The Ringworm Song for Kittens

Sep 29, 2020
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This is the song I sing while giving Archie his ringworm baths. I'm using a medicated shampoo which needs to soak in for 10 minutes before being rinsed, so a little song helps to provide comfort and pass the time. Learn how to help kittens with ringworm at

  • This was so lighthearted and cute I started crying because I miss my kitten so much :( (Bf and I broke up and he gets to keep our baby.)

    lєαƒα lєєlєαƒα lєєDay ago
  • Her voice is so pretty and her song is cute . I love her 🥰

    J. ZJ. ZDay ago
  • The look on his face in the thumbnail. Utterly disgusted with this situation. Totally endearing to us.

    diggeropdiggerop2 days ago
  • Just want to say thank you for your video about the problem with the cats digestion because I don't think mine quite the same but she does have an issue and she has been really helped by yourself and Jackson G re eating and a whisker issue and also eats out of my hand upright like cat that had to have the raised bowls. Hope this makes sense anyway thank you.

    Rachel HarrisRachel Harris3 days ago
  • She is a great singer

    Kirah NicoleKirah Nicole4 days ago
  • That's cute. You look so much like your dad

    connie schultzconnie schultz5 days ago
  • Uj

    Christina HendersonChristina Henderson6 days ago
  • Can u make a day in a life with a kitten with ring worms pls

    TasnimeTasnime6 days ago
  • Great video, Thumbs Up liked.

    bluesharp59bluesharp597 days ago
  • hello hanna shaw (aka tommy shaws daughter)

    Barbara WestcottBarbara Westcott7 days ago
  • She's going to make a great mom!

    Peaceful BlissPeaceful Bliss8 days ago
  • I've been humming this song all week.

    debra dowlingdebra dowling8 days ago
  • Bless you

    Wolfmaus13Wolfmaus139 days ago
  • Rinse dame you

    MrLeooreoMrLeooreo9 days ago
  • I love this song and I also hope archie and the other kittens are ok. ❤️Edit: He’s soooo cute❤️

    ElliePlayzElliePlayz12 days ago
  • My dogs fell asleep listening to this:D

    Eievui AkushakoEievui Akushako13 days ago
  • Such a good singer

    Emma GordonEmma Gordon13 days ago
  • you can clearly see that Archie has on his brave face.

    Shane SShane S13 days ago
  • She has her dad’s musicality!

    Carol McCaffreyCarol McCaffrey14 days ago
  • Is that an Animal Liberation Front shirt...?

    The Rabbit FollowerThe Rabbit Follower15 days ago
  • cute kitten😻

    MEME15 days ago
  • I sing this round the house now lol. Ear worm!

    Rachel HarrisRachel Harris16 days ago
  • 🐱😺

    Helmi KerickHelmi Kerick16 days ago
  • *Ring worm Is Spreading Help* .

    Arie VibesArie Vibes16 days ago
  • 💜

    Elimine TamayoElimine Tamayo16 days ago
  • I have a 8 week old kitten, and when it sees me it always meows and when i lay down it will come straight to my face meowing and one time i let him go to my face and he slightly bite me, i just adopt him, Help

    What EwwwWhat Ewww16 days ago
  • Hi so, I know this video is 2 weeks old, but I really didn't know where else to go. How can we (My family and I) trap these 3 feral kittens? They're a few months old and are all girls, they're names are Barley (Black and white), Smudge (A little smudge on her face), and Mal (Weird brownish orange I think? She doesn't come around much), and we never really thought about bothering them, but recently these guys moved in next door and today one of them was shooting at one of the kittens with a BB gun. We've tried trapping them before, but they know what the trap is and they're really fast. Barley and Smudge come around a lot while Mal doesn' least not during the daytime. We really don't want anything to happen to them, and thankfully the guy missed, but he might not miss again, we just don't want to risk it. We've contacted the police about them, but we still want to get the kittens out if the guys don't listen. Any advice is welcomed tbh- Mama cat has been gone for a while btw, she was a solid black cat, I think she left the area.

    The Parsnip KingThe Parsnip King16 days ago
    • @Golden Rainbow My family and I have been yeah, on the bright side, they seem to be trusting us a lot more as they've been coming up to us....still can't pet them sadly :(

      The Parsnip KingThe Parsnip King12 days ago
    • hi, does anyone in your neighborhood feed them? if so then maybe ask them not to for a day and then put some really stinky fish in the trap. hope this helps 😊

      Golden RainbowGolden Rainbow15 days ago
  • "🎵🗣️ WHoSe Got The PAtcHY LeSioNs!! 🗣️🎵" THAT MADE ME CACKLE

    SarahSarah17 days ago
  • This is literally the most heartwarming thing I’ve ever seen.

    Sha[Na]LeaaaSha[Na]Leaaa17 days ago
  • Im getting a kitten on the 31!!

    SukiPlayzSukiPlayz17 days ago
  • this is kinda sad :c

    my melσdy_luvscake sanriσmy melσdy_luvscake sanriσ17 days ago
  • I love your videos but I have a question my kittens are 2 weeks old and have already started trying to groom them selves and they walk is that normal

    Katie DelaryeKatie Delarye17 days ago
  • The kitten just looks like the one in my society so cute!😍😍😍

    # Samu_kuhu# Samu_kuhu17 days ago
  • This is such a catchy tune, but not really something you can sing in public :)

    Foo S.Foo S.17 days ago
  • I am so excited!!! I have the chance to to a TNR in the neighborhood of a friend of mine. I can't wait to get started. I am in Southern California, and I need some direction for TNR neutering clinic locations. Any advice would be helpful.

    Retta Williams-GreenRetta Williams-Green18 days ago
  • She's soooooooooo much man i want her how beautiful how caring how lovely 🤩😍 just 1 videos of her that too 1 year ago i instantly felt like she's the one best ladyyyyyyyy i d k if she'll see or react to it but I LOVE HER 😘

    alive useralive user18 days ago
  • Awwww, you have such a pretty voice!

    Carolyn's Art AdventuresCarolyn's Art Adventures18 days ago
  • You have a beautiful voice...

    Thomas KuruvillaThomas Kuruvilla18 days ago
  • 1:24 did anyone else notice that archie was holding hannah's finger! so cute ❤❤💕

    alka bhatnagaralka bhatnagar18 days ago
  • Hi, i just Got a kitten (its 4 months old) and it got fleas... I just don’t know what to do. Ik u make a video about it but my cat doesn’t like to be hold so it will just jump off and what do I do?!

    Yooo :3Yooo :319 days ago
  • My cat just had five kittens three weeks ago but there preemie and..... They all survived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    {Cadence} {Vincent}{Cadence} {Vincent}19 days ago
  • The dislikes are for all the eww-y ringworm's.

    Zoe DuffyZoe Duffy19 days ago
  • Will you still sell kittens for free🥺🥺

    • No

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond17 days ago
  • Who knew a song about ringworm could be so fun. Kitten Lady, it's precious to watch and now hear how much love you have for kittens.

    Leah TabakLeah Tabak19 days ago
  • Adorable ringworm song!! Pretty voice, too!!! 🐱

    MICHELE DAWN ManieriMICHELE DAWN Manieri19 days ago
  • Hello kitten lady I have a question My cat gave birth on 21 st September to 4 kittens One boy three girls After they opened their eyes on of the kitten is having a problem Everytime she sleeps and wakes up her eyes just don't open we have to open them I usually take some cotton and clean her eyes and they will open She is also very week I'm scared for her health and her eyes if anyone knows anything than can help please tell🙏

    Riyaj ShaikhRiyaj Shaikh19 days ago
  • Random video idea - day in the life of kitten lady

    Olivia ChinOlivia Chin19 days ago
  • Very good and really enjoy your videos very well made and content. Catchy tune! Poor Archie! Learned a lot on your channel. So sweet. Very good with bubbas! 🐾😻

    Rachel HarrisRachel Harris20 days ago
  • kitty is loving his bath I love you energy and that creative song.

    sandra johnsonsandra johnson20 days ago
  • I said this before but 7 words for ya you are the best kitten lady ever

    Baby Brownie GachaBaby Brownie Gacha20 days ago
  • Super cute! I hope Archie (that's the name I heard at least) is doing well! :) I hope that he gets rid of the ringworm

    JamJam20 days ago
  • why did you upload this video? There is nothing educational about it, you’re just showing off how “nice” you are. I guess you got a bit of an ego too, huh?

    That Girl ReactsThat Girl Reacts21 day ago
    • You're disgusting.

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.14 days ago
  • So sweet! Cats are so lucky to have such a kind friend. ❤❤❤

    Jennifer RoweJennifer Rowe21 day ago
  • the singing probably helps the kitten relax

    Aubrey TaraganAubrey Taragan21 day ago
  • I love the ringworms blues!

    Mark Dave OrfanoMark Dave Orfano21 day ago
  • Wow! Your voice is INCREDIBLE

    A-Rae GunA-Rae Gun21 day ago
  • You are the patron saint of kittens!!! 😇

    stop08itstop08it21 day ago
  • @kitten lady, this is off topic but I just took my little one that I’ve raised since a day old to the vet. She has had eye problems from the beginning, I just thought it was an infection and was treating it. But when I took her to the vet he said she never developed any eye lids. I’m just curious if you’ve ever fostered any kittens who have this congenital deformity?

    Lina TurnerLina Turner22 days ago
  • My cat is going tomorrow my mom doesn't like cat and I owned it for 4 months on October 6th it was her birthday me and my sisters celebrated it and today evening she said tomorrow my dad's friend will come to buy my cat I was disappointed I cried non stop now also I am crying because of my mom my cat is leaving and I feel like I am leaving my heart in a sea I will miss her so much she was oly there for me on Happy Times and sad times pls everyone pray for her

    totalcare homenursingtotalcare homenursing22 days ago
  • Hey I have a kitten and he doesn’t meow that much is there a way you can get him to meow more. Like this if you want her to do a video on this

    Kara WultKara Wult22 days ago
  • You are an Angel! Thank you 💖

    sgt01yoshisgt01yoshi22 days ago
  • Now if this video were actually 10 minutes long, I'd play it while bathing my cats with ringworm. 😛

    SusanSusan22 days ago
  • Wonder if Hannah's dad helped her write that catchy little tune? LOL!

    Darlene HowardDarlene Howard22 days ago
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again: Hannah, YOU ROCK!

    Dana WebsterDana Webster23 days ago
  • Unrelated to this particular video. But have you had any experience with FIP in kittens/young cats? Would you ever be willing to try and use one of the medications available online that seem to have good results but are not technically legal and aren't vet prescribed. I want to believe all of these positive things on the FIP warriors FB page, but I also don't want to turn my 1.4 year old baby kitten into a guinea pig due to my own unwillingness to let go and so badly want to change what his fate appears to be. I know this is a grey area, but I am devastated and don't know what to do, what if in a few years these treatments are the standard and I made a mistake not going through with it. In my life i have had pets that had to be euthanized as very old seniors once their quality of life was no longer there and supportive care was no longer helping, but it feels even harder to wrap my head and my heart around the idea of having to euthanize a young kitten who barely got the time to enjoy all life has for him. The guilt and responsibility is never ending.

    Rose JRose J23 days ago
  • Hello, I have a query if anybody could help me out thatd be great. I'm from India, we rescued a 1.5-2 weeks old kitten who was left by the mother. Idk where we get good kmr. The ones online are way too expensive. So the queries: 1. What can I feed him that's easily accessible? 2. We gave him a paste of egg yolk diluted in some warm water for a day, his poop was nearly black. Then we switched to a formula made with milk, egg yolk and vegetable oil, and the poop after was reddish brown and it had form but slightly sticky I guess? Later on, same day we found he had pooped in his box without stimulation, and it was mustard yellow and had a liquid paste like consistency. Kindly help in any way!! Thanks in advance. P. S. Everything I've done yet was based on input from the internet, I have no experience with kittens, I just want this baby to get super healthy and grow into a strong cat. :)) 2.

    Priya ChackoPriya Chacko23 days ago
    • Also, he's very reluctant to eat anything, he's always crying the moment we touch him. The only time he's quiet is when he's asleep.

      Priya ChackoPriya Chacko23 days ago
  • AWW im about to buy a kitten because i love kitten :)

    hello byehello bye23 days ago
  • How’s Archie doing?

    Aneesah GreeneAneesah Greene23 days ago
  • Where did you get your kittens

    B-127B-12723 days ago
  • Well, yeah music talent can in fact be genetic

    Alexis DowersAlexis Dowers24 days ago
  • I’ve had this song stuck in my head since this video came out. 😂

    OwenOwen24 days ago
  • Soooo sweet! This brought tears to my eyes 😢. Little Archie was so comforted by her beautiful singing.

    J. MaeJ. Mae24 days ago
  • I wish someone would sing to me when I have ringworm.

    Danielle McCarthyDanielle McCarthy24 days ago
  • Lil kitty, so cute

    Catherine SorrelCatherine Sorrel24 days ago
  • Her voice is amazing!

    Ava BattAva Batt24 days ago
  • Hey kitten lady is it okay to be a designer while fostering kittens?

    gacha_ blinkgacha_ blink24 days ago
  • She’s actually a really good singer.

    Evan ChristensenEvan Christensen24 days ago
  • You are a very kind and compassionate care provider to this little cat. If only more people were like this.

    scoobyproofscoobyproof25 days ago
  • aww poor baby

    Violet GrubbViolet Grubb25 days ago
  • I don’t know if anyone here can help me but I have a orphaned kitten that is between 2 to 3 weeks old. and she is quite special. She has open eyes and ears, she walks like a champ, very active and curious and very physically strong, however, she only weights at 162 g and she stopped gaining weight, she is very skinny, and although every feeding time she attacks my hand for food like a wild animal leaving multiple scratches, she only eats 2-4 ml of milk at the time and refuses to take any more even after I wait a bit and try again. Right now we are battling fleas, but they keep coming back even if I give her a bath and clean the crate thoroughly every time. I’m really attached to her because she is a fighter and she does want to live so very much. She was stuck in between large bags of wood chips for 2 days and 2 cold nights before we managed to save her and after some warming up she survived it. All in all just wanted to ask for advice how can I get her to put on some weight and start growing normally. And what might be the cause for this slowdown in development. Thank you

    Ingrida DaubaraitėIngrida Daubaraitė25 days ago
  • That was a wonderful song little Archie definitely appreciates it and your care ❤️😻

    Pawel SzpakowskiPawel Szpakowski25 days ago
  • Can someone please recommend a good Xtra small e collar to me? I have two 7 weeks old kittens on the small side that have ringworm and I have not had any luck finding ones that fit them. I dont want them licking the lime sulfur dip. Help please 🙏

    Sorcha de AdairSorcha de Adair25 days ago
  • I cannot get this song out of my head! Thank you for this, and you have a nice voice.

    Tonya MillerTonya Miller25 days ago

    Fouzia BurudFouzia Burud25 days ago
  • That cat was sure enough unhappy but will be happy enough soon.

    herc ulesherc ules25 days ago
  • Hannah is great at everything she does... my HERO! 🤩❤

    Erintube360Erintube36025 days ago
  • Hey can I ask you something?.. hopefully you respond :) Anyway.. What city do you work at? If you respond I'll let you know why I asked :) Thank you!

    • H e a v e n •• H e a v e n •26 days ago
    • She lives in San Diego

      KelseyKelsey23 days ago
  • Ya

    Elena ChavezElena Chavez26 days ago
  • ♥️❤️♥️

    Nikova DaviesNikova Davies26 days ago
  • Ahh, I so wish that I had this video when my baby had ringworm at the start of the year. It would have given me some much needed light during a dark and stressful time. Thank you for doing what you do, Kitten Lady!

    Amanda & Derek MungorAmanda & Derek Mungor26 days ago
  • Archie doesn't look terribly happy. Like the song. Thank you for taking care of him Kitten Lady. He will so appreciate it some day.

    Ellen MurphyEllen Murphy26 days ago
  • I watched your video on moving to California, and you said that you have three cats to take with you to California. Was the third cat a foster or you adopted a third cat?

    The Potato TomatoThe Potato Tomato26 days ago
    • The third cat is Andrew's cat

      KelseyKelsey23 days ago
  • That song's gonna top the charts. Number one with a bullet. Oh yeah.

    Michelle van der bylMichelle van der byl26 days ago
  • Cute song. You must have music in you DNA 😉

    NJ PhilNJ Phil26 days ago
  • Awww, how sweet! Thanks for helping that little kitty!

    Ray BurgessRay Burgess26 days ago
  • Just wanted to say your videos helped me care for a baby 2 week old kitten my friend found in the woods. She called all shelters before I ended up taking her because she was too busy to do necessary work. I didn't know what the f I was doing, had to watch some of your videos to figure it out, lol. Thanks

    Julie BearJulie Bear26 days ago
  • Hey so we have a momma cat about 9 months and a kitten looking about 5 or 6 weeks hanging around my wifes store. They are feral and the kitten is limping.. We ended up catching the kitten two days ago but im afraid the mother has already left and wont come back now for us to catch her too

    Ryan HarmonRyan Harmon26 days ago
  • Who could POSSIBLY dislike this??? Soulless.

    Sorcha de AdairSorcha de Adair26 days ago
  • Hopefully the cats okay

    kien Benzkien Benz26 days ago
  • What a sweet little boy he is !

    Debra H.Debra H.26 days ago