This young mama was still a kitten when she gave birth. Ugh. Now I'm raising both kittens!

Jan 2, 2020
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SPAY AND NEUTER! Kittens shouldn't be having kittens, folks. Did you know that a kitten can get pregnant as young as 4 months of age? That's why you should always spay and neuter kittens before they reach 4 months of age--to prevent pregnancy and stop the teen cat mom epidemic!
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    Kitten LadyKitten Lady10 months ago
    • Hi i wonder if you have an email pls let me know

      Hey its me againHey its me againMonth ago
    • Hi Im from India even I have a cat she is 8months old & she gave birth to 4baby's 7day's a go.. So can I do her family oppression Please reply me please

      Uzaifaminnu UzaifaminnuUzaifaminnu UzaifaminnuMonth ago
    • Em

      apriloo ooapriloo ooMonth ago
    • @TOP 1 in everything lilnas

      Sameera MudassarSameera MudassarMonth ago
    • @Emma Barkhouse love

      Sameera MudassarSameera MudassarMonth ago
  • One of the amazing females are good at.. nurturing and care giving... very persistent and patient

    toppa toppatoppa toppa5 hours ago
  • God decides when it's time. You might have thought she was too young, but nature said otherwise. She wasn't hurt during birth and neither were the kittens, so praise God.

    Get SavedGet SavedDay ago
  • Hey I saw a kitten 8 months old she has three kittens what should I do

    Veena kVeena kDay ago
  • We had a 4 month old cat that got pregnant, and when she was ready to birth it was problematic.. The kittens survived, (except from the stillborn), mom did a great job, but still mom was definitly too young, I had to help her give birth, she was too small.. my ex stepmom said she was done giving birth after the 4 kittens she had birthed up till then (3healthy, 1stillborn) and she went to the store.. I had a feeling she wasn't done yet.. But she swore she was done.. And bingo 10 minutes later she started meowing and pushing and puffing; She had a kitten with tail and back legs comming first, I had to carefully help, she couldn't get the kitten out on her own.. So I quikly washed my hands, ran to our cat and slowly pulled with each contraction.. Looking back at it I don't even understand where the knowledge came from, I just instinctively pulled as she pushed and stopped, when she stopped.. she was exhausted after that, it was a big baby and she still had 1 baby to birth, with the biggest head of all the kittens.. I felt she couldn't anymore, she looked at me like "help".. Baby's head was stuck in the birth canal, she had no strenght to push on her own, she was exhausted.. I was like omg what now, so I just did what I thought I must do.. Had seen a human birth on tv, so I was like ok, kitten can't stay in for too long if it's time, or we'll be in serious trouble.. Had to go inside and grab behind the head, with my 2 fingers like a grip hook, to get that baby slowly out safely.. She pushed with me, from the moment I had locked my grip and started pulling.. I was only 12 years old at the time, my parents came home and were in shock, felt like a cat midwife that day, but was so glad I could help.. Our asra had done it, 5 healthy kittens.. But jeez it is no walk in the park when a cat is that young and needs to birth babies.. I learnt that day; just like with humans, too young is a high risk..

    Elketjeable VElketjeable V2 days ago
  • Cuteness overload ❤❤❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    smontalvo210smontalvo2102 days ago
  • Do cats play with abacuses #>\# are used for math? I need a cat expert to help me with this question.

    Linda H.Linda H.3 days ago
  • My cat is a teen mom I pretty sure you can call her since we got her when she was 6th months on august and she gave birth on October so 8 months

    Nuna The TunaNuna The Tuna3 days ago
  • The mum left eye 👁, was it infected

    indefinite zill *IZ Channelindefinite zill *IZ Channel4 days ago
  • Twinkle this is for you 🌹🌷🌸🌺

    Tina MarieTina Marie5 days ago
  • My cat id only 12 months old and she gave birth 9 days aho

    azza ahmadazza ahmad5 days ago
  • My cats heard the baby cat in this video and now are looking for her.

    Chyna WallChyna Wall5 days ago
  • Chris Hansen needs to give the daddy cat a good talking to.

    The Progressive AtheistThe Progressive Atheist6 days ago
  • Awe so sweet

    J VIPWTPNN EdensCrystalStreamsJ VIPWTPNN EdensCrystalStreams9 days ago
  • Behavior,gestures and talking like face and tattoo on your body nausea urea

    Arash VarasstehArash Varassteh9 days ago
  • when my two kittens heard the baby crying they both leaped up from their nap and started looking for it

    Kloe SmithKloe Smith9 days ago
  • All my siamese types in my colony were white when they were born.

    Christena WalkerChristena Walker10 days ago

    troll4lifetroll4life12 days ago
  • My cat is barely a year old and she has kittens

    Charlotte BurkeCharlotte Burke13 days ago
  • twinkle i like that baby kitten

    Braydenplays PiggyBraydenplays Piggy15 days ago
  • are you mad about that? im just asking because of the way i read the title

    • Its because a kitten giving birth to a kitten isn't cute

      LolLol15 days ago
  • I have a pair of kittens. I want them to give birth when they are right age. How can I do that. I am new to kittens.

    Abdullah MuhammadAbdullah Muhammad18 days ago
  • Ok but is nobody gonna talk about how adorable the mom is in the thumbnail? LIKE SHES LITERALLY WINKING-

    Cyan BitCyan Bit19 days ago
  • We saved an abandoned pregnant kitten from the street as well. She gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens. She is doing everything perfectly and didn't need help with the taking care of the kittens. She is only 6 months old herself but she is a great mom.

    Jorrit PelsJorrit Pels21 day ago
  • ✝️✨Rest in paradise twinkle ✨ ✝️

    hxneyyhxneyy22 days ago
  • On the latest episode of Teen Moms:

    Nina MccabeNina Mccabe22 days ago
  • What did you use to groom mama cat? My kitten absolutely Hates water and I’m looking for grooming options for when she gets bigger/older.

    JazziJazz DanielJazziJazz Daniel23 days ago
  • watching these vids always make me so emotional omg

    moonlovesyoumoonlovesyou26 days ago
  • Congenital toxoplasmosis is a disease that is transmitted from mother to child. The disease is terrible. Patients have epilepsy. The disease is spread through the faeces of cats. Mothers should not take cats during pregnancy. Make sure cat's faeces are never in contact.

    Doctor RishiDoctor Rishi26 days ago
  • Oh my goddddddddd

    Peony DeoniPeony Deoni26 days ago
  • 😍 beautiful

    kui nashkui nash27 days ago
  • What’s considered a kitten? Cause that’s a grown cat

    Kasie DikeKasie DikeMonth ago
  • My cat also had her kittens at a young age..

    Rachael MoralesRachael MoralesMonth ago
  • BRUH the white kitten reminds me of mah white kitten name wontton even tho it was a girl TvT

    Lady MarmaladeLady MarmaladeMonth ago
  • Rip Twinkle.... :(

    Yue Xiong FamilyYue Xiong FamilyMonth ago
  • Our precious girl was a teen momma cat. They thought she was mutilated because she didn't have a tail, but when all her babies didn't have full tails they realized she was a manx. Seeing momma pine breaks my heart.

    Piper ArcherPiper ArcherMonth ago
  • 😻😻😻

    MEMEMonth ago
  • Hayden

    Harlie ByersHarlie ByersMonth ago
  • This little kitten is saying. Mom give me that Teet. I’m going to tare it up. I’ve only raised one kitten from this age. A barn Farel cat didn’t want anything to do with one of her 5 babies. So I stepped in and took this little bundle home with me. This was long before U-Tube. I had no idea how to feed pee & poop this little thing. But I went to the library read am few books. Flirted with the librarian a bit. Came home changed everything I had set up. 🤪 Then went to work to raise her (Tessa) my girl friend really want her for herself. So after many weeks about 12. Of course I got Tessa all her shots, toys. Then my girlfriend took Tessa home. That nite Tessa litterly tire every couch, chair and plant apart in her house. The very next day. Tessa was back at my house. No problems back at my house for the next 5 weeks. So, my girlfriend took Tessa home once again. Funny thing. That nite she tore her house apart once again. Planting dirt everywhere front of the couches an chairs tore up!! The next morning on her way to work. She brought Tessa back. About 2 months later. Oh yes that girlfriend asked me if she could take her home once again. I said no. The best part was. Tessa became a house cat. I could leave my doors open and she would not go outside. When a was out in the yard working about 10 to 15 feet away was Tessa laying in the grass in the sage. When I was done working I would tell her I’m going in now. I’ll leave the door open for you. Come in when you are ready. For the next 18 years she never left my yard and most of the time came into the house when I called her. She never stayed out all night. I learned a lot with Tessa. I would lay down on my couch to watch tv in the evening. She would walk up on to of my hip and lay down on my hip. When I went to bed she had one of those kennel things. I would ask her to go to bed. She would go right inside, lay down and go to sleep. She would wait for me to wake u in the morning. I did not have to close her door at night. I’ve never had a dog for very long. To much work. Great cat. Great experience.

    LT's GarageLT's GarageMonth ago
  • awww her baby is a christmas present 🎁

    Analisa FloresAnalisa FloresMonth ago
  • Lady gave my mom a cat and it was 6 months old. We didn’t know it was pregnant and it had 3 kittens 1 boy 2 girls baby kittens now 8 weeks old.

    Natasha BNatasha BMonth ago
  • I have a cat the exact same as the mama and a kitten I just got that looks like the baby

    Mr_watermelon12Mr_watermelon12Month ago
  • Good thing I found this video because my cat is still a kitten and she’s pregnant

    arixgxrarixgxrMonth ago
  • That's a long tail...

    My NameMy NameMonth ago
  • I love the picture of Badger at 2:41 :)

    Roose's JoocesRoose's JoocesMonth ago
  • Pine KNOWS your the boss, and she KNOWS that your safe. Smart kitten.

    BelleBelleMonth ago
  • Kitten Lady, I need your help. My cat has kitty litter stuck on his paw and in between his toe beans, and he won't let me get them off! Help?

    BelleBelleMonth ago
  • Kitty prom ftw.

    Jacob KleinJacob KleinMonth ago
  • I am so sorry that Twinkle passed away. But I know she had the best care in her brief time with you. Rest in peace, sweet Twinkle.

    Czeckered CatCzeckered CatMonth ago
  • R.I.P twinkle may u live with ur sibling

    Joe SegallaJoe SegallaMonth ago
  • What’s wrong with mama’s left eye?

    Constitutional RepublicConstitutional RepublicMonth ago
  • Poor Twinkle, rest in peace little baby, I hope you are in a beautiful place. 🌈💕🐈 Thank you for caring for them.

    Kawaii GoomyKawaii GoomyMonth ago
  • 9:33 Mama cat has a derpy face in this pic lol!

    The Kitten behind the slaughterThe Kitten behind the slaughterMonth ago
  • jesus the kitten

    i apei apeMonth ago
  • 9:02 - Kitten Lady was talking about mama’s respiratory issues, so the baby probably caught pneumonia from her mama.

    ACGreyhound04ACGreyhound04Month ago
  • Luckily my momma cat named Fluffy (yes really uncreative, i was 6 at the time and my bro also wanted that name-) gave birth to her beautiful kitten i named ChiChi when she wasnt as young as 4 months old.. Im sad i cant see her as much as i did cause im sick and she mainly is in our yard only in the morning or evening.. Sometimes she can be in the afternoon.

    mxlkywxymxlkywxyMonth ago
  • Great job. I love all the animals I have two cats and they mean th world to me.

    Mehek KhanMehek KhanMonth ago
  • my cat was one when she had her first litter

    The epic facesThe epic facesMonth ago
    • First?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • Kitten Lady, these kittens so cute little darlings!

    Bongos congas & antique cash register collectingBongos congas & antique cash register collectingMonth ago
  • Rest in peace Twinkle

    Random Art StudentRandom Art StudentMonth ago
  • We have have a small group of strays who live in our neighborhood. One of them decided to have kittens outside my back door 3 weeks ago. She'd been overlooked because she had a collar. But she is also a "teen mom", though a little older. There are now 5 small kittens and their mother hiding under my bed. I'm fixing all of them before putting them outside.

    Christina HardgroveChristina HardgroveMonth ago
  • Awwwwww ❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💘💘💘💝💝💝😍😍🥰🥰

    Family Unluyildiz9845Family Unluyildiz9845Month ago
  • We are we had kittens before but the mom we gave them away there’s like three brother boys and one girl who took the one girl and I named her princess he had like over about like a week or so and she’s like trying to get a good trying to find another kid in the car but you can make

    Kimberly RoundineKimberly RoundineMonth ago
  • 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Siobhan McleishSiobhan McleishMonth ago
  • You are such an amazing person! You are such an inspiration for all of us.

    mercedes martonmercedes martonMonth ago
  • Heheh

    Buket GolBuket GolMonth ago
  • What's wrong with pines eye

    Mashala HansonMashala HansonMonth ago
  • Im honestly glad there okay and that the mom didn’t run away from her baby

    SweetSugar and MidnightWolfieSweetSugar and MidnightWolfieMonth ago
  • Pedo cats exist.

    Ashliana GonzalesAshliana GonzalesMonth ago
  • Teen mom Lol

    Lovqly_brookLovqly_brookMonth ago
  • My kitten had a kittsn

    Lunar TodorokiLunar TodorokiMonth ago
  • Literally both of the cats are beautiful-

    khhh khhhkhhh khhhMonth ago
  • babies having babies

    LadyRavenEyesLadyRavenEyesMonth ago
  • omg you are so wonderful. reading her wants, moving around the furniture so she can be in the spot she wants. your videos are just so brilliant.

    three legged cat Dog with two sacksthree legged cat Dog with two sacksMonth ago
  • When I had my first cat I learned they can get pregnant so young and you need to get fixed sooner than you think! Luckily Mimi was a little older,a year old,when she gave birth. She only had 3 kittens probably due to her young age/size. She was a great mother but her and our other cat Buster were fixed asap! I felt even worse because...Buster was her brother 😩😩 The kittens were fine though

    Sabrina MitchellSabrina MitchellMonth ago
    • How could you had let that happen? Well at least you learned from your mistakes no one is a perfect owner I wasn't one either one time (I was 8 then) I forgot to take out her litter box once (she was very picky if it was over a week of poop she wouldn't use her litter box) and she pooped on the new rug my dad took her outside and I never saw her again it was my dad's fault more then mine tbh I was only 8 and I forgot once 😑 I'm way older and I still haven't forgave my dad for what he has done I even tried sneaking her inside the house but my dad kept taking her outside my dad's girlfriend didn't even care that he was abandoning a cat she never liked cats so she didn't care I still dislike my dad's girlfriend but I don't really care to talk to her because my dad ain't gonna last with her anyway I hope someone took her to the adoption center.......she was very nice to every one so someone could pick her up if they wanted to... I was very scared because there is a family of raccoons twice her size she was a small cat even as a adult I'm gonna be getting a cat in a few years two of them and I'm with my mom now so I don't have to worry about a cat being abandoned!

      -Weirdo--Weirdo-Month ago
  • Poor babies. I’m sorry for Twinkle. You did a wonderful job trying for precious Twinkle. Pine is a precious mumma and way too young. I’m so glad you are there for her

    Angelicwings1Angelicwings1Month ago
  • Aww I was hoping you was gonna name the kitten eve😂born on Christmas Eve

    Alixandria GraceAlixandria GraceMonth ago
  • My cat is only a phew months old and she looks like shes pregnant i wonder why

    Chloe Karolina PangcaChloe Karolina PangcaMonth ago
  • 🐱 👼 💓:(

    RUFU5RUFU5Month ago
  • Why does mommie cat keep closing one eye?

    Fire WilsonFire WilsonMonth ago
  • I dont know much about nursing kittens but when my cat gives birth i dont touch her babies for abruptly 2 weeks bc i heard some dont care for them if they smell like humans. After that i try spending more time with kittens so they're used to some human interaction. So far she has done well in her previous pregnancies, she had 4 as far as i know but she lost all kittens her second time due to some complications she also almost lost her life then she had 2 more. The most kittens she had to nurse was 4 they all survived and were well feed she was quite thin that time too... She's a good mother but she's not really into humans she does not let me touch her much but she lets me play with her kittens when they're 2 weekish old so she's comfortable with me to some extent. Usually when i see stray mothers with kittens they huss at me but not her.

    Trina2126Trina2126Month ago
    • I think you’re doing a good job

      ZodiacMoonZodiacMoonMonth ago
  • 👌😌

    ťiğeř lílļýťiğeř lílļýMonth ago
  • She has a golden heart to the little kittens

  • Beutiful mom and kitty to🥰😍🤩

  • Kitten Lady ,you are a remarkable human being. You have made the world a better place with your dedication to these beautiful animals.

    J GarciaJ GarciaMonth ago
  • Can you do a video of how do the opening of the nipple for the bottle? Also where do you get the bottles and syringes? How the poop of a bottle feed baby should look like?

    mana71namana71naMonth ago
  • keepe The Mom and the baby cat!!

    mīdñight wølfê Jeff the killer fánmīdñight wølfê Jeff the killer fánMonth ago
    • Good point

      oikawa is hotoikawa is hotMonth ago
    • Because her intention is to save lives, not collect cats.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
    • 57 Year Old James Bond why wouldn't she do that?

      oikawa is hotoikawa is hotMonth ago
    • Why would she do that?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • Aww That a cute kitin

    mīdñight wølfê Jeff the killer fánmīdñight wølfê Jeff the killer fánMonth ago
  • No vet around me will let me spray before 6 months!

    Skyler StemperSkyler StemperMonth ago
  • Also my aunt had a young mother that is still a kitten that gave birth

    عبدالله المهنديعبدالله المهنديMonth ago
  • I wouldn’t be able to do this I get attached to animals and things wayyy to fast lol

    *.•Lemon Vampire•.**.•Lemon Vampire•.*Month ago
  • My cat is going to be a teen mother.(my name Daisy btw) Well... my cat is a year and a half years old

    Joe SegallaJoe SegallaMonth ago
  • Killer Queen has already touched Twinkle..,

    DoenawtDoenawt2 months ago
  • At what age can we touch the babies

    Eva Lynn Tang Ying YuenEva Lynn Tang Ying Yuen2 months ago
  • This happened to my rescue kitten but she had a kitten as a kitten before we adopted her. But we couldn’t take the kitten too because we already had a cat and it would be too many

    SiimplyJxriaSiimplyJxria2 months ago
  • My grandmas cat was only 8 months old when she gave birth to 5 kittens

    LorenaLorena2 months ago
  • But cats become adults at 6 months?

    Pumpkin witch98Pumpkin witch982 months ago

    Kris BoultinghouseKris Boultinghouse2 months ago
  • How!? ;-; I wonder what happened to her eye tho .-.

    Lara LucmanLara Lucman2 months ago
  • The mom cat gives off the Warrior book vibes~

    Valeria DenzaValeria Denza2 months ago