Safely Introducing Kittens (From Different Litters!)

Apr 30, 2019
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Feline friendship is so important--but when you're rescuing kittens from different litters, you'll want to be sure you're introducing them safely. Watch this video to learn about how to safely introduce a kitten to a critter-from-another-litter!
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  • 0:22 sounds like today...

    Shui XiongmaoShui Xiongmao3 days ago
  • I have a 2.5 month old kitten right now named Henry a persian cat, and another kitten who is about 1.5 months old right now will be coming in on november 15th. By then Henry will be 3 months old and the new kitten will be around 2 months old. Will it be hard to introduce them to each other because they’re more than a week older than each other? I’m sorry for the newbie question. I’m a new cat lady. I’ve been taking care of dogs my whole life and it’s my first time taking care of a cat and i’m a convert. I’m in love with cats now ❤️

    Mimi GanuelasMimi Ganuelas3 days ago
  • Is it ok if they are both healthy because I adopt them and they said they are healthy

    Daniel PuenteDaniel Puente12 days ago
  • Okay Smidgen is me at life.

    iamlonamisaiamlonamisa13 days ago
  • Kitty kittens kitten kitty cats

    Helmi KerickHelmi Kerick19 days ago
  • Does the quarantine period apply for introducing any new cat to the house?

    Maya BellMaya Bell20 days ago
  • Thanks so much for this video. You helped me a lot today. Just bought another kitten and the first one is being hostile and your info helped :) 🙏. And your absolutely gorgeous!

    Corey ArsenaultCorey Arsenault26 days ago
  • how about 2 weeks apart?

    Nabila GhozaliNabila GhozaliMonth ago
  • 1:24 forgave before the cat even did it

    XxPaisley_PlayzxXXxPaisley_PlayzxXMonth ago
  • 2 week quarantine 😝 Watching one year later during COVID 🙂 You have to watch out for the kittyvirus

    Michelle B BelzowskaMichelle B BelzowskaMonth ago
  • 1:11 those kittens kinda look like one of my cats when she was a kitten. She looks so much different now tho

    Crayz CatSCrayz CatSMonth ago
  • Im fostering 3 kittens and I have my cat that is 2 years old and has been the only cat in house but every time he smells the kittens he vomits I don't know why

    Janine GalvanJanine GalvanMonth ago
  • 14-day quarantine doesn't that sound familiar.Such a cute video

    HangingwithmaliHangingwithmaliMonth ago
  • Awwwwww they are so great awwwwwwww and adorable i want this video to NEVER ENNNNND!!'!!!!

    Shadow bird PlayzShadow bird PlayzMonth ago
  • Is it okay to introduce a kitten to an adult cat?

    KittenSissy 123KittenSissy 123Month ago
  • The music be cute

    Julian CousinsJulian CousinsMonth ago
  • How about introducing adults? Any advice? I've had my new cat about a month. And I've been following Galaxy's steps from the videos online. But it's still not going too hot.

    Marie BurtonMarie BurtonMonth ago
  • When I was introducing my kittens I kept them in a transparent box aka container and kept those containers nearby so they both can see each other but can't touch or harm each other .... They are pretty good friends now:-)

    Bhatakti AatmaBhatakti AatmaMonth ago
  • 10 kittens!

    Lucy's Random VideosLucy's Random Videos2 months ago
  • What is they are siblings, just one older than the newest litter, same mom and dad?

    Christina MuttonChristina Mutton2 months ago
  • "...and 4 kittens on quarantine in another room." We've all been there.

    Hanan RashidHanan Rashid2 months ago
  • How many kitten did you have at that time it was sooooo much kitten cuteness!!!!! 😻

    Kitties and Cookies!Kitties and Cookies!2 months ago
  • I would like a kitty

    Troy SheafferTroy Sheaffer2 months ago
  • I got a 3-4months kitten having a new brother kitten 1-4 weeks 🥺 The older one is always hissing😔🐈

    Cinimod El'CucuyCinimod El'Cucuy2 months ago
  • Hi Kitten lady! I watched the video and this was very interesting and also useful! But what should I do if I wanted to safely introduce an adult cat (maybe 3 or 4 years old) to a kitten? My cousin is getting a kitten soon and I want her and my cat to be able to get along! Thanks if you reply!

    Lola BolibekovaLola Bolibekova2 months ago
  • My cat: *imma end this family's whole career* My neighbours cat and her kittens: *I refuse that to happen*

    [R a h m a m a k e s A r t 1 0 1][R a h m a m a k e s A r t 1 0 1]2 months ago
  • I have a 12 week old kitten who's a lovebug and a new 8 week old. I've been trying to introduce them, let them be in different parts of my house, love them both, and older kitty is trying to make friends but younger keeps jumping at her, charging, cuffing. kitty brawl almost happened at my window. It's been 5 days and no progress has really been made. No clue what to do! I've shown them to each other. Everything.

    Olivia NelsonOlivia Nelson2 months ago
  • I like you

    Sakura YuriSakura Yuri2 months ago
  • Its nice someone else has said to get their kitten a friend!!! If you adopt one it is best you get 2 so they are never alone when you are gone every day at work.

    KITTENKITTEN2 months ago
  • How my cats met was, long story short, they lived in a barn, my dad picked them up after work and shoved them in a box together. They’ve been good friends after that.

    Angel dog LPSAngel dog LPS2 months ago
  • Does this work for kittens around 4 months old.

    Myrna McColleyMyrna McColley2 months ago
  • We adopted a kitten, she is 4 months old, she was born at our daughters. We've always were dog people but now, my husband and I are in love. Now our daughters cat had blessed her with 3 more babies of which we want to adopted one for a companion to our baby. They will be siblings, different litters, born in a house, been kept in a spare bedroom. My question is do we still need to keep them apart for 14 days, when ever he is ready to come to our house? Thank You, Leslie

    Leslie CavasLeslie Cavas2 months ago
  • where did you get that plastic clear cat gate?

    Amy GreenspanAmy Greenspan3 months ago
  • Wait so if my kitten has all of her shots she could meet my other kitten???

    Potato RainPotato Rain3 months ago
  • Hey thank you for your video I just adopted a kitten, she's 3 months and I'd like to introduce another kitten around the same age, just a little younger. What do you think ?

    Tsukino UsagiTsukino Usagi3 months ago
  • Did a kitten just dropped your camera...🤣

    eriko martinezeriko martinez3 months ago
  • what do you do with them when they are no longer kittens?

    Steve and JohnSteve and John3 months ago
  • i intrdost my 2 kittens too my 23 yer old cat

    kittycat kidkittycat kid3 months ago
  • Hi, I'm reintroducing my kitten (Pete, 4 months old) to his brother that he has been estranged from. They were both wild kittens and Pete was rescued at about 9 weeks and his brother has only just been caught. I'm taking his brother for a week trial, do you have any tips on having them get along and not be jealous about having to share mum's love?

    Storm BrazendaleStorm Brazendale3 months ago
  • Is there a video on introducing a cat to a kitten? My cat just turned 5. Is it too late for a friend?

    Allison CAllison C3 months ago
  • Question: can you use these to introduce an older cat with a kitten? My boyfriend’s cat is a year old while mine is 2 months old. We tried before and she would bully him/swat at him/ hiss at him, while he was curious about her.

    Rose ReneeRose Renee3 months ago
  • I can’t feed my kitten wet food bc we don’t want to get her attached to it bc my aunts cat won’t eat anything else except wet food

    Rolling_ BanoonzaRolling_ Banoonza3 months ago
  • I got a kitten a month ago and my aunt is about to get a kitten soon and we want them to meet!hopefully they become bestfriends.

    Rolling_ BanoonzaRolling_ Banoonza3 months ago
  • I would love a room full of kittens that would be nice

    Kamryn ShourKamryn Shour3 months ago
  • We used to have seven cats but now we got only fault but still if we only have 3 but my grandma died she had a blood clot until two cats can deliver fast

    Miley SlottkeMiley Slottke3 months ago
  • Do you do anything differently when introducing singletons to a litter? Right now I have a litter of four boys and a singleton female. She had a severe URI and has been alone for a long time. They're all about 5-6 weeks. They seemed a little rough on her when I tried to introduce them

    Sherrie DennehySherrie Dennehy3 months ago
  • I have about a 10 week old kitten and will be getting an 8 week old in sept. Is that age gap good?

    Brooke SmileźBrooke Smileź3 months ago
  • Is it possible to treat ringworm at home? If so how?

  • Damm you cute

    Lil_cloud_boyLil_cloud_boy3 months ago
  • there is tooo much cuteness going on in the background!!! can't keep my mind of them it!!

    Hadiya KhanHadiya Khan3 months ago
  • We're probably going to get another one........but we need to solve the flea proplem T-T

    Pigeon ProductionsPigeon Productions3 months ago
  • 4:59 The kitten slips while running Me: *my heart* ❤ Also how come no one is talking about the kitten that kept playing with Kitten Lady's hair? That was straight up *so* adorable!

    Burning_EmbersBurning_Embers4 months ago
  • Me: starts video Also me: almost dies from the cuteness

    Burning_EmbersBurning_Embers4 months ago
  • I have a 5 month old kitten and am looking to get a friend for her that will be around 10 weeks. Will it be different to get them to like eachother? My current kitten is very playful. Do I still need to quarantine the new kitten?

    Rhi-moreslessRhi-moresless4 months ago
  • What if kittens aren't the same age? Like a 2 month difference? Could this affect their introduction?

    Help Me ÕθÕHelp Me ÕθÕ4 months ago
  • I NEED HELP**** so i have a kitten about 3 months old is it too late to introduce him to a younger kitten???? PLEASE SOMEONE RESPOND

    pip :3pip :34 months ago
  • my kitten is now around 11 weeks and I feel bad that he is solo. Where do I find him a best buddy? I live in San Diego California.

    Sarah OlneySarah Olney4 months ago
  • I am gonna breed cats and u really help

    Ahfiya AlviAhfiya Alvi4 months ago
    • Uh, please don’t do that. Breeding cats is cruel and contributes to shelter cats being euthanized.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond3 months ago
  • The kitty messing with the camera it’s so cute because it looks like the kitten who is messing with the camera is the cameraman

    Lisa LawrenceLisa Lawrence4 months ago
  • fluffy puddles 0_0

    Gacha AndStuffGacha AndStuff4 months ago
  • *excuse me one of your kittens was named BOOP*

    VembellaVembella4 months ago
  • Who is watching this even though they only have one cat

    Tina MarieTina Marie4 months ago
  • This seriously sounds like the perfect way to introduce people to each other after quarantine XD

    Kari BrowningKari Browning4 months ago
  • They're so widdle😥❤

    Sydney Marlys MurraySydney Marlys Murray4 months ago
  • My kitten nane is Hank too😁

    memey channelmemey channel4 months ago
  • Hello all who have knowledge on my issues: So, I have cat allergies. And I REALLY want a cat. The only options are hypoallergenic purebreds, the healthiest is all I care about and how well they will do in my family, but I would need to buy from a breeder if I got Siberians or other hypoallergenic cats. So would it be better to not get any cat? For me, it isn't buy or save, it is buy or don't get a cat. Thanks!

    UnoriginalUnoriginal4 months ago
  • A kitten daycare where kittens make their first friends?! ;_;❤️

    Angry SandwichAngry Sandwich4 months ago
  • I've always kept the new cat in a separate room, let them sniff each other from behind the door, then eventually feed them next to the door. Then I'll set up a huge cage in my spare room (it's the size of half the room) and let them interact that way for a while. Usually 2 months. After that they have always been used to each other, with the occasional hiss

    stephsteph4 months ago
  • Hello, I have a few street cats and i want to make them be friends But i am not able to do it Please help

    Amila BhandariAmila Bhandari4 months ago
    • Why don’t you just adopt a cat? The cats you are trying to befriend are obviously feral

      Darren2016NDarren2016N4 months ago
  • @ 0:26 What a cute little pocket for this baby to rest in!!!

    Ahimsa SpaceAhimsa Space4 months ago
  • “You guys are friends even when you came in three minute ago” - kitten lady 2019

    NoOneButLeviiNoOneButLevii4 months ago
  • videos of kittens meeting eachother is like peek USworlds content

    Sarah OlneySarah Olney4 months ago
  • I have been fostering a kitten who is now 9 weeks old and I was just given two more kittens to foster who are 6 weeks. They are done quarantining today I tried to introduce them to the 9 week old but he was rather aggressive and immediately tried to start playing but as you can imagine he is much bigger than they are. Should I wait to introduce them? Or do you have any sort of tips? I know the age gap isn't ideal but I don't want to have to send anyone back to the shelter! Any help would be appreciated!

    sedulbasedulba4 months ago
  • my heart keeps melting when the kittens look at you like they're listening

    ahqmahqm4 months ago
  • Does this apply to 4 month olds? Or should I be introducing them as I would adult cats? I am planning to adopt 2 four month olds, but they are from different litters and shelters.

    Alison AustriaAlison Austria4 months ago
    • Probably better closer to an adult introduction. They will most likely adapt faster than an adult cat, but just to be on the safer side

      。。。ザっちゃん。。。ザっちゃん4 months ago
  • What has my life got me looking at, this is TOO cute!!!! 😰😣😥

    Cookie mew Jay :3Cookie mew Jay :35 months ago
  • HE SAID “This is my time to shine!!” 🥺🥺💕

    Jade RamirezJade Ramirez5 months ago
  • I love seeing these tiny animals just being at ease with you and looking at you as you talk to us

    R. H.R. H.5 months ago
  • Perfect Covid video Hannah, we're all kittens now...

    FrostyRobotFrostyRobot5 months ago
  • A minimum two week quarantine period, it sure has gone a long way... in 2020! We just got a kitten and its a work in progress w our resident 10 month old cat. I regret not getting the 2nd kitten from the same litter 10 months ago. It is my first cat and thought it was as easy as it is w dogs. If I would have known, oh well... wish me luck because the resident cat is standing its ground.

    Crankestein LoskonCrankestein Loskon5 months ago
  • I wish you were my mom

    H3nta1 princessH3nta1 princess5 months ago
  • Could u do a video for an older cat to a kitten

    Peggy SchuylerPeggy Schuyler5 months ago
  • What cat beds are these?!😫

    Gabrielle ValdezGabrielle Valdez5 months ago
  • i put a 3 week old with 2 week old ones to mix the smells and she just started bitting everyone :'D she had no teeth ! was adorable as the younger ones didn't care at all. Took her away again of course.

    Oskar wintersOskar winters5 months ago
  • This lady is so good on advice about cats and she seems so fun to watch. Really enjoy her videos.

    Julie RawlinsJulie Rawlins5 months ago

    Kidasy SKidasy S5 months ago
  • 2:00 the kitten trying to grab her hand 🥺

    zoezoe5 months ago
  • 2:00 The little one going for her hand... They know that they are cute and use it to their advantage 😁

    Theo GantenbeinTheo Gantenbein5 months ago
  • Who knew that a year later we'd be in quarantine just like those kittens

    Natya KurapatiNatya Kurapati5 months ago
  • Is it true that you can slowly blink to say "I love you" 😱

    Kay PresleyKay Presley5 months ago
    • Yes. It's cat speak. Depending on whether the cat sees and notices it or not, it might return the blink!

      RowRowRowRow5 months ago
  • I just brought in a female cat and I already have 2 females and 1 male. 1 female is skidish, another is kinda like the alpha, and the new one, idk. The alpha is hissing at the new and the hiding one.

    Voice Of An AngelVoice Of An Angel5 months ago

    Dana AlshamisDana Alshamis5 months ago
  • Lol two week quarantine

    MineChris 2008MineChris 20086 months ago
  • I have two kittens, one of them who came only a few days ago and the other three weeks ago. The newer only is calm and curious, I can tell she really really wants to play with our other kitten. However, the other kitten who has been with us longer is a huge scaredy cat. We've been trying to follow the instructions but whenever she sees the new kitten, she gets all puffed up. Every now and then she's calm and approaches the new one in a friendly manner, but if the new kitten moves too suddenly, she puffs up again and runs away. What should I do?

    Maria SosaMaria Sosa6 months ago
  • Haven't watched the whole thing yet, but I'm thinking of getting a second (adult) cat from a local shelter, here it usually means they are adults. I hope there's something in this video I can transition to my situation.

    ----6 months ago
  • Does this introduction process change if your introducing a 9 week old to a 18 week old?

    Ashley SmibertAshley Smibert6 months ago
  • little did she know one year later all the kittens would be in quarantine

    Lydia BugLydia Bug6 months ago
  • Is this the same for cats? Or a kitten and a cat? Or just kittens?

    Critter crewCritter crew6 months ago
    • sakura 4869 alright cause I have a cat that’s about a year old maybe younger and getting one that’s not even a month old so yeah thanks :)

      Critter crewCritter crew5 months ago
    • Adult cats don't adapt as quickly as kittens. Jackson Galaxy has videos on introducing cats

      。。。ザっちゃん。。。ザっちゃん6 months ago
  • At the beginning did anyone see the two kittens hold paws!!!

    Michele MillerMichele Miller6 months ago
  • I have two older cats how can i make them feel comfortable with a new kitten

    Jennifer RamosJennifer Ramos6 months ago
    • Watch Jackson Galaxy's videos on introducing cats. He's a cat behaviorist

      。。。ザっちゃん。。。ザっちゃん6 months ago