Mama Cat: FOUND! Reuniting orphan kittens with mama (first 4 days together.)

Aug 25, 2020
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When these kittens first arrived, they had NO mom and were covered in fly eggs and fleas. You can watch my first video with them here: Needless to say, it's pretty awesome to see them all cleaned up & cared for by their mama.
Brillig, Wabe, Mimsy, Callooh and Callay were thought to be orphans...but then their feral mama was found! In this video, you can see their reunion & their first four days together. Have questions? Don't worry -- I'm making a COMPLETE VIDEO GUIDE to caring for a feral mama with babies -- so keep an eye out and I will upload it soon.
Click here to watch my video about why some cats are FERAL:

  • I like it how she uses a spatula to get the babies out

    Qasih IllhamiQasih Illhami12 hours ago
  • How is that mama cat so CALM?!

    Toilet PaperToilet PaperDay ago
  • You are a very loving mom but not the real cat mom 😅🙂

    Patel mahiPatel mahiDay ago
  • The names of the kittens were taken from Lewis Carroll's 'Jabberwocky'😍❤

    Meghna GuchaitMeghna Guchait2 days ago
  • Hannah you do and have always done amazing work

    v a sv a s4 days ago
  • Oooh....that look or stare down she gives you from the cage at the beginning 😂

    weirdgirl 74!weirdgirl 74!4 days ago
  • The mama cat was probably sore from her surgery at first.

    Valerie RValerie R7 days ago
  • When a little baby cats when meowing it was so cute

    Rose MannRose Mann8 days ago
  • She used a spatula to lift the babies! I can’t! 🤣

    Miss StorytellerMiss Storyteller8 days ago
  • I think she is traumatized. 😪She is so scared😟 And you are so kind and patient. Wonderful 🤗❤️❤️❤️

    catrina katarinacatrina katarina9 days ago
  • You are Awesome Girl!!!😻

  • Your cat. Tattoo oh your hand is beautiful.

    For the love of Pit bullsFor the love of Pit bulls14 days ago
  • You put a family together, thank you.

    Jean-Marc FeldmanJean-Marc Feldman14 days ago
  • "You aren't gonna feed your babies mama?" Mentally Angry Cat Mama:*JESUS CHRIST I JUST STEPPED IN MY OWN CRAP*

    Scarlétto FindleyScarlétto Findley16 days ago
  • You have a very big heart. Hugs and high fives from Long Island, NY. (Yes, I've two cats.)

    Gerald's VideosGerald's Videos16 days ago
  • Awwwwww🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺soooo cute

    Lian PerezLian Perez19 days ago
  • The cat mom is all like nope this are my babies not yours get your own

    AlexAlex21 day ago
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    nuher kafinuher kafi22 days ago
  • I get that including music is done to make it more emotionable, but I doubt it was necessary.

    RainNBloodRainNBlood23 days ago

  • How do you know those are her kittens? Don't fault her for not taking in strange kittens.

    Sean OrwinSean Orwin25 days ago
  • Please stop eating meat and dairy.

    Rich AnotherRich Another25 days ago
  • That poor cat. Wish they had postponed the spay when they saw she was lactating. Surgery and relocation is way too much at once.

    Anon ZAnon Z26 days ago
  • a mãe gato está zangado

    Joelma De Jesus luzJoelma De Jesus luz26 days ago
  • Bless your heart ❤ The spatella made me giggle 😊

    Sorcha de AdairSorcha de Adair26 days ago
  • "Hi!" *hiss* "Okay! 😊"

    Bryanna BBryanna B26 days ago
  • น่ารักมาก ใช้ตะหลิวตักด้วย

    chanikarn chatmaschanikarn chatmas26 days ago
  • What is that string ?

    Capman 11Capman 1127 days ago
    • Umbilical cord

      Whitney MohrhauserWhitney Mohrhauser12 days ago
  • a mãe gato não está feliz

    Joelma De Jesus luzJoelma De Jesus luz28 days ago
  • Can someone tell me what's the name of the music 🎶 🎵 🎶

    Jennifer DonathJennifer Donath29 days ago
  • It made me so happy when you used a spatula to grab the babies lol

    GachaGinaGachaGinaMonth ago
  • I love the way that she has to use a spatula to move the babies

    Rossa GRossa GMonth ago
  • I just gonna subscribe because you used a cooking tool to scoop up the kittens. 😂

    peace , 21peace , 21Month ago
  • i think in the cats mind she is saying in yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Christine AugaChristine AugaMonth ago
  • What is that black string type thingy on the baby kittens?

    Shreya SoniShreya SoniMonth ago
    • Umbilical cord

      Whitney MohrhauserWhitney Mohrhauser12 days ago
  • Maybe she's not the mother and her babies are still out there

    Mayita MayoMayita MayoMonth ago
  • 4:42 the cats be like : Im flying!! mama help us!

    Yasmina AlTuborYasmina AlTuborMonth ago
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    loverofthearts222loverofthearts222Month ago
  • Hi, please advice: A mother cat lost one of their 3 months old kittens at streets, 3 days later i found it, i tried to reintroduce it to the mother but the mother didnt accept it..probably one of the reasons is that the kitten was loaded with smell of another cat (i know that cuz ive seen it with another mother cat). Would you think that she will accept it back?

    Rs OverdeadRs OverdeadMonth ago
  • day 1: i have been abducted from my home and these tiny things are all over me i fear that i may lose control.

    Sara FranchittiSara FranchittiMonth ago
  • She just had a hysterectomy so give her a break

    Angela CassellAngela CassellMonth ago
  • This was posted on my birth day!!!!! AHHHH!!! Also, Poor babies in the last video.

    Camryn GriffithsCamryn GriffithsMonth ago
  • The spatula 😂😂😂

    Miška VlčejováMiška VlčejováMonth ago
  • When my adopted feral mamma had to have kittenes removed because she couldn't deliver, it took her over 24 hrs to get past that catatonic state before she would nurse them.

    Elsa JonesElsa JonesMonth ago
  • One thing interesting about cat colonies, is that kittens will nurse on female cats that aren't their biological mother. Often female cats will share caring for the kittens. Male kittens get kicked out of the group once they reach mating maturity, and most cat colonies are small groups of females and their kittens. Males will be near the lady land haha, but will be aggressively pushed away if they come to closely, unless the females are in season.

    Bella And The BuddiesBella And The BuddiesMonth ago
  • Mama TumTum: I have never seen these kittens before in my life

    kkmadi1kkmadi1Month ago
  • i think she is waiting for all of them

    Mailla SarverMailla SarverMonth ago
  • Cat momma has signs of sporo. Please do get her checked.

    andrewhtfandrewhtfMonth ago
    • Bit late for that.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • Omgosh I’m dying 🙀🙀but that spatula !!!! Lol KITTEN TRANSPORT SYSTEM! Lol kitten lady I think you could start a market there for your own self designed kitten scooper YES!! With your smiling face on the end ! Perfect 👌 what kitten wouldn’t want to be transport back and forth from scared feral queen mama to scale and back by your beautiful flying face!!!!! 😹😹😹😹😹😹 LOL!!!

    Anna SAnna SMonth ago
  • Mama cat: “Let’s be clear about this: you can’t touch them, but if you get them with that long, scary thing it’s ok. Are we clear?”

    MrGilRolandMrGilRolandMonth ago
  • The mama has flees so u need to flee her I had I look and I noticed x

    Tia-alicia TownendTia-alicia TownendMonth ago
    • Mama was treated for flees when she was spayed before being reunited with her babies. Hannah didn't have any flee problems with her.

      KelseyKelseyMonth ago
  • I found a kitten in a parking lot 3 days ago... its 2 to 3 weeks old... taking the bottle well and pottys with help. My problem is it was soooooo ridden with fleas I can not get it clean it's so sandy ...ALL OVER.. tips ????

    Jennie OakleyJennie OakleyMonth ago
  • Such a touching and inspiring video. Mama is feeding the babies well and seems to be bonding. Praise the LORD!

    Wanda GouldWanda GouldMonth ago
  • Can you tell me where you live because I really want one I live in Michigan

    Amanda DrerupAmanda DrerupMonth ago
    • She loves in San Diego and only adopts to people who live within 6 hours of driving from her

      KelseyKelseyMonth ago
  • Is it the mama

    Boitshoko Promise GrootboomBoitshoko Promise GrootboomMonth ago
  • let me give you a baby💍🥰😊

    Miquelito CoskunMiquelito CoskunMonth ago
  • Kitten lady got some balls that cat was PISSED!

    The Jam and BerriesThe Jam and BerriesMonth ago
  • Did you say she was spayed?

    Margaret HughesMargaret HughesMonth ago
    • Yes, she was spayed before she was reunited with her babies.

      KelseyKelseyMonth ago
  • Aaawww you did such a nice job !

    lil siren gamerlil siren gamerMonth ago
  • God bless all animal lovers amen

    Human BeingHuman BeingMonth ago
  • 4:27 It's a Catty Patty 😂

    Kristin KingKristin KingMonth ago
  • i think the mommas latino

    emoriemoriMonth ago
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    darkØ playz games!darkØ playz games!Month ago
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    Abd errhman RozkiAbd errhman RozkiMonth ago
  • okay so this cat mama is their ACTUAL mommy????

    NikiNikiMonth ago
  • Soo cute

    Djombo BarrieDjombo BarrieMonth ago
  • Hi

    Djombo BarrieDjombo BarrieMonth ago
  • Feral to mild please?

    Rēgïnäld CøpperBøttømRēgïnäld CøpperBøttømMonth ago
    • No

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • the human sized poop oh my godd

    eva teva tMonth ago
  • Totally love the spatula method! 😂

    L NL NMonth ago
  • just made you wanna cry when they were covered in flea eggs >-

    Reese MonroeReese MonroeMonth ago
  • The kittens on the spatula is like me trying to lift a pancake off the pan

    One piece StuffOne piece StuffMonth ago
  • *transporting the baby kitties with a spatula* *w h o l e s o m e*

    Berry & SydBerry & SydMonth ago
  • If a cat this is at their babies then the kittens are not hers. I have rescued a lot of kittens and tested all of them with other cat moms.

    Gacha wolfGacha wolfMonth ago
    • They are her babies. Mama Tumtum had just gotten out of surgery and was also terrified of Hannah which is why she's acting that way. Once Hannah was out of the room she was way more relaxed and was affectionate and motherly with her babies.

      KelseyKelseyMonth ago
  • Kittens are the most beautiful creatures

    XxfgjtXxfgjtMonth ago
  • I can't handle the cuteness. Nature is so beautiful

    XxfgjtXxfgjtMonth ago
  • I'm an alcoholic that lives with a great cat. The other morning I saw a tiny bird in my garden, it was magical and I was sober at the time. I hope it wasn't God trying to help me.

    Rooster ThembonesRooster ThembonesMonth ago
  • Play battle cats!

    KillerplaysKillerplaysMonth ago
  • I can tell by looking they're hers

    Latifah GordeevaLatifah GordeevaMonth ago
  • Awwwww

    Latifah GordeevaLatifah GordeevaMonth ago
  • Thank GOODNESS for Kitten Lady!!! This is so important and so wonderful! She has to be one of the BEST people in the World!! This is a TON of hard work, but to her, I know it's worth it.

    Mike SMike SMonth ago

    {} Irinah gacha cøøkie {}{} Irinah gacha cøøkie {}Month ago
  • 4:21 the mama cat:please stop thouching my children whit your grab thingy you bird brain

    AnnieAnnieMonth ago
  • LOL You are so cute! The kitten spatula is an amazing idea! Isn't momma's ear tipped? or maybe she just is roughed up.

    Tenerife CatsTenerife CatsMonth ago
    • She was spayed and eartipped before she was reunited with her babies.

      KelseyKelseyMonth ago
  • People that love animals are gud people they need to go to heaven.

    Aranranamn2020 PlayzAranranamn2020 PlayzMonth ago
  • OMG the white kitten at the end of the video is ADORABLE!!!

    Kitten GirlKitten GirlMonth ago
  • Its soooo cute 😍😍😘😘💕💕❤❤😭I want one

    Suma VinodSuma VinodMonth ago
  • Never did see her showing any affection to them or even remotely trying to clean them and cut off that umbilical cord😥

    dcwatashidcwatashiMonth ago
    • @57 Year Old James Bond The mother cat, I was talking about the mother cat not the lady who was taking care of her.

      dcwatashidcwatashiMonth ago
    • Why would she cut off the umbilical cord?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
    • @Kelsey no I don't follow anyone on Instagram right now I have a cat with chronic kidney disease so I am feeding him every 2 hours plus I have to give him subcutaneous fluids so I really don't have too much time to peruse Instagram Good to know that the mama cat did show affection

      dcwatashidcwatashiMonth ago
    • Do you follow Hannah on Instagram? She posted quite a few videos and photos of mama being affectionate with her babies. She just did it when Hannah wasn't around.

      KelseyKelseyMonth ago
  • that poor mama cat is in shock! Maybe a day to let her get used to the habitat before dropping the kits on her... poor thing

    Robert MaybethRobert MaybethMonth ago
  • Damn! Kittylady is so brave!

    Toni AguilarToni AguilarMonth ago
  • Awwwwwwww

  • i love you and your work maybe one day ill turn out like you! God bless you

    Lillian GodseyLillian GodseyMonth ago
  • Love the spatula trick!!!

    Samantha VessioSamantha VessioMonth ago
  • It's so amazing how dedicated you are to making sure everyone's happy in the situation. Finally, someone who gets why I need all of the kittens I see (hi, Mom) everywhere.

    BelleBelleMonth ago
  • sad

    Yareli TorresYareli TorresMonth ago
  • You are such a great person god bless you have a great day bye

    Maryam HajjajMaryam HajjajMonth ago
  • When the cat started hissing lmao

    SmxleySmxleyMonth ago
  • Mama cat looks a little like my cat Seal. I'm glad she's gotten good care. Hopefully when she returns to the colony she'll be able to take good care of herself, now that she doesn't have to worry about having anymore babies.

    RockerCatErrorEncountered 404RockerCatErrorEncountered 404Month ago
  • I'm crying of happyness this is to cute TwT I'm glad thats her baby's TwT like if your crying of the cuteness

    Chloé_plays Chlorine B O B AChloé_plays Chlorine B O B AMonth ago
  • what is that black string from the baby kittens??? and it looks dryed out :P

    Callia SillasCallia SillasMonth ago
    • I believe it's the umbilical cord

      RockerCatErrorEncountered 404RockerCatErrorEncountered 404Month ago