Swimmer Kitten Grows Up BEAUTIFULLY! (Apple Update)

Oct 19, 2019
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  • yay

    Cherry icecreamCherry icecream3 days ago
  • Yay!! Nice work you guys.

    Mark SharmanMark Sharman5 days ago
  • Did you relized hannah has a nose piercing

    Sondos AymanSondos Ayman23 days ago
  • Hi

    Brandon BroussardBrandon BroussardMonth ago
  • She didn't like her pants so you gave her a skirt

    NaviiDrawzzNaviiDrawzzMonth ago
  • Lol yay hair lol

    Sammy L'EcuyerSammy L'EcuyerMonth ago
  • Your are really good singer

    Najla AbdurNajla AbdurMonth ago
  • i kept wondering why my cat is so energetic and strong, and this honestly really made me feel great knowing that shes happy

    L u l uL u l uMonth ago
  • I hope my new born baby cat have swimmer syndrome will heal 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Marvin MMarvin MMonth ago
  • Next boy with leg issues should be named Lt. Dan.

    Nikki TravisNikki TravisMonth ago
  • Plz help me!!! I have a kitten with swimmers syndrome, and I need help!!! I even went to the vet to have them wrap his legs and they failed miserably. What do I do????

    damianauntameddamianauntamedMonth ago
  • Kitten lady: it’s adoption time! Me: NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I WANT HERRRRRR

    Ciby CindyCiby CindyMonth ago
  • 3:45 look at her paws 🥰🥺😂

    HeyIt’sLilyHeyIt’sLilyMonth ago
  • 💖💙💙💙💙💙💙💗

    Andreea MerceaAndreea MerceaMonth ago
  • Omg. I just love you!

    ColtraneAndRainColtraneAndRainMonth ago
  • 2:29 Apple hates you.

    Liz FontanezLiz FontanezMonth ago
  • 0:54

    Liz FontanezLiz FontanezMonth ago
  • The idea of giving up on a swimmer kitten saddens me. A little bit of discomfort wearing a wrap is nothing compared to the amazing life they have ahead of them, full of murdering hair and breaking everything.

    Stormcloud ChinsStormcloud ChinsMonth ago
  • That is like my cat XD💗💗✨✨

    Bubbly._. CharBubbly._. Char2 months ago

    Chriszha Kate WilfordChriszha Kate Wilford2 months ago
  • 2:31 when you leave your keys in your car while it’s locked and your keys to the house is also unavailable

    QwQ Gacha Maddie QwQQwQ Gacha Maddie QwQ2 months ago
  • Im trying to help my kitten, shes 3 weeks old and have swimmer syndrome, im excited that i feel i can help her 💕, this videos give me hope 💕

    berenice Mejiaberenice Mejia2 months ago
  • Huzzah, a happy ending!

    FluffymiysterFluffymiyster2 months ago
  • 80 dogs 'Dislike' this video.

    MidnightkittyMidnightkitty2 months ago
  • I started laughing when Apple hit you in the face when you were talking

    The Cousins !!!!The Cousins !!!!2 months ago
  • Sometimes I yell at my computer because you obviously should have kept Apple. Like, you HAVE A BOND! YOU CAN SEE THE BOND!

    BelleBelle2 months ago
  • Apples been working out see how hard she hit her Face

    Minh a She'sMinh a She's2 months ago
  • Gooooo little Apple! 🍎

    Jessica PetersenJessica Petersen2 months ago
  • I have a swimmer kitten right now, and she is willing to fight. I've taped her legs, but am not sure it's right. And we are doing physio 2x a day. Shes about 5 weeks old. Do you have any advice or tips? We are better today than yesterday, but still a long way to go....

    Michelle LesserMichelle Lesser2 months ago
  • Awe ❤️✌🏻. I just adopted my first kitten. She’s 6 weeks and is my little love. I uses your videos as advice. She was very spicy but now she’s mild but sassy. Lol. Thanks for making these videos,,!,,

    Anita CarsonAnita Carson2 months ago
  • 1:24 i like how Andrew is just there kissing Apple while Hannah takes a deep breath.

    Just MeJust Me2 months ago
  • She is more active then me😂😂

    SabrinaOMG PlayzSabrinaOMG Playz2 months ago
  • This woman reminds me a little of Janis Joplin somehow

    pinkley _pinkley _2 months ago
  • I wonder if Apple is showing her appreciation by attacking her and running at her?

    Katlyn WebbKatlyn Webb2 months ago
  • I know this was quite some time ago, but my daughter recently rescued a kitten with swimmer's legs. We googled it and found your youtube and tried it on her. It's only been a few days but we're already seeing improvement! Thank you.

    Elaine RuizElaine Ruiz2 months ago
  • Thank God for what you & Andrew do to give so much love for kittens.

    Ted BankstonTed Bankston3 months ago
  • aww - I wouldn't want to give her up for adoption!

    Rita GilmoreRita Gilmore3 months ago
  • Great job!

    AnthonyAnthony3 months ago
  • I'm proud of Apple

    annette Aubree Nicole Eggerdannette Aubree Nicole Eggerd3 months ago
  • I cried .. I laughed....I cried again! Thank you for everything you do! You’re a miracle worker !!

    Mel DonoMel Dono3 months ago
  • I want to say a massive thank you to you, because our kitten is nearly a year old in a week and his mum and another were abandoned near us and a shop we live above (we didn’t know they were when they taken into a big safe secure unit) until a few days later they both had their litter on the same day a few hours apart and we couldn’t get to one set for 2&1/2 weeks as we had to build up with the mums because they were feral and they both did amazing and trusted one of men to look and stroke her, until a two pens were made up for the mothers and their babies (separately because we didn’t want fights and we had someone come to check them all and they were happy with how they all were etc) and we could only then see one with funny legs, so we looked it up, saw it was swimmer leg syndrome and because I already followed you I looked to see if you had any videos and you did have one and that really really helped us to try and help the little one (I’m disabled and was able to go down and see them and be with them all as the mothers trusted me so I could get in with them and just be there at first and very slowly built up the trust with the mothers first and asked when they could trust me if I could touch one of their babies and I went by them and how they were etc etc long story short the mums really trusted me with their babies that I could look after them while they went to strength their legs etc) now from helping the little one he grew to become an normal kitten and does everything and more then others, no one wanted him because when with the other kittens and him being the runt and tiny he didn’t want to play or be with the others which we got concerned about and no one wanted him and all we got homes for with people we all knew who would have forever for, we already had a 7 year old solo cat which we weren’t sure of if or how he would be with another cat because he’s an indoor cat because of where we live and it’s a nice big place that has room for another but it all tie on the cat we had, so we carefully did a short visit to see how he would be (he had seen his sister because she had a poorly eye that I would bring in and clean but with the door shut and I did introduce him to her because he’s such a great gentle cat and he was wanting to know what it was and she stayed in my hands etc) so anyway we did a short supervised visit and he just lit up and wanted to be around him so we had a talk and we did short visits daily to see how they would be and how it would go because you can’t just go one visit, long story short he was besotted with the kitten and hated it when he went back so he agreed with us to make this his home and they absolutely love each other you would think they were father and son and the kitten really came out of his scared wanting to be invisible to a confident into mischief kind of cat he does have a hip kind of walk and his legs need a bit of waking up and stretching before getting up and moving which he does but because he’s with adults and a patient cat to just be and do things at his own pace as he’s loved just for him and he’s one special boy that I adore as he’s my baby but we all share the love equally with the cats but he knows and was the best unexpected miracle and the mums were spayed when they could be and they still live in the unit and has a massive human family that love and dote on them and they have become such loving girls so their kind of feral in the sense they don’t live in a house but a massive unit where they hunt mice, rats, but mainly pigeons and they love it but they also have lots of fusses and can run around and play outside but like to stay with the humans and are fed well and look amazing to how skinny they were when we first met them, they’re so healthy and the two mums are always together now and love each other to death and play and everything now which you never would of thought when they used to fight, anyway thank you so much for your videos because they really do help so many people x

    Grace WelchGrace Welch3 months ago
  • Ohhh Apple you can walk now.🤗🤗🤗

    Sharon GrahamSharon Graham3 months ago
  • Whats an I Cat without airpods

    Cathey plays RobloxCathey plays Roblox3 months ago
  • Too cute

    Something In ItalianSomething In Italian3 months ago
  • 2:53 Apples face 🤣🤣🤣

    Luna E. LarsenLuna E. Larsen3 months ago
  • 4:30 Look at her paws it’s going up and down😻😻😻🤣😂😂😻

    #PRO SKILLZ#PRO SKILLZ3 months ago
  • Glad she is doing well, wow she's so feisty!! Glad she did not grab your nose ring, she is Adorable 😻😻😻🐾👍

    Catherine ThompsonCatherine Thompson3 months ago
  • BAPP!!! Bratty kitteh.

    CaseytifyCaseytify3 months ago
  • I have a 3 week old kitten with swimmers syndrome, he can overcome this by itself or have to tape his legs? I tried it yesterday but it got out of the tapes

    The ClasemenThe Clasemen3 months ago
  • She's such a beautiful cat 😍 black and white cats are truly my favourite and calico

    Leia NickersonLeia Nickerson3 months ago
  • That slap tho 🤣

    Fionna RoseFionna Rose3 months ago
  • Apple is soooo cute im sooo happy you could save her! Shes so old and very cute cute now she and has a lot of energy

    LeahJade_PlayzLeahJade_Playz3 months ago
  • Great video

    Susan AdamsSusan Adams3 months ago
  • You do realize that the only reason you have that long hair is that it makes an excellent kitty toy. Why else would you do so?

    Léa ForslundLéa Forslund4 months ago
  • That is one playful kitten!

    Luke DoyleLuke Doyle4 months ago
  • Apple told you not to talk about me in camera You didn't listen and slap 😉😂😂😂

    Bella saintBella saint4 months ago
  • MOM!!!!!!!! OMG HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Baby AppleBaby Apple4 months ago
  • Apple is the master of air biscuits

    Ana GibbertAna Gibbert4 months ago
  • 3:22 Apple was like Woah YEET!

    Official Mireki ChannelOfficial Mireki Channel4 months ago
  • Alright.... Who gave Apple all the catnip XD

    Ava GAva G4 months ago
  • i would fully die for apple

    cindycindy4 months ago
  • Arent u sad when they go🤧😰.And are adopted ?

    Alex MaiaAlex Maia4 months ago
    • It's bittersweet, but you get to meet MORE kittens :)

      。。。ザっちゃん。。。ザっちゃん4 months ago
  • Apple is one of the most adorable names I've ever heard

    APrsonal AccntAPrsonal Accnt4 months ago
  • Kitten Lady: you see what I have to put up with? Apple: *smacks kitten lady* come to your senses, you know you love me

    Soha SirajSoha Siraj4 months ago
  • Apple getting revenge for those gauze pants!

    Coffee CatCoffee Cat4 months ago
  • Apples almost takes her face off twice then the kitten lady calls her a sweet kitten. Hmmmm.......

    patricia colletpatricia collet4 months ago
  • Well done! Perfect result...happy active furgirl ready for a new home!

    impunitythebagpussimpunitythebagpuss4 months ago
  • Cute

    MuffinMuffin4 months ago
  • 🥳🤩👌

    sina dropsina drop4 months ago
  • The Kitten Lady did wonderfully with Chloe, the paralyzed kitten. I'd be lying if I said I thought at any time that Hannah might be stumped on how to deal with Apple. I just want to know if anyone can tell me: 1. Was Apple adopted out as a pair with another kitten? It was my policy to adopt kitties out as pairs when they bonded to other kitties, before I got sick. 2. Where can the rest of the world find Saiyin kittens like Apple?

    Mr. EMr. E4 months ago
    • Kitten lady's policy is either adopting out a pair, or adopting a single kitten to home that already has one or more cats which was the case with apple

      。。。ザっちゃん。。。ザっちゃん4 months ago
  • Did anyone mention you have a nice singing voice? Also new sub. You've inspired me to go volunteer at a shelter.

    enigmaticspirit08enigmaticspirit084 months ago
  • OMG! I'm laughing out loud as she attacks and plays with your hair! 😉😆😂🤣

    sheryl0756sheryl07564 months ago
  • I love that Kitten Lady wears a cat eye makeup

    Petra J.Petra J.4 months ago
  • coco

    Dia PanchalDia Panchal4 months ago
  • The air biscuits are adorable!!!

    Roanna BurkhartRoanna Burkhart4 months ago
  • Can we appreciate her singing

    DuckDuck4 months ago
  • "A positive outcome is possible", so true. I've been taking care of two litters and the moms, and one of the moms got a terrible mastitis infection. She was in the vet for 5 days and had a fever of 106. When she finally came home, she came down with a upper respiratory infection, and it nearly killed her. She crawled in my lap and just shivered from her fever. She looked like she'd been hit by a car. She started sneezing blood, and it was dried all around her mouth, and the sheet she liked to lay on was covered in dried blood splatters. Every day I went to check on her, I truly thought she'd be dead, but by some miracle, she seems to be getting better. I've been giving her steam treatments (via the shower) twice daily, as well as antibiotics. I can only imagine God heard me praying for her, because no human could have survived that. She didn't eat or drink for three days, and now she's eating, drinking, and rolling over for pets.

    baconfluffybaconfluffy4 months ago
  • this channel is like aloe vera for the soul

    Bea BeaBea Bea4 months ago
  • She had grown so much. She looks like beautiful kitten.

    Ali DuranAli Duran4 months ago
  • 0:35 You have a really good singing voice.

    Tornado GamesTornado Games4 months ago
  • That's what I call hitting the subscrib button and I just made a purrrrrrrrfect joke*pun included cause I coolz like that*

    Noah LynchNoah Lynch4 months ago
  • I can't do foster kittens. I would love to but I love cats too much. It would hurt to see them get adopted.

    Animations and RobloxAnimations and Roblox4 months ago
  • Aww thanks for your hopes and stubborness kitten lady. Apple is amazeballs!

    Bing PerochoBing Perocho4 months ago
  • Aww this was a day after my brothers 15th birthday

    Spongebob SquarenailsSpongebob Squarenails5 months ago
  • Hi i have a kitten almost 4 weeks old with this condition however she can walk on her back legs but she doesn’t look comfortable doing so and also tends to sit still while her siblings play most of the time i am going to start taping her legs today but would kindly ask for some more info about how long to leave the tape on her each day and how much exercise she should have with it off i will change the tape Dailey and do some leg stretch’s daily as well might even try some hydro therapy if she allows me to but could do with the extra information

    Adam TurnerAdam Turner5 months ago
  • Okay but why does my 5 week old kitten look just like him 😭❤️

    The Queen OF RavensThe Queen OF Ravens5 months ago
  • Thank you for saving Apple.

    Gareth LeitnerGareth Leitner5 months ago
  • Omg I just noticed she looks just like my cat with the same legs 😄 same color

    Sasha MagnottaSasha Magnotta5 months ago
  • youre amazing. thank you so much

    LansvacerLansvacer5 months ago
  • Lol Apple's energy is just like my old foster Sir Spectacles ( specs) 😂

    Marli FermorMarli Fermor5 months ago
  • I love kitten Apple

    tiffàny Ashleytiffàny Ashley5 months ago
  • She is beautiful

    Avani ArjunAvani Arjun5 months ago
  • Yesterday I got my far as foster kitten

    Shannon McElyeaShannon McElyea5 months ago
  • So happy for you what a gorgeous cat

    Denise TDenise T5 months ago
  • That epic moment when the Kitten Lady gets smacked in the face with a teeny tiny biscuit maker and she just smiles and keeps going. Brave lady. LOL

    Jessie CristoJessie Cristo5 months ago
  • *Apple is like that annoying little brother that you love*

    Ainul KabirAinul Kabir5 months ago
  • Äpple looks like wearing those leg warmers on its hind legs like Ballerinas do. Congratulation to your great success. We are all happy to have witnessed it. Äpple is very cute. 😍

    Rich-ArD-StyleRich-ArD-Style5 months ago
  • This woman is such a Gryffindor! Stubborn hopefulness it is :D

    M. D. MorinM. D. Morin5 months ago
  • Her markings are beautiful. Good job baby girl!

    Samantha QuinlanSamantha Quinlan5 months ago
  • She’s soooooooooo cute.

    Gregg DiStefanoGregg DiStefano5 months ago