Sanitizing Furniture and Removing Cat Fur!

Apr 9, 2020
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Thank you Raycop for sending me your RN Allergen Vacuum to try! I honestly love it and use it all the time - I highly recommend it for sanitizing and removing fur from furniture. Get 20% off this product by using the code KITTENLADY20 at checkout on #sponsored

  • What! her coach can spawn cats!

    Ivy ThibodeauIvy ThibodeauDay ago
  • Me:🐶🐶🐶 Kitten lady:🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐕🐕 Puppy🐕. dog🐶. Kitten🐈. Cat🐱.

    Ivy ThibodeauIvy Thibodeau2 days ago
  • The Cast Of EYEBALL Watch 2020

    HangingwithmaliHangingwithmali5 days ago
    • @Ivy Thibodeau I have probably watched every video on her channel including live streams.

      HangingwithmaliHangingwithmali8 hours ago
    • Yes! You watched it to.

      Ivy ThibodeauIvy ThibodeauDay ago
  • can i have 1

    Shane Van BuskirkShane Van Buskirk14 days ago
    • 1 what?

      Ivy ThibodeauIvy ThibodeauDay ago
  • Jimmy looks a LOT LIKE my kitten Milo ❤️

    Ta OsTa Os14 days ago
  • *shakes fur off body* I’m a kitty cat cat meow meow meow mower meow meow meow ima KITTY

    7KittyStar plays roblox7KittyStar plays roblox14 days ago
  • Me: Skips to somewhere in the middle of the video. Kittens: Stares at the same places simultaneously Me: Have they turned into robots or something?

    Shreya GhoshShreya Ghosh15 days ago
  • Me: * Watches intro * Me: Best. Intro. Ever.

    Shreya GhoshShreya Ghosh15 days ago
  • I want that vacum

  • What type of cat is Chris? I think iÅ¥s siberian cat, right?

    ꧁MARI꧂꧁MARI꧂16 days ago
  • Sambhavna Seth entertainment

    sorashi biswassorashi biswas17 days ago
  • Kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Helmi KerickHelmi Kerick18 days ago
  • Its Heaven on Earth ! ! Great. ❤️😺❤️😺❤️😺❤️😺❤️ And much work , with love ! ❤️👩🏼‍🦰😺greets🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

    Kimberley PexKimberley Pex19 days ago
  • The shape of the vacuum is rather odd and would barely fit into the small spaces our pets go or squeeze into corners very well. I wonder why they made the head so big and oddly shaped?

    beckamaxbeckamax20 days ago
  • I have an allergy on pet dander aerosols and other small particles

    Carlene BurdonCarlene Burdon22 days ago
    • im so glad they are finally bringing out this technology

      Carlene BurdonCarlene Burdon22 days ago
  • I wanna adopt Debby so much when she is available! But my parents just adopted a new kitten!

    indygirlieindygirlieMonth ago
    • Well, you’re gonna have to steal Debbie from her forever home of almost six months.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond26 days ago
  • When you don't live in a 1st world country... :-(

    Su TashSu TashMonth ago
  • Cute big white fluffy amazing friendly cute eyes very amazing cool color cat

    Harper LohrHarper LohrMonth ago
  • Eloies like briana s cat on briana plays

    Romeo TangRomeo TangMonth ago
  • Wow you're so busy!! XD I know this is old but phew what a full house

    Appa TayAppa TayMonth ago
  • He is allergic to cat hair and lives with you. If that's not love than i don't know what is

    My NameMy NameMonth ago
  • Hobi🥺

    Go Crazy AhhHahah Go StupidGo Crazy AhhHahah Go StupidMonth ago
  • Kitten lady just wanted to ask what's your real job or you just do USworldsing 🙂🙂🙂😅

    Yeshi LhanzeyYeshi LhanzeyMonth ago
  • Wish I was you 🙋🙋🙋

    Yeshi LhanzeyYeshi LhanzeyMonth ago
  • Debbie:Lets play momma pillow~1:34 Niangle(dunno to spell):oh yeah!1:34

    ʟᴄᴠᴇʟʏ ᴛᴀeeʟᴄᴠᴇʟʏ ᴛᴀeeMonth ago
  • A damp plastic Marigold washing up glove wiped over surfaces picks up dog & cat hair.

    Sarah HollandSarah HollandMonth ago
  • You have more cats than the dogs okay and my dream is to have one car but if I am saying that right now wow

    Jiyakaur BajwaJiyakaur BajwaMonth ago
  • I need this. Especially since we’re looking at fostering orphans again

    Chronically RaraChronically RaraMonth ago
  • My cat is beuatiful she is on my provile pic!

    Alexandra BlomAlexandra BlomMonth ago
  • Hi

    Alexandra BlomAlexandra BlomMonth ago
  • JIMMY!!!

    RaquelRaquelMonth ago
  • How do I get one of your kittens on sale please respond

    The Rahman FamilyThe Rahman FamilyMonth ago
  • Thank you Cat lady I LOVE your all Cats

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  • I need this 2 cats

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  • I want your animals 🤩

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  • I would not mind having this many animals I ❤️ animals

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  • I want To have a good Blake kitten that's Blake an white can I have that

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  • Jimmy looks like a mini of my cat figgy

    ry Freery FreeMonth ago
  • im sydney

    WolfGirl101WolfGirl101Month ago
  • This was published on my 21st birthday 😌

    Dylan VoDylan VoMonth ago
  • Jimmy and Chris are so damn CUTE💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Sisilea ChanSisilea ChanMonth ago
  • It's not cat hair it's kitty glitter

    Jessica StobberJessica StobberMonth ago
  • I just watched the eyeball watch 2020

    Jessica StobberJessica StobberMonth ago
  • We just ordered the "RayGun" (as Cindy calls it) from Chewy! Can't wait for it to arrive! Thank you for such adorable, funny, informative videos and for helping all the creatures that you do. We have had 35 cat/kitten rescues over the past 17 years. We were down to 3 indoor cats. 2 new ones showed up since November. So Kammie & Karma have now joined the all female calico band Meowlicka!

    Jim DesideratiJim Desiderati2 months ago
  • It's the puppy's is for adoption

    Catherine Jane nina DealagdonCatherine Jane nina Dealagdon2 months ago
  • It's the puppy's is for adoption

    Catherine Jane nina DealagdonCatherine Jane nina Dealagdon2 months ago
  • Bhhhhhhhhyghgggggygh

    Jessica HatfieldJessica Hatfield2 months ago
  • Ur tattoos r beautiful

    ayachi zouhourayachi zouhour2 months ago
  • I am Aaliya and I am 12 years old I saved a 2 months old stray kitten who some how got stuck in a 30 ft long pipe for 3 days on the 4th day I saved her all alone with any camera or any thi g except a rope and a plastic shoper with 2 3 pebels

    Aaliya YounusAaliya Younus2 months ago
    • @M smith and don't forget to follow adventures of tiny Harley on instagram

      Aaliya YounusAaliya Younus2 months ago
    • @M smith I went on the roof at 8 am

      Aaliya YounusAaliya Younus2 months ago
    • Awe that’s such a nice thing to do! And your only 12!

      M smithM smith2 months ago
  • They shouldn't be allowed on your furniture that's nasty who wants to sit and lay in cat and dog fur only filthy people!

    Sharmaine StokesSharmaine Stokes2 months ago
  • Dust allergies are no joke. I feel like I'm allergic to being inside.

    Charlene FotiCharlene Foti2 months ago
  • I’m like your boyfriend :( I love animales and I’m alergic to fur (cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, hamsters...), as well as hay and many plants, but I used to have an angora rabbit haha. I wish I had a vacuum like that.

    paloma carretero santospaloma carretero santos2 months ago
  • okay, she's being straight actually shocked me. my gay radior is broken

    Rose NaserRose Naser2 months ago
  • Do you know if it safe with rabbits? I just recently started fostering as well.

    jilene Jensenjilene Jensen2 months ago
  • I need this in my life ❣

    Malinda SargentMalinda Sargent2 months ago
  • Every apartment owner in every building needs a person like you

    Romeza ZahidRomeza Zahid2 months ago
  • Your fiance's just exaggerating when he said "My own hair" 😂

    Mariam KMariam K2 months ago
  • I’m getting this!!😽

    Merilee AquinoMerilee Aquino2 months ago
  • Kitten Lady: **Named her black cat Darwin**” Me: dArWiN fRoM tHe AmAzInG wOrLd Of GuMbAlL??

    carlos moreloscarlos morelos2 months ago
  • I'm wondering if with all these rescues that come and go, did you had any case of feline typhus? It's a very dangerous virus that spreads very easily and kills 90% of their hosts. I had 2 cases on my 4 cats, and it was a nightmare to save them and ensure the virus doesn't spread to any other animal. Thankfully, very high bills later and countless hours of caring and sanitizing, I saved both cats. So in taking sanitizing very seriously, you are probably saving your entire household of very nasty diseases!

    Genesis RhapsodosGenesis Rhapsodos2 months ago
  • You work so hard and you are so unselfish. Very admirable.

    jairene serenojairene sereno2 months ago
  • Tbh my mom always has been scaring me to death by cat fur saying if i swallow or breath cat fur i will die which always scared me, so i couldn't really have cats cause my mom doesn't like cats thats exactly why shes scating me a cat person lol, soo i usually feed the stray cats from our neighborhood sincee they are very sweet! I bond perfectly with a black and white cat i called Amber shes a female obviously haha and always get scared when i pet cats though since of the fur.

    Borris SBorris S2 months ago
    • Scaring* lol too lazy to edit it

      Borris SBorris S2 months ago
  • You are a hero.

    Gabriel MolineGabriel Moline2 months ago
  • My hole room is filled with cat hair

    C YC Y2 months ago
  • 2:15 lmao

    Mer25 BearMer25 Bear2 months ago
  • This is a perfect or example of cuteness overload those puppies those cats those kittens adorable

    GAMING HoneyGAMING Honey2 months ago
  • Wish i could get this but I'm not in US :(

    Hic et nuncHic et nunc2 months ago
  • Or would you say FURniture

    Robert MartinezRobert Martinez2 months ago
  • While I can't afford it right now, this is definitely something I'll save up for. It just looks great, especially with our 4 cats at home :)

    1etira011etira012 months ago
  • 2:05 the puppy winked

    Fardosa JamaFardosa Jama2 months ago
  • Please name a cat bob

  • It's not Cat fur its Kitty Glitter!!!

    Plague Doctor Masque ***Plague Doctor Masque ***2 months ago
  • Why they don't sell stuff like that in Poland ???!!! ;(

    WilczycaWilczyca2 months ago
  • I was going to buy one, but they don't ship to the EU :'(

    PczdxoPczdxo2 months ago
  • Kitten lady, what brand are your cat trees? They look awesome tnx

    julianna79mjulianna79m2 months ago
  • the kittens playing in the background was so cute 😫

    Siona Atkinson SolomonSiona Atkinson Solomon2 months ago
  • I just LOVE Eloise! What a sweet kitty.

    Mark PoitrasMark Poitras2 months ago
  • Sad, the code is expired now :(

    SandySandy2 months ago
  • I love tux cats i have one

    Katie AdamoKatie Adamo2 months ago
  • Harune? A new cat?

    LulukinsLulukins2 months ago
    • Not exactly.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • Coupon expired

    LuAnnsLessonsLuAnnsLessons2 months ago
  • There are really good gloves to comb cats they reaaaally work my cat was shedding hair in my mouth literally and I started combing her regularly and the result tho

    Petar KPetar K2 months ago
  • Thank you for making this video, i found it really useful and comforting since I desperately needed the recommendation xoxo! ♥️

    AL- JoharaAL- Johara2 months ago
  • sometimes i wonder if all cats in this earth are spayed and neutered,what if they reach extinction if most of them die

    Just MeJust Me2 months ago
  • The shape of the vacuum doesn't look convenient for awkwardly shaped cat trees though

    esiuolesiuol2 months ago
  • Wish you can do house tour on the next video! 😍

    Sarah AirunaraSarah Airunara2 months ago
  • When the cats moved their heads following the treat it made me laugh, cuties!!

    Amelia ChenAmelia Chen2 months ago
  • Video of kittens moving heads in sink following probably you with toy made me smile. You're amazing with all the rescues.

    deb mdeb m2 months ago
  • Cute

    Om AliOm Ali2 months ago
  • If there's white fur just make it like snow

    Madelyn DaetMadelyn Daet2 months ago
  • Do you like dog or cat

    Aqila PutriAqila Putri2 months ago
  • *Watches this with my fluffy cat in a bed full of cat hair while there are six other cats running around* MOMMMMMMMM!!!!!! IS THIS WHERE THERE ALL GETTING THERE DISEASES FROM?!?!

    Brøøke HicksBrøøke Hicks2 months ago
  • I've never heard of raycop until now... and I've been saving for a dyson. This type of vacuum just seems more useful for someone like me who is also allergic to everything. Went ahead and got the cordless vacuum! So excited! Thank you~

    Fluffy ArupakaFluffy Arupaka2 months ago
  • (Thanks to Jackson Galaxy's channel I found Kitten lady) my wife & I recently adopted 2 sister kittens 9 weeks old I want to keep everything as tip top as I can ( breathing clean air is good for everyone). thank you for your honest review. A new subscriber.

    Micah SudolMicah Sudol2 months ago
  • You clean your cat tree without your cats freaking out?? I have the issue that I can't clean the cat tree :( Last time I did clean it, one of my cat freak out about the removal of her hair from the cat tree that she pee on it to make sure it will still have her sent there :( Do you have any tip to help me? please I am desperate :)

    Sloane PSloane P2 months ago
  • Can l adopt toby pls♥️♥️♥️🥰

    Chio FletesChio Fletes2 months ago
    • Who’s Toby?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • Darn it! Hold still so I can get name!

  • 0:37 can please tell me the name of the breed of this kitten.. My kitten also looks the same like this kitten.. I want to figure out my kitten breed.. Can please help??

    sabekun naharsabekun nahar3 months ago
  • Needed a new vaccine to clean up all the cat fur! Thanks for the discount code :)

    Caroly__Caroly__3 months ago
  • Where is that wooden cat tree from!? I need one.

    Natalie StoneNatalie Stone3 months ago