The Cutest Sound in the World

Mar 19, 2019
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Is there anything cuter than the sound of a foster kitten eating from a bottle?
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • Kitten Lady Awwww :3

      Woodygaming BFBWoodygaming BFBYear ago
    • I couldn't Handel it after I watched this video

      unigamer nya nya nyaunigamer nya nya nyaYear ago
    • Se escucha como,,, quiero vivir!!!!!

      Reyna MuñozReyna MuñozYear ago
    • I want to personally thank you kitten Lady and kitten academy for your tireless work saving the lives of these sweet babies. Bless you.

      PrencePrenceYear ago
    • Alicia Seecharan lol awww they’re just teeny tiny itty bitty baby kittens. 💙💙💙💙 they’re drinking from a feeding syringe. Hope u have a great day

      singergrrl77singergrrl77Year ago
  • i dont get why the sound is cute

    AchernarAchernar15 days ago
  • Well know I want a kitten

    Shirley DuranShirley Duran19 days ago
  • so cute!

    Zoe GonzalezZoe GonzalezMonth ago
  • I agree. Thank you Kitten Lady for all you do💕

    Rivers 90Rivers 90Month ago
  • THESE EARS !!!!!!!!! 😽😻❤❤❤

    Doris DaumannDoris Daumann3 months ago
  • The ear wiggles though 😍💕

    Rose ReneeRose Renee3 months ago
  • Don’t forget the cutest sight.......their little twitching ears and the way their eyes just narrow in content.........ahhhh little kittens. a gift from heaven.

    alyra’s lighthousealyra’s lighthouse6 months ago
  • been watching too many coronavirus videos so i needed this. xD

    Alice WhoAlice Who7 months ago

    Antonette BalolongAntonette Balolong8 months ago
  • My kitty suckles in his sleep it’s so cute

    Denielle Isn't MusicalDenielle Isn't Musical10 months ago
  • I love kittens and cats especially this one that is so precious❤❤❤❤😽😽😽😽😻😻😻😍😍

    Jasmine GarzaJasmine Garza11 months ago
  • Nom nom nom

    Marco DifruscioMarco Difruscio11 months ago
  • So cute

    It’s Lanna BiatchIt’s Lanna Biatch11 months ago
  • People with misophonia who thought this would be a video of kittens meowing: *dying*

    Alyssa LeibyAlyssa LeibyYear ago
    • Why would you think a video that clearly shows a kitten being bottlefed would be about meowing?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond8 months ago
  • There IS a cuter sound. A kitten purring while they eat from a bottle.

    FizzyFizzyYear ago
  • My little kitten does the same, I love it so much 😍

    SandySandyYear ago
  • I love the way their ears wiggle when they're suckling.

    Sally EdwardsSally EdwardsYear ago
  • So cute 😍❤️💕

    Darlene PickleDarlene PickleYear ago
  • Miracle nipples for the win!

    Lindsey WithrowLindsey WithrowYear ago
  • Especially those ear wiggles

    Andrew AmentAndrew AmentYear ago
  • well? are you cherishing?? CHERISH HARDER!!!

    FigliaDellUraganoFigliaDellUraganoYear ago
  • Kitten asmr 😂🥰

    ameliaameliaYear ago
  • *kitten asmr* b i g b r a i n

    spacedout. leopardspacedout. leopardYear ago
  • You are AMAZING Kitten Lady!!!

    28Nostalgia28NostalgiaYear ago
  • Baby asmr

    AmbipieAmbipieYear ago
  • I know everyone else has already made the same comment, but I have to get this off my chest: THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER!!!

    Limi VLimi VYear ago
  • Hungry babies eating like there's no tomorrow

    CoffeeqCatsCoffeeqCatsYear ago
  • I’m buying your book today!❤️

    addy malfoyaddy malfoyYear ago
  • u know how you kiss your cats lil forehead and they go “burrr?” yea thats the shit

    CybpurrCybpurrYear ago

    Djamila LahianiDjamila LahianiYear ago
  • the twitchy lil eeeeeears!

    The Mad HackerThe Mad HackerYear ago
  • Their little ears wiggling and their drowsy expressions make them so irresistibly adorable

    Mia RoseMia RoseYear ago
  • How can something be so cute?????

    Jay RueMarsJay RueMarsYear ago
  • Omg dem ears 😱😍

    モレナウエルモレナウエルYear ago
  • Oh gosh they are so cute i want to adopt a kitten

    LayaLayaYear ago
  • to someone with misophonia this is not a fun experience

    just a bi loser doin some coversjust a bi loser doin some coversYear ago
    • Why would you click on a video with a kitten being bottlefed as the thumbnail then?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond10 months ago
    • Just commented the same thing. Thought it would be a video of them meowing and I almost died when I hit play.

      Alyssa LeibyAlyssa LeibyYear ago
  • i may have shed some tears

    it's KING namjoon not KIM namjoonit's KING namjoon not KIM namjoonYear ago
  • Haha yes that’s pretty cute!!! And the wiggles from the ears!!!

    Ana RamAna RamYear ago
  • So cute

    Harmony McclainHarmony McclainYear ago
  • I love the way their ears move so sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!

    Emma ConstantinidesEmma ConstantinidesYear ago
  • Ohhh yes. A 4 week old kitten was dumped at school when I was in high school many years ago and we had to bottle feed him for awhile. I love that sound and the little ears that tick back and forth.

    Poly The WickedPoly The WickedYear ago
  • Just seeing these kittens makes me want to EXPLODE! They are sooo adorable the mews the purrs this sound the clumsiness quirkiness cuteness ! Thats just hard to resist. If kittens and cats were in a try not to say awwww challenge u will lose for sure

    Djamila LahianiDjamila LahianiYear ago
  • One of them looks like my cat Natalie

    Sheila WeldonSheila WeldonYear ago
  • I disagree! My almost 1 year old rescue boy does little snores that you can only hear when it's silent and it's definitely the cutest sound! Never fails to melt my heart ♡

    Jaimee WallinJaimee WallinYear ago
  • Aaaw, gorgeous. You are Fantastic Kitten Lady. Look at the little black n white one at the end trying to poddle as he’s suckling... my Boy Cato still does this and he’s 3.5yrs old now. Whenever he feels a nice fluffy blankie under his paws, he starts poddling and will often slaver and I have to wipe his chin with a tissue... makes me go all gooey... Much Love KL. from Yorkshire. XxX

    Jargon EllieJargon EllieYear ago
  • Agreed.

    Cat lady SophieCat lady SophieYear ago
  • I would argue that the sound is a little disgusting and sounds a bit little people chewing, but watching them eat is adorable!

    AJexicaAJexicaYear ago

    Rachael PhillippiRachael PhillippiYear ago
  • OMG I love the little ears moving as he drinks. What a precious sound. Kittens are the most precious animals ever.

    Susan H.3333Susan H.3333Year ago
  • ∧__∧ (`•ω• )づ__∧ (つ  /( •ω•。) しーJ (nnノ)

    Todoroki ShotoTodoroki ShotoYear ago
  • Why do some videos have a bad quality ?

    tw _fantw _fanYear ago
  • I love how you can hear other kittens

    London MastLondon MastYear ago
  • ASMR

    M V10GSM V10GSYear ago

    purnotapurnotaYear ago
  • Kitten Asmr

    Akira OlpAkira OlpYear ago
  • hungry kittens

    Midnight GachaMidnight GachaYear ago
  • In my opinion, this is the most amazing and important sound in the world! It is full of life and hope for the bright future of the kitten! 😻

    Polinka PeterPolinka PeterYear ago
  • My heart's melting 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Deademon HyenaDeademon HyenaYear ago
  • I'm gonna die from hyperventilation

    The BobThe BobYear ago
  • She drink milk She good at that But most importantly That ear flap ❤️ 0:06

    ElonElonYear ago
  • I do this to my kitten and it SO CUTE 🥰

    Ashley S.Ashley S.Year ago
  • wiggly ears!!!!!! 💖💖💖😭

    peach pop🍑peach pop🍑Year ago
  • The ears! Like Shreck! CUTE!

    Carlotta HallCarlotta HallYear ago
  • kitten asmr 💞

    lizbethlizbethYear ago
  • The ear twitches are so cute! It makes me want my cats to have kittens again (their spayed)

    Creek fangirlCreek fangirlYear ago
  • **kitten asmr is underrated**

    CinnamonsanimationsCinnamonsanimationsYear ago
  • Adorable!

    Madison WhitmerMadison WhitmerYear ago
  • I love how their little ears wiggle😍They’re so precious❤️

    Hannah GraceHannah GraceYear ago
  • Can u please tell me that the kitten at 0:46 is how much old

    Jazzib ArslanJazzib ArslanYear ago
    • My kitten is also the same and her mother abandoned her.. I don't know her age and I'm worried about her weight.. she weighs 280 grams

      Jazzib ArslanJazzib ArslanYear ago
  • So cute 🥰🥰

    The gacha demon kitten -_-The gacha demon kitten -_-Year ago
  • Now that's a real asmr

    Rowan I.H.Rowan I.H.Year ago
  • i love the kittens meowing in the background every now and again just this cute asmr then "REEEE"

    AerontyxAerontyxYear ago
  • Aww 🥰 my kitten makes those noises when he sucks on his blanket.

    Belinda WykstraBelinda WykstraYear ago
  • My favorite thing is the little ear wiggle 😍

    CynthiaCynthiaYear ago
  • Aww look at those tiny ears

    Anders DalsgaardAnders DalsgaardYear ago
  • Awww the ears is so small and the eyes are so cuteeeee

    Erika JaneErika JaneYear ago
  • I can’t believe there is dislikes on this video!

    Stacey VermilyeaStacey VermilyeaYear ago
  • This sound makes me smell baby formula.

    Dru SmithDru SmithYear ago
  • Frickin' cuteness OVERLOAD!!! 😍

    Maggie OMaggie OYear ago
  • I don't like the sound that much but wow, the visuals alone make it one of the cutest vids I've seen.

    Quya LunaQuya LunaYear ago
  • That ear wiggle omg. I had a 3 week old (youngest ever) brought to me and he was so skinny and once he really got to eating he'd bite the nipple off and I had to use the straight syringe. He ate so aggressively! His ears would wiggle and it cracked me up.

    LtlRed HenLtlRed HenYear ago
  • Kitty: *ears wiggle as they drink milk* Me: *dies of cuteness*

    Michelle NguyenMichelle NguyenYear ago
  • I hear some babies in the background that are jelly beaning

    cupcakesx22cupcakesx22Year ago
  • In squealing so high pitch, a dog could only hear it

    Cyber CrateCyber CrateYear ago
  • Thank you for posting this. I know I’m late, but I needed this. I’m sick rn ;-;

    Kneecap SnatcherKneecap SnatcherYear ago
  • I need a 1 hour version

    Smoosh GooSmoosh GooYear ago
  • Their little ears wiggle and their eyes close! So precious ;-;

    RebelCosmonautRebelCosmonautYear ago
  • 0:25 Kitten meowing in background:I want a turn on the bottle.

    Amadeus TDAmadeus TDYear ago
  • Those little ears are adorable

    Eric StefkoEric StefkoYear ago
  • Gotta turn the sound up all the way to hear it ...

    AvangionQAvangionQYear ago
  • Oh my god.. this is too cute I‘m gonna explode

    Serab Ö.Serab Ö.Year ago
  • *kitten ASMR*

    glσяzтσσтѕιєzяσllѕтυмтυм тєнєglσяzтσσтѕιєzяσllѕтυмтυм тєнєYear ago
  • What is cuter than a bottle-baby feeding? an adolescent cat fast asleep on your lap dreaming of being fed, making the sucking noise and puddling the air with his feet...

    SevCaswellSevCaswellYear ago
  • Adoroble!!!

    Nela KolarićNela KolarićYear ago
  • i think this is the most positive comment section ever...not that i’m surprised

    -ˏˋ mayaaa ˎˊ--ˏˋ mayaaa ˎˊ-Year ago
  • 0:45 this is the cutest baby I've ever seen

    That KiddThat KiddYear ago
  • They are so cute xxxx

    Family SmithFamily SmithYear ago
  • Oh the ears! Love it!

    Maggie HeaMaggie HeaYear ago
  • It's kinda funny

    I like applesI like applesYear ago