Overbites in Kittens: Helping Babies with Class II Malocclusion

Sep 21, 2019
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Gooseberry is a kitten with a severe overbite. Her overbite might be adorable, but sadly, babies like her are at risk of medical complications and even euthanasia due to their conditions. In this video, I'll show you how you can help kittens with severe overbites so that they have a chance to thrive.
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  • And chick pea is the over bite king

    Walter memesWalter memes25 days ago
  • Has anyone ever delt with a kitten's teeth being Misaligned, and when they eat they rub on each other and make a noise? I know that sounds bizarre but I know the people on here are dedicated and truly love their kitties so I thought I would ask :)

    WLMJR76WLMJR76Month ago
  • 0:01 Hannah:Hi! Gooseberry:*wave*

    XxPaisley_PlayzxXXxPaisley_PlayzxXMonth ago
  • How do I contact kitten lady? Does she have social media?

    AlainaAlainaMonth ago
  • Omg she metioned me and my kind!! The cleft lip and palet people

    Chicken Nuggy 114Chicken Nuggy 114Month ago
  • Is he chickpea?

    Anahita anahitaAnahita anahitaMonth ago
    • Neither Gooseberry nor Chickpea are male, hence the “queen” part.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • Who ever dislikes this does not care about cats like goose Barry.

    Derek OdenDerek Oden2 months ago
  • I love her

    Angela AlfeAngela Alfe2 months ago
  • Thanks for the tip on the Gerber chicken baby food. I didn't know cats would like it and I have one that has very little teeth so I think this will be a nice treat for her!

    Sherry HSherry H2 months ago
  • As someone who had a very severe overbite (due to my lower jaw not growing properly) I can personally to relate to Gooseberry

    Joanna CorduanJoanna Corduan2 months ago
  • file:///var/folders/xz/rx1fn7v13gbb7xcwxq_8dvv80000gn/T/WebKitDropDestination-CWbKHXXW/IMG_8906.jpg

    Kitty_Cat_Senya [Cats4Evr] ;3Kitty_Cat_Senya [Cats4Evr] ;32 months ago
    • copy it that is my cat!

      Kitty_Cat_Senya [Cats4Evr] ;3Kitty_Cat_Senya [Cats4Evr] ;32 months ago
  • I rescue a cat 🐈

    Maricela OvallesMaricela Ovalles2 months ago
  • Thank you for making this video. It's allowed my partner and I give our little boy Dean, the help he needs to thrive.

    EJ SparksEJ Sparks3 months ago
  • You said it all they do deserve to live a healthy life. Thank You for the info.

    Ronda DooRonda Doo3 months ago
  • Dental stuff is no joke. I had the cleft palate, so nothing between my mouth cavity and nose cavity...thankfully none of it affected my appearance, but think of the angst of waiting to get your baby to the right weight, only to have to finally get it done at 16 months because their weight just wouldn’t peak...I do not envy the stress I put my parents through. Also - how would people think that a cute lil’ cat like Gooseberry wouldn’t be in pain??? Those eyes...I started crying too.

    TJTJ3 months ago

    DAK25 raikarDAK25 raikar3 months ago
  • Dogs: *has over-bite but doesn't die* Cats: IGHT IMMA DIE NOW

    Michelle Frandsen SmithMichelle Frandsen Smith3 months ago
  • No braces for kitties?

    Emily BaxendaleEmily Baxendale3 months ago
  • I started noticing that my kittens chin was really small. He’s a year old now, and watching this I brought it up to my parents. They said that since he isn’t having trouble eating, he’s fine. Recently, it could be a coincidence since he goes outside and comes inside (we live in a very woodsy area) but he lost a top canine. I don’t this it’s associated but it still worries me he has an overbite and lost a tooth. My parents have yet to agree to take him to a vet because they think he’ll be alright. Any advice? (My parents care deeply about him, he has a really strong bond with my father.)

    BungleJum 5059BungleJum 50593 months ago
  • My cat has one..

    EllieBlox RobloxEllieBlox Roblox4 months ago
  • I want to be fostering full time kittens mother

    Summer at the LonghouseSummer at the Longhouse4 months ago
  • poor girl

    Larissa roseLarissa rose4 months ago
  • recorded sound is low

    Sam OaksSam Oaks4 months ago
  • Her whiskers are glorious!

    Roanna BurkhartRoanna Burkhart4 months ago
  • That thumbnail is everything!

    Monisola ElliottMonisola Elliott4 months ago
  • If only animals had devices to fix under/overbites like humans do. As much as braces suck, they helped my underbite

    FirebirdFirebird4 months ago
  • I watch all of your videos because I love cats / kittens so much and you are so informative. My husband got me a kitten today and he knows nothing about malocclusion or anything. But we got the last of the litter who has a severe overbite. And because of this video I knew exactly what it was and we are going to take him to the vet as soon as possible and see a cat dentist. Im so grateful for the videos you post they are so informative. Thank you so much, now I will know how to provide my little kitty with the help he needs and I know to do it ASAP. thank you hannah I am so grateful

    Merciline Sandoval-Gray HawkMerciline Sandoval-Gray Hawk4 months ago
  • She's so cute but this was after my 7 month baby boy kitten he was a 1 day old baby awwww but that kitten SO CUTE

    XX my cute kitten xx -:XX my cute kitten xx -:4 months ago
  • Awwww so sad if the teeth puncture the pallet. Must be awkward for the cat but removing the teeth that could do that is the logical solution Your tats look awesome btw. I’d love to see a video about them but this channel isn’t the right one for that.

    Space CatSpace Cat4 months ago
  • This makes me remember when my cat got nurtured when he was little. He was trying to run around a play as soon as he got home. 😂 my cat is so spastic.

    KimphieKimphie5 months ago
  • Hey can you do a video about about bringing your Foster kitten home for the first time:)

    Parmis EbrahimiParmis Ebrahimi5 months ago
  • I wish i knew cats had 2 sets of teeth, i almost cried when my kitten's baby teeth fell out

    Leslie MartinezLeslie Martinez5 months ago
  • My cat has the same teeth as your cat, my problem is there is no specialist that could do surgery for cats teeth. Now it is giving me anxiety. I am so worried about her.

    Jesstine AnnJesstine Ann5 months ago
  • Should have called her Freddie. (because overbite Queen. Ok, this is a terrible joke, and I'll go hide someplace).

    Eugénie LegrandEugénie Legrand5 months ago
  • I love you guys

    Elizabeth MilcendeauElizabeth Milcendeau5 months ago
  • Bravo madame je vous admire et je vous felicite pour votre travaille pour ces betes en doit donner un prix avec amour ce que vous faites mille fois merci en a du plaisir a vous boir

    Marwane MouhibMarwane Mouhib5 months ago
  • This is so helpful.. I think the mother feral I’m caring for has this issue and I never would have known what r was if not for your video. I just noticed that wet food would drip from her upper incisors and her profile looked different. I’m not sure what to do to get her treated but now I know she should get checked out and her babies should too! Thanks!!!

    twilittwilit5 months ago
  • Wow a cat I can relate to

    Aidensucksatgames YTAidensucksatgames YT6 months ago
  • Oh I just realised this video is from 7 months ago. I wonder how she is doing now

    Lucy DwyerLucy Dwyer6 months ago
  • Beats me why 48 people have disliked this video. I’m hoping it’s because this poor kitty has a bad overbite. You do a great job Kitten Lady

    Lucy DwyerLucy Dwyer6 months ago
  • Im olso an over bite girl but the dentist gave me something to fix it

    Softii peachu’Softii peachu’6 months ago
  • she waved hi at the beginnig😭😍

    lisa luxlisa lux6 months ago
  • Kitten lady is the steve Irwin of cats

    Jenny NicholsonJenny Nicholson6 months ago
  • Aw

    Candy G.Candy G.6 months ago
  • She is adorable 😍 I’ll take her!!

    Mill CampMill Camp6 months ago
  • i have an overbite :(

    sandbox bobbinsandbox bobbin6 months ago
  • To adorable id do anything for my kittens/cats. Dramatic or not they are my children.

    Carla NorrisCarla Norris6 months ago
  • Okay but like I have an overbite too 😳

    e m p d o ie m p d o i7 months ago
  • And then she left them

    Camila AlejandreCamila Alejandre7 months ago
  • A cat had kittens in front of my house

    Camila AlejandreCamila Alejandre7 months ago
  • This makes me so angry. The first Queen we ever fostered, the runt had a horrible overbite -- even worse than gooseberry. The rescue org we were working with gave us NO guidance on how to care for her. The whole litter had weird problems and the mom did as well (she would only eat from my hand but was skin and bones) and the Rescue just treated us like we were doing a crappy job. And we did bc no one told us anything! Even so, I know that kitten lived bc of us. We gave her extra feedings all the time bc we could see everyone just pushed her out of the way. I watch your videos all the time. When I am ready to start fostering again I will be so much more informed and you are the reason.

    Gail RawsonGail Rawson7 months ago
  • You have a cat skull

    Ashley GarciaAshley Garcia7 months ago
  • When you said hi everyone she like waved

    Alan McGregorAlan McGregor7 months ago
  • Whats an overbite?

    Glitterbookworm AJGlitterbookworm AJ7 months ago
  • She is so pretty

    xydoitxydoit7 months ago
  • My cat has a over bite sometimes

    Beazle McginnisBeazle Mcginnis7 months ago
  • ..... Just realized that my now 4 year old cat Satchmo has a overbite (presumably because he s an little incest kitten), we never thought much of it and call him our little vampy-pampy.😅 Before you come at us, we went and go to a vet regularly because he has/had a little hole in his heart cleft, which needed to be monitored, and never did our vet told us about any risk because of his dental issue or ever mentioned that there was an issue and all... What now? ☹️

    Kira SchulerKira Schuler7 months ago
  • You are awesome!!!

    J.P DoyleJ.P Doyle8 months ago
  • Awww🥰🥰🥰

    Gamer_Shrimp 88Gamer_Shrimp 888 months ago
  • my sweet calico, tuna, just had to have surgery to remove her left upper canine a month ago. she’s about 3 years old (i adopted her when she was a stray) and the vet said the tooth had been injured sometime when she was very young so the root had disconnected from the gum and was rotting inside there. she also was very sleepy the first few days of recovery, but she is all healed up and doing amazing now! tip for owners: look out for drooling or bad-smelling saliva. that could indicate your cat has a dental or gum problem and they should see a vet as soon as possible!

    CASSIE M.K.CASSIE M.K.9 months ago
  • This video helped explain a lot. Many of my kittens haven't made it & I couldn't figure out why. I own and rescue many cats; but here in Arizona they don't think a Veterinarian is needed or a priority in most areas. (the one place in Globe, Az has actually turned me away and hung up on me many times over the years, flat out refusing to care for my cats! "We don't take new clients!!" a nasty old woman shrieked at me and hung up. Another time she actually shouted "WE DON'T CARE!!" at me before hanging up. One of my boys was seriously ill w/ upper respiratory infection,and I was begging them to let me bring him in. ) ..I tragically lost my Ghoulie Boy for that reason. He was a great big friendly Tuxedo cat born here on Halloween, with the loudest motor you've ever heard. Broke my heart to lose him. ) ... so if something tragic happens/develops, I am powerless to do anything but comfort the kitties best I can. It's very frusterating living out here for that reason. I continue to care for the ten other cats I own here, and strays/abandoned cats that also live in the nearby area. Cats have taught me that I am useful for something, that someone needs me to be here. We Love you, Kitten Lady!!!

    Takaho DemboskiTakaho Demboski9 months ago
  • Who would even dislike her vids

    Ŵëïrd FrëãkŴëïrd Frëãk9 months ago
  • She's so adorable omg

    Pamela RotterPamela Rotter9 months ago
  • I understand why it can hurt. It’s like when you need braces

    Facepalmer ChaosFacepalmer Chaos9 months ago
  • Just saying animals listen more than kids 😂

    [arooj][arooj]9 months ago
  • This is so cute

    [arooj][arooj]9 months ago
  • I hope you're okay Gooseberry! ♥️

    G.I. EG.I. E9 months ago
  • I had nearly the same problem with my human jaw as little gooseberry- was chewing through the roof of my mouth and had to have braces from eight to sixteen years old! It hurts, a lot :(

    Alba SpireAlba Spire9 months ago
  • I have a kitty with a bit of an overbite, not nearly as severe as poor little Gooseberry. So glad she has people in her life that are knowledgeable and can help her.

    elines acevedoelines acevedo9 months ago
  • I have a very bad over bite. I feel for this kitten

    Rayden RichardsRayden Richards9 months ago
  • Would’ve been a great opportunity to call her “Mercury” So cute 😆

    Honey teaHoney tea9 months ago
  • her ears and overbite make her look like a fennec fox 🥺

    Alex SchmittAlex Schmitt9 months ago
  • My kitten has kinda of a backwards thing to this, she has a facial deformity which makes her have only one eye and the right side of her top muzzle is kind of pushed backwards which makes her lower right canine stick out of her mouth all the time, She fully grown now and has had no health problems thus far

    Fuzy iFuzy i10 months ago
  • She is such a pretty kitty 😻like look at her eye shape 🥺❤️I want her

    Laila !Laila !10 months ago
  • i have a severe overbite... but im not a cat.. so im safe lol

    Cola CoconutCola Coconut10 months ago
  • Aw honey I have an overbite, too! We can be twinssss ;w;

    SugarsSugars10 months ago
  • I have a over bite!

    rach keasyrach keasy10 months ago
  • Gooseberry is so flippin' adorable!

    AmyAmy10 months ago
  • That looks like my cat that dan away

    SONIA NolanSONIA Nolan10 months ago
  • Dear Hannah. I live in Ireland although i originally came from the uk. Irish people seem to have a weird attitude to cats and i have rescued and fostered kittens because if i dont they would drown them. There is a program now called cat hospital and the vet seems really cool. I know you have enough to do saving kittens and cats in the US but maybe if you reach out something could be done in ireland tnx Annette

    annette gowerannette gower10 months ago
  • Fuzzy

    Chips And SalsaChips And Salsa11 months ago
  • aww... she looks like meh kitten.

    HollowClan Art ClubHollowClan Art Club11 months ago
  • My God she's so cute

    Elsa LabouretElsa Labouret11 months ago
  • Aaaw that kitten is adorable!

    Flurpy And Snirky!!!Sisters!!!Flurpy And Snirky!!!Sisters!!!11 months ago
  • Ohh noo😵 my cat has overbite as well😫 but i keep checking, and he’s getting very big though~

    fluffytigersfluffytigers11 months ago
  • Gooseberry sounds like a name for a medicine cat

    Cat lover with insane obsession with catsCat lover with insane obsession with cats11 months ago
  • my heart i love her

    Blackcat BinxyBlackcat Binxy11 months ago
  • That overbite looks just adorable. I really hope the condition doesn't have a genetic basis, i don't want breeders trying to get a breed with a large percentage of kittens getting an overbite. Even if when treated it wouldn't decrease the quality of life, there would be people who wouldn't get the surgeries, and just look at the cute little faces and make fast decisions. Hope in humanity and all that, but even if i believe most people are good, some will be just damn evil in the sake of marketable things. Like lives of the precious little animals.

    Risto PöhöRisto PöhöYear ago
  • My late mother's cat who I took in has an overbite. And one eye. It lends to his hell raising personality.

    W HallW HallYear ago
  • Wouldn’t that be an underbite?

    mineturtledabravemineturtledabraveYear ago
  • Cute kitten

    Sameer HussainSameer HussainYear ago
  • Aww, so cute!

    Jennifer LovingJennifer LovingYear ago
  • I actually have an overbite myself, so this made relate to Gooseberry. From this video, I can tell she's a sweet girl, so I know that someone will definitely love her.

    Can I Get a Doki-DokiCan I Get a Doki-DokiYear ago
  • I have an overbite and asymmetrical teeth, so Ive had trouble with it, but I’m okay now!! Gooseberry is so cute and has such a amazing name!!, 😄

    Malachi -Malachi -Year ago
  • what about kitten braces?

    fluffeonfluffeonYear ago
  • Gooseberry is now my overbite twin and I love her

    Evie [Redacted]Evie [Redacted]Year ago
  • Gooseberry could be one of the cutest kittens I’ve EVER seen!! Something about her eyes just melts my dang heart 💜

    RtytanicjRtytanicjYear ago
  • never knew they could have an overbite

    Crystal RoderickCrystal RoderickYear ago
  • so cute....poor kitty

    Crystal RoderickCrystal RoderickYear ago
  • Makes me wonder, isn't there a surgery to move her lower jaw forward? Or is it just small/malformed and there just isn't a feasable way of doing it?

    Minnie MingoMinnie MingoYear ago