Singing to my Foster Puppy (Just Spayed!)

Jun 15, 2020
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My foster puppy bell got spayed today. I wrote her this song while I was eating nachos and she was hanging out in bed. :)
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  • Would take this puppy over any kitten any day. Wow. She has my heart.

    Lyndsey MacPhersonLyndsey MacPherson11 days ago
  • my dog looks exactly like that

    David FaustDavid FaustMonth ago
  • Speed this to 2x . Didn't regret

    Victoria 666Victoria 6662 months ago
    • thank u !

      KAREN.NIVEDITA Grade 7KAREN.NIVEDITA Grade 7Month ago
  • For me spaying is cruel I mean noo like I know it's for their own good but for me I will not spay/neuter my cats and dogs

    Naisa NahudanNaisa Nahudan2 months ago
    • How does it hurt them? Sterilizing them would be the best choice, imagine if they get outside.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
    • Cause it hurts them

      Naisa NahudanNaisa Nahudan2 months ago
  • What breed is your foster puupy

    Amelia TarbillAmelia Tarbill2 months ago
  • i cant help but stan

    racoons are bearsracoons are bears2 months ago
  • Is anyone gonna talk about how beautiful Hannah’s voice is

    My Crafty WorldMy Crafty World2 months ago
  • I keep coming back to this one. It’s fantastic. Perhaps this should be the new ASPCA song. No disrespect to Sarah McLachlan, but this is much less depressing.

    Meredith TaylorMeredith Taylor2 months ago
  • Why was she spayed so early?

    LillycopterLillycopter2 months ago
  • Coco ain’t impressed. C’mon Coco be nice!

    Crystal ClearCrystal Clear3 months ago
  • "When you hit 8 weeks I want your ovaries" Well frick.

    Kenna AnimatezKenna Animatez3 months ago
  • This is legit my fav vid of all time ever. Even if Coco doesn’t agree. SPAY ALL THE BABIES.

    Anna HopenAnna Hopen3 months ago
  • I thought the catch was going to be the puppers reaction.. then I heard ovaries and I was oh dear 🤣

    Juan Pablo Gonzalez S. V.Juan Pablo Gonzalez S. V.3 months ago
  • first song with the word uterus EVER!

    Adam GrossmanAdam Grossman3 months ago
  • Aw, she is adorable!! Also ur voice is so nice, but the lyrics, lol!!

    Mangroves MangoesMangroves Mangoes3 months ago
  • Cocoa says, and don't forget those shots, du du dum

    Christine MonteChristine Monte3 months ago
  • That was so funny .You have a beautiful voice. And sing it with such love

    Ruby RedRuby Red3 months ago
  • 😍😍😍😍😍

    Estrella SanelEstrella Sanel4 months ago
  • That song is so beautiful and creepy at the same time...I feel weird 😂😅

    Laura HeviaLaura Hevia4 months ago
  • Interesting lyrics but YOU HAVE A GREAT VOICE

    Snake LoverSnake Lover4 months ago
  • Precious , kitty lady!

    Suzanne SchulzSuzanne Schulz4 months ago
  • This is the best song about spaying I have ever heard! I think it may be the only song of that genre that I have ever heard. It was amazing 😍

    Mellowdee BooWhoMellowdee BooWho4 months ago

    SarahSarah4 months ago
  • Haha 😂

    Karen Mata SerranoKaren Mata Serrano4 months ago
  • That’s a butiful song

    Ghostpaws The Dutch Angel dragonGhostpaws The Dutch Angel dragon4 months ago
  • Love the give me your uterus song.

    ROE DIAZROE DIAZ4 months ago
  • Hi how often do you upload i love your videos and are getting as much information as i can

    OceanbluebeeOceanbluebee4 months ago
  • I found a stray kitten about maybe a month or two old he is healthy but his eyes were glued shut and he was trying to cross the road we looked around for a hour and had no trace of the momma cat? We have no supplies for him yet and I dont even know what to get for him? Maybe kitten milk a litter box ? I dont really know we have him trying ro eat dry food but that's not working he will nibble on it and then nudge it away.Can You Mabye Help Me

    XxBrysón PlàyzxXXxBrysón PlàyzxX4 months ago
  • My new kitten I just got today keeps hiding from us and doesnt wanna come out from the couch

    Ozzy Head33Ozzy Head334 months ago
  • Awww

    Robin EldridgeRobin Eldridge4 months ago
  • I have a question I’ve been wondering about since I first got my kitten...I have 3 cats. One is about 10 years old, the second is 1 1/2 years and my third cat is about 8 weeks old. All 3 are female and none of them are spayed but I’m wondering if I should have them spayed. I originally didn’t plan on it :/ but when I told a family friend I had adopted another cat she lectured me on getting her spayed when I told her I hadn’t planned to. So it got me thinking about if I really should but I don’t know what to do :/

    No NoNo No4 months ago
    • Are they indoor-only cats? That makes a huge difference, though I probably would still have them spayed.

      LoreleiLorelei2 months ago
  • OMG! This is beyond cute and funny. She doesn't look any worse for wear. Please be careful she doesn't chew those button eyes off the lion.

    CandeekissezCandeekissez4 months ago
  • I have a forever puppy who was also just spayed

    Glitter GirlGlitter Girl4 months ago
  • Hi I love your videos! Its great that you help any animal in need I am I kid and was wondering if you can give any advice on how to get a kitten and some tips to raising them I have had 5 cats in the past ( all at different times) but I haven't tried to get one myself yet

    Blue WoofBlue Woof4 months ago
  • And I have saved 7 kittens in my life so far!

    Emma WrobelEmma Wrobel4 months ago
    • I mean sis and bro?!

      Emma WrobelEmma Wrobel4 months ago
    • OMG are you guys USworldsrs!

      Emma WrobelEmma Wrobel4 months ago
    • LOL

      Sis and BroSis and Bro4 months ago
  • The look on the cat's face says it all, really.

    Michael LoftusMichael Loftus4 months ago
  • Can your next video be about how to get kittens off their moms milk my cat is still nursing at 3 months I try to prevent this as much as possible, the mother ( my cat) just lets it happen but is now bleeding from him nursing

    Rose Go GamesRose Go Games4 months ago
  • I just saved a kitten who you could see her bones! And now I have adopted her and she is the happiest, fluffiest cat ever!

    Emma WrobelEmma Wrobel4 months ago
  • We got a 6 or 5 week old kitten and a 6 or 8 week old kitten!!

    Lisa marie BassettLisa marie Bassett4 months ago
  • the part with the ovaries XD oh my Lord Hannah lol

    Scarlet MacTireScarlet MacTire4 months ago
  • OMG soooooo cute

    Joscelyn CourtenayJoscelyn Courtenay4 months ago
  • I love your vids bth I’m a girl love you ❤️

    kenneth keegankenneth keegan4 months ago
  • my name is Ephraim thank you for helping kittens and Nead may I have your number so you can help my kitten in need

    underfail's crappy videosunderfail's crappy videos4 months ago
  • I am a boy

    underfail's crappy videosunderfail's crappy videos4 months ago
  • Hi Mrs. Kitten Lady I need ur help with my kittens.There about 2 weeks old and I'm pretty sure they have fleas.What am i supposed to do?

    Jaida SwainJaida Swain4 months ago
  • Hi 👋🏽, I was thinking of getting a cat when things get little better. I wanted to know what’s a good diet for healthy cat. Brand cat food from stores or raw diet 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    Gi McBrideGi McBride4 months ago
  • lso I love your videos thank you for helping you keep care of my kittensa

    underfail's crappy videosunderfail's crappy videos4 months ago
  • our kitten is full with ringworm can you help can we have your number so we know you can help

    underfail's crappy videosunderfail's crappy videos4 months ago
  • Kitten lady turns puppy lady Cats : Noooooooo

    • She takes care of all animals but mostly kittens

      Brianna HernandezBrianna Hernandez15 days ago
  • hey kitten lady my 3 month old cat just gave birth to four kittens there's a runt and I really really love them all but I don't know if the runt is going to survive I don't know how old they are their ears are perked up their growing fur and their eyes are opened and I think she had them in the litter box there four little Siamese kittens can you please make a video on how to help runts?

    genaveive hayesgenaveive hayes4 months ago
  • Hi Kitten Lady! I have a problem,we have mama cat but she is not gaining weight, the vet said that he can't help her. She eates alot but she is just always skinny, now she has 3 babies and they are weak and not gaining weight just like her. Do you know how to help? Love from Croatia❤

    Nika DolenacNika Dolenac4 months ago

    Aleksandra KostićAleksandra Kostić4 months ago
  • your voice is so goooooooooooood

    ramadan desuki desukiramadan desuki desuki4 months ago
  • 💛😃😃😃

    Layan RasheedLayan Rasheed4 months ago
  • I have a kitten at my house that needs rescuing it outside what should I do?

    •Luna Studios••Luna Studios•4 months ago
    • Find a local shelter, vet or animal rescue org if you need help.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.4 months ago
  • i often sing to my pets too hahahah. that’s true love 💕

    Amanda BentesAmanda Bentes4 months ago
  • Hey so my dads girlfriend had her 2nd litter and one of them was a runt her mom ended up licking that baby on the head too much and the kittens skull is exposed now

    Kendel BakerKendel Baker4 months ago
    • Kendel Baker is it still... alive

      Pusheen ObsessedPusheen Obsessed2 months ago
    • What happened to the kitten?

      LoreleiLorelei2 months ago
    • @Shaneyah G. quarantine she was planning to get the male cat spayed but then quarantine happened and her female cat got pregnant again

      Kendel BakerKendel Baker4 months ago
    • Why is that cat not spayed?!?!

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.4 months ago
  • i saved a little cat he has 2 month and half it was so weak and after 3 weeks he start to not eat and not drinking he was so so weak yestreday no docteur in friday ,so today i taket to the vet and she tald me he is dehydrated he is in bad condition she did all she can but in 16:15 he die i so sad and i cry he was so gentel i hope who read this msg pray for him and this msg is an hommage tribute for him rest in peace "ROMIO"

    fransheska Vfransheska V4 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady! I have been looking for foster kittens for several months now but I cannot find any... I'm signed up for the San Diego Humane Society Foster program but there are rarely every kitten posted on the blog. Even if some do get posted, they are taken within minutes, making it difficult to find kittens. I was curious if you had any other SD organizations looking for frequent foster parents for kittens. Thanks!

    Molly P.Molly P.4 months ago
    • Nothing is wrong with fostering adult cats. I just have a preference to foster kittens. Adult cats are (usually) sweet and are so cute, too! The problem is that more kittens are posted than adult cats are. The last time an adult cat was posted on the blog was around last month, so even if I was interested in fostering adult cats, it would be very difficult to find one.

      Molly P.Molly P.4 months ago
    • What's wrong with fostering an adult cat?

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.4 months ago
  • Does she interact with the kittens, and if so do they get along?

    Maheen AhmedMaheen Ahmed4 months ago
  • Wow. She sings gooooooood

    GatchaKitty123GatchaKitty1234 months ago
  • Just subscribed, I just adopted a tiny underweight kitten and have been rehabbing her, your website and videos have been so valuable to me. Love your singing voice, this song is so cute and funny! My kitten is taking amoxicillin for an abscess, I’m looking around for tips on maintaining a healthy gut microbiome so the antibiotics don’t mess up her GI tract.

    jz delonajz delona4 months ago
  • Paying with your uterus and ovaries is incredibly sinister, but otherwise a great song and an adorable puppy.

    Captain Horatio Bungle IIICaptain Horatio Bungle III4 months ago
  • Chloe da cat :p

    Chip&dipChip&dip4 months ago
  • 😘

    Natalie BarrNatalie Barr4 months ago
  • Hey kitten lady, I have been watching your videos since last year.... I really love your work... After seeing your videos i have also decided to foster some kitten You can see them if you want on insta id: shaadalam.5u

    Shadab AlamShadab Alam4 months ago
  • Yay another song

    Maika H. LeMaika H. Le4 months ago
  • Cool!😇😁

    FOREVER7 AGFOREVER7 AG4 months ago
  • Very cute song 😎 Compliments to you.

    novaguydcnovaguydc4 months ago
  • what a stern look from the kitten to the dog,probably bored out of dog's immaturity playing...cats....soooo both

    Αργυρώ ΚέκουΑργυρώ Κέκου4 months ago
  • Kittens? Puppies? Pigs? Next it will be lions

    Yasmine AhmedYasmine Ahmed4 months ago
  • GiVe Me YoUr OvErIeS

    harlee Childsharlee Childs4 months ago
  • I wish I had waited to spay my girl as the research is & apparently has been for awhile now showing that early spaying/neutering can & often does causes health complications, especially Cushing disease !! Thankfully they are not so much finding health complications in felines.

    Saved or SlavedSaved or Slaved4 months ago
  • Its so sad to spay a baby like that but i know over population is a thing

    Faithy pooFaithy poo4 months ago
  • PLEASE READ AND REPLY 🙏: so a stray cat gave birth in my backyard and only two survived, luckily she didn't ditch and leave. It took me about 2 days to earn her trust and I have survived using your vids but one thing that is really ticking me off is that the kittens trust me in a way where they can sit in my lap and sleep, and play with me. However when I try to pet them they try to dodge my hand which really makes me sad and since I have anger problems it also pisses me off but dw I'd never do anything to them. Any advice? Also I have noticed that the mother has been leaving allot and in a long period which leaves me with them more, they are prob 10 ish weeks old.

    unexpected 123unexpected 1234 months ago
    • @unexpected 123 I'm happy for you :) Don't force the mama cat to stay inside if she doesn't like it. But if she change her mind and wants to stay at you place, then I guess it's cool :) Take care of those furballs and have a great day :D

      KinuitKinuit4 months ago
    • uhhh sorry what i meant about the mother s that she was the only one who lets me pet her. I just saw ur reply but I guess I kinda knew that they didn't want to be pet so I gave them their space, later when they grew up, I think they are 12 weeks old, the mother and her kittens are still here I change their litter box clean them, the mother does not like it. so the kittens saw me pet the mother so later on they learned about petting so now I hold them, hug and kiss them its been so much fun and as much as I love them I know that they will leave one day. thanks for ur reply man and uhhh I guess c u later

      unexpected 123unexpected 1234 months ago
    • So they're cats. It's them who have to go towards you if they want to be pet and be sure that they'll let you know. If a kitten ever show a sign like he doesn't want a pet. Then just leave him alone and try again later. There's also cats who just don't like to be petted ! Those exists ! As for the mom, you said she was stray so she probably wants to stay that way. And it's okay. You should let her be. But first, be sure that she's being neutered so she doesn't have kittens again. It's very important to prevent overpopulation and others kittens to be born and left outside, where they can easily get sick. At 10 weeks, the kittens are more than ready to be weaned and my bet is that they already are. If not, i'd recommand you to check her video about that ! So your kittens are almost ready for adoption. If you're not planning on keeping them, well, take care of their vaccines, deworming and everything else and seek for a potential adopter !

      KinuitKinuit4 months ago
  • Too cute

    jennifer cantrelljennifer cantrell4 months ago
  • Guys I’m new to this channel and I have a question. I know this doesn’t relate to the video but I’m confused on Kitten Lady and Andrew’s relationship. Are they married? Or dating? Or what?

    RF 08RF 084 months ago
    • Ohhhh ok thx so much for answering😁

      RF 08RF 084 months ago
    • Andrew's her fiancé. They could be married by now but I think it doesn't concern anyone but her

      KinuitKinuit4 months ago
  • Kitten lady you are so good

    Jovi SemmlerJovi Semmler4 months ago
  • Cocoa does not look impressed. The pup is one of the most beautiful pups ever. GOOD DOG! 🐶🐶🐶

    Alice BlueAlice Blue4 months ago
  • 😁

    Amy ElizabethAmy Elizabeth4 months ago
  • Love your voice but the lyrics scared me a little! 😅

    ColdMartiniColdMartini4 months ago
  • That is a face...!!! Fostering and singing are well deserved!

    Beth MacCrindleBeth MacCrindle4 months ago
  • How’s Chickpea doing?!

    Zoey ClarksZoey Clarks4 months ago
    • She and Spinach are at her forever home

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.4 months ago
  • Oh dear what an sweet little pup

    markus adanitschmarkus adanitsch4 months ago

    friedfishyfriedfishy4 months ago
  • I think that's a border collie. Good luck, they're a lot of work

    RazzUKRazzUK4 months ago
    • 1. she isn't and 2. bell was a foster who has now gone onto her new forever home.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.4 months ago
  • My head was swinging left to right the whole time i heard the song... You have got an amazing voice and a beautiful heart! You're my favorite kitten lady!

    Waziha NokshiWaziha Nokshi4 months ago
  • You're an ac good singer

    Esme BaylissEsme Bayliss4 months ago
  • Cute little puppy. Hope she finds a happy home. How is Chickpea doing?

    Rebecca MurdockRebecca Murdock4 months ago
  • This is the most nutso thing I have seen in a very long time and I want this person as my BFF. And that cats face at the end was everything.

    Justine MooreJustine Moore4 months ago
  • So cute

    Ella GugliaElla Guglia4 months ago
  • Coco's death stare at the puppy omg hahahahahaa!

    Maxwell's DemonMaxwell's Demon4 months ago
  • Ill sing this to my children

    jeweliann kjeweliann k4 months ago
  • This is so sweet, my pupper was a rescue, she was beaten, used for breeding and starved, now she has an amazing life with us and i do not regret rescuing her, she has helped me with my anxiety and other mental health issues. She is my best friend

    FlossyFlossy4 months ago
  • Uterus Snatched lmao

    Evan FaulknerEvan Faulkner4 months ago
  • Lmaooo

    Serena SonomaSerena Sonoma4 months ago
  • I love the look on Coco’s face lol

    my cats namemy cats name4 months ago
  • Ok this song needs to be famous LOL

    Sobz ramSobz ram4 months ago
  • i told y’all, she’s lady gaga from another life

    Elle McEnroeElle McEnroe4 months ago
  • Pretty

    Amber Worsham OrrAmber Worsham Orr4 months ago