"No-Kill" Doesn't Include Baby Kittens

Jul 4, 2019
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Did you know that baby kittens can still be killed in a "no-kill" shelter? Watch my video to learn about how the standards in the Asilomar Accords fail to protect the tiniest and most vulnerable felines. It's important for the public to know that even in "no-kill" communities, kittens still need our help and protection!
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • Kitten Lady omg I had no idea! This breaks my heart. I currently have 5 kittens that I rescued from outside that would have otherwise not have lived. They are about 3 months old. I’m having such a hard time finding them homes Bc I’m super picky. I have bottle fed these babies and loved them, kept them safe. I want them to go to a forever inside loving home just like they are used to. That being said I’m in a bit of a tough situation at the moment and I need to find them appropriate homes ASAP! I live in Alabama however I’ve tried to reach out to the cat community. I refuse to take them anywhere or surrender them anywhere that I don’t trust. All of the shelters etc in Alabama are not that great. If you could please read this as anything helps. I have very little time to find them homes. They have never been in cages or anything like that. They are so loving and sweet it absolutely kills me typing this rn as I wish I could keep all of them. Obviously I have gotten very attached to them. If you could help me with places near me that could help me it would be greatly appreciated. I have rescued and placed so many kittens in the last 10 years but this litter I am especially attached to. Like i said I just want them to go to a home where they can be inside loved and treated like one of the family as I have treated them. Please help me! Even if it’s just a phone number anything helps. Thanks so much! 🙏🏽 What you do is very special more people like you are needed in this world

      NicholeNicholeYear ago
    • Can you do a video on how to know if a cat is sick ?

      Maliha RahmanMaliha RahmanYear ago
    • I help raise bottle kittens to well behaved sweet adults cats just adopted out a girl named tibbs through classy cats

      Kraken SquidKraken SquidYear ago
    • @Mia felina They should be peeing several times a day and pooing at least once a day. You have to stimulate them to go though since that's what the mother cat does. Kitten Lady has a very good video about taking care of orphaned newborn kittens.

      cindy jonescindy jonesYear ago
    • Kitten Lady HOW CAN I HELP

      MariachuMariachuYear ago
  • Wow. I didn’t know this. Im going through watching your videos trying to learn because I just took in my first fosters today. A litter of 3 week old orphan kittens. I sent an email to the humane society to inquire about fostering and they called me 5 minutes later asking me to take the babies they had because they were closing in 30 minutes and they had nowhere to go. I went and got them, but I didn’t know that it was a life or death thing for them :( I’m glad to have found your videos because, while I have a lot of animal experience, I am brand new to fostering and neonates. The ones I got today won’t eat from a bottle so we’re struggling a bit and they are all underweight. But I did get them to take some with syringe feeding. Hopefully they will catch on to the bottle soon. Thanks for everything you do!

    Katie JenningsKatie Jennings3 days ago
  • Ok im a dog person idk why im here

    Tony RomeroTony Romero20 days ago
  • all the dislikes are just the "anti-animal abuse activists" that didnt bother to learn info from this video

    Princess Majestica / Lps PatronusPrincess Majestica / Lps Patronus25 days ago
  • I've found liters and chopped off their heads and buried them theres a couple kitties in one of my yards now I've got a couple snap traps ready for them

    Justin ClowJustin ClowMonth ago
  • The subtitles said “tiny meow”

    Enderlynx WillozeEnderlynx WillozeMonth ago
  • I have fostered for cat recues at times, sometimes completely feral cats. It can take some time to turn these into great house pets but with love and patience it can be done.

    Tanya BrownTanya Brown2 months ago
  • I am still having one kittens and it is alone now she lost her brother

    Athulya SamuelAthulya Samuel2 months ago
  • I love kittens and cats so much 💖

    Athulya SamuelAthulya Samuel2 months ago
  • I am supporting this program

    Athulya SamuelAthulya Samuel2 months ago
  • Cat slowly killing human sadisfiying

    Julian MulleyJulian Mulley3 months ago

    horderider hutchhorderider hutch4 months ago
  • I wish so desperately I could foster kittens, but there's so many things against me: 1. I live with my parents and my sibling, as well as three cats, in a crowded, small apartment. (We decided after one of my cats died a few years ago that the apartment was actually too crowded to adopt another.) 2. We live paycheck by paycheck, so we wouldn't be able to afford the gear needed to foster bottle babies, especially neonatal kittens that need incubators. 3. We don't have space to clear out a room as a nursery. 4. We wouldn't be able to keep our cats separate from any fosters (our apartment is in rough shape, so many of the doors don't latch properly or anything), so quarantining fosters would be difficult at best. 5. *All* that is assuming I'd be able to persuade my parents to think about it, anyway. Considering that aside from the current situation with the pandemic, I'm gonna spend most of the year out-of-state for the next three years at least (college), I don't think I'd be able to. 6. The kittens are so cute I don't know if I'd be able to foster without wanting to keep them.

    Tamar AdelsohnTamar Adelsohn4 months ago
    • About the sixth one, goodbye is the goal of fostering. It’s sad to let them go, but giving them away to a loving home is the best that can happen to them and you should be happy for that reason.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond4 months ago
  • I love you Kitten Lady, but I wish you did not as tempt to glamorize fostering.

    Kyla FallonKyla Fallon5 months ago
    • Uh, what?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond4 months ago
  • Im glad i cant wait t okil kittens AHAHAHA

    rouxroux5 months ago
  • Cats need a lot of patience and love.

    KiriuuKiriuu5 months ago
  • That's so sad :(

    Gizmo Gaming & MoreGizmo Gaming & More5 months ago
  • Hey Hannah, Thank you for making this video. This information is so important to have spread around. You are helping so many animals and people by educating the public and speaking the truth. I admire your dedication and passion for caring for animals. Thank you for all that you do.💜

    Carly RotaCarly Rota7 months ago
  • Cats are a disgusting plague🤢

    Mikel The KidMikel The Kid8 months ago
    • “Stupid idiots” Okay, 10 year old. Hope you grow up and realize being a shitty troll isn’t worth it.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond4 months ago
    • @57 Year Old James Bond 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️...they are a disgusting plague but not as disgusting as stupid idiots like you...

      Mikel The KidMikel The Kid4 months ago
    • I think you have them confused for yourself, fucktard.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond4 months ago
  • That's just wrong. I don't like that at all:-( All kittens deserve to live.

    E SE S8 months ago
  • damn it, this almost made me cry. last summer my family took in a neonatal kitten for a night (his mother couldn’t be found). the next day we took him to the humane society...i hope to god that a foster parent took him in.

    raerae9 months ago
  • Killcatkillcat

    pubg youtuberpubg youtuber9 months ago
  • Killbabycat

    pubg youtuberpubg youtuber9 months ago
  • Wow, I wonder how it works here in the UK. I'd rather foster a kitten than take it to a shelter, for sure. I wonder how I can get involved fostering kittens in the UK as I'm in a position to offer overnight care.

    Louise Franks ArtLouise Franks Art9 months ago
  • I have a feral cat at home and I can say she is suitable as pet. She is 80% feral.

    UwU ProductionsUwU Productions9 months ago
  • When I fine abandoned new born kittens I keep them and take care if them then try to fined homes

    Katlyne VogtKatlyne Vogt9 months ago
  • D :

    OzbrosOzbros11 months ago
  • I've been watching all of your care videos and they've been so helpful. My husband found a kitten that's roughly between 1-2 weeks old on the road, in the cold/rain, likely tossed out of the window considering his face was abraded and he wasn't soaking wet, so he couldn't have been out very long. He's a black cat (and honestly I'm not sure if he's a "he" 😅), and this is the second black kitty we've saved from the road-5 years ago I watched a litter of black kittens get dumped on a busy highway and saved one (Houdini) but she was older. I had no idea baby kittens were permitted to be killed, so I'm really glad I didn't take Magic to a shelter and am trying to do this on my own. I've gone by all your guidance through your videos and he's doing so much better (this is day 2) and finally eating properly thanks to some tips. I ordered the miracle nipple and hopefully that will make things even easier. Thank you for doing what you do. Having this channel has helped me and Magic a lot because while I knew some of what to do, I really didn't know. ❤️

    angela gilroyangela gilroy11 months ago
  • You are such an incredible fighter Kitten Lady There is a verse in the holy Quran that complement your determination and good deeds for saving lives I hope one day your heart will hear that verse

    Nisreen FarouqNisreen Farouq11 months ago
  • In my city there is one shelter that doesn’t euthanize cats kittens and dogs at all 😄

    Teatlies CatsTeatlies Cats11 months ago
  • Heyo! Guess what!! I want to foster bottle baby kittens and older ones! My mom said I can submit the form so she can talk to them about it and I'm pretty sure she's going to say yes and I am freaking out! Thank you so much for inspiring me !!!

    Karlie TumeyKarlie Tumey11 months ago
  • Is it the same for puppies as well?

    PuppyPlootesPuppyPlootes11 months ago
  • Marketing is the devil

    CocinaDeBellezaCocinaDeBellezaYear ago
  • There is! Maybe i can have someone older than me help take care of kitties that is not my parents!

    MicahMicahYear ago
  • I want to help, but my mother and stepfather think that this is a ''felicy'', and they don't think I'm old enough to help. Nevertheless, I'm doomed. Oh, there must be some way to help...

    MicahMicahYear ago
  • my friend fosters baby kittens and recently we adopted an 8 week old kitten from her

    Lela CaseyLela CaseyYear ago
  • How can I get into kitten fostering?

    The Political BakerThe Political BakerYear ago
  • My shelter I work at makes sure no animal baby or adult is killed although there is exceptions if a animal kills another then by law the animal goes to court and the judge decides if the animal is put down we have to abide by the law also if the animal is suffering and we aren't talking upper respatory infection we are talking can't breath cancer and others or won't survive. But we make sure even the ferals get saved

    Johnna MarcusJohnna MarcusYear ago
  • I have recently found a liter of kittens , they are about 2-3 weeks old the vet said. I bought a few bottles & different nipples but I’m having a issue with feeding them. They aren’t latching very well , they begin to feed them stop. Any idea on nipples you recommend?

    Heather BrooksHeather BrooksYear ago
  • I feel as if my life has been ruined! 😱😢 Like if your heart has also been broken! 😭😭

    Cora MaeCora MaeYear ago
  • They need killing. Worthless killing machines.

    trau matosetrau matoseYear ago
  • I saved a cat once! I was walking home from school and I saw a little kitten just laying on the side of the road. I didn’t know if it’s mom left it or was coming back. So I left it for a little bit and came back. The kitten was still there,so I decided to take it. My parents and I took it to the vet and it didn’t have any health problems. We decided to keep the kitten and it’s doing great! I decided to name him Ash because his fur color was like an ashy gray and he had blue eyes and that looked like a cat that’s in one of my favorite books. (Ashfur from warrior cats)

    Toca TurfToca TurfYear ago
  • 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕

    Jackson NessJackson NessYear ago
  • Save the kittens!

    Chabonyan MeowChabonyan MeowYear ago
  • This is so important to get out to the public! I'm sharing. - Angie

    Petal PassionPetal PassionYear ago
  • Hi KITTEN LADY I agree with you

  • When I grow up I want to buy a ranch and turn it into an animal rescue. With a special place for neonates. And Mama cats and surrogates.

    Silver StudiosSilver StudiosYear ago
  • Thank you for this video. I am seriously thinking of going to my local shelters and seeing if they need fosters for kittens

    Theresa DTheresa DYear ago
  • And this can all be avoided by *neutering your cat!*

    LadyShayLadyShayYear ago
  • This is VITAL information for the lives of kittens. I had a cat who was pregnant when found and she was allowed to carry to term because of the kindness of foster pet parents. She was an indoor/outdoor cat and I couldn’t keep her inside because there was so much activity and people going in and out. I lost her to a coyote. It broke my heart. My current two kitties are STRICTLY INDOOR cats(unless one gets out, but this isn’t intentional).

    Tammy EatonTammy EatonYear ago
  • shared on facebook

    wjb722wjb722Year ago
  • You're right, every animal deserves a chance at life, including these adorable kittens.

    Leslie RenfroLeslie RenfroYear ago
  • Your videos really inspire me to do more for the cats and kittens in my community. I am going to be a veterinarian eventually but want to do all I can to help animals while im on my way to getting my degree. I want you to know you have inspired me. As soon as I have the ability to do so I really want to get involved with a shelter and offer to foster kittens they bring in. I think its really great what youre doing.

    Kylee ToddKylee ToddYear ago
  • I knew i didn't want to watch this one 😭😭😭

    Danielle SpargoDanielle SpargoYear ago
  • In Oklahoma, I know a few people on farm land or just large properties that specifically ask for feral cats at shelters because they're just looking for mouse hunters for their land. Not a pet. Feral cats can be someone's perfect cat.

    Francesca HartFrancesca HartYear ago
  • What we need is a 24 hour baby animal hospital. Rotating shifts, people like you with the skills to keep the neonates alive, and mother animals with an extra teat when present.

    AmbipieAmbipieYear ago
  • *holds up the kitten* *immediately he says hi*

    AmbipieAmbipieYear ago
  • Awh, that is so sad. Kittens are the best. If you are a dog lover, I understand you, it's totally fine. Dogs are cute too and helpful. I'm a cat person, by the way. Kittens are great cause you work for their love but when you get their trust and their love they will love you more than anybody and care for you. They will understand you and maybe even end up being somebody you can relate to! A buddy to watch TV with, a nice buddy to play with, a shoulder to cry on.

    Erlin BittieErlin BittieYear ago
  • Kittens are just so hard to take care of... The shelter I work at turns down hundreds of cats, including kittens, due to sheet lack of space and manpower T.T Spay and neuter!!!!

    FirefoxwafflesFirefoxwafflesYear ago
  • I know most of the comments are like long, but I just want to say: SOME HUMANS REALLY SUCK!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    El BelleEl BelleYear ago
    • Some shelters lack the resources to care for little kittens, therefore risking the lives of others animals or kittens also in the shelter. Sadly if theres nothing else to do or nobody else to care for those kittens, euthanizing them is necessary for the thriving lives of other animals. If those kittens are taken in and resources have to be split, so more animals would suffer.

      GoldybaysGoldybaysYear ago
  • @Kitten Lady, you are really something. More power to you!

    C LeeC LeeYear ago
  • I take care of neonatal humans, as I am a Registered Nurse. And this just appalled me! I really want to get involved in the neonatal kitten community also and just bought your book. It's very similar to our feeding changing (& sometimes medication) schedule that I keep already the 3 twelve hour shifts I work. Sometimes we even boost their milk calories from 21 Cal/ml to more for them to gain weight. It makes me sick to think that just bc a kitten is under 8 weeks we would euthanize them. I think a kitten has a right to live too and so do feral cats. TNR! ❤ You Hannah! Aka Kitten Lady!

    Mary AshmeadMary AshmeadYear ago
  • Baby Kitten?

    Ben JaminBen JaminYear ago
  • I want to know wher we can buy thing and milk for the kitten

    BîīNîī KA GREENBîīNîī KA GREENYear ago
  • Im glad that the shelter I work at doesn’t do this its in belgium so maybe its different here...

    Isalie HorionsIsalie HorionsYear ago
  • I took in a drop-off cat, her name is now penny, and she lives with me.

    ollie,n pennyollie,n pennyYear ago
  • How can I help?😢

    holo graphicholo graphicYear ago
  • It's so sad how mismarketing misleads people

    PriscillaPriscillaYear ago
  • It's so sad how mismarekting misleads people

    PriscillaPriscillaYear ago
  • Okay honestly though what do you expect them to do? They have to euthanize lots of animals. They have no choice. If people spayed their damn pets they let outside maybe we wouldn’t have so many problems.

    porcelainporcelainYear ago
  • They killed my kitten who we were going to adopt back :(

    CalicoTabbiesCalicoTabbiesYear ago
  • I love u! U are the best USworlds

    Elissa LalondeElissa LalondeYear ago
  • Aw this breaks my heart so much!!! I actually didn't know this until now! I can't believe that so many sweet baby kittens barely stand a chance😿I am so inspired by you and so happy for all you do for all the beautiful little babies! THANK YOU!!!🐈💜🐱💖🐈💙🐱💟🐈

    *cHeRyNcHeStEr **cHeRyNcHeStEr *Year ago
  • Eric 🐈😻😾😼😽😾

    Eric12 TidalogEric12 TidalogYear ago
  • Thank you for this awesome video!!! Very educational!

    Silent MindySilent MindyYear ago
  • I took in a kitten

    Silent MindySilent MindyYear ago
  • Thank you so much for the eye opener! I had no idea! When I get into my apartment I'm thinking about fostering kittens and possibly puppies too!

    The Lyrical RoseThe Lyrical RoseYear ago
  • Thank you so much for this information. It is truly helpful.

    Clara NunezClara NunezYear ago
  • OMG!! This video is a true eye opener. I keep seeing post about kittens. I figured, oh kittens are super highly adoptable. I don't have to worry about fostering for kittens. Someone will pick them up over the weekend. These knowledge makes me fully aware of the magnitude of the problem. Thank you for sharing this info and saving kittens lives.

    Zamira SoniZamira SoniYear ago
  • I like you but i don't like the number 111

    sister squadsister squadYear ago
  • wtf

    culturecultureYear ago
  • you opened my eyes :(

    Kate LukashevaKate LukashevaYear ago
  • Aim higher!!!! I want to foster the baby babies, dogs and cats. 😘💜

    RtytanicjRtytanicjYear ago
  • I didn't know they euthanized kittens under 8 weeks, though I suspected it for the newborns, but when we found abandoned feral kittens (2 times, 3 kittens, probably all related) that still needed bottle feeding, we just bottle fed them (well, syringe fed as we couldn't get a bottle on short notice, but we had a syringe for baby medication). The first two (littermates) were probably 5 weeks old and were happily stealing dry food from my cat after a week of formula. The next one (found in the ceiling at the same place a year later) was younger, we estimated 4 weeks old, but while we had to handle feeding her, her elder sister (or aunt, not sure) taught her how to cat and looked after her until she went to move in with a friend of ours. It wasn't easy, but at 4-6 weeks of age it was more a matter of loss of sleep than actually difficult to care for them. But a shelter couldn't do that without a foster family, so even if we weren't keeping them, we likely would have fostered them anyhow if we knew that. I mean, someone has to. I have tried to get them to do TNR where those cats were found (as it isn't a public place to the extent that I could just set them up even if I could afford to), but got the "well, people here feed them so they are fine" response, which doesn't solve their kittens in the ceiling problems. The adult cats will usually flee from humans but sneak over to food or water in the night, but I am suspecting they bring kittens they can't care for into the building somehow (or onto the roof) as they figure humans will help them. It's an odd dynamic.

    Sam N.Sam N.Year ago
  • We recently found an orphan kitten on the street. Hardly a month old if that. We took him in. I’m feeding her replacement milk, and in just one week she’s already BLOOMING! Poor little lives. I wish I could save them all.

    janereactionjanereactionYear ago
  • I wanna foster kittens so bad but my mom refuses. I’m only 14 so I’ll have to wait another 4 years or so until I can move out but I feel useless just sitting here 😔

    Alyssa FaithAlyssa FaithYear ago
  • Take care of kittens take care of kittens

    The LoSeRs ClubThe LoSeRs ClubYear ago
  • Take care of kittens take care of kittens

    The LoSeRs ClubThe LoSeRs ClubYear ago
  • i just found out that my state is the first state to ban cat declawing like starting this week

    kaleseakaleseaYear ago
  • You have inspired me so much I have adopted a faral cat and she now loves most people thanks for your inspection you are such an amazing person ❤️ I also love your vids thanks now Bella is 3 years old and has a good home

    #pug life#pug lifeYear ago
  • Hi kitten lady, I just trapped two 4 kittens around 4-5 months old two days ago, and they are terrified at the moment. Do you think they are too old to be tamed?

    Clare ChanClare ChanYear ago
  • hey!! I am SUPER happy i just watched this! Im happy because im actually adopting a feral kitten whos about 1-2 months old! The worker at the animal shelter said she was feral, and would need another cta to teach her how to be a cat. Which works out perfectly for us since we have a cat! Tysm for making this video!

    Jess FJess FYear ago
  • ):

    wanderingintimewanderingintimeYear ago
  • its easy to tame a feral cat, just put food out your door, when it disappears, keep doing it. pen the door to get them used to you while they feed. begin scratching the back of their neck . they will pull away and keep doing it every day until they allow you to pet them,. soon. you can pick them up. from there, they are tamed. it works on all ages of cats. plus you can out flea medicine on them when you want.

    Contact InfoContact InfoYear ago
  • The light reflecting from your eyes is weird!

    Rebel YellRebel YellYear ago
  • Is there such a thing as "grown kittens"?

    alext2963alext2963Year ago
  • Wait so kitten isnt just baby cat its a baby kitten? Name logic.

    GoldybaysGoldybaysYear ago
  • Kitten lady, if you could spay or neuter all cats in the world, would you? Edit: on second thought, that might not be a good idea.

    Bird LifeBird LifeYear ago
  • 0:02 OMG HER MEOW, I know this vid is serious but my hEaRT

    LaraLaraYear ago
  • Hi there 2 days ago we faund a 5-6 week Old kitten in a forest Yesterday i yump't in to a bush to save another kitten in the same forest he wasn't alone it was a litter of kitens there are 3 more of them to save now we are feding them to get there trust Everyone who thinks that leaving animals to take care of them selfes should Burn in Hell ☺

    Rafaela vidovicRafaela vidovicYear ago
    • Rafaela vidovic animals are very capable of taking care of themselves. How do you think feral cats survive?? 😂

      Alyssa FaithAlyssa FaithYear ago