Spying on My Cats + Kittens With a Pawbo

Dec 1, 2018
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#sponsored This week I got to try out a Pawbo Interactive Pet Camera, and it was super fun to spy on my cats and kittens and see how they reacted!
You can get a Pawbo at: amzn.to/2RmIy8z
For a Pawbo coupon, enter the discount code 20XJUQKJ at checkout; it’s available until Dec. 25th, 2018 in the US!
For more information on the Pawbo+ head to this link bit.ly/2OHFgyk
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  • Do you have tips to bottle feed

    Caren FinleyCaren FinleyYear ago
    • I can't love her

      JWilliams1488JWilliams14883 months ago
    • @Kitten Lady Hello! i live in sweden and the Pawbo doesnt get send to my country, do you know any other trust worthy sellers that can sell those for all countries or for sweden? many wishes / Andreas

      Andreas JohanssonAndreas Johansson9 months ago
    • Yeah I think she’s got a few videos on it

      Your mum GayYour mum GayYear ago
    • @Kitten Lady YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mr. CatMr. CatYear ago
    • Can you do a short video on early weaning?

      Vera NesterenkoVera NesterenkoYear ago
  • kitten lady, i love cats too!

    Saya TrivediSaya Trivedi14 days ago
  • kitten lady, i wish i were you!

    Saya TrivediSaya Trivedi14 days ago
  • I can't wait to start fostering kittens I want to be like you saving kittens lives

    Taylin RileyTaylin Riley3 months ago
  • You are a hero

    Danica DiedrickDanica Diedrick3 months ago
  • Love you and the kittys

    furrys for life meowfurrys for life meow4 months ago
  • So awsome you should get sponserd!😄

    Lilyana FuentesLilyana Fuentes8 months ago
  • The treat dispenser is so cool

    Jackson GamingJackson Gaming9 months ago
  • Where do you get those lucky cat figures? They’re so adorable!

    Denielle Isn't MusicalDenielle Isn't Musical10 months ago
  • Me too I love cats there so adorable and sweet🥰🥰

    Sara Said Al ShezawiSara Said Al Shezawi11 months ago
  • Nice set. I'm using just a static camera based on Raspberry Pi Zero in a custom case/stand I printed, but this has more features and is ready to use for someone not very handy with electronics, programming and 3D printing.

    Andrzej ŁawaAndrzej ŁawaYear ago
  • Wow! Nice. Thinking of getting 1 for myself too.

    Just A Cat LoverJust A Cat LoverYear ago
  • The waving cats look like Coco and Eloise.😂

    AJexicaAJexicaYear ago
  • Ooooor you could save like $125 and just buy a Wyze camera ($25) that does almost everything minus the spitting out treats part 🤷🏼‍♀️ Thats wayyyyy too much for a camera. But I love your channel ♥️

    Ivy SmithIvy SmithYear ago
  • You better sell that pet camera and go get PetChatz

    GachaYadi335GachaYadi335Year ago
  • i have guinea pigs and have cameras all over the cage-homes. its also with an app, but not pawbo (that os too big). and i can always spy on them and see what they are up to. helps me so much when i have rescues or one is a bit sick.

    ShaorandraShaorandraYear ago
  • You are the best person ever and i love cat

    Hina ImranHina ImranYear ago
  • I have just fallen in love with you and what you do. Your passion is so inspiring!!! Im going to become a cat owner

    GodlovesmejustasiamGodlovesmejustasiamYear ago
  • The treats is silly because the cats will knock it off trying to get more treats out of it.

    Vanessa GVanessa GYear ago
  • This helped me catch which one of my cats kept peeing on the dogs bed! Lol

    Hi there -uniqueHi there -uniqueYear ago
  • I literally don’t understand how you get dislikes? It confuses me. Anyway, you are my inspiration. I hope to one day be able to do what you do. Thank you for doing what you do💗

    VikP1996VikP1996Year ago
  • Aw I missed the coupon code, any current ones to use?

    HighOnFructoseHighOnFructoseYear ago
  • This is genius

    Marie DoraMarie DoraYear ago
  • I hear that cats that are fully white with bule eyes are likely to be deaf is that true KL

    Elex 13Elex 13Year ago
  • Love your channel!

    Jennifer LovingJennifer LovingYear ago
  • My husband is fixing to be over the road a week at a time as a truck driver and this would be great for him to play with the cats when he's hunkered down for the night.

    Josephine JekylJosephine JekylYear ago
  • If you are a helicopter mom, I am an Apache

    LaNoirLaNoirYear ago
  • I love you! I just wannabe like you but the conditions are not allowed me:(

    yasmin ghaisaniyasmin ghaisaniYear ago

    iron taleiron taleYear ago
  • Can it rotate the camera'

    Linn CallenbornLinn CallenbornYear ago
  • When are you going to introduce the six new fosters??

    Vera NesterenkoVera NesterenkoYear ago
  • Nahh you can’t love em enough! 😍😍😍🤗😁

    Dave FDave FYear ago
  • Can someone provide me the link from where I can get those little kitten bottle nipple plz

    Rock Star Gaming ffRock Star Gaming ffYear ago

    G ConditG ConditYear ago
  • I have four cats one Khao Manne named Frida, a blind calico named Idgy, a tabby named Jorgi, and a little black one named Bill murry but we call him murry. Jorgi is my cat because im her favourite. Frida is like murrys mom and takes very good care of him.

    Charlee Cat ladyCharlee Cat ladyYear ago
  • Does this app need internet?

    Wolfie PlayzWolfie PlayzYear ago
  • anyone else want thsi but can never find their cat?

    LizzyLizzyYear ago
  • This is the cutest invention ever

    Andrea StrodeAndrea StrodeYear ago
  • Ummm ok I absolutely NEED that! Thanks for the discount code, just ordered mine!

    layray210layray210Year ago
  • I love this too! Ya know it’s bomb af if Hannah approves of it!

    Rebecca LeeRebecca LeeYear ago
  • For anxiety-free traveling during this busy season, we recommend to get a Pawbo Plus ☺ So you can watch, talk and treat your furry friends anywhere, anytime with Pawbo Life APP. You can get one NOW with the above coupon code for additional discount! Limited Time Offer 🎁

    PAWBO. Powered by AcerPAWBO. Powered by AcerYear ago
  • Merry Christmas to you and your cat family

    Shannon JewellShannon JewellYear ago
  • So cool

    Shannon JewellShannon JewellYear ago
  • So good to see Rosalita ❤️ updates?

    Cocoa NichelleCocoa NichelleYear ago
  • Wow, a sponsor I’m actually interested in! That’s really cool.

    Kristina YoungKristina YoungYear ago
  • After losing the neighborhood stray just before Thanksgiving who was a calico, I'm very interested to hear how baby calico Rosalita is doing. I know she's being cared for by the very best! I look forward to hearing about her progress and when she goes up for adoption.

    Natasha MinorNatasha MinorYear ago
  • I’m getting a kitten soon do you have any tips

    Diana GalatsidasDiana GalatsidasYear ago
  • Lol I love Cats ❤️

    CatasticCatasticYear ago
  • Omg omg I’m so excited got tomorrow I’m getting my kittens early now yay black and white and white what should I name them don’t know genders

    Vsco Girl 13Vsco Girl 13Year ago
  • People in America are nice to cats. Here, in Russia two girls(sisters) they were 18 and 15 years old. The older sister told the little one to film a video with a kitten they found in their backyard. Then she layed the kitten on a tree that was cut (it was like a table) and took an axe. Then she proceeded to slice the kitten with an axe. That all was on video. The kitten flying into the camera. Horrifying. They laughed when the legs flew away. And nothing happened to them. The video was all over internet and they didn’t get arrested, charged or anything like that. Their parents are “important people”. I just cry every time. Please, PLEASE NEVER hurt cats, kittens, whatever. They are animals and they can’t fight back. Humans are awful. People like them don’t deserve to be alive.

    anastasia / kaedeanastasia / kaedeYear ago
  • My husband and I will be getting two kittens as soon as we can.... that wireless camera would be a great addition to keep an eye on them when I’m at work 🤗🐱💗

    Rhonda Meow ReadmanRhonda Meow ReadmanYear ago
  • I have a quick question... My neighborhood has a lot of stray cats. I live in a small house i don't think I would ever have enough room. What could i do?

    EaRaHt FfILiEaRaHt FfILiYear ago
  • Love how you do so much i even got a chance to save a life that was left to die on the streets he is now been here for a year and now is a happy lazy cat!!!!

    XxWolfGirl109xXXxWolfGirl109xXYear ago
    • that's awesome ! nice to hear your cat is doing well!

      513_cloud withoutwater513_cloud withoutwater9 months ago
  • I have one too! I love the laser interaction feature :D

    S SS SYear ago
  • Ive been trying to catch a kitten where i live but she(not sure of gender but probably a female) is very skinny and small, i have been feeding her regularly and she seems to be a stray but i can get close without the kitten fleeing. There is another cat(100% female) but she is to small to be the mother but may be a part of an older litter of babies. There were originally 2 kittens i knew of but one of them went missing. I cant seem to try to catch the other baby but i want to get them both and fix and rehome them if possible. Idk if there are any traps that can be made but hopefully i can have luck. If i catch them i know what i will name one after(you) since you are one of my very favorite inspirations as well as i am an animal lover

    Amberlinn Rose LeeAmberlinn Rose LeeYear ago
  • I neeb this omg!!

    Unė MaziliauskaitėUnė MaziliauskaitėYear ago
  • Oh, yeah... a treat dispenser. Our cats would have LOVED that !! Not that they needed another treat dispenser, they had us suckers for that. ⬆️🐾🐾❕

    Linda Gail LambLinda Gail LambYear ago
  • I think I saw this on Shark Tank. If I had a precious kitty I'd definitely want one for when I'm away from home.

    Whokitty9 HarloffWhokitty9 HarloffYear ago
  • Omg I really want to meet you so I can learn about kittens even more you are literally the best you tuber ever

    Anna EberspacherAnna EberspacherYear ago
  • About an month ago I rescued a 6 week old kitten (now named Lucy) from outside and you channel helped sooooo much, Thanks!!!! (-: (Thanks from Lucy too!!!!!)

    Joe MamaJoe MamaYear ago
  • I just thought you should give the white maneki neko on your sidetable an eyepatch so it matches with Eloise :)

    LisaMoira VLisaMoira VYear ago
  • Hey! I love cats and I really want to foster kittens. However I’m thinking of getting a Skoolie, it’s basically a bus converted into a mobile home. I was wondering if that is a safe environment for kittens but I can’t find anything on the internet. What do you think?

    Kathryn AdkissonKathryn AdkissonYear ago
  • okay, bought 2, all what is missing now are actual cats :P

    ttaibettaibeYear ago
  • Could you maybe talk about what kind of qualifications one should have to foster? For example, how much experiences with cats does one need before? And are there any situations when you recommend not to foster at all?

    VieleKatzenVieleKatzenYear ago
  • I need to spy more on my 14 y/o sr cat Snickers & my 7.5 y/o cat Tyger

    CoChief EmeraldsCoChief EmeraldsYear ago
  • I wanna get my cat sooo many things, i wanna try the cat sized hamster wheel, a free flow water dispenser, and now this!

    La MorenitaLa MorenitaYear ago
  • I'm obsessed with my cats too! With all cat's !

    April McKayApril McKayYear ago
  • So cute! Reminds me of the episode from The office where Angela had a nanny cam!

    Avery NguyenAvery NguyenYear ago
  • I love ur kittens and ur lucky you still have ur cats because my cat got ran over by a car because it was night and he wanted to go outside because we got him from outside on fireworks day at night and he was scared so we gave him a home but then a month or 2 later my mom let him outside then he died it was ever sad🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😞😞😞😞

    Nicole AguirreNicole AguirreYear ago
  • and none for Harun okay i see u hannah

    noot stewnoot stewYear ago
  • Nice ☺🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱❤❤❤❤❤

    Rita _Rita _Year ago
  • This is actually really cool

    MaxMaxYear ago
  • I so totally need this! I’m a bit of a worry wart with my animal(s), so this is absolutely PERFECT! ❤️

    Meg R.L.Meg R.L.Year ago
  • How is Rosalita doing-we would love to see her again

    ann martinann martinYear ago
  • how can we donate to you and your cats? I can get my mom to make blankets for Coco and Eloise.

    FreedomcatFreedomcatYear ago
  • Zoe

    Emily Medina KeetonEmily Medina KeetonYear ago
  • The Pawbo sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr. CatMr. CatYear ago
    • YEAH! I am a cat too and I just uploaded a new video!💖😻

      Kira MeowerKira MeowerYear ago
  • Could you please make a video about UTI's in cats? My male cat has one which I am told can be deadly but because of the hurricane our vet isn't open till Monday and the Emergency vet is closed. I know you won't make one fast enough to see it before we go to the vet but I feel like more people should know about this because I certainly didn't.

    AnimalsByAAnimalsByAYear ago
    • Is your cat ok??

      bellona6356bellona6356Year ago
  • 😘🥰❤️ there’s no such thing as loving them to much 😂💕💕😘😍

    npepperc cnpepperc cYear ago
  • I wish I had an obsession like that and not just float around in my mind all the time. That´s why I like your videos some much. Its great to see someone passionate and with purpose. I get it, sometimes it may be overwhelming this workaholic routine, but the other way around is sad and It slowly makes life gray.

    Alice X.AAlice X.AYear ago
  • That's so cool! I may need to get one of these, it'll really ease my anxiety about leaving my rescues home alone!

    SteviiLoveSteviiLoveYear ago
  • My cat will break that thing

    George LucasGeorge LucasYear ago
  • U sure are spoiling the furbabies. Hopefully they are a lot.more people like u

    MS LindaMS LindaYear ago
  • +

    SaraJ86SaraJ86Year ago
  • Heyy kitten lady , my 5 months old kitten recently started weeing all around the house and a lot of it too . It also stopped pooing for the past 3 days so we took him to the vets and they gave him two injections . Antibiotics and inflammatory one .they said he has temperature and they said he may have cystitis . After that he started to poo again . But then the next day he started to wee all over the house again and it’s red so I’m thinking it’s bloody discharge. I looked it up and he had all the symptoms of cystitis but I really don’t know what to do anymore . And vet wise they charge us tooo much aswell. I hope you see this Kind regards Sadia

    Sadia KhawajaSadia KhawajaYear ago
  • Ahhh the coco and eloise cat statue in the end! So cute

    Min sanMin sanYear ago
  • I wish I had a cat to spy on

    ManmeetManmeetYear ago
  • love the whole idea behind this but at the same time paranoid about hackers and getting spied on. But the whole product itself looks very impressive.

  • Can you update about little Risalita

    Shanda DePriestShanda DePriestYear ago
  • What a great idea..kitten lady..luv it!..plus..there is no such thing is giving your cats and kittens too much luv..

    Rhiannon NicksRhiannon NicksYear ago
  • my kitten pressed the subscribe button and I agree with her!

    idk oofidk oofYear ago
  • I’ve been dying for one of these since I heard about them a year ago. It’s just out of my price range or it used to be. *edit* Ah no. This isn’t the $500 that also lets you video chat with your pets and they can even “call” you on it. That’s the one I want

    Mustlovebooks15Mustlovebooks15Year ago
  • I was so excited for this, but it doesn't ship to Canada. I'll have to find it by a another seller or find a similar product. I love the concept! I want something like this for watching my bunny.

    Chrissy Strawberry Lime TeaChrissy Strawberry Lime TeaYear ago
  • My cats would destroy the power cord. You have no idea how many cables I had to replace in the last three years...

    Lilian AchuraLilian AchuraYear ago
  • Obsessed!!!!

    Kisaa FatimaKisaa FatimaYear ago
  • Rosalita is so cute😀

    Rohini QureshiRohini QureshiYear ago
  • "I'm obsessed" ME TOO! you literally inspired me to work hard and get a job that works with cats or any animals!

    FunTimeZ VlogsFunTimeZ VlogsYear ago
  • Rosalina is Sooooo cute!

    Rebecca DodgeRebecca DodgeYear ago
  • you a amazing lady

    Namo AmitābhaNamo AmitābhaYear ago
  • Never too much for these amazing beings: cats💖🐈😻🐱💖and you are great people👍👍👍

    Georgiana PuneaGeorgiana PuneaYear ago