The Amazing Market Cats of Chile (Gatos de la Vega!)

Dec 26, 2019
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Take a step inside the sprawling produce markets of Chile, and meet the dozens of cats who call these markets home!
Want to help? You can donate towards the care and sterilizations of the animals in the market at - thank you for your generosity! Please visit my friends @gatosdelavega for more information about their project.

  • Want to help? You can donate towards the care and sterilizations of the animals in the market at

    Kitten LadyKitten Lady10 months ago
    • @wolf1096 So what your saying is "modern women are awesome" gotcha 😉

      Illuminate_ MeIlluminate_ Me2 months ago
    • I'm a student, so all i could gv was around 7$ 😅. But my card is declining my transfer. I don't know why tho??? Gonna need to earn soon enough

      Yir BYir B3 months ago
    • @wolf1096 don't be mean

      Dana A-NDana A-N8 months ago
    • covered in tattoos, cat obsession, modern woman everybody.

      wolf1096wolf10968 months ago
    • Kitten Lady done!

      Little House DCLittle House DC8 months ago
  • Lol the sign for those of you who can not read it says “do not bother the cat. She’s not for amusing the clients she’s the boss”

    Markus DezMarkus Dez7 days ago
  • I got some shopping to do 🛒

    Markus DezMarkus Dez7 days ago
  • I'm Chilean and always grew up with cats... my aunt has cats, my cousin has cats, everyone in my family loves cats. Chileans love cats. Period.🇨🇱

    Jimin's Little JamJimin's Little Jam10 days ago
  • Of course the kitties are awesome, but those tomatoes are GORGEOUS!

    Mandi MartinMandi MartinMonth ago
  • i adopted my cat from there

    jackie Belljackie BellMonth ago
  • I didnt know Chile loves animals this much!

    Ling DaSweetPieLing DaSweetPieMonth ago
  • Are the cats spayed and neutered?

    Regina RoseRegina RoseMonth ago
  • This is beautiful. It's nice to see the positive things happening around the world especially during this pandemic time. Very cool!

    Elli LizElli LizMonth ago
  • There are also cats at our local market here in the Philippines. One of them is from a cabbage vendor. His cat always have one cabbage to play with. Some of his cabbages has cat scratches lol

    ReignSupremeReignSupreme2 months ago
  • Videos like this make me not lose complete faith in humanity.

    Illuminate_ MeIlluminate_ Me2 months ago
  • How wonderful. Those cats are blessed. I would have a hard time not taking them home

    Tie OeiTie Oei2 months ago
  • A women like you should be living in Istanbul. Oh my God.

    AhmedAhmed2 months ago
  • I studied abroad in Chile and the people who live there are honestly some of the nicest people I have ever met. This makes me so happy, I wish we had a more caring attitude in the US. Even though Chile is not as "rich" as the US, you don't see any homeless people on the streets in Santiago. I love the relationship between the store owners and the cats ☺

    Emma HardyEmma Hardy2 months ago
  • My mom is from Santiago! It's so sweet that the shop keepers and cats all live in peace as well as harmony with each other

    Blake BelladonnaBlake Belladonna3 months ago
  • Hey I'm I need some advice I have a little kitten at my home his name is Bobby and he won't stop pooping everywhere can I get some help can you make a video like how that make it stop he's like a few weeks old is almost an adult thank

    Miley SlottkeMiley Slottke3 months ago
  • This is cool!

    Star American Girl DollStar American Girl Doll3 months ago
  • awww that's beautiful. I'd live to visit Chile and the markets

    Sarah OlneySarah Olney3 months ago
  • Wow, how wonderful is this place!!!!

    Judy LeeJudy Lee3 months ago
  • I wish we had places like this were I live. Every time I would go shopping i would visit every single cat there is to see. This is just beautiful.

    Wolf CatWolf Cat4 months ago
  • I really like this, but won't it result in a lot of kittens being born there? There is no mention of spaying/neutering the cats.. Or did I miss something?

    Anette HAnette H4 months ago
    • Hi! yes there is an effort for spaying and neuter the cats of La Vega. We are working with an animalist foundation and this summer before the pandemic we carried a census about the amount of dogs and cats who need health care. The Callejeritos de la Vega Foundation coordinates resources from our government for this cause. BTW, I'm the guy talking on the vid ;)

      Francisco CabezasFrancisco Cabezas3 months ago
  • i almost cried watching this the bond between the shop owners and the cats is just so beautiful 😭

    TheCatInGreyTheCatInGrey4 months ago
  • Hope they are okay and well feed even during this pandemic...

    Jes SerdanJes Serdan4 months ago
    • @Francisco Cabezas woah. Thank you for the update. Will check it now.😀

      Jes SerdanJes Serdan3 months ago
    • Hi! I'm one of the guys from Chile who are in the video. I'm visiting La Vega every week and the majority of the cats are being taking care in the market itself or in the house of a market owner. You can check our instagram Gatosdelavega and check the latest photos of this cats!

      Francisco CabezasFrancisco Cabezas3 months ago
  • If only every country adopted this beautiful philosophy - especially the USA right now!!!!!!

    Kym BakinKym Bakin4 months ago
  • My towns General Store has a fat grey and white cat named Alfred! He's so sweet!

    Rosestar of RoseClanRosestar of RoseClan4 months ago
  • I'm from Chile and I'm happy for this cats :) ❤️

    Trini ClarenTrini Claren5 months ago
    • son más bacanes ^^

      Francisco CabezasFrancisco Cabezas3 months ago
  • So awesome

    Jennifer MasseyJennifer Massey5 months ago
  • I loved this story. So fascinating and uplifting. Thank you for sharing. xoxo

    Jessie CristoJessie Cristo5 months ago
  • I absolutely love it when there's a working cat. Cats are a lot more economical form pest control. The ancient Egyptians knew this. There's a chinawares/art shop in Stratford Ontario (yes, the place where Justin Bieber came from) that has anywhere from 3 - 5 working cats( Watsons).

    Luminary600Luminary6005 months ago
  • me: sees cat laying on food me: wouldnt there be cat hair on the food. cat: ......

    Weasel fish birdWeasel fish bird5 months ago
  • they take great care of them for sure

    florence cavallaroflorence cavallaro6 months ago
  • you are great for doing this for them,,bless you..

    florence cavallaroflorence cavallaro6 months ago
  • yo vivi un tiempo en santiago de chile y puedo dar testimonio de que en chile la gente ama mucho a los gatos no solo se ven en la vega sino que tambien se los ve dentro de los tiendas(bodegas) y las librerias

    brium 1brium 16 months ago
    • A nosotros cuando partimos el proyecto de los Gatos de la Vega, nos llamó la atención eso, la historia detrás de los gatos. Era algo que teníamos delante y q nadie había retratado. Partimos a finales del 2012 y ya llevamos 2 libros publicados sobre los gatos y el mercado, y yo creo q seguiremos pa siempre ^^

      Francisco Cabezas MorenoFrancisco Cabezas Moreno6 months ago
  • I've always ran after cats in my grandpa farm. In india every farmer and food vendor has a cat and dog because it keeps the world rodent free!

    Nita DsouzaNita Dsouza6 months ago
  • This was wonderful. I would love to buy 2 copies of their book. Who can I contact?

    Heather LHeather L6 months ago
  • Thank you, Kitten Lady, for showing America that cats can live a happy life outdoors.

    Blen KBlen K6 months ago
  • Khajiit has wares, if you have coin.

    Cheeki Breeki i v DamkiCheeki Breeki i v Damki6 months ago
  • 2:33 i think he knows what you've done for the cats you've taken care of.

    Shiny Prisma !Shiny Prisma !6 months ago
  • Do they have a book? Can we get more info, please 😊

    Hyper Sarcastic AvocadoHyper Sarcastic Avocado6 months ago
  • Adorable

    Kate RoseKate Rose7 months ago
  • What beautiful & adorable cats!!! Blessings to them all!!!

    Brit & Patrick & Son Haven & Mullen & MullenBrit & Patrick & Son Haven & Mullen & Mullen7 months ago
  • This was a very interesting video, thanks for that. Symbiotic relationship between food vendors and cats ... makes sense, and everybody profits from it and is happy.

    Gaius 1968Gaius 19687 months ago
  • this is probably my favorite video on youtube right now

    Alexander KAlexander K7 months ago
  • In Israel it won't work. The cats are the owners. They won't agree to be treated less

    xydoitxydoit7 months ago
  • I love that cats exist X3

    U TU T7 months ago
  • omg you were right in my country, I so wish I met this channel before... anyways, love Vega and its cats

    V MirandaV Miranda7 months ago
  • Idk how they pass the health inspection, but I love it

    Junk AccountJunk Account7 months ago

    Marchioness Amoretto🌹⚜Marchioness Amoretto🌹⚜7 months ago

    Marchioness Amoretto🌹⚜Marchioness Amoretto🌹⚜7 months ago
    • If it was an unripened tomato, the stems or leaves, then yeah it poisonous. But a ripe red tomato should be okay in moderation. Chill out and Google is your friend.

      hardykathardykat7 months ago
  • I ❤️ 🐈

    BlitzkriegCHILEBlitzkriegCHILE8 months ago
  • I don't like people who do not like cats, and I am sad for them. Bravo Chile!

    P.J HodefleaP.J Hodeflea8 months ago
  • So adorable, but for me it would be a nightmare considering I’m allergic to cats. Rip.

    I Hate Snakeu ! why ? Cuz Snakeu You Got No JamsI Hate Snakeu ! why ? Cuz Snakeu You Got No Jams8 months ago
  • I’d love to visit and say hello to these cats and humans.

    Olivia watches youOlivia watches you8 months ago
  • I LOVE all cats and I hope you do too ♥️

    Olivia watches youOlivia watches you8 months ago
  • They deserve to be treated like royalty! Thank you for the respect they deserve

    Chrissy CarterChrissy Carter8 months ago
  • Beautiful I would love going there! Im so happy to hear they welcome and take care of those beautiful cats 😊❤

    Sandra R. MoralesSandra R. Morales8 months ago
  • I bet there is no rodents, insects, roaches. I went to this building supply warehouse, I was amazed there were cats roaming around toilets, bathtubs, hidden between tile displays. Went to buy a faucet and ended with tons of cat pictures, and having cool one on one conversations with them, lolz, felt refreshed after that.

    Crankestein LoskonCrankestein Loskon8 months ago
  • Towards the end of the vídeo I started crying, happy tears of course

    Cookie MonsterCookie Monster8 months ago
  • Imagine being that one person who is allergic to cats

    Kelby HorningKelby Horning8 months ago
  • In old time cats protected markets from mice 😊 now they are just like in shelters but so comfy and with nice people to take care of 😃

    MyPoetikMyPoetik8 months ago
  • Keep saving kittens I had a cat cald ores she was a stray wen I watch the video I learnt how old and how much moths

    Ruby ThomasRuby Thomas8 months ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    meNmy KrazyCatmeNmy KrazyCat8 months ago
  • Que bonito lugar 😍

    MusaSimoneMusaSimone8 months ago
  • Every owner wants to have a cat 🎶 Because the cat’s the only cat who knows where is at 🎵

    MusaSimoneMusaSimone8 months ago
  • Ang cute This is similar to Taiwan (if I'm not mistaken) every shop owners have cats and also have big picture frame on their wall. A foreigner was amazed by it and took pictures of it then posted to the website. I forgot the name of the website.

    mutiyangpiling babaemutiyangpiling babae8 months ago
  • so lovely!!

    AmyAmy8 months ago
  • I’m sure they keep the rats and vermon away from the food market

    Swim SwimSwim Swim9 months ago
  • I love this

    Sherry nSherry n9 months ago
  • China watch this and learn humanity maybe God forgive your animal cruelty and given you another chance

  • go to @gatosdelavega on instagram, they have lots of photos, information and ilustrations of the cats

    Isidora González BarriosIsidora González Barrios9 months ago
  • So cute 😍

    Yahuahs childYahuahs child9 months ago
  • Are the cats spayed and neutered?

    Near DaisyNear Daisy9 months ago
  • Those are good people. The world needs more of them.

    MrpeacheesMrpeachees9 months ago
  • Es la mejor parte de ir a la vega skdjdk

    HesooHesoo9 months ago
  • she visited my country omg a a a a a a

    ᴡʟᴡsᴀᴛᴏɴᴀᴋᴀᴡʟᴡsᴀᴛᴏɴᴀᴋᴀ9 months ago
  • I am from Chile 🇨🇱

    Gabriela FischerGabriela Fischer9 months ago
  • Cute

    Marcy GarciaMarcy Garcia9 months ago
  • This is the purest fricking thing I've ever seen

    Léa G.M.Léa G.M.9 months ago
  • The people in this market is the real MVP... Thank you

    Eos+Eos+9 months ago
  • I'd forget to shop !

    Tracy FrederickTracy Frederick9 months ago
  • You should visit Turkey. It’s heaven for cats

    cuteNADA1992cuteNADA19929 months ago
  • Have you been to Taiwan's cat village? I was there and it was like this place

    Benson GiangBenson Giang9 months ago
  • How awesome! I love how the individual shop owners have their own cats.

    FlaKNMBFlaKNMB9 months ago
  • Beautiful place people and kitties!

    Jo Ann SJo Ann S9 months ago
  • The relationship the shop owners have with these cats is so pure. It’s almost as if there’s this mutual respect between human and cat. And come one, that one cat is given a tomato on command. That’s so cute 🥺

    CoriCori9 months ago
  • This has great potential for creative writing :3

    Avery YoungAvery Young9 months ago
  • I would love to shop here. America why can’t we let pets into our stores?

    Pink Kitty_333Pink Kitty_3339 months ago
  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I wish this was true all over the world. Sending love and light your way always. God Bless!

    margarita perezmargarita perez9 months ago
  • hay tantos gatos que ya me enamoré de ese lugar!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 QUIERO CONOCERLO Y QUEDARME A VIVIR AHI!!!!!! 💕💕💕💕🐱🐱🐱💕💕💕💕💕💕

    evelyn blue!!evelyn blue!!9 months ago
  • Oh my God, it's like a Cat Cafe on steroids!

    HunterCat1HunterCat19 months ago
  • Looooovely!!!🥰🥰😍😍😍

    Αφροδιτη ΑθανασοπουλουΑφροδιτη Αθανασοπουλου9 months ago
  • So cute. 😍😍😍

    VioletViolet9 months ago
  • aguante los gatoooos

    Sophie FSophie F9 months ago
    • Aguante los michisss

      Millaray RodríguezMillaray Rodríguez3 months ago
  • Anyone who owns a cat knows that they're super clean, so I wouldn't mind buying there.

    Ce GCe G9 months ago
  • 🐱

    Aleksandra LempartAleksandra Lempart9 months ago
  • 0:57 enjoy your bananas with cat pee...

    Crypto DreamCrypto Dream9 months ago
  • Love it!

    Catriela SoleriCatriela Soleri9 months ago
  • Has kitten lady been to Turkey? Because that would really blow her mind. After visiting I honestly started reconsidering the whole "pet" concept. We don't need to own animals to love them. They can be free and we can still take care of them and love them

    june2420111june24201119 months ago
  • This is beautiful. I was having a bad day and watching this lifted my spirits.

    Redwillow79 SchippersRedwillow79 Schippers9 months ago
  • The perrrfect place to shop Cata are great felifriends too I am so happy to know, of this place Thanks for all your support to the cats Blessings to you all and all the animals of our world

    Gustavo NavaGustavo Nava9 months ago