Saving a Sick and Starving Kitten - How Supportive Care Saved Jimmy

Apr 28, 2020
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If you've rescued a sick kitten, please work with a veterinarian to assess and treat! Every kitten is different, and it's important to work with a vet to know what your specific kitten needs. In this video, you'll see how simple supportive care measures like subcutaneous fluids, B12, a heat source, antibiotics, and proper nutrition can save the life of a kitten. Jimmy was starved and emaciated when he arrived, but within days, he was on track to be a healthy and happy young cat!
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    Kitten LadyKitten Lady6 months ago
    • @Peppa Pig Why don’t u check out all the videos in Hannah’s playlists?

      Gayle LauGayle Lau3 days ago
    • Kitten Lady you are so kind to animals You are sure to go to heaven

      Nicole CalderonNicole CalderonMonth ago
    • I'm not crying about this video DEFINITELY not 😭😔

      Oakley the huskyOakley the huskyMonth ago
    • God bless you, girl, for your love and care of baby ou es in need! You are wonderful! Jimmy and his siblings are adorable! Long life and much, much happiness, kiddos!

      Lynda HammondLynda Hammond2 months ago
    • jimmy reminds me of apple and her brother (crabapple) and chickpea for some reason. what about you? maybe it’s because of the fur color/pattern?

      Mrs. DamicoMrs. Damico2 months ago
  • I've rescued for many years ..bottle fed several litters .My one is 17 now..I can't give them up anymore..It's too hard..

    Vickie TracyVickie Tracy2 hours ago
  • I really wana give you a big hug hannah :) ur a strong woman. Lots of love for you. ❤️

    Kish MishKish Mish3 hours ago
  • Can't imagine how is it difficult to save them but also to gave them to adoption and say good bye . God bless you

    Sam SSam S7 hours ago
  • Poor Jimmy😭😫😥

    Eliza RoyEliza Roy11 hours ago
  • Jimmy's sad little meows if you can even call them that, were so weak and sad

    YourAverageGamerGirlYourAverageGamerGirlDay ago
  • Jimmy is a happy baby

    Raven RoadRaven RoadDay ago
  • U r so awesome to God’s little creatures.

    Raven RoadRaven RoadDay ago
  • That calico kitten just had my heart I have a twelve year old rescue called Summer just like her 🥰

    Amy BelleAmy BelleDay ago
  • Can we bottle those purrs? That's love right there🐾🤗😊!!!

    Dawn groundhogDawn groundhogDay ago
  • Only if she contributes such care and dedication towards human would make world a totally different place to live....old people in homes wouldn't feel bad....but she's helping useless and good for nothing cats. ...really awful to see this

    Preethi JayaramPreethi JayaramDay ago
  • I rescued a kitten 5 days ago She is about 6 weeks i think I took her vet and everything Is it safe to introduce her to my dog? He is friendly but I’m worried about viruses or diseases

    Rita ShamounRita Shamoun2 days ago
  • As much as I would like to help and learn to this level of fostering kittens I wouldn’t be able to part with them so it’s not the job for me 😞

    Cammi GuerreroCammi Guerrero2 days ago
  • We have an Oreo in our home. She was brought here by her Brother that came here looking for food. When we saw the little guy in our backyard I put food and water out. We called him Ghost because he was here and gone like a Ghost. After a couple of days he brought his Sister with him. Ghost was small, but his Sister was tiny. Every step Ghost took he would turn and call his Sister. He lead her right to the food and water. He then let Her eat and drink, before He touched anything. We built them a heated shelter on our patio. One of us would sit at the door, and after a number of days of leaving our patio door open enough for them to fit through. Oreo, our little Cookie came in and wondered around. All the while She would call Her Brother to come in. After about 30 minutes Ghost ran in the door to be with His Sister. They have never asked to go out. They have never tried to get out. They do like to sit at the screen to look out, but when I open the screen they will not return to the door or window untill that screen is shut. So it seems our Ghost and Little Cookie named Oreo want to stay.

    Rj KeenanRj Keenan2 days ago
  • My cat had kittens and one of them looked EXACTLY like this guy! So cute!

    Cindy ChristiansenCindy Christiansen3 days ago
  • how does she come up with so many names?

    Tatia KalatozishviliTatia Kalatozishvili3 days ago
  • Near future you will be a cat lady 😊

    Hamdi AlipontoHamdi Aliponto3 days ago
  • Jimmy looks identical to a kitten I found with her litter but she disappeared into thin air one day. Her name was Ellie.

    Rossa GRossa G4 days ago
  • awwpoor thngs please save them

    Cherry icecreamCherry icecream4 days ago
  • wonderful work you are doing.......

  • Kittenlady ❤

    Aliaa khanAliaa khan5 days ago
  • It's amazing how you can make the kittens cooperate with what you are doing to them. You are amazing Hannah..

    connie schultzconnie schultz5 days ago
  • I love watching your videos but i am alergic ti cats i wish i was not but

    Freya Lundholm30Freya Lundholm307 days ago
  • The entire bunch are so beautiful. I straight up screamed when Hannah said "you're such a big boy!" And Jimmy looked back and batted the rope on the cat tree, like he was saying "Yes Mum, I'm a big boy."

    Emmy YangEmmy Yang9 days ago
  • nO iM noT cryinG 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭

    Pakeeza AzamPakeeza Azam10 days ago
  • I'm crying too!

    Tuli DomineauxTuli Domineaux11 days ago
  • They are beyond precious!

    Tuli DomineauxTuli Domineaux11 days ago
  • We found 3 kittens in our shed. My husband had closed the shed Saturday night and Wednesday morning I opened it again and immediately could hear them screaming. 😭 I burst into tears throwing things out of the shed to get to them. We tried for hours to let mom come back but feared they would die if we didn't step in. We guessed they were about a week to 10 days old. I have no idea how they lived days without their mom?!? Fast forward 3 weeks and they are healthy and thriving - solely thanks to the advice given here on this channel!!! I binge watched so many videos of yours. Thank you!!! 💕😻

    Steph HoovlerSteph Hoovler12 days ago
  • You are the sweetest kittenfostermom ever ❤️

    Lindsey van HelderenLindsey van Helderen12 days ago
  • You're amazing!

  • God bless remember God love u he sent his son to die for u and he made u if it was not for him you would not be alive God bless

    Jemimah McKenzieJemimah McKenzie13 days ago
  • Thank God he is ok

    Jemimah McKenzieJemimah McKenzie13 days ago
  • God bless remember God love u he sent his son to die for u and he made u if it was not for him you would not be alive God bless

    Jemimah McKenzieJemimah McKenzie13 days ago
  • poor baby! no animal or person should have to suffer like that!

    Ayla FrostAyla Frost15 days ago
  • Your videos move me no end...

    Chris GrilloChris Grillo15 days ago
  • Jimmy looks like Badger AND he has an upper respiratory infection!

    BLOBISH 2BLOBISH 216 days ago
  • Awesome work you’ve done with those little ones, especially Jimmy

    John ReidJohn Reid17 days ago
  • Were you crying Because it looked e

    Sarah AshrafSarah Ashraf17 days ago
  • Wasnt expecting to cry...yet here we are

    LickWit GoldLickWit Gold17 days ago
  • God bless remember God love u🙏🏾

    Jemimah McKenzieJemimah McKenzie17 days ago
  • Hi what breed kitten is Jimmy and how old was he? Before treatment.. the volume is too low to on the video to listen

    Farzana 2a2 AliFarzana 2a2 Ali18 days ago
  • Oh poor babies😭😭😭

    Liliana BlitzLiliana Blitz19 days ago
  • My kitten I just saved looks like that right now but he won’t even move today

    PoncePonce20 days ago
  • I may not be the pearson who fostered Jimmy but I broke into tears when be had to go

    Walter memesWalter memes20 days ago
  • I would like to k ow how to clean those eyes

    Jazzy RobertsonJazzy Robertson21 day ago
  • He looks like my spots.

    Peaceful BlissPeaceful Bliss21 day ago
  • 13:04 The little kitten on the back right is chattering at the toy omg 😭😭

    Kendall AndersonKendall Anderson23 days ago

    celestial puncakecelestial puncake25 days ago
  • dont give him too hot bath i did that once to my cat and she was in pain

    celestial puncakecelestial puncake25 days ago
  • Your sharing your experiences & tips is very much appreciated! I've bred & raised pedigreed Maine Coons for 20yrs, & I learn so much from your videos! Your loving gentleness shows your deep commitment to felines! Ty!!

    MICHELE DAWN ManieriMICHELE DAWN Manieri25 days ago
  • I'm crying so hard. ....i LOVED JIMMY AND I WANNA ADOPT HIM.

    that furry down the streetthat furry down the street26 days ago
  • You’re literally a gift from god❤️ may god bless you🙏🏻

    Suzanne Al rashidSuzanne Al rashid26 days ago
  • Oh my god why you rub those kittens too fast.. You should do it slowly and easy.. It's a BABY... you're not in a race!

    ok we get it you're specialok we get it you're special27 days ago
  • So beautiful to watch. So happy to see Jimmy got a loving home. I hope the others were also so fortunate. Tear jerker video.

    AmericanRelic2hearAmericanRelic2hear28 days ago
  • Ugh I’m actually crying 😭

    Gabi JaroGabi Jaro28 days ago
  • I'm not crying you are 😀😣😭

    ItsEpyItsEpy28 days ago
  • You have a huge heart God Bless enjoy the vids very informative

    nick scurtonick scurto28 days ago
  • If I was you I would adopt him

    Punkin DootyPunkin Dooty29 days ago
    • If she adopted every kitten she rescued and fostered she wouldn't be able to save more lives.

      KelseyKelsey29 days ago
  • git a cat like adopt one

    Jamie HolderbeinJamie Holderbein29 days ago
  • what kind of kittens re these?

    Des VarelaDes VarelaMonth ago
  • I almost cried along with her when Jimmy got adopted

    judith henniauxjudith henniauxMonth ago
  • I love this video. I'm literally re-watching it. I LOVE it, and you can't change my mind. I love it, I love it, I love it. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I wish I could've adopted Jimmy. He's so cute!! When he grows up, that is.

    judith henniauxjudith henniauxMonth ago
  • I'm happy I found this video I have this kitten under my family car and I wasn't sure what to do but thanks hopefully I can help the little angel

    Space_ _WeebSpace_ _WeebMonth ago
  • Jimmy looks just like my kitty Proin... but with a different eye color and Proin is a girl

    E᷃d᷃i᷃t᷃s᷃ C᷃h᷃e᷃c᷃k᷃ ȔwȔE᷃d᷃i᷃t᷃s᷃ C᷃h᷃e᷃c᷃k᷃ ȔwȔMonth ago
  • We savd the same one but its still small we just washed her she is sitting on my legs

    aylinnaylinnMonth ago
  • He’s the most adorable little love monkey!

    catherine covellcatherine covellMonth ago
  • Holy shit i never cried so hard in my life bruh

    Pearl BudgellPearl BudgellMonth ago
  • You are soooooooooooooooooooooo kind to do that

    Laasya DurbhaLaasya DurbhaMonth ago
  • It's amazing what you do, I wish I didn't work full-time plus as a physical therapist so I could do it too, I have 2 rescue cats, one a little bit feral if she is not around me and around the vet. My cats are so spoiled with cat trees, toys, treats, etc.

    Kathleen KleinKathleen KleinMonth ago
  • Jimmy Won the Lotto !!!

    aped3aped3Month ago
  • ᴀɴʏᴏɴᴇ ʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ℂ𝕣𝕒𝕓𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕝𝕖?

    Weirdo IshWeirdo IshMonth ago
  • I'm going to be a vet for only cats when I grow up! 🐱🐈🦁🐯🐅🐆😺😸😹😻😼😽🙀😿😾🐾🐾

    Kitten Girl Cuteness overload 'The Cat'Kitten Girl Cuteness overload 'The Cat'Month ago
  • "kittens know when someone is caring for them and they also know if no one is caring for them and that's very scary" this broke me..I'm fostering 3 tiny kittens just 18 days old..they're doing good..but qt first they were so terrified...i hope they get a better life

    anuja palkheanuja palkheMonth ago
  • Kitten surgery

    Harper LohrHarper LohrMonth ago
  • Who else said “bless you” when the kitten sneezed?

    Nicole SandsNicole SandsMonth ago
  • 😭

    Monica SullivanMonica SullivanMonth ago
  • My cat gave birth ! At a kitten whight + black like Jimy anb I named hem😺Jimy!!💕💕❤

    antonia anagnostakiantonia anagnostakiMonth ago
  • I don’t know what to say ;-; So...... who has cats?

    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔbad Girlʕ •ᴥ•ʔʕ •ᴥ•ʔbad Girlʕ •ᴥ•ʔMonth ago
  • My hearts melting that alll the kittens get treated so badly they should be treated with care!

    darkØ playz games!darkØ playz games!Month ago

    Nerd BobNerd BobMonth ago
  • its so heart braking that kittens have to suffer.

  • The cats face look like:😯 Me:👁️👅👁️

    Patricia WeirPatricia WeirMonth ago
  • As soon as she starred crying i starting crying really hard. Well done Jimmy.

    JG GachaJG GachaMonth ago
  • Our cat had kittens and she looked excactly like him but she did not make it...She was extremely skinny and has the triangular face.

    Hayden WalkerHayden WalkerMonth ago
  • Jimmy looks just like my rescue cat Toby, he had a great personality, even right up till when when he got bowel cancer and I had to put him down because tumour was in a place they couldn’t couldn’t remove. I still think of him ever day 16 years later. 💕💕💕💕💕💕

    L NL NMonth ago
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    Nadia TALEBNadia TALEBMonth ago
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    Ericka the bunnyEricka the bunnyMonth ago
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    Viyan ShViyan ShMonth ago
  • 😭😭😭 if you don't know that was my cat

    Tameika CaveTameika CaveMonth ago
  • that's why I forgot the idea of becoming a veterinary, it makes me soooo bad to see an animal suffering T.T

    CraftyMoonCraftyMoonMonth ago
  • kitties are so adorable

    Bats is LiveBats is LiveMonth ago
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    Intissar HabbalIntissar HabbalMonth ago
  • Jimmy looks like Apple! SO CUTE!

    Kaliope JonesKaliope JonesMonth ago
  • I love you, i love that u care about animals and nature you rock girl :)

    d a r l i n gd a r l i n gMonth ago
  • The worst part is haveing to let them go

    Letty SerratoLetty SerratoMonth ago
  • People should call hannah, Hannah the kitten saver

    X xKittenLovex XX xKittenLovex XMonth ago
  • Holy shit! My cat licks my eyelids too. Is that normal?

    Christian GreggChristian GreggMonth ago
  • You are amazing! Thank you for being such a good person and saving these animals life's

    sleepless trashsleepless trashMonth ago
  • So cute

    Elsie MillerElsie MillerMonth ago
  • ung kulay itim

    Zcell David Loreto BrionesZcell David Loreto BrionesMonth ago