Special Needs Kitten with Megaesophagus and His Best Friend!

Dec 8, 2018
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Jumbo Slice and Deep Dish are special boys. Jumbo has megaesophagus, a congenital defect that causes challenges with swallowing, and he needs extra care. His brother, DD is always by his side to comfort him--and now they're getting a forever home together! Watch their journey and see their emotional cross-country adoption.
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  • Jumbo is the definishen of "Tinie but Mihghy"

    BLOBISH 2BLOBISH 215 days ago
  • Soo sweet

    SIBIYA RSIBIYA R16 days ago
  • When she cried I cried it was so sad to see them go even if it was a video

    Walter memesWalter memes26 days ago
  • i feel so bad for the little gys

    madison the godmadison the godMonth ago
  • You will see horrific genetic diseases as DNA become more inbred as colonies shrink exponentially every year till cats go extinct in America, cats only go a mike and will breed with siblings

    virginia vaethvirginia vaethMonth ago
  • So adorable, cat burrito! That enrichment program you did was a genius stroke. You need a shirt saying "Tenacious girrrrrl!" Deep Dish was a dog in a previous life.

    Lothar SoranLothar SoranMonth ago
  • I cried with you💔

    Sisilea ChanSisilea ChanMonth ago
  • Welp. Now I’m sweating out of my eyes

    Megan McgonagleMegan McgonagleMonth ago
  • Description: DD Me: Creamheroes

    Nathan FloresNathan Flores2 months ago
  • Hannah you do such an amazing job. It’s heartbreaking saying goodbye 😢 xx

    Mary BeeMary Bee2 months ago
  • Like OMG!!! Sooo Flippin cute, 😚😻🤗🌹🦋 And they both got adopted together ' We have to see updated videos of their future journeys together.. They are soo Blessed!! To be soo Loved!!!.

    Jay KoonsJay Koons2 months ago
  • I have only known these guys for 11 mins (and that's only in a youtube video) and I already feel so sad about saying goodbye! I'm such a softy 😹

    Ruby CunninghamRuby Cunningham2 months ago
  • Hi Hannah! We would LOVE for you to make a Throwback "what are they doing now?" series!! Or at least one episode :D Sooo curious what's up with your munchkins when they are all grown up! :)

    JuliaJulia2 months ago

    Josh WheelerJosh Wheeler2 months ago
  • I might have sobbed all the way through the vidio, becouse I knew Jumbo died.

    kiki fredrickskiki fredricks3 months ago
    • The video is so sad to watch because of that.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond2 months ago
  • I don’t know what it is about black cats loving to ply fetch. I had a black cat for 18 years who loves to play fetch. We would ball up little silver gum wrappers and toss them to her and she would faithfully drop them at our feet!

    Monisola ElliottMonisola Elliott3 months ago
  • Wittle bae beee

    Elizabeth SchullElizabeth Schull3 months ago
  • If these two are ever apart forever they would die b/ they need eachother

    Floofy WooflezFloofy Wooflez3 months ago
  • I cried tooo.............

    Judy LeeJudy Lee3 months ago
  • wait_I am just asking, but arn't you not supposed to dress up kittens?

    Sage BennettSage Bennett4 months ago
  • I like burrito kittens they’re adorable

    AnimePabuAnimePabu4 months ago
  • Do the new family havr an uodate on them? I would like to see hiw they are doing.. I jope they are doing good.

    Jes SerdanJes Serdan4 months ago
  • I am absolutely delighted to have found your channel.

    U OLU OL4 months ago
  • how do you teach a cat to respond to its name ?

    Isa ఌIsa ఌ4 months ago
  • I laughed out loud watching this video.. especially watching deep dish eat! Then I was a weeping hot mess as Hannah said goodbye to these sweet little babies. God bless you for all that you do for these precious little creatures.

    sheryl0756sheryl07564 months ago
  • You are pretty amazing ...

    Ellis KaranikolaouEllis Karanikolaou4 months ago
  • "We did some other cool things with Jumbo, too, like giving him Viagra." is a hell of a sentence out of context XD XD XD You are amazing and the world is better for having you in it!

    Galvion Authirion DuGontGalvion Authirion DuGont4 months ago
  • Pizza Boys, LOL! Hannah, thanks for your creativity in figuring out the trouble with these P-Mites.

    Jane LightningJane Lightning4 months ago
  • Lol Deep Dish is so messy! Deep Dish:I AM NOT MESSY! *gets food all over face*

    Arjun GovindArjun Govind4 months ago
  • You have the best job but i know it’s hard too because you have to deal with separation all the time. I dont think i would be able to handle that 😢

    AlyssaAlyssa4 months ago
  • 🐾💖🐾

    Osita GorditaOsita Gordita4 months ago
  • I cry every time she has to give the kittens away

    Olivia LaceyOlivia Lacey4 months ago
  • I’m really too sensitive I’m just crying right now

    Olivia LaceyOlivia Lacey4 months ago
  • Am I to sensitive I started crying when she said that he looked up at her with big eyes

    Olivia LaceyOlivia Lacey4 months ago
  • I'm glad they were adopted as a package. The pet guardians are lucky they have such a pair of kitties.

    Mr. EMr. E4 months ago
    • @Delmona I've heard. It's tragic beyond belief. I had the best kitten in the world of, well, ever, pass away at 17 months. It's been 7 months and I still get upset when I think about her. I gave her a year under the best possible care, but the fact was, she tested positive for Feline Leukemia Virus. She was my baby, and her loss has been so tremendous to me, that I'm not even sure I know how to properly mourn her loss.

      Mr. EMr. E4 months ago
    • Unfortunately Jumbo passed away about a year after his adoption. He was in great care, but his body couldn't keep up as he grew because he was so malnourished as a kitten for so long. His adopters still post photos of Deep Dish, who seems to be doing well.

      DelmonaDelmona4 months ago
  • Hannah, I am so thankfull you started fostering kittens. You give animals a life like they deserve. Hope is your biggest weapon, that is why I look up to you. You and Andrew deserve the best of the best! And the way you two care about every kitten, It's incredible. I have learned so much the past months, keep your good work up.

    Karolien PostmaKarolien Postma4 months ago
  • When i watched the scene at the airport I was like wow life before corona.

    Markus DezMarkus Dez4 months ago
  • Aaawwww so cute

    Lps TommoriLps Tommori4 months ago
  • Yay

    Lps TommoriLps Tommori4 months ago
  • Love cats

    Aprildawn78Aprildawn785 months ago
  • I never knew what bonding was I just thought ok maybe its likes when you are twins ,nope So much more I have a set of bonded kittens and I was like oh its bc they are brother and Sister so I kept calling them the twins nope So wrong Thank you for explaining !! Love the pizza boys 🍕🍕🌞🐾🐈

    Carla NorrisCarla Norris5 months ago
  • So DD was failing to thrive for no other reason than his brother JS was. That's facinating and so sad.

    Samantha QuinlanSamantha Quinlan5 months ago
  • Hi from South Africa. Jumbo luks so much like my 'cat-son' that disappeared boat 7 years back. Cat lady, i admire u, coz as I've said b4, i wnt jst foster cat-kids, i'll keep them.

    Mystery meMystery me5 months ago
  • This is the closest I can’t get to cats. I used to be fine around cats as a kid but as I grew older I got allergies.

    Gabriela MartinezGabriela Martinez6 months ago
  • The peza bois

    LPSpurplepawsLPSpurplepaws6 months ago
  • I cried...I love them so cute I Support you at all times kitten lady Its like your part of my family!!

    Erica SmasneErica Smasne6 months ago
  • Русские вы где

    Валя ХрычкинаВаля Хрычкина6 months ago
  • wait,how can you adopt a kitten from another country?

    Fa & zuFa & zu6 months ago
  • What happened to Deep Dish after Jumbo passed away????? Did he recover from the loss? Because they were so bonded..

    Tanvi KhareTanvi Khare6 months ago
  • If you're still fostering in 5 or 6 years, I'd love to adopt a special needs kitten/cat! I've been fostering cats and kittens since I was seven, and we've had a couple sn cats before, so I deffinetly feel like I'm ready, especially if I need to cuddle one two or three times a day! I'd have to move out first, because we already have 3 cats that aren't fosters and if we get any more, it'll just cost too much, etc. etc. I won't be moving out for a couple of years, so that's why it might take a while, but I'll get some babies of my own eventually!

    Devin AaaDevin Aaa6 months ago
  • I cried at the end of the video

    Dragon In The WindowDragon In The Window6 months ago
  • Are they still up for adoption? I would love to have them in my house! I just have to see what my mum thinks. They are so cute and I am willing to take them on!

    Dragon In The WindowDragon In The Window6 months ago
  • Wonderful

    ohhohh7 months ago
  • anyone else cry?😂

    Maggie MayMaggie May7 months ago
  • Why are they called pizza bois?

    Galaxy PupzGalaxy Pupz7 months ago
  • 5:56 OMG he winked 😘😻😽

    Andrei RusuAndrei Rusu7 months ago
  • Hanna, you are just so great. I was crying with ya. You give so so so much love. Your an Angel. The pizza boys are so special. And they will thrive, (BECAUSE OF YOU SWEETIE,). I know there going to miss you extremely to. But the mission your doing awakens the masses and saves so many of these babies. Keep your head high and know your doing what the lord wants you to do. You and your sweetheart boyfriend.

    Janeen TrujilloJaneen Trujillo7 months ago
  • Nm you answered the question at the end.

    jane doejane doe7 months ago
  • Do u ever cry ? 😢

    jane doejane doe7 months ago
  • Stop crying your making me cry!!!

    Benjamin BrownBenjamin Brown7 months ago
  • Roses are red Violets are blue I love the kitten lady And the kittens too

    LPSpurplepawsLPSpurplepaws7 months ago
  • I know this is a 2018 video and its 2020 and this is my 50th time watching this but I cry every time I watch this😅

    LunerDeath _901LunerDeath _9017 months ago
  • she always takes such beautiful pictures of the kitties

    LiaLusLiaLus7 months ago
  • poor kittens, but at the end they are so cute

    Maggie ColemanMaggie Coleman7 months ago
  • I love deep dish

    j wj w7 months ago
  • The 65 people that disliked are fuckin monsters

    ZirZir7 months ago
  • soooo adorable!

    Crystal RoderickCrystal Roderick8 months ago
  • You're amazing I wish I saw any of your videos years ago I had a vet tell me I had to put a kitten down because he had no use of his back left leg and it pained me so much to see such a beautiful creature put down because we were uneducated and told there was no hope for him

    ecaerx 1ecaerx 18 months ago
  • Beautiful eyes

    Pamela Lopes PintoPamela Lopes Pinto8 months ago
  • I have a special needs cat and shes my younger brothers cat and they are purrfect for eachother they both have special needs! UwO

    H HH H8 months ago
  • Sweety you are such a God send to these helpless babies and animals all together. Theres a very special place in HEAVEN for people like you and your boyfriend. I saw you crying and I really could imagine how this is for you. You give so much of your soul. You are a great leader, friend, girlfriend, sister companion. All around very great person. These adorable animals wouldnt have a chance without you sweety. You are such an inspiration. Thankyou for sharing and all you do. Jesus Christ bless you always...

    Janeen TrujilloJaneen Trujillo8 months ago
  • I think what you are doing is extraordinary, and you are a gift to cats. However, I am wondering how you screen adopters. I notice the ppl who took the Pizza Boyz was not shown on camera... I have worked in rescue myself but had to stop because I was always too worried about what would become of the cats after being adopted, because how can you ever really know? The only safe thing for me was to keep them all with me, hence I ended up with many many kids but at least I knew they were safe...

    Laura Ann CallawayLaura Ann Callaway8 months ago
  • So Jumbo Slice is special needs and Deep Dish acts like a dog. Definitely special and adorable X3 Also, just because it reminds me of a Jojo reference... Jumbo Slice: Pizza, mozzarella, pizza, mozzarella, rella rella rella rella Deep Dish: Gorgonzola zola zola zola zola zola zola zola zola

    MantisQueen9MantisQueen98 months ago
  • We had a cat die from this at about ten we had never known he had it just that he always had cold symptoms. He ended up with pneumonia one time and that did it.. I remember Tika

    Katherine RichardsonKatherine Richardson8 months ago
  • I think that some of the best cats are the special needs kittens/cats and I have always wanted one. Then after I HAD THE pleasure of getting to know her and spending 3-5days at the shelter for 2 HRs A TIME. And then I got the best news! I was able to adopt. Her and I cried out and have been so grateful til this day and hope that I can be able to adopt another special needs kitten xoxo

    prettylittlepsycho 1027prettylittlepsycho 10278 months ago

    Bilbo BiggunsBilbo Bigguns8 months ago
  • thank you

    Alfa75V6Alfa75V68 months ago
  • thank you , you are a true professional

    Alfa75V6Alfa75V68 months ago
  • I love your videos. Now i know if I ever come across a kitten with these certain symptoms, and other issues youve mentioned in other videos with other special needs kittens and baby kittens with issues I can am able to recognize it and suggest it to the owner or know for myself if its a kitten of mine/one im fostering. I dont officially foster, but in my neighborhood me ans my mom are kinda known as the cat ladies so if someone finds an abandoned kitten they are brought to us. Last fall a neighbor found a tiny kitten outside who was seeming to thrive but sadly passed away out of nowhere. I feel now I mightbe recognized something we missed with that kitten. Love your videos !!

    Sabrina MitchellSabrina Mitchell8 months ago
  • 7:10- yeah that was my cats as kittens. Then their play fighting turned into real fighting and we always have to separate them like 24/7, fur goes everywhere.

    Everybody 48Everybody 489 months ago
  • Bless your sweet heart and all that you do

    Melodie StewartMelodie Stewart9 months ago
  • cats can have a little whip cream

    Mars P.Mars P.9 months ago
  • My kitten Ash looks so much like Jumbo it's uncanny

    Mariam K.Mariam K.9 months ago
  • Hey kitten amazeballs lady! You did amazing because without you and your expertise, unconditional love and patience these guys probably wouldn't make it. You are the an amazing advocate for these moos(cats and kittens) and would otherwise sercum to cruelty. I just love you :)

    MadCatLadyShirlMadCatLadyShirl9 months ago
  • A

    The dank RaveThe dank Rave9 months ago
  • Oooo

    The dank RaveThe dank Rave9 months ago
  • Hi

    The dank RaveThe dank Rave9 months ago
  • I'm speechless in the best way🐱🌯

    Marli FermorMarli Fermor9 months ago
  • Thank you for all you do for these cats. May god bless and help you in your sincere endeavors.🥰😍👏👏👏

    Reza AfsariReza Afsari9 months ago
  • 💗😥💖😭

    FlaKNMBFlaKNMB9 months ago
  • I'm not crying, it's just the rain!

    mousemuffinsmousemuffins9 months ago
  • 😍 must be heart breaking saying good bye

    Marcus BinghamMarcus Bingham9 months ago
  • I loved his little bench “tiny but JUMBO”

    Alicia RuelasAlicia Ruelas9 months ago
  • I think we have the same rainbow toy

    Aurora GoldsandAurora Goldsand9 months ago
  • God bless your soul 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    『Miss Nebula』『Miss Nebula』9 months ago
  • Please let me know how they are doing. Such a wonderful purrfect thing.

    Michelle TrimmerMichelle Trimmer10 months ago
  • A 'smell tour'? Heck, a sightseeing tour is entertaining, too!

    Annie CarbonneauAnnie Carbonneau10 months ago
  • Music is toooo loud

    steven stoddardsteven stoddard10 months ago
  • omg im actually crying in happiness..keep up what ur doing Hannah

    that gay in greenthat gay in green10 months ago
  • I almost made it without crying....

    HappyBalaga SzonjaHappyBalaga Szonja10 months ago