Picking Up Foster Kittens During a Pandemic

Jun 10, 2020
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Last week I picked up 7 newborn kittens from my local humane society! Watch how shelters & rescuers are using social distancing measures to continue their important work, and meet my new babies, who are named after characters from the TV show Twin Peaks.
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    AHMAD REZA KhabbazniaAHMAD REZA Khabbaznia12 hours ago
  • You are the best kitten lady in the world 🙂

    Beverly ButlerBeverly Butler18 hours ago
  • my kitten just terrified me by hissing at me because i accendly stepped on her tail

    minecraft tutorialsminecraft tutorialsDay ago
  • I just realized that this video came out on my birthday!

    Rachel BrightRachel Bright2 days ago
  • Can you please teach us how to make kittens milk wan they are 1week to 3 4 weeks and treat wan they grow up please do a video about that please 😘🥰

    AK 47AK 472 days ago
  • They are so adorable

    James PretJames Pret6 days ago
  • 4:41 vewy scawy

    Gabrielle PeartGabrielle Peart6 days ago
  • Im from Philippines, can i have one of your cat pls :( I promise i will take care of it 😊

    Princess Mae NisperosPrincess Mae Nisperos9 days ago
  • Wow, this lady has patience! This is really NOT for everyone! The world is blessed when people live out their calling as she is!

    Mish DomingoMish Domingo9 days ago
  • They wanna nead i have 4 kittens n when they were younger i would bottle feed them n out a lil blanket under them so they can nead it helps keep them calm

    Maribel ArredondoMaribel Arredondo9 days ago
  • Hey kitten lady, I have a question to ask you, if that's alright.

    Rachael SpinlerRachael Spinler9 days ago
  • Makes me miss bottle feeding my lil man

    Tiff RTiff R10 days ago
  • Can I have a kitten 🐱

    Mercedes AndersonMercedes Anderson10 days ago
  • Very scary 😍🥰❤️

    Arianna GonzalezArianna Gonzalez11 days ago
  • world really eed people like her :D

  • "Tuxedos are so cute" my tux boy Zydeco says Thanks!

    Janet MathiesonJanet Mathieson13 days ago
  • You are amazing, thank you for your good and importent work 😻

    Elisabeth HedlundElisabeth Hedlund13 days ago
  • What beautiful kittens! I too have a hairball since my mom was pregnant with me. My cat is called Max and is very soft and affectionate, he is 14 years old. I am 13

    Alvin and the ChipmunksAlvin and the Chipmunks14 days ago
  • Oh that hissing baybe is feral!!!

    Sarah AshrafSarah Ashraf15 days ago
  • Oh how fun! I’d love to be able to have all the cool medical equipment and stuff and do what Hannah does! That seems so fun to me.. I love teeny bebes!!

    MXMM5MXMM516 days ago
  • I have a baby right now

    Angel AvaAngel Ava16 days ago
  • Guest that in kitten lady house: Where the bowls? Kitten lady: *Bowls? You mean cat bowls?*

    VanessaVanessa16 days ago
  • I love kittens so much

    Grace BweupeGrace Bweupe16 days ago
  • Twin Peaks ! The names. Super ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Kimberley PexKimberley Pex17 days ago
  • Dear Kittenmama. I want to give you the best tip , against corona ; ascorbic acid powder , 3 teaspoons a day . If you looking on internet you can see all the information . Also vitamin D high dosis , and zink ( is it called zink in the VS? I am Dutch 🇳🇱) and melatonin 5 mg . I use all this supplements since februari. The most information I got from American healthy sites ! In Europa is not much alternative nature research . The V S is nr 1 with research. Greets , ❤️👩🏼‍🦰😺

    Kimberley PexKimberley Pex17 days ago
  • The face mask with kittens on it 🤗🥰🤗🥰🤗🥰🥰🥰🤗 sooooooo sweet

    Kimberley PexKimberley Pex17 days ago
  • Remember to sanitize shoes your shoes before entering the house too. Doesn't really matter much for Covid at this stage, and not sure if there are many transmissible feline diseases transmitted on shoes but it is definitely a risk for puppies/dogs (parvo etc..)

    Anon ZAnon Z18 days ago
  • This video upload 2020 u put the mask that only

    SIBIYA RSIBIYA R19 days ago
  • So so beautiful kittens 😻😘😘

    SIBIYA RSIBIYA R19 days ago
  • What happened to their moms?

    Gates Og_Gates Og_20 days ago
  • the black one that was hissing he attac he hiss but mostly he unleash his holy water

    PrettyRosiiePrettyRosiie20 days ago
  • I disagree. Not all babies are naturally feral - if by feral you're meaning don't like people. I just took in a feral momma and her babies. They're between 3-4 weeks. The very fist time I saw them, they were just in love with me. They love people. They came when called on their very first interaction with people, and right from the beginning they would rather follow people than their momma. (I've known about them for about a week because we could hear them, but they were in a thick brush in an inaccessible area, and there was no way to get to them until they were old enough to come out on their own)

    imnotmikeimnotmike20 days ago
  • I just took in a feral cat and her litter of 5 kittens, but the timing is a little bit difficult because I'm mildly allergic to cats, so now everybody is going to think I have covid.

    imnotmikeimnotmike20 days ago
  • Your are so lucky to have so many kittens

    Unicorn GamerUnicorn Gamer21 day ago
  • Kitten: hissing kitten lady: Your ve-wy ve-wy sca-wy 😂😂🤣

    Jada JukesJada Jukes21 day ago
  • I love you 😘 because you take care of kittens. And I love 🐈 cats..

    Anexa RamAnexa Ram23 days ago
  • I’m adopting a kitten in two days! Thank you so much for your videos they are really calming me down about owning a pet all by myself.

    Jlc 183Jlc 18325 days ago
  • This is my second advice request. My rescue kitten is showing signs of perhaps a croup sound cough. What should I do.

    Arleen AbreuArleen Abreu25 days ago
  • That mask is so cute smiley face

    The sweet GirlThe sweet Girl26 days ago
  • hope we have kitten nursery in philippines too, there's so many stray kittens here idk why they throwing them away maybe because they don't have breeds:(( but they rlly cutee

    Francine Joyce GarciaFrancine Joyce Garcia27 days ago
  • What will we do without you in the world, you're the only person that i know hwo saves kitten's ☺🤗

    black catblack cat28 days ago
  • haw much kitten do you have

    Parnit ChaggarParnit ChaggarMonth ago
    • She only has three cats. The rest are fosters and are adopted by others once they are old enough.

      KelseyKelsey26 days ago
  • "Mew"-Kittens 2020

    Cotton Candy PegasisterCotton Candy PegasisterMonth ago
  • Kitten Lady: COVID19, You think going to stop me from saving these cute ones from you!! Think again!! COVID19: ALRIGHT. You win!!

    Phillip YoungPhillip YoungMonth ago
  • Where did you get the cat mask, I have 2 rescues, I love cats

    Kathleen KleinKathleen KleinMonth ago
  • Cute

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Boitshoko Promise GrootboomBoitshoko Promise GrootboomMonth ago
  • Hello

    Boitshoko Promise GrootboomBoitshoko Promise GrootboomMonth ago
  • C c c c c c cute

    Boitshoko Promise GrootboomBoitshoko Promise GrootboomMonth ago
  • Is a 2 month cat a kitten

    Chrissy Chris AlvarezChrissy Chris AlvarezMonth ago
  • How are your cats so nice?! Cats are born assholes you must be awsome at this (I'm not simping bc I'm not over 18 so it will be illegal idiot)

    xgamer xxgamer xMonth ago
    • cats are certainly not born assholes lmao.

      marion mooremarion moore26 days ago
  • Boy cats are nicer and sweet,and girls are mean sometimes

    Melinda PollardMelinda PollardMonth ago
  • Were you maybe a little bit paranoid about the pandemic Hannah?

    Christine MannenChristine MannenMonth ago
    • Kelsey yea

      Christine MannenChristine Mannen26 days ago
    • @Christine Mannen Well Hannah is in the United States and people here aren't doing a good job at social distancing or wearing a mask. And yes, of course I heard he tested positive.

      KelseyKelsey26 days ago
    • Kelsey I mean I live in Canada and we’re doing a pretty good job at social distancing, we’ll just in my city at least, idk about the rest of Canada. Did you hear about trump getting the virus?

      Christine MannenChristine Mannen26 days ago
    • You mean the pandemic that's still happening because people aren't taking it seriously? Naw, I think she's doing actually what she should. It's better to be safe than sorry.

      KelseyKelsey26 days ago
  • I am the pandemic

    Helicals SonHelicals SonMonth ago
  • Hi kitten lady I want o send you some fan art so I was asking if you have a way to contact you without social medis

    Hey its me againHey its me againMonth ago
    • Media

      Hey its me againHey its me againMonth ago
  • I ❤️ their ears twitching when eating.

    Kari PerrickKari PerrickMonth ago
  • i love your hobby so much

    Melanie WyllysMelanie WyllysMonth ago
  • Yay the kittens not have corona 😌😌😌😌

    Magical N!Magical N!Month ago
  • How many cats do you have?

    Genalin MascariñasGenalin MascariñasMonth ago
    • Three.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • My dog watches these videos with me. He will wake up from a deep sleep and stare at the crying kittens while tilting his head.

    eat lasagnaeat lasagnaMonth ago
  • Who has love for kittens

    M SaudM SaudMonth ago
  • Dear Hannah, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to say that you are AMAZING to kittens and the world! You contribute your life to saving kittens because you care about them. You are one of those extraordinary wonderful kindhearted souls! Keep doing the unbelievable things you are doing to kittens and the world. You have convinced me a lot of people that we should stop whistling time and help others! I’m definitely going to foster some kittens! You are making a difference in the world 😍 Thank you for being AWESOME to those kittens!

    Adira KelathAdira KelathMonth ago
  • Hiii

    Rylee RoundyRylee RoundyMonth ago
  • Awwwwww that are so so cute

    Katniss PechinKatniss PechinMonth ago
  • I feel like if we tried to foster kittens we would get too attached and keep all of them XD

    Fatalis The black dragonFatalis The black dragonMonth ago
  • My Cousin Found little Baby Kittens they were found in the trash can with no mom and we don't know what to use to give them a bath we don't know too much about cats any tips?👑🌷🤍

    iiCloudyxRxses!iiCloudyxRxses!Month ago
  • Which kind of milk are u giving for them please answer because we have got four kittens like this

    Nizam JasminNizam JasminMonth ago
  • Your so sweat and nice pls pls pls Can i have a kitten

    Andrea stojcevskaAndrea stojcevskaMonth ago
    • It doesn’t work like that.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • You like cat

    Pabitra LwagunPabitra LwagunMonth ago
  • Awwwww

    Shadow bird PlayzShadow bird PlayzMonth ago
  • If I walked in your house I would stop breathing but it would be worth it to see cats

    Renee BermejoRenee BermejoMonth ago
  • It’s a boy or a girl

    hsekafihsekafiMonth ago
  • When will you do mask for the kittens

    hsekafihsekafiMonth ago
  • Aw, we have foster kittens that were found here in the park, not long after an animal control sweep. So no momma. They just opened their eyes a few days ago. Now they are they are teething and want to explore. Trying to keep it safe with the other rescues in the house. Our dog wants to mom them. 💖

    Jennifer JonesJennifer JonesMonth ago
  • ❤️ I would love to do this someday

    Doyouliketacos? IliketacosDoyouliketacos? IliketacosMonth ago
  • You are truly an amazing person and you make feel hopeful thank you.

    Kurt HeilKurt HeilMonth ago
  • So cut e❤️❤️❤️

    Carolina ValdiviaCarolina ValdiviaMonth ago
  • i love cats

    Sataysia RuomSataysia RuomMonth ago
  • L

    ry Freery FreeMonth ago
  • Hi kitten lady show me your newest videos I like your newest videos even though I haven’t catch up on your newest videos.🤩🤩🤩🤩

    nunya Imhaninunya ImhaniMonth ago
  • I'm not a huge fan of cats, but thank you this really made my day! You channel is just this pile of wholesomeness

    Nymphaea LotusNymphaea LotusMonth ago
  • I sadly can't Foster any cats at the moment but when I'm older I definitely will!

    Wolfie The WolfWolfie The WolfMonth ago
  • Smols that hiss. I'm in LOVE❤

    suzy klitgaardsuzy klitgaardMonth ago
  • 8:50 made me jump out of my skin. I have a speaker next to me and I was super concentrated on how well he was eating and then... BBZZZTT!

    duntzwitchduntzwitchMonth ago
  • Your the best cat woman ever stay safe ☺️😃

    Mawada ShelbayahMawada ShelbayahMonth ago
  • is there holes in the thing that makes them warm

    anna sanna sMonth ago
  • Just so you know cats can get COVID make sure there safe toooo

    Timothy FrancisTimothy FrancisMonth ago
  • That one kitten who screams for almost the whole day Me: I want that kitten!

    YanJin ChenYanJin ChenMonth ago
  • If i get a cat with blueish gray fur that’s female, her name will be lolly, like the cat in animal crossing.

    Gabbie가비Gabbie가비2 months ago
  • I have to ask this - does she always sex the kittens correctly LOL!

    Akieraa AkieraaAkieraa Akieraa2 months ago
    • That sounds so wrong

      Declan BergmanDeclan BergmanMonth ago
  • i should be in school but i skiped to do homework and here i am

    YèlløwŠûñFløwèŕYèlløwŠûñFløwèŕ2 months ago
  • Yo at around 8:50 there's some kind of audio glitch that just gave me a heart attack. Its consistent for me. Anyone else?

    13gondolla3713gondolla372 months ago
  • There are 3 ferel kittins in my garden and my neighbours there mum got hit by a car and I have been feeding them but they don’t let me get close . Any tips

    Scarlett StormerScarlett Stormer2 months ago
    • Use a cat toy with a feather. It worked for me.

      FizzlesFizzles2 months ago
  • How can you work out if the kittens are a boy or a girl?

    Sophie DowlingSophie Dowling2 months ago
  • When I got my first kitten do you know where I get her inside of my father's motorcycle it was funny 🤣

    [Çharleñe Kūsumã][Çharleñe Kūsumã]2 months ago
  • Sooooo cute I need to do this job

    Aidalena KOUROULISAidalena KOUROULIS2 months ago
  • Aww kittens r so cute, sub to my channel reptile mistris I have a cat named caroline

    Reptile MistrisReptile Mistris2 months ago
  • what happens with all the kittens you saved or took care of

    Tiff RandomTiff Random2 months ago
  • You are very good at taking care of cats good job

    Tahsina AsifTahsina Asif2 months ago
  • I want them.

    patience newellpatience newell2 months ago