LIVE: Caturday AMA...Piglet Edition?!

Apr 6, 2019
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Hi friends! Today I'm going LIVE with my new neonatal foster baby...Joshua the piglet! I'll be taking questions about rescue, fostering, kittens, piglets, and more. See you there!

  • Hey friends: I wrote a children's book! It's called Kitten Lady's Big Book of Little Kittens and you can pre-order it here:

    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • Kitten Lady What park was Theodore named after?

      B M-KB M-KYear ago

      Senay QuinnSenay QuinnYear ago

      Ghost Edits.mp4Ghost Edits.mp4Year ago
  • 4:57 I saw Coco

    Facepalmer ChaosFacepalmer Chaos9 months ago
  • I will never understand how anyone could eat such an intelligent, intuitive, and communicative animal.

    Miro DeLucaMiro DeLuca9 months ago
  • I’m sad for his siblings but I’m glad one could be saved

    Carly QuinnCarly QuinnYear ago
  • It's sad to think that the other piglets died because of what they were eating...

    miarremmiarremYear ago
  • The lip syncing and voicing are so off-sync that it's actually bothering me

    Multi-Gamer ChildMulti-Gamer ChildYear ago
    • Welcome to livestreams.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • Guys I can't see her live stream this is just a video

    LES_ _BEANSLES_ _BEANSYear ago
  • What park was Theodore named after?

    B M-KB M-KYear ago
  • We're do you get all those kittens♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

    Gachaxxxpatato## _savageGachaxxxpatato## _savageYear ago
  • My dads name is Joshua ;w;

    iiGachaFailureiiiiGachaFailureiiYear ago
  • My cousin is named Joshua and named Faith Josh

    Kimberly SmithKimberly SmithYear ago
  • where is Joshua now? Any more videos of him?

    Firuzeh GilderFiruzeh GilderYear ago
  • Ahhhhhh I want that pig

    SunneeeCat SunshineSunneeeCat SunshineYear ago
  • My goats are all rescues and they have waddles too. My hubby thinks it’s funny to tell people that they are their bollocks... it’s hillarious cuz they’re all girls. Just wondering how you got a Kuni kuni in California? Funny cuz I was born in CA and now live in New Zealand.

    WAC VeteranWAC VeteranYear ago
    • We have all sorts of breeds of livestock in America. My mom actually used to live on a farm where they raised show pigs and cows. However, this was in the Southern part of the U.S where pigs are more abundant. I have no clue about California, but someone's pet may have gotten out and given birth.

      Can I Get a Doki-DokiCan I Get a Doki-DokiYear ago
  • Today I’m getting a rescue cat her name is sally

    Marie WesselsMarie WesselsYear ago
  • I love you

    Taittum Michelle BainTaittum Michelle BainYear ago
  • To me a baby is a baby and it does not matter what kind of baby animal you are caring for loving it and being such a beautiful wonderful mommy you are to each and every one of those beautiful babies.. Awe he is so cute.. This is so beautiful..

    Michelle SotoMichelle SotoYear ago
  • Never mind I’m question was answered

    Tristan KarnaghonTristan KarnaghonYear ago
  • Do you have Josh still or is he in a different house right now?

    Tristan KarnaghonTristan KarnaghonYear ago
  • Coco looks different here

    HepiHepiYear ago
  • What a cute little piglet!

    Alice BAlice BYear ago
  • Watching Joshua's interaction with you is a real testament to the care and love you put into caring for him. Keep on doing the wonderful things that you do.

    Amy LinamAmy LinamYear ago
  • What an odd looking cat

    * Corypaws ** Corypaws *Year ago
  • This is why I'm Vegan. Ugh what a precious little guy. I wish him the best!

    NateNateYear ago
    • Courteous Geranium I’m vegetarian...sorry I cant live without cheese, but I try to go on vegan diets. I also encourage those who won’t agree to only eat stainable meats. I still would never agree to eating meat again because ever since I realized I was eating off a living creature, once was roaming the earth and had food of its own, sickened me, the thought of eating a innocent corpse. Thank uuuuu for being an amazing person to all creatures

      SunneeeCat SunshineSunneeeCat SunshineYear ago
  • Adorable 😍

    amq equestrianamq equestrianYear ago
  • Omg need a pigggggg 🐖

    The twins twins JonesThe twins twins JonesYear ago
  • Avocados aren't vegan. Animals die, because the plants need so much water that even rivers or lakes are dried out to water avocados. They only grow in hot areas. And they are too dry.

    Feed my soul - With loveFeed my soul - With loveYear ago
  • Is it st me or does every time she do a live video her lips are off

    Jessica DuehringJessica DuehringYear ago
  • Check his he aspirating? Doesn't moms milk come out much slower?

    Tamara KennedyTamara KennedyYear ago
  • Why is he still fainting?

    Tamara KennedyTamara KennedyYear ago
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    Tamara KennedyTamara KennedyYear ago
  • I'm curious why you had to create these smoothies. My younger son was having trouble with breast milk when he was tiny. I switched to formula, and he was probably worse, so I took him to my pediatrician, and he prescribed soy formula -- Isomil, if I recall -- it's a long time ago. Couldn't you have tried something like that? My son didn't do well on solid foods, either, for a long time, allergic reactions, but he thrived on soy formula.

    Nancy WalpoleNancy WalpoleYear ago
  • Very cute. I hope he makes it.

    Vanessa GVanessa GYear ago
  • A vegan pig!!!!!!!! THATS AMAZING!!!!!!!

    Family SmithFamily SmithYear ago
  • Hi! I missed the livestream, sorry😔 That piglet is absolutely precious ❤

    Jennifer LovingJennifer LovingYear ago
  • Hi And you have pets in cute little pigee

    Aussie Trains VlogsAussie Trains VlogsYear ago
  • Hi cat 10

    Aussie Trains VlogsAussie Trains VlogsYear ago
  • Hi

    Aussie Trains VlogsAussie Trains VlogsYear ago
  • Omg I want him He’s to cute

    lilly burbinelilly burbineYear ago
  • There’s a delay in your voice

    Kelley ColvinKelley ColvinYear ago
  • I need some piggy and kitten crossover! Your black kitty looks at him like "ugliest kitten I ever seen" >.

    Rachel RecyclesRachel RecyclesYear ago
  • ❤️

    Maggie HeaMaggie HeaYear ago
  • That piglet is the cutest ever, and seems so happy and excited about life 😍 crossing my fingers for his survival

    ElenaElenaYear ago
  • If you have or want a piglet like. Please my question is his the colour of his eye

    Gacha WolfyGacha WolfyYear ago
  • Hannah...You're just like Fern and Wilbur from Charlotte's Web. Piglet sure loves his feed. Love how he butts your hand as you are using the mouse.."never mind those Chat people...I want my bottle ! " 🐷👍❤️

    Canuckmom1958Canuckmom1958Year ago
  • You have a pigtshirt

    Madeleine NewtonMadeleine NewtonYear ago
  • So sweet! I can’t believe I used to eat meat. These are precious babies. Friends not food ❤️

    Renee ReneeRenee ReneeYear ago
  • How does he get along with the cats?

    Black Siberian cat KittyBlack Siberian cat KittyYear ago
  • You are so great with animals

    Black Siberian cat KittyBlack Siberian cat KittyYear ago
  • he’s so beautiful an god bless i’m so sorry for you’re babies brother :( i hope joshua will be ok

    amber child'samber child'sYear ago
  • please can u do asmr i’m deaf an i’d really enjoy a listen to the snuffling

    amber child'samber child'sYear ago
  • aww so sweet

    amber child'samber child'sYear ago
  • Aww! Ur the best!

    iiiLxvelyii iiiiLxvelyii iYear ago
  • what did the cats think about your new patient.

    John ScanlonJohn ScanlonYear ago
  • The voice.editing is not good

    Just OrdinaryJust OrdinaryYear ago
  • The little guy running around putting on his hat and mustache.That cracked me up.

    Malinda RoseMalinda RoseYear ago
  • My human Mom has liver disease. She know how what he is going through.

    Kirara And FamilyKirara And FamilyYear ago
  • I wish more rentals in Missouri would let people have pigs.

    Kirara And FamilyKirara And FamilyYear ago
  • Im a big fan

    kk's lifekk's lifeYear ago
  • Omg kitten lady!

    kk's lifekk's lifeYear ago
  • Oh, he is a little cutie pie.

    barbee0715barbee0715Year ago
  • I am watching your video with my foster cat and she is totally fascinated with Joshua. She is purring and flopping over and trying to touch him. :)

    Throne GameThrone GameYear ago
  • what triggered you to foster him?

    Pandoraworld11Pandoraworld11Year ago
  • Piggy!!!!!😂😂wait is he gonna grow?

    Arielle ToastArielle ToastYear ago
  • Did you litter train him? I know Boochases spoke of it....

    Cici KoenigCici KoenigYear ago
  • You've probably alreay done this, but have you tried reaching out to your local zoos? Many zoos have hogs of some kind, and their priorities are closer to yours than the farmers. Or even try the natural history meuseums as they might just have a mammal expert visiting or on staff.

    Si Ian TanSi Ian TanYear ago
  • Joshua sucks your fingers as he would his mom's teats! I hope he will survive under your foster care. He is darling.

    iris giris gYear ago
  • I do feel sorry for him and its so sad that he and his Brothers and Sisters where dump in a park by a mean master who Jaden have had a pet at all and charily jade be in jail for animal cruelly. I do hope that one day these person or people that did that will be code one day and will go to jail for it and when they do they will never be aloud a pet never again because there way to horrible to have one let a lone any more pets.

    Freaky StoriesFreaky StoriesYear ago
  • My name is Joshua. Watching this video was w e i r d (But pray for that lil baby, he's so freaking cute ❤❤)

    DatokiDatokiYear ago
  • O me gawd i love pigs joshua is so cute i love i need to get a pet pig

    Kãýłêîğh greedKãýłêîğh greedYear ago
  • How adorable. A little piglet. Dr. Rachael was very perceptive in creating a special formula for the baby. Do many piglets have problems with digesting regular food?

    Diane CarterDiane CarterYear ago
  • 4 freakin’ notifications

    Just another Gacha personJust another Gacha personYear ago
  • Josh is my dream boy

    78deathface78deathfaceYear ago
  • Thank you for being the loving angle you are to newborns, and for sharing your talents.

    Karen HublerKaren HublerYear ago
  • I have a pig phobia but they r cute but I still don't like them

    duaduaYear ago
  • He looks so cute when he walks! He is so so precious!

    Marleny PirieMarleny PirieYear ago
  • Aaaaaaaaaa. Pigs are my fave animal

    Laya OsrinLaya OsrinYear ago
  • I could tell because his tail wasn't chopped off, does he still have his teeth?, I didn't know about the waddle part.

    Jayne SixxJayne SixxYear ago
  • so cute!!!

    Ella HuntElla HuntYear ago
  • So cute!

    tac0cat828 Youtubetac0cat828 YoutubeYear ago
  • I love you!!! You are a big heart. You inspire me!!!!

    OliWood North **Yep, a girl in a 911 Turbo S**OliWood North **Yep, a girl in a 911 Turbo S**Year ago
  • O m g and here comes Coco lol

    C CarrC CarrYear ago
  • Aww. He is sooo cute!

    EliKoenCakanicEliKoenCakanicYear ago
  • Oh it ended so quickly! I wanted more haha

    Rachael ShannonRachael ShannonYear ago
  • Oh my god Yeay!!!! I love you kitten lady! Your my idol! I rescue and go trapping, foster, adoption coordinator, you name it! And that is all thanks to you! 💝 ... I guess I have to go to little piggies too 🙈

    Jaclyn BlumenthalJaclyn BlumenthalYear ago
  • If the piggy starts meowing then its time to start worrying.

    Andrew MurphyAndrew MurphyYear ago
  • That is a strange looking kitten.

    Andrew MurphyAndrew MurphyYear ago
  • Saw the thumbnail without reading the title and thought “well that’s a weird looking kitten”

    CassandraCassandraYear ago
  • Wonder if Kate Farms would work for him. It’s for humans with a similar condition.

    carschmncarschmnYear ago
  • omg aww

    zalpawee humanzalpawee humanYear ago
  • Hahaha cute baby 😻😻💙

    Manuel FelixManuel FelixYear ago
  • That is a weird looking dog you've got

    Batty BattenbergBatty BattenbergYear ago
    • Hahahahahhahahah. That got me.

      Neela HuttonNeela HuttonYear ago
    • Emma Bergenberg haha

      Firefist2004Firefist2004Year ago
  • What kind of pig is that?

    Rena ShipleyRena ShipleyYear ago
  • Sound is off lol

    DaughterOfGodAlwaysDaughterOfGodAlwaysYear ago
  • They are intelligent and manipulative so the different pig ruse is totally plausible.

    Origami and CatsOrigami and CatsYear ago
    • That's the sweetest, most adorable manipulation ever!

      mandie0423mandie0423Year ago
  • He's sooooooooo cute.

    Origami and CatsOrigami and CatsYear ago
  • U r the best!

    Kim PettigrassKim PettigrassYear ago
  • Can you do another video of your cats

    Maddie KingMaddie KingYear ago
  • More tiny piggies please ..

    J LeonardJ LeonardYear ago
  • I have no subscribers

    schleich horsesschleich horsesYear ago