Meet the Cat Heroes of Puerto Rico!

Feb 8, 2020
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Click here to grab a limited edition shirt to support cat rescue efforts in Puerto Rico:
Donate to Cats of Necromancy here:
Donate to Santuario de Animales here:
Donate to Our Big Fat Caribbean Rescue here:
Donate to Save a Gato here:

  • Click here to grab a limited edition shirt to support cat rescue efforts in Puerto Rico: Donate to Cats of Necromancy here: Donate to Santuario de Animales here: Donate to Our Big Fat Caribbean Rescue here: Donate to Save a Gato here:

    Kitten LadyKitten Lady8 months ago
    • If u need me to start a go fund me account for them let me know. I’m in Nj.

      Video WavesVideo Waves3 months ago
    • I want a men's Puerto Rican cat rescue shirt :(

      B. J.B. J.5 months ago
    • @Misty Windmaker Those shelter do not have the funds to buy equipment for creating them.

      1caramarie1caramarie8 months ago
    • @Heather Ketchum Vieques is a separate island. Rio Piedras is part of the metro area but you would have to take a bus or taxi. The third is not too far.

      1caramarie1caramarie8 months ago
    • Thank u to all those helping the furry little residents of Purr-to Rico! I hope Save a Gato becomes the vanguard of an unstoppable grass roots movement towards a much brighter future for the cats of the islands.

      atheodora lastnameatheodora lastname8 months ago
  • As a proud Puerto Rican I'm proud of all the people helping all the animals. I just rescued a baby kitten. She has so many problems but I'm giving her all the love and care to see her survive. This video makes me cry, not just because of what these animals are going through. But for my family that live in PR. I thank you for going there and showing the world what my beautiful island is going through. Bless your heart.

    leslie ortizleslie ortizMonth ago
  • Necesito refujio gris la gata parió a noche vivo en corozal mana corozal puerto rico

    Yesenia RiveraYesenia RiveraMonth ago
  • thanks for the info

    babeez12babeez123 months ago
  • It's so sad with all the millionaires that live there and do not pay taxes and let's not talk about the government. I was born in NYC but my heart is always in Puerto Rico and I pray so hard that it goes back to being the number one enchanted Island. Thank you for your honesty and the love you have for Puerto Rico.

    Edwin Torres-GonzalezEdwin Torres-Gonzalez4 months ago
  • My cousins mom is one of those volunteers that helped send the shelter animals to the states to adopt. I will be getting married in old San Juan next year and will be planning on adopting one of those rescue kittens. A wedding present to me. ♥️

    Nameless VoiceNameless Voice4 months ago
  • I have been to save a Gato for vacation, my parents new how much I love cats and brought me there as a surprise. I loved all the friendly cats and kittens there.

    K PaigeK Paige4 months ago
  • Almost crying. Dear people and dear animals 🙏 Sending strenght from Sweden. We just got a new law that every cat that are alowed outside must be castrated. There is not a vig issue of roaming dogs and vara in Sweden. But one animal suffering is enough. We also adopt a lot of dogs from Spain and Romania via programs.

    Emma KlingEmma Kling4 months ago
  • Another reason to support Necromancy Cosmetics

    Satan's ButtholeSatan's Butthole4 months ago
  • I love cats and I really want to adopt one but my dad is allergic so we can’t get any so that sucks

    Veronica BrunoVeronica Bruno4 months ago
  • i’m getting my puppy from puerto rico and now after watching this video it made me feel so happy that i can help more

    Julianna PattersonJulianna Patterson5 months ago
  • I have a lot of family members living there and my grandfather took in a feral kitten there after he followed him home, he lives around the yard and I play with him using some leaves that are on sticks, unfortunately I didn't find your channel before going there so I couldn't try to socialize him more but he's comfortable enough around people to not try to run from any one.

    MagentialiceMagentialice5 months ago
  • I live in Puerto Rico and I never thought you would visit there!!! I rescue kittens too!!!

    Antonio Muniz MartinezAntonio Muniz Martinez5 months ago
  • I live there!!!!

    Antonio Muniz MartinezAntonio Muniz Martinez5 months ago
  • Thank you

    MagnoliaMagnolia5 months ago
  • Im against spaying/neutering, if everyone spays/neuters their pets they would go extinct, and also i found people that are also against

    Tinyloverblaze292 MeowTinyloverblaze292 Meow5 months ago
  • Thank you for coming to Puerto Rico and raise the voice to help the cats and rescuers. I’ve been a dog person all my life until a year and a half I ago when cat appeared with her kittens at home, she disappeared but 2 of them stayed. I haven’t been able to neuter them cause I’m 24/7 taking care my bedridden mom and now they each had a kitten. I had no idea how to take care of kittens but thanks to your videos I have learned a lot. Hopefully I’ll be able to neuter all of them as soon all this craziness of Covid-19 calms down.

    Loyda RodriguezLoyda Rodriguez5 months ago
  • Such a beautiful video

    Nadia ANadia A6 months ago
  • It is our responsibilty to help these cats we as humans domesticated them.

    Griffith WilliamsGriffith Williams6 months ago
  • A big thankyou to the lovely people of puerto rico, who are doing their best with limited resources.

    Griffith WilliamsGriffith Williams6 months ago
  • kitten lady you make my day when im sad. 2019 my cat casper had kidney failier so we had no choice but to put him down. that was in march i will never forget him. thank you kitten lady for making videos that make your fans so happy .i love every single video that you do. for some paticular reason march and november are the worst months ever

    Kids TiversKids Tivers6 months ago
  • Thank you for your videos! I rescued 4 orphaned kittens (mysteriously found them next to a plastic bag near my house in Puerto Rico) and your videos have been of great help.

    Melody SantoniMelody Santoni6 months ago
  • My dad rescued a orange kitten like uhhhhhh 3-4 month old i think and he adopted him and the kitten is named ginger bread

    Ken LongeKen Longe6 months ago
  • I live in Puerto Rico.........

    Ken LongeKen Longe6 months ago
  • Bruh I live in PR

  • I've always loved Necromancy's lipsticks, they're vegan and cruelty free but I love them even more knowing they do this too

    Erica solorioErica solorio6 months ago
  • Oh my God I have to go everywhere you go

    Inaru SantiagoInaru Santiago7 months ago
    • Oops

      Inaru SantiagoInaru Santiago7 months ago
  • It seems that those who have little themselves are those who are most generous in helping others. It's always the same pattern. Makes you think. I love those "KL International" videos that show how different countries deal with and support their cat population ... so entertaining and educational. That "food bomb" is pure genius.

    Gaius 1968Gaius 19687 months ago
  • I live in puerto rico well i was born there and i surely have never seen that before i feel bad for the cats, but still i love the people who do this stuff for i appreciate everything and all the help for my little island :)

    Jessielys Ortiz M.Jessielys Ortiz M.7 months ago
  • My auntie abandoned 3 baby cats whiteout their mother in the street, She abandoned a pregnant cat that needed help and she wants to abandon the other 3 cats that are left What should i do? I am from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

    Yahir Alejandro Fabre RubioYahir Alejandro Fabre Rubio7 months ago
  • You should’ve gone to the many burger kings in rio piedras there’s one where I live and it is basically a home for the cats

    Kimberly TimberlyKimberly Timberly7 months ago
  • am i the only person that saw the lizard at 3:39?

    You Bake My BeansYou Bake My Beans7 months ago
  • Yes for shining a light in Puerto Rico we need help here please send the aspca to help with dogs

    Alezandra DavilaAlezandra Davila7 months ago
  • I live there !!!

    Sugaar DreamzSugaar Dreamz7 months ago
  • Puerto Rican here! Thank you for this :)

    aleprblaaleprbla7 months ago
  • I’m from Ponce,Puerto Rico :P

    gen does gachagen does gacha7 months ago
  • My home and Puerto Rico is really pretty

    Ibui #9011Ibui #90117 months ago
  • If I didn't have issues travelling because of my ears I would volunteer for this in a heartbeat.

    gracefulgraciegracefulgracie7 months ago
  • Hope yall didn't spay amd neuter all the cats

    Tinyloverblaze292 MeowTinyloverblaze292 Meow7 months ago
  • What a coincidence. I live in PR and around this time me and my mom saved the cutest little kitten called Dana.

    Ali LordOfTheSkiesAli LordOfTheSkies7 months ago
  • Omg thank u for doing this. There r soooo many gatitos out in the street without a home and living in terrible conditions.

    Ela RaniEla Rani7 months ago
  • Please please please look into helping “Kitten is a Life”. I’m subscribed to them just like I’m subscribed to you, and for the same reasons. Although your channel shows an almost glamorous side to rescuing these babies, “Kitten is a Life” channel seems to show a much darker future for their babies as such. I’ve watched a few of their videos in which they state there in no Veterinarian in their town and have to wait perhaps several weeks. I’m almost crying every week when I watch “Kitten is a Life” videos :( I am “owned” by 2 rescue babies brothers...1 has CH. I’m thrilled that they are my besties! AND I do want to let you know that I’m absolutely tied to your channel, esp on IG. Thank you sooo much for helping these babies! I don’t know what I would do today without Oliver and Ivan!!!

    Dee MeDee Me7 months ago
  • =

    leafyemleafyem8 months ago
  • :O Puerto Rico is the best! :)

    *_ Rook _**_ Rook _*8 months ago
  • We must not TNR all of the cats there must be cats left to breed so that the cats do not die out or we think we are doing good but we are doing more bad

    Neala NelNeala Nel8 months ago
    • We aren't going to neuter all cats. That would be impossible

      A Random PersonA Random Person8 months ago
  • What awesome people!! It just takes a few good people to make a big difference, super awesome to see this!

    JossuJossu8 months ago
  • These people are the sweetest!

    C SalazarC Salazar8 months ago
  • ... that feeling you get when you see a cat that looks like one of your own.. :( Thank you for raising awareness and helping around the world. Kitten Lady is a super hero.

    Sushi and RuntSushi and Runt8 months ago
  • If I got a cat from Puerto Rico I would name him/her Subanear.

    Xiko GalicoXiko Galico8 months ago
  • People who take care of animals are true heros. 💚

    Nameless GraceNameless Grace8 months ago
  • Aww would love to see a video of those foster kittens you brought back with you!

    NatNat8 months ago
  • Thank you so much for all your help! For spreading the word. You are truly a beautiful human 💚

    Sheiel TorresSheiel Torres8 months ago
  • I would not buy any products from that store as witches and Satanists put spells on them.

    DestroyNWODestroyNWO8 months ago
  • So proud of my country right now. Sharing this to spread the word

    PourPour8 months ago
  • Thank you for this and all the amazing cat rescuers of Puerto Rico.

    Diane GambleDiane Gamble8 months ago
  • Glad to see some countries taking action and bringing joy to animals who otherwise would be suffering in the streets. I'm glad she mentioned you as an aspiration and i hope that. . . maybe slowly the rest of the world gets a clue and starts doing the same. It's about time. We're in 2020 our ancestors predicted floating cars and peace and love for all species.

    Operator 020Operator 0208 months ago
  • And I Bron there 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

    OikawathegreatkingOikawathegreatking8 months ago
  • That my land

    OikawathegreatkingOikawathegreatking8 months ago
  • These poor cats... These cats should be treated just like we are: -With Respect -With responsibility -With Kindness So if you see a cat near you that needs help, Help It! If you want to be treated nicely treat the cats the same way!!!!! 😿😿😿😿😿😿

    Cookie Cat StudiosCookie Cat Studios8 months ago
  • I bet those cats are helping to keep the rodent population in check. ¡Que viva Puerto Rico! Siempre en mi corazón.

    Orwellian Horseman of the ApocalypseOrwellian Horseman of the Apocalypse8 months ago
  • An aggressive spay and neuter program is the absolutely only way the get this under control.

    robbie davisrobbie davis8 months ago
  • You are my regular dose of hope for a better world when I'm feeling lost. Thank you.

    Renie CoffeyRenie Coffey8 months ago
  • omg, they said "meow" in spanish

    Googly BearGoogly Bear8 months ago
  • I'm from P.R, specifically Carolina, and there's this lady that religiously every day feeds some cats that live around a bus terminal here in Carolina. I've seen her do this since I was a freshman in highschool, next year I graduate university and she's still there every single day. Even when Hurricane María came she kept checking in on the cats. I've always wanted to approach her and thank her for what she does but I haven't mustered up the courage to do so. She's my personal hero and it warms my heart to see others work so hard to keep these animals healthy and safe. And thank you for coming here and show light on these people, the work they do, and ways others can help 🖤

    Dereck G. SosaDereck G. Sosa8 months ago
  • Thank you for all you do to help the cats. I wish I could help too.

    Gordisexy SiempreGordisexy Siempre8 months ago
  • When I see how kitten poops, I want to go poop too, thanks

    XY4321XY43218 months ago
  • Awwww this people are so kind taking care of those cats I wish I can get every single cat and keep it ❤️🥰

    BellaBella8 months ago
  • Absolutely like that young woman! "they don't like people, I get it I don't.. either". Neither do I. During my first year in the University of PR, I used to dress like her. That was in 1965. (Nothing new under the planet, asides from tattoos.) Who ever added that close captions must be insane! How do you go from the name of the town "Rio Piedras" to "a shop in Ethiopia", which is half way in the other side of the planet? I doesn't even remotely sound the same. Nope, no Ethiopia in PR.

    1caramarie1caramarie8 months ago
  • Thank you!!! as a cat owner in puerto rico i love this. Im going throuh some hard times economicaly right now, but i love them so much.Some day the three of us will have a better plase and life :' )

    Lizy rodLizy rod8 months ago
  • So nice work!

    Carola wegeCarola wege8 months ago
  • The people in this video are heros. Amazing!! I love to learn about cat rescue worldwide. Thank you so much for spreading knowledge.

    J.V. IJ.V. I8 months ago
  • Eres una bendicion de Dios.. Godsent

    William DavilaWilliam Davila8 months ago
  • Thank you so much for this video, Kitten Lady.

    WAPWAP8 months ago
  • Cute cats💓💞

    たーとし猫たーとし猫8 months ago
  • Amazing

    Jeannie ReillyJeannie Reilly8 months ago
  • Thank you, I had to move away, but Puerto Rico is my home. I couldn’t be prouder of my people. Thanks you for helping them and bring awareness to the cats and dog population problems.

    Aros DotsonAros Dotson8 months ago
  • I adore your help for this cats:).

    David NoahDavid Noah8 months ago
  • I love cat savers;).

    David NoahDavid Noah8 months ago
  • Don't you mean purrto Rico?

    The Insane RikkiThe Insane Rikki8 months ago
  • God bless all these amazing people and rescue groups working to change the lives of cats and dogs❤️🙏🏻

    Jessica ShawJessica Shaw8 months ago
  • Just curious: if you encounter a female cat, can you tell if she's already been spayed? Is there a visible scar?

    CAJ in TexasCAJ in Texas8 months ago
  • My cats are so spoiled and they don't even realize it! Hello from New Brunswick, Canada. 🙂🖐🐈💕

    June AlyeaJune Alyea8 months ago
  • I have lots of family living in Puerto Rico and my great grandma takes care of loads of cats and dogs. Also, San Luquillo Beach has a bunch of stray cats and dogs.

    AnimusicieAnimusicie8 months ago
  • Thank you for introducing these wonderful folks to us, Hannah!

    LadyGreyBlackLadyGreyBlack8 months ago
  • God bless them ! And God bless you and your hubby. LOVE 😘 💋 🐾 🐾

    Patricia TaggartPatricia Taggart8 months ago
  • I thought I had too many cats, but wow, Puerto Rico really has way too many cats.

    Gary CooperGary Cooper8 months ago
  • Muchas gracias por venir hasta acá. Thank you for coming here!

    Kristina MirandaKristina Miranda8 months ago
  • I used to volunteer with Save a Gato! 🤍 I would have love to have met you 😭

    Yvy VYvy V8 months ago
  • Maybe they can stop all the rooster fighting someday. Just a thought.

    My NamenameMy Namename8 months ago
  • I’m caring for 10 cats as of now, the oldest 3 have been spayed/neutered. The other 7 are getting picked up tomorrow to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and have their ears clipped. All of them are strays or feral except two which belong to me. We are preparing for possibly trapping a few others that have just started hanging around. I saw all these cats and I felt like I wanted to do something. Someone has to take some responsibility and take some steps to cut down on the cat population. I know 7 might not be many but it is a step in the right direction. It will at least keep the population in my neighborhood down. And assure that the ones already here are taken care of.

    Lina TurnerLina Turner8 months ago
  • Hi kittenlady I need you help pls help me

    Bela TorresBela Torres8 months ago
  • I’m sorry, necromance cosmetics? Internacional shipping?

    Pire AíPire Aí8 months ago
  • Thank you for representing my country 🇵🇷❤️ & doing amazing work

  • You make my day.... keep doing what you, Encanto Los Gatos/animals!

    Angelina PineiroAngelina Pineiro8 months ago
  • How I wish all these darlings were mine....

    Nana ShuyaNana Shuya8 months ago
  • wow this is so great of you! 🤗

    Snoopy and DobySnoopy and Doby8 months ago
  • Omg kitten lady is my hero lol

    Xandra PXandra P8 months ago
  • I just want to remind all of you that this beautiful island is A PART OF THE UNITED STATES, these are US citizens, and the limited resources they have should bother and concern you!

    Elizabeth IrrazabalElizabeth Irrazabal8 months ago
  • Thank you so much for help these cats. We face a lot of challenges to try to educate people about cats. I'm not living in pr anymore but I have family and friends there and I've seen how everything changed after María. Animals suffer too after natural disaster and now there's more animals without owners because some of them couldn't bring them to USA after the hurricane because airlines makes you pay for them.

    run45run458 months ago
  • I want to be a cat hero !

    Lemon AxolotlLemon Axolotl8 months ago