechillinnYear ago
    • No no shelters unless YOU ARE SURE THEY HAVE A FOSTER HOME READY FOR A MOMMA AND BABIES. Keep momma cat and Kittens together When the kittens are 5 weeks start weaning them. When fully weaned off momma cat TNR her. Trap Netur return

      Tricia EustacheTricia Eustache7 months ago
  • Piggie!! what's his medical condition? Seems like he only suffers from cuteness ❤

    Charlotte HamiltonCharlotte HamiltonYear ago
    • He has a liver condition. He can't process animal protein, he passes out and can even die from it, so he only eats vegan smoothies

      Kasia MleczarskaKasia MleczarskaYear ago
  • Nice 👍

    Lamek MiresLamek MiresYear ago
  • joshua is so cute

    Rose O'NeillRose O'NeillYear ago
  • I saw you on cat from hell You were awesome

    ciearra Rollingciearra RollingYear ago
  • What a strange looking kitten 🙀😻~

    Marina SavicMarina SavicYear ago
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Katrin KreischKatrin KreischYear ago
    • That's because it's a porcupine

      The Party's Here!!The Party's Here!!Year ago
  • Not auto sinked

    Jessie HornsbyJessie HornsbyYear ago
  • I cried a lot and told my dad to bring a cat but he said no 😭

    Jarin OrinJarin OrinYear ago
    • Me to

      Meggan PendryMeggan PendryYear ago
  • Hi

    Crafter's FantasyCrafter's FantasyYear ago
  • its a good thing that your boyfriend loves animals as much as you do or things would suck big time for you. Any ways what did happen to the baby pigs mother? did she leave or is she dead? and I am very sorry for his brothers and sisters not living any more, I am ceasing that they died from a sick is and its so sad that he is the only one that sir fiend. Its a good thing that your looking after him and ones he is big I know that you will look for a forever home for him which you just said now.

    Freaky StoriesFreaky StoriesYear ago
  • So I need help, I want to adopt 1 or 2 kittens BUT I live in a small apartment and there’s no way for them to go outside if I don’t walk them in a leash and I really want them to be able to feel free and explore when they grow up. But I want to have cats so so bad I literally dream about cats all the time haha. Is there cats that would actually prefer to be inside or should I wait till I live in a house so they could be free more? but maybe I never will so that’s why I want it to work out anyways, but is that right? Heeelp

    Thea LiThea LiYear ago
  • I think he wants to suckle to fall asleep like a little baby :). Too cute!

    cindy jonescindy jonesYear ago
  • Shall we call you piglet lady now?

    Adam KahfiAdam KahfiYear ago
  • Oh yay it worked didn’t see that t worked again yay

    L i l i a n n aL i l i a n n aYear ago
  • Hi, Hannah I have just put a my 8 & 1/2 year old cat down this last Wednesday because her kidneys had failed and I have a friend who has a cat that needs a new home. I am wondering if it is too soon

    Michelle ShiltsMichelle ShiltsYear ago
  • Do cats need wet food ever day and what name brand do u use

    Brittany KhaderBrittany KhaderYear ago
  • That piglet is too cute.

    PrencePrenceYear ago
  • 32:16 That yawn is too much :3

    Lego KLego KYear ago
  • Hi I can’t tell how old a kitten is that I found she is very tiny and has a small belly plz help me

    Skylar CondoSkylar CondoYear ago
    • I did didn’t work

      Skylar CondoSkylar CondoYear ago
    • She has a guide on her website, try that! Good luck with your kitten

      tess ludkatess ludkaYear ago
  • 30:57 she said my question was cute :3

    Giselle JimenezGiselle JimenezYear ago
  • Hi, your piglet is so cute

    Chicken NuggetChicken NuggetYear ago
  • that piglet needs some toys o:

    Katie TKatie TYear ago
  • Is any bodies else's speaker laggy

    Marley SwannMarley SwannYear ago
  • DIsgusting taking him away from his mom

    tigerwoman484tigerwoman484Year ago
    • tigerwoman484 he was abandoned in a park with his liter-mates. He is the only one that survived.

      FelinefxFelinefxYear ago
  • I pre-ordered your tiny but mighty book last year when you first released it!! :D I can't wait for it to arrive .. and guess what! today I might be picking up two 10 wk old kittens with ringworm to foster. I've fostered non ringworm kittens before but there hasn't been much foster need at my local RSPCA lately (yay!) so i thought I thought i'd get in touch with another shelter organisation this morning and see if they wanted any help. I was nervous when they suggested some ringworm kittens but i just re-watched your two videos about helping ringworm kittens and now I'm just excited to help! I can do it! Just a few extra precautions I need to take! Thank you for being such a huge inspiration Hannah

    SandraSandraYear ago
  • Preordered both!

    Valerie BolejackValerie BolejackYear ago
  • The pig is so cute

    Hodon YassinHodon YassinYear ago
  • I couldn't be here because it was 5:00am and I was asleep 😩!

    Terra하은Terra하은Year ago
  • He is so adorable! Are you going to make a video about your experience with joshua or it will be just these two from the live?

    Pamela Cristina BussPamela Cristina BussYear ago
  • ❤❤❤❤. Thank you for saving that piglet and how to see you save more farm animals, I hope to see you have a animal sanctuary in the future. 33 years old and I will get one and I no idea about those two books. I wish I could get that poster.

    Jayne SixxJayne SixxYear ago

    Syeda JasminSyeda JasminYear ago

      Syeda JasminSyeda JasminYear ago
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  • OK

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  • I was late ;(

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  • Please take us on a tour of your tattoos.

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  • Love you Hannah, kitten lady!

    Celtickok1Celtickok1Year ago

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  • yayyyyy

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  • I am absolutely loving watching this sweet piglet 💘💘💘💘

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  • Hey click like on my comment if the sound is lagging

    Madison BirdMadison BirdYear ago
  • Omg that sweet piglet is so adorable! And sweet!! I've always wanted one, how is taking care of him/her? (BTW I can see you and hear you, a little lag on voice. I have Samsung galaxy s8 using wi-fi, video looks good too)

    Queen CarterQueen CarterYear ago
  • Joshua is adorable! Thanks for being so kind and caring to all animals

    Rosie SolyloRosie SolyloYear ago
  • Would you get any animal

    adiali a covaltadiali a covaltYear ago
    • She did mention a goat. Sje would love to foster a goat.

      Linda from SEA AT TULLLinda from SEA AT TULLYear ago
  • eniste turk mu yaa atletle dolasiyor evde 😀 we love you kitten lady 😍

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  • Noo

    crusty wolfcrusty wolfYear ago
  • Cute cute cute !!! ☺️👍

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  • it's not a kitty around you, is it? :)))

    Gennady MarchenkoGennady MarchenkoYear ago
  • Hi from Italy

    Carmen D.Carmen D.Year ago
  • Does your father know you have him

    Russell FarrellRussell FarrellYear ago
    • @Russell Farrell No worries, yeah you will gets some laughs

      Jayne SixxJayne SixxYear ago
    • @Jayne Sixx Thanks. I'll have to check it out.

      Russell FarrellRussell FarrellYear ago
    • @Russell Farrell Hi Michelle me too and Damn Yankees. David Lee Roth is on USworlds as well he does podcast on here if your interested.

      Jayne SixxJayne SixxYear ago
    • And my name is actually Michelle Farrell. Russell Farrell is my husband's name

      Russell FarrellRussell FarrellYear ago
    • @Jayne Sixx I know that. I am a big fan of his and the group STYX. But I do agree with you. He is rad.

      Russell FarrellRussell FarrellYear ago
  • What kind of pig is he?

    momo rosemomo roseYear ago
    • momo rose nobody knows

      Magic PigeonMagic PigeonYear ago
  • Are you live

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