The Dot Method: How to Tell Kittens Apart Using Lipstick!

May 25, 2019
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If you've got a whole bunch of foster kittens who all look alike, here's a safe and easy method for telling who is who.
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  • Gracias..watching in LA,CA

    Smile AlwaysSmile Always17 days ago
  • Maybe different collars

    Kimberly SharpeKimberly SharpeMonth ago
  • I just shave them bald and paint each cat a different color. About 3 bucks a can for Krylon at Walmart.

    Atheism KillsAtheism KillsMonth ago
  • We could tell our kittens apart but they just liked their collars so they live in them

    Reed And red catsReed And red catsMonth ago
  • I am getting 6 look alike kittens to foster, all gray striped tabbies!

    Jennifer WilsonJennifer WilsonMonth ago
  • But does the dot come off when they groom themselves and eachother?

    Adela TejedaAdela Tejeda2 months ago
    • I don’t think so, it’s lipstick designed to come off harder than that.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • I do the pet safe nail polish method. You paint the front claws a different color.

    Natalie FiddlesworthNatalie Fiddlesworth2 months ago
  • So, we have just taken in a momma cat and her eight kittens. Most of the kittens look identical at this point. The rescue group said momma doesn't have a lot of milk and that we should supplement. Would the moms grooming lick the lipstick off? Is there any other way to identify them (so we can track their weight and how much they are eating)?

    MultiKMultiK2 months ago
  • I have 5 white ones and 3 are identical I used food color applied it with a Q tip

    Regina HudsonRegina Hudson2 months ago
  • I should’ve discovered this earlier bcos now idk how to tell my first and second born kitten that is exactly the same 🥺🤦🏽‍♀️

    Istiana AJ.Istiana AJ.2 months ago
  • Omg those kittens are adorable

    Yani EYani E3 months ago
  • Black kitties with beige and brown spots are CUTE

    Benji FashamBenji Fasham3 months ago
  • I can't take black Cats apart

    phorzer32phorzer323 months ago
  • Omg shrimp that’s the best name ever

    WhatWhat3 months ago
  • genius!

    Deborah (TC & Delightful)Deborah (TC & Delightful)4 months ago
  • Pray for my lost kitty midnight

    Sparkly PotatoSparkly Potato4 months ago
  • What if mom is still with them? Will she try to lick it off? How do we know it’s safe for her or them to lick it off?

    Theresa MillerTheresa Miller4 months ago
    • Zahraa Alsari well I need to because mom and her six babies are all gray lol so I need a way to tell them apart. No offense, mom being with them or not doesn’t really have anything to do with marking the kittens so you can tell them apart so you can monitor their progress and make sure they are doing well.

      Theresa MillerTheresa Miller3 months ago
    • You might not need to because usually the mom will take care of them. This is mostly for foster parents because they are the sole caretakers of the kittens

      。。。ザっちゃん。。。ザっちゃん3 months ago
  • Squeal!!! My rescue looks just like these babies 🖤😻🖤😻🖤

    Magnolia MandirMagnolia Mandir4 months ago
  • There are also different methods, there are kitten collar packs on amazon or eBay and you can make it the size you want, the collars are all different so it is easy to tell which kitten is which.

    Kamryn ShourKamryn Shour4 months ago
  • You could do collars and stuff but that's when they are older

    •Stone ••Stone •4 months ago
  • Wouldnt it be easier to just give them different color collars?

    Lex LuthorLex Luthor4 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady! I have been looking for foster kittens for several months now but I cannot find any... I'm signed up for the San Diego Humane Society Foster program but there are rarely every kitten posted on the blog. Even if some do get posted, they are taken within minutes, making it difficult to find kittens. I was curious if you had any other SD organizations looking for frequent foster parents for kittens. Thanks!

    Molly P.Molly P.4 months ago
  • Great Idea 🤙

    Patti RodzewichPatti Rodzewich4 months ago
  • What if we still have the mother, she would lick the dot. Any other tip?

    Julie PoirierJulie Poirier4 months ago
  • Cool idea!

    EricEric4 months ago
  • such smart idea (:

    Madeleine PriceMadeleine Price4 months ago
  • hahah i thought you were gonna kiss them lol they also look like my kitten

    isla's lifeisla's life4 months ago
  • *Well, I guess we should be thankful that not many of us have so many cats and kittens that we have to use drastic methods to distinguish them. I, for one, would rather just have two kittens (always a nice number) so I can use even the subtlest of their features to tell them apart rather than draw warpaint on them! lol*

    Ali TAli T4 months ago
    • Well if you're fostering you need to make sure you tell them apart so you can make sure you're feeding all of them and monitoring their health. This isn't really for people who just want to adopt kittens

      。。。ザっちゃん。。。ザっちゃん4 months ago
  • :3

    Napatsorn MuangkhotNapatsorn Muangkhot4 months ago
  • I love black kitties. Future house panthers.

    Kleo CatraKleo Catra4 months ago
  • Can this be used to tell black people apart.

    zak davidzak david5 months ago
  • Kittys and kitten shoos have kisses to 😽

    Tara MeredithTara Meredith5 months ago
  • We adopted a momma cat with her kittens, she had 6, and 3 of them looked almost the same. The only difference was the color of their eyes (green-kindabrown-yellow) and they look so cute together:D

    Angry GalambAngry Galamb6 months ago
  • We used nailpolish on their necks (we had six black kittens and one white and black kitten)

    Muriel WetterMuriel Wetter6 months ago
  • My mom was a dog and cat breeder when I was a child. She would always mark babies with bright red nail polish: "Ear Spot" "Tail Spot" "Back Spot" etc.

    athas17athas176 months ago
  • I am in black cat heaven 🖤🖤🖤🖤

    ArielAlflaloArielAlflalo6 months ago
  • had a black cat named kobe, lived to be 20 years old. He had a stroke about 2 months ago. I’m only 17, that cats been around for as long as i can remember. Miss him a lot!!

    genna sgenna s6 months ago
  • Cats with lipstick on their lips is cool

    xydoitxydoit7 months ago
  • My grandma used to rub a cotton with oxygenated water to dye the tip of the tail

    MikrokosmicMikrokosmic7 months ago
  • What if they have a momma that licks them a lot and licks that off?

    TheGalway GirlTheGalway Girl7 months ago
  • I’m allergic to cats, but it was in my recommenced so now I’ve bought a bunch of cats that I need to tell apart

    Aidan GearyAidan Geary8 months ago
  • Concept : Collars

    Micheal JohnsonMicheal Johnson8 months ago
  • That's a really neat idea! And the lipstick comes off so it doesn't harm the kittens.👍😁

    Jennifer SaleJennifer Sale8 months ago
  • Do the other kittens not groom the lipstick off each other?

    AlskasaurAlskasaur8 months ago
  • they look so cute with red dots

    idk what username to useidk what username to use8 months ago
  • I would always put the dot inside the ear

    ADNJADNJ8 months ago
  • What about colour collars?

    Amber PreeceAmber Preece8 months ago
  • Chutney? CHUTNEY!😄

    Little UnicornLittle Unicorn8 months ago
  • Or...a collar?

    Damon RisnerDamon Risner8 months ago
  • Or... Hear me out... Get different colored collars🤷

    Miss AmandaMiss Amanda8 months ago
  • Don't they lick it off?

    Shiboline M'RessShiboline M'Ress8 months ago
  • Why not just use different collars on them wouldn’t that’s be the most simple way

    kara goddardkara goddard8 months ago
    • Some cats won't tolerate collars. Collars are very effective for puppies but not always easy and best cats.

      Magick MiirorMagick Miiror8 months ago
  • So is no one going to mention the fact that she put the lipstick on the kittens ears, then dipped it back in the tube and then said she uses it on herself too...? I’m sure these kittens are clean but that doesn’t seem very sanitary... 👀 i would suggest using a cotton bud to put the lipstick on the kittens instead of using the wand that goes inside the tube.

    Angela LynnAngela Lynn8 months ago
  • That’s how my cat’s look

    Christmas crazy LadyChristmas crazy Lady8 months ago

    Miss ValMiss Val8 months ago
  • Collars?

    ArieR56 CooperArieR56 Cooper8 months ago
  • When my dog had white puppies we couldn't tell them apart so I bought Artic Fox hair dye in different colors . It's safe for humans and dogs.

    Elizabeth GutierrezElizabeth Gutierrez8 months ago
  • If it's not tested on animals, how do we know it's safe to use on an animal?

    Howlzuzu GlänzHowlzuzu Glänz8 months ago
  • This video has been recommended to me 3-4 times. I finally gave into the temptation to watch cute kittie video.

    Lonely Pizza SliceLonely Pizza Slice8 months ago
  • I will just train my nose to differentiate by their smell, just like my cat recognize me in outside.

    Ari BudiAri Budi8 months ago
  • i use nail polish on the claws 😐

    Yes AlbYes Alb8 months ago
  • I’ve had my cat (my profile picture is him!) for almost 7 years and my parents and o always say when we see another tabby on tv or a picture “looks like Toby but I could still know Toby if you lined up a bunch a similar cats” so every cat really is super unique! Edit! We also had 3 ducks that all looked very similar but after having them we could easily tell them apart. We only have 2 now as Mocha was sadly attacked by a hawk and we had to euthanize her as her wounds were really bad and it was her best option...

    Ellery SeadustEllery Seadust8 months ago
  • Or why not tie a tiny coloured string to their hind paw

    Leyla_KLeyla_K8 months ago
  • If you're the owner, you probably will know them very well. I also had 4 identical black cats and I know how to differ each of them. They have different facial expressions

    Midnight BlueMidnight Blue8 months ago
  • who else doesn't have identical pets and just watched this for the cute kitties

    a n g e la n g e l8 months ago
  • Human's skin isn't the same as cats. You can't say that it's safe for cats on that basis. What's safe for our skin could harm their fur or skin.

    Video CriticVideo Critic8 months ago
  • So cute 😭😻

    Lucas SmithLucas Smith8 months ago
  • I just look at their faces and personalities and lots of little kisses

    Ginny DGinny D8 months ago
  • This is cute but hopefully this was an old lipstick

    Destiny De La RosaDestiny De La Rosa8 months ago
    • Cause cats are animals and it’s not sanitary to share your cosmetics with anyone

      Destiny De La RosaDestiny De La Rosa8 months ago
    • What’s wrong if it isn’t? It’s not like they’ve been out in the dirt

      Tyler BurneyTyler Burney8 months ago
  • So many people are saying things like "black cats are the best cats" or stuff like that, but I just think "why does it matter?" Adopting a cat should be about giving a home to a creature, caring about it and making sure it's healthy and happy, it's all about making the cat happy and not about getting a cool looking pet you can brag about or take pretty pictures of...

    Die HasisDie Hasis8 months ago
  • You named two of the kittens food and now I'm hungry.

    Weeb TrashWeeb Trash8 months ago
  • Theyre all cute

    Robin NightfallRobin Nightfall8 months ago
  • I get so attached I can just tell em apart lol

    Aviva JaneAviva Jane8 months ago
  • Red was probably a bad choice looks like their little ears are bleeding 😭😭😂😂

    Margot AlmanzarMargot Almanzar8 months ago
  • I've seen people use different colored claws

    • M o o n l i g h t •• M o o n l i g h t •8 months ago
  • So basically name tagging it

    Abdu SalamAbdu Salam8 months ago
  • I had three kittens, ned Willie and boomer, and ned and willie where exactly alike, but they both had slightly different faces

    ImUrVenusImUrVenus8 months ago
  • I use nail polish on their claws-

    Conny WolfConny Wolf8 months ago
  • or you could just put colars on them.

    bella club lps E.Mbella club lps E.M8 months ago
  • So your solution is to mess their ears with lipstick, and potentially poison them. Great idea.

    Netta5 SILKKILÄNetta5 SILKKILÄ8 months ago
    • This lipstick is safe, you joik

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond8 months ago
  • Sharpies are a terrible method, but i think collars are fine because if they notice it for the first days, they get used to it fast. Dots are fine too, but cats wash themself so you'll probably have to re-make them a lot of times

    AFUniversCatAFUniversCat8 months ago
  • I have two black kittens and we tell them apart by the fact that one is much chonkier

    Bean the DemonBean the Demon8 months ago
    • They both really like snuggling but the chonky one is meaner

      Bean the DemonBean the Demon8 months ago
  • binary kittens

    Ian moseleyIan moseley8 months ago
  • Kitten Lady, this seems like a great method! I have one question, though. What if one of the kittens licks the dots of one of the other cats' ears?

    Twixi Films Ltd.Twixi Films Ltd.8 months ago
  • why not just simplify and do different color collars?

    Ants in all the pantsAnts in all the pants9 months ago

    Lord KeltainLord Keltain9 months ago
  • Great idea!

    Genesis KravitzGenesis Kravitz9 months ago
  • I want you to get a million subscribers aaaaaaaaaaaa 😻✨

    Matthew Angelo ConcepcionMatthew Angelo Concepcion9 months ago
  • "... no ears..." Me: visualizes a Scottish Fold kitten with dots.

    Ginny JollyGinny Jolly9 months ago
  • There is a special place in my heart for black kitties. That place is melting rn.

    ShroomyKShroomyK9 months ago
  • What happens if they lick each other's ears? They will "eat" the lipstick, can they get sick from that? I know it's a small amount, but still...

    Lucía GómezLucía Gómez9 months ago
  • Those kittens look exactly like my kitten 🥺🥺

    miss jacksonmiss jackson9 months ago
  • Would this work on kittens who have a mum ( /other grownup cat in their life) who would be grooming the kittens? I imagine a lot of adult cats would feel the need to groom the "dirt" off the kitten's ear.

    Rachael MantoRachael Manto9 months ago
  • My cats are individual enough, too. Scooby (the big black one) is a very handsome gorgeous boy and he just loves being on my lap. Owlwin (the plucky little tortie) likes being on my lap, too. But most times she'll only come to me and want cuddles on my lap if I'm sitting on the kitchen floor.

    Super TigressSuper Tigress9 months ago
  • I don't get it... Why not just use different colored collars?

    Henz SolHenz Sol9 months ago
  • I had a litter of rat pups. I wanted too keep a special one. I spotted one of his ears. With a marker. And I called him spot. Loved my boy.

    elaine phlepselaine phleps9 months ago
  • But how do you know wich cat your putting the lipstick on? Like you cant put it on them when they are born so how do you know before you put the lipstick on?

    Helenie liveHelenie live9 months ago
    • Helenie Rudich true

      KrispyKitty66KrispyKitty668 months ago
  • I’ll probably forget that I use lipsticks on their year and I probably choose something like red so I’d be like oh my god they’re bleeding and rushed them to the vet

    Unknow101Unknow1019 months ago
  • Just buy collarss 🙄

    Dear DiaryDear Diary9 months ago
  • Might want to ask your vet for a better substance than lipstick; it works on single kittens but it defeats the point with 2 or more as there WILL be social grooming.

    ContagiousRepublicContagiousRepublic9 months ago
    • ContagiousRepublic cats aren’t stupid, if they smell it they’ll know it’s nog good to lick.

      KrispyKitty66KrispyKitty668 months ago